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Teams of two compete in four rounds of games in hopes to win millions of dollars in prizes.Teams of two compete in four rounds of games in hopes to win millions of dollars in prizes.Teams of two compete in four rounds of games in hopes to win millions of dollars in prizes.

  • Stars
    • Chris Hardwick
    • Russell Rope
    • Michele Williams
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    • Stars
      • Chris Hardwick
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      • Michele Williams
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    Too much yakety yak.

    They must tell contestants to talk it up as much as possible. Too many long drawn out “speeches” and reasons for number choices. It makes for a tedious and shallow game.



    • socrfan-60834
    • May 18, 2020

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      • December 19, 2016 (United States)
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      • United States
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    50 Ideas To Decorate The Wall You Hang Your TV On

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    Entertainment walls have become an important living room feature, and now provide stiff competition for the traditional feature fireplace. TV lovers want their box in pride of place to achieve the optimum viewing angle, so increasingly the lounge fireplace is being bumped to a side wall or corner adornment. This interior reshuffle leaves space to imagine a new living room feature wall with the TV at its centre. It also presents extra requirements for storage of receiver and recorder equipment, plus movie media, consoles and games. So how do we achieve a modern vista beautiful enough to take the place of a mantelpiece, and on what do we now display our treasured items?

    • 1 |
    • Source: Lagabe
    This wall and base unit combo is mounted against a wood panel backdrop, which visually holds the entire arrangement together. The TV is mounted to one end of the long console, with the opposite side being used as the ideal place to display a few favourite art prints lit by designer lamps.

    • 2 |
    • Source: Lagabe
    The wood panel behind this TV runs up against a tall bookcase of matching wood tone.

    • 3 |
    • Via: Isabel Miro
    Due to the slimline storage space requirements of a media console unit, layouts can get creative. This offset alignment gives the illusion of sliding volumes, pulling away to leave display nooks.

    • 4 |
    • Visualizer: FOG Architecture
    This backlit television makes a feature of its woodgrain mount even when the screen is not in use. A block arrangement of media units to the side creates a place to display decorative and treasured items. Notice how the theme of the wall matches that of the living room chandelier.

    • 5 |
    • Visualizer: Snuper Design
    In this living room, not just the television but the TV wall panel itself is backlit. The feature provides a lovely cosy glow, in lieu of a traditional flame fireplace. The low shelf at the base of the installment is reminiscent of a hearth too.

    • 6 |
    • Visualizer: Hung Le
    Wall mounted units are a popular choice for a TV wall. Uninterrupted floor space looks clear and tidy; the room looks more spacious and is also easier to clean. The LED lighting strip that runs beneath the upper unit in this particular arrangement adds to the look of weightlessness, as well as illuminating display items beneath.

    • 7 |
    • Visualizer: Ngoc Nguyen
    This entertainment wall is made up of a floor standing base unit and a unique wall shelf that displays motivational posters on its surface and a small selection of books within a neat return.

    • 8 |
    • Visualizer: Vizline Studio
    If it’s a luxe look you’re after then how about mounting your TV onto marble effect panels. A side positioned modern fireplace on a low level wall mounted unit adds to the high-end finish, the transparent fireplace screen ensuring visual emphasis remains on the marble. Off topic, but those gorgeous nesting coffee tables help as well!

    • 9 |
    • Visualizer: Evgeny Garchu
    Running a backing panel vertically, all the way from floor to ceiling, creates the impression of a chimney breast when there is none.

    • 10 |
    • Visualizer: Lens Decor
    Using two contrasting materials over your wall and storage volumes brings added interest.

    • 11 |
    • Designer: Talispace
    Cat lovers can use the entertainment wall as an opportunity to incorporate cat ladders and feline hideaways. This cleverly constructed wall disguises a cat ladder as a set of casually offset shelves and a cabinet display nook. There is also a cat flap leading into a compartment within an adjacent cupboard.

    • 12 |
    • Designer: The November Design
    No wall on which to hang your TV? No problem. Consider installing a half height room divide to hold your TV set. The home pictured here topped off the room divider with some internal windows to allow natural light to flow between two spaces.

    • 13 |
    • Visualizer: DA Visual
    You almost don’t notice the TV in this home beyond the plant stands. Dark window frames balance out the black TV set, and backlit display nooks draw the eye away.

    • 14 |
    • Visualizer: Alina Prokopenko
    A centrally constructed storage unit provides ideal placement for the television in this home.

    • 15 |
    • Visualizer: Buro
    How’s this for a modern take on wainscoting? Asymmetric geometric panels make a technological pattern over this TV feature wall, with one frame picked out in fluorescent orange.

    • 16 |
    • Visualizer: Mateusz Mielcarek
    The geometric pattern over this yellow accent living room has been marked out with tape then painted in. The TV is almost invisible against one solid black section.

    • 17 |
    • Designer: SMLXL
    A sectioned of exposed brickwork has been painted to contrast behind the TV in this blue living room.

    • 18 |
    • Visualizer: Plasterlina
    Like optical illusions? Check out how this red paintwork has been applied to appear as a 3D box behind the TV, and the way pale grey sections of paint across the ceiling and floor create a nook with the adjoining bookcase.

    • 19 |
    • Visualizer: Alina Puzhak
    TVs in the kitchen don’t have to be plonked at the end of a countertop either. This one nestles nicely where a run of wall cupboards have been brought up short. The bright yellow ones above pull the kitchen and the television area together.

    • 20 |
    • Visualizer: Archivizer
    Looking for a bold decor idea for your living room wall? Wood finish accent walls don’t have to be flat. This amazing wooden wall has been designed to mimic shattered glass, with each section of wood cut into a shard. The wooden ‘shards’ were then mounted not quite flush, so that each piece would reflect the light at a slightly different angle to achieve the desired effect.

    • 21 |
    • Visualizer: BIM Group
    Wood slat walls are another great way to give added texture to a woodtone wall. This one also incorporates sections of ‘living wall’, with plants situated right between the slats.

    • 22 |
    • Visualizer: Shady Salah
    Grey toned wood has been spliced into a tile-like design here. The same wood tone is used for the door of a base console and a side unit that displays decorative crockery and wine glasses.

    • 23 |
    • Visualizer: Phase 6 Studio
    A concrete wall makes a dramatic partnership with wood tone.

    • 24 |
    • Visualizer: Zoreslava Nartova
    Fans of the Tron movie should appreciate this blue lit technologically inspired feature wall. With colour changing LED lighting this setup could take on many looks. You can get wireless smartphone controlled led lights here.

    • 25 |
    The undulating line of these media units presents a place to put books and a dramatic display of decorative vases.

    • 26 |
    • Visualizer: Alexey Gulesha
    This book lover’s living room sacrifices a book nook for the TV.

    • 27 |
    • Visualizer: Federico Cedrone
    Even though the television takes the centre spot in this living room, the books still take all the spotlight.

    • 28 |
    • Designer: StudioMK27
    A painting is exhibited at one side of this nook to balance out the TV.

    • 29 |
    • Visualizer: Ruslan Tcacenco
    Lime green bookshelves stand out against exposed brickwork over this TV wall. The television is set on a concrete shelf, with wooden logs stowed beneath.

    • 30 |
    • Visualizer: Zan Studio
    Coffee tables and side tables have been matched with the tone of this TV wall panelling.

    • 31 |
    • Visualizer: Timur Gritsan
    This TV has been mounted to a towering chimney breast where large wooden slabs overlap one another, appearing like a huge work of art.

    • 32 |
    • Visualizer: Vuong Hai Duong
    A reflective black backdrop camouflages glossy TV screen. The colourful stripe rug and scatter cushions on the sofa also work to draw the eye away from the powered down set and into the room. Need some help in mixing and matching colors? Go check out our post on living room color ideas.

    • 33 |
    • Visualizer: Sitnik Vladimir
    How about this giant propellor to distract the eye from a blank TV set! This brick wall living room has some amazing features but the glossy TV setup with integrated speaker surround looks pretty awesome too.

    • 34 |
    • Visualizer: Mihail Scherbak & Timothy Kalakutsky
    A distressed chest with metal borders and rivets works well in an industrial style living room.

    • 35 |
    • Visualizer: Mateusz Limanówka
    This offset TV console is balanced out by the presence of a bright modern accent chair.

    • 36 |
    • Visualizer: Mateusz Limanówka & Spacja Studio
    If your home is short on storage, an entertainment wall can be an opportune place to incorporate extra units for possessions other than media consoles and accessories.

    • 37 |
    • Visualizer: Lugerin Igor
    Wall clocks have long held court over mantelpieces, and they look just as good on an entertainment wall.

    • 38 |
    • Visualizer: Evan Popilnukha
    The black frame around this TV panel makes it look like part of the art gallery. If you like this look then check out these living rooms with large wall art.

    • 39 |
    • Architect: Pozas Arquitectos
    Units create a chunky frame around this wall mounted television and speaker unit. Display shelves have been set inside the frame for extra visual effect.

    • 40 |
    • Designer: Womorrow
    This box shelf provides a place to sit a flat screen TV on its stand, along with a few more decorative items.

    • 41 |
    • Visualizer: Zrobym
    Split level console units present the opportunity to display large artwork or ornaments without the length of the surface appearing overly cluttered, and without large items or speaker units obstructing the television screen.

    • 42 |
    • Visualizer: Denis Davydov & Aleksandr Zhidkov
    Sometimes modern fireplaces are still situated centrally, beneath a television set, but be sure to mount your TV high enough so that it doesn’t incur heat damage.

    • 43 |
    • Visualizer: Eduard Caliman
    There’s no denying how effective a contemporary letterbox fireplace looks beneath a flat screen TV, but always check the manufacturers guidelines.

    • 44 |
    • Visualizer: Tatyana Ryltsova
    These unique planters make zen addition to this unique shelving unit, with one of them suspended right through the top surface.

    • 45 |
    • Visualizer: Yevhen Zahorodnii & Sivak Trigubchak
    Alignment and simplicity reigns in this white living room.

    • 46 |
    • Designer: Geometrix
    This highly futuristic living room has the TV mounted on a transparent dividing wall.

    • 47 |
    • Visualizer: Blalank Studio
    Blue lighting gives a crisp edge to this black and white storage wall that gives pause for a TV.

    • 48 |
    • Visualizer: Julia Sultanova
    A minimalist unit is given a new lease of life with a menagerie of decorative candles and scattered tea light holders between the soundsticks.

    • BUY IT
    When creating a TV feature wall, it’s worth investing in beautiful speakers.

    • BUY IT
    These neat speakers take pride of place on a glass shelf over the TV.

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    70 beautiful design ideas, design photos

    A TV set in a modern interior is not just its constituent element, but a compositional center around which other pieces of furniture line up. Since most of the attention is riveted to this place, it is necessary to design it visually attractive and harmonious in relation to the rest of the details. Today we will talk about the most interesting wall design ideas with a TV, as well as how you can hide it.

    How to choose and install a TV screen

    There are not so many options for installing equipment: put it on a TV stand or any prepared plane, and also hang it on the wall. The second method allows you to save space and more smoothly fit the TV into the living room. But it is more difficult to implement – several practical points must be taken into account.

    Watching TV should be as comfortable as possible. The installation location is ideally determined by the eye level of the beholder, and any deviation from the desired position can cause inconvenience. To determine this point, you need to focus on the height of the sofa and adjust the location of objects.

    When installing appliances, consider the direction of artificial and natural light. Direct rays will create glare on the screen, thereby interfering with viewing. It is also best not to hang the TV on the same side as a radiator or other heating devices.

    It is important to determine if the wall can withstand the intended load. True, the weight of modern models can only become critical for drywall partitions. It is optimal to mount the bracket on a concrete or brick base. In addition, it is necessary to determine the amount of additional equipment in order to worry about the hidden placement of cables.

    After deciding the practical points, you can start designing the wall design. A black screen on a plain background without additional items will only look appropriate in a minimalist interior. In other cases, it is recommended to organize the space in accordance with the requirements of the design project.

    Wall trim and decor

    Partition with appliances can be distinguished as the center of the room by cladding it in a different way. Often, contrasting colors are selected for this, not being afraid to overload the room with bright patches – they will be balanced by the rest of the walls.

    As an alternative, you can decorate the cover with paintings, as well as geometric patterns, smoothly outlining the TV screen around the perimeter. This method will fit well into modern style or pop art.

    In addition to colors, the use of other finishing materials will help to create accents. For example, facing with decorative plaster, stone, cork surface, brickwork looks natural in modern interiors. Or traditional wallpaper with an ornament characteristic of the classics.

    When using artistic expression, it is important to maintain a balance, as too bright details can distract attention while watching TV. The picture from the screen on a dark background is well perceived, especially in the evening. Light surfaces with an interesting texture will help maintain a sense of spaciousness even in a small living room.

    The TV wall is an area where decorative elements can be concentrated. Wall photographs, collections of paintings, small panels or other aesthetic objects lined up around the center – the TV screen – look harmonious.

    Panels and partitions

    It is not always possible to design a suitable background for vehicles that would visually highlight the area. To solve the problem, you can purchase ready-made panels or make them yourself.

    They come in a variety of materials to choose from, from wood with a beautiful deep grain to a partition covered in leather or fabric. The latter options will bring a little comfort to the interior, but they are more difficult to care for due to the dirt-absorbing texture.

    These panels can cover the entire wall or be placed locally, according to the parameters of the TV screen. At the same time, they are suitable for mounting shelves, thereby creating additional storage space. For example, a set of neutral shades looks beautiful against a wood background.

    Plasterboard construction

    Drywall products are often used in design because of the universal properties of the material, which is resistant to the negative effects of the environment, but most importantly – has good plasticity. With it, you can create not only frame structures, but also decorative elements of various shapes.

    It is not recommended to hang a TV screen on a plasterboard partition, but it is possible to decorate the area around it with columns or stucco, especially if we are talking about an interior in a classic style.

    Within the framework of modern trends, a monolithic plasterboard product with a niche for appliances or small shelves with decor and lamps will perfectly fit in. It must be remembered that contemporary tends to geometric shapes, which you need to focus on when choosing a structure.

    TV in niche

    Today, furniture with built-in appliances or one that requires a niche for its installation is in fashion. This solution makes it possible to rationally organize the usable area, storage places and visually hide the plasma.

    The selected area can completely match the size of the screen or leave additional space for mounting backlight with decor.

    You can create a niche with the drywall constructions mentioned above, wooden frames or mirror tiles. They will create an unusual effect in the living room, doubling it.

    TV in living room with fireplace

    Once upon a time, in the pre-electric era, families gathered around the fireplace to warm up and watch the measured dance of the flames. The TV today plays a similar function, and the presence of these two objects at the same time causes an imbalance in the room.

    There are two ways to solve the problem. Firstly, divide the living room into two zones – for entertainment at the TV screen and relaxation by the fire, preferably in different parts. At the same time, the fireplace can be real when it comes to a private house. It is recommended to fit the technique into the furniture, diverting attention from its modern look.

    Secondly, you can buy an electric fireplace instead of an authentic copy, and place a plasma above it. Such devices have a modern design, thanks to which they will perfectly fit into any interior. True, they do not convey the charm of a real fire, but they will help diversify the living room.

    Please note that the distance between two objects must be at least one meter. This is the disadvantage of the solution, since the screen is above eye level, which affects the convenience while viewing. You can purchase compact models or adjust the height of the sofa.

    TV and cabinet

    Despite the variety of hanging models, you should not discard the traditional version with a TV set on a furniture plane. It has its own advantages: for example, the level of seating, mobility and the absence of the need for installation.

    Can be used as a wall support in spacious rooms or a small TV cabinet in small spaces. However, if there is no need for additional storage spaces, you can opt for a minimalistic version, since discreet subject content is relevant in modern design.

    Electronics can be placed on any free space of suitable size, even a wall shelf. Here it is necessary to build on the principles of comfort and ease of use.

    Illumination options

    You can decorate the TV wall with the help of lighting. Despite the fact that direct lighting creates glare on the screen, local sources do not affect the quality of the picture, on the contrary, they help to design the area as aesthetically as possible.

    The type of illumination depends on the base for its installation. Basically, these are cabinets or plasterboard structures – they are created due to the LED strip or spotlights fixed under the pedestal.

    Lighting is used not only to highlight the TV, but also other objects located in this area.

    How to hide the TV

    This paragraph contradicts all the previous ones, in which the emphasis is on drawing attention to the wall with a TV screen. But there are situations when the equipment needs to be hidden from prying eyes and opened only at the time of use. There are several convenient options for solving the problem:

    1. Sliding panels. A simple, even design, behind the facade of which a TV is hidden. To access it, just pull out the crossbar. Often combined with a furniture set.

    2. Panels with swivel mechanism. A more elegant option that requires more space to turn the partition with the TV 180 degrees.

    3. Mirrors. These can be doors or sliding panels with a mirror finish. A great way to hide the device and visually increase the area due to the reflection effect.

    4. Painting. The screen can be placed in a frame, thereby disguising it as an object of contemporary art. Or block a niche with a TV canvas, opening if necessary.

    Each of these solutions requires special skills to install, but the neat and beautiful result is well worth the effort.

    Video: Plasma wall decoration

    How to decorate a wall with a TV?


    861 View ,

    TV is an invariable attribute of every apartment. At the same time, the product in the off state is an ordinary black rectangle, which may not always become a worthy decoration of the room.

    However, you can make sure that the technique does not attract attention. To do this, it is enough to correctly arrange the wall near it.

    Vertical lines

    The easiest thing to do is to fit the TV into a harmonious composition. And since we are dealing with a rectangle, the easiest way to balance it is with straight vertical lines.

    They can be anything. For example, for this area, you can pick up wallpaper with such a print, fix slats on the wall or stick vinyl stickers. At the same time, if the TV is the only dark spot in the interior, some of the lines can also be made in a dark shade. Then the composition will look more harmonious.

    The most important thing is that the furniture repeats the new forms. Rounding with this decor will look out of place.

    Use of asymmetry

    Usually, a recreation area with a TV is designed very succinctly: a compact closed TV cabinet. In some cases, a shelf from the same collection is also placed on the wall. This composition looks boring. And most importantly, it highlights the TV as the main element in it.

    You can do otherwise: install an asymmetric rack instead of a cabinet or place several open and closed shelves from different collections to the right and left of the equipment. They don’t have to be mirrored. On the contrary, the more complex composition you create, the more it will distract attention from the screen. Yes, and the TV itself should be placed not in the center of the composition, but on the side.

    On the open sections, it is worth putting beautiful decor, indoor plants or storage boxes. A TV in such an environment, when turned off, will become just one of the details.

    Pictures and posters

    When the TV is the only thing you can look at in the middle of a light plain wall, it will definitely attract attention. But if you surround it with paintings and posters, for which the eye involuntarily clings, the screen will become almost invisible.

    Moreover, the TV can be made part of the decor if you choose dark frames for the drawings and place them quite close to each other and technology. In this case, you can even revive the composition from time to time, leaving the TV in standby mode with a beautiful screensaver or slideshow.

    By the way, the use of posters is also considered the most budgetary option for decorating a wall with a screen. So it’s definitely worth a try.

    Accent wall

    Attention from the screen can be distracted by the wall itself, located behind it. To do this, it just has to be interesting enough. Therefore, if the style of the interior allows, you can decorate it with brick or stone masonry, wood paneling or a plaster composition.

    The brighter the finish, the less noticeable the TV will become. Therefore, the wall behind the TV is one of the best places to create an accent.

    A cheaper, but no less effective way is to stick bright wallpapers behind the TV.