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Sony XV800 portable Bluetooth wireless party speaker review

Do you routinely find yourself entertaining very large crowds who want to dance, get entranced by a light show and sing karaoke (and maybe play some guitar)? If so, Sony has the speaker for you.

The Sony XV800 Portable Bluetooth Wireless Party Speaker is a gigantic speaker that can do all those things and more. It’s also technically portable, despite its prodigious size and weight, thanks to wheels and a 25-hour battery. But considering its $650 price tag, you should probably be a professional entertainer, or have aspirations in that direction, to warrant the cost.

Sony isn’t the only company to offer a party speaker like this — you’ll find ones that are slightly smaller or bigger, more expensive and less. Find out if the XV800 fits your party lifestyle below.

Sony XV800 Portable Bluetooth Wireless Party Speaker

A big, bassy party machine

The XV800 pumps out the jams loudly, with plenty of bass to vibrate your chest. It’s a party in a box that you can take with you — perfect for DJs, musicians and other entertainers. The $650 price and its sheer size mean the rest of us might want something a bit more reasonable.

$648 at Amazon

$650 at Best Buy

$650 at Sony

When you arrive with the XV800, you will be the center of attention. Its sheer size will impress the crowd: At 28.3 by 14.8 by 12.5 inches, it will make people who brought a typical-size Bluetooth speaker hide in shame. It’s a good thing it has wheels since you’ll want to use them to move around the 40.8-pound unit.

The XV800 uses its size well, delivering a big and loud sound. Forget about it filling a room; it can fill a house with sound. However, when you push the volume near max, the sound gets distorted and brash; it’s better to keep it around 50 to 60%, which is still very loud.

If the sound doesn’t attract a crowd, the ambient lighting will. Multicolor LEDs on the top and bottom blink and strobe in time to the music; you can select from several different patterns to match the mood of the event.

Mike Andronico/CNN Underscored

The Sony XB100 makes our favorite travel speaker even better

When you’re re-creating a club scene by the pool or in a parking lot, the people will want bass. All the bass. And the XV800 brings the thumping bass that you can feel in your bones.

The low end throughout Jon Batiste’s “Freedom” kept the floor vibrating with its deep tones, while the funky bass on Gorillaz’s “Cracker Island” pushed its power throughout the room (and beyond). The pounding drums on Mammoth WVH’s “Another Celebration at the End of the World” moved the air impressively. Even on songs in which the bass is usually lower in the mix, the XV800 pumped it up.

Michael Gowan/CNN Underscored

A party speaker is about more than playing tunes for friends. It gets its own category because of everything else it can do. In addition to playing music and putting on a light show, you can also connect a microphone and a guitar so people can sing and play along. It can charge your phone. Oh, and when you’re not thrilling a crowd, you can connect it to your TV to boost the dialogue and sound effects.

To take advantage of the speaker’s capabilities, you need not one but two apps: Sony’s Music Center lets you control the sound mode and input, while the Fiestable app brings the DJ extras, such as manual control of the lights and adding flange to the sounds coming from the speaker. The Fiestable app can be a bit slow to respond to touch input, however.

Because of the emphasis on bass, the speaker shines best on fast and energetic songs; acoustic music such as Fleetwood Mac’s “Never Going Back Again” and Miles Davis’s “Summertime” lacked warmth and the treble tones sounded too bright.

At lower volume, the bass was a bit overwhelming in the mix, but as you turn it up, the balance becomes better. However, the prominent low end tended to squelch the midrange tones and vocals could get lost — the falsetto singing on “Freedom” particularly sounded thin, especially in comparison to the big bass. But at a party, few people are going to be analyzing the sound that closely.

The Sony XV800 (left) is much larger than the UE Hyperboom.

Michael Gowan/CNN Underscored

If you’re not a DJ, MC or musician, you probably don’t need the XV800. It really is a big and expensive speaker. For most people, the $450 (and often discounted) UE Hyperboom will produce enough sound to entertain a typical outdoor party. Or you could choose from other, more affordable “party” speakers, such as the $350 JBL Partybox 110, which includes lights and karaoke, though only 12 hours of battery life.

Sony XV800

JBL Partybox 310

UE Hyperboom


28.3 x 14.8 x 12.5 inches

27 x 12.8 x 14.5 inches

14.33 x 7.5 x 7.5 inches


40.8 pounds

38.4 pounds

13 pounds


Bluetooth, optical digital, 3. 5 mm auxiliary, two 1/4-inch auxiliary

Bluetooth, 3.5mm auxiliary, two 1/4-inch auxiliary

Bluetooth, optical digital, 3.5mm auxiliary, USB charge out


25 hours

18 hours

24 hours










Sony’s XV800 lives up to its party speaker name. With plenty of power to fill a venue, you won’t have to worry about people hearing the tunes on your playlist. Its lights make it a visual draw as well as an audible one. Throw in karaoke and accents you can add via the Fiestable app, and the XV800 is a party in a box — albeit a very large one.

If you’re an entertainer who works with audio, the XV800 could be worth its $650 price. But you have other choices — especially the well-regarded $550 JBL Partybox 310, which is similar in size and features. The Partybox 310 puts its lights around the drivers instead of on top and bottom, and it has less battery life (18 versus 25 for the XV800). The choice comes down to personal preferences: You’re the DJ — which creates the best party for your people?

Sony’s small but mighty XB100 speaker is cheerful and very cheap

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There are smarter and much bigger speakers to choose from, but this tiny little thing offers surprisingly crisp sound for its low price.

By Chris Welch, a reviewer specializing in personal audio and home theater. Since 2011, he has published nearly 6,000 articles, from breaking news and reviews to useful how-tos.


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Sony’s XB100 Bluetooth speaker can be had for just $59.99.

Sony’s XB100 Bluetooth speaker can be had for just $59.99.

Even the smallest of Bluetooth speakers can prove to be a big value. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been testing Sony’s $59.99 XB100, which is the most portable option in the company’s lineup. It’s small enough to fit in a car cup holder. It’s shorter than a soda can and lightweight to the point that it’ll barely add any noticeable heft to your backpack or tote bag. And despite that tiny footprint, the XB100 manages to produce crisp sound that’s rich in bass — exactly where you’d expect it might struggle.  

The overall design closely takes after Sony’s prior XB13, but a textured outer finish and intended Sony logo make it easier to grip and look classier than the last model. The removable fabric strap lends some versatility to the speaker and gives you plenty of options for hanging it somewhere, securely hooking it onto bike handlebars, and so on. Sony is offering some striking colors, like the blue unit I reviewed and a bold orange version. You can also opt for black or a light gray if your soul is void of fun. The included USB-C charging cable is on the short side — about a foot long — but by now, you likely have a longer cord around the house for other devices. 

8Verge Score

Sony SRS-XB100


The Good

  • Extremely portable
  • IP67 dust and water resistance
  • Clear sound with a surprising amount of bass
  • Works as a speakerphone

The Bad

  • No EQ adjustments
  • Included USB-C cable is very short
  • Can’t fill large rooms — because physics

$58 at Amazon$60 at Best Buy$60 at Sony

How we rate and review products

The XB100 gets up to 16 hours of continuous battery life, and it’s rated IP67 against dust and water. The USB-C charging port is protected with a rubber flap, and to the left of that flap are five buttons for power, Bluetooth pairing, play / pause, and volume controls. The buttons press in with a nice click, so it’s very unlikely you’ll hit any of them accidentally. Sony also says the speaker has a UV coating to further protect it against the elements (and hopefully prevent these vibrant colors from fading over time). Sony also supports Fast Pair for Android devices, which is a nice little trick to have for the price. 

The included fabric strap makes it easy to hang this tiny speaker wherever you want.

Inside the speaker is an off-center diaphragm designed to enhance clarity across the volume range. And there’s a “sound diffusion processor” that the company claims can help spread the XB100’s audio beyond its meager dimensions. The internal layout is fairly simple; Sony pairs a passive radiator with a mono speaker. Unlike the company’s more premium Bluetooth devices, you can’t do any EQ customization with the $60 XB100 from the Sony Music mobile app. But it’s such a compact speaker that I’m not sure fiddling with EQ would make much of a difference; you’re either going to like the default sound profile or not.

In my case, I was pleasantly surprised by what this tiny thing can do. You’ll hear the best bass response with the XB100 seated on a table, but even when hung from a fence at an outdoor birthday party, the speaker preserved a nice amount of low-end thump and never sounded thin or sterile. It’s a pint-size mono driver, so you can hear the usual artifacts of stereo tracks being mushed together; some elements of a song might come through quieter, and there’s not much room for instrumentation to breathe. But those are just the realities of physics, and for its diminutive size, the XB100 at least focuses on clarity and a pleasant sound signature.

Around back are the buttons and speakerphone mic.

The XB100 produces the most bass when it’s on a table.

It gets loud enough for small gatherings or filling a home office with music, but obviously, Sony’s tiny speaker is no match for bigger, more dynamic competitors. If you’ve got a JBL Charge 5, Bose SoundLink Flex, or something like the Sonos Roam, there’s no comparison. There’s at least the option of pairing two XB100s for stereo playback and greater separation than a lone unit is capable of, and conveniently, this can be done directly from the device without any help from Sony’s app.

Agree to Continue: Sony SRS-XB100

Every smart device now requires you to agree to a series of terms and conditions before you can use it — contracts that no one actually reads. It’s impossible for us to read and analyze every single one of these agreements. But we started counting exactly how many times you have to hit “agree” to use devices when we review them since these are agreements most people don’t read and definitely can’t negotiate.

Like any Bluetooth speaker, you can use Sony’s XB100 without installing any software. But if you want to use the Sony Music app, you’re agreeing to:

  • Sony’s end user license agreement
  • Sony’s privacy policy

You can also opt in to letting Sony collect data from your usage of the Music app, which the company says is for the purpose of improving its products and services.

Together, you get three optional agreements.

It’s baffling to me that so many Bluetooth speakers continue to lack speakerphone functionality — even the expensive ones. But the XB100 has it, and Sony even added some echo cancellation algorithms to keep conversations intelligible even if people speak over each other. It’s a genuinely handy option being able to chat with callers even when your phone is tucked into a bag at an outdoor picnic or if it’s charging in another room. So long as you’re mindful about keeping the built-in mic facing you, the speakerphone works very well. 

If you’re looking for an affordable, take-anywhere speaker, this is a strong candidate.

If you’re on the hunt for a simple travel / hotel room Bluetooth speaker that’s guaranteed to sound nicer than your phone, the XB100 is an easy recommendation. It’s durable enough to tag along practically anywhere you go, so hikers needn’t worry. The battery life is more than enough for any chill park outing or an afternoon reading in the backyard. I wouldn’t want to spend $100 on something like this. But $59.99 strikes me as right on the money for what the XB100 delivers. If you upgrade to a bigger, more powerful (and smarter) Bluetooth speaker down the line, I’m sure you’ll find ways to keep using this charming little one.

Photography by Chris Welch / The Verge

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Neckband Speaker SRS-NB10 | Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


SRS-NB10 Wireless Neckband Speaker


SRS-NB10 Wireless Neckband Speaker

900 03

Buy now

Best solution for remote work

calls. Listen to music. Do whatever you need to do in comfort. The SRS-NB10 wireless neckband speaker makes working from home even more enjoyable.

Clear sound throughout your work day

With the upward angled full-range speaker, you’ll hear every word clearly without disturbing others in the room. A passive radiator built into the back of the unit amplifies low frequencies for a balanced sound.

You will always be heard clearly, even when the house is noisy

Whatever happens around you, you will always be heard clearly thanks to accurate voice recognition technology. The two SRS-NB10 highly directional microphones, combined with advanced audio signal processing, minimize feedback and echo for crystal-clear voice transmission.

Music and one-touch communication

The sound can always be turned off when you need privacy. You can control the microphone during conferences using special applications by simply pressing the MIC Mute “/> button.

High volume

The device transmits speech perfectly at any volume level. You can easily adjust the volume to a comfortable level by pressing the dedicated button on the side of the Sony device. You can also play and pause music while listening.

All-day comfort

Lightweight and comfortable neckband wireless speakers designed for all-day use. They sit securely around your neck and drape softly over your shoulders, so you can keep wearing them when you’re done. The system is ideal for listening to music while preparing dinner or cleaning.

High level of comfort

You’ll even forget you’re wearing the headphones – they’re so light. The flexible neckband helps you find the perfect fit.

Stay in the know

Open speaker system allows you to answer calls without being distracted from what is happening around you.

Power and practicality

You won’t have to worry about battery life. The battery of the device is able to withstand an intense load throughout the day.

All-Day Battery Life

With up to 20 hours of battery life on the , you’ll be ready to go no matter how many virtual meetings you have.

Extra power just when you need it

If you do run out of charge, a quick 10-minute USB Type-C charge will give you up to an hour of extra work .

Ready to go immediately. Relax while listening to music.

You can connect two devices at the same time, such as a laptop and a smartphone Устройство должно поддерживать подключение по Bluetooth. Комбинация подключения компьютера Mac и iPhone недоступна.”/> . If your laptop receives a business call while you are listening to music on your smartphone, you can take the call with a single press of the Play/Call button on the left side of the neckband. After the call ends, you can return to your favorite playlist without reconnecting.

Splash protection. Absolute comfort.

IPX4 splashproof lets you enjoy your favorite shows and songs even while doing everyday activities like washing dishes.

Music and movies are personal

This neckband speaker delivers clear sound even at low volumes. Connect it to your TV, Bluetooth®-enabled smartphone or music player and enjoy your favorite movies, TV series and playlists without disturbing other residents, roommates or family members.

Nice, ergonomic shape

With a slim design and fine fabric trim, this lightweight speaker is a pleasure to use.

Feel the quality

Fabric-lined drivers give the neckband a premium look and feel.

Choose your color

This portable speaker comes in a range of colors from ash gray to white to match your home office décor.

Learn more about SRS-NB10

Environmentally friendly

Our products are stylish and environmentally friendly. The packaging materials for the SRS-NB10 contain less than 10% plastic, reflecting Sony’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our products and business practices.

Specifications and features

Wireless neckband speaker that fits comfortably on the shoulders. Acoustic system for conference calls and listening to music.


User Reviews

4.3 Based on 13 User Reviews Design


Ease of use


Read all reviews

Product Support

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Completely dustproof

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Speaker + additional speaker = dizzying stereo sound

Simply connect two speakers wirelessly and enjoy stereo sound.


Type AC Full Range
Speaker Mono speaker: 46 mm


901 73 2.4 GHz

Data technology 901 10 m Compatible profiles A2DP / AVRCP / HFP / HSP
Supported codecs SBC/AAC
Transmission frequency range 20-20,000 Hz (sampling frequency: 44. 1 kHz)
Frequency response


Input/output jacks Stereo mini jack (IN), micro USB

Basic functions

9 0173 Battery life

90 179

Approx. 16 hours
Universal power supply Built-in battery
Hands-free Yes
Water proof IP67

Size and weight

Dimensions (W x H x D) Approx. diameter — 74 mm, height — 92 mm
Weight Approx.

Raport / rapport

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