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A Gorgeous Ritual for Tonight’s Magic ✨

  1. A Moon in Aquarius calls for creativity-inducing aromas. Light an incense stick or diffuse an essential oil such as: Sandalwood, Yarrow, Tangerine, or Jasmine.
  2. Channel Aquarius’ problem-solving and creative energies by saying this chant aloud:

    “I am like the Water Bearer, perpetuating the flow.
    I’m in touch with my creative sources. I have positive, inspired thoughts”.

  3. Light a white candle and pour some wine into your chalice. If you don’t drink wine, use herbal tea or plain water instead.
  4. Find the Full Moon in the sky. Raise your chalice as you look up and say:

    “Full Moon over me, fill me with wonder.
    You light my path and shine like a thunder.
    I thank you for your smile, the one that makes me younger.
    May I never thirst, and may I never hunger”.

    Drink the contents of your chalice.

  5. If you have any of the following crystals, Tuesday is the perfect day to charge them with the assertive influence and drive of Mars. Place a Bloodstone, Carnelian, Coral, Ruby, Garnet, or Pink Tourmaline on your altar next to your candle.

More Spells for Tonight’s Full Moon

Use the power of the full moon to cast any type of spell with confidence.

  • Full Moon Spells & Rituals 🌕
  • Meditations for Today

Drawing Down the Moon

▶️ This ritual can be performed with a coven or in solitary. During the invocation, we ask the Goddess symbolized by the Moon, to come down and enter our sacred space.

New to Spellcasting? Read Now: How to Cast Spells When You’re New and Unsure.

The Power of the Moon Phases

The Moon can be a very powerful enabler in our lives. By knowing how to harness the energies of each lunar phase and understanding how they affect us, we channel our intention as we bathe in its light.

If there’s a Full Moon Tonight, a spell or ritual can be a a great excuse to spend some time outdoors, listening to Nature, meditating or watching the stars.

Click here to Learn how to cast spells using the energy of each Moon phase

  • Best Spells to Cast on Each Moon
    • 1. New Moon
    • 2. Waxing Crescent
    • 3. First Quarter
    • 4. Waxing Gibbous
    • 5. Full Moon
    • 6. Waning Gibbous
    • 7. Last Quarter
    • 8. Waning Crescent

How the ‘Spell of the Day Generator’ Works

A Moon cycle or lunar month lasts 29.5 days. During this time, the Moon displays her 8 Beautiful Phases and moves through 12 Zodiac Signs. Each of these stages has its unique qualities and energies. Combining them is an art that has helped Witches and Sorcerers for centuries to enhance their spiritual practices.

The spell of the day generator takes into account the current moon phase, which can last up to 3 or 4 days, and the current moon sign, which remains the same for two and a half days. Each day of the week (Monday through Sunday) also has its own energy and makes up a variable in the spell too.

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A Spell for Tonight’s Moon

This real spells generator works by combining the three main parts of a spellcasting ritual – evocation, intention, release – along with the handy Moon Phases plugin by Joe, to get the current Moon everyday:

  1. Depending on the current moon sign, an empowering or protective affirmation will display. Use it as an evocation to open your ritual while you light an aroma that matches the current sign. You can light incense sticks, dried herbs, or diffuse essential oils to draw down the moon.
  2. Defining an intention for the ritual will depend on the current moon phase and its energies. Because each moon phase is suitable for a specific type of spell, you will see a set of directions for the duration of each phase. Learn more about how you can work with the Moon Phases here.
  3. The last part is releasing that intention. This typically depends on your entire ritual, but this generator will let you know what kind of crystal you can use to charge it with those intentions. Each day of the week has a ruling deity and associated crystals and gemstones. Charge your crystal today and keep the energies of this ritual with you all week long.

Visit the Daily Devotional Page for more correspondences

About the Moon Signs

In ancient times, Sumerian sages and astrologers used the Moon Signs, also called lunar mansions, to make predictions and cultivate their Magic. They argued that each of these signs held a specific influence on crops, animals, and people.

This is also called sympathetic Magic: a type of ritual that depending on current Moon phase, employs a specific symbolism that connects with Her and accesses an infinite potential.

Various cultures have used sets of lunar mansions astrologically; for example, the astrological Nakshatras of Hindu culture, the Arabic manzils, the 28 mansions of Chinese astronomy, and the 36 decans of Egyptian astronomy. Western astrology does not use mansions, but instead zodiac signs which cover 2 or 3 mansions each.

“In these Houses of the Moon lie hidden many secrets of ancient wisdom, through which the wonders of all things under the lunar circle were worked. To these Houses are attributed the similarities, the images, the talismans and the intelligences that worked for the virtues in all of them in different ways.” – The Magus, Francis Barrett (1801)

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How to Make Moon Water

Recipe and tips to collect and make your own sacred water for rituals, blessed by the Moon. You’ll need:

  • 1 bowl or bottle
  • Drinking water

Today’s Candle and Magical Correspondences – Spells8

Tuesday’s Magick Candle

Light a red candle to receive vigor and strength. Meditating with a red candle enables courage, power, fertility, magnetism, desire, and action.

Ruling Deities 🙏

Ares, Ceres and Demeter are rulers of Tuesdays.

Crystals for Tuesdays 💎

Carnelian, Coral, Bloodstone, Ruby, Garnet and Pink Tourmaline

Carrying these gemstones today can bring success and fulfillment of your goals. Wear them as a talisman or simply keep them close to you to harness their energy.

A Tuesday Potion 🍵

Drink a cup of Pu Erh Tea today for a boost of vital strength. This type of tea will keep you alert during the day due to its caffeine contents, but it also has many powerful effects on the body such as protecting from harmful bacteria, fighting inflammation, and eliminating body toxins¹.

Daily Tarot Card 🃏

Tap the card to reveal a Major Arcana for a Tarot meditation.

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Cast the perfect spell for Tonight’s Moon Phase. This spell generator is updated by tracking the lunar transits and phases. Click below!

Tonight’s Lunar Spell Generator

A Daily Wiccan routine doesn’t have to be much different from that of anyone else. Magic is simply working with the energies for channeling an intention, and the fact is that we can all practice Magic, and in fact we do it without realizing it. For example, while health experts agree that we shouldn’t take a shower every day¹ , many of us still do it as a ritual act of self-love. By setting a few minutes to consciously take care of our body, we let the water wash away any physical or emotional damage from the day, re-energizing our heart and soul 🛀

If you have ever been surprised by your own thoughts and realizations under a warm shower, then you have already experimented a ritual of Magic. Incorporating Magic into our daily lives feels just the same: A cleansing exercise for the spirit.

Daily Wiccan Practices

You probably already have some daily rituals or personal superstitions, so try combining these ideas with your usual routine in different ways until you find your preferred way to be a Wiccan:

  • When you wake up, greet the day by doing a Sun Salutation or a simple Wiccan Meditation like a Circle Casting visualization. You can burn some incense along with it. On this same page, you will find daily recommendations for incenses, crystals and teas. ⭐ Save it to your Bookmarks!
  • When drinking your morning tea or coffee, you can use a spoon to stir it in a clockwise direction to attract something, or counterclockwise to repel something. Focus on your intention and then clear your mind. If you need ideas, try these Tea Meditations.
  • You can also draw a symbol or sigil at the bottom of your cup with some honey and then pour your drink over it.
  • Explore and build up your inner temple so you can always conjure it quickly. Having a sacred space in your mind allows you to cast tools without spells and to easily ground yourself.
  • Set up an altar for your ancestors, deities, or spirit guides and say a prayer every day upon waking up or when going to bed. Practice on a virtual altar.
  • Carry crystals or personal amulets in your pocket or around your neck, so they remind you of your Magical powers. See How to charge an amulet here and find Crystal Attunements here.
  • Consecrate or charge things like jewelry, makeup brushes, cooking utensils, musical instruments, etc. These are all part of your path and your identity as a Wiccan or a Witch.
  • Write in your journal, also known as your Book of Mirrors every day.
  • Find pages and spells for your Book of Shadows and print them out on printer-friendly parchment paper (link to Amazon).
  • Track the moon phases and tune in to its changing energies. Decide what’s the best time to cast spells, rituals and meditations.
  • Grow a garden full of many different plants, aromatic herbs and shrubs. Learn about Herbal Witchcraft. Every day go out and spend some time to clear your mind and become more intimate with your spirituality and intuition.

Being an Eclectic Wiccan

Eclecticism is a philosophical current that tries to reconcile the doctrines that seem better or more credible, although they come from diverse systems. Eclectic Wicca mixes ideas from various traditions of Wicca, and elements from other sources. This opens up the faith so that it can adapt to your background and your current identity as a Witch, Pagan, Non-Pagan, or other.

You can embrace spirituality and live a more Wiccan life without renouncing to your daily life or even your current beliefs. All it takes is study and commitment. Creating a devotional routine (even if you start with as little as 5 minutes a day) can help you become more centered and spiritual.

A Daily Wiccan Practice can be beneficial for:

  • Grounding your thoughts when your head is going a thousand miles per hour.
  • Improving your confidence and self-esteem by changing attitudes and patterns.
  • Focusing and empowering yourself.
  • Achieving mental peace like you haven’t in years.

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All spells in Hogwarts Legacy – how to discover and use

Spells in Hogwarts Legacy are one of the main and most important mechanics of the game, on which all interaction with the environment is built. Magic will help the Hogwarts student not only resist Rookwood and Ranrock, but also explore the huge school building and the open world.

The game contains spells of various categories used for specific purposes: basic, transfiguration, spells of strength, damage, control and protection. In addition, of course, you can take the dark side and follow the path of the evil magician.

This guide will explain in detail how to unlock all spells in Hogwarts Legacy, how to upgrade and use them. Spells 0014

  • Damage spells
  • Control spells
  • Useful spells
  • Unforgivable spells
  • Spells for animal care
  • How to unlock new spells in Hogwarts Legacy
  • How to improve spells in Hogwarts Legacy
  • How to use spells
  • Top 10 best spells in Hogwarts Legacy
    • Flippendo
    • Incendio
    • Glacius
    • Depulso
    • Expelliarmus
    • Confringo
    • Imperio
    • Crucio
    • Avada Kedavra
  • Best spell combinations in Hogwarts Legacy
    • Flying Control Combination
    • Ice Cutting
    • Max Melee Damage
    • Transform Instant Kill
  • How many spells in Hogwarts Legacy

    9 0002

    In total there will be 31 spells in Hogwarts Legacy . Among them are 8 important ones that will be used to explore the world and interact with objects, and 26 are being studied. The latter, in turn, are divided into various categories, including forbidden ones.

    However, according to the Hogwarts Legacy achievements, only 26 spells can be learned in the game. Spells in category Important are not included here.

    All spells in Hogwarts Legacy

    All spells can be conditionally divided into several categories, depending on their purpose.

    Important Spells

    As the name implies, this type of magic is closely related to solving riddles, exploring the world, and interacting with the environment. These spells are practically not needed for combat, which is why they are placed in a separate category: both in terms of learning and in the interface itself.

    Revelio – a spell that reveals objects invisible to the human eye. It will be required to find hidden passages, collectible and plot important items.

    Automatically unlocked during the first story quest Prologue: The Road to Hogwarts” .

    Alohomora – an unlocking spell that allows you to get into the right room. The spell does not open all locks, but most. Applying it, you will have to solve a small riddle.

    Unlocked automatically by the story during the story quest The Warden’s Complaint about the Moon” .

    Petrificus Totalus – a spell that causes complete paralysis of the victim’s entire body, immobilizing the enemy. The spell is an integral part of ‘s stealth gameplay, and possibly also the solution of puzzles.

    Automatically unlocked during story mission Secrets of the Restricted Section” .

    Protego – an enchantment that creates a barrier for protection. They protect the wearer from enemy attacks, but are unable to withstand unforgivable spells. Progo has various versions and improvements.

    Automatically unlocked during the first story quest Prologue: The Path to Hogwarts .

    Stunned is a stunning spell that can knock down and knock back opponents, stunning them. It is repeatedly used both during training and on the “battlefield”. Doesn’t do serious damage on its own, unless the target falls on something unsafe.

    Unlocked automatically by the story during the story quest.

    Ancient Magic – Deals massive damage and breaks shield spells. Unlocked automatically by story during story quest “Welcome to Hogsmeade” .

    Ancient Magic Throw – Summons a special object to throw at the target. Unlocked automatically by story during story quest “Welcome to Hogsmeade” .

    Transfiguration spells

    Transfiguration is actively used in Help-room : to move, materialize, reduce or increase.

    Witch spell
    • Rollback time: 0 seconds.
    • How to unlock: complete the “Rescue Room” story quest.
    • Talent Upgrade: None

    Witch spell – used to directly create items in the Rescue Room. Unlocked automatically by story during Mission Help Room .

    Change Spell
    • Rollback time: 0 seconds.
    • How to unlock: complete the “Rescue Room” story quest.
    • Talent Upgrade: None.

    Altering Spell – changes the physical shape and characteristics of objects when using this spell in the Help Room. To open the spell, you must complete the quest – “Interior Decoration” (becomes available after the main quest for the Rescue Room).

    • Rollback time: 0 seconds.
    • How to unlock: complete the “Rescue Room” story quest.
    • Talent Upgrade: None.

    Evanesco – needed in order to remove items from the Rescue Room, causing them to disappear and turn into moonstone. Unlocked automatically by story during Mission Help Room .

    Spells of Might

    Initially, everyday spells related to the movement of objects.

    • Rollback time: 8 seconds.
    • How to learn: Complete story quest “First Enchantment” .
    • Skill Upgrade: Also pulls nearby enemies towards the caster.

    Accio – alluring spell that can attract an object to the caster. Used both to summon a broom, and to solve puzzles or fight enemies. If Wingardium Leviosa is open, then it is applied immediately after the Accio automatically.

    • Rollback time: 10 seconds.
    • How to learn: complete the side quest – “Professor Sharp’s class #1” .
    • Skill Upgrade: Unleashes an additional explosion around the caster.

    Depulso is a knockback spell that is the opposite of Accio . The spell does not deal direct damage to enemies, however, if you throw one target at another, then both victims will suffer very badly. Can be used to rotate objects and solve puzzles.

    • Rollback time: 10 seconds
    • How to learn: complete the quest – “a lesson with Professor Onai.”
    • Skill Upgrade: A shock wave appears around the target hit by the spell.

    Descendo is another movement spell that pushes the target into the ground and also throws an object. The spell does not deal direct damage to enemies, but they lose HP from hitting the surface. Enemies that are already in the air at the time the spell is cast take more damage.

    • Rollback time: 5 seconds
    • How to learn: complete the quest – “Professor Chesnoke’s class #2”.
    • Skill Upgrade: Curses enemies, lowering their damage resistance.

    Flipendo is a spell that flips objects and enemies upside down and backwards. Due to its fast cooldown, this evil eye is well suited for setting up and continuing to juggle a target. The spell is useful for solving puzzles, as well as for gaining an advantage over a number of enemies.

    Damage Spells

    All of these spells deal damage. They are used both to fight enemies or defend against flora and fauna, and to destroy objects in order to solve puzzles or open a way further.

    • Rollback time 15 seconds
    • How to learn: complete the quest – “Professor Sharpe’s classes #2”.
    • Skill Upgrade: Cuts through the target, hitting enemies behind.

    Diffindo – a spell that cuts the target (both alive and not) into two parts in a straight line. The scissor spell is suitable for both battles and solving puzzles: for example, cutting a tapestry to pass through it. Has a long distance.

    • Rollback time: 10 seconds.
    • How to learn: complete the quest – “Professor Hekate’s assignment #2”.
    • Skill Upgrade: Places a curse on enemies, causing them to take more damage.

    Expelliarmus – a spell that disarms the target. Suitable for both duels and ordinary battles, mainly for good sorcerers. In addition, hitting the victim will push him away.

    • Rollback time: 8 seconds
    • How to learn: complete the quest – “Professor Hekate’s assignment #1”.
    • Skill Upgrade: When casting a spell, the fire radiates not only towards the target, but also spreads over the area around the wizard.

    Incendio – a spell that causes the target to flare up. The fire can spread to nearby enemies. In addition, it is possible that the plants begin to wither because of it. The range of these spells is small, so you need to get closer. The target set on fire by the sorcerer burns for a short time, taking damage. An additional hit on it causes an explosion.

    • Rollback time: 10 seconds
    • How to learn: complete the story quest “In the Shadows of the Crypt”.
    • Skill Upgrade: Flash generates additional charges that themselves target nearby targets.

    Confringo is an explosive curse that causes an explosion followed by a fire. Differs from Incendio . Deals significant damage on hit. Targets hit will catch fire and take damage over time. Additional hits result in explosions.

    • Rollback time: 7 seconds.
    • How to learn: complete the quest – “Professor Hovin’s Request”.
    • Skill Upgrade: Increases the explosion radius, causing nearby enemies to also take damage.

    Bombard – a hit inflicts huge damage, which is also accompanied by an explosion. The spell can destroy heavy obstacles, as well as hit nearby enemies.

    To open the spell, you must complete the quest – “Professor Hovin’s Request” .

    Control Spells

    Control spells provide additional utility in combat as these spells can alter the target’s state or restrict their movement.

    Arresto Momentum
    • Rollback time: 15 seconds
    • How to learn: complete the quest – “Madame Kogawa’s class #2”.
    • Skill Upgrade: Places a curse on an enemy, increasing their damage taken.

    Arresto Momentum – to some extent slows down, or completely stops the target. Probably does not affect the ability to attack. Gives you time to plan your move.

    • Rollback time: 10 seconds.
    • How to learn: complete the quest – “Madame Kogawa’s class #1”.
    • Skill Upgrade: When the spell hits an enemy, it shatters and fires projectiles at nearby targets.

    Glacius is a freezing spell that can also put out fires. It is actively used in battles, because for some time it completely deprives the target of the ability to perform actions. It also increases the damage taken by the frozen target.

    • Rollback time: 8 seconds.
    • How to unlock: complete the main quest – “The first Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson”.
    • Skill Upgrade: Enemies near the target of the spell are lifted into the air.

    Levioso will make objects or creatures float in the air. It is often used as part of combinations to buy time or continue to manipulate the target.

    • Rollback time: unknown.
    • How to learn: complete the story quest “Fire and Vice”.
    • Skill Upgrade: Places a curse on the target, increasing their damage taken.

    Transformation is a spell that transforms enemies and objects into alternate forms. It can be used to solve puzzles, and to create any harmless things.

    Useful Spells

    Useful spells are often used to explore different parts of the game world, but they are still extremely useful in combat.

    Deillumination Spell
    • Rollback time: 0 seconds.
    • How to learn: complete the story quest “Secrets of the Forbidden Section” .
    • Skill Upgrade: Run can be used while invisible.

    Deillumination spell makes the target or even the area almost indistinguishable from the surroundings. This spell is simply necessary to complete tasks in secret. It is important to note that this spell does not make the caster completely invisible. If you get too close to the enemy, he will find the student. Pairs well with Petrificus Totalus .

    • Rollback time: 0 seconds.
    • How to learn: complete the story quest “The Way to Hogwarts” .
    • Skill Upgrade: None.

    Lumos creates a small flame at the end of the magic wand. Can be useful for revealing illusions, scaring away ghosts, and solving various puzzles.

    • Rollback time: 0 seconds.
    • How to learn: complete the quest – “Professor Ronen’s lesson”.
    • Skill Upgrade: None

    Reparo – a spell of correction, it repairs destroyed objects. Used to solve various puzzles and open new areas of the map.

    Wingardium Leviosa
    • Rollback time: 0 seconds.
    • How to learn: complete the quest – “Professor Chesnoke’s class #1”.
    • Talent Upgrade: None.

    Wingardium Leviosa causes objects to levitate, while they can be moved in different directions. With the help of your movements, as well as the keys, you can control their position in order to more accurately select the distance to another object and the angle of rotation. When pulling an item with Accio , automatically use Wingardium Leviosa.

    Unforgivable curses

    Avada Kedavra
    • Rollback time: 90 seconds.
    • How to learn: You need to complete the Sebastian quest chain and complete the quest “ In the shadow of the relic ” by choosing the correct answers.
    • Skill Upgrade: Kills all enemies under the effect of a curse.

    Avada Kedavra is the most important forbidden spell that instantly kills the target. There is no opposition from him. It is known that this spell cannot be used on a permanent basis, but probably only in specific situations.

    • Cooldown time: 20 seconds.
    • How to learn: the spell will become available as part of the quest “In-depth study”, in the fall. You need to study it yourself, and not take it from Sebastian.
    • Skill Upgrade: Attacking a cursed enemy will create a cursed projectile.

    Crucio is a spell used for torture. It causes incredible and unbearable pain in the victim, forcing him to give out all the necessary information. Also, in addition to dealing damage over time, this spell applies a curse, increasing damage to the target. The spell cannot be used with righteous anger – you will need to wish pain on your victim.

    • Rollback time: 30 seconds
    • How to learn: To get the spell, you will need to complete Sebastian’s quests, in which a friend will teach the sorcerer a new curse.
    • Skill Upgrade: Enemies under Imperio attack targets and apply a curse on them.

    Imperio temporarily forces enemies to side with the caster and fight as if they were companions. While under the sorcerer’s control, enemies take reduced damage, staying loyal longer. In addition, places a curse on the target, causing them to take additional damage.

    Animal Care Spells

    There are three Animal Care Spells that allow you to create your own “farm” at Hogwarts Legacy:

    • Animal Care Brush allows you to care for the creatures, putting them in order.
    • Feed Spell needed to feed animals.
    • Magic sack is a special enchanted sack into which rescued animals can be placed.

    All three spells become available during the story quests “Beast Study” and “Elf, Grab-Sack, Loom” .

    How to unlock new spells in Hogwarts Legacy

    Learning spells in Hogwarts Legacy is an integral part of the gameplay, both within and outside the school.

    Spells can be unlocked in a variety of ways. Some of them will become available as part of the story, while completing quests, a new student of Hogwarts will be introduced to certain spells. Others can be obtained for completing various side tasks: having become close to one of the teachers, you will be able to learn a new spell from him by completing his instructions.

    To open unforgivable spells and develop the Dark Arts branch, you will have to take the side of dark magic and move along the path of an evil caster.

    The section with the discovery of new spells will be updated after the release of the game.

    How to improve spells in Hogwarts Legacy

    In Hogwarts Legacy total 40 levels , for the first 4 talent points are not given, in total the student will have 36 skill points . That being said, the total number of talents to choose from is 48:

    • Help-room – 8 skills.
    • Stealth – 4 skills.
    • Basics – 17 skills.
    • Spells – 10 skills.
    • Dark Arts – 10 skills.

    Upgrades to learned spells are unlocked at various levels that expand and enhance those spells. For each spell, the new level looks different. For example, for Stunned, pumping gives additional damage, and for Levioso, it allows you to raise not only the target, but also its surroundings.

    After the release of the game, we will supplement the section with a table with all the improvements.

    How to use spells

    How to use spells will be shown at the very beginning of the game. By pressing the attack button, you use the most common spell. It is not the strongest, but it is an important part of any combinations.

    By holding the attack button and pressing one of the four buttons, you can use the learned spell, which must first be placed on the crosspiece. It is located in the lower right corner and contains total 4 spells . Such a system leaves room for many builds, since you will have to choose spells wisely.

    Of course, spells have their own cooldown and spamming them without stopping will not work. Each spell, depending on its meaning, has its own rollback time. After applying, you will notice that the image from the cross has disappeared and gradually reappears.

    Top 10 best spells in Hogwarts Legacy

    Despite the large selection of spells, there are still top 10 best spells in the game that stand out for their strength or improvements from talent leveling.


    Flippendo is on the list, albeit in last place, because it is a good way to control the enemy. It looks especially useful in the context of a battle, when the enemy does not need to be thrown back or pulled: just put into a long-term immobilization.


    Incendio is in the top for several reasons:

    • The spell is actively used in solving riddles: light torches, destroy cobwebs, and so on.
    • When the talent is leveled up, this spell becomes a great way to fight off the crowd of enemies surrounding the wizard.
    • By itself, the spell hits pretty hard, but the downside is the short range.


    Glacius, like all spells of this type, perfectly controls enemies, allowing you to roll other skills or move away a short distance. In addition to good containment, the skill, if pumped, will deal damage to nearby targets.


    Depulso excels in various combinations based on control: Accio – Depulso, Levioso – Depulso, Descendo – Depulso. In addition, this spell is great for battles on high ground: one cast and the enemy flies down, dying. Therefore, it is in the top 10 best spells in Hogwarts Legacy.


    Expelliarmus is an extremely powerful spell, as it literally takes the enemy out of combat for a while. In addition to the base damage and the ability to take away the weapon, the wizard can throw this weapon at the enemy, dealing massive damage. The improvement will allow you to apply a curse, because of which opponents will die even faster.


    Confringo is another fire spell. Of the advantages, it is worth highlighting a large distance of destruction, the ability to destroy objects to move further, as well as an improvement due to which a projectile, hitting a target, releases homing charges.


    Imperio makes the target a companion that fights for the wizard for a while. He takes less damage from his former associates, which makes him really useful: if not as an assistant, then as cannon fodder. In addition, such a companion cannot be targeted, eliminating the possibility of accidentally killing an ally. The spell occupies the top of the top due to the ability to equalize the chances in battle.


    Crucio takes second place due to his huge damage. The damage to the enemy does not pass immediately, but still, most likely, it will kill the target. The victim of Crucio gradually loses his health, tormented by pain, and cannot enter the battle any further. Thus the curse becomes both a control spell and a damage spell.

    Avada Kedavra

    Avada Kedavra is by far the most powerful spell in the game and takes first place. Despite the long cooldown, this curse is a universal way to deal with the enemy. Even if the opponent is stronger than the wizard by 15 levels, he will not be able to resist this spell. On the plus side is the fact that there will be no punishment for using Avada Kedavra.

    The best spell combinations in Hogwarts Legacy

    Flight control combination

    One of the simplest and most effective and effective combinations is the combination of Might, Control and normal attacks spells. First, you use Levioso on the enemy so that he is in the air, then you cast Depulso. Due to the fact that the target is already in the air due to the first spell, it will fly much further.

    When an enemy hits something and takes damage, use Descendo to complete the combo. In between casts, don’t forget to use your base spell.

    Ice Cutting

    Glacius must first be cast on the enemy to freeze and immobilize them. After that, any spell from the Damage section must be applied to the frozen target, Diffindo is best. This spell has the most damage on a single target.

    In addition, enhanced versions of both of these enchantments are capable of hitting nearby enemies : Glacius fires projectiles and Diffindo cuts through. This combo will more than double your damage.

    Max Melee Damage

    This combo is good for fighting at close range, either by choice or by circumstance. First, Accio is cast on any target, when it is pulled, throw it on the ground with Descendo . After the enemy bounces off the ground, freeze them with Glacius and finally deal damage with Incendio .

    This combination, among other things, is capable of dealing damage to a group of enemies if all skills are pumped in: Accio attracts several opponents, Descendo creates a shock wave, Glacius releases charges, and Incendio hits the area around.

    Transformation Instant Kill

    Transformation is good for mob combat as it neutralizes one opponent. However, if attacks the enemy barrel , it will “disenchant” and the enemy will fight again. If you use Depulso on a barrel, it will fly far away and you will no longer need to fight this enemy.

    We hope this guide has helped you learn how to unlock all the spells in Hogwarts Legacy, as well as how to upgrade and use them. If you have any questions – ask them in comments , we will definitely tell you. Read the general game guide and follow other Hogwarts Legacy guides in the corresponding section of our website.

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    All spells in Hogwarts Legacy: how to unlock them

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    In the role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy based on the Harry Potter books, there are more than 20 spells for all occasions.

    But not every one opens according to the plot. We will tell you what spells are available in the game, how they are useful and how to master each of them.

    What spells are in the game

    • Regular
    • To equip the Room of Rescue
    • Unforgivable

    Ordinary spells

    Arresto Momentum. Slows down or stops the movement of enemies and objects. It will come in handy both in combat and when solving puzzles in which you need to lift objects into the air, fix them in space and use them as a platform.

    The spell is issued after Madame Kogawa’s second assignment. To complete it, saddle up a broom and burst five balls each next to the spiers and Kinbridge.

    Glacius. Freezes enemies and increases damage against them. Outside of combat, Glacius is needed to solve puzzles.

    Issued after Madame Kogawa’s first assignment. To complete it, pop five balloons in flight over Hogsmeade and the Quidditch field.

    Transformation. Turns enemies into throwables, unable to attack. Issued according to the plot after the instruction of Professor Weasley. The task is to find the manual pages at the entrance to the Underground Harbor and in the library.

    Pulls objects and enemies towards the player. Obtained in the spell class after the main quest.

    Depulso. Pushes enemies and objects back. Issued after Professor Sharpe’s first assignment. To complete it, use Focus Potion by itself, as well as Potions of Maxim and Edurus at the same time.

    Descendo. Forcefully slams objects and enemies into the ground. Issued after the first order of Professor Onai. You will need to find a troll booger and use Depulso on an airborne enemy.

    Hogwarts Legacy: 15 useful tips for passing the game

    Flippendo. Spins enemies and objects in the air. Issued after Professor Chesnoke’s second assignment. You need to grow and collect algae, as well as use all the battle plants at the same time.

    Confringo. Flash deals damage to the target and sets it on fire. Issued according to the plot. The spell is also used to solve puzzles. For example, it can be used to light far-standing bowls of dragon statues. For this you will receive the pages of the “Manual”.

    Diffindo. Cutting wave with huge damage. Issued after Professor Sharpe’s second assignment. Your task is to use the Invisibility Potion and apply the Thunder Potion against the enemies.

    Expelliarmus. Knocks weapons out of enemy hands and deals damage. Issued after the second order of Professor Hecate. To complete it, dodge attacks ten times and use Incendio on enemies five times.

    Incendio. Deals massive damage and ignites at close range. Issued after the first order of Professor Hecate. To complete it, go through two rounds in the duel club.

    Deillumination spell. Makes the player invisible. Issued according to the plot. Allows you to walk past enemies undetected, as well as cheat chests with eyes when solving puzzles.

    Lumos. Flashlight Spell. Issued at the very beginning of the game.

    Reparo. A spell to repair things and buildings. Issued after the first order of Professor Ronen. To complete it, collect several flying pages with the help of Accio.

    Wingardium Leviosa. Allows you to control the movement of objects in the air. Issued after Professor Chesnoke’s first assignment.

    Revelio. Helps in finding secrets and side quests. When an important object is detected, a ring is heard. Revelio can be used while flying on a broom to highlight puzzles. If you pump the spell, the search radius will increase. Issued at the very beginning of the game.

    Alohomora. Opens locked doors. The spell has three levels, to master each one you need to look for figurines of demimask animals and take them to Professor Moon. Alohomora of the first level you will study according to the plot.

    Hogwarts Legacy: where to find all the Demimask moons

    Protego. Summons a shield that blocks enemy attacks and spells. Issued according to the story at the beginning of the game. With a perfect parry of an enemy attack, the hero will automatically hit the enemy with the Stupefaction spell.

    Ancient magic. A particularly powerful blow that can only be used after filling a special scale. To replenish it, you can pick up blue orbs left after defeating enemies.

    Spells for arranging the Rescue Room

    All spells for changing your shelter are given as part of the quest chain introducing this place.

    Witch spell. Allows you to create interior items and structures. For example, potion tables.

    Change spell. Allows you to change the layout and appearance of the Rescue Room.

    Evanesco. Vaporizes furniture and other objects instantly. In this case, the player gets back part of the disappeared resources.

    Unforgivable spells

    These powerful dark spells allow you to kill opponents or bend their will. Therefore, they are forbidden in the magical world. In books and film adaptations, the sorcerer who cast such a spell is sentenced to life imprisonment in Azkaban prison. But the main character of the game is not punished in any way. The use of unforgivable spells will be noted only by interlocutors in dialogues. This will not affect the plot and relationships with other characters.

    To open all the unforgivable spells, you need to go through the quest chain of Slytherin Sebastian Sallow, one of the protagonist’s partners. He will ask if you would like to learn forbidden spells. If you are going to become a dark wizard, agree to every offer.

    Crucio. Repeatedly damages and curses an enemy.

    Imperio. Makes an enemy temporarily help you and curses him.

    Avada Kedavra. Instantly kills any opponent. Moreover, this spell can be pumped so that it destroys all cursed opponents at once.

    You can learn it in the side quest “In the Shadow of the Relic”, in the original – In the Shadow of the Relic. Toward the end of the task, Sebastian will offer the main character to master Avada Kedavra. To study, select the second answer – “Everyone should know this spell.”

    If you choose a different line, the ability to master Avada Kedavra will disappear until Sebastian’s next quest – “In the Shadow of Fate”, or In the Shadow of Fate. In it, Ominis Gloom will ask the protagonist whether it is worth telling the director of Hogwarts about the actions of his partner. If you want to learn Avada Kedavra, refuse to turn in a Slytherin. And at the next meeting with him, ask him to teach him a deadly spell.