Small size refrigerator: Compact Mini Fridges for Your Home: Target

Compact Mini Fridges for Your Home: Target

When it comes to convenient cooling solutions, mini-fridges and compact refrigerators are must-haves for any space. Whether you’re a student living in a dorm room, a professional working in a small office, or someone who wants to add an extra cooling option to your home, these compact appliances offer the ideal balance of size and functionality. In this guide, we’ll explore the features, benefits, and options available to help you find the perfect mini fridge or compact refrigerator to meet your needs.

Measuring the Space

One of the key advantages of mini-fridges and compact refrigerators is their size. They are designed to fit in small spaces, making them versatile and practical. Before making a purchase, measure the available area where you plan to place your fridge. Whether you need a compact option to fit under a desk or a slightly larger model to store snacks and beverages, a right-sized mini fridge or compact refrigerator will cater to all your needs.

Understanding Controls

From cooling just beverages to keeping your salads and food fresh, your preferences may vary. This is when mini-fridges and compact refrigerators solve your purpose with a variety of cooling features to keep your items fresh and chilled. Look for models that offer adjustable temperature controls, allowing you to customize the cooling level based on your preferences. Additionally, consider models with energy-efficient designs to help you save on electricity bills while keeping your items cool.

Blending Aesthetics

Gone are the days when mini-fridges and compact refrigerators were solely functional with no consideration for aesthetics. Your personal taste, house décor, and surroundings influence the design of new appliances, just the way you deserve. Refrigerator manufacturers offer a wide range of stylish designs, from sleek stainless steel finishes to retro-inspired colors that not only keep your items cool but also add a touch of style to your space. Mix and match as per your preference and freely select a model that doesn’t alter your home’s aesthetics.

Choosing Convenience

If you’re a frequent traveler or someone who enjoys outdoor activities, portable mini-fridges can be your perfect companions. These models often come with built-in handles or wheels, making them easy to transport. Make sure you understand their safety functions and maintenance features, and you are good to go on road trips, camping adventures, or family gatherings in your yard.

When it comes to mini-fridges and compact refrigerators, finding the right fit for your needs is crucial. Consider the size, cooling features, style, and portability options when making your decision. With a wide range of options available, you can find the perfect appliance to keep your items cool while adding functionality and style to your space.


Q: Are mini fridges and compact refrigerators suitable for use in small areas?

A: Mini fridges and compact refrigerators are ideal for small areas. They offer a space-saving solution without compromising on cooling performance. Just make sure to measure the available space and choose a size that fits your needs.

Q: Can I store perishable items in a mini fridge or compact refrigerator?

A: Yes, mini fridges and compact refrigerators are designed to store perishable items like fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and more. Ensure that the temperature is set correctly and the fridge is well-maintained to keep your items fresh and safe to consume.

Small Refrigerator Sizes & Dimensions

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Small refrigerators come in different sizes to accommodate various needs and spaces. Whether you’re looking to save space and store excess items with a small or mini fridge, or keep beverages cold with an undercounter model, a small refrigerator is a perfect and practical addition to any home.

Compact or small apartment fridge dimensions

Compact fridges work well in small areas where every square foot counts and are ideal for apartments or small kitchens. They tend to be slimmer with a width of 24 inches, yet maintain standard heights of 60 to 75 inches. The common capacity for these models range from 11 to 13 cubic feet.

What size is a small fridge with a freezer?

Small refrigerators with a separate freezer compartment are a great option for saving space and keeping frozen foods on hand. You can find models with 3 – 3.5 cubic feet of freezer storage in addition to around 9 – 9.5 cubic feet of refrigerator space.

Standard mini fridge dimensions

Mini fridges are a great solution when you either have very limited space or need somewhere to store excess items. The specific size of mini refrigerator that you need will depend on what you plan to use it for, but most often range from 30 to 35 inches in height, 18 to 24 inches in width, and 19 to 26 inches in depth. 


A mini fridge is a great addition to small space dorm rooms while an apartment sized fridge may be a better option for larger dorm rooms or small shared kitchen spaces.

Under-counter fridge dimensions

Under-counter refrigerators provide a sleek look for your home while offering the same practicality as a compact unit. They are ideal for keeping your favorite beverages stocked for your next big get together and vary from 20 to 24 inches in width and 18 to 26 inches in depth.

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® Small Refrigerators & Undercounter Fridges

If you are interested in purchasing a small or undercounter refrigerator to save space in your home, Whirlpool brand offers a variety of units to suit your needs. From beverage centers with Dual-Temperature Controlled Zones to small refrigerators perfect for apartments, find the features you’re looking for.




Wine fridge dimensions

Wine fridges have different dimensions to best fit your home and come in small, medium and large sizes. Small wine fridges typically range from 10 to 20 inches wide and have the capacity to handle anywhere from 2 to 40 bottles. Medium wine fridges are usually 24 inches in width and can hold around 40 to 100 bottles of wine depending on the model, while large fridges can span up to 70 inches in height and hold 100 to 200 bottles.

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Create your perfect entertainment setup with wine fridges or beverage center from Whirlpool brand. Entertain in style when you shop models featuring sleek stainless steel or glass exteriors. Whirlpool brand offers a variety of options to complement your home.




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Small refrigerator Liebherr Tb 1400

Small refrigerator Liebherr Tb 1400

Dimensions (WxHxD), cm
50. 1 x 85 x 62


Code: Tb 1400

Dimensions (WxHxD), cm
50.1 x 85 x 62

Total volume l


Free delivery

To the entrance


Cash and non-cash


36 months

Loan (no commission)

0% for 6 months


Model, features

The compact Liebherr Tb 1400 Comfort class refrigerator is the optimal solution for those who do not want to overload their kitchen space and are looking for a small device that will meet all basic standards. It will especially appeal to those who prefer a minimalist style and elegant design. This model will fit perfectly into the interior of even a small kitchen. Internal lighting with an incandescent lamp ensures an even distribution of light. Liebherr has proven that small, space-saving refrigerators can be as functional as premium appliances. With its compact dimensions, the Tb 1400 is a great option for small kitchens or offices. Such a useful feature as automatic defrosting of the refrigerating chamber allows you to save time and extra effort.


Despite its small dimensions, the Liebherr Tb 1400 is able to hold a lot of food thanks to its 141 liter volume. The size of the refrigerator is 85×50.1×62 centimeters. Such a device can be easily placed even in a small kitchen, which greatly simplifies the organization of space. The energy class of this model is A+. The refrigerator is finished in a sophisticated black color that blends perfectly even with classic design solutions in your interior.


The presented model has the following characteristics:

  • energy efficiency – A+;
  • energy consumption per year – 118 kWh; per day – 0.321 kWh;
  • total volume – 141 l;
  • noise level – 37 kB;
  • material: steel;
  • voltage – 220-240 V;
  • power – 128. 8 W;
  • 2 adjustable feet;
  • LED lighting;
  • automatic defrost;
  • built-in handle;
  • mechanical control type;
  • the possibility of hanging the door;
  • climate class – SN-ST;
  • static cold room cooling system;
  • shelves: 4 main, 3 adjustable, 3 doors, 1 container for vegetables and fruits, 2 egg trays.

Additional information

Liebherr refrigerator Tb 1400 is an original, certified product of the highest quality. Photos of the model presented on the official website clearly demonstrate the design and features of the device. For the comfort of users, the company has developed a simple, accessible instruction that allows you to understand the details of the operation and installation of refrigeration equipment. The employees of the online store will be happy to answer all your questions, and will be able to tell you about the price, the possibility of free installation, the service provided, and much more. You can contact us by phone: 0 (800) 404-777.

Extended description

Liebherr Tb compact refrigerator 1400

Installation method


Useful volume, l

Refrigerator volume, l

Voltage, V


Power consumption, W


Egg tray

Refrigerator shelf material


Door shelf material


Handle material and type

Built-in handle

Door/front/lid material

Type of control


Control box location

Inside on side surface

Freezer location

900 04 None

Number of compressors

Number of temperature zones

Level noise level, dB

Door hinge (left, right)


Reversible door

Energy class

Climate class

Fridge defrost


Refrigeration system


24 hour energy consumption

Annual energy consumption

Adjustable refrigeration circuits

Refrigerator interior lighting


Cable length cm

Plug type

Width with door open (90°), cm

Number of external doors

Number of main shelves of the refrigerator compartment

Number of adjustable shelves

Number of door shelves

Number of containers for vegetables/fruits

Warranty, years

900 04 Net weight

Gross weight



Instruction manual

651. 80 KB



Installation diagram

376.44 KB


Note. Despite the careful preparation of the published data, there may be errors, discrepancies between the given textual and graphic information and the real aspects of the original devices. We reserve the right to rectify any errors or discrepancies noted.

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Biryusa 108 LUXE

Ideal for those who need a small refrigerator.

Energy class A unit has a low level of electricity consumption.

Consumption is only 160.6 kWh/year. Moreover, the operation of the refrigerator proceeds almost imperceptibly – the noise level is 40 dB.
Despite the simplified one-door design of the Biryus B-R108CA model, it has many advantages.

The drip cooling system of the refrigerator compartment allows you to keep high humidity in it, thanks to this, fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs will not fade for a long time.

Inside the main compartment there is a spacious drawer made of durable transparent plastic, two glass shelves resistant to scratches and impacts, three balconies above the door for drinks and eggs.

Also on top of the refrigerator compartment is a freezer compartment where you can place products that require long-term storage.


  • Total volume, l – 115
  • Volume of the refrigerator compartment, l – 88
  • Volume of the freezer compartment, l – 27
  • Number of chambers – 1 900 48
  • Energy efficiency class – A+
  • Lighting – LED
  • Control – Mechanical
  • Display – No
  • Full No Frost System – No
  • Number of compressors – 1
  • Daily electricity consumption, at an ambient temperature of 24°C, kWh – 0.44
  • Climate class – N, ST
  • Possibility of hanging the door – Yes
  • Warranty period – 3 years
  • Color – White
  • Maximum noise level, dB – 40


  • Height, cm – 86.5
  • Width, cm – 48
  • Depth, cm – 60.5


  • Number of shelves in refrigerator compartment – 2
  • Temperature in fresh food compartment – 0 to 8 °C
  • Shelf material – glass/plastic
  • Defrosting refrigerator compartment – manual
  • Number of boxes in fridge compartment – 1


  • Freezer defrosting – manual
  • Minimum temperature in freezer, °C – 12


  • Display – No
  • Fast Freeze – No
  • Super Cool – No
  • High Alarm freezer temperature – No
  • Holiday mode – No
  • children – No
  • Air Flow system – No
  • Inverter compressor – No


  • Transport – upright
  • Packed height cm – 96
  • Packed width cm – 52.