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A printhead is a core printer component responsible for all ink management and distribution onto a medium. Should you encounter a malfunction like an ink system failure on your HP Officejet 6500, it could only mean that the said printer component is nearing its end of life. Once you experience this problem, it is important that you resolve the issue as soon as possible. Otherwise, it would cost you a lot.


What you will need:


  • Luke warm water mixed with rubbing alcohol
  • Dropper
  • Paper towels


Phase #1: Run “Clean Printhead” function on the printer.


  1. Power on the HP Officejet 6500.
  2. Check ink levels. You need to have at least 30% on all ink cartridges to make it through all the troubleshooting phases. You can administer a refill on your cartridges using ink refill kits if you are low on ink.
  3. On the control panel, tap on “Tools”.
  4. In the next screen, scroll down and select “Clean Printhead”. This usually takes 5 minutes so let it sit and run the function freely.
  5. Once the cleaning routine is done, go back to “Tools” and tap on “Print Quality Report”.


You don’t have to go through the next phase if Phase 1 resolves your problem and/or you have attained desired results. However, if the print quality is still lackluster or if an error pops up preventing you from printing the report, then you need to proceed to the next phase.


Phase #2: Clean the ink cartridges.


  1. With the printer powered on, remove all the Officejet 6500 ink cartridges.
  2. Wipe the contacts below the cartridges using a lint-free towel. For a more thorough cleaning process, do check this guide for the complete instructions.
  3. Reseat all the cartridges.
  4. Run the print quality diagnostics.


If after Phase 2 you still experience an ink system failure, then you need to proceed to the final phase.


Phase #3: Printhead flush.


  1. With the printer still powered on, remove all the ink cartridges.
  2. Pull the lever at the right side of the carriage assembly which is where the Officejet 6500 ink cartridges sits. This will unlock the printhead.
  3. Carefully lift the printhead from the carriage assembly.
  4. Use a dropper to flood each foam port on the printhead with the lukewarm water and alcohol mixture. Give the ports a drop of the mixture every 2 minutes until the water that comes out of the nozzle plate below is clear. This may take a while depending on the severity of your case.
  5. Leave the print head on a stack of paper towels for at least 15 minutes. Wipe it down and make sure all the exposed parts are dry.
  6. Reinstall the printhead first followed by the Officejet 6500 ink cartridges.
  7. Power cycle after receiving a new printhead notification.


After a successful reboot, the printer will automatically run a self-calibration routine. This phase alone will exhaust up to 10% ink on all your HP 920 ink cartridges for Officejet 6500, so it is imperative to have the recommended ink level. Although this process consumes a lot of ink, this will re-prime all the colors and hopefully rid you of the ink system failure.


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HP Officejet 6500 Plus e-All-In-One Printer E710n CN557A Reviews – Viewpoints.com

126 reviews


Prints well and quickly without jamming.
Prints well, although sometimes has communication errors between the printer and computer. Even though software is installed correctly on the computer, the computer has trouble recognizing the printer. This seems to come from the printer, as other printers work fine connected to the computer.
Ink/Paper Use
Burns through ink cartridges pretty quickly. You definitely want to get the XL printer for black, as it lasts about three times as long (at less than three times the price of the basic cartridge).
Ease of Use
Works well, except for the times the computer has trouble recognizing it.
Has lasted well for the last few years that we have had it.
The paper delivery system is inconvenient. The receiving tray takes several steps to fold out, and paper just falls on the floor after finished printing without the tray. It’s very inconvenient if trying to print something quickly without wanting to open the tray all the way every time.




This product does what it is supposed to do, print quick job tasks, high definition photo color pictures, excellent format for presentation pamphlets, if you going for a job interview or you have a sales pitch hp all in one is your one stop place for all your print needs plus if you’re worried about losing your information you can fax to your own office or workspace and set a code so no prying eyes can acclaim credit. The durability and efficient is by far superb. I have yet to experience any difficulty operating this product, plus the ink cartridges for it are not as expensive as most name brand printer cartridges. It gets the job done which is what you are looking for in a reliable product. No one wants to find out a product doesn’t work well for them the day before a big speech or presentation with HP office jet printers like this one you can be guaranteed a successful printout and presentation plus your co-worker will admire or even envy you for having such a well presentation which all started after you execute the print option and submitted it to the printer.




HP Officejet 6500 Plus — Good all-around all-in-one.
I really did have a printer a scanner, a copier and a fax machine on my desk (in my very small office). When the fax machine died, I decided that I was going to cut my losses and toss out everything. I bout the HP Officejet 6500 and have not looked back. All those stupid machines took up so much space. And this one piece of equipment does a better job than each one of them individually!
Fax — We don’t really fax much anymore, but we still need a fax once in a while. I can’t review this feature very well because I really have not used it much. It seems to do an adequate job. It is easy to send and receive faxes. And setting up the “frequently dialed” numbers only took 2 minutes because it only contained a half dozen names and numbers.
The quality of the faxes (sent and received) is fine.
Copier — I don’t use the copier feature a lot, but I love knowing that I have this one at my fingertips. Print quality is very good and it is very easy to use.
Scanner — Very easy to set-up and use. There are several settings I can change (size, color, resolution) that I play with a little. Easy and very good quality.
Printer — HP quality. No complaints. The print quality is very good. It prints quickly and has many features (2-sided, collating, toner savings). Again, no complaints.
Overall this machine does everything well. And I have a bunch of empty space on my desk now!! Thanks!




Of all the HP printer/fax/scan/copy machines I’ve had, this has been the best. I just now developed a problem but I think it’s not too complicated (cleaning of the rollers). I’ve had this problem on a previous HP and it was fixed, then a 2nd time and they replaced it for me. So overall, HP is great to work with. Do make sure you get the warranty and up-date it when is needed. That way you get a replacement if it breaks down.
It performs well except for the factor I mentioned above.
Copy Quality
very good. I’m not to good with working the color scale for copying but I think it is supposed to be easy so I will check it out.
Ink/Paper Use
I use the XL ink jets as they last longer. Otherwise I’d be changing them quite often. I also set it on the black only to help wasting color ink. Paper is fine in this machine, no getting caught or anything.
Ease of Use
Very easy to use for copying, scanning, faxing and printing. No problems on this machine for ease of use.
I will have this machine for close to 2 years in May. I do have to call for a small problem now but overall it’s seems durable.
The design is much better than the previous. It seems a bit sturdier better proportioned.

Delray Beach, FL



The interface on the printer is horrible. The touch screen is barely functional and the menu is quite complicated. Setting it up is hard, but not impossible. The performance is amazing. Like any printer, turning it on takes a while. Printing speed is very fast for a pretty high quality. However, the printer sometime messes up and the paper come out blank or smear… usually a reprint would solve the problem.




All-In-One…everything you need to know is right there in the title!! You can do just about anything that you can imagine with this printer/scanner/fax, etc. Very quick, nice quality for photos, ink lasts your standard amount of prints, faxes don’t take too long to go through.
Very impressive performance! Very quick, simple to use/easy to figure the functions out. All around I give it an A+!!
Copy Quality
Beautiful copies that look EXACTLY like the original, which can be crucial at times when it comes to work-related matters. Quick copying as well!
Ink/Paper Use
Standard amount of paper/ink usage. HP has a lot of great deals on printer ink, as well as giving you rewards points, etc. for every cartridge you purchase, which helps to cut on ink costs.
Ease of Use
SUPER simple to use. Any function you wish to use is easily figured out. My 8 year old daughter literally figured out how to do EVERYTHING on it within a day, so I’m sure the average person would have no problems.
I’ve had this printer for about 4 months now and it seems to be holding up just fine. No major malfunctions or anything.
A bit bulky, but the more functions you want, the bigger the printer has to be, so it is so worth it. If you have a tiny office or work space, and you don’t need the 101 functions, you may wish to go with a more compact printer.

Pleasanton, TX



Bought this printer to replace one that died quickly. It’s been going strong for 2 years now and functions great. Does 2 sided printing with no issues, all different sizes (envelopes, index cards, regular 8.5×11. Scans well, just wish it interfaced a little better with my computer so I didn’t have to open the software to make it work. Copies nicely with both color and black and white features. Ink is affordable, but don’t love that I have to replace each color separately. Most of all I love the wifi feature that allows us to network the printer to all the laptops in the house so that we can print without being in the same room as the printer. Haven’t tried the ’email’ to print function, but love that it’s a possibility.
A few small issues with paper jams, but I think that was user error and once I was more careful about paper loading I ran into far less issues.
Ink/Paper Use
This wavers between 3 and 4. I don’t feel like this printer is the most economical of printers I’ve had when it comes to ink, but it certainly beats running out to a copy shop constantly.

Philadelphia, PA



Overall this is a very nice unit. It is wireless which is awesome. It prints fast and good quality. I have had better printers for photos but this one does okay. It is easy to setup even for a novice like me. It doesn’t like the off brand ink cartridges and has a hard time recognizing them but they are much cheaper. The scanner can be used wirelessly but to scan anything you need to be right at the scanner anyway so that doesn’t seem to be a plus. I haven’t had any issues with the fax. Works like any other. The copy, seems to make decent quality copies.
I think for the average home scan/print/copy/fax this one meets all my recommendations.
We have had it for a year now without any problems.




The machine print the images very well. the photos is amazing and the characters is very sharp. However, the ink seems dry very fast. If you are not a daily user, you must be careful before ordering this all in one printer.
Yes, the printing is very sharp, clear, and powerful. The dpi is high enough even for professional printing.
Copy Quality
The quality is good enough. I printed several photos, the dpi is one of the best.
Ink/Paper Use
It is not good. The ink dry so fast. I just print 20 photos and left it for one month. The ink is then about half level.
Ease of Use
Very easy to start.
Yes, it is very durable.
The design is OK. Looks kind of bulky and too heavy. But this is common for most all-in-one printers.

Saint Louis, MO



We have had this printer for 4 years. It was very expensive when I purchased it but is better priced now. I have has a few issues with the paper not feeding evenly in the printer. It does use a lot of ink and you can’t print in just black/white so ink gets expensive. There has been issues with errors in the printer & I have to reset it.




83. 3

HP Officejet 6500 Professional Review

HP Officejet 6500

The HP Officejet 6500 is a very successful all-in-one, just like its predecessor the HP Officejet Pro 8500. The younger model is lighter, 7 cm smaller and 2 cm smaller, which is a big plus for home use.


Made from matte black and white plastic, the HP Officejet 6500 is a low-key office model. Pleased with a small amount of gloss, but not for long, because it is all focused on those parts of the device that you often have to touch. There is a paper tray at the front, the upper part of which is a two-section telescopic output tray. There is also a compartment for installing memory cards. MemoryStick, SD, xD and compatible cards are supported. There is no USB port.

The HP Officejet 6500 control panel is angled at about 45 degrees for convenience. The keys are arranged in groups. The left side of the control panel is occupied with selecting and configuring the scanning, direct photo printing, and copying functions. Below the screen are the navigation keys and the settings menu button.

The right side is occupied by a fax. At the back, most of the space is occupied by the duplex module connection compartment. It comes with the package. On the rear panel on the right are all the connectors of the device. RJ11 pair for connection to line and telephone. RJ-45 network connector, USB port, as well as a connector for connecting an external power supply.

On top is the scanner’s automatic feed mechanism, equipped with media size controls. The compartment for installing ink tanks is hidden inside the case. In this model, the cartridges use different types of ink. In the black cartridge, pigments are used, and in the color cartridges, they are based on a water-soluble dye.


You can work with the HP Officejet 6500 MFP even without installing software and drivers. In Win 7, the device is detected and installed automatically, and the amount of data downloaded from the Windows update server is minimal. But with this setting, all functions of the device are not available. For example, operation is possible only when directly connected to a PC using a USB cable, and the scanner module is controlled only through the WIA protocol, and TWAIN is not available.

If you install the necessary software and drivers on your PC, you can connect the printer over the network via a wired and wireless connection. You can manage the operation of the machine, such as monitoring ink levels, checking the number of pages printed, the type of paper used and its size, network status, and configuring many settings for network connection or fax functions, including creating an address book, using the web panel.


The lid of the HP Officejet 6500 opens only in one position – at an angle of just over 90 degrees. The lid hinges do not lift up, which means magazines and books will have to be scanned with the lid open. The scanner has a CIS sensor, the maximum optical resolution is 2400 dpi, and the scanning area in flatbed mode is 215×297 mm. More than enough for home and study needs. A big plus is the ability to scan using the web interface with network access to the device. The peculiarity of such a scan is that no driver is needed, that is, any PC that has access to the MFP over the network can scan.

There are fully offline and semi-offline scanning modes for the HP Officejet 6500. There are quite a lot of settings in the completely offline mode. Set media size, save format, resolution. It is worth noting that you can choose the scanning resolution only in offline mode, but when scanning using a PC and a standard TWAIN driver, you can only get an image in a standard resolution of 200 dpi.

The semi-offline scanning mode allows you to send images to a PC, including sending them directly to an e-mail program or to a complete OCR program, which converts the image to text into an RTF file on the fly, while maintaining the structure of the document. The program for managing the scanner using a PC is not very convenient because the settings are scattered across tabs, which are indicated only by icons.

Noisy operation of the scanner is difficult to call. When working with the automatic feeder, we have a noise level of 36-42 dBA. The scanner makes the most noise during ejection of the scanned sheet when using the automatic document feeder.


The HP Officejet 6500 MFP is equipped with a 4-color printer that uses a standard set of CMYK cartridges that mount directly on the print head. The main feature of the model is a removable duplex printing module. When this mode is activated, after printing one side of the sheet, the machine will pause printing for 10 seconds to dry the ink. With the help of settings, the drying time can be reduced to two seconds.

After turning on or waking up, the printer is ready to print in 18 seconds, and if the device is on and active, it takes only 3 seconds to prepare. There is an offline mode for printing from flash media, but it is not very convenient. The thing is that the image for printing has to be selected by the file name, the images themselves are not displayed on the screen.

The MFP setup allows you to select the print layout option, set the number of copies from 1 to 99, and automatically correct the photo.

Print speed

A sheet full of text prints in draft mode in 4.3 seconds and in standard mode in 6.7 seconds. In these modes, the print quality leaves much to be desired, but excellent speed. It makes sense to use fast modes for printing most of the documentation, resorting to better ones only in cases of especially important documents. Photo printing is quite fast, for an inexpensive inkjet device. When printing with a maximum resolution of 4800×1200, 96 seconds, and for A4 format 3.8 minutes.


When copying documents, you can also choose from three quality modes and a color mode. You can also select various scaling options, set the paper size, set the number of copies in the range from 1 to 100 by copies.


Fax module is standard. Allows you to work with both black and white and color faxes. A fairly large number of quality modes. You can store up to 100 black and white pages of received faxes and up to 100 entries in the Address Book in the fax memory. Creating an address book is most convenient using the built-in web interface, but you can also use the built-in display.


Without a doubt, the Officejet 6500 is a very worthy multifunctional device that has many positive qualities: low cost of printing when using original cartridges, high speed, undemanding to the condition and quality of paper when printing, duplex printing, network access and very convenient setup and control of work device using the built-in web interface.

HP Officejet 6500A Plus User Manual | 280 pages

  • Text
  • Original

This manual applies to the following models:

Officejet 6500A


  • Contents
  • Getting Started
    • Accessibility
    • Ecology
    • Description of printer components
      • Front view
      • Consumables compartment
      • Rear view
    • Using the printer control panel
      • Overview of buttons and displays
      • Control panel display icons
      • Changing printer settings
        • Mode selection
        • Changing printer settings
    • Finding printer model number
    • HP Digital Solutions
    • Media selection
      • Recommended papers for printing and copying
      • Recommended paper types for printing photos
      • Guidelines for selecting and using media
    • Placing an original on the scanner glass
    • Loading an original in the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)
    • Loading media
      • Loading standard size media
      • Envelope loading
      • Postcard and photo paper loading
      • Loading transparencies
      • Loading custom size media
    • Inserting a memory card
    • Installing options (select models only)
      • Installing the Automatic Duplex Unit
      • Enabling options in the printer driver
        • How to enable accessories on Windows computers
        • How to enable accessories on Macintosh computers
    • Printer maintenance
      • Cleaning the scanner glass
      • Exterior cleaning
      • Cleaning the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)
    • Turn off the printer
  • Seal
    • Document printing
      • Printing documents (Windows)
      • Printing documents (Mac OS X)
    • Booklet printing
      • Booklet printing (Windows)
      • Booklet printing (Mac OS X)
    • Printing on envelopes
      • Printing on envelopes (Windows)
      • Printing on envelopes (Mac OS X)
    • Photo printing
      • Print photos on photo paper (Windows)
      • Print photos on photo paper (Mac OS X)
      • Printing photos from a memory card
      • DPOF Photo Printing
    • Printing on special and custom size paper
      • Printing on special or custom size paper (Mac OS X)
      • Custom size settings (Mac OS X)
    • Print borderless documents
      • Print borderless documents (Windows)
      • Print borderless documents (Mac OS X)
  • Scan
    • Scan original
      • Scan to PC
      • Scan to memory card
    • Scanning with Webscan
    • Scan documents to editable text
  • Copy
    • Document copying
    • Changing copy settings
  • Fax
    • Sending a fax
      • Sending a standard fax
      • Sending a standard fax from a computer
      • Sending a fax manually from a telephone
      • Sending a fax using monitor dialing
      • Sending a fax from memory
      • Scheduled fax sending
      • Sending a fax to multiple recipients
      • Sending a fax in error correction mode
    • Receiving a fax
      • Receive a fax manually
      • Fax archiving setup
      • Reprint received faxes from memory
      • Request to receive a fax
      • Fax forwarding to another number
      • Setting the paper size for received faxes
      • Setting automatic reduction for incoming faxes
      • Blocking unwanted fax numbers
        • Adding numbers to the junk fax list
        • Removing numbers from the junk fax list
        • Printing the Junk Fax Report
      • PC Fax Receive (Fax to PC and Mac)
        • PC and Mac Fax Requirements
        • Activate Fax to PC or Mac
        • Change the settings for sending fax to PC or Mac
    • Setting speed dials
      • Setting up and changing speed dial numbers
      • Setting up and changing speed dial groups
      • Deleting speed dial numbers
      • Printing a list of speed dial numbers
    • Changing fax settings
      • Fax header setting
      • Setting the answer mode (automatic answer)
      • Setting the number of rings before answering
      • Change ring type for distinctive ring
      • Set dial type
      • Setting redial options
      • Fax speed setting
      • Set the fax sound volume
    • Fax and digital telephony services
    • Sending an Internet Protocol fax
    • Using reports
      • Print confirmation reports for faxes
      • Print fax error reports
      • Printing and viewing the fax log
      • Clearing the fax log
      • Print details of the last fax operation
      • Printing AON report
      • View call log
  • Internet
    • HP Apps
    • Marketsplash by HP
  • Using cartridges
    • Cartridge and printhead information
    • Check estimated ink levels
    • Replacement cartridges
    • Store consumables
    • Collection of usage information
  • Troubleshooting
    • HP Support
      • Electronic Support
      • HP phone support
        • Pre-Contact Actions
        • Support period by phone
        • Support phone numbers
        • At the end of the support period, call
    • General troubleshooting tips and resources
    • Solve printing problems
      • Printer turns off unexpectedly
      • Alignment failure
      • Printing is too slow
      • Some parts of the image are missing or not printed correctly
    • Troubleshooting printing
      • Envelopes do not print correctly
      • Borderless printing
      • The printer is not responding or nothing happens when trying to print
      • The printer prints meaningless characters
      • Page order
      • Document margins do not match the specified
      • Text or graphics are cut off at the edges of the page
      • Blank pages output when printing
      • Paper does not feed from the input tray
    • Troubleshooting print quality problems
      • Wrong, inaccurate or mixed colors
      • Ink does not completely fill text or graphics
      • When printing without borders, the printout has a horizontal distortion band at the bottom
      • Printouts have horizontal streaks or lines
      • Printouts are faded or have dull colors
      • Blurry or fuzzy printouts
      • Vertical stripes
      • Skewed or asymmetrical printouts
      • Ink streaks on the back of paper
      • Low quality black text
      • Printer prints slowly
      • Printhead Maintenance
        • Cleaning the print head
        • Print head alignment
        • Print and view a print quality report
        • Additional printhead maintenance
        • Additional Cartridge Maintenance
    • Troubleshooting Paper Feeds
    • Troubleshooting copying
      • Copies not printed
      • Printing blank pages
      • Documents are missing or print is faint
      • Reduced dimensions
      • Copy quality is poor
      • Significant copy defects
      • Printer prints half a page and then ejects paper
      • Paper Mismatch
    • Troubleshooting Scanning
      • Scanner does not respond
      • Very slow scan speed
      • Document or text skips when scanning
      • Text cannot be edited
      • Error messages
      • Scanned image quality is poor
      • Major scan defects
    • Fax troubleshooting
      • Failed to check fax
    • Troubleshooting HP websites and services
      • Troubleshooting HP Web Services
      • HP website troubleshooting
    • Photo troubleshooting (from memory card)
      • The printer cannot read the memory card
      • Printer cannot read photos on memory card
    • Troubleshooting a wired network connection (Ethernet)
      • General network troubleshooting
      • The created network port does not match the IP address of the printer (Windows)
    • Troubleshooting wireless communications (select models only)
      • Basic wireless troubleshooting (select models only)
      • Advanced Wireless Troubleshooting
        • Step 1: Make sure your computer is connected to the network
        • Step 2: Make sure the printer is connected to the network
        • Step 3: Make sure the firewall is not blocking communication
        • Step 4: Make sure the printer is connected and ready to use
        • Step 5: Make sure the wireless version of the printer is set as the default printer driver . ..
        • Step 6: Make sure the HP Network Device Support service is running (Windows only)
        • Step 7: Adding Hardware Addresses to the Wireless Access Point
    • Configuring a firewall for printers
    • Troubleshooting printer management
      • The Embedded Web Server could not be opened
    • Troubleshoot installation
      • Equipment Installation Recommendations
        • Equipment, recommendations
        • Make sure the cartridges are installed correctly
      • HP
      • Software Installation Guidelines

      • Network troubleshooting
    • Printer status report 9 details0062
    • Information on the network settings page
    • Clear jams
      • Clear paper jams
      • Jam Prevention
  • Technical information
    • Warranty Information
      • Hewlett-Packard Limited Warranty
      • Cartridge Warranty Information
    • Printer specifications
      • Physical
      • Printer features and capabilities
      • Processor and memory specifications
      • System Requirements
      • Characteristics of network protocols
      • Embedded Web Server Specifications
      • Media Specifications
        • Supported media specifications
        • Setting the minimum margins
        • Duplex printing guidelines
      • Print Resolution
      • Copy specifications
      • Fax specifications
      • Scan Specifications
      • HP website specifications
      • Operating environment
      • Electrical Requirements
      • Acoustic noise
      • Specifications for memory cards
    • Compliance
      • FCC Statement
      • Notice to users in Korea
      • VCCI (Class B) compliance notice for users in Japan
      • Power cord notice for users in Japan
      • German Noise Notice
      • LED indicator notice
      • Peripheral housing glossy warning (for Germany)
      • Notice to Users of the US Telephone Network: FCC
      • Requirements

      • Notice to Users of the Telephone Network in Canada
      • Notice to users in the European Economic Area
      • Notice to users of the telephone network in Germany
      • Australian Wire Fax Notice
      • Regulatory Information for Wireless Products
        • RF Exposure
        • Notice to users in Brazil
        • Notice to Users in Canada
        • Notice to users in Taiwan
        • European Union Regulatory Notice
      • Regulatory Model Code
      • Declaration of Conformity
    • Environmental Protection Program
      • Paper usage
      • Plastic parts
      • Material Safety Data Sheets
      • Material recycling program
      • HP
      • Inkjet Supplies Recycling Program

      • Equipment disposal by private users in the European Union
      • Power consumption
      • Chemicals
      • RoHS notices (China only)
    • Third party licenses
      • HP Officejet 6500A (E710) e-All-in-One series
  • HP supplies and accessories
    • Order supplies online
    • Consumables
      • Cartridges
      • HP media
  • Advanced fax setup
    • Fax Setup (Parallel Phone Systems)
      • Choosing the right fax setup for your home or office
      • Option A: Dedicated fax line (voice calls not accepted)
      • Option B: Printer setup using DSL
      • Option C: Configuring the printer for a PBX or ISDN line
      • Option D: Using the same line for fax and distinctive ring service
      • Option E: Shared voice/fax line
      • Option F: Shared voice/fax line with voice mail
      • Option G: Shared fax line with computer modem (voice calls not accepted)
        • Configuring the printer to work with a computer modem
        • Configuring the printer to work with a DSL/ADSL modem
      • Option H: Shared voice/fax line with computer modem
        • Shared line for voice and fax calls with computer modem
        • Shared line for voice and fax calls with DSL/ADSL modem
      • Option I: Shared voice/fax line with answering machine
      • Option J: Shared voice and fax line with computer modem and answering machine
        • Shared voice and fax line with computer modem and answering machine
        • Shared line for voice and fax calls with DSL/ADSL computer modem and answering machine
      • Option K: Shared line for voice and fax calls with computer modem and voice service .