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Insignia Black 2.0-Channel Mini Soundbar (each) Delivery or Pickup Near Me

Insignia Black 2.0-Channel Mini Soundbar (each) Delivery or Pickup Near Me – Instacart

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Setting up an Insignia NS-SB314 soundbar (and other brands too) – Don Lindich’s Sound Advice

The Insignia NS-SB314 soundbar was one of my most popular recommendations last year. While not a high-end product, it sounds pleasant and makes your television much easier to hear.  That’s all a lot of consumers want, and with an MSRP of $99 and frequent sale prices between $49 and $79 it is a very good buy.

You can do it!

If you can plug in and use a hair dryer, you can set up this soundbar. This page will show you how easy it is. All you need to do is make two easy connections and push a few buttons.

Other brands may apply

This setup guide may also help you set up another brand of soundbar, though the buttons and input placement may be different.

Let’s get started

I have borrowed some content from my ZVOX SoundBase setup page so I can get this page up a little faster.

What you need

Of course, you need the soundbar itself. Here is mine on its way home from Best Buy the day I found one on sale and decided to try it. I had no idea what I would be starting that day!

Unfortunately, it only comes with analog cables and you will get your best results with an optical digital cable, as shown above.  This cable should cost no more than $10, and I recommend a-foot to 6-foot length.  It is better to have some extra cable to tuck in, rather than a cable that is under tension.

You can find some at this link: Optical Digital Cables

Step 1: Place the soundbar in front of the TV

First, put the soundbar in front of the TV. Easy enough.

Step 2: Connect the optical cable to the TV

As you can see in the picture above, the optical cable connector is shaped so it only fits one way. You pull off the protection cap before inserting the cable.

You will probably already have HDMI cables connected to the TV. These cables carry the picture and the sound. In this case, a cable box and a Blu-ray player are connected. This is as it should be, and nothing changes here.

Look for the Optical Digital Out connection on the back of the TV. You can see what it looks like in the picture above.

Connect one end of the optical cable to this connection. It will firmly click in place.

Step 3: Connect the optical cable to the soundbar


Locate the optical digital input on the back of the soundbar. You can see it in the picture above. It is “SOURCE 1 OPTICAL” on the far right.

Connect the other end of the optical cable to this input, as shown above. It will firmly click in place.

Step 4: Plug in the soundbar

Plug one end of the power adapter into the soundbar (shown above) and the other end into the wall. Easy enough!

Step 5: Turn down TV speakers

Turn down your TV speakers all the way to zero. You want the soundbar to produce all the sound.

Step 6: Set TV audio output to PCM

Go into the TV’s setup menus and look for the digital audio output setting.  Set it to PCM.

If you are wondering what PCM stands for, it is “Pulse Code Modulation” which, for lack of a better term, is a generic digital audio signal.  It does not require special decoding like Dolby Digital or DTS formats.

Step 7: Using the remote

Turn on the soundbar, then select the input using the remote or the buttons on the top. It is SOURCE 1 OPTICAL on the left, under the red power button.  When you select it the soundbar will start making sound.

As you can see, in the center there are three different sound settings.  Use “News” if you want to understand voices better.  Bass adjustment is directly below, and volume is to the right.  Mute button is directly above the volume.

No optical connection?

The soundbar comes with stereo RCA cables that can be connected to the audio output of your TV or cable/satellite set-top box. You will get better results from optical, though.

What is a soundbar and what is it for: types, models and differences from other acoustic systems

In modern thin-body TVs, manufacturers build excellent matrices that produce 4K resolution and HDR. But the same success has not yet been achieved with sound – to create high-quality and surround sound, speakers of sufficient size are needed, which are difficult to place in a small case. For those who do not want to spoil the appearance of the room with a pile of speakers, you can pay attention to the soundbars – we will talk about them in this material.


What is called a soundbar
Why you need a soundbar
Types and models of soundbars
Differences between a soundbar and a conventional speaker system
choosing a good soundbar

Unlike other external speakers with a set of speakers, soundbars stand out for their compactness and solidity. These all-in-one devices allow you to improve the sound of your TV and at least partially replace the functionality of a home theater.

Usually the soundbar looks like a monolithic panel placed under the TV. This thin and narrow band will delight you with high-quality sound without the need for other additional devices – just like the JBL Bar 5.0 MultiBeam model.

However, soundbars are also called systems that have several separate speakers and even subwoofers – separate large speakers for bass reproduction. For example, despite the presence of two small speakers and a separate subwoofer, the LG SN5R set is still considered a soundbar – because in the center of the system there is a multifunctional and compact “bar” through which all this is connected to the TV.

The soundbar enhances the sound of standard TV speakers for an enhanced movie experience. Expensive soundbars can even enrich the performance of home theaters, especially systems with a small number of mid- and high-frequency speakers.

Buying a soundbar makes sense if you are looking for a compact and stylish device that will improve the sound when watching movies. Of course, such solutions are better suited for small apartments and studios, but for spacious rooms it is better to take care of purchasing a full-fledged home theater.

But not every apartment is ready to withstand the installation of multi-channel acoustics, for which you need to allocate a lot of space and place speakers in a certain order, and not every movie lover is ready to install and set it up. At the same time, many soundbars or their parts, like subwoofers, work on wireless technologies, which allows you to quickly place them in the room and connect them to the TV itself.

First of all, it is worth highlighting active and passive soundbars. They differ in that the amplifier is built into the first by default, and in the second it is taken out of the case. This also affects the connection method: if the active ones are connected directly to the TV, then in passive systems there is still a receiver between the TV and the soundbar. Many choose active models because it saves more space and does not bother with the connection.

Functionally, soundbars can be divided into five categories

  • Sound Projector

    These units also have built-in subwoofers and are monolithic systems, however they are designed solely to be suspended from the wall and are not intended to be placed on shelves, nightstands or other furniture. This is due to the design of the speaker – as planned, the subwoofer is directed downwards, which allows low frequencies to be reflected from surfaces and spread better in the room.

  • Soundbar with separate subwoofer

    The most common soundbar option that takes up a little more space but has a solid set of speakers. In addition to a separate full-fledged subwoofer, speakers are built into the soundbar to reproduce high-quality high and mid frequencies. In this category, you can find many offers from different companies. For example, LG’s SL6Y model stands out for having an LCD display on the front panel with basic information, multiple connection ports, Bluetooth connectivity, and a separate remote control.

The most important parameters when comparing soundbars and audio systems are cost and sound quality. Putting together a good home audio system from surround sound speakers is much more expensive than buying a soundbar with a separate subwoofer, which in theory replaces such a scheme. For example, Sony HT-S350 also creates surround sound when watching movies.

However, this raises the question of the quality of this sound. Firstly, full-fledged speakers sound better thanks to separate cabinets of different sizes and speakers designed for certain frequencies. Secondly, by placing them correctly in the room, you will get a much more three-dimensional picture, since the sound will really come from different directions, and not try to create a three-dimensional picture virtually, as happens in soundbars.

By choosing a soundbar, you sacrifice sound quality, but get a compact acoustic center that enhances the movie viewing experience and does not take up much space. Placement of a soundbar is much easier than a system of five or more speakers. A set of active speakers does not look as stylish and attractive as a single soundbar with a subwoofer. Moreover, to install the speakers, you will need to hang them in different corners of the room. On the other hand, systems with a separate subwoofer are usually quite easy to install in a room, especially since most of them support wireless communication, such as the Toshiba TS218.

However, soundbars often have far fewer ports to connect to. Most models have only one HDMI input, so all additional devices must be connected to the TV, which is less convenient. At the same time, AV receivers in speaker systems with many speakers most often have several inputs of each type and are more adapted to various kinds of switching – they are easier to connect to players, game consoles and TVs.

However, a system of individual speakers with an AV receiver is more open to upgrades, because in it you can always replace individual speakers, leaving only a part of the devices. Thus, having bought a 3.1 system, it can be gradually brought to a full-fledged 7.1. The most important thing is not to skimp on a good receiver that can handle all this. The monolithic structure of soundbars in this regard is difficult to modify, if at all possible.

First of all, when choosing a soundbar, you should pay attention to the number of channels. It is usually specified in the format X.Y, where X is the number of speakers with mid and high frequencies, and Y is the number of subwoofers. It is worth choosing models with the largest number of channels, because they will be able to please viewers and listeners with multi-channel sound. The most common option here is the 2.1 system, but even in compact cases there are solutions with 3.1 and 5.1 that provide complete immersion in what you are viewing. The JBL BAR 5.1 Immersive is one of those.

It is also worth paying attention to the number of connectors for connection, including on the subwoofer. The presence of Bluetooth will allow you to connect a smartphone, but look at other connectors: the most common are 3. 5 and 6.3 mm jacks, RCA (“tulips”), S / PDIF and others – they will help you connect to TVs, high-quality players and players. The more connectors on the soundbar and subwoofer cabinet, the better.

Equally important in soundbars is the power rating. First of all, we are talking about the total output power, that is, an indicator of the entire system. For small rooms, whose area is within 20 sq. meters, you can choose a system with a total power of up to 100 W, and for rooms from 50 sq. meters – 300 W or more.

It is also important to look at the power of the subwoofer. To ensure high-quality bass, it is necessary that the power of the subwoofer be twice as much as the power of the soundbar itself and speakers – then its sound will not sag and will not be lost against other sources. That is, in a 300-watt system, 200 watts should go exactly to the subwoofer.

Equally important are the width of the panel and the material of the casing the device is made of. Many people choose soundbars that are roughly the same length as their TVs for design reasons, but for surround sound, it’s best to go for systems with a larger “swing”—that is, the distance between the left and right edges of the soundbar. It is also worth giving preference to models made of MDF and wood, rather than plastic: the latter dampen unnecessary sounds worse and may begin to resonate at high volume.

View all soundbars and choose yours


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M&K Sound 950 Series Features Lineup

THX Select Certified Series

Wall speaker systems [soundbar] M&K Sound MP950. Colour: Matt black

1 042


Where to buy

Wall speaker systems [soundbar] M&K Sound MP950. Colour: Matt white

1 042


Where to buy

Bookshelf speakers M&K LCR950. Colour: Black Satin

1 010


Where to buy

No one – absolutely no one – comes close to the experience and reputation in designing and building loudspeakers for professionals and enthusiasts that MK Sound has, with its more than 45 years of leadership at the forefront of acoustic development. Series of acoustic systems MK Sound 950 THX Select has taken full advantage of this rich heritage. The compact LCR950 front and SUR95T tripolar rear all feature an innovative tweeter designed for the latest versions of our legendary professional studio monitors. Specifically designed to handle high power with minimal dynamic compression, the 950 Series tweeter delivers full dynamic range at high output levels, with an openness and airiness that leaves other systems of comparable size and price far behind. All speakers of the MK Sound 9 series50 are built from the ground up as a unit to achieve extreme realism and a 3D holographic look when paired with any MK Sound subwoofer. To achieve these goals, all models use exclusive, identical 5.25” polypropylene cone drivers, matched to the stunning new MK Sound Pro tweeter via MK Sound’s signature phase focusing crossovers. Deceptively small, MK Sound 9 based stereo or surround sound systems50 offer superior sound quality in a minimal footprint in any living space. The heavy, curved metal grilles are acoustically inert and are held in place by magnets hidden in the front panel. This design eliminates annoying rattling or juddering that is common with other brands using cheap, lightweight, metal or plastic grills that mount on pins. At the same time, the MK Sound 950 offers a modern visual look without sacrificing sound quality. Critical home entertainment enthusiasts as well as serious audio professionals alike agree that MK Sound represents the crowning achievement in sound – whether for mixing music, mastering recordings, broadcasting or producing movie soundtracks, or simply sit back and relax at home with your favorite movies or music. Acoustic systems MK Sound 950 are designed to work with high-end subwoofers. For subwoofer selection advice, please contact your authorized MK Sound dealer. The 950 Series speakers proudly follow the MK Sound tradition of being the choice of professionals and perfectionists (those who strive for excellence). The THX project was originally conceived to ensure that large theaters meet the strict quality standards of George Lucas, the creator of the Star Wars series. But soon the THX logo became universally recognized as a mark of quality for discerning moviegoers around the world. An independent quality standard, THX Select, was then created for home theater enthusiasts to meet the requirements of listening room systems up to 2,000 cubic meters. feet (about 200 m3 or 60 m2 in area). 9 Series SpeakersThe 50THX Select not only meets these requirements, it also outperforms the THX Select in on-axis frequency response flatness, wide and even horizontal dispersion, and coverage of a large listening area with consistent tonal content. For more information, contact your authorized local MK Sound dealer or visit the MK Sound website:

LCR950 Satellite Monitor

50 owes much to its unrestricted access to technologies and components developed in search of audio nirvana for critical professional audio users. The front and rear speakers use the same innovative drivers, crossover components and technologies to streamline and seamlessly integrate the sound field created by the 950 Series speakers. In contrast, many so-called musical and theatrical “systems” are a hodgepodge of randomly chosen elements and solutions. Therefore, the appearance on the market of compact monitors MK Sound 950 was met but with great enthusiasm by all parties. Expectations were indeed very high for a system with such an outstanding track record, which was to sit between the well-established 750 THX Select speakers and the legendary 150 THX Ultra speakers in the MK Sound lineup. Unlike many other manufacturers’ crossovers, which are only optimized for a limited listening area (“sweet spot”), MK Sound’s proprietary crossover delivers pin-sharp sound imaging and uniform frequency response over a wide listening area – by optimizing sound not only in the horizontal, but also in the vertical plane. The two identical front speakers deliver a coherent and orderly sound image while carefully conveying all micro-details and subtle nuances. And the extraordinary dynamics make a significant contribution to the feeling of real power.