Xbr55X900E sony: XBR-55X900E Specifications | Sony USA

XBR-55X900E Specifications | Sony USA

Sony SupportXBR-55X900E

  • Model year

      • 2017

  • Dimensions and Weight

  • Connectivity

      • HDCP2.2 (for HDMI™ 1/2/3/4)

      • FAT16/FAT32/exFAT/NTFS

      • 1 (rear hybrid with composite)

      • 4 (3 side/1 rear)

      • 2 (1 Side Analog Conversion/1 Rear Hybrid with Component)

      • 1 (rear/mini jack)

      • 1 (rear)

      • 1 (Side/Hybrid with Headphone and Subwoofer Out)

      • No

      • No

      • No

      • Yes

      • 1 (Side)

      • 3 (side)


      • Wi-Fi Certified 802.11a/b/g/n/ac

      • Yes

      • Chromecast built-in

      • Version 4.1; HID (mouse/keyboard connectivity)/HOGP (Low-energy device connectivity)/SPP (Serial Port Profile)/A2DP (stereo audio)12/AVRCP (AV remote control)2

      • 1 (Side)

  • Picture (Panel)

      • Local Dimming

      • Direct LED

      • 3840 x 2160

      • LCD

  • Picture (processing)

      • TRILUMINOS™ Display, Super bit mapping™ 4K HDR, Live Color™ Technology

      • X-tended Dynamic Range™ PRO, Object-based HDR remaster, Dynamic Contrast Enhancer

      • Yes

      • 1080p (60)/1080i (60)/720p (60)/480p/480i, 4096 x 2160p (24, 60 Hz), 3840 x 2160p (24, 30, 60 Hz), 1080p (30, 60 Hz), 1080/24p, 1080i (60 Hz), 720p (30, 60 Hz), 720/24p, 480p, 480i

      • 4K X-Reality™ PRO

      • Vivid,Standard,Custom,Theater Pro,Theater Home,Sports,Animation,Photo-Vivid,Photo-Standard,Photo-Custom,Game,Graphics

      • 4K HDR Processor X1™

      • Motionflow™ XR 960 (native 120 Hz)

  • Sound (Speakers and Amplifier)

      • Bass Reflex Speaker

      • 10 W+10 W

  • Sound (Processing)

  • Software

  • Power and Energy saving

  • Design

      • Black

      • Dark Silver Slate

  • Built-in Tuner

  • What’s In The Box

    • Table Top Stand
    • Voice Remote Control
    • Batteries
    • IR Blaster
    • AC power adapter
    • AC Power Cord
    • Operating Instructions
    • Quick Setup Guide

Support for XBR-55X900E | Sony USA 

Sony SupportAndroid TV | Google TV (LCD)

X900E 4K HDR TV with X-tended Dynamic Range PRO / Included components may vary by country or region of purchase: RMF-TX200U

  • Firmware update to v6. 7215 for US, Canada, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Chile, and PeruRelease Date: 06/21/2023


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  • Voice commands don’t work on my remote control

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Top 5 Smart TVs – 2018 Ranking (Top 5)

If you want to quickly access hundreds of streaming apps and watch your favorite shows and movies, then check out our ranking of the best smart TVs of 2018.

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We’ve rounded up the best on offer today from brands like Samsung, Vizio, LG, Sony, and more. All you have to do is decide which one is right for you.

Seat Smart TVs 2018 Rank
1 LG UJ7700 4.0
2 Samsung MU6300 4.0
3 Sharp P7000 4.0
4 Sony XBR55X900E 4. 0
5 VIZIO SmartCast E-Series 3.5

LG UJ7700

This stunning 4K LED TV from LG runs on the latest webOS 3.5 platform that streams video from all major services including YouTube. The LG Channel Plus app gives you access to over 70 free premium channels.

The TV uses “Magic Remote”, which allows you to control the device by moving your hands. The remote control also supports voice commands for changing settings and searching for content. This is an amazing HDR compatible TV, but it’s more expensive than most other models.

Samsung MU6300

This TV from Samsung offers excellent picture quality, a full web browser and three HDMI ports. Plus, it is capable of playing content from your smartphone. Its Smart Hub interface offers apps from Netflix, Amazon, Instant Video, Hulu, HBO Go, YouTube, Spotify, and Vudu.

The MU6300 is one of the few smart TVs that allows each family member to log in with their own login, so that everyone can set up and install their own viewing programs.

Sharp P7000

This super-slim LED TV delivers impressive 4K Ultra HD video quality. It offers four HDMI inputs, three USB ports, built-in Wi-Fi and an Ethernet connection. The Sharp SmartCentral platform provides many entertainment options, including video streaming applications such as Netflix and Hulu, as well as music applications such as Pandora, and even social media applications (Facebook and Twitter).

There is also a web browser and app store, and you can control your TV from your smartphone. Considering its fair price, impressive HDR-compatible picture and connectivity options, this TV is definitely worth your consideration.

Sony XBR55X900E

If you’re looking for a best-in-class HDR capable smart TV that offers a truly incredible picture experience, look no further than this model from Sony. Android TV is used as a platform here, so you can always download the application you like from the Google Play Store and thereby expand the functionality of the TV.

This model also has Chromecast built-in, so you can easily cast content from your smartphone or tablet directly to your TV. The remote has a dedicated button that allows you to quickly log into Netflix, as well as a microphone for voice search.

VIZIO SmartCast E-Series

This smart TV lets you stream content from your favorite streaming apps through your mobile device. Key features of this 4K Ultra HD TV include a 120Hz refresh rate, four HDMI ports and the ability to use your smartphone or tablet as a touch remote.

It also works with Google Home. You can access Netflix, control playback and volume, all with voice commands. On top of that, the TV comes with a number of preinstalled apps including Hulu, Showtime, HBO Go, Google Play Music, Netflix, and Spotify.

Support for KD-55X9000E | Sony EN

Support for SonyAndroid TV | Google TV (BRAVIA)

Included items may vary by country or region: RMF-TX210C, RMF-TX200A, RMF-TX200T, RMF-TX200P

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Sorry, manuals are not yet available for this product.

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