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Table of Contents

  • Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Let’s Get Started

    • Thank You for Choosing Action Replay™ for Wii

    • Safety Information

    • Carton Contents

  • Chapter 2: Installing the Action Replay Code Engine

    • Wii Firmware Requirements

    • Obtaining Your Wii MAC Address

    • Registering and Downloading the Action Replay Code Engine

    • Transferring the Action Replay Code Engine to Your Action Replay Memory Card

    • Connecting Your Action Replay Memory Card to Your Wii Console

  • Chapter 3: Loading and Choosing Codes

    • Checking the Set Date

    • Loading the Action Replay Code Engine

    • Action Replay Code Engine Overview

    • Choose Codes and Play

    • Load Game Without Codes Enabled

    • Updating the Action Replay Code Engine

    • Pro Tip

  • Chapter 4: Powersaves

    • What Are Powersaves

    • Using Powersaves with Your Wii Games

    • Downloading Powersaves

    • What Are Community Saves

  • Chapter 5: Media Manager Installation

    • Minimum System Requirements

    • Installation

    • Connecting the Action Replay Memory Card

    • Connecting Your SD Memory Card

    • Media Manager Overview

  • Chapter 6: Media Manager Working with Video

    • Introduction and Overview

    • Simple Mode Part 1: about

    • Simple Mode Part 2: Choosing the Right Quality Setting

    • Simple Mode Part 3: Encoding and Copying to Your Memory Card

    • Expert Mode Part 1: about

    • Expert Mode Part 2: Quality Settings Tab

    • Expert Mode Part 3: Dimensions Tab

    • Expert Mode Part 4: File Size Tab

    • Expert Mode Part 5: Time

    • DVD Ripping Specific Information Part 1: about

    • DVD Ripping Specific Information Part 2: Choosing the Right Files

    • Suitable Source Media

    • Batch List Encoding

  • Chapter 7: Media Manager Working with Music

    • Introduction and Overview

    • Adding Mp3S or Aacs

    • Deleting Mp3S or Aacs

    • Ripping Cds Part 1: about

    • Ripping Cds Part 2: CDDB Lookup

    • Ripping Cds Part 3: Selecting Tracks and Ripping

    • Ripping Cds Part 4: Recording Options

    • Playing Back Your Mp3S or Aacs on Your Wii

  • Chapter 8: Media Manager Working with Images

    • Introduction and Overview

    • Copy Options

    • Transferring Your Images

    • Deleting Images

  • Chapter 9: Media Manager Saves Online

    • Introduction

    • Powersaves Part 1: about

    • Powersaves Part 2: Overview

    • Powersaves Part 3: Save Controls

    • Powersaves Part 4: Downloading and Using a Powersave

    • Community Part 1: about

    • Community Part 2: Overview

    • Community Part 3: Downloading and Using a Community Save

    • My Uploads Part 2: Overview

    • My Uploads Part 3: Deleting an Upload

    • Saves in Your PC Database Part 1: about

    • Saves in Your PC Database Part 2: Editing Saves in Your PC Database

    • Saves in Your PC Database Part 3: Deleting Saves from Your PC Database

    • Saves in Your PC Database Part 4: Transferring Saves to Your Wii

    • Saves in Your PC Database Part 5: Adding Saves to Your PC Database from Your Wii

    • Uploading a Save to the Community Part 1: Getting Started

    • Uploading a Save to the Community Part 2: Upload Your Gamesave

    • Saves on Your Wii Memory Card Part 1: Introduction and Overview

    • Saves on Your Wii Memory Card Part 2: Copying Saves to Your PC Database

    • Saves on Your Wii Memory Card Part 3: Deleting Saves

    • Options Screen Part 1: about

    • Options Screen Part 2: General

    • Options Screen Part 3: Gamesaves

    • Options Screen Part 4: Folders

    • Technical Support and Customer Services


Action Replay™ For Wii™

User Guide

v1. 0

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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Wii Action Replay

Action Replay – Wii – MTech Cave

Action Replay – Wii
– MTech Cave

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Product variants

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Complete in Box
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Nintendo Wii – ITC.ua

Nintendo Wii is truly the most unusual and revolutionary of the new generation of game consoles. We managed to verify this statement, and, I must say, the results of “testing” are simply amazing.

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    • 0.1 Console
    • 0.2 Inside
    • 0.3 Wii Remote
    • 0.4 Nunchuk
  • 1 Specifications
  • 2
    • 2.1 The Legend of Zelda: Twighlight Princess
    • 2.2 Super Mario Galaxy
    • 2.3 Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam
    • 2.4 Trauma Center: Second Opinion
    • 2.5 WarioWare: Smooth Moves
    • 2.6 Wii Play


The Wii is the smallest of the new generation of consoles. Its dimensions are comparable to three standard DVD boxes or an external 3.5-inch hard drive, and its weight is just over a kilogram. The console looks amazing – the style borrowed from Apple products, polished white plastic, smooth edges and simple shapes make it very elegant. Unlike its competitors, the Wii does not heat up at all, but in a vertical position it makes a noticeable noise when reading discs. Installing and configuring the set-top box takes no more than five minutes. The thoughtfulness of the packaging, fastening elements and connectors for connection is impressive. The Wii’s power supply is tiny compared to other next-gen consoles.


Nintendo decided not to compete with Microsoft and Sony in the fortress of processor muscle, concentrating on the uniqueness of the control system and gameplay. In terms of power, the Wii is only slightly superior to the consoles of the previous generation – GameCube, Xbox and PlayStation 2, significantly inferior to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. However, as experience shows, even from such hardware, which is essentially an overclocked GameGube, with proper skill, you can squeeze a lot. The Wii does not support HDTV resolutions, Dolby Digital sound, and other newfangled features. Doesn’t play HD DVDs, Blu-ray discs, or even regular DVDs. This is purely a game console, although the ability to connect to the Internet greatly expands its functionality.

Wii Remote

The main feature of the Wii is its unique control system. The wireless Wii Remote (sometimes called the Wii-mote) resembles a remote control for home appliances and is equipped with a motion sensor (which can be recognized by the Sensor bar connected to the console), a built-in speaker, and a vibration feedback motor. There are only two main buttons – A under the thumb and trigger B , the other five small buttons are used quite rarely. In addition, the Wii-mote features the classic digital D-pad. Using the “remote” in games is absolutely intuitive and does not cause any difficulties.


The second part of the controller – Nunchuk, connected to the Wii-mote, is not used in all games. The Nunchaku is equipped with the same motion sensor as the Wii Remote, contains two more buttons C and D and an analog stick. The controller fits perfectly in the hand, the ergonomics here are amazing. The main purpose of the “nunchaku” is to control the character in shooters and other similar games. Shooting and using weapons is usually the responsibility of the Wii-mote.



  • CPU: PowerPC “Broadway”, 729 MHz
  • GPU: ATI “Hollywood”, 243 MHz


  • 88 MB (internal – 24 MB 1T-SRAM, external – 64 MB GDDR3 SDRAM)
  • 3 MB GPU texture memory

Storage media

  • 512 MB built-in NAND flash
  • External SD-flash (maximum capacity 2 GB)
  • Nintendo GameCube Memory Cards (for GameCube games)
  • Slot-load DVD Drive (GameCube 8cm and Wii Media 12cm)

Ports and Peripherals


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  • 4 Wii Remote Bluetooth Controllers
  • SD card slot
  • 2 USB 2. 0 ports
  • 1 port for Sensor Bar
  • 4 ports for GameCube controllers
  • 2 ports GameCube Memory Card
  • MitsumiDWM-W004 Wi-Fi 802.11b wireless module
  • Optional USB 2.0 to Ethernet LAN adapter

Video outputs

  • Component (Progressive scan), RGB SCART (PAL), S-Video (NTSC), composite, D-Terminal
  • Modes: 480p (PAL/NTSC) or 576i (PAL/SECAM), 4:3 and 16:9 anamorphic widescreen


  • Basic: Stereo – Dolby Pro Logic II-capable
  • Controller: Built-in speaker


  • Dimensions (W×H×D), 44×157×215 mm
  • Weight 1.2 kg

Even at the development stage, Nintendo, unlike Microsoft and Sony, decided to create a console not for hardcore gamers, but for all family members. And I must say, the Wii turned out to be just such a device. The prefix captivates at first sight – appearance, ease of installation, well-thought-out interface structure. And once you get familiar with the innovative control system, you will literally fall in love with the Wii.

We did not expect such an intuitive and easy operation. The Wii-mote menu is used like a laser pointer and performs its functions just as well as a computer mouse. Thanks to the shape resembling a remote control, even grandparents who have never held a gamepad in their hands begin to actively master the wisdom of Wii Sports in two minutes and compete with their grandchildren in golf, bowling or tennis. After all, with the help of the tracking system of the movements of the controller, the movements that the player performs turn out to be natural and close to real. You’ll have to swing the Wii-mote like a tennis racket or a golf club, hook a fish like you’re holding a fishing rod, aim the remote at enemies like a pistol, conduct an orchestra, cast spells in the air, etc. etc. item

Children fall in love with the Wii instantly. Good fun for kids is creating their own Mii avatars. Choosing the hairstyle or eye shape of the funny virtual man, your alter ego, can captivate them for a long time. Well, from simple toys that require active body movements, they cannot be torn off at all. According to our observations, absolutely everyone likes the Wii, and the less a person has a gaming experience, the more he is attracted by the unusual features of the console. The Wii is great entertainment for friendly parties. We recommend purchasing several (at least one) additional controllers for such cases. And wear something light – actively swinging the Wii-mote, you are sure to sweat. Of course, the loads here are smaller than, say, in EyeToy: Kinetic, but out of habit, they can also cause krepatura. Again, you can not neglect the advice given out from time to time by the console. First, carefully fasten the controller to your wrist – you don’t want to accidentally release it from your hands, smash the TV or injure someone around you, do you? Secondly, periodically it is worth interrupting and ventilating the room.

Wii Sports is included with the console. At first it may seem a little arcade to you, but testing on people who often play real tennis and bowling showed that this is far from the case. Thanks to a good physical model and the development of various movements by the controller, the simulation of some sports is very realistic. Children like bowling, golf and boxing more. For adults – golf (we are waiting for the Wii version of Albatross 18 to appear in our country) and tennis. But baseball is not popular.

Internet connectivity (Wi-Fi or optional Ethernet controller) allows you to use the Wii to download news, weather, and Web sites via the Wii Channel (the Wii’s Opera browser is quite good and allows you to zoom in on sections of a site to improve the readability of small fonts),

download new games and updates. You can also use the console to edit photos and videos transferred from digital cameras and other devices. There is also a calendar where your achievements in various games are displayed, here you can also create your own entries. The Virtual Console allows you to run Internet-purchased games for the NES, SNES, N64, Genesis, TurboGrafx-16 consoles on the Wii.

After a personal acquaintance, we have little doubt about who will win the console war. After all, unlike competitors from Microsoft and Sony, the Wii is an entertainment center for the whole family.

The Legend of Zelda: Twighlight Princess

Genre action/adventure

Developer Nintendo

Publisher Nintendo

9 0002 Release date Now available

Website www.zelda.com /universe/game/legendzelda

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Of the games included in the Wii launch lineup, The Legend of Zelda: Twighlight Princess turned out to be the most popular. According to statistics, it was purchased by about 80% of the new owners of the console. This comes as no surprise, as the adventures of iconic Nintendo hero Link have been in huge demand across all its platforms. Do not forget that in the process of passing you will have to shoot from a bow, and catch a fish, and perform a lot of different actions. And now imagine how you will do it all “live” with the help of a revolutionary controller. We also add that players will witness the fantastic transformations of Link into a wolf, which clearly adds freshness to an already fascinating plot.

Super Mario Galaxy

Genre arcade

Developer Nintendo

Publisher Nintendo

Release date n/a

Website wii. nintendo.com/ software_mariogalaxy.jsp

Perhaps , it is Nintendo that has the largest set of truly iconic characters – here you have Link from Zelda, and Samus Aran from Metroids, Pokemon, and, of course, an unforgettable mustachioed plumber of Italian origin. In the very first game with his participation, designed for the Wii, the developers set out to send him into space. You ask: “Why?” And we will answer: “As usual, after Princess Peach”, because in most games Mario does nothing but save the poor thing, who constantly gets into all sorts of troubles. Thanks to the new control options, Mario will now succeed in super jumping, dragging objects, rotating and swinging them. As in the famous Mario 64, the local world will appear before the players in full 3D.

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Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam

Genre sports simulator

Developer oys For Bob

9000 2 Publisher Activision

Release date Now available

Website www.thdownhilljam.com

If the name of the game has Tony Hawk’s name in it, it’s about skateboarding. But this time “Tony Hawk” is fundamentally different from all the previous ones, and the key word in this case is “downhill”, i.e. downhill. Therefore, the athletes here do not skate on the streets and parks, but slide down the various tracks. Naturally, during the descent, tricks are not only allowed, but also welcomed. In short, at its core, it is closer to snowboarding simulators like SSX than to “relatives” in the franchise. Only Wii-mote is used for control. By tilting it in the required direction, you provide balance to your character. Well, tricks are performed by combinations of button presses and D-Pad movements.

Trauma Center: Second Opinion

Genre surgeon simulator

Developer Atlus

Publisher Atlus

90 002 Release date Available now in Japan and USA, Europe not available

Website https://www. atlus.com/tcso/

The first game in the series was released on the DS and received a lot of critical acclaim. Two screens and a stylus were the best fit for a simulator of medical practice. So, this time the players will have to be in the place of a medic in a very difficult situation. 2018 year. A deadly threat looms over humanity in the face of terrorists who have the most dangerous GUILT (Gangliated Utrophin Immuno Latency Toxin) virus, and only Dr. Stiles (that is, you yourself) is able to cope with them. In this case, the Wii-mote will replace your whole arsenal of medical accessories, with its help you will cope with scalpels, syringes, defibrillators and other special equipment necessary in urgent cases.

WarioWare: Smooth Moves

Genre minigame collection

Developer Nintendo

Publisher Nintendo

9 0085 Release date Now available

Website wii.nintendo.com/ software_warioware .jsp

Along with Wii Sports, this toy could well be included in boxes with the console itself. Firstly, it is great for mastering all the intricacies of handling vimota and nunchaku, and secondly, it fits perfectly into the atmosphere of friendly parties. Each of the mini-amusements has a duration measured in almost seconds (does not exceed a minute), their variety and humor do not let the player, let alone the observers, get bored. In principle, all tasks can be completed in three hours, but we assure you that their repetition will cause equally positive emotions. We add that the game has a lot of jokes on the topics of other Nintendo products. 9Date now available

Website uk.wii.com/software/03 /

Wii Play is another collection of mini-games, but compared to WarioWare’s micro-miniatures, they seem gigantic. We will briefly present some of them. Table Tennis is actually Pong in disguise (by the way, with support for the Mii you already know). It is clear that Shooting Range is a shooting range. It’s more fun to shoot with two people. The duck hunting scene will evoke nostalgia for the long gone days of the NES. The same can be said about the variations on the themes of “Tanchikov”. Go ahead. If there is hunting, then why not fishing, for these purposes there is Fishing. The process of hauling a catch with Wii-mote motions is a lot of fun. And also billiards, cow racing (hello, rabbits!), laser hockey and a couple of fun using Mii.

The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD. Return to Nintendo Wii U took place | PC World

Like Halo: Combat Evolved, The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess is now in its third generation of consoles. First released for Wii and Game Cube, and now we meet on Wii U.

Genre: action-adventure

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Nintendo

Platforms: Wii U

Release date: March 4, 2016

Game site: http://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/the-legend-of-zelda-twilight-princess-hd-wii-u

The first Legend Of Zelda game appeared in 1986 on the 8-bit Famicom/NES game console, better known to us as “Dandy” – there were no original consoles in Russia, only pirated clones were sold. According to Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Legend Of Zelda, he wanted to make a game where the player thought about what he would do next.

Original The Legend Of Zelda on “Dandy”

It sounds strange today, but at that time the games were very clear and as straightforward as possible. Go straight, kill everything that can be killed, collect everything that can be collected. If the game assumed that it was allowed to move in different directions, then the action took place on one screen.

In any case, such games were on the NES. On computers (Apple II, ZX Spectrum) there were others where you could walk in different directions and explore the game world, but for the NES, the first such game was Legend Of Zelda. The main character Link (in general, the name of the character in the game can be changed, but why?) traveled through the pseudo-open world, discovered passages to the dungeons, where he solved puzzles, fought monsters and at the end killed the boss, receiving from him some artifact important for the plot.

In fact, the formula of the game has not changed until now, except that the graphics have become better, and the puzzles have become more diverse, and the enemies are more interesting (especially the bosses).

Zelda: Twilight Princess itself, like Zelda: Majora’s Mask, differs from other games in the series (there are only 17 games in it) by its gloominess – the cartoonish and generally positive Wind Waker was replaced by a story about a gloomy parallel world absorbing being. Although it should be noted that the very idea of ​​a parallel world for Legend Of Zelda is not something new, a similar one has already been implemented even in the old Link To The Past for the SNES.

Cut-scenes in Twilight Princess are sometimes not even dark, but creepy

But here we went even further – the character does not just fall into a parallel dimension, but changes itself. And not in terms of age, as in Ocarina Of Time (still retaining the highest rating among games of all time on Metacritics), but in terms of its essence. In short, Link (the main character) will be in the skin of a wolf. And this is not even a spoiler – the visualization of the dualism of Link-wolf can be seen on the cover of the game.

Battle with one of the bosses in Twilight Princess

By the way, “Zelda” is the name of a princess from the kingdom of Hyrule. In many games, we save this same Hyrule from the villain Ganon (Ganondorf), and Zelda helps us. But in the same Majora’s Mask, there is no Zelda or Hyrule at all, and in Wind Waker… not everything is so simple, in general.

Twilight Princess Link

The heroes themselves – Link, Zelda, Ganon – have conventional names. This means that this is not the same Link in all games, and not the same Zelda, and the villain Ganon, too. Hyrule has its own history that runs through all the games in the series, and sometimes the time interval between two “neighboring” Legend Of Zelda games can reach 100 years or more. In particular, if the action in Majora’s Mask takes place immediately after Ocarina Of Time and if Link is the same there (as a child), then the action in Wind Waker takes place several centuries later.

Twilight Princess

Twilight Princess was originally planned for the Game Cube, then a new (at that time) Nintendo Wii was added to the project, and as a result, finalizing the Wii version took so much time and effort that the Game Cube game was released a month later. And all because the Wii was made to be controlled using the Wii Remote. Sword attacks had to be swung with the controller, which, frankly, was a bit tiring.

Although there are few monsters at the beginning of the game, you still get bored waving the controller very quickly

No, of course, this is fun and even interesting, but sometimes after a hard day, you just want to relax watching TV with your favorite game and don’t feel like waving your arms at all.

So, in Twilight Princess, “a simple village boy” Link goes to the kingdom of Hyrule at the request of the elder of the village. Along the way, he encounters a gloomy world, he is drawn into it, and there he meets Princess Zelda. When Link finds a way to get out of the Twilight, he will have to alternate adventures in the “real world” and in the “Twilight” (let’s not forget about the dungeons) to deal with evil before the Twilight shrouded everything around.

The gloomy world itself, which exists parallel to the real one, deserves special attention in the game – just like in Lukyanenko’s “Patrols” (although we doubt that the authors of the game have read at least one “Patrol”).

Twilight Princess HD

When it became known that one of the most popular Legend Of Zelda would be transferred to the Wii and in high definition, the players rejoiced. Then, after the appearance of the first trailers, the joy was replaced by doubts. Nintendo’s attempt to sell the same game under the guise of a new one was criticized most of all – they say that they didn’t really change anything, it’s just that the render is now not in 852 × 480 resolution, but in 1920×1080 dots.

But it’s really not all that bad. Many (yes, most, in fact) textures have indeed become more detailed, and not as a result of rendering in Full HD, but as a result of redrawing. But in general, the level of improvements, of course, is not comparable to that in Ocarina Of Time 3D and Majora’s Mask 3D, released for Nintendo 3DS, because they changed, among other things, the detailing of the objects themselves – they increased the number of polygons.

In rooms like this one, you can see that the textures are indeed more detailed

However, what upsets us the most is that they didn’t remove that annoying over-hydro and washed-out HDR, which can be seen quite often, especially in twilight scenes. In 2006 it was fashionable, but today it looks creepy.

Twilight world. Long live fragrant soap … Hmm, why did you remember this?

But not a single graphics, as they say. You can now control the hero using the Wii U Game Pad or Wii U Controller Pro. In any case, inventory and a mini-map are available on the Wii U Game Pad screen, which is very convenient. True, the original control using the Wii Remote was removed – we don’t worry, but what if someone really liked it that way more? They could have at least left it as an option.

Controller selection before game start

There was also additional content. Now Link collects not only parts of the heart (to increase the maximum supply of life), spider bugs (quest for a large wallet), souls of ghosts (quest for an additional empty bottle) and, in fact, money (rupees), but also special seals. If you’ve played Super Mario 3D World on Wii U, you’ll even know what these seals look like and how they can be used to send messages over the network to other players. In Twilight Princess HD, the seals are hidden in chests additionally placed at the levels (blue ones, as a rule, – there are still parts of the heart in such chests).

Statistics screen showing collectables collected

Owners of the special Wolf Link amiibo figure (with Midna, a faithful assistant in Twilight Princess – where without her) even have access to some kind of separate dungeon.

Wolf Link Figurine with Midna

However, we did not have such an amiibo – there was only the usual Link figurine. If you attach it to the NFC sensor, then you can replenish, for example, a stock of arrows once a game day.