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  • Crystal clear sound quality for uninterrupted conversations

    Wireless headphones with mic offer many benefits over traditional wired headphones, including freedom of movement and enhanced portability. soundcore Bluetooth headphones are perfect for those looking to enjoy the clear sound without the hassle of wires. The comfortable design and noise cancellation technology allow you to listen to high-quality audio with no interruptions from other distractions, all while having a cable-free experience.
    The active noise canceling feature offers a clear and crisp sound quality, while the AI algorithm ensures that your voice is picked up with incredible accuracy. Whether you’re at the office or on the go, these headphones will keep you connected with great sound. The Bluetooth connection is stable and quick to connect, so you can get started right away. With a comfortable fit and great sound quality, these headphones with mic are a great choice for anyone who wants to stay connected.

  • FAQ about soundcore Wireless Headphones with Mic

    Where is the mic in wireless headphones?

    The microphone in headphones is typically located near the ear cup or speaker. This allows for clear communication while wearing the headphones. Some models may have the mic on the wire that connects the headphones to the device, while others may have the mic built into the bottom of ear cup itself.
    soundcore wireless headphones with microphones are built-in and can pick up your voice. You don’t have to worry about the quality of your call. Also, our noise cancelling headphones with mic can help reduce background noise so that you can be heard more clearly. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

    Can soundcore wireless headphones with mic be used for gaming?

    Yes. soundcore headphones can be used as gaming headphones with mic. The Multi-Mode Noise Cancelling feature ensures that you will not be distracted by outside noise. The Hi-Res audio gives you superior sound quality, while the stable Bluetooth connection ensures that you will not experience annoying lag while gaming. In addition, the long battery life means that you can game for hours without having to worry about recharging your headphones. As a result, soundcore wireless headphones with mic are an excellent choice for gamers who want to enjoy a high-quality gaming experience.

    How to choose the best wireless headphones with mic?

    There are many factors that you need to consider while choosing the best wireless earphones with mic:
    1. Decide types of the headphones
    Earbuds with mic are small and portable, while headsets are larger and bulkier, but headsets offer better sound quality and noise isolation.
    2. Consider the Bluetooth connection
    Wireless headphones use Bluetooth to connect to your devices. Make sure the headphones you choose have a strong and stable Bluetooth connection.
    3.Look for a comfortable fit
    A comfortable fit is important for both earbuds and headsets. Make sure the headphones you choose are not too tight or too loose.
    4.Check the battery life
    Check the battery life of the headphones you are considering to see how long they can last on a single charge.
    5.Compare the microphone’s quality
    Make sure the microphone can pick up your voice clearly without any background noise.
    Following these tips will help ensure that you purchase the best wireless headphones with mic for your needs. soundcore has both noise cancelling headsets with mic and earbuds with microphone, you can find all you need here.

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