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How to Clean Stainless-Steel Appliances and Kitchen Items the Right Way

When cleaning stainless steel, there is one general rule: Wipe along the direction of the grain. You’ll want to spray your cleaning solution onto the surface of the stainless-steel appliance then wipe following the material’s grain.

It’s usually fairly easy to spot the linear direction, but if your appliance is giving you a hard time, Shimek has a simple solution. “Try rubbing the appliance with a clean microfiber cloth both horizontally and vertically,” he says, “In doing so, you’ll then feel a resistance when the cloth runs in the opposite direction and will, of course, glide smoothly when placed in the correct direction.”

By going in the direction of the grain it becomes easier to tackle water spots and finger smudges, which can be a bit ingrained in the surface.

4. Buff away

Get polishing! 

Photo: Robin Gentry/Getty Images

Once your microwave, refrigerator, or any other kitchen appliance receives the full treatment, that’s not all; “there are two parts to managing stainless steel: the actual cleaning stage, and the polishing stage,” Conn says. “Polishing will make sure the surface isn’t just clean, but also shining.”

Use a dry cloth, preferably a microfiber cloth instead of a paper towel, which can leave linty residue and polish in a circular motion. We also found that the reusable Swedish dishcloths, like those from Cloud Paper and Papaya, are great at picking up extra cleaning solution residue and buffing away any stray streak marks.

5. Seal with olive oil (optional) 

Depending on the type of cleaning solution you use you may or may not need to add extra shine with olive oil to your stainless-steel surfaces. “Olive oil acts as a protective coating that can help to protect in between deep-cleaning sessions,” Shimek says, noting it can help repel smudges and mask previous scratches.

To apply, put a small amount of olive oil on a microfiber cloth and wipe it gently back and forth along the grain or in a circular motion—there is no real science to this step. With this final step, your appliance should be sparkling in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best home remedy to clean stainless steel?

For a simple DIY cleaning solution, you’ll need white vinegar, lemon juice, and tap water. Here is a step-by-step process from Shimek.

Step 1: Make a DIY solution

Fill a spray bottle with equal parts water and white vinegar. You can add a few drops of lemon juice or essential oils to make the mixture smell better.

Step 2: Apply to stainless-steel appliance or countertops

If you have stubborn spots and grime, add a little bit of baking soda, and gently scrub away the buildup. Spray the solution and wipe it down with a microfiber cloth along the grain.

Step 3: Remove white vinegar residue

“Once all fingerprints and grime have been removed, wet a second microfiber cloth with water and apply a few drops of dish soap,” Shimek says. You’ll want to gently wipe this dishwashing liquid solution across the surface. After, rinse out the soapy cloth and wipe the surface once more to remove any lingering soap. “This extra step will remove the acidic residue that white vinegar leaves behind, and it will ensure that the vinegar doesn’t interact poorly with the metal over time,” Shimek says.

Step 4: Buff and polish with olive oil

Once the stainless-steel appliance or countertop looks clean, complete by polishing the surface. Use a small amount of olive oil and apply to a microfiber cloth.

What should you not use on stainless steel?

No matter what cleaning solution you choose, there are a few things you should always avoid. Don’t use steel wool, scouring powders, ammonia, or bleach on your kitchen appliances—they can all be just a little too intense and damage the finish. The same goes if you’re wondering how to clean a stainless-steel sink. “No matter how grimy your appliances are, these abrasive cleaning products will only make matters worse by leaving scratches behind,” Shimek says.

The Best Stainless-Steel Kitchen Appliance Packages (2023 Update)

With most brands overcoming supply chain problems, buying the best kitchen appliance package is easy and fun.

Well, almost fun.

Two years ago, you had no options. Now, you have tons—so many that it is confusing with different models, brands, and features.

In this article, you will learn the pros and cons of the best kitchen packages from some notable brands.

You will also learn how to maximize rebates and other incentives you are not supposed to know about.

Ultimately, you will have a step-by-step blueprint for a functional, attractive, and affordable kitchen.

Let’s get started.


The Best Stainless-Steel Kitchen Appliance Packages for 2023

Beko Kitchen Appliance Packages

Beko Front Control Induction Range Kitchen Package – $6,549.96

View Appliance Package Details >

Beko has a nice combination of features for the price.

Beko Ranges

Beko’s ranges have twin convection in the oven for consistent heat and uniform baking.

It’s also a front control style, so your kitchen will look better without the backguard of a less expensive freestanding stove.

The induction range is fully featured at $2,499 with two high-output 3700-watt burners.

Beko Dishwashers

Beko dishwashers employ a “CornerIntense” wash arm. It washes in a square pattern for better water distribution around the corners, compared to traditional round wash arms.

The dishwasher has three racks with tops dedicated to silverware.

At 45 decibels, the dishwasher is quiet, just one decibel over the quietness standard of 44 dB.

Beko Refrigerators

The refrigerator employs several technologies to keep food fresh:

  • Twin Evaporators: Twin evaporators keep the warmer refrigerator and colder freezer air separate. The unit will keep a more even temperature with less defrosting, plus the odors from the refrigerator won’t end up in your ice cream.
  • BlueLighting: You may think it’s a gimmick, but sunlight is also blue on the spectrum, so blue lights will extend the freshness of fruits and vegetables. It was proven in our tests. Have a look by clicking here.
  • EverFresh Drawer: The crisper drawer has direct airflow from the compressor yet is gasketed, preventing air from escaping and preserving freshness.

Moreover, Beko showcases counter-depth refrigerators that almost seamlessly blend into your kitchen cabinetry.

These refrigerators are designed to fit snugly without protruding too far into your kitchen, allowing for a sleek and polished look in any kitchen setting.

Beko Over-the-Range Microwaves

I am not a fan of any over-the-range microwaves from any brand.

It’s ironic because my apartment has an over-the-range microwave. The vent doesn’t work well because over-the-range microwaves aren’t good vents. They are underpowered and shallow.

Consider a range hood instead. Depending on the hood, it will add $500-$700 more per package. However, a range hood properly evacuates the smoke and grease from your home.

Overall, you have a good combination of features. The dishwasher is excellent, the refrigerator will keep your food fresh, and the stove looks good.

At just under $7,000, Beko offers exceptional value for money. And if you choose their electric or gas range, you can save over $2,000, making it an even better investment.


First, if you are flipping or selling a house, Beko does not have the same name recognition as the others.

The refrigerator is on the smaller side at 20 cubic feet (about twice the volume of a bathtub), compared to the 22-23 cubic foot average of counter-depth refrigerators.

You must be careful with service, as Beko does not have its own. I could say that about many brands.

In addition, the gas stove only has one power burner compared to two for most other brands.

Click here to view all of Beko’s kitchen packages.

Fisher & Paykel Kitchen Appliance Packages

Fisher & Paykel Pro Gas Range Kitchen Package

View Appliance Package Details >

And now for the unique appliances you can buy.  

Fisher & Paykel DishDrawers

You never have to bend down for the top drawer. Fisher & Paykel’s DishDrawer is a decent dishwasher and has an eclectic look. The decibel rating is 45 dB. 

Fisher & Paykel Refrigerators

Fisher & Paykel uses “ActiveSmart” technology, a fancy word for sensors and a micro processing unit, to keep temperatures constant and your food fresh.

Fisher & Paykel was the most reliable counter-depth refrigerator sold at Yale last year. Then again, they didn’t place an ice maker in the dispenser until recently. 

Fisher & Paykel Professional Ranges

Fisher & Paykel’s range is extremely powerful, with a 22,500 BTU (British Thermal Units) burner and three 18,500 BTUs. 

Fisher & Paykel Range Hoods

The PUCCM630SS canopy hood is powerful at 600 CFM. The depth is 24 inches, covering the front burners, so all the steam, grease, and smoke are completely exhausted from your kitchen. 


Double drawer dishwashers are not for everyone. Ensure you bring your favorite dishes to the appliance store and check if they fit before buying this dishwasher.

Like the Beko, the refrigerator is smaller at about 20 cubic feet. The oven interior on the range is 4.6 cubic feet, while the average stove’s cubic footage is about 5.3 cubic feet. You have no Wi-Fi technology with Fisher & Paykel yet. 

The level of service provided by many brands is often uncertain. It is crucial to be particularly confident in the reliability of premium brands.

Click here to view all Fisher & Paykel Kitchen Packages.

SKS Kitchen Appliance Packages

SKS Pro Gas Range Kitchen Package

View Appliance Package Details >

SKS is the high end line of LG. The finish is Titanium. It is a bit brighter than stainless steel. 

SKS Refrigerators

You have many features with SKS, featuring two evaporators and eight sensors to maintain consistent temperatures. The back is stainless, so it absorbs moisture better than metal.  

  • Door-In-Door with Coldsaver Panel: The refrigerator door has a second compartment to provide additional storage for items like juice, milk, and condiments. 
  • Cool Guard: As you open the door, a rush of cool air cascades down, ensuring that the temperature remains constant while you retrieve your food.
  • Ice and Water: You have the convenience of water and ice on the door. 
  • Craft Ice: This unit produces slow-dissolving ice spheres, ideal for cocktails. 
SKS Dishwasher

This dishwasher is equipped with a steam feature that effortlessly eliminates stubborn baked-on residue, even if you happen to leave your lasagna pans in the sink overnight. I tested it at my neighbor’s house. It works.

This dishwasher also has an effective 60-minute wash and dry cycle..

At 40 decibels, you won’t hear it watching TV, even if you’re in the same room while it’s running.  

SKS Ranges

This range has a good convection oven, and one of the largest at 6.3 cubic feet. Unlike most gas ranges, the heat is blown directly from an element in the back rather than just circulating the heat for more even temperatures. 

If you often find yourself preparing meals ahead of time and eating them at different times, SKS’s warming drawers are a game-changer.

With the ability to keep food fresh and warm for up to three hours, these drawers are a must-have for any kitchen. 

SKS Over-the-Range Convection Microwaves

You can use this oven as a microwave, an oven, or a combination of both. It still can’t vent, but it can help you cook. 


The refrigerator is excellent, but you pay more for all those features.

The range only has one power burner at 18,500 and drops to 12,000 BTU for the next most powerful burner. The microwave still can’t vent. 

Click here to view all of SKS’s kitchen appliance packages.

Café Appliances Kitchen Appliance Packages

Café Front Control Gas Range Kitchen Package 

View Appliance Package Details >

Tired of stainless steel? You can buy Café in black, white, and stainless with several different handle options.  

Café Refrigerators

Café offers a unique and interesting ice maker that doubles as a Keurig coffeemaker.

With the convenience of Wi-Fi connectivity, you can even schedule your coffee to brew automatically when you wake up.

Café Ranges

Cafe’s slide-in ranges feature six burners, an integrated griddle, a temperature probe, and a True European Convection system. These ranges ensure precision and even cooking results.

Furthermore, Café offers the flexibility of choosing between a standard slide-in range or their double oven ranges, which have a combined capacity of 7 cubic feet. Café ‘s double ovens have the ability to operate at varying temperatures.

Café Dishwasher

It’s very similar to the GE Profile dishwasher, except that the decibel rating is higher at 45 dB, which is weird for a more expensive dishwasher. 


Café is interesting for personalization, but it comes at a cost. 

Click here to view all Café Appliances Kitchen Packages.

GE Profile Kitchen Appliance Packages

GE Profile Freestanding Gas Range Kitchen Package 

View Appliance Package Details >

GE Profile has a good name with solid, decently featured appliances at a fair price. 

GE Profile Dishwasher

This dishwasher is underrated. You have three levels of wash action, special sprays on the top rack, and special sprays under the silverware basket.

Their drying cycle features a fan to pull the heat out of the dishwasher to effectively dry plastics. At 42 dB, you won’t hear it running. Unlike any other dishwasher this quiet, it has a grinder on the bottom, not a filter. 

GE Profile Ranges

You have two extremely hot burners in the front at 20,000 and 18,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units), a griddle burner at 10,000, and one at 9,500 BTU and 5,000 BTU. The oven is like the others in convection. 

GE Profile Refrigerators

Refrigerators have decent specifications of 22. 5 cubic feet with two evaporators like the other decent brands. 

GE Profile Over-the-Range Microwave

Most over-the-range microwaves have similar specifications. You either buy them as a microwave or a combination of a convection oven and a microwave. 


The stove has a freestanding design, which means it doesn’t slide in seamlessly. As a result, you will notice a backguard.

In a more upscale kitchen, the slide-in option offers a more visually appealing look.

Click here to view all of GE Profile’s kitchen appliance packages.

Bosch Kitchen Appliance Packages

Bosch Slide-In Induction Range Kitchen Package

View Appliance Package Details >

Bosch has a great name, industrial styling, and excellent reliability. 

Bosch Dishwashers

The Bosch 800 Series is one of the best dishwashers you can buy with every cycle.

The quietness level is silent at 40 dB. You won’t hear it even in the next room while you watch TV.

This dishwasher can dry even plastics by employing Zeolite crystals to increase heat and absorb moisture. 

Bosch Ranges

Bosch’s ranges have two power burners in gas and three in induction. The oven uses convection like others on this list. 

With Bosch’s warming drawer, you can prepare food and keep it warm for up to three hours. It’s great if you prepare your meals and serve them later. 

Bosch Refrigerators
  • Two Compressors: You have two compressors, not just evaporators, with a Bosch refrigerator. It’s a similar system to a Sub-Zero.
  • Metal Back: Metal absorbs cold better to keep food colder.
  • Quiet: Bosch’s refrigerator is quiet at 40 decibels, making it the quietest on the market.
  • Ethylene Filter: Spoiled foods emit ethylene gas. Bosch filters this gas, so food stays fresh for a longer period.
Bosch Over-the-Range Microwave

I still don’t like them.  


It’s hard to say anything bad about a Bosch dishwasher other than the 800 series being pricey.

The stove’s cubic footage is smaller than the average at 4.6 cubic feet compared to the average of 5.5 cubic feet. LG is 6.3 cubic feet, with Café being the largest at seven cubic feet in their double oven.

The refrigerator is also on the smaller side at 21 cubic feet. 

Click here to view all Bosch Kitchen Packages.

LG Kitchen Appliance Packages

LG Front Control Gas Range Kitchen Package             

View Appliance Package Details >

LG Refrigerators

The “Counter-Depth MAX” refrigerator is 26.5 cubic feet as a counter depth refrigerator. That’s a full 3.5 cubic feet bigger than the standard. 

LG Ranges

For induction, you have the single highest wattage available in a stove at 4200 watts or two power burners in gas with the largest oven on both at 6.3 cubic feet. 

LG Dishwashers

LG, like SKS, has its lesser-featured steam dishwasher at a lower price. Its silence rating is still good at 44 dB. However, it doesn’t have as many cycles or options. 

LG Over-the-Range Microwaves

It’s the same non-convection over-the-range microwave as the others. 


The refrigerator is big but lacks the features of the regular LG line with twin evaporators, Craft Ice, and it uses thinner insulation.

The availability in the induction range is tough, so you will wait one to six months. 

Click here to view all of LG’s kitchen appliance packages.

Why Buy a Kitchen Appliance Package 

There are two reasons:

Uniform Look: Each brand seems to pride itself on its unique handles. So technically, they have the same look. I don’t think it’s a big deal. Many brands are introducing “handle-less” appliances, so it will matter less in the future.  

Pro Tip: Match the stove and dishwasher because they are usually together. It’s less important for the refrigerator or using a pocket handle.  

Rebates: Rebates matter. Rebates increase as you buy more appliances from the same manufacturer. The rebates are substantial as well. For example, Fisher & Paykel offers up to $2,750 for a package. GE Profile offers up to $2,000 and Beko offers up to $1,100.

When to Buy a Kitchen Package 

Take advantage of the best deals by purchasing your kitchen appliances during popular holidays such as Black Friday, Labor Day, Tax-Free Weekend, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, or July 4th.

During these times, rebates soar to new heights, ranging from 10% all the way up to 35%. 

Read More: When Is the Best Time to Buy Appliances?

Best Kitchen Appliance Packages: Key Takeaways

There is no single best appliance package for everyone. Make a list of the features you desire and consider your budget when choosing the brand that best suits your needs.

It’s always a good idea to verify if the appliance brand provides repair services in your area. This ensures that you have access to reliable support and assistance if any issues arise with your appliances.


Kitchen Appliance Packages


Answers to the most commonly asked questions about appliances packages.

What are the advantages of buying a kitchen appliance package?

Are all kitchen appliance packages the same?

Can I customize a kitchen appliance package?

What should I consider when choosing a kitchen appliance package?

Can I save money by buying a kitchen appliance package?

Is professional installation included in the package?

Additional Resources

Looking for more help on appliances? Get the free Yale Appliance Buying Guide with the 10 most frequently asked questions, their answers, features on the major brands, and advice for the best buying strategies. Well over 1 million people have read a Yale Guide.

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The best stainless steel cutlery – discounts and promotions on the DesignBoom blog

You always want to see a stylish and competent table setting: during festive feasts, family celebrations and everyday meals, even if in a hurry. In addition to elegant dishes and decorative accessories, properly selected cutlery is responsible for this.

When choosing such sets, it is important to consider many things – design, material, workmanship and a reasonable price. Let’s talk about iconic designer cutlery brands that easily combine these factors.


Since 1908, the English brand has been producing tableware and accessories for the kitchen, where cutlery has established itself as one of the best, having received the honorary Royal Order of George the Fifth back in 1930.

Viners pays special attention to the material and production technology. Craftsmen hand polish the curves of each model, and the fork tines are meticulously aligned front, back, side and even inside. The sharply defined serrated contour of the knife with its characteristic sheen is a must to ensure accurate cutting of food.

The material is 18/10 polished stainless steel: it is resistant to corrosion, rust and oxidation. In addition to the high quality handmade workmanship and durable material, Viners offers a 50-year product warranty.

Viners steel sets are divided into several collections: the minimalist Reema is complemented by wide matte handles. The Grace collection features textured stripes, while the early 1960s-inspired Studio series features textured finishes and whimsical curves. Refined and smooth lines are masterfully embodied in the Style and Tabac collections. And the laconic Malmo dining sets are a nod to Scandinavian minimalism. For the solemn serving of dishes, we recommend paying attention to golden Eminence accessories with titanium coating. Other collections can be found in our catalog.


Alessi is considered one of the leading Italian designer accessories companies. Brand recognition in Italy is similar to the popularity of the product Coca-Cola is a brand with a worldwide reputation. Iconic Italian designers have worked with Alessi, including Alessandro Mendini, Achille Castiglioni and Ettore Sottsassa. Philippe Starck is actively cooperating with the company today.

Stylish design ideas have not bypassed kitchen appliances either: the Santiago set, created by English architect David Chapperfield, will be an original addition to a festive or everyday table setting. The peculiarity of each model is in the continuity of its form: the design impresses with its simplicity and elegance. The high-quality stainless steel set consists of forks, spoons, knives and coffee spoons for six people.

Robert Welch

Robert Welch is not just a brand name, but the name of an English royal designer. Its products are used in many restaurants and luxury hotels, and cult chefs give kitchen items the highest marks.

The first collection, created by Robert Welsh in 1955, defined the brand’s philosophy: to produce elegant kitchen accessories beyond time and limits. Some iconic products are kept in the British Museum, New York’s MoMA and Bergen’s KODE.

For the manufacture of Robert Welch models, different types of stainless steel are used: for spoons – 18/10 steel material, and for knife blades – 13/10. All types of kitchen appliances are crafted and polished by hand using several patented techniques. As a result, light elegant devices are extremely convenient and durable in operation. Our catalog includes the luxurious Bright series with a glossy finish, as well as the sophisticated Stanton Satin collection, complemented by a matte finish.


Guzzini is known for durable organic glassware. The brand also offers sets of high-quality porcelain plates and a large selection of stainless steel cutlery.

Our cutlery catalog contains a simple and elegant Grace set, which is suitable for both festive serving and a special occasion. The 24 cutlery made of durable stainless steel are very practical to use: they can be washed in the dishwasher and heated in the microwave.

When choosing kitchen appliances from other brands, pay attention to several factors:

Material: stainless steel. It has long established itself in the market of kitchen appliances. Such a metal is much stronger and more hygienic than silver, cupronickel or aluminum. The material is resistant to scratches, mechanical damage and exposure to acids and alkalis; It can also always be washed in the dishwasher. Before buying cutlery, we recommend that you check the steel number. The ideal option is 18/10, where the numbers indicate the content of 18% chromium and 10% nickel in the alloy. Low-quality steel, as a rule, does not contain nickel: in this case, the instruments will tarnish over time and quickly become covered with scratches.

Workmanship . The surface of each instrument must be either deliberately matt or highly polished. The edges of high-quality cutlery are usually smooth, without chips, scratches; the teeth of the forks are pointed. Inspect the blades of knives: a great option is with a serrated edge. A neat engraving of the brand logo adds to the chances of buying a good product.

Product thickness. The ideal object thickness is 2.