Verizon trade: Trade In Your Phone – Sell Your Devices for Cash/Credit

Device Trade-in Program Terms & Conditions

When participating in the Verizon Device Trade–in Program (“Program“), you will be asked to agree to the following terms and conditions:

These terms apply whether I am trading in one (1) or multiple devices in the same transaction in exchange for trade-in credit(s), the amount of which is based on either the market value of my device(s) at the time I created the trade-in order, or promo value, if applicable, to my trade-in order at the time it was created.

General Rules (applicable to all trade-ins)

It’s my responsibility, before I ship my device(s) to Verizon, to:

  • Delete all personal info and data, including pictures (“Content“)
  • Remove and retain all accessories, such as memory or SIM cards (“Cards“)
  • Unlock” my device by disabling/turning off all password-protected security features (e.g., Find My iPhone or Kill Switch)
  • Remove a damaged battery (to the extent it is removable) and dispose of it properly. Note: if the battery is damaged and not removable, your device is not eligible for trade in.

Need help? Visit our Trade-In user guide.

I understand that I will not be eligible to receive any trade-in credit(s) for my device(s) if:

  • The make, model and/or condition of the shipped device(s) doesn’t match what I described when I completed my trade-in order(s)
  • I didn’t ship my device(s) using the Verizon-provided label or shipping kit
  • My device(s) never arrived at Verizon
  • My device(s) arrived at Verizon more than thirty (30) days after I completed my trade-in order(s)
  • My device(s) are not Unlocked
  • My device(s) is a 4G Prepaid phone in the box that has not had at least one (1) monthly payment of Verizon service
  • My device(s) is a 3G Prepaid phone in the Box that has not been active on Verizon Service for at least six (6) months
  • Verizon determines that my device(s) was reported as lost or stolen, purchased with government funds, or constitutes government property

I also understand that:

  • if I don’t delete Content or remove the Card(s) when I submit my device(s) to Verizon, the Card(s) will not be returned to me and any Content cannot be recovered
  • Once I submit my device(s) to Verizon the device(s) will not be returned to me

Special Rules (applicable to a trade-in eligible for promo value)

In addition to the General Rules above, if my trade-in credit(s) are based on promo value, I understand that I will not be eligible to receive any trade-in credit(s) for my device(s) if:

  • I don’t satisfy the conditions associated with the promotion under which I created my trade-in order, such as maintaining active postpaid Verizon service on my new device(s) for a minimum number of months or changing to an ineligible Verizon service plan or paying off my device payment agreement early, or
  • I return or exchange the device(s) that was required to be eligible for the promo value.

In the event I am no longer eligible for trade-in credits based on promo value I will still receive the market value for my trade-in, less any promo value credits already applied.

How and when do I get my trade-in credit(s)?

Trade-in credit(s) based on market value will be issued within two (2) weeks after Verizon receives your device(s) and validates make/model, eligibility and condition, in the form of a Verizon electronic gift card, unless you are a Verizon customer logged in to your wireless account when the trade-in order is created, in which case you may request that the trade-in credit(s) be applied as a one (1) time bill credit on your Verizon account. Verizon electronic gift card is issued in the name of the person identified in the trade-in order submission and emailed to the address provided. See Verizon for current terms and conditions applicable to Verizon gift cards.

Trade-in credit(s) based on promo value will be applied, within two (2) weeks after Verizon receives your device(s) and validates make/model, eligibility and condition, in accordance with the applicable promotion, (i. e., a recurring bill credit on your Verizon account for the number of months specified in the applicable promotion, a one (1) time bill credit on your Verizon account or a Verizon electronic gift card). Trade-in credit(s) based on promo value are subject to reversal if I don’t comply with the Special Rules.

For assistance, call the Verizon wireless Device Trade-in Program customer support at (800) 416–8894 or click the Chat with us button at the bottom right corner of this page to contact one of our representatives.

Trade-in bonuses, bundles, and credits

Ara Wagoner


Deals may be a bit sparse these days, but these are the best of the best right now.

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  • The best Galaxy S23 deals
  • The best Galaxy S23+ deals
  • The best Galaxy S23 Ultra deals
  • What you need to know about carrier trade-ins on Samsung. com

After what feels like an entire year of leaks, teases, and rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S23 series is out and available for purchase. With its public release came a tidal wave of promotions, offers, bundled items, credits, and even gift cards. It can be hard to sift through them all and still have your sanity left, but that’s okay; we’re here to help you get the best deal on your stellar Android phone. From carriers to manufacturers to third-party retailers, we’re gathering up the deals as we find them for your purchasing pleasure.

The best Galaxy S23 deals

Source: Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S23

Save up to $600 with trade-in

$700 $800 Save $100

The “baby” of the Galaxy S23 series may be smaller, but it has the same bright screen, powerful chipset, and smooth experience on One UI 5.1.1 as the S23+ and Ultra. And at $800, it’s the one you can get free at all three carriers so long as you have an eligible phone to trade in.

$800 at Samsung $699 at Amazon $700 at Best Buy $800 at AT&T $800 at Verizon $800 at T-Mobile

The $800 Galaxy S23 is what I’m also gingerly calling the free phone because you can get it for free at all carriers with a semi-recent device to trade in if you’re on an unlimited plan. Even if you go for the unlocked model at Samsung, this phone is well within most budgets so long as you have something recent to trade in. If you have nothing to trade in, this phone will be the kindest on your wallet and the easiest to fit in your pocket. Samsung offered free storage upgrades during preorders, and for the Galaxy S23, you want that upgrade because it comes with a storage quality upgrade: UFS 4.0 instead of the 128GB’s UFS 3.1.


Samsung has temporarily buffed its trade-ins for the Galaxy S23 series, offering up to $500 trade-in, but no other deals are running at this time. Given that older trade-ins don’t even get to $400 for anything less than a Galaxy S22 Ultra or Z Fold 4 — which are also ridiculously low for those devices’ values — if you’re on an unlimited plan with a major carrier, trade it in there instead and get your S23 for free. (That’s what I did to buy mine.)


Amazon ran a free gift card promotion when the S23 launched, but that’s gone. Amazon is currently knocking $100 off the Galaxy S23, but if that isn’t enough, keep an eye out for Deals of the Day promotions as we get closer to summer and Amazon Prime Day.

Best Buy

Best Buy’s trade-in deals were slightly better than Samsung’s during preorders, but now they’re about on par for most phones you’d want to trade in when it comes to trading towards the baby S23. Like Amazon, Best Buy’s selling the S23 for $700, but hopefully, larger deals will appear the longer the phone is out. Expect to see more deals return as Memorial Day approaches.


AT&T is offering up to $800 off the Galaxy S23, and unlike Samsung, you don’t need a recent smartphone to get it. That’s right, friends; “Any year, any condition” is alive again on AT&T, meaning you can trade in any working or non-working Galaxy S, Galaxy Z, or Galaxy Note device and walk out with a free Galaxy S23.


T-Mobile is offering the base-model S23 for free with a qualifying trade-in for Magenta and Go5G subscribers.


Verizon will give you a free Galaxy S23 with trade-in on most Unlimited plans, and if you switch to Verizon, you’ll get a $200 eGift Card to use on future Verizon bills, devices, or accessories.

The best Galaxy S23+ deals

Source: Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S23+

Save up to

Save up to $650 with trade-in

$850 $1000 Save $150

Don’t think for a second the Galaxy S23+ suffers from Middle Child Syndrome. Sporting the same UWB support as the Ultra, the same power, and a blessedly flat 6.6-inch screen, the S23+ is the most sensible phone of the bunch.

$1000 at Samsung $849 at Amazon $850 at Best Buy $1000 at AT&T $1000 at T-Mobile $1000 at Verizon

The Galaxy S23+ clocks in at $1,000, which has it split between “free on carrier” or “cheap on carrier” with trade-in. You get a larger screen and UWB support that the baby S23 misses out on, but you don’t get that ridiculously huge camera sensor — or lose space to its enormous file sizes. Trade-ins for the S23+ at Samsung aren’t quite as generous as previous years for the unlocked models, but if you’re on a major carrier, this phone is firmly within your budget.


You can save up to $550 on the unlocked Galaxy S23+ with a trade-in right now. If you have a Galaxy S22 series phone, this upgrade may make sense when you can’t rely on carrier incentives. If your current phone is older than the S21, stick to AT&T or Verizon’s trade-in deals unless you’re simply in love with the Samsung exclusive (unlocked exclusive) colorways — a pretty boring Graphite and that ungodly Lime green.


Amazon is selling the 256GB model of the Galaxy S23+ for the price of $850, knocking off $150. If that’s not enough of a discount, just be patient; expect to see more savings as Prime Day approaches. In the meantime, you can still get the best Galaxy S23+ cases from Amazon.

Best Buy

Best Buy is taking an extra $25 off the S23+ compared to Amazon, which knocks it down to $825. You can technically get an additional $600 off if you trade a phone in, but that value only applies to newer devices that are, honestly, worth more than $600, so I wouldn’t recommend trading in here.


You can get $800 back in bill credits if you buy the Galaxy S23+ with an eligible AT&T trade-in, and with “Any year, any condition” running again, you can even trade in a broken Galaxy SII and get $800 towards your S23+. It just needs to be from Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy Z, or Galaxy Note series.


T-Mobile has re-increased its trade-in deal to $800 for the S23+ for Go5G subscribers trading in or adding a new line.


Let’s break down Verizon’s deals since they vary quite a bit, but the bottom line is if you’re willing to change carriers, Verizon will completely pay for your S23+:

  • If you trade in your existing phone on a new or existing unlimited plan, you get $800 towards the Galaxy S23 at both and Verizon’s website/stores.
  • If you switch to Verizon, you’ll save an additional $200, which would then make the S23+ free.
  • Get a free Galaxy Tab S7 FE or $150 off a Galaxy Watch 5 with your Galaxy S23+ when purchased directly from Verizon — but you’ll have to purchase two data lines for the watch and tablet.

The best Galaxy S23 Ultra deals

Source: Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Save up to $650 with trade-in

$1000 $1200 Save $200

The biggest and fanciest of the trio, the Galaxy S23 Ultra may not have as many year-over-year upgrades beyond a better chipset and a huge 200MP camera sensor, but it’s still going to be the best phone of 2023, S Pen and all. Just please, Samsung, can we call it a Note next year?

$1200 at Samsung $1000 at Amazon $1000 at Best Buy $1200 at AT&T $1200 at T-Mobile $1200 at Verizon

Starting at $1,200, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is also the most incentivized of the series. While the carriers won’t give it to you for free, walking away with this phone for $200-$400 feels like robbery. The storage upgrade promotion has ended, which is a shame as the storage upgrade on the S23 Ultra costs a whopping $180 to get to 512GB and $420 to get to 1TB. The price for data hoarding is high, my friends.


Samsung offers up to $600 for a trade-in — though values drop off dramatically for devices older than a year. If I could stomach the sheer size of this phone, that Samsung-exclusive Sky Blue would’ve come home with me. The one benefit is that Samsung seems to be giving at least one color at a time a free storage upgrade: it’s cycled through Sky Blue and Lime, and now it’s on Lavender.


You can purchase the Galaxy S23 Ultra for $975 at Amazon right now, for a savings of $225. The 512GB model is also $225 off at $1,155. Prime Day might bring deeper discounts back, but this current discount is pretty decent. You can still head over there after you buy your Ultra to pick up a reliable Galaxy S23 Ultra case, though.

Best Buy

Best Buy is also offering the 512GB S23 Ultra for $975, and it offers up to $600 off if you trade an old phone in, but the trade-in program isn’t worth it. As with Samsung, you’ll only get that $600 if you give them a newer phone that’s really worth more than that.


AT&T will give you $800 back in bill credits if you buy an AT&T model, and with “Any Galaxy, Any Condition,” you can trade in a broken or working phone in the Galaxy S, Z, or Fold lines to get the full $800. Got a busted old S4? Full $800 trade-in. Your OG Galaxy Note still alive? You can trade that in for $800 towards a Galaxy S23 Ultra.


T-Mobile had dropped its trade-in towards the S23 Ultra to $400 for a while, but it’s thankfully back up to $800 if you’re either trading in on a Go5G plan or adding a new Go5G line.


Verizon has three deals available:

  • If you trade in your existing phone, you get $800 towards the Galaxy S23 Ultra — so it’s not quite free, but it’s pretty close.
  • If you’re switching to Verizon from another carrier, you can save an extra $200.
  • Get a free Galaxy Tab S7 FE or $150 off a Galaxy Watch 5 with your Galaxy S23 Ultra when purchased directly from Verizon and the addition of two data lines for the watch and tablet.

What you need to know about carrier trade-ins on

You may think, “Oh, $1,000 off my Galaxy S23+ with an AT&T trade-in — that’s a free phone!” You’d be wrong. Technically, what the carriers do when you order a Galaxy S23, or any other phone through Samsung’s website, is pledge to pay you back the $800–$1,000 enhanced trade-in credit via bill credits over the next 36 months. But since your carrier entirely handles the trade-in and bill credits, you pay the initial $800–$1,200 to Samsung and then get a smaller wireless bill for three years.

“Hey, what gives? The phone was actually free last time!” If it was free last time, it was likely because the phone was purchased from your carrier, not directly from Samsung. In that instance, you sign up for a three-year monthly payment plan, and the trade-in credit cancels those monthly charges. Why the difference? For one, it means carriers have to pay less capital at launch for the device. After all, millions of people are buying these phones during their initial release.

Rather than having to pay the remaining balance if you swap carriers between now and 2026, you’ve already paid the money. So, if you switch carriers, you’ll just miss out on the last months of bill credits. This allows you to walk away from the carrier anytime — just without the full amount from your rebate. It also means you own the phone and can do what you like with it. However, if you trade it in for another phone before the three years are up, you might miss out on the last of those bill credits, particularly if you’re starting another bill credit cycle with the new phone.

Yes, it’s convoluted and annoying, but that’s why you have us.

It’s also worth noting that while Samsung’s site says you can get up to $700 off a Galaxy S23, that isn’t a number you should rely on. To get that top estimate, you’d need to give them a Galaxy Z Fold 4, which is worth significantly more than $700. So in this roundup, we’ll be focussing on reasonable trade-in prices.

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