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Getting Started With Powered Wi-Fi Security Cameras

  • How are Wi-Fi cameras different from wired cameras?

    Wired systems require a cabled connection between the cameras and a recorder box. Powered Wi-Fi Cameras must connect to a power socket but then transmit video and audio using Wi-Fi. Typically, Powered Wi-Fi systems record video clips that are shorter in length compared to their wired counterparts, which can stream video clips of any length.

  • Do I need a power source for my Wi-Fi cameras?

    Yes. Powered Wi-Fi cameras require a power socket nearby to operate. They transmit their video and audio wirelessly via the local Wi-Fi network.

  • How can I add additional Wi-Fi security cameras to my system?

    Many of our powered wi-fi systems come with four or five cameras, but it’s possible to purchase add-on cameras to expand your surveillance area. These cameras are designed to connect to your existing surveillance system.

  • How do I see the video footage?

    You can see live and recorded video on the Swann Security app. Some Powered Wi-Fi cameras can connect to an NVR that can in turn connect to a TV for easy video viewing via an HDMI port.

  • How many cameras can I use in a powered wi-fi surveillance system?

    The SecureAlert series can combine up to 8 powered wi-fi cameras. Multiple standalone powered wi-fi cameras, such as the 2KI and 2KO, can be combined, although it’s important your home has enough Wi-Fi bandwidth to accommodate them.

  • What internet speed do I need for a Wi-Fi home security system?

    Wi-Fi enabled Swann devices work well with at least 1Mbps of upload bandwidth, although 2Mbps or greater is ideal.

Fourtify™ Wi-Fi Security System



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Your Home is your Fortress

The Fourtify Wi-Fi Security Kit is easy to install for multi-camera monitoring in the palm of your hand. Connect the main camera to power and your wi-fi network, then using the cables, connect to the three additional cameras. You’ll have full perimeter protection including night vision, 2-way audio, heat and motion detection and 1080p Full HD 1080p video resolution. It’s security made smarter and fee free.








Resolution Feature Video:


Camera Series:



Explore the Fourtify Wi-Fi Security System


Learn more about the key features and how to get set up to see what’s happening in HD


Your Home is your Fortress


Simple Security Made Smarter

Recording Resolution:


What’s Included Text:

Fourtify Camera
PRO-1080MSX Cameras x 3
64GB Micro SD Card
Camera Extension Cable 60ft/18m x 3
Power Extension Cable 40ft/12m
Power Adapter & Splitter
Mounting Hardware
Operating Instructions
Theft Deterrent Stickers

Camera Security Lights:


Product Group:




IP Rating:


Night Vision Distance:




Facial Recognition:


No. Cameras:

4 Cameras

Smartphone App:

Swann Security App

Viewing Angle:


Camera Audio:

2 Way

Voice Assistant:

Amazon Alexa,Google Assistant

Camera Pan Tilt:


Current Stock:


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Simple Security Made Smarter

  • Powered Wi-Fi Connection

    Main Camera plugs into power & supplies power to the other Cameras, making installation easy, with no need for a hub or DVR

  • Prevent Crime

    Activity triggers siren to deter crime

  • Talk & Listen

    2-way audio to greet guests or warn intruders #

  • True Detect™

    Reliable alerts, fewer false alarms

  • See Everything 24/7

    Night vision up to 100ft/30m with ambient light

  • Free Recording

    Up to 2 weeks† onto 64GB Micro SD Card (included)

  • Weatherproof

    Designed to work in rain & snow, all year round

  • 1080p HD Quality

    Crystal clear video, day or night

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  • Easy Installation

    Mount the Fourtify™ Main Camera & connect to power, connect the 3 wired cameras to the Fourtify™ Main Camera then use the app to connect Fourtify™ to your home Wi-Fi to view live.

  • Protection 24/7

    See in the dark up to 26ft / 8m with the powerful infrared night vision, which automatically kicks in as night falls.

  • More Reliable Security

    With Swann’s True Detect, warm objects like people & cars can trigger the lights, siren, push notifications & recording with fewer false alarms to worry about.

  • Talk to Visitors

    Use the microphone & speaker to talk with people near the camera. Scare off intruders or ask the delivery person to hide the package somewhere safe.#

  • Free Local Storage

    Set & forget with free recording of clips to local memory (64GB micro SD included).

  • One App, Complete Security

    Expand your security by adding Wi-Fi cameras & fully wired DVR or NVR surveillance systems & manage everything within the Swann Security app. It’s security made smarter.

  • Want More Security?

    Receive peace of mind from having additional cloud video recording, smarter alerts, rich notifications, 3 year extended warranty, insurance coverage & exclusive special offers.

Swann Fourtify Wi-Fi Security System – Intro (Sept 2022)

Swann Security App

Security in the Palm of your hands

  • Multi-camera live streaming that’s always on
  • Receive alerts when activity is detected
  • See, store & playback footage & image on your mobile device
  • Speak to see with ease

Become a Swann Member for More Security

Now you can become a member of Swann’s Secure+ Member plans for a host of extra security benefits including 3 years extended warranty, insurance coverage, special offers & more.


‘Refurbished’ products are complete and in full working condition. They may have previously been used as demo stock or returned from retailers. Products will also be shipped with original content as listed on the packaging. Swann’s technicians have certified the products are ready for use with a 3 month base warranty. Occasionally minor cosmetic scratches and wear may be present.

Installation of video surveillance systems in a private house

Each owner of a country house is faced with the question: how to secure housing from intruders? Today, the most effective and economical solution is the professional installation of a video surveillance system.

The software and hardware complex is responsible for the visual control of what is happening in the premises of the house and / or on the plot.

System design

The configuration of the video surveillance system is determined by the needs and financial capabilities of the owners of a residential facility. So, in one case, analog cameras are quite well-placed around the perimeter of the site, and in the other, expensive intelligent equipment is required.

At the initial design stage, the Russian Estates team carefully studies the site plan, paying special attention to the following issues:

  1. The scale of coverage of the territory by the video surveillance system.
  2. The number of cameras to monitor each priority zone.
  3. Rationale for the choice of cameras and related equipment.

Monitoring the perimeter of a private household involves minimizing “blind” zones.

Mandatory control over:

  • gate and central gate;
  • entrance to the garage;
  • entrance to the house;
  • household buildings.

In addition to design, turnkey video surveillance installation includes:

  1. Competent laying of cable routes.
  2. Installation of cameras and video recorder.
  3. Connecting the system to the mains and setting up the equipment.


Depending on the tasks assigned to the video surveillance system, the main characteristics of outdoor cameras can be distinguished:

  • viewing angle;
  • photosensitivity;
  • image sensor resolution;
  • degree of protection of the hull;
  • IR range – illumination;
  • built-in microphone;
  • Motion Detector;
  • online access.
Analog camera

The camcorder is connected to a computer or TV. Video signal processing from analog devices requires prior conversion to digital format. For this, an AHD recorder is used. Modern multi-format Full HD cameras broadcast a color image with an extension of up to 5 megapixels.

Analog systems are relatively affordable solutions, characterized by ease of installation and configuration, suggest the possibility of wireless data transmission.

IP camera

The organization of IP video surveillance is carried out by means of powerful IP cameras and high performance IP DVRs. The digital device transmits video information within the network using the IP protocol.

Expensive digital solutions have a number of advantages over the traditional analog solution, including:

  • the ability to scale the broadcast image;
  • storing information on a media or in a cloud service;
  • remote control and online video viewing;
  • reliable protection system.