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Security & Sound Systems Hawaii

Viper Auto Security

Security and Sound Systems is an authorized Viper Auto Security Systems dealer in Hawaii. Viper Auto Security Systems offer state-of-the-art theft deterrence and convenience options.

Choose Your System

Choosing a Viper System is easy. To start, think about what kind of remote (the keychain remote you’ll carry with you) you want. Viper offers one-way or two-way remotes. One-way remotes have basic functionality and will allow you to arm and disarm your alarm. Two-way remotes are more advanced and communicate with the system (transmission range permitting). This will allow the system to page you via the remote if the alarm is triggered and show system status. Additionally, Viper offers enhanced ‘long-range’ models that allow you to control your alarm from longer distances.

Choose Your Options

Next, you’ll need to decide what kind of options you want for your alarm. We install Viper Systems with the following standard options:

  • Starter kill – If alarm is triggered, the system disables the car starter
  • Door switch – If a door is opened when the system is armed, the alarm will trigger
  • Trunk switch – If the trunk is opened when the system is armed, the alarm will trigger
  • Shock sensor – This will detect a shock or impact to the vehicle and trigger the alarm

Viper security and convenience can be enhanced with optional upgrades. There is an additional cost for these upgrades and the costs will vary. Some features like smart phone integration may also require service subscription fees.

  • Remote start
  • Tilt sensor – If the vehicle is tilted when the system is armed, the alarm will trigger
  • Hood switch – If the hood is opened when the system is armed, the alarm will trigger
  • Glass breaking sensor – Enhances break-in detection
  • Alarm horn honk – Added horn makes triggered alarm much louder
  • Rear window sensor (for pick-up trucks)
  • Bed cover switch (for pick-up trucks)
  • Bed shock sensor (for pick-up trucks)

Viper is also proud to offer Smart Start for select alarm models that will allow you to control and communicate with your Viper system via your iPhone or Android smart phone with the Smart Start app.

Make An Appointment

Call us today at (808) 947-8799 to schedule an appointment. Typical Viper installations take three to four hours and require an appointment. We require a $100 deposit to reserve the appointment. The deposit is applied toward the purchase.

Visit Security and Sound For more details about a new Viper Security System. Our staff will be happy to help you with questions and select the best options for your needs. We’ve been installing Viper Security Systems in Hawaii for over twenty years. You can trust Security and Sound with your Viper Security System.

Directed – Car Alarms | Remote Starters | SmartStart

Directed’s new DS4 technology makes our solutions simple, efficient and easier to execute.

Experience DS4

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Directed has Protected Vehicles and Their Contents for Over 30 Years

Directed is the largest designer and marketer in North America of consumer-branded vehicle security and remote start systems.

Directed’s products are available through many channels including leading national retailers and specialty chains throughout North America and around the world.

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Latest News

Recent press releases and other news from Directed

July 06, 2020

VOXX International Corporation Acquires Majority Of Directed’s Automotive Aftermarket Business

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May 12, 2020

Directed Annouces Awarded Second Patent for Digital DS4 and DS4+ Remote Start/Security Systems

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March 2, 2020

Directed Releases More T-Harnesses including Popular Plug-n-Play Options

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February 7, 2020

Directed Exhibiting and Training at KnowledgeFest Long Beach

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Start, Control, and Locate Your Car with Viper SmartStart!

Viper SmartStart connects your car with the cloud like never before, providing an entirely new level of 2-way interaction with your vehicle.

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Customize a security or remote start system that is perfect for your car.

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Electronic car alarm hacking: is there any protection?

The car alarm is controlled by radio at a standard frequency of 434 MHz. The idea that the radio signal from the key fob can be intercepted and imitated is obvious and was implemented immediately after the appearance of car alarms in commercial quantities, first in the West, and then in Russia.

To replace the code radio message of car alarms, hijackers use code grabbers (“code grabber”, “code grabber”). There are three types of such devices: a code grabber for static codes, code grabbers based on the code change principle (for one- and two-button key fobs) and algorithmic ones (sometimes they are called “manufactory”).

For earlier car alarm systems using a static code, a device that intercepts this code and remembers it is sufficient.

For code grabbers based on the principle of code substitution, a work algorithm is typical that requires the owner to repeatedly press the buttons on the key fob, using partially simultaneously radio jamming and intercepting the key fob’s message.

An algorithmic code grabber is a device that recognizes an alarm model by the digital message of the key fob and, using the so-called “manufactory code”, that is, the coding principle used by the alarm designers, becomes a complete duplicate of the regular key fob. This principle is applied to car alarms that use the KeeLoq algorithm (almost all alarms without feedback, Scher-Khan, Tomahawk, etc.) to encode the signal from the key fob to the central alarm unit and for “key fob – central unit” radio exchange (first-generation dialogue systems, e.g. MS Stalker-600 or StarLine C6/9). The cost of a code grabber in our time is about 100,000 rubles. The price is quite affordable not only for a car thief who receives about the same amount from one car, but also for thieves carrying laptops, DVRs, etc.

Comrade, remember! To date, full-fledged protection against electronic hacking is provided only by a dialogue code with individual encryption keys 128 bits long!

What is this dialogue code? In fact, this is a civilian version of the military “friend or foe” system.

It works like this:
–> the keyfob, when the button is pressed, throws out only its ID number, the base unit receives the keyfob’s ID, and checks if it is registered as “own”
<= if the key fob is registered, the base unit throws out a code generated according to the dynamic law, which needs to encode the transmission of the command
=> the key fob receives the code, encodes the command (pressed button), and sends it to the base unit, the base unit decodes the received command and executes it.
<= the base unit sends a confirmation of the execution of the command to the key fob.

Dialogue radio communication makes it possible to significantly increase the system’s resistance to all methods of electronic hacking and completely eliminate the possibility of substituting control commands.

For any key fob command, the system sends a request to the key fob, encrypted with a dynamic individual encryption key (AES 128), to which the key fob must respond within a limited (several milliseconds) time. If the system does not receive a response, the command will not be executed.

The most advanced cryptographic solutions are currently implemented in Pandora and StarLine car alarms and immobilizers. Each system uses an individual encryption key, transmitted only once when registering a key fob in the system. The key length is 128 bits, which gives 3.4×10 38 combinations. Even if you sort through billions of options per second, it will take more time than the universe exists to solve the problem. It is impossible to solve this problem “head-on” with the current computing facilities. For comparison, KeeLoq with a 28-bit encryption key generates only 268 million options, and you can sort through them in a few minutes.

So, in order to feel calm and protect yourself from theft, you need to choose an alarm with a dialogue code and individual 128-bit keys. If the manufacturer does not specify the key length, this is a reason to be wary, because it is prestigious to write about long keys. Short keys are quite successfully broken by modern expensive grabbers.

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