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Car Decks: Bluetooth Car Stereo & Receivers

What is a car stereo receiver or head unit?

When it comes to a car stereo, there is always a primary component that is the focal point of the entire system, the part the user interacts with. This has the operating system, the buttons, controls, display, and usually provides the power for the speakers as well. This goes by multiple names but is usually called the car stereo receiver or head unit. Some people simply refer to it as the “car stereo.”

Features of car stereos

The features of car stereos are always evolving with technology. Older cars typically have stereos with cassette and CD players. More modern systems include technology like GPS navigation. They also reflect the growing importance of smartphones. At first this was limited to USB inputs and Bluetooth. This allowed music to be streamed from a smartphone to the car stereo and hands-free calls could be made, while keeping the smartphone charged. Increasingly, car receivers are starting to support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto—smartphone-based automotive features that go beyond streaming music to include navigation, messaging and apps.

The one thing almost all car stereos share is support for AM/FM radio.

Types of car stereos

There are two major types of car stereos or head units: Single DIN and Double DIN. Single DIN stereos are the traditional form factor. There’s room for a small display that shows track or station info, buttons and knobs for controls and sometimes a CD slot will be included.

Double DIN stereos are becoming increasingly popular. These are the “double-size” units that have the space for a big touch display that supports advanced features like GPS navigation, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, along with displaying the live view from connected backup cameras. Many of these Double DIN car stereos can also play DVDs on their display, although the vehicle should not be in motion at the time.


Car stereos have other components besides the receiver or head unit. All car stereos will also require speakers. More advanced models might have a remote control, a standalone amplifier, equalizer, and a subwoofer. Some car stereos also have inputs to connect a back-up camera.

Other connected car tools

Just because your car stereo is an older model, that doesn’t mean that you can’t upgrade your driving experience.

Replacing the car stereo receiver with a new one is the best way to get all the latest features, but there are connected car tools that can help to modernize an older system. For example, there are FM transmitters that stream Bluetooth audio from a smartphone to a car stereo on a select FM channel. A USB/Bluetooth receiver can plug into the USB port on a car stereo, allowing a smartphone to stream music to the system. Versions are available that use a 3.5mm AUX input on the head unit instead of USB. There are even cassette adapters that let you connect to a phone’s headphone jack to play digital music over a cassette deck.

Double DIN Car Stereo: Receivers & Navigation

You don’t have to buy a new car to feel like you’re getting the latest infotainment experience in the dash. New Double DIN receivers can replace old, outdated car stereo systems with bigger screens, better app support and hands-free controls for a truly connected setup while you drive.

What is a Double DIN Receiver

The term “Double DIN” is based on a specification called Deutsch Institut für Normung (DIN) when German automakers standardized the 2 x 8-inch size for their car stereos. It has since become an industry standard, meaning most makes and models adhere to that standard.

Double DIN receivers differ from Single DIN units in that they are twice the size in height. Manufacturers have used the extra space to build larger touchscreens, and in more recent years, made them capacitive, so they can recognize swipes and pinch-to-zoom gestures.

Microphones now come standard with newer models, and when set up properly, they can feel like they’re out of sight. Using the built-in mic connections lets you use the voice assistant integration with certain apps and platforms receivers may support.

Extra Connectivity

The latest Double DIN receivers are built to work with smartphones. You can do it with a USB cable to charge and interface directly with the receiver’s features. Plug in an Aux-In cable and listen to whatever you want to play on your phone through the car’s stereo system. Connect wirelessly through Bluetooth to stream audio cord-free, and handle phone calls hands-free.

Some models include satellite communications for SiriusXM satellite radio (subscription required), or even the ability to run GPS navigation maps for turn-by-turn directions. You may even come across models with memory card slots.

That’s not all. Some receivers have connections for backup cameras, giving you a clearer view of your surroundings every time you put your car in reverse. Whether you have an existing backup camera in your vehicle, or you plan on installing one later, many Double DIN receivers can connect with them.

Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto

While some Double DIN units don’t support Apple CarPlay or Google Android Auto, there are plenty that . With both platforms onboard, connecting your iPhone or Android handset lets you use the apps you like, plus get help through their respective voice assistants.

Both CarPlay and Android Auto support several popular apps, including Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Deezer, Tidal, Waze, Google Maps, WhatsApp and more. Use Google Assistant and Siri to make calls, send messages, launch apps, search for points of interest and change music—all hands-free. Or, if you prefer, you can do it by touch. Double DIN receivers can work with steering wheel controls to make skipping tracks or activating the voice assistant even easier.

Integrated Into Your Car Stereo

Not every car has the same dash, so once you choose a receiver, you also need the proper dash kit to fit your specific make and model vehicle. Older vehicles were not necessarily designed for Double DIN receivers, offering space only for Single DIN units. If you only have space for Single DIN—about 2-inches or so, vertically—you must replace it with another Single DIN.

If you have about 4-inches of space vertically, then you can fit a Double DIN receiver. Functionally, the two sizes may not be that different, but getting a bigger screen is where the larger size comes in handy. Good receivers have preamp outputs that connect with the vehicle’s amplifier, pushing audio through the entire car stereo system. Whether or not you’ve upgraded the speakers, you can bet that a Double DIN receiver will work just fine.

Installing it depends on your own level of expertise. You could also take the receiver to a certified car audio installer to get the job done, ensuring you get all the connections you want every time you hit the road.

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TOP-10 Best radio tape recorders (2023) – Rating

Our TOP 10 car radios (2023) include noteworthy models from trusted manufacturers : the best processor radios, models with and without Android, the best radios 1 DIN and 2 DIN. The radio tape recorder for a car often combines wide functionality, reliability and not very high price. The choice is now extremely large. Let’s try to understand the examples and consider the main parameters that you need to understand when choosing a radio in the car.

  • Price . Our rating of car radios includes both expensive models and the best budget radios. Prices: from $65 to $300. Buying cheaper is dangerous, these are usually some suspicious Chinese models with which there will be more problems than we would like. The conditionally best radio tape recorder of 2023 costs around $ 100-150 – this is the optimal range. Everything that is more expensive is a payment for additional features.
  • Functionality . The car radio on Android is capable of many things: play music, video, have navigation, you can even play on it. Some variants without Andorid have a similar set of options, with their own software shell. Everyone decides for himself what is more important to him. Someone considers for themselves only the best processor radios (with sound settings) without additional functions, someone needs everything at once.
  • Size . In our rating there are 1 DIN and 2 DIN radio tape recorders – these are the main sizes. The best 1 DIN radios in 2023 are mostly purely musical models. And if you need a screen and extra. functional, it is worth looking at 2 DIN options. And, of course, it is worth starting from what place there is in the car for the radio.

Below we consider in more detail all the features of the choice of car radios. After that, of course, you can directly dive into the radio rating itself.

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Which radio is better to buy?

Which radio is better to buy? (prices, manufacturers and features)

When choosing a radio in the car, first of all, you should decide on the main parameters: budget, required functionality and format (size) . You need to understand in which car the car radio will be installed, how much money you are willing to spend, and what you want for this money.

Of course, to answer the questions “what is the best radio tape recorder to buy?”, “what is the best radio tape recorder in the car?” possible only through the prism of prices. 😉

Prices for car radios range from $50 to $500 and even more . If you just want to listen to music, improving the sound quality of a standard system, then you should pay attention to models from $50 to $150.

More expensive options from $150 to $300-500 already “know” more than just playing music. They can play videos, have a built-in navigator, Bluetooth, and many other features, which we will discuss below. Also in this segment are models without a lot of features, but with high sound quality.

It is important to pay attention to the brands of radio tape recorders . Proven manufacturers produce more reliable models. They are easier to install, set up and last longer. Many people prefer Japanese car radios. The best manufacturers of car radios (according to many): Pioneer, JVC, Prology, Sony.

Now there are many and little-known Chinese models of radio tape recorders in the car on the market. Prices for car radios from these manufacturers are often lower than for analogues from well-known brands. But they can (and do) have a lot of problems. They are difficult to install, some of the functions work “crookedly”, quickly break down.

More often than not, the benefits are not worth the pain. But there are several proven Chinese models that can be purchased more or less calmly.

Types and formats of car radios

What types and formats of car radios are there?

Basic formats for radio 2: 1 DIN (height 50 mm) and 2 DIN (height 100 mm) . The width and depth of all models is approximately the same. It is clear that if you have a 1 DIN connector in your car, then the choice is limited to this size. And if 2 DIN – then you can put both large and small (through an additional frame)

1 DIN (1 DIN) car radios are most often simple musical models . Or “complex”, but without an abundance of additional functions. However, there are options with a retractable display. Such radio tape recorders can have all the functions of “media centers”.

2 DIN (2 DIN) radios usually have a large beautiful display, additional features from the lists above and a higher price of . These are the same “media centers”.

However, it happens that, despite the standard dimensions, the radio “stand” in place not exactly. You have to use additional frames and adapters.

There are so-called “standard radios” . They are usually designed for a narrow range of car models. They ideally “sit down” in a regular place and can have the functions of an on-board computer due to more complete integration into the system. Their main advantages: 100% compatibility and ease of installation. Head unit can be with navigation and other useful features, and maybe with minimal functionality.

We sorted out which radio to buy in size, now to other parameters. 😉

Types of radio tape recorders

Car radio tape recorders can be conditionally divided into 2 types mentioned above: music and multimedia. The first ones do not have wide functionality, they are cheaper, they have a small segment screen and a standard size of 1 DIN. The second – most often large “two-din” or with a retractable screen with a bunch of options.

When choosing a car radio for music , you should pay attention to the following features:

  • Availability of high quality DAC and amplifiers .
  • Supported formats . The main thing is that everyone should be popular. Well, if there is a flac.
  • Equalizer . And other sound settings.
  • Screen quality . This is usually a segment display. In this case, you should pay attention to its readability, information content, the presence of an anti-reflective coating, backlighting of the display and controls. If it is an LCD display, then it can be touch-sensitive. The backlight is often adjusted, if not, it is better to choose a color for the interior and other devices.
  • Which media can be played back . USB and AUX are needed now. Any radio tape recorder should play music from flash drives or from a phone via an audio cable. CDs are rarely listened to nowadays, but there are models with their support. If it is possible to connect SD and microSD memory cards, this is an additional plus.
  • USB connector location . It is more convenient for someone when he is in front: he stuck a USB flash drive and that’s it. And someone in the back. Then it can be brought out, for example, into the glove box. And a protruding flash drive will not bother anyone.
  • Radio . In our latitudes, the possibility of receiving VHF is important. Connecting an additional antenna to improve reception also does not hurt.
  • Possibility to connect the steering wheel remote control . Very useful to once again not be distracted from the road. Often there are adapters in the kit, but sometimes it is not easy to connect the joystick on the steering wheel to the radio.
  • Presence of remote control . An infrared remote control is not a rare “guest” in a complete set of high-quality car radios.
  • Presence of processor, filters and slicers . Processor radios have flexible sound settings. Adjustment of delays, low-pass and high-pass filters, allowing you to adjust which frequencies will “go” to different speakers. It is important that they be on all channels.

The car interior has a complex geometric shape, and the emitters are located at different distances from the listener. Therefore, in processor radios, it is possible to adjust delays for individual speakers. Then the sound from the near and far speakers will reach the driver at the same time, creating a more natural scene.

If other features are important to you in the car radio, then you should additionally consider :

  • Video playback capability . There are also models with a DVD drive, if someone has a collection … 😀
  • TV tuner .
  • Screen quality and size . For watching movies, a larger screen (up to 10 inches) is desirable. Image quality depends on the matrix (IPS, TFT, and so on). Modern displays are often touch sensitive.
  • Presence of navigator . There can be both connectors for connecting an external navigator, and a built-in one.
  • Operating system . Most often, these are either their own firmware, or modifications to Windows, or Android. Android radios often have access to the app store and extensive customization options.
  • Bluetooth available . You can connect a phone to stream music or answer calls or headphones.
  • Hands-Free . If the phone is connected via BT, then it is possible to answer calls. The interlocutor’s voice is broadcast to the speakers. In this case, the microphone can be either built-in (not the best option) or remote. In the second case, it can be installed in a convenient place where there is the least noise and close to the driver. Usually, this is the front strut.
  • Possibility to connect cameras . The large display can display the image from the rear view camera for comfortable parking.
  • Internet connection . Through the SIM card.
  • The amount of RAM and permanent memory .

Characteristics of radio tape recorders for cars

Main characteristics of radio tape recorders for cars

  • Power . It is indicated first, but it should be navigated last. Indeed, often the maximum power “flaunts” on the box, at which the radio tape recorder will not work for a long time. It is worth focusing on the average or rated power, if such is indicated. 35-50 W is enough for comfortable listening . If you plan to buy an amplifier, then this parameter is almost not important at all.
  • Signal to noise ratio . Must be at least 90 dB. The higher the better. “Responsible” for the purity of sound, the absence of background noise.
  • Tuner sensitivity . Must be 1 µV or less. Responsible for the quality of radio reception, especially outside the city.
  • Number of output channels . The most common type is 4-channel car radios. They allow connection of 4 separate speakers. Given the possibility of connecting an amplifier, this is more than enough. If you plan to connect a subwoofer (without an amp), you should take care of the presence of a line output.

TOP 10: Best car radios (2023) – Rating

Model Description
1. Pioneer FH-X730BT 125$ Best 2 DIN radio under $200 (2023) with good radio and Bluetooth;
2. Pioneer SPH-DA120 $300 The best sounding radio in 2023, up to $300, processor and powerful;
3. KENWOOD KMM-304Y 65$ Inexpensive processor radio with good sound, best under $70;
4. JVC KW-X830BT 100$ Best 2 DIN processor radio up to $100;
5. Cyclone MP-7092A $150 The best radio for Android in 2020, up to $150;
6. Pioneer MVH-X460UI $80 Budget processor car radio, best under $80;
7. EasyGo A180 $240 High-quality processor radio on Android, touch screen and many functions;
8. Pioneer MVH-S520BT $130 Pioneer processor car radio with good sound, Bluetooth and 3 RCA outputs;
9. Mystery MDD-7170NV $150 Best 2 DIN radio with navigation up to $200;
10. Pioneer SPH-10BT $100 Best 1 DIN car radio with screen and phone mount.

10 Pioneer SPH-10BT

The best radio with a screen – the 2nd display of the car radio is your phone

Pioneer SPH-10BT ($100) – the best radio with a screen and a phone mount. Almost like a car radio with a retractable screen. An interesting concept: the built-in display is small, has minimal functionality, the main screen here is your smartphone with a proprietary application installed on it. There are quite wide sound settings, the flac format is supported.

  • Pioneer SPH-10BT – car radio with screen on Aliexpress

Radios with a display that shows more than one line are usually quite expensive. This Pionner model uses a very interesting compromise. 😉

9 Mystery MDD-7170NV

The best radio with navigation up to $ 200 – 2 DIN for Android

Mystery MDD-7170NV ($150) – the best radio with navigation up to $200. The main functions are: radio, music in flash drives, navigation (licensed Navitel included) and even a TV tuner. In terms of sound – like an average two-din radio tape recorder. The screen is touch-sensitive, though not the most responsive, the resolution is not very high, it makes no sense to watch HD movies.

  • Mystery MDD-7170NV – car radio with navigation on Aliexpress

Chinese 2 DIN radios are always fraught with potential problems. This car radio with navigator is good as long as everything works. But failures of individual functions are not uncommon here.

8 Pioneer MVH-S520BT

Pioneer radio with good sound quality – Android Auto, Bluetooth and iPhone support

Pioneer MVH-S520BT ($130) – Pioneer processor radio with good sound quality, Bluetooth connectivity (supports Andorid and iOS phones) and 3 RCA outputs. The radio tape recorder reads flash and it is in this format that it produces really high-quality sound. Adjustment of delays and slices is clear and effective.

  • Pioneer MVH-S520BT – car radio with good sound on Aliexpress

This radio tape recorder is good in terms of price / quality, but it can not be called budget at all. By itself, it may not cause a wow effect, some will say that the price is high. But it is quite easy to set up.

7 EasyGo A180

Best Android car radio under $240 – 2 DIN touchscreen

EasyGo A180 ($240) is the best car radio on Android under $240. Large touch screen, many functions and settings, full-fledged Android on board with access to the Play Market and, accordingly, the ability to install many applications. There are 2 video outputs, 3 USB connectors, support for Wi-Fi and 3G (via an external modem). In general, an on-board computer, and not just a processor radio on Android. 😉

The best Android radios cost a lot, this model is no exception. It would seem that the concept of “Chinese car radio” is always “Chinese inexpensive radio”, but not this time. 😉

6 Pioneer MVH-X460UI

Car radio Pioneer with USB – the best budget processor car radio under $80

Pioneer MVH-X460UI ($80) is a budget car radio with USB from Pioneer. High-quality basic option for radio and music from flash drives. The sound is decent for the money, the screen is well readable. There are settings for the backlight and brightness of the screen itself. Many will like the fact that the USB connector is not on the front panel.

  • Pioneer MVH-X460UI – budget radio with good sound (2020) on Aliexpress

Even the remote control is included. 😎 Sometimes useful. Considering budget processor radios? This option should be on the list.

5 Cyclone MP-7092A

Best Android car radio under $150 (2023) – 2DIN, Android v 8.1, GPS, and Bluetooth

Cyclone MP-7092A ($150) is the best Android car radio under $150 in 2023. Relatively inexpensive, but very functional. There is also a fairly fresh Android with all its functions, GPS, Bluetooth, WI-Fi, support for connecting 3G-4G modems. This is not just an Android car radio, but a whole multimedia center. And the sound here is also of high quality, it is possible to play flac-files.

Interestingly, since February 2020, this Android 9 radio has been equipped, but it is sold without a remote control in the kit.


The best car radio under $100 (in 2023) – cheap, processor, 2 DIN with bluetooth

JVC KW-X830BT ($100) – the best car radio under $100 in 2023, inexpensive, 2 DIN. A nice set of useful features: Bluetooth, USB, radio, per-channel sound settings. Yes, there is no Android here, and the screen is not touch, you can’t watch the video on it. But in the “cheap radio” segment, this model is very good.

  • JVC KW-X830BT – processor radio 2 DIN on Aliexpress

Processor 2DIN radios usually cost more, but this one also has good flac support (up to 24 bit \ 96 kHz).


The best processor radio under $70 – inexpensive with good sound

KENWOOD KMM-304Y ($65) – the best processor receiver under $70 with high-quality sound. For $65 we get the ability to play flac files, adjust delays, cutoffs, an equalizer and good sound in principle. Pleased with this inexpensive processor car radio and the ability to connect via AUX and USB and 4-volt RCA (3 pieces).

The choice of processor radio always leads to models from Kenwood. The considered option is very good in terms of price / quality ratio. But it can be tricky to set up correctly for a beginner. Fortunately, there are other worthy processor radios. In this ranking too. 😉

2 Pioneer SPH-DA120 🥈

Best-sounding cassette recorder 2023 under $300 – powerful, listening from a flash drive

Pioneer SPH-DA120 ($300) is the best-sounding processor radio in 2023 up to $300 with support for CarPlay, AppRadio and MirrorLink. This powerful radio in the car is designed to fully connect smartphones and control them with the radio and vice versa. Another distinctive feature is the ability to play flac files even with high bitrates.

However, this is already a “middle-aged” car radio with a flash drive. For iron, it can now be considered obsolete. And it loses in terms of functionality to options with full-fledged Android on board. But it’s good in its segment.

1 Pioneer FH-X730BT 🏆

The best 2 DIN radio under $200 – with good radio and Bluetooth

Pioneer FH-X730BT ($125) – the best 2 DIN radio up to $200, a functional and relatively inexpensive processor with good radio and bluetooth reception. You can also adjust cutoffs and delays per channel from your phone through a proprietary application. You can also stream music via Bluetooth from your phone and even listen to your playlists on Spotify. Naturally, Hands Free is also supported in this processor 2 DIN radio. True, many are not satisfied with the quality of the supplied external microphone.

  • Pioneer FH-X730BT – radio with a good radio receiver on Aliexpress

This is probably the cheapest processor radio from a reliable manufacturer on the market, at least one of them. Add here the fact that it can play flac, and we get a great option for music lovers.

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is undoubtedly the first friend of the car owner on the road.

The best radio tape recorders of 2015. TOP 10

The car radio is undoubtedly the car owner’s first friend on the road. After all, it is she who helps to decorate the gray road with bright colors and a positive mood, because, as the famous song says: “The song will help us build and live. ” Car radios are becoming more and more complex and versatile devices every year. Nowadays, with the help of it, you can not only listen to your favorite musical compositions, but also find out the latest news, weather forecast and the results of sports competitions on the radio.

This article discusses various options and ranks the best car radios in our opinion, including both expensive models that meet the needs of a luxury car owner, and budget radios that an average resident of Russia can afford. The selection criteria are: compatibility with other devices, sound quality and price category.

The best 1DIN car radios

Pioneer DEX-P99RS

This audio device can be safely called the best of its kind at the moment. Despite the relatively high price of the Pioneer DEX-P9The 9RS offers its owner the purest sound of the highest quality you can get in a car. This quality is provided by integrated four-way signal processing (DSP) with automatic equalizer and synchronization of all audio streams. CD-ROM devices directly transfer their 16-bit data to 4×24-bit digital-to-analogue converters, preserving natural sound and introducing a minimum of distorting extraneous sounds. In addition, the DEX-P99RS is Pioneer’s first unit to feature a powerful clock generator to eliminate any jitter when driving on uneven surfaces. Pioneer DEX-P99RS can work with various USB drives, as well as with iPod and iPhone. The special Sound Retriever audio processing system built into the radio allows you to improve the quality of any compressed sound, trying to bring it as close as possible to the original sound.


  • high quality sound;
  • integrated signal and sound processing systems;
  • automatic 31-band equalizer;
  • stable work with iPod, iPhone, USB;
  • perfect CD playback;
  • stylish design;
  • copper frame;
  • gold-plated connectors;
  • easily removable panel.


  • rather high price;
  • Marked and scratch-prone panel.

Alpine iDE-178BT

This Digital Media Receiver is the pinnacle of 2013 discless digital media receivers. And so far, the model has not lost its relevance. The Alpine iDE-178BT car stereo is the perfect combination of features that allow you to interact with technical innovations. An excellent example of this is the compatibility of the device with the TuneIT application, designed for smartphones running on both the Android and iPhone operating systems, and allowing you to adjust the desired sound of the car radio using your smartphone. Also, this application allows you to share audio and other settings with other users and receive notifications of new messages on the social network Facebook. Among other things, Alpine iDE-178BT is fully compatible with the vTuner application for iPhone phones, which gives it access to more than ten thousand different Internet radio stations.

The Bass Engine Pro’s extensive feature set and 24-bit DAC deliver the highest quality sound. Also, the car radio is equipped with a high-resolution display, where the image quality does not change depending on the viewing angle. Alpine iDE-178BT is fully compatible with the interface of standard remote control buttons on the steering wheel of a car, as well as a special on-board display for installation in almost any brand of car. If the car is equipped with a start-stop system to turn off the engine when the movement stops, the car radio still continues to work and delight the driver and passengers with excellent sound.


  • great sound;
  • availability and stable operation of Bluetooth;
  • confident reception of radio stations;
  • rich selection of settings;
  • the ability to connect to the multifunction steering wheel;
  • USB input;
  • rear-front-subwoofer audio outputs for connecting additional acoustics.


  • no CD player;
  • does not read many formats;
  • selectivity to bitrate and codecs, as a result, not all tracks are played back;
  • no remote control included.

Pioneer DEH-4700BT

Inexpensive but high-quality device from the leader in digital car sound Pioneer. Thanks to the built-in amplifier, the car radio has a good and powerful sound. The Bluetooth interface allows you to receive and make phone calls in the “hands-free” mode. Compatibility with iPhone/iPod and Android-devices favorably expands the applicability of this radio. Add to this an FM / AM tuner, CD player, 5-band equalizer, RDS decoder and we get an affordable, functional car radio that can decorate the interior of any car.

Main advantages:

  • decent sound;
  • low price;
  • the ability to connect two phones to Bluetooth at the same time;
  • Cyrillic support;
  • removable panel;
  • value for money.


  • does not play FLAC audio files

Sony CDX-G3100UE

Adherents of the Japanese brand Sony will appreciate the clear and high-quality sound of the CDX-G3100UE car radio. The integrated dynamic amplifier delivers 55W of power to each of the four channels. The Mega Bass system will add low-frequency flavor to the sound, especially at low volumes. Possibility of connecting iPod, iPhone, external mp3 player, listening to CDs, radio tuner, USB interface – this is not a complete list of technical characteristics of this device.

Main advantages:

  • good sound;
  • great bass;
  • radio range;
  • compatible with iPhone;
  • quality assembly;
  • low price.


  • no bluetooth.


The 1DIN line of car radios from Kenwood, an old-timer in the electronics market, is adequately represented by the KDC-BT53U model with digital signal processing, three pairs of linear, two USB and blue tooth support. On board there is also a CD and mp3 player, a radio, a four-channel amplifier, an equalizer, the ability to connect smartphones and players from Apple.

Main advantages:

  • good sound;
  • variable panel illumination;
  • iPhone/iPod compatible;
  • Bluetooth, 2 USB;
  • menu in Russian;
  • Cyrillic tag support;
  • music search.


  • glossy panel that attracts dust;
  • there are no buttons for quickly switching radio stations;
  • no remote control.

The best 1DIN car radios with retractable screen

Pioneer AVH-3800DVD

Models with a retractable touch screen can be installed in a regular 1DIN place and extend the display as needed. It is this model that is the novelty from the leading manufacturer of car speaker systems Pioneer AVH-3800DVD, after purchasing which a multifunctional device with a multi-color seven-inch touch screen with adjustable brightness backlight and anti-reflective coating, CD-DVD-MP3 players, a digital tuner, support for iPhone/iPod Android devices and many other useful features.

Main advantages:

  • 800*400 motorized screen;
  • excellent sound;
  • built-in crossover function;
  • DVD player;
  • reading files of various formats;
  • 3 RCA outputs;
  • rear view camera support;
  • radio sensitivity level selection;
  • quality performance;
  • stylish design.


  • suggests Bluetooth, which is not;
  • no infrared remote control.

Prology MDD-720

This multimedia center is the Prology MDD-720 model. The reliable folding mechanism of the motorized screen makes it easy to hide the 7-inch display inside the device. Built-in CD+DVD drive and USB slot make it possible to view and listen to video and audio content. 30 preset radio stations will brighten up a long trip. It is possible to output an image to the rear view camera and connect the buttons on the multifunction steering wheel.


  • 16:9 retractable touch screen;
  • good sound;
  • multimedia;
  • extended FM/VHF band;
  • trustworthy folding mechanism;
  • economical consumption of electricity;
  • support Bluetooth, iPod/iPhone;
  • acceptable price.


  • is inferior to competitors in terms of sound quality.

Best 2DIN Touch Screen Car Radios

Pioneer AVH-170

Among Pioneer’s vast family of multimedia receivers, this unit stands out for its high-tech stuff at an affordable price. Audio and video can be played from almost any source: CDs, DVDs, USB sticks, iOS and Android devices. A 6.2-inch touchscreen display will allow you to enjoy not only a high-quality video image, but also the ease of controlling the radio. Separately, it is worth praising the excellent sound with a five-band equalizer, high-quality low-pass and high-pass filters and tone compensation. Those who find a CD/DVD player an unnecessary feature can opt for the similarly-specified MVH-AV170 Discless Multimedia Receiver.


  • rich, clear, balanced sound;
  • large quality touch screen;
  • reading files from any device;
  • intuitive menu;
  • instant rewind through graphical progress bar;
  • connection of an external hard drive of any size;
  • output to the rear view camera.


  • no off button on the panel;
  • does not play FLAC, but this is not critical;
  • bluetooth would not hurt.

The best 2DIN car radios with GPS navigation

Pioneer SPH-DA120

Despite not quite a full-fledged GPS navigation, this model from Pioneer is very popular among car enthusiasts and, first of all, those who do not part with their smartphone. By connecting your smartphone to the Pioneer SPH-DA120 car radio either via a USB port or via Bluetooth, you will get a powerful multimedia center led by a large touch screen. When playing audio, all information about the track is displayed on the screen. The speech recognition function allows you to issue voice commands to the multimedia center. And the new technology from Apple CarPlay allows you to use navigation maps.

Main advantages:

  • very high quality sound;
  • rich audio settings;
  • reads all formats including FLAC, MKV, FLV;
  • voice command recognition;
  • personalization setting;
  • reversing camera connection;
  • 30 preset radio stations;
  • external GPS antenna;
  • compatible with Android smartphones;
  • support for MirrorLink technology.


  • there is no full-fledged built-in navigator, only through a smartphone.

Prology MDN-2800

This multimedia center has virtually everything a motorist could want: touch screen, DVD, CD, mp3, remote control, USB slot, radio tuner, SD reader, Rear View Camera and Bluetooth support , many video and audio inputs. But the most important difference from conventional multimedia centers is the equipment with a GPS / GLONASS navigation module and licensed Navitel Navigator software. To update the maps, a separate flash drive is included in the kit.

Main advantages:

  • bright rich colors of the display;
  • clear sensor;
  • support for various sources and formats;
  • decent sound;
  • quick connection and bluetooth audio streaming;
  • precise routing;
  • the presence of not only GPS, but also GLONASS;
  • confident reception of radio stations;
  • convenient rotary volume control;
  • output of control buttons to the multifunction steering wheel;
  • two-color illumination.


  • connect USB gadgets via adapter;
  • weak microphone Hands Free;
  • only 6 buttons for selecting radio stations on the screen;
  • forgets the random play mode after turning off.