Switch limited edition: Every limited edition Nintendo Switch you can buy today

Every limited edition Nintendo Switch you can buy today

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Why buy a regular Nintendo Switch when you can purchase one that’s unique and not many people own? We’re highlighting all of the different limited and special edition Nintendo Switch consoles you can buy today. Many limited-edition Switch consoles come with a digital or physical copy of the video games they’re commemorating, as well as an extra goodie or two in some cases.

Please note: These consoles are sold in limited quantities and may not be available directly through any retailers. If you want to get your hands on something rare or previously sold out, you may have to purchase through a third party. If you’re buying from eBay, please check to ensure you’re purchasing from a reputable seller.

Nintendo Switch OLED: Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Edition

Gen 9 console

Celebrate your love of Pokémon with this fun Scarlet and Violet-themed Switch OLED. The dock features the main two Gen 9 Legendaries while the starters are depicted in a design on the backside of the gaming system.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch

Tropical paradise

By far, this is the most bright-colored Switch setup we’ve seen Nintendo release so far (not counting the Switch Lite designs). You get two pastel-colored Joy-Con and a bright dock featuring Tom, Timmy, and Tommy Nook.

Nintendo Switch OLED Splatoon 3 Edition

Turf war

Launching just two weeks before Splatoon 3, this is the first Switch OLED variant we’ve gotten since the console’s original release designs. Not to mention, it’s the first one with two-toned Joy-Con coloring, making it one of the prettiest Switch designs. It releases August 26, 2022.

Monster Hunter Rise Edition

Hunting time

Monster Hunter Rise fans rejoice! A sweet new Switch bundle can be yours. It includes the Monster Hunter Rise game and a super awesome-looking Switch with unique designs on the front and back.

Mario Red + Blue Edition Nintendo Switch

A signature look

This unique Nintendo Switch was revealed alongside Bowser’s Fury, the brand-new add-on included with Super Mario 3D World on the Switch. The red and blue colors on this console match Mario’s signature outfit, while the included carrying case features Mario’s iconic gear: his gloves, hat, overalls, and of course, his mustache.

Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch

Mario’s back

Super Mario’s inaugural title, Super Mario Odyssey, is unique, fun, and good in all the ways only Mario can be. This special Switch console comes with two red Joy-Con and a bright red carrying case. It’s tough to find, so you’ll likely need to buy it used.

Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu / Let’s Go Eevee Nintendo Switch

Catch ’em all

Pokémon fans will get a kick out of the Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee bundle. The Switch dock comes with pictures of Eevee and Pikachu, the Joy-Con are stylized after them, and the rear of the Switch console has stencils of all your favorite Pokémon. You’ll also get your game of choice (which may change the price) and a Poke Ball Plus!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Switch

Fighting glory

The biggest Super Smash Bros. game ever is on the Switch, and Nintendo has an awesome console to commemorate the launch. You’ll get a gray Switch console complete with a specially designed Joy-Con and a docking station with several iconic Nintendo characters.

Diablo 3 Eternal Collection Nintendo Switch

Destroy evil

For the first time, you can play Diablo 3 on a handheld. This Nintendo Switch bundle features a specially marked Switch console and dock, as well as a carrying case to match. This console version is tough to find. Your best bet is to buy it used.

Dragon Quest XI Nintendo Switch

Become a dragon

Available exclusively in Japan, this bundle is one of the rare Switch systems that comes with two blue Joy-Con. It also features a sword and shield on the Nintendo Switch dock as well as various Dragon Quest XI stencils on both the console and Joy-Con. Hunt for it on eBay.

Splatoon 2 Nintendo Switch

Get messy

Like the Super Mario Odyssey bundle, Splatoon 2’s unique Switch console doesn’t have any special markings on it, but the Joy-Cons come in special colors — Neon Pink and Neon Green — and a carrying case, too. While this may be on Amazon from time to time, you’ll likely have to buy used on eBay to get this one.

Disney Tsum Tsum Festival Bundle

Mickey and friends

The adorable Disney emojis look absolutely perfect on this vibrant Switch. Stitch, Mickey Minnie, and Winnie the Pooh are featured on the dock, while the iconic Mickey ears are on the right Joy-Con’s Home button. It’s one of the harder ones to find, so you’ll need to pay a pretty penny to get it.

Jack Jeanne Switch Lite

JRPG lovers

This is the rarest Switch edition to have come out so far. It’s estimated that there are only 50 to 100 of these made, so it can be tough to find one for sale. It depicts a character from the Jack Jeanne JRPG as illustrated by Toyko Ghoul artist Sui Ishida.

Zacian and Zamazenta Nintendo Switch Lite

Become legendary

From Pokémon Sword & Shield comes the legendary pairing, which adorns the back of this Switch Lite console. With opposing colors on either side, this Switch Lite is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

Fortnite Special Edition Switch

Battle Royale

Released in Europe on October 30 and New Zealand and Australia on November 6, this limited-edition console features bright yellow and blue Joy-Cons and a custom dock. It also comes with the free battle royale game pre-installed and a download code for special outfits and in-game currency. There’s no word on when it might come to the U.S., so your best bet is to buy one from a third-party seller shipping internationally.

Monster Hunter XX Special Edition Nintendo Switch Bundle

On the Hunt

Another Japan-exclusive, this special console launched alongside the action RPG in 2017. It includes a physical copy of the game, which was also only released in Japan, gray Joy-Con controllers, and a dock decorated with themed runes.

Pokémon Dialga & Palkia Edition Nintendo Switch Lite Console

Pokémon Lite

This console was released on Nov. 5 and has been going in and out of stock at retailers since. You should jump on it if you find one available near you, otherwise, make sure to use reputable sellers if you have to obtain one through a third party. The back of the grey console features a gold and silver design of legendaries Dialga and Palkia. 

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While all Nintendo Switch consoles do the same thing, these special edition consoles have unique appearances. You can be sure yours will turn heads when you enter a room, especially if you have the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch or the brand new OLED Splatoon 3 design. At any rate, it’ll be fun to play the best Nintendo Switch games on it.

If you’re after a Nintendo Switch Lite, we recommend the Zacian and Zamazenta edition inspired by Pokémon Sword and Shield or you can keep your eye out for the Dialga & Palkia edition to celebrate the Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl games.

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Best Limited Edition Nintendo Switch Consoles

Over the last 5 years old, the Nintendo Switch has amassed an impressive selection of limited edition consoles. This isn’t surprising, given the versatility and interchangeable components of the hardware which make it ideal for customizable features and additions.

Not only do some of these Nintendo Switch special edition bundles offer a range of extras, they often come as exclusives to certain stores, further complicating things. With all these variables, it can be difficult for gamers to keep track of it all and gauge what the best value is, while also factoring in the designs. What are the best limited edition Switch consoles?

This discussion takes into consideration the packages’ games, prices, and the sleekness of any custom skins. These will include both current bundles and those that have been discontinued.

Updated March 29, 2023, by Mark Sammut: Nintendo has announced an exciting new Switch OLED special edition in preparation for unquestionably the console’s biggest game of 2023. Once this version debuts, it will join a long line of awesome limited edition Switch consoles that cover the hardware’s original rendition, the Lite, and the OLED.

15 Super Mario Odyssey

When Super Mario Odyssey was released in 2017, Nintendo also released a special limited edition Nintendo Switch console for the occasion. Not surprisingly given its increasing rarity, this version has become fairly difficult to obtain. The console came with two Cappy-red Joy-Cons, the only way to get official Joy-Cons in this color, but other than that, the console was fairly standard.

The console did include a full game download of Odyssey, and there was also a rather nice carry case that came with it too. However, as far as limited edition consoles go, this one is particularly lackluster.

14 Fortnite

  • Amazon Listing Page For The Nintendo Switch Fortnite Wildcat Bundle

Released in 2021, this Fortnite limited edition Nintendo Switch console has a more subtle design than some of the other limited edition consoles, but it still works quite well. This is the only way to get blue and yellow joy-cons, and the little bus over the home button is a nice touch.

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This console retailed at $300 upon launch, which is the standard RRP for a normal Nintendo Switch console, so at least fans weren’t charged extra considering the minimalist design. However, since the console is not readily available nowadays, anyone interested in peaking up this model will likely have to spend more.

13 Switch Lite Pokemon Dialga And Palkia Edition

  • Amazon Listing Page For The Nintendo Switch Lite Dialga & Palkia Edition

What better way for a Pokemon fan to enjoy their flashy new Switch Lite than with a console decorated with sketches of two of the coolest monsters to grace the series? This custom handheld Nintendo Switch console makes for a great compliment to the similarly-enticing Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl; the games these awesome Legendaries come from.

The silver and gold line art look particularly cool against the metallic gray body of the console—making for perhaps the sleekest model of Switch lite yet. What’s even better is that, while it doesn’t come with any extra goodies, the machine is still somewhat available online.

12 Monster Hunter Rise

  • Amazon Listing Page For The Nintendo Switch Monster Hunter Rise Deluxe Edition System

There’s just something about the glossy black and gold design of this special edition Nintendo Switch that just looks universally awesome, especially when the gold bits are made to resemble an ominous monster.

Not that it needed it, but Nintendo and Capcom further entice fans of the renowned Monster Hunter Rise with this similarly epic artwork, which decorated the Switch dock, Joy-Cons, and the included Pro Controller which better suits the game. The bundle also comes with a digital code for Monster Hunter Rise + Deluxe kit DLC. A 2021 edition, this once-appealing package still goes occasionally on sale.

11 Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bundle

  • Amazon Listing Page For The Nintendo Switch – Animal Crossing: New Horizons Edition

Animal Crossing: New Horizons was one of the hottest games to release in 2020, and many fans were delighted to see a limited edition and adorable custom-designed Nintendo Switch console. However, it’s likely only the diehard enthusiasts of the game that found much value in this one, as it’s essentially just a painted Switch that comes with the usual components.

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And in the eyes of many, the basic visuals and soft colors didn’t exactly present an appealing design. It’s important to note that the game itself was not included in the American version of this package, though it oddly was in the Japanese and European bundles.

10 Jack Jeanne Switch Lite

Western gamers who aren’t particularly privy to Japanese manga are likely to not have heard of the subject here. Still, fans of Sui Ishida’s work, particularly his most recent project, Jack Jeanne from 2019, will probably find much to love about this special edition featuring his illustration on the back of the console. Sui Ishida is most known for his dark fantasy series Tokyo Ghoul.

This console had extremely limited quantities here, as it is estimated only 100 units were available to those who pre-ordered Jack Jeanne for the Switch during a month-long window. Outside of collectors and diehard fans, it’s tough to see too many getting excited over this sketched turquoise special edition of the Switch Lite, as it’s a pretty minimalist package.

9 Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!/Eevee! Bundles

The base price of this special edition Nintendo Switch bundle was a touch steep at $400, but it was a fairly robust package. Not only did it include either the lovable Eevee or Pikachu variants of this RPG, but fans also got the Poke Ball Plus accessory (which is valuable in its own right nowadays). Fans also get a pretty adorable-looking Switch dock with these lovable Pokemon and some cool custom colors on the included Joy-Cons meant to resemble them.

8 Splatoon 3 OLED Switch Special Edition

  • Amazon Listing Page For The Nintendo Switch OLED Model Splatoon 3 Special Edition

As of March 2023, the Splatoon 3 Switch OLED can still be picked up directly from Nintendo for roughly the system’s recommended RRP. There are not all that many special editions that are still available through Nintendo’s store, a fact that already makes this version worthy of a recommendation.

As far as its design goes, the console manages to walk the line between being classy and just a bit too busy. The system is coated in a faded illustration that is not too loud, while the Joy-Cons take an opposite approach. Besides the unique paint job, this special edition is otherwise a standard Switch OLED, which means Splatoon 3 is not included.

7 Nintendo Labo “Cardboard” Pack

No, this exclusive contest prize isn’t actually made of cardboard, which is probably smart as it would be a pretty fragile (not to mention dangerously flammable) device. This is actually a skin that’s made to resemble the material—and in quite a convincing fashion.

In 2018, Nintendo released a call to come up with neat new Labo ideas in various regions. The aim was to cobble together a cool Toy-Con creation with cardboard along with sketches and send it to Nintendo. The winner would receive this fake cardboard finished Switch, a Labo Creators jacket, and a framed award certificate signed by Labo developers. That would certainly make for some cool collector’s items! Simple as it may be, there’s something uniquely cool about this authentic-looking design.

6 Disney Tsum Tsum Festival Bundle

Believe it or not, the overtly-cute Disney-themed minigame romp Tsum Tsum actually did get a worldwide release back in November 2019. However, unfortunately for Western collectors and fans of this adorable game, this console bundle was only ever released in Japan.

It’s a bummer, as it actually was a pretty solid package; assuming Disney Tsum Tsum toys appeal to a buyer. It contained a neat little custom design with images of a few of the toys on the console and controllers, along with a physical copy of the Disney Tsum Tsum Festival. It also included the newer (for the time), spruced-up special edition Switch model which improved battery life.

5 Pokemon Sword & Shield Switch Lite

  • Amazon Listing Page For The Nintendo Switch Lite Cyan and Magenta

Part of the appeal of bundles is their slew of extra inclusions, which is, unfortunately, lacking when it comes to this recently-released Switch Lite. It doesn’t even include the game it’s marketing, Pokemon Sword & Shield.

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Still, the console itself sure comes with a sleek look, sporting a visually pleasing color palette that’s meant to represent the epic Legendary beasts Zacian and Zamazenta. If both Pokemon and portability are favored, this makes for a neat special edition Switch bundle. The console launched at the same price the base Switch Lite model was going for, although it is more expensive nowadays.

4 Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Switch OLED Model

  • Amazon Listing Page For The Nintendo Switch OLED Model: Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Edition

Unsurprisingly, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet also received a limited edition Switch console to celebrate the games’ debuts; however, since Nintendo had released the OLED model by that point, that system was the focus of this promotion. Similar to most other fairly basic console iterations, this edition largely comes down to a paint job, with the console showcasing Scarlet & Violet‘s legendaries, starters, and schools. This package does not ship with the games either, so it is exclusively a console.

While lacking much in the way of bells and whistles, this is still an attractive Switch OLED model. The white dock pairs well with the eye-catching colors of the illustrations and the Joy-Cons. Nowadays, this edition is sold out on the Nintendo Store, but it can be found through retailers.

3 Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition

Unfortunately, the neat Smash Bros GameCube controller isn’t included in this package, nor is the handy adapter that allows enables play with these typically preferred controllers. Still, this is a pretty cool special edition Nintendo Switch bundle, given the visually awesome design of the Switch dock and included Joy-Cons. Of course, this is assuming fans are lucky enough to still find one at any price.

People who purchased this limited edition Switch back in the day also got a copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, though, it came in the form of a digital code. It would have been nice to get some added flair like a carrying case, an adapter, or at least a physical copy of the game.

2 Dragon Quest 11 S – Definitive Edition Bundle

It sure seems like Japan gets all the good stuff—at least these are the sentiments that Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest fans are likely to agree on. To help kick off the anticipated Switch launch of Dragon Quest 11 S, an appealing themed special edition Nintendo Switch bundle was released in late 2019.

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This limited edition package didn’t just include some cool, detailed DQ artwork on the dock and Joy-Cons, but it also included a Definitive Edition copy of the RPG. At the time, this could be had for the price of 39,960 Yen, or roughly $364. Not a bad deal, especially for fans of this series!

1 Diablo 3 Eternal Collection Bundle

It’s hard not to view this as the all-around coolest and best-value special edition Nintendo Switch package, especially for fans of Blizzard’s classic Diablo series. This GameStop-only bundle came with what’s essentially the “definitive” version of Diablo 3 with a slew of bells and whistles.

Not only do Switch fans get all the extra content of that spruced-up port, but also a cool set of Ganondorf armor that players could flaunt online. Additionally, this limited edition included one of the sleeker carrying cases that can be had, while boasting a custom Diablo 3-themed console and dock. At just $360, fans got a pretty good deal if factoring in the added perks of this bundle.

Upcoming: The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Nintendo Switch OLED

  • Launch Date:
    April 28, 2023

  • Suggested Retail Price:
    $359. 99

In preparation for the game’s May 12, 2023, debut, Nintendo has announced a special edition The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Nintendo Switch OLED. The system will launch toward the end of April, roughly two weeks prior to the game’s arrival. The package will come with the standard accessories of a traditional OLED package, which is reflected in the edition’s suggested retail price since it is very close to the vanilla model.

As with all of these types of promotions, the Tears of the Kingdom Switch OLED edition looks set to be essentially a standard bundle with a unique skin, albeit an attractive one. That said, Nintendo has announced plans to release a Switch pro controller and carrying case themed around the Zelda game, with both accessories set for a May 12 launch.

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Pro-Ject Essential II Demon DC – turntable

Description of turntable Pro-Ject Essential II Demon DC

Parov Stelar is once again building its own musical world with the sophisticated album The Demon Diaries. In honor of this, Pro-Ject Audio Systems has partnered with Parov Stelar to release a limited-edition, unique Essential II Demon collectible turntable.

The Pro-Ject Essential II DC turntable belongs to one of the company’s budget lines and is a new version of the Essential model with an improved power supply.

Lightweight rigid turntable made of chipboard. The legs are not adjustable, but have special damping rubber inserts for more effective decoupling from the surface. The 30 cm diameter platter is made of MDF, which helps to eliminate resonances. The material for the spindle is stainless steel. The main bearing has a bronze bushing, Teflon base and provides smooth sliding.

The new synchronous motor is low noise, low vibration, has a double pulley and spins the platter with a silicone belt. To select the desired rotation speed (33.3 or 45 rpm), you must manually move the belt from one pulley block to another. For automatic electronic gear shifting, the company’s lineup has a special Speed ​​Box device designed for this purpose.

The Pro-Ject Essential II DC turntable uses a straight 8.6″ aluminum tonearm with a sapphire bearing mount. The tonearm is equipped with an anti-skating system. The standard load-adjustable counterweight is designed to work with cartridges weighing from 3 to 5.5 g. For heavier cartridges (from 6 to 9 g), it is possible to install another counterweight (option). The turntable comes with a pre-installed high quality Ortofon OM5E moving magnet cartridge. All necessary settings have already been made by the manufacturer. There is a possibility of quick replacement of the needle. The OM5E also delivers high channel separation and excellent linearity. It has a high output voltage of 4 mV, which allows it to be matched with virtually any phono stage with a nominal input impedance of 47 kOhm.

The Pro-Ject Essential II DC turntable is equipped with a cable with gold-plated RCA plugs for connection to a phono stage and a ground wire. The power supply is an external adapter that connects to the turntable using the appropriate socket. To protect the Essential II DC from dust, a plastic cover with adjustable mounting tabs is included.

This model will be an excellent option for those who are just starting to get acquainted with vinyl sound. The player will provide Hi-Fi-sound with excellent dynamics, high detail, good elaboration of mids and quite confident bass.

Pro-Ject Essential II Demon DC Turntable Features

  • Limited edition with a unique design based on the album The Demon Diaries by Parov Stelar
  • Rigid housing with damping feet
  • MDF platter
  • Low noise, low vibration synchronous motor
  • Ortofon OM5e cartridge installed
  • Advanced power supply
  • Silicone belt drive
  • One piece 8.6″ tonearm with aluminum arm

Pro-Ject Essential II Demon DC Turntable Features

9004 8

900 48

Drive Type Passion
Supported disc speeds 33. 3 ; 45 rpm
Manual disc speed change yes
Speed ​​deviation ± 0.14% (for 33.3 rpm), ± 0.25% (for 4 5 about /min)
Knock ratio ± 0.12%
Platter material MDF
Mat for platter 9004 5

Weight of platter 0.8 kg
Platter diameter 300 mm
Turntable material Chipboard
Signal-to-noise ratio 65 dB
Pre-installed MM cartridge Ortofon OM5E (elliptical needle profile, output voltage: 4 mV, weight: 5 g)

Channel separation 22 dB (1 kHz )
Tonearm swivel, straight, anti-skating, effective length: 218.5 mm; effective weight: 8 g; solid aluminum tube, fixed shell, sapphire bearings
Overhang 22 mm
Balancing counterweight standard for cartridges weighing 3 – 5. 5 g; optionally available for cartridges weighing 6 – 9 g
Tracking force range 0 – 25 mN (18 mN recommended for Ortofon OM5E)
Motor small multiple, synchronous
power supply external adapter , 15V/500mA DC
Interconnect cable with ground wire, RCA connectors
Dust cover yes
Power consumption 4.5 W
Dimensions (WxHxD) 420x112x330 mm
Weight 4 kg

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Return and exchange of Pro-Ject Essential II Demon DC

Constantly improving the work of the company and striving to provide the best service, Audiomania offers unprecedented conditions for the exchange of defective goods! In case of detection of a manufacturing defect, you can exchange the purchased acoustics or electronics within 9 months0204 after purchase!

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EAN/UPC: 0727361440541. Limited edition. Colored vinyl (transparent). Number of records: 1 pc. Record size: 12″. Label: Nuclear Blast. Country: Europe. Release year: 2018. Condition: new.

Original release date: 2018

Out of stock

  • Unfortunately, this record is not available. View other GRAVEYARD vinyl records

    EAN/UPC: 0727361276751. Limited edition. Colored vinyl (transparent). Number of records: 1 pc. Record size: 12″. Label: Nuclear Blast. Country: Europe. Released: 2012. Condition: new.


    EAN/UPC: 0727361486341. 45 RPM. Limited edition. Colored vinyl (transparent). Number of records: 1 pc. Record size: 12″. Label: Nuclear Blast. Country: Europe. Year: 2019. Condition: new.


    EAN/UPC: 0727361276898. Number of records: 1 pc. Record size : 12″. Label: Nuclear Blast. Country: Europe. Year of publication: 2017. Condition: new.


    EAN/UPC: 0727361340148. Limited edition. Colored vinyl (matte marbled). Number of records: 1 pc. Record size: 12″. Label: Nuclear Blast. Country: Europe. Year: 2022. Condition: new. print this page

    • Description

    Vinyl record description GRAVEYARD – PEACE (LIMITED, COLOUR)

    “Peace” is the fifth studio album released in 2018 by the Swedish rock band Graveyard.

    Song list:

    1. A1. It Ain’t Over Yet
    2. A2. Cold Love
    3. A3. See The Day
    4. A4. Please Don’t
    5. A5. The Fox
    6. B1. Walk On
    7. B2. Del Manic
    8. B3. Bird Of Paradise
    9. B4. A Sign Of Peace
    10. B5. Low (I Wouldn’t Mind)