Switch mario kart bundle: Mario Kart™ 8 Deluxe Bundle (Game + Booster Course Pass) for Nintendo Switch

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This rare bundle is still available after Mario Day Nintendo Switch deals

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We rarely see Nintendo Switch deals offering free games outside of holiday sales, but this Mario Day bundle is still readily available. Right now you can pick up the ‘Choose One’ bundle at Amazon, scoring a console and a copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe or Super Mario Odyssey for just $299.99. That’s the price of the console by itself, making for a full $59.99 saving. 

The only other time we’ve seen a Nintendo Switch bundle offering a complete free game recently was over Black Friday, when the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe package resurfaced. That means this is a particularly rare chance to save on a standard edition console. Whether you’re looking to explore Nintendo’s library without sacrificing screen space or spending too much on an OLED display, or upgrading your system, this is an excellent offer. Not only that, but it looks like this bundle sends you home with the red Joy-Con previously only seen on the Mario Odyssey bundle from 2017. 

This bundle is best suited to those who have held off Nintendo’s library for all these years, or anyone upgrading from a Lite system. With the OLED model sitting at $50 more (though with no free games), it’s well worth considering an upgrade if you’re going to be playing in handheld mode more than half the time. However, the standard edition does still have its place on the shelves. Until we know more about the next Nintendo console (rumors have it slotted into 2024’s calendar), it’s a solid middle of the road option for anyone looking to explore the device’s massive catalog. 

Nintendo Switch | free game | $299.99 at Amazon
We rarely see Nintendo Switch bundles offering free games outside of major sales events. The fact that this offer is still live days after Mario Day sales is particularly impressive, then. You’re picking up a standard edition console with red Joy-Con and your choice of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, or Super Mario Odyssey digital downloads.

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Black Friday: Nintendo Switch bundle with Mario Kart + 3 months Switch Online $299.99

As the holiday season draws closer, Nintendo is spicing up the festivities with Black Friday offers that let families explore fun ways to spend time together during this special time of year and beyond. Starting Nov. 20, select retailers and the My Nintendo Store will offer the Nintendo Switch w/ Neon Blue & Neon Red Joy-Con + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Full Game Download) + 3 Month Nintendo Switch Online Individual Membership* bundle at a suggested retail price of just $299.99 (a $70 value**).

The Nintendo Switch bundle is just one of many Black Friday offerings that entertain and engage the whole family. Other offers include a $20 discount on Mario Party Superstars, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes and BRAVELY DEFAULT II at select retailers, bringing their suggested retail price to only $39.99 each during the Black Friday promotion. Also included is 33% off the WarioWare: Get it Together! and Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain games, as well as a $40 savings on Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, which brings the thrill of the Mario Kart series to the real world at a suggested retail price of only $59.99.***

A variety of digital deals will also be available for Black Friday in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch. Details about promotion timing and featured games will be announced at a later date.

“This holiday season, we want to give even more families the opportunity to get together and experience everything the Nintendo Switch system has to offer. Our Black Friday Nintendo Switch bundle and deals on games make this the perfect season for families looking to connect and spend quality time together.

Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser.

Families can also discover even more gameplay options with the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack. This paid membership offers the same great features as the Nintendo Switch Online membership, including online play, save data cloud and a library of NES and Super NES games, with the addition of classic Nintendo 64 and SEGA Genesis games and access to select downloadable content, like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Booster Course Pass, Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion and Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise, at no additional cost.

Outside of this year’s Black Friday specials, Nintendo has plenty of other gift ideas for holiday shoppers to consider. This includes the Nintendo Switch – OLED Model system, which has a similar overall size to the Nintendo Switch system, but with a larger, vibrant 7-inch OLED screen, a wide adjustable stand for tabletop mode, a dock with a wired LAN port (LAN cable sold separately), 64GB of internal storage, and enhanced audio for handheld and tabletop play (suggested retail price $349. 99). Just like Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch – OLED Model allows players to play on the TV and share the detachable Joy-Con controllers for right-out-of-the-box multiplayer fun. Plus, the system can be taken on the go to enjoy its play-anywhere versatility. For gamers on the go, there’s also Nintendo Switch Lite, a compact and lightweight handheld system with built-in controllers for those who prefer to take their adventures with them (suggested retail price $199.99).

Recently launched games like Splatoon 3, Nintendo Switch Sports and Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope are also currently available, with upcoming games Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet launching exclusively for Nintendo Switch on Nov. 18.

Source: Nintendo of America

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basic mechanics and useful tips for beginners / Computer and mobile games / iXBT Live

In this article I want to outline the main life hacks that you can (and should) use in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

The game has a childish entourage, which creates a false feeling that this is a simple arcade race – sat down before driving. However, in fact, the game implements very complex and even deep mechanics that are not so easy to master. There is no tutorial in the game, and even the description of the features in the manual is incomplete.

Kart selection

Looking at the modern parts of Mario Kart, you should keep in mind that this is not even a kart selection, but a build build, like in some action-RPG, since we now select both a character and three parts of our kart. Both characters and details affect 5 build characteristics, which you also need to familiarize yourself with. All characteristics are a number from 1 to 6 in one-quarter increments. For clarity, they are represented by stripes, although numbers would also not hurt. It is easy to confuse, for example, 3.25 with 3.5.

The first characteristic is speed, or to be precise, maximum speed. Here, I think, everything is clear. The second characteristic is acceleration, that is, how quickly you pick up speed. The third characteristic is mass. The higher the mass of your build, the more difficult it is to push you, and, on the contrary, you can freely ram other lighter riders. The fourth characteristic is manageability. The higher it is, the easier it is to enter turns. In the 150cc and 200cc championships, this characteristic becomes very important. Much more important than speed. The fifth characteristic is patency. The higher the cross-country ability, the faster you can go off-piste.

There is one important thing to note about the fifth characteristic. The road in Mario Kart is the main track, which, as a rule, is visually highlighted. The road can be paved or sandy – it doesn’t matter. The road is the road. That is, the patency characteristic is in no way related to the type of road surface. But different cuts are no longer a road, and there your kart starts to get stuck and go slowly. But with a high flotation value, you can drive through these sections with almost no loss of speed.

There are no cheat builds in the game and there is no imba either. You simply collect a build that is convenient for you personally. If you pump through the terrain, you will not enter turns well, but then you can just cut off the road and not lose speed. If you are pumping controllability, then vice versa. Maps with high handling usually have low passability, it is better not to cut with them, but to maneuver sharply and fit into turns. By itself, high speed will also not give anything, since the kart will be poorly controlled and accelerate for a long time. The influence of map details on parameters can be viewed when they are selected by pressing minus or plus on the gamepad. A table will open where you, switching the details, will see how the characteristics change.

However, the characters themselves also affect performance. And by choosing a character, you determine your build. That is, it is inefficient to take a heavy character like Bowser and try to make him a light build with high handling. Unfortunately, in the game itself, the values ​​of the characteristics of the characters are not indicated. And when you look at the table with the stats, you already see the sum of the characteristics, taking into account the characteristics of the details of the card. A table of characters can be found on the Internet and from it, among other things, it becomes clear that the characters are divided into groups. And within the group they are all the same. The same applies to the details of the map – some details duplicate the characteristics of others. This is done so that, in addition to the characteristics themselves, you can assemble a build that you like and externally.


As mentioned above, Mario Kart games are not that easy to control. Initially, on the Super Nintendo, the game was generally developed almost as a simulator. Well, by the standards of the time. Now it’s a purebred arcade, but each arcade has its own rules. As in many arcade races like the same Rage Racer, drift and acceleration are very important in Mario Kart. You will not be able to win against strong opponents if you do not master these two techniques. Just a clean ride is not enough here, and the brake button is essentially only needed in the 150 and 200 cc championships. Well, either if you have cards with very low handling.


So, first about drifting. This is not very obvious, but in fact drifting is performed by the jump button. You need to hold the jump button and while the kart is in the air, press turn left or right, depending on where you need to turn. Keep holding the direction button and the jump button and the kart will start to drift. While drifting, you cannot change the direction of the turn, but by tilting the analog stick to the left or right, you can change the sharpness of the turn. If you want to start drifting in the other direction, then first you need to release the direction and drift buttons and do it all over again.


So, we got used to drifting. Now the acceleration. The fact is that both the jump button and the drift itself are inextricably linked with acceleration. You won’t win a race on medium or hard difficulty if you don’t accelerate wherever you can. The easiest places to accelerate are the arrows on the track. Look for them, remember where they are located and do not forget to run into them. Most often they are highlighted in orange.

The second is Slipstream. As in racing simulations, keeping behind the other driver gives you an advantage. Only in Mario Kart you need to hold out in this position for a while, literally a few seconds, to get a speed boost. In general, not very difficult.

The third important point is that jumps in many places of the route are equipped with springboards or even just bumps. In short, any uneven surface that lifts your kart off the ground can be used to accelerate. Just press the jump button at the right moment. Which one – you have to find empirically. The button must be pressed literally a moment before the wheels leave the ground or at the moment of hitting the springboard. In general, a little training, and you will succeed at the subconscious level. I note that as such a springboard, you can use both springboards with arrows, which in themselves give acceleration, and springboards that turn on the antigravity mode.

Speaking of anti-gravity. It’s actually easy to miss the moment your kart enters such a zone. But you can be guided by the blue stripes on the track and the way your kart wheels suddenly tilt 90 degrees. In the anti-gravity mode, you can collide with other racers and with special spinning wheels on the track and get acceleration from this too. Well, the last important acceleration tool is drift. This is the main and probably the most difficult move in Mario Kart. In general, you just need to master it.

We already learned how to drift a little earlier. Now look, the more you are in a state of drift, the more acceleration you can get when you complete the drift. Here you need to monitor the appearance of sparks from under the wheels. The first stage – blue sparks – comes pretty quickly. We saw blue sparks – release the drift button, that is, the jump, and we immediately get a slight acceleration. The second stage is yellow sparks. After the appearance of blue sparks, you need to wait even longer. The third stage, which was added specifically in the Nintendo Switch version, is pink sparks. This is the maximum acceleration, but of course it is the most difficult to obtain and at high speeds it most likely will not work. Learn all these techniques and the next time you see a twisty track in Mario Kart, you will perceive it not as “Ugh, you have to drive slowly”, but as “Hooray, here we finally drive!”. In the end, driving with acceleration through drift looks just beautiful. It is also worth noting that acceleration can be obtained both at the start and due to various items. We’ll talk about items a little further, and at the start it’s enough to hold down the acceleration button immediately after the number two appears. After the start is announced, you will receive an instant boost. I note that this trick works even if you have set automatic acceleration in the settings.


The last thing to keep in mind is items and how to use them. Mario Kart is still a race with weapons and the proper use of these weapons will bring you victory. All items you get from translucent cubes with a question mark. In advance, you cannot know what item you will get. The game is balanced so that players in the last places get the most powerful items, and those who ride in front get the weakest. By the way, experienced players sometimes use it. They deliberately lag behind to take some kind of imba, then pull ahead and use it. Here everything depends on you. There can be many options for a strategy, so let’s look at the items themselves.


Coin is one of the most useless items. It most often falls to the one who goes first. Coins are already lying on the track and, by the way, for a reason. Each coin slightly increases your maximum speed. You can have no more than 10 coins at a time, and every time your kart falls into the abyss or you get knocked out, you lose coins. Coins affect your rating at the end of the race. The more coins, the higher the rating.

Red mushroom

Red Mushroom gives you a boost that can be quite effective. By the way, if your kart is low-traffic, you can use the mushroom while driving through off-road sections to maintain speed. The mushroom will also help to quickly accelerate after being hit. Sometimes not one, but 3 mushrooms fall out at once and they act like … 3 mushrooms that can be applied sequentially. You can meet the mushroom on the track as well. Most often they stay there, if someone had 3 mushrooms, he was knocked out and the mushrooms fell out. Feel free to run over them or if you see someone with 3 mushrooms spinning around them, ram him and take his mushrooms.

Golden Mushroom

It is extremely rare and mostly for those who ride in sixth place. Further, this mushroom allows you to get a mini-speedup every time you click on the button to use an item. Valid for a limited time.


This item drops even for early players and is more than enough if used properly. First, a banana can be placed on the track. If you just press the button to apply an item, it will remain behind you like a mine. The player who runs into him will instantly stop and lose a few coins. It is useful to use against those who are trying to stream at the expense of you plates. Secondly, by pressing the analog control stick up at the same time as the use item button, you can throw the banana forward. Not very effective and unlikely to help, but situations are different. The main thing – thirdly, you can use a banana as protection. Just hold the item’s use button and don’t let go. A banana will save you from a green or red shell, as well as from a fireball and a boomerang. In general, a useful thing.

Green Carapace

Perhaps the most common weapon on the track, because it can drop out to any player at all. And from 3rd to 8th place falls out with an extremely high probability. By default, this shell is thrown forward, clearly in the direction of your movement. Keep in mind that it can bounce off the walls of the track and it is not uncommon for riders to knock themselves out in this way. This shell can also be thrown backwards by holding the analog control stick down and pressing the use item button. The armor also works as a defense, similar to the banana. Just hold down the button to apply the item. In addition to 1 shell, 3 green shells can also drop, which will fly around you as a constant protection from behind. They cannot be used, but if you are lucky and an enemy projectile hits such a shell, it will still work as a defense. You can also ram the enemy this way. Surely at least one shell will touch him. The main thing is not to crash into such a racer with shells yourself. Well, don’t pick up the shells lying on the track either.

Red Carapace

Much like green carapace, but drops less frequently and is homing. If you throw it forward, that is, simply by pressing the action button, it is a very useful thing, as it overtakes the driver in front with almost one hundred percent probability. If you throw it back, holding the analog control stick down, then it will simply fly in a straight line and will not be induced by itself.

Blue Carapace

The scariest weapon in the game. They cannot be defended and cannot be thrown back. It falls out only to those who go behind and invariably hits the very first rider. Standard defenses like banana or red/green shell won’t work against him. To protect yourself from the blue shell, you will need either a star, or a horn, or just stop being the first. If you miss the moment when the shell has just appeared on the track, it will not help. The appearance of the blue shell is always accompanied by a special notification, but the horn must be activated at the moment when the blue shell has already flown up to you and is circling above you. You will have literally seconds to act. By the way, even if you are not the first, still try not to stand in the way of the blue shell. He will knock you down and not even slow down.


Most often dropped somewhere from 6th place onwards. Makes you completely invulnerable even to the blue shell. Well, unless you fall into a hole somewhere. It also allows you to cut off the road without losing speed and ram other riders with unpleasant consequences for them.


Buzzes loudly, knocking out everything and everything in a small radius. Works the same as a save from any shells, including blue ones, if used in time. So if you are going first and you come across a horn, it makes sense to keep it.


As for me – the most uncool weapon. The bomb can be thrown forward (this is the default) or backward by holding the left analog stick down. It explodes as soon as someone enters the area around the character. The zone is quite large, so I would not recommend throwing forward for beginners. Most likely you yourself will be blown up on a bomb.

Fire Flower

Gives you the ability to shoot fireballs for a while. By default, you shoot forward, but you can also shoot backward by holding the analog control stick down.

Piranha Plant

After use, the flower will protect you for some time from other racers and their projectiles, and collect coins. Quite a useful thing, but keep in mind that a flower cannot knock out two riders at the same time, and a blue shell will not protect it either. Also, while the flower does not bite anyone. You can constantly press the action button to get a small speed boost, just like when using the golden mushroom.


Just a boomerang that can be thrown three times. 1-2 times he returns, and the third – flies away forever. Knocks out racers and their projectiles. Throws forward by default, but can also be thrown backwards.


Imbued weapon, which is given only after 6th place and beyond. Causes every rider to be struck by lightning, except for the one who pulled out the lightning and the one who is under the effect of the star. Racers injured by lightning lose speed, a few coins, active objects and become small, and therefore they can be run over, which acts as another hit.


An almost useless weapon that fills the screen with black paint for everyone except the one who used the weapon or is under the influence of a star. In most cases, it does not seriously affect the perception of the track and quickly disappears.

Bringing Boo

Not included in the Wii version of Mario Kart 8, but added to the Nintendo Switch. After casting, Boo steals a random item from a random racer and gives it to you. The most annoying thing is when he steals something useful from you.

Bill bullet

Given to riders from about 8th place onwards, it acts as a powerful accelerator, as an autopilot, and as an imba that sweeps everyone out of the way. Can seriously improve your position. Let’s say from 8th place to 6th or 5th, or even 4th. How lucky.


An extremely rare item. Gives the player 8 items at once, which fly around him until he uses them. In general, the figure eight seems much more interesting than it really is. There is no protection from it, it’s not so easy to use the right item at the right time, and until you use it all, you won’t be able to use the new item.

That’s about all there is to know about racing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. In this article, I did not consider the combat modes, but, to be honest, I’m not particularly special in them.

I hope this article will help you get comfortable and maybe see Mario Kart from a new perspective.

Wow, I’m excited about the “Mario Kart DX” DLC│SWITCH Bulletin

Waluigi is often used as the strongest character in the current version of Mario Kart.
Hatred seems to be difficult to attract because it is subtle and easy to see, and because it is used by the higher ranks.

I made a linkBlog

1:2022 (Wed) 02:23:12 ID: donpjZcSd

without cheeks ♥

2:2022 (Wed) 02:23:12 ID: RH01gNR19.36E9

When is the first part?

3:2022 (Wed) 02:23:12 ID: donpjZcSd

>> 2
3 月日 18

5:2022 (Wed) 02:23:12 ID: RH02gNR18.52E9

>> 3
so cute

4:2022 (Wed) 02:23:12 ID: Bu02ddsE14.24

How many hours have you played Mario Kart 8DX?

8:2022 (Wed) 02:23:12 ID: donpjZcSd

>> 4
about 200 hours

6:2022 (Wed) 02: 23:12 ID: donpjZcSd

Till By the end of 2023, it will be distributed in 8 batches of 6 courses each.

7:2022 (Wed) 02:23:12 ID:02zvn53.70Va

are you going to buy them all?

11:2022 (Wed) 02:23:12 ID: donpjZcSd

>> 7
No individual sale of each cup for each dish
48 purchase rate

9:2022 (Wed) 02:23:12 ID: donpjZcSd

>> 7
64 is included in the online plan where you can play so it’s practically free 900 03

10:2022 (Wed) 02:23:12 ID:XIMZ04Yeb51.30

Can I enjoy Marika even when I am alone?
I want to do this sometimes

12:2022 (Wed) 02:23:12 ID: donpjZcSd

>> 10
I can afford
Now you can play online with people from all over the world

24:2022 (Wed) 02:23:12 ID:XIMZ10Yeb30.69

>> 12
I will buy this
Switch games never won’t come out of fashion

13:2022 (Wed) 02:23:12 ID: pYj06U26.85qa

This is a long coral until the end of next year

14:2022 (Wed ) 02:23:12 ID: donpjZcSd

>> 13
I would like to complete the course by the end of this year.

36:2022 (Wed) 02:23:12 ID:rurNMCd/16

>> 14
So if it’s longer, everyone won’t be able to stop being an online member during this period.

15:2022 (Wed) 02:23:12 ID: GIYzJR07Wa

There was a guy who predicted how the
remake would change Most of the courses are smartphone versions and the 8dx compatible remake courses have already been created.

18:2022 (Wed) 02:23:12 ID: donpjZcSd

>> 15
Smartphone course also done well, but not as good as 8DX

16:2022 (Wed) 02:23:12 ID: RH07gNR39.41E9

Don’t know why only online the same character?
As long as the final parameters are the same, it doesn’t have to be Waluigi, right?

17:2022 (Wed) 02:23:12 ID: Bu08ddsE27.74

>> 16
Vai doesn’t play Marika, but Waluigi’s slender body makes it easier to see the screen.

21:2022 (Wed) 02:23:12 ID:paNstnzI09

>> 17
You look like an idiot for using Kupa

19: 2022 (Wed) 02:23:12 ID: GIYzJR08Wa

>> 16
Do it because everyone uses it
The same happened with Yang Kyakong, Morton and Karon.

20:2022 (Wed) 02:23:12 ID: donpjZcSd

>> 16
Everyone is using this, so this is the theory you are using
strange japanese guy

23:2022 (Wed) 02:23:12 ID:QRFaHYXS10

I don’t think it’s cool to wear a character in the high ranking zone, but even if it’s around XNUMXXNUMX, there’s a lot of Waluigi.

27:2022 (Wed) 02:23:12 ID: donpjZcSd

>> 23
I’m crazy
Wai contradicts and uses Wario

26:2022 (Wed) 02:23:12 ID :nKjhnsBJ11

Wouldn’t it stand out if there was only one gray horse in a group of horses?
I heard that this is happening in Waluigi too.

30:2022 (Wed) 02:23:12 ID: donpjZcSd

>> 26
Sometimes when I see
Bowsers besides Roy Morton, I say, “Oh.”

28:2022 (Wed) 02:23:12 ID:XIMZ12Yeb42.22

Waluigi is so popular
I’m a bit happy because Waluigi will only be used at the WaiMario party.