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Best Wall Oven Buying Guide

Wall ovens offer flexibility that you won’t find in a range. They can be installed on just about any wall in your kitchen, and at any height, so you don’t have to bend over to place a roast into the cavity. 

The majority of wall ovens are electric, and that’s what we test. An advantage is that you don’t need gas or propane service at your house to install one—an electrician can run an electric line to anywhere in your kitchen, typically for a few hundred dollars. 

If you’re redoing your kitchen, or replacing the major cooking appliances, you’ll want to make sure you can buy a new wall oven and a cooktop at the same time. Our advice? Look to local independent dealers, consider scratch-and-dent models or floor samples, or be ready to be flexible about which models you select—some can ship in days, and some may take months. 

We test electric wall ovens in single- and double-oven configurations using a combination of foods and taking precise temperature measurements. To start, we wire each oven cavity with thermocouples—wire thermometers capable of withstanding high temperatures—to see how evenly the oven heats from one spot to another.

Next we bake multiple trays of sugar cookies and cakes on different racks, looking to see which models produce evenly browned baked goods and which leave these items raw or burned. In a typical year, we bake more than 2,000 cookies and more than 400 cakes in the course of oven testing. Then we put a pan of burger patties under each broiler to see how evenly the broiler heats, and whether it gets hot enough to sear.

We assess features and rack positions, and measure the usable area inside each oven. Last, to test the self-clean cycle, we paint the inside of each oven with a messy mixture that includes egg, tapioca, cheese, and pie filling, and we bake it into place before running the cycle, seeing which ovens come clean and which leave you stuck scrubbing.

For the latest test results, see our complete wall oven ratings.  CR members can also check out our roundup of the best electric wall ovens in our lab tests.

Here are four factors to take into consideration before and as you shop.

Wall ovens are 24, 27, 30, or 36 inches wide. The most common are 30 inches wide, so that’s what we test. If you’re replacing a wall oven, it’s crucial that you measure the wall oven and the cabinet cutout before you shop.

Electric wall ovens are overwhelmingly the most popular type. In our tests of ovens in ranges, we find that electrics tend to perform better, particularly at broiling. 

Many manufacturers make misleading claims about oven capacity—typically, they include every square inch of space, even if there’s no way to use it to cook (such as the area below the bottom rack). We look for usable capacity, and we find big differences among models. For single-oven wall ovens, the smallest models in our test offer about 2 cubic feet of usable space, and the largest models (those that we’d rate as excellent for capacity) have more than 3 cubic feet of usable space. It might not matter much for a tray of cookies, but you’ll be glad you have the clearance when you’re finessing a giant turkey into the oven next Thanksgiving. 

Wall ovens come in single- and double-oven configurations, and we test both. A double oven lets you cook more and allows you to cook foods at two different temperatures, which is particularly helpful around busy cooking holidays. A double wall oven is a lot bigger than the double oven you might find built into a range (which is really just a single oven divided into two cavities). For a true double wall oven, both cavities are the same size. 

Most wall ovens sold are 30-inch-wide electric models. They come with a single oven or double ovens. With a model in mind, check the manufacturer’s online manual to find exact cutout dimensions for the wall oven.

Single Wall Oven

Single wall ovens are usually smaller than the ovens you’d find on a range—the single wall ovens we test range in usable capacity from 2 to 3 cubic feet, while those in ranges are usually between 3 and 4 cubic feet.  

Electric Wall Ovens Ratings

Double Wall Oven

Double wall ovens offer double the capacity of a single wall oven, and they share a single control panel. They allow you to bake, roast, or broil at two different temperatures at the same time. 

In addition to a true double oven, like the one shown above, some manufacturers offer a single wall oven with a steam oven or a microwave built in above the oven. Consumer Reports does not currently test those models. 

Electric Wall Ovens Ratings

When installing a single wall oven, make sure that the controls are easy to see and reach, and that the door is at a height that prevents unnecessary bending.

As with a single-oven model, a double wall oven should be installed at a height that allows for easy access—the upper oven should be reachable, and the lower oven shouldn’t require any more bending than needed. 

Generally, the more bells and whistles on a wall oven, the higher the price. Some features increase safety and convenience.  And some give you the ability to do more than just bake, roast, and broil food.

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Air-Frying Capability

This oven function lets you cook crispy foods like french fries without buying a countertop air fryer. Some ovens include a perforated tray for air-frying, which allows hot air to circulate while you cook. Some manufacturers sell this tray separately.


Control Lockout

This lets you disable the oven controls and is recommended for households with children.


WiFi Connectivity

Most WiFi-connected ovens work with an app on your smartphone. The app will let you check the oven temperature, set a timer, or even check the internal temperature of whatever you’re cooking, if your oven comes with a temperature probe. You can also use the app to make sure you remembered to turn off the oven, even if you’ve left the house.


Side-Swing and French Doors

The first is a single door with hinges on one side. French-door models (shown) have two doors that separate in the middle and open outward. Both types prevent you from having to reach over an open door to retrieve that 30-pound turkey.



Many midpriced and higher-priced wall ovens have one or more convection fans that circulate hot air, which can reduce cooking time for some foods.

Variable Broil

Most electric and some gas ovens have this feature. It offers adjustable settings for broiled foods that need slower or faster cooking, instead of only “on” (typically 500° F) and “off.”


Air-Frying Capability

This oven function lets you cook crispy foods like french fries without buying a countertop air fryer. Some ovens include a perforated tray for air-frying, which allows hot air to circulate while you cook. Some manufacturers sell this tray separately.













Other Brands

High-End Wall Ovens | JennAir

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Double, single, or microwave combination—with the ability to connect your wall oven and control it remotely 1, a versatile and intelligent culinary experience awaits.








RISE™ & NOIR™ Design Expressions


Discover two distinct design expressions—the classic and postured RISE™ Design or the sleek and minimalist NOIR™ Design.



Forged for an era of striking proportions, an organic, diamond-etched texture wraps around a strong, postured handle.

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Sculpted in stainless steel and expansive black glass, minimalist appeal is enhanced by hidden details waiting to be discovered.

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Remotely access cooking features like the Culinary Center and temperature probe from the JennAir® app—a seamless interface for connected cooking appliances. 2


Savor the full culinary experience backed by customized algorithms, featuring full-color food photography, doneness levels, pan types and menu-specific tips.


Preheat, adjust temperature, monitor cooking status and control your appliance from anywhere to bring a smarter luxe to life.1


Know when dinner is done. Readings of food’s internal temperature are visible on the LCD screen or directly from the app.1


Captivation cloaked in black. Beyond a dark glass expanse, cinematic lighting illuminates smooth racks, flat tines, and an enticing jet black interior.


This highly-interactive display is packed with dynamic features that allow for fearless navigation through settings and the JennAir® Culinary Center.


Dual counter-rotating vertical fans work in tandem, helping you wield your cooking prowess with everything from mouthwatering fillets to irresistible roasts.


Steady heat is circulated by whirling metal blades, weaving around every flat tine. Wield your cooking prowess from marbled meats to succulent roasts.

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Curated For Your Lifestyle

Use the filter below to choose your design expression. Each JennAir® wall oven offers obsessively crafted features curated to the way you cook.


27″ Single Wall Oven

MultiMode® Convection System

4.3-Inch Full Color LCD Display

Cinematic Lighting

Seamless Touches

Badasses At The Ready

RISE™ 30″ Double Wall Oven with V2™ Vertical Dual-Fan Convection

JennAir® Culinary Center

Smart Wall Oven

V2 Vertical Dual Fan Convection

7-Inch Full Color LCD Display

Connected Temperature Probe

RISE™ 30″ Microwave/Wall Oven with V2™ Vertical Dual-Fan Convection

JennAir® Culinary Center

Smart Wall Oven

V2 Vertical Dual Fan Convection

7-Inch Full Color LCD Display



27″ Single Wall Oven

MultiMode® Convection System

4. 3-Inch Full Color LCD Display

Cinematic Lighting

Seamless Touches

Badasses At The Ready

NOIR™ 30″ Double Wall Oven with V2™ Vertical Dual-Fan Convection

JennAir® Culinary Center

Smart Wall Oven

V2 Vertical Dual Fan Convection

7-Inch Full Color LCD Display

Connected Temperature Probe

NOIR™ 30″ Microwave/Wall Oven with V2™ Vertical Dual-Fan Convection

JennAir® Culinary Center

Smart Wall Oven

V2 Vertical Dual Fan Convection

7-Inch Full Color LCD Display


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Complete your wall oven configuration with a warming drawer pairing that offers a sleek flat-front and integrated design.


Explore Convenient, Flexible, Delectable Cooking Options with JennAir® Wall Ovens

Increase your kitchen’s utility with versatile wall ovens from JennAir. These high end cooking options are available in single wall ovens, double wall ovens or with a microwave combination. Each luxury convection oven weaves hot air evenly over each rack and is available in two design expressions and with connectivity that makes entertaining a seamless experience. Learn more about single wall ovens, double wall ovens and microwave combination wall ovens with MultiMode® convection or V2™ dual-fan convection as you shop and compare wall ovens from JennAir brand.

1Appliance must be set to remote enable. WiFi & App required. Features subject to change. For details and privacy info, visit jennair.com/connect. 

2WiFi & App required. Features subject to change. For details and privacy info, visit jennair.com/connect.  

Gas Boilers, Gas Heating Boilers Wall and Floor in Volgograd, Water heaters, Heating pumps, Heating radiators, Electric heaters

Gas heating boilers (Volgograd heating boilers) Yuz” sells electric heating boilers and gas boilers. In addition, electric boilers, storage boilers, as well as liquid fuel boilers are always available.

We are the official dealer of the world’s leading manufacturers of heating equipment, such as Bosch, Junkers, Ferroli, Ariston, Mora, Vaillant, BAXI, Grundfos. Our company specializes in the supply, installation, design, warranty and service maintenance of equipment for boiler rooms, heating systems, water supply and sewerage.

Gas boilers (Volgograd gas boilers) and columns, electric boilers and water heaters (Volgograd gas water heaters), heating pumps and radiators – all these devices are of great importance for every person. Regardless of what room we are in: in an apartment or a country house, in an office or in a country house, in an industrial workshop or in a warehouse, we need warmth and comfort everywhere. A variety of heating boilers can provide them.

Very often the task of organizing heating is solved by a domestic gas boiler. The low price of the fuel used, ease of use and relative environmental friendliness determine the fact that today gas boilers are the most popular option on the heating market.

Floor-standing boilers

In large industrial premises, offices and other buildings, floor-standing boilers are often used. The use of a floor-standing gas boiler for heating has passed the test of time and has proven itself from the best side.

Floor-standing gas boilers

Many of us strive to create comfort and warmth in the house. Thanks to autonomous heating, a powerful and efficient element of which is a floor gas boiler, the whole house will be constantly heated. In addition, this device is also used for heating water, which is quite convenient and does not require additional efforts and costs.

Types of floor standing boilers

These accessories are classified according to their design features. They are divided into:

  • single circuit,
  • double circuit.

Single-circuit floor gas boilers are used only for heating the home. Double-circuit, in turn, have an additional function of heating water with the replacement of the column and boiler.

Modern floor-standing boilers, improved by talented designers, are equipped with a smooth, convenient adjustment of the combustion power.

The customer can purchase this fixture with the required set of burners, depending on the needs and wishes. The most popular are floor boilers equipped with atmospheric and inflatable burners. Such devices are distinguished by a low price, as well as a rather high quality and reliability.

For heating private houses, the most suitable option is the operation of floor-standing gas boilers with an atmospheric type burner. This type of equipment produces a minimum amount of noise, which is quite important since the heating system is located in the house.

The use of floor gas boilers equipped with a fan (mounted) burner gives increased efficiency. Such devices are much more expensive than their counterparts, however, their reliability and stability, which means that the constant maintenance of heat in the entire large house is ensured for a long time. The increased cost of floor gas boilers of this type is due to the need to purchase the burner itself. Also, additional costs include the payment of specialists in the installation of this equipment.

Since the installation and installation of floor-standing boilers requires certain skills and knowledge, it is not recommended to carry out these works on your own. Turning to specialists, the buyer of equipment will protect himself, his family, and his home.

In order to choose a floor-standing gas boiler suitable for a particular dwelling, it is necessary to take into account all the nuances of this building, from the size of the house to ventilation.

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Products of well-known brands

An example of excellent performance and excellent technical characteristics of floor-standing boilers is the products of Ferroli, BAXI, Vaillant, Junkers, which have been known in Volgograd on the market of heating appliances for many years.

Relatively new models can be considered wall-mounted gas boilers, which, due to their rather complex internal structure, are called “home boilers”. Compared to floor-standing boilers, gas boilers have a number of significant advantages, due to which these boilers are gaining more and more popularity:

  • their price is much lower;
  • they are easier to install and maintain;
  • they are compact and do not take up much space, they are easy to hide even in the smallest room or apartment;
  • performance and power is almost the same as the larger options;
  • they are safer because they are equipped with special control and automatic shutdown mechanisms.
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In the Teplosoyuz store you can buy gas boilers and other products at the best prices in Volgograd!

Types of boilers

  • natural and forced draft domestic
  • with electric ignition or piezo variant
  • heating with conventional burner or modulating options

Wall-mounted heating boilers

Wall-mounted gas heating boilers (boilers and double-circuit boilers)

Our catalog contains absolutely safe and reliable double-circuit wall-mounted gas heating boilers (Volgograd gas heating boilers). This type of equipment is easy to operate and understandable to every person, without special knowledge of the operation of heaters.

It is very important, especially in the cold season, that the temperature in the house be comfortable, so that when you come in from the street you feel the warmth and comfort of the hearth.

Centralized heating does not meet the requirements that were once placed on it for a long time, in connection with which each of us has to take care of ourselves on our own. Demand is balanced by supply. Among a large number of devices for heating a room, the leader is gas boilers, wall-mounted. So what are their benefits?

Wall-mounted gas boiler – what it is

Gas boiler is a small boiler room that has built-in thermometers, pressure gauges, various sensors and security systems, while this system takes up little space and is very compact. A wall-mounted gas boiler is capable of heating rooms from 50 to 400 sq.m., which is enough to heat an apartment or house. The control panel, which allows you to adjust the temperature and set the time, is located on the front wall of the boiler.

The advantage of the position of wall-mounted gas boilers over floor-standing ones is that they do not take up space, and their design and shape allow them to merge with the interior.

Types of boilers

There are two types of wall-mounted gas boilers – single-circuit and double-circuit. Single-circuit only heat the premises. The second (double-circuit) boilers both heat the room and supply heated water. A double-circuit boiler is more than enough for an average water consumption.

Natural or forced removal of combustion products, using a fan. For wall-mounted gas boilers, there is no need for a separate ventilation shaft – a hole in the wall is enough to install a coaxial chimney.

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double-circuit domestic boilers are reliable equipment, the safety of which is controlled by electronic devices. They are easy to use by ordinary people who are unfamiliar with the complexities and specifics of the operation of heaters. Manufacturers Junkers, Baxi, Ferroli and others equip their products with automation. For example, if the fire goes out, the gas supply will be automatically cut off, which will help to avoid accidents. Or when a certain temperature is reached in the heating system, the automation will maintain it until other parameters are set.

In Volgograd, the sale of boilers of various types and manufacturers (Junkers, Baxi, Ferroli, etc.) has recently increased several times, which indicates their special popularity among the population.

About other types of equipment

If there is no gas connection to the building, diesel boilers are often used for space heating. This type of equipment is one of the most economical, as it has good heat dissipation and a high level of efficiency.

Regardless of which type of boiler you choose to heat your home, we will offer you the most reliable and proven options.

If for some reason it is not possible to use double-circuit boilers in the house, boilers will help ensure the supply of hot water. Based on the design features, boilers can be storage or flow.

Storage boilers have a special tank in which water is heated to a certain temperature and then fed into the system. This option is more economical. In addition, it is possible to choose a boiler with a tank of any size, depending on the needs of the family for hot water.

Instantaneous boilers heat water directly as it is fed to the faucet. This heating requires more energy. However, if there is no need for hot water, the boiler can be turned off.

The most popular today are electric wall-mounted water heaters (Volgograd water heaters, Volgograd gas water heaters) storage type. This is the most convenient way to get hot water at any time of the day, which is especially important during periods of disconnection from the central water supply. Such water heaters (boilers) fully meet all the requirements of consumers, are convenient and practical to use, durable and reliable.

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Today in Volgograd there are many specialized shops selling boilers and other heating equipment. The Teplosoyuz company not only sells diesel and electric boilers in Volgograd, but also offers water heaters, boilers, columns, heating radiators and accessories for them. You can also get professional advice from our specialists.

All equipment from Vaillant, Ferroli, Junkers, Baxi, Grundfos and other European manufacturers purchased from the company is guaranteed in accordance with the manufacturer’s rules.

Stoves for baths and saunas

Properly selected stoves for baths and saunas are able to heat up the steam room to the required temperature in a minimum time (about 40-60 minutes) and at the same time are safe.

When choosing stoves, special attention should be paid to the manufacturer’s warranty and certificate of conformity. Also among the factors that have a significant impact on the choice, it is worth noting the volume of the room, its features (the quality of thermal insulation, vapor barrier, the presence of windows, and so on), the cost.

To date, stoves for baths and saunas can be conditionally divided into two groups : electric and wood.

Electric heater stoves are the best solution for Finnish saunas located in a cottage or apartment, as it is almost impossible to heat a stove with wood in such conditions. Electric sauna stoves, unlike wood-burning counterparts, are easy to install, in addition, we can talk about a greater variety of assortment in design, functionality, power.

Almost any idea can be realized with these ovens. For example, if you want to get the effect of Russian steam in a Finnish sauna, then you should pay attention to electric stoves with a built-in steam generator; if the appearance of the stove is important to you, then you should take a closer look at the series of designer stoves for heaters. If you are concerned about saving energy, then you can pay attention to stoves that work on the principle of a thermos.

As for wood-burning stoves for baths and saunas, it is necessary to pay attention to the thickness of the metal used to make such stoves. The thicker the metal the furnace can boast of, the longer the service life can be discussed.

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Cookers, Cooker hoods


Gas or electric cooker has long been an integral part of our kitchen. We have a wide range of electric, gas and combined cookers. All you have to do is choose the model of stove you need according to its characteristics and price. Do not forget that if you have a gas stove, then you need a powerful kitchen hood. Pay attention to the range of hoods. If you have an electric stove, then the hood for you is an element of the kitchen interior.

Kitchen hoods

When choosing a kitchen, you should pay attention not only to the household appliances or stoves you buy, but also to the kitchen hoods. Kitchen hoods in our catalog differ not only in excellent appearance, but also in high performance. If you have an electric stove (or hob) and you do not need enhanced ventilation of the premises, then Elikor hoods may well suit you. Kitchen hoods Elikor are made of high quality and beautiful, but their performance is lower compared to MOLGATO hoods.

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Electric water heaters

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