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Everything you ever wanted to know about the Beats By Dr. Dre Solo 2 Wired Headphone – White

Beats’ most popular headphone, the Solo 2, has been redesigned from the inside out. With updated and improved acoustics, the Solo 2 lets you feel your music with a wider range of sound and enhanced clarity. Streamlined, lightweight, and durable, this compact headphone is more comfortable than ever. Take your music with you wherever you go, with the Solo 2. Each Solo 2 has a unique serial number that can be registered with Beats. Authentic Beats guaranteed.


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Beats By Dr. Dre Solo 2 Wired Headphone – White

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Beats Solo 2 review: Beats’ next-gen on-ear headphone steps up its design and sound

It’s been a long time coming, but a day after Beats officially announced its sale to Apple for $3 billion, it released the successor to its on-ear Solo , one of the most popular headphones in the world. The new, improved Solo 2 carries a list price of $200 in the US and £170 in the UK, and comes in a variety of glossy colors. (Australian details aren’t available yet, but the US price converts to about AU$215.)

The Solo 2 looks a lot like a mini version of Beats’ revamped over-ear Studio (2013) headphone. For starters, the earpads have been redesigned with swankier materials that make the headphones slightly more comfortable and should hold up better over time. Those pads do offer a slightly tighter seal to prevent sound leakage, as well as better noise isolation form the outside world.

The Beats Solo 2 comes in a variety of colors. Sarah Tew/CNET

Like the new Studio, the Solo 2, which weighs in at 7.2 ounces (205 grams), is built more sturdily and has no visible screws. The curve of the headband has been changed to deliver a snugger, more ergonomic fit too. At times, it can feel a little too snug, and while this is relatively comfortable for an on-ear model, it’s certainly not the most comfortable on-ear I’ve tested (I prefer the Beyerdynamic T51p and Bose OE2 , which has been updated to the Bose SoundTrue On-Ear). And for the record, I found both the over-the-ear Beats Studio and Studio Wireless more comfortable.

The headphones fold up (but not quite flat) and come with a soft carrying case and a detachable cord with an inline remote and microphone for making cell phone calls. (It’s worth noting that the cord color matches the headphone color, which wasn’t the case for the Studio Wireless I reviewed. ) This on-ear model doesn’t have the active noise-cancellation of the step-up Studio and Studio Wireless models.


I personally wasn’t a fan of the original Solos and thought they were overpriced and lacked clarity. As with the new Studios, Beats has tamped down the bass a little and gone with a somewhat more accurate sound profile with better detail — that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of bass, but it isn’t as hyped.

After I tested the headphones for a few days, I handed them off to Steve Guttenberg, who writes our Audiophiliac blog. Steve had a similar view on the headphones and felt the bass was better balanced with the midrange and treble than it used to be (in the original Solo). But, he said, no one would accuse the Solo 2 of being mellow.

For starters, it’s very up front and in your face (we refer to this as a fast, or forward headphone). Also, you don’t have to crank the volume to feel the bass, it’s all there, even at hushed, late night volume levels.

Steve said the Solo 2’s bass prowess was evident when listening to the the Nine Inch Nails’ “Hesitation Marks” — the visceral impact pulsing through the album was “super impressive,” even compared with one of our favorite over-the ear-headphones, the Audio Technica ATH-M50x .

“The M50x has plenty of oomph,” he reported, “but the Solo 2 makes an almost physical connection with your ears, you feel it as much as hear it.” That said, the M50x’s stereo imaging is more spacious and open, the Solo 2 seems cramped by comparison.

The sound of another highly rated on-ear model, the V-Moda XS , was closer to the Solo 2’s. The XS’ treble detail was less aggressive and sweeter — the XS has more of an “audiophile” sound — but the Solo 2’s richer balance flattered vocalists (the XS’s sound thinned the voices) and the Solo 2’s low bass oomph outpaced the XS’s.

Depending on your sound tastes, you may prefer one over the other (we found the V-Moda XS a little more comfortable to wear), but it’s hard to declare a clear winner on the sound front.

Stepping up to the more expensive Beyerdynamic T51p you get even cleaner, more refined sound. The Beyerdynamic has the best balance of overall detail and resolution without any of the Solo 2’s aggressive edge. The T51p’s bass — deep, solid and full — is also slightly better and its low-end oomph on EDM and rock is quite impressive.

That model has a colder, metal design, but as I said, it’s a bit more comfortable headphone overall and has a higher-end look and feel. (Note: It’s also available as the T51i, a version geared toward Apple iOS users).

The headphones fold up to fit in an included carrying case. Sarah Tew/CNET


Beats has been gradually updating its product line after severing its partnership with Monster in early 2012. It’s moved away from its bloated-bass roots and staked out a more refined sound while upping the build-quality of its headphones (that said, while they seem sturdier, they’re still a mostly all-plastic design).

These Solo 2 may not win audiophile hearts and ears, but for its intended audience — namely, folks who are looking for a fast, exciting headphone with lots of high-quality bass — this is an excellent on-ear headphone.

Steve Guttenberg contributed to this review.

Difference between Beats Solo 2 and Solo 3


We’re stating the obvious: Beats makes great audio products. In terms of sound quality and battery life, it’s hard to “beat” the value that Beats offers in many of its headphones – over-ears and over-ears. So, since the sound quality and battery life in their headphones are already so good on the , it can be hard to notice the differences in the new models released by audio maker Apple. You may have a pair of Beats Solo 2s, you’ve tried Solo 3s and you just can’t tell the difference between them.

Product Brand name Price
Striking Beats Solo2 Wired In-ear Headphones, Luxe Edition – Black Check Amazon Price
Beats Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones – Black Check Price on Amazon

* If you make a purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. For more information, visit our privacy policy page.

In many ways, that’s why we’ve created this guide for you – to show you the exact differences between Beats Solo 2 and Solo 3, even if they’re pretty minimal. This should help you decide whether you should buy the latest and greatest headphones from Beats or if you should save money by purchasing the latest generation.

So, without further ado, here’s the big difference between Beats Solo 2 and Solo 3:

Beats Solo 2

Don’t get us wrong, Beats Solo2 headphones sound great. If you are an audiophile, you may notice there is a small difference in quality between the Solo 2 and Solo 3, but that’s because the Solo 3 has some improved drivers for better sound quality.

Beats Solo 2 are wired headphones first and foremost – wireless models are hard to find. However, connect the 3.5mm audio jack to an output device, and then you can enjoy crisp and clear sound right through your headphones. And because they’re connected, you never have to worry about battery life – just plug them in when you’re ready to listen.

Like the Beats Solo 3, they cover the ear for maximum comfort. This makes it much easier to manage long listening sessions, but on top of that, on-ear headphones also add a level of noise cancellation that you don’t get with on-ear headphones.

Because you use the 3.5mm audio jack on these headphones, they have a built-in remote that allows you to make and receive calls. You can also adjust the volume here and even play and pause music. Of course, this is a great way to encourage Siri so you can tell her to do something hands-free, like “Hey Siri, play playlist x” or “Hey Siri, call your mom.”

Buy Now: Amazon

Beats Solo 3

Beats Solo 3 is an updated and improved version of Beats Solo 2, although actual sound quality and battery differences will depend on how audiophile you are and also on how often you use your headphones.

However, if you’re looking to take your sound quality to the next level, Beats Solo3 offers a number of driver and hardware improvements inside. These over-ear headphones are capable of turning your usual bad sound into something heavenly. In these headphones, the sound is rich, clear, and the bass is deep. As usual, it’s hard to explain the “sound” in words, but trust us when we say that the Solo3 is one of the most heavenly experiences.

Where the Beats Solo3 really differs from the Solo2 is in design. You get the same overall structure, but this time Beats uses different textures and more comfortable material, allowing you to listen to the music or audio clip of your choice for longer without any discomfort. They close on the ear, so these headphones stay comfortable during long listening sessions, and also support a level of noise-canceling technology.

Beats Solo3’s battery life is phenomenal – a full charge gives you up to 40 hours of wireless direct playback. And when you’re low on battery, just five minutes on the wire is another three hours of listening. In addition, you can connect the included 3.5mm audio jack to listen to music without a wireless battery. In addition, this 3.5mm jack comes with a built-in remote that allows you to make calls without removing your smartphone.

Beats Solo3 can be controlled with headphones and they really make it easy to access Siri so you can use voice control. For example, “Hey Siri, skip this song” or “Hey Siri, call x person.”

Buy Now: Amazon

Difference Verdict Between Beats Solo 2 and Solo 3

As you can see, the differences between Solo 2 and Solo 3 are pretty minimal – the biggest noticeable difference is the design change. The Solo 3 has a few small improvements in sound quality, though it’s not always enough to justify the high price increase, let alone the hefty overall price.

Which pair are you looking for? Let us know in the comments below.

Product Brand name Price Beats Solo2 Wired In-ear Headphones, Luxe Edition – Black Check Amazon Price
Beats Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones – Black Check Amazon Price

* If you make a purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. For more information, visit our privacy policy page.

We will earn a commission on sales if you buy products through our links. Learn more.

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