Trading best buy: How to recycle (or trade in) your old tech

How to recycle (or trade in) your old tech

By Ale Valeriano
March 20, 2023

Best Buy continues to take action to do better for the planet, our employees, customers, and the communities we serve. That’s one of the reasons we make it easy to get rid of your old tech year-round.

Our recycling and trade-in programs help our customers throughout the lifecycle of their products by keeping old tech out of landfills and giving it a second life. This is all part of how we aspire to drive forward the circular economy — a system in which nothing is wasted.

With 50 million tons of e-waste thrown away each year, we make it easy and convenient to repurpose all of your old tech. In fact, we’ve collected 2.7 billion pounds of electronics and appliances for recycling since 2009, making us the largest retail collector of e-waste in the United States.

We make it easy to recycle all kinds of used tech — from cameras and cellphones to robot vacuums and speakers. Regardless of where you bought it, how old it is or who made it, you can bring your tech to any Best Buy store to have it recycled. 

You can also make the most out of your old tech with our trade-in program. Simply redeem your tech by sending it in or bringing it to a participating store for a Best Buy gift card that you can use to upgrade to the latest tech.  

Here’s what you should know before bringing your electronics in to your local Best Buy:  

If you’re trading in your old tech:  

  • See if your tech has value by using our Trade-in Calculator.  
  • Check out our current promotions for trading in or recycling your tech at a store.  
  • Due to local restrictions, we do not offer our Trade-In Program at all store locations, but you can also trade in online. We’ll cover the costs for you to ship the item to us and will send an electronic Best Buy gift card for the value of your item once it is accepted. 

If you’re recycling:  

  • Check to see what items you can recycle at your local store and what fees might be associated.  
  • All U.S. stores offer the in-store programs for customers to bring their old, unused or unwanted tech for recycling, but check restrictions in your state before coming in. 
  • After you drop off your old tech, our trusted recycling partners will wipe any remaining data from devices before determining if the product can be repaired, repurposed or recycled, but you can also wipe your hard drive before coming in. Here’s how to do it. 
  • If you‘re buying a major appliance or have a few items you need to recycle, take advantage of our Haul-Away services and have Geek Squad or Best Buy Home Delivery recycle it for you. 

Tech recycling is just one of the many ways we’re working to protect our environment. We have a goal of reducing carbon emissions in our operations by 75% and reducing carbon emissions for our customers by 20% — all by 2030. We also signed The Climate Pledge and made a public commitment to be carbon neutral across our business by 2040, a decade faster than our previous goal of 2050.  

Learn more about recycling your tech at Best Buy here and our commitment to the environmenthere.

Best Buy Trade-In: Is It Worth It?

Every year, tech companies like Apple unleash new gadgets touting perks like smart features and sleek designs. These products don’t just usher in new beginnings – they also make many people head to retailers like Best Buy just so they can pick up these devices.

That means needing to make room for this new tech by putting aside your old tech. But do you want to merely put it in a drawer or let it gather dust on your desk? Nope. As much as you may have spent on it, it merely makes sense to get rid of it – or, better yet, get something back for the money you spent on your new smart device.

Which brings up the question – how to get rid of it? If you’ve got an older iPhone (or Apple Watch, iPad, or MacBook) to part with, your best bet is a trade-in program that offers you a significant sum. Of course, we have one…but how does the Best Buy Trade-In program fare?


So how does Best Buy do on trade-in, anyway?



How Does Best Buy Trade-In Work?
     Online vs. In-Store Trade-In
      Which Devices Does Best Buy Accept for Trade-In?
      Best Buy Trade-In Reward Options 
Best Buy Trade-In Values
     Best Buy Trade-In Deals and Promotions
Pros & Cons of Best Buy Trade-In


Similar to the buyback programs offered by Apple, ecoATM, Verizon, T-Mobile, and GadgetGone, Best Buy’s trade-in program turns your older devices into immediate, usable credit. But what kinds do Best Buy accept? And how do their trade-in values stack up to the competition? Time to break it down!

How Does Best Buy Trade-In Work?

Simply put, Best Buy Trade-In buys used electronics like laptops, tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches from consumers who no longer need them. Well, “buys” is a figurative term. It doesn’t necessarily offer cash, but rather in-store credit that can be used for other things.

In general, you only need to be at least 18 years old and have an accepted product in order to trade in with Best Buy. Additionally, although you’re able to sell up to three used items a day, there are certain exceptions.


Online vs. In-Store Trade-In

If you choose to trade in with Best Buy, you have the option of either completing the trade-in online or visiting a physical location. Of course, each method has its tradeoffs.

Keep in mind that while not required everywhere, there are certain locations that, because of local requirements, only accept trade-ins of items that are on a valid Best Buy receipt. It’s best to double-check the details for your specific Best Buy location before trading in. 

In the event that your local store requires a valid receipt, or if your area Best Buy doesn’t participate in the trade-in program, there’s still the option to do it online.

(Also, don’t forget that some locations have COVID restrictions in place, so it never hurts to give your local store a call first.)


Online Trade-In

Trading in your old device using Best Buy’s online platform works in much the same way as most other buyback websites. Simply find the item you’d like to trade in and answer some questions about the item and its condition to receive your initial trade-in quote. Don’t forget to be honest – if it’s got a problem, make sure to take that into account. (Best Buy certainly will.)

If you’re happy with the offer, accept it, print out the free shipping label, and send your used iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, MacBook, or whatever else to them within 14 days.

Once Best Buy receives your used tech, they’ll evaluate the device to ensure its condition matches what you stated while filling in the trade-in details. If everything checks out, your Best Buy gift card will be on its way to you seven to nine days after your item is received.

If, however, your item is received more than 14 days after you originally accepted the trade-in offer or if it doesn’t meet the condition as stated online, its trade-in value will be adjusted accordingly. 

Should you be unhappy with the new trade-in value, Best Buy will happily send your device back to you as long as no gift card has been issued yet and you pay the shipping fee.


Is Best Buy’s trade-in program ideal? It depends on what you need.


In-Store Trade-In

Unlike some other buyback programs (including us), one of the advantages of using Best Buy Trade-In is the ability to complete your trade-in at a Best Buy store. Thanks to a sprawling network of storefronts in the US, Mexico, and Canada, you can easily walk into a physical location to trade. 

It is important to note that not every Best Buy store accepts trade-ins, and some have certain COVID restrictions. So be sure to confirm that yours can do so before going into the store.  

Before going into your nearest Best Buy, we recommend finding out what your device might be worth by getting a trade-in estimate online first. Then, if the quote is in the neighborhood of the amount you’d like to receive, it’s good to pay them a visit.

Just be sure to take your driver’s license or other state-issued ID with you; and whatever you do, DON’T ship your used devices to your nearest Best Buy location, as the only thing you’ll get from doing this is a lot of headaches. And literally nothing back credit-wise.

Once in the store, one of the employees will assess your device’s trade-in value based on its functionality and physical appearance. If you accept the offer, you’ll leave with a gift card in-hand that same day which can be applied to any online or in-store purchase. That means a new fridge, game system, or whatever else you may need.


Best Buy accepts cell phones, tablets, laptops, and other electronics for trade-in. But not all.


Which Devices Does Best Buy Accept for Trade-In?

As you might have guessed, Best Buy can take in quite a bit when it comes to electronics. Specifically, Best Buy Trade-In accepts:


     •     Cell phones      •     Video games
     •     Tablets/E-readers      •     Gaming systems and controllers
     •     MP3 Players      •     Laptop and desktop computers
     •     Cameras and camcorders      •     Smartwatches and other wearables

There is, however, an interesting exception. Best Buy doesn’t exactly keep its trade-in program up to date. As a result, newer devices, like the iPhone 13, aren’t taken in just yet. This may change in the future, but, more than likely, it’s just getting caught up from the past couple of years of COVID.  

(Side note: If there’s a device Best Buy won’t take, however, be sure to check GadgetGone. We take all iPhone 13 brands, despite the condition. And we’re adding new devices each week, including new tablets, game systems and more.)


Does Best Buy Accept Cracked Phones and Tablets?

Although smartphones and tablets with damaged screens were originally only accepted for recycling, Best Buy has since updated its policy to give store credit for these devices. However, screen damage does decrease the trade-in values of these devices considerably (more on that in a bit).


Best Buy Trade-In Reward Options 

We don’t know about you, but for us, payment is the most important part of every trade-in transaction. That’s right, like you, we enjoy earning sweet, sweet cash for our unused devices. Unfortunately, as with some other popular trade-in platforms (we’re looking at you, T-Mobile and Apple), you have only one payment option to choose from: a gift card.  

If you visit your local Best Buy establishment often, store credit is ideal. If you’re anything like us, however, only being able to receive a gift card is a bit of a dealbreaker. It’s fine and we can accept it (and add more Nintendo Switch games to our collection), but there’s another problem – the trade-in values it offers.


Best Buy Trade-In Values

When taken as-is, Best Buy’s trade-in values are…decent. But just how do they stack up when compared to other buyback programs?

For our comparison, we decided to look at devices accepted by both GadgetGone and Best Buy, specifically the newer iPhone devices that the company could take. For good measure, we also included updated prices for a couple of game consoles.

Please note that while our quote is particularly for models on the Verizon network, unlocked smartphones are generally worth more than their carrier-locked counterparts. To learn how to unlock your cell phone and maximize your payout, click here.


iPhone 12 256GB Verizon network, good condition

Best Buy: $450 (credit)

GadgetGone: $515 (cash)


iPad Pro 9.7 inch with Wi-Fi, 256GB

Best Buy: $120 (credit)

GadgetGone: $135 (cash)


PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB w/1 controller, good condition

Best Buy: $150 (credit)

GadgetGone: $180 (cash)


Xbox One X 1TB Console w/1 controller, good condition

Best Buy: $150 (credit)

GadgetGone: $180 (cash)


As you can see from the trade-in values above, Best Buy has competitive offers for iPhones and video game consoles, as long as they are in good condition and include all the components, including cables and controllers.

However, when it comes to other Apple products like the iPad, MacBook, and Apple Watch, Best Buy’s offers fall considerably below its competitors. What’s more, they can be even lower for Samsung devices, depending on models. On top of that, Best Buy doesn’t even take in the iPhone 13 line yet, while GadgetGone does.

Additionally, although Best Buy gives good trade-in values for devices with average wear and tear and all original components included, they can’t compete with those offered by GadgetGone if there’s damage or something is missing.


Best Buy Trade-In Deals and Promotions

From time to time, Best Buy will hold special trade-in deals and promotions to help you maximize your trade-in credit. By taking advantage of these deals, you are able to earn extra money from your devices.

As long as you and your trade-in meet the requirements, these promotions can go a long way in making Best Buy’s trade-in values more competitive. Unfortunately, as these deals are used to advertise a particular product, the only customers who are able to benefit are those who were already interested in buying the promoted device.

For those not interested, you’re just stuck with the general amount. And, again, only in trade-in credit. 


Pros & Cons of Best Buy Trade-In

When it comes to trade-in methods for used electronics, it’s nice to have choices. For those who frequently shop at Best Buy or who prefer to buy things there instead of from their provider or directly from Apple, its trade-in program does have benefits, namely competitive trade-in values for iPhones and video game consoles.

However, their lack of payment options (i.e. no cash) waters down any advantage they might have gained. By only offering store credit, customers are limited on how they can spend their trade-in payment. If you need a new game system or stereo, great. But…what if you need food or cash to pay bills?

In a nutshell, if you’re not planning on making any purchases at Best Buy in the near future, there may be a problem.



Best Buy Pros:


Best Buy Cons:


A wide variety of devices accepted Only offers store credit, and not all newer devices are accepted yet
Good trade-in values for smartphones and game consoles in good condition with all components included Less competitive trade-in values for smartphones or video game consoles with damage or missing components
Able to trade in either in-store or online (shipping your device is free) Less competitive trade-in values for other electronics
Store credit can be used immediately, either in-store or online If trading in online, payment won’t be sent until 7 to 9 days after your item is received
Trade-in promotions offered frequently Condition categories are inconsistent across devices and occasionally confusing
Must pay shipping fee to have your item returned if you are unhappy with your updated trade-in value for your online trade-in
Doesn’t price-match competitors’ trade-in value offers


When compared to GadgetGone, the choice is clear: Unlike Best Buy’s trade-in program, sending items to us will consistently earn you more money (in cash!), and the process is just as simple.


GadgetGone Pros:


 GadgetGone Cons:


Different payment methods (PayPal, mailed check, or Amazon gift card) Accepts only smartphones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, and video game consoles (no MP3 players)
Shipping your device is free There’s no store to bring it in to for trade, can only be sent (but at least that’s convenient and free)
Condition categories are clear and consistent Promotions rarely offered, but that’s because our prices are already so competitive
Some of the most competitive trade-in values in the buyback industry, regardless of condition or included components  
PriceMatch+ Guarantee – If you get a better offer from one of our competitors, we’ll beat it by $5
•  Payment is sent within 2 business days after your device is received
If you are unhappy with your updated trade-in value, your device is returned to you for free


Selling your older item just isn’t as easy as it should be. You have to deal with strangers who may or may not offer you the best price, wait forever to pay you, or may not even pay you at all. That’s why it’s so important to pick a trade-in program you can trust. 

It’s up to you which program to go with. Best Buy’s is somewhat reliable, and convenient, especially if you’re looking to buy something new from them. If not, and you prefer cash to go towards other things, GadgetGone is the clear winner here.

Whatever you choose, here’s hoping your trade-in goes smoothly and gets you on the way to getting your next electronic doodad!


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Governments extinguish the crisis with money. Banks benefit the most from this. That alone is worth buying their shares.

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The investment world sees banks as old, expensive cabinets full of skeletons, usually dinosaurs like Greece. But that is why it is worth considering buying bank shares. The developed world seems to have decided who to save, and the banks were first in line. The ECB, following the Fed, began to help EU governments refinance their debts by lending to commercial banks and keeping interest rates low. Commercial banks become the beneficiaries of such a policy – due to the growth of economic activity and their role as an intermediary between the Central Bank and the markets.

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European banks face the challenge of recapitalization. It is impossible to solve it only at the expense of the ECB, and the emphasis is on the sale of the most profitable assets of banks outside the EU zone. Banco Santander sold part of the business in Brazil, Chile, business in Colombia. Solvent loan portfolios were sold in Great Britain, Spain and Holland with discounts of 30-50%. As a result, the ratio of capitalization of European banks to the value of assets increased from 0.2–0.4 to 0.4–0.8, although the return on the remaining assets fell. Some banks, such as Deutsche Bank or Santander, have very attractive current valuations today and good growth prospects from today’s low base.

The American banking business, as always, is more aggressive than the European one due to the lack of division into commercial and investment. More flexible regulation allows US banks to actively expand in emerging markets. A strong national economy, where the state is able to regulate both fiscal and monetary policy, creates a springboard for growth. Nevertheless, fears about the sector also dominate the assessments of US banks. The most underestimated and attractive leaders are Citi, JP Morgan.

Emerging market banks (without Russia) look even more interesting: sector P/E – 8.2, average return on capital – 19%. This is almost the best buy in our times.

Latin American banks have substantially lower real estate-backed lending than their counterparts in the G8 or China (14% of loan portfolios versus 47% and 58% respectively) and are less affected by changes in real estate values. Their loan portfolios, which are growing at more than 30% per annum and are of better quality than those of US banks, earn them significantly higher interest incomes. In addition, traditionally in Latin America, customers pay higher service fees. Among regional banks, there are overvalued banks (for example, Bancolombia with P/E over 50 or Banco de Chile, which has increased in price by almost 100% since January 2008), attractively priced (like Itau or Bradesco) and even undervalued, like Banco do Brasil.

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