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Move: Indoor/Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker – Sonos

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Get bold sound that moves you and moves with you with this powerful, durable, and versatile smart speaker.

More infoShadow BlackAutomatic Trueplay

Automatic Trueplay™

Apple Airplay 2

Apple AirPlay 2

Water resistant (IP56)

Water resistant (IP56)

11+ hour battery life

11 hour battery life

Voice enabled

Voice enabled



Touch controls

Touch controls

Drop resistant

Drop resistant

Apple Music logo

Get 3 free months of Apple Music

Stream over 100 million songs, ad-free. Listen across all your devices. And feel sound all around with spatial audio.

Stream with WiFi and Bluetooth

Enjoy the unmatched Sonos experience at home on WiFi, and switch to Bluetooth with the press of a button when you’re away.

Compare WiFi and Bluetooth

Easy to handle

The built-in handle and cordless design make it easy to bring Move from room to room, out to your patio, to the beach, and beyond.

Great sound in the great outdoors

Feel immersed in an ultra wide soundstage of deep bass and clear highs everywhere you want to listen.

Tunes itself like magic

Move uses automatic Trueplay tuning to adapt the sound for your surroundings and content.

Always in its element

Thanks to its IP56 rating and shock-absorbent design, Move weathers humidity, rain, snow, sun, extreme temperatures, and accidental drops with ease.

Battery that lasts

Get up to 11 hours of continuous playback at moderate volumes.

Effortless charging

Simply set the speaker down on the included Wireless Charging Base for quick power.

Freedom of control

Sonos app Sonos app

Connect all your streaming services, discover new music on Sonos Radio, and personalize settings.

Bluetooth Bluetooth

Play sound from your smartphone, tablet, or another Bluetooth-enabled device paired with the speaker.

Buttons Touch

Tap or swipe the top of the speaker to pause the music, adjust the volume, skip a track, and more.

AirPlay 2 AirPlay 2

Send sound directly from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, then ask Siri to turn it up from your device.

Just say “Hey Sonos”

Play music and control your system with hands-free ease and unmatched privacy.

Learn more

Hey Sonos, play Indie Gold on Sonos Radio

Hands-free help

Ask Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to set timers, check the news, control your smart home devices, and more.

Availability of voice services varies by country and language.

Google is a trademark of Google LLC.

Customize your sound system

Mix and match products that fit all the places and ways you want to listen. Pair identical speakers for richer stereo sound, build a surround sound system for home theater, and feel even more immersed when you add Sonos to every room.

Sonos Move Travel Bag

Bring incredible sound everywhere with this custom-designed carryall.

Backorder — Estimated to ship August 6, 2023

Sonos Move Wall Hook

Tech Specs

  • Audio
  • Details + Dimensions
  • Power + Connectivity
  • Box Contents
  • Requirements
Product Guide

Choose the perfect portable speaker


Water resistant (IP56)


11 hour battery life

Voice enabled


Waterproof (IP67)


10 hour battery life

Voice enabled

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Sonos Move review: house shaker, not road warrior

For the past week or so, I’ve been listening to music on a wireless speaker in my living room, in my kitchen, in my home office, on my patio, and even at the park. While some people might do this with a variety of different speakers, I’ve been using the same speaker in all of those places: Sonos’ new $399 Move.

The Move is a milestone product for Sonos, a 17-year-old independent company that sells popular wireless home audio products. It’s the first model from the company with a battery and support for Bluetooth audio, which means it’s the first Sonos speaker you can easily transport — or move, if you will — from place to place. It’s more than a typical Bluetooth speaker, though, because the Move also supports the classic Sonos Wi-Fi system and integrates seamlessly with Sonos’ other speakers. It’s also a smart speaker with always-on microphones that you can use to speak to Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant.

As the first portable Sonos product, the Move has a lot riding on it. For the most part, it shoulders that burden well. It is an excellent speaker. But you might want to read on if you’re thinking of dropping nearly $400 to replace that cheap Bluetooth speaker in your travel bag with a Move.

8Verge Score

Sonos Move


The Good

  • Loud, full sound
  • Reliable wireless connectivity
  • Seamlessly integrates with other Sonos products
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant on board
  • Sounds great indoors or out

The Bad

  • Pricey
  • Some significant setup bugs and headaches
  • Too big and heavy to travel with
  • 10-hour battery life is shorter than other Bluetooth speakers

$399 at Amazon$400 at Best Buy

How we rate and review products

The first thing to notice about the Move as you take it out of the box is just how big and heavy it is. This isn’t your typical portable Bluetooth speaker. The Move is a substantial thing that weighs over 6.6 pounds and towers almost 10 inches tall. As a result, it’s not really well-suited for light travel. Dragging it to the playground for some tunes while my kids played wasn’t trivial, unlike the typical UE Boom I just throw in a bag while walking out the door.

Instead, it’s best to view the Move as a speaker that you can easily move from place to place in your home or from inside your house to your outside patio, as opposed to something you’ll really want to travel with. Sonos designed a handle into the speaker’s molded plastic shell, making it easy to quickly pick it up and place it down in a new location, but it isn’t something you’ll want to carry the Move around by on long trips.

The Move’s size and weight make it cumbersome to travel with

Compared to the popular Sonos One speaker, the Move is a bit taller and has an oval shape instead of a rounded square. Most of that size difference is due to the battery in the base of the Move. The actual drivers (one woofer and one tweeter) in the Move aren’t much larger or more powerful than the One’s. It’s also considerably taller than Apple’s HomePod, though it doesn’t take up any more shelf space. The Move’s size isn’t much of an issue inside the home — you’ll need about as much space for this as you do for a HomePod or Sonos One — but it’s definitely noticeable when you bring the Move on the go.

The Sonos Move is considerably larger than the Sonos One, Apple HomePod, or a typical Bluetooth speaker such as the UE Boom 2.

In a pleasant surprise, the battery in the Move is replaceable, so when it eventually stops holding a charge, you can swap it out for a new one. Sonos says the battery should last for 900 charge cycles (or roughly three years of use), and it will be selling replacements at a later date for a to-be-announced price. The company says the Move will last about 10 hours off of a charger, and I was able to hit that mark listening to music at 50 percent volume. While 10 hours is plenty of playtime for hanging out on my patio, it is far less than what popular Bluetooth speakers provide, though you can run the Move off of a USB-C power bank if you need even longer playtime.

Charging the battery takes about three hours and is done via the oval “dock” that comes with the Move. There are two contact points on the back of the speaker that line up with contacts on the dock, so you just have to place the speaker down on the dock to start charging. I love this design. I didn’t have to fumble with plugging in a wire to charge the speaker, and it provides a home for the Move to live in when I’m not using it in other locations. The experience is just like the wireless chargers I have on my desk and nightstand for my phone.

Sonos is selling the Move in just one color: a grayish-black that’s not as dark as the black Sonos One. It’s also not any more resistant to fingerprints than the One, even though this is a speaker that’s meant to be handled and moved around, not just sit in one place. I’d love to see a white option, as most Sonos speakers are available in two colors, so perhaps this is something the company will offer in the future.

The Move charges via an included base.

A USB-C port provides an alternative way to charge the battery.

The design features are all appreciated, but what really matters with the Move is the sound, and that’s where Sonos really delivers. The Move gets surprisingly loud and is able to fill even large rooms without sounding like it’s struggling or overwhelmed. Its sound output is closer to a Sonos One than a Sonos Play:5, with perhaps just a little more volume than the One. You can hear the bass coming from the Move, but you can’t feel it the way you can with a Play:5. But you can’t take that Play:5 outside with you, either.

The Move has a downward-firing tweeter, which is designed to provide an omnidirectional soundstage, so you can hear the music regardless of where you’re positioned in relation to the speaker. Compared to the One, which has a front-firing tweeter, the Move does envelop a room with sound a little better, and it doesn’t rely on you being in the “sweet spot” for the best experience quite as much. Overall, the sound output between the One and the Move is very similar, with a punchy bass, clear highs, and warm mids. 

Like most Sonos speakers, the Move sounds great across a wide variety of genres and at both low and high volumes

It sounds great across a wide variety of genres and at both low and high volumes, so you don’t have to crank it to 11 to really enjoy it. I really appreciate this versatility when I just want some background music in my home office or during dinner and still want to be able to carry a conversation over the music. Sonos speakers all have a similar sound signature, which is not quite clinical but very pleasing to listen to. And the Move fits right in with the rest of the lineup.

I also compared the Move to Apple’s HomePod, and I was surprised by how much louder the Move was able to get. At 70 percent volume, the Move easily outgunned Apple’s speaker at the same settings and was able to maintain clarity just as well. The HomePod is a great-sounding speaker, but the Move actually sounds clearer and crisper to my ears and is able to maintain a louder volume to boot.

The Move has always-listening microphones so you can use it as a smart speaker.

A handle is molded into the plastic shell to make it easier to pick up, and the button to switch between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is on the back of the speaker.

Impressively, the Move doesn’t lose any of its punch when it’s running on battery, as opposed to being plugged into the wall. Outside, the Move is able to hold its own, projecting a lot of sound without losing it all to the atmosphere or degrading into distortion. It was surprising how similar the Move sounded no matter where I placed it, which is due in large part to Sonos’ new automatic TruePlay tuning that uses the speaker’s onboard mics to tune its output to whatever environment it’s in.

Agree to Continue: Sonos Move

Every smart device now requires you to agree to a series of terms and conditions before you can use it — contracts that no one actually reads. It’s impossible for us to read and analyze every single one of these agreements. But we started counting exactly how many times you have to hit “agree” to use devices when we review them since these are agreements most people don’t read and definitely can’t negotiate.

To use the Sonos Move, and any other Sonos speaker, there’s one mandatory thing you need to agree to:

  • Sonos’ privacy policy. You will be forced to agree to it while creating a Sonos account, which is required to set up a Sonos speaker. If you were hoping to bypass this by just using the Move over Bluetooth, sorry, you can’t use it on Bluetooth without first setting it up with a Sonos account.

There are also two optional things you need to agree to if you want to add voice controls:

  • An Amazon account to use Alexa
  • A Google account to use Google Assistant

Final tally: one mandatory agreement and one or two optional agreements for Amazon or Google. For the latter two, these agreements extend other products that likely involve significantly more agreements.

Apple does a similar thing with the HomePod, and I’m glad that Sonos is finally enabling it automatically, without the need to go through a convoluted setup process that involves waving a beeping iPhone around the room to acoustically map the space. The company says it’s likely that automatic TruePlay will be added to other Sonos speakers that have microphones in the future.

The Move also sounds almost exactly the same whether I used it over a Bluetooth connection to my device or via the usual Wi-Fi setup. Switching between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is done by a button on the back of the speaker, and the Move will try to connect to the last device it was paired to when you switch modes. It’s just as loud and enjoyable to listen to on Bluetooth versus Wi-Fi, though the automatic TruePlay tuning is only available when using the speaker on Wi-Fi. Due to the Move’s large size and weight, I don’t think most people will use it over Bluetooth very often, and it had no problem hanging on to my Wi-Fi network’s signal when I took it outside to my patio.

If you want even more volume, you can pair two Moves together in a stereo formation, much like Sonos’ other speakers. But I’m not sure why you’d use the Move for this kind of setup, as the stereo pair will get broken whenever you move one of the speakers from its base and use it in a different location.

Like the Sonos One and Beam soundbar, the Move has onboard microphones and support for either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for voice controls. I was able to bark commands to adjust the volume, skip tracks, or control other smart home gadgets even while the Move was playing music at high volumes, and it responded without issue. 

It’s not possible to run Alexa and Google Assistant at the same time, but the Sonos app does make it easy to switch between the two platforms whenever you want. On battery, the speaker will go to sleep after a few minutes of not being used, and it took a couple of attempts to “wake” it with a voice command when it’s in this power-saving mode. Voice commands are also not available over Bluetooth; you have to use the Move on your Wi-Fi network to take advantage of them.

Bluetooth loses some features over Wi-Fi, but it still sounds great

Because the Move is a Sonos speaker, it’s compatible with almost every streaming music service available, plus services like Audible and Pocket Casts. You can play music on it through voice commands, via Sonos’ app, directly through Spotify using Spotify Connect, or via AirPlay 2 on an Apple device. If you have a receiver or turntable plugged into other Sonos devices, like a Connect or a Play:5, you can play that music through the Move, too. As you’d expect, you can also group the Move with other Sonos speakers in your home for simultaneous whole-home listening. If you’re paired to the Move over Bluetooth, whatever audio app you have on your phone will now play through the Move, just as you’d expect with any other Bluetooth speaker.

While most of my experience testing the Move was positive, it wasn’t all perfect. I had some significant problems getting Alexa and Google Assistant to play music through the Move due to some apparent incompatibilities between the Move and my mesh router system, which I was able to eventually resolve by forcing the Move to connect to the main router node during setup. Sonos says the problems I encountered were out of the ordinary, and other reviewers I spoke to said they had no issues getting the Move up and fully operational on their networks, so your mileage may vary here. When everything did get set up correctly, the experience was great. But it took a lot of time and work with Sonos’ support team to get there, and the app wasn’t very helpful when troubleshooting the problems. I also have not encountered any issues with other Sonos speakers on this network, so something must be different with the Move’s Wi-Fi hardware or configuration.

The biggest question that most people seem to have about the Move is about whether it’s worth the nearly $400 price tag. Frankly, it’s a tough price to swallow for what largely amounts to a $200 Sonos One with a battery bolted to the bottom of it. It’s also a lot more money than the typical Bluetooth speaker costs. But the Move also does things that no other Sonos speaker nor any other Bluetooth speaker can do, and it does it all without compromising on sound quality, volume, or features.

If you’re looking for a truly portable Bluetooth speaker to take to the park or the beach, the Move is not the right solution. But if you’ve been wanting the ability to take your Sonos speaker out to the patio, down to the basement, in the garage, or anywhere else where you don’t need a full-time dedicated speaker but where you want to occasionally listen to music, then the Move is exactly the thing you’ve been looking for.

I have a feeling a lot of people have been wanting just that kind of speaker. I’m one of them. We’re just going to have to pay $400 to get it.

Photography by Dan Seifert / The Verge

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Sonos Move Portable Speaker with Smart Features / Hi-Fi & Digital Audio / iXBT Live

Hello! And I present a review of a very unusual portable speaker Sonos Move. Excellent balanced sound, convenient layout and interesting features – all this will not leave you indifferent. Sonos Move is the company’s first portable speaker that allows you to “take your favorite music with you.”

Official store SONOS

Smart speaker Sonos Move (Yandex.Market)

So, an interesting Move smart speaker from SONOS came to the review. It is not just a speaker or a portable speaker with a battery, but a whole autonomous system for playing streaming content from Internet radio, from multimedia services (for example, from YouTube). In general, this is a fairly advanced speaker that will be convenient for home use, as well as in the office, to create a comfortable environment. SONOS Move integrates into the smart home system.

Brand: SONOS
Model: Move
Type: portable speaker
Features: rugged design (IP56 water and drop protection), comfortable handle, intuitive touch controls
radio, audio stream playback from applications, including Youtube, integration into multiroom
Interfaces: Bluetooth, WiFi 2.4/5GHz.
Power supply: built-in 36WH battery, original charging cradle, USB-C
Autonomy: up to 11 hours of continuous playback
Smart home integration: Yes
Applications: SONOS, Apple AirPlay
Dimensions: 240 x 160 x 126 mm
Weight: 3kg

SONOS MOVE smart speaker comes in original packaging.

Thoughtful packaging. At the very top is a booklet with information for the user.

A quick start guide is provided as a starter guide, which introduces the basic operation and operation of the dispenser, as well as links to the software.

Also included is a soft bag for storage, carrying and protection from external influences. By the way, for carrying along with the charger, I recommend purchasing a special Move Travel Bag case or something similar.

SONOS comes with a special O-stand charger with contacts and AC adapter.

The appearance of the SONOS Move speaker is shown in the images below.

The charger is suitable not only for recharging the battery, but also as a permanent power supply for the speaker when working in the home “desktop” mode.

The charging contacts are spring-loaded, positioned specifically for sliding contacts on the bottom of the SONOS speaker.

The power supply has an EU plug marked CPS045180250V. Power parameters: 18V, 2.5A (45 W), which allows you to recharge the column quickly enough.

The option to use directly with the base is suitable if the speaker, for example, plays at home, in conjunction with a home theater or as a portable speaker for a smart home.

The design of the stand is so organically made that it looks in the same design with the body of the SONOS Move speaker itself.

Special soft protective case included.

It completely covers the column, protects against scuffs, as well as other external factors (dust, etc.).

The quality of the cover is decent, the seams are even, the threads do not stick out. Drawstring included for tying.

The top panel of the device is made of touch, with indication. It is possible to control playback, adjust the volume, etc. In the center is the button to call the voice assistant. You can, for example, ask the Google Assistant for a song, or play Internet radio. Localization of the voice assistant is currently under development (we are waiting for software updates).

At the top of the cabinet, right on the speaker grille, is the SONOS logo.

The lower part of the case is made of plastic with a soft-touch coating (soft rubber-like coating).

Internally installed dynamic midrange driver and one low frequency driver (woofer). Two Class-D modules are used as an amplifier. You can see a little more about audio amplifiers in this article.

On the back of the case there is a special niche, which is both a convenient carrying handle and hides a push-button control unit (on/off buttons, access point activation, etc. are located).

Three buttons arranged vertically. Pay attention, the middle button switches the wireless connection modes: Bluetooth and WiFi, and the last network is dual-band 2.4 / 5GHz.

A little lower is the port for recharging the USB Type-C device, and contacts for the charging station. You can charge from powerful USB PD3.0 adapters (45W or more, requires support for 20V / 2.25A mode, for example, such an adapter with USB-C is suitable).

In general, the appearance is top-notch. Nothing superfluous, almost the entire vertical surface is occupied by a grid for speakers.

There is an operation LED on the top panel. Management is intuitive.

SONOS App required for advanced functionality. The setup procedure is as follows: connect via Wi-Fi to the column, configure, and then the option to work both via Wi-Fi and via Bluetooth connection will be available.

We press the button on the column – the “SONOS” access point “rises”, to which we connect for configuration.

Select the desired model (SONOS Move), confirm with a short press on the button on the speaker, set up a connection to your home Wi-Fi network.

At startup, the SONOS app offers a description of the basic features.
I recommend creating a SONOS account in order to take advantage of the extended functionality of the application.

To get started, the basic functionality of SONOS Move is offered – listening to media content directly from a smartphone, and working using streaming SONOS Radio.

Playback settings are also available – equalizer, volume boost, Trueplay sound enhancement function. As for Trueplay’s automatic audio setup, with the option activated, the sound of the speaker constantly adapts to where you are and what you are listening to. This function analyzes the surrounding space and automatically adjusts the sound to it, improving the sound, removing noise and echo.

If we select content from a smartphone, then a file browser is available to search for the desired albums, artists and tracks. If we choose to listen to SONOS Radio, a list of available radio stations, including local ones, opens.

I mentioned above that a Bluetooth connection is available to work with the SONOS MOVE speaker. It is enough to switch the button on the back panel, then connect to the Bluetooth network. In this case, the playback of the audio stream is similar to ordinary speakers.

The application displays notifications about the track being played directly in the smartphone curtain. Quick playback control is also available there.

Other media content services can be added to SONOS Radio. For example YouTube. Add according to the instructions (enter and confirm your account to access the application). After that, playback from YouTube becomes available.

Examples of playing albums stored in a smartphone, as well as playing an Internet radio stream. Useful thing in the office.

The interior of the speaker looks very harmonious, but if you want to create a home theater system, the large SONOS ARC soundbar is better for you. By the way, the ability to set up a SONOS speaker in multi-room mode makes it possible to listen to different music in different rooms.

Although the speaker can work via Bluetooth, the Move is still part of the SONOS ecosystem and can work as a stationary speaker with other SONOS devices at home via Wi-Fi, as part of a smart home or multi-room. The SONOS Move speaker will be appropriate for both a noisy company and quiet home listening. Another popular topic is the use of such smart speakers in the office.

One of the main uses of the SONOS speaker is outdoor events. The column is equipped with protection against both moisture and shock. The battery life from the built-in battery is up to 10 hours (at medium volume).

Within 10-15 m to a router or smartphone, works without interruption and without interruption.

The speaker came in handy during a small event in the park, the volume level was sufficient for a small audience.

A short video about the SONOS Move speaker.

Unlike other models, SONOS Move really has high functionality: you can control the speaker through the smart home system, multi-room allows you to separately configure the speaker for each room. The convenient body layout makes the SONOS Move comfortable to use, and the rugged design makes it suitable for outdoor activities. The column is designed for both stationary use and stand-alone operation. The latest software update improves the power efficiency of the Move column to 11 hours, thus adding one hour of battery life to the declared characteristics. So you can enjoy up to 11 hours of great sound on a single charge. I note a powerful and high-quality speaker, balanced sound and a well-thought-out SONOS application, with the ability to play media streams from third-party services.

I have the impression that the SONOS Move speaker is worth the money, although the price is a bit high. In any case, such a device is quite possible to buy for the office or for the home. Such a column will fit well into the smart home system, and in general it is quite convenient.

P.s. at the time of publication of the article, an update of the SONOS application appeared with the Russian language added to the menu.

Detailed user manual in electronic form.

You can find other reviews and tests of the tool and gadgets in my profile and on the links below.

Thank you for your attention!

We tested the Sonos Move – a one of a kind speaker

This Sonos Move speaker has been on the market for a long time. but so far we have not been able to get one of them to enjoy all the sound quality and of course the design. Sonos is one of the firms that has had the most experience with Apple speakers, and that’s what the Cupertino-based company could perfectly sign off on that sound quality, functionality, timing, and design.

Sonos Move offers the user all the benefits of a home speaker, allowing it to become portable. Logically, we are not talking about a speaker that can be carried in a backpack or when we play sports, since it is a three-kilogram speaker, but it allows the user to carry it from the living room to the pool, to the garden, to the beach or anywhere thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity and degree of protection IP56 , which make it resistant to water and dust and even against possible drops, which is important for speakers designed for movement.

Article subject:

Sonos Roam, a portable speaker that doesn’t compromise on sound quality and power

But we’re going to go piece by piece as this speaker meets many of the options users are looking for today, a speaker to listen to our music in peace at home and be able to take it anywhere without loss of sound quality or power. Surely everyone present already knows that I’m with a Mac, or rather, I personally have a weakness for Sonos speakers, namely: they are really high quality speakers . Having said that, we will see what this offers us, this is a move that other similar speakers from other brands do not offer us.


  • 1 Mobility, sound quality and connectivity
  • 2 The charging method is simple and practical with brutal autonomy.
  • 3 Set up your Sonos Move quickly and easily
  • 4 Great accessories for an amazing speaker
  • 5 Editor’s note
    • 5.1 Pros
    • 5.2 Cons

Portability, sound quality and connectivity

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We could summarize the advantages of this Sonos in these three qualities. The portability offered by Sonos is reduced compared to, for example, the Sonos Roam, but sufficient for those users who want to take the speaker anywhere and easily connect the via the ‘s Bluetooth. Wi-Fi connectivity allows the Sonos Move to enjoy MultiRoom and AirPlay thanks to the AirPlay 2 connectivity it offers. This allows us to link it directly to our devices and makes it easy to group multiple speakers when we are at home.

The Sonos Move offers this capability even though, as we said at the beginning of the , its dimensions (240x160x126mm) and weight (3kg) do not meet the specific portability requirements for a portable speaker.

This Sonos Move replaced the Sonos One I had in my living room. , and that’s what the portability it offers, along with the power and sound quality, puts it at the height of Apple’s HomePods. But we’re not talking about the HomePod mini, no, we’re talking about the original HomePod, a speaker with really brutal sound quality that is very reminiscent of what this Move offers.

The sound quality is absolutely undeniable, the Sonos Move has no shortage of power. is no doubt surprising when we set the volume to maximum. The speaker layout in this Move makes it “omni-directional” and so the sound quality is vastly improved, something we don’t have on the Sonos One. The sound quality is really great, you can’t ask for more.

The charging method is simple and practical with brutal autonomy.

Of course, there is something very good about this Move, and that is that the set of sound, design and other things is really good. On the other hand we have a base or charging ring which is the best way to charge this Move but it also has a USB C port to plug in a cable if we don’t want to use the base.

The user only needs to place the loudspeaker on top of the ring and it is loaded through the connector on the bottom, to remove it, simply lift it by the rear handle and take it anywhere. Logically, we also have the option of charge it via the USB Type-C port it adds on the back of the speaker in case we are away from home and need to be charged.

The autonomy of this speaker is undoubtedly another of its strengths. The battery provides up to 10 hours of play time for the thanks to the ability of this. It doesn’t take long to fully charge the speaker, but it’s true that it will take us about two hours to get the Move from 30% to 100% battery. If we use this Move at a very high volume, logically these 10 hours of playback will decrease a little, but the battery really surprises with both its capacity and endurance when playing music.

The topic of the article:

Sonos ARC review, the best sound panel for your living room

Set Sonos Move quickly and easily

Sonos application, which we spoke earlier, thanks to the rest of the brand speakers tested, offers the user 11 easy way connect our Apple Music, Amazon Music and Spotify accounts.

Once the speaker is turned on, you just need to bring your iPhone closer and the Sonos icon will appear so you can complete the setup steps. It’s really simple and fast, you won’t have any problems, also once you have set up the speaker at the beginning, you can Easily activate Alexa or Google Assistant by opening Move in the Sonos app.

Also from the Sonos app we can quickly manage the name of the speaker in the place where it will be, adjust the pan for stereo, touch the equalizer, set automatic Trueplay, add a volume limit so that it does not sound too loud, which we can even set the status light or touch controls to turn them off. All of these settings are made from the Sonos app and are available to all users in a simple and understandable way.

Sonos free

Great accessories for an amazing speaker

The accessories we find on the Sonos website for this speaker are top notch. We have multiple wall mounts, a power bank, or a carry bag that allow you to safely take your Move anywhere. Soft-lined bag inside , a little hard on the outside to avoid bumps, with reinforcement at the top and even a zipper so you can carry your charging cable and other accessories inside.

This carry bag is called the Travel Bag and you can find it for 89 Euros on the Sonos website. and really is worth it if you plan to take the speaker away from the house, to the pool or any other place, because it really protects well and provides comfort when carrying the speaker.

For 35 euros we find a wall mount for Sonos Move. so as not to damage the speaker at the back. To remove it from its support, you simply need to grab the Move by the rear handle and pull it up.

A wall mount is also available that fixes the speaker right from below and the battery in this speaker is removable so that in case of problems over the years we can simply change it for a new one, I offer us this extra battery at a price of 79 euros.

Editor’s note

This speaker really exceeds our expectations. All users who need a loudspeaker for move it from one place to another at home or even take it to the pool, garden, beach or similar before the perfect Sonos Move becomes your speaker.

La sound quality, its power and great autonomy make the set really worthwhile even if you don’t want to take this speaker out of the house and the fact is that we really don’t come across a portable speaker to use or at least not it’s a portable speaker concept completely different from what we might think.