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“Buds that get better! My earbuds were packed with cool stuff when I bought them, and Skullcandy just added more features!”

– Jim C.

40 Hours Total Battery

IP55 Sweat and Water Resistant

Hands-Free Voice Control + Built-in Alexa

Skull-iQ Smart Feature Technology®

Personal Sound by Mimi®

Find Your Earbuds with Tile™

Only Skullcandy audio is custom-tuned to deliver music you can feel. From the lyrics in your soul to the bass in your bones.


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Skullcandy’s new true wireless earbuds have built-in Tile tracking

  • Tech/
  • Headphones


The four new models cost between $60 and $100

By Chris Welch, a reviewer specializing in personal audio and home theater. Since 2011, he has published nearly 6,000 articles, from breaking news and reviews to useful how-tos.


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Image: Skullcandy

Many true wireless earbuds now let you “find” them by either playing a sound (if they’re powered on, out of their case, and nearby) or pulling up the location where they were last paired to your phone. But what if you could track your earbuds even when they’re powered down? That’s the appeal that has led an increasing number of brands to build Tile’s tracking technology into their devices — including laptops, suitcases, and headphones from Bose and Sennheiser — and now Skullycandy is joining in.

Today the company is announcing several models of true wireless earbuds, and all of them offer Tile integration, letting you pinpoint their location just like the company’s standalone tracking tags. If the earbuds are somewhere close, the Tile app will let you know that they’re nearby. For cases where they aren’t, you’ll see the last known location and, if you activate Lost Mode, other Tile trackers will report back the location of your Skullcandy buds if they come into proximity with them. (Tile says that network of devices has found 90 percent of all items marked as lost in the Tile app.)

This is the first time we’ve seen Tile’s tech in true wireless buds. Skullcandy says you can track the earbuds even when they’re in the charging case, and the earbuds “are engineered so that each earbud acts as an individual Tile and therefore can be found individually.”

The new Skullcandy earbuds vary in style: the Push Ultras have a moldable ear hooks for maximum stability. They’ve also got identical physical controls on each earbud, whereas the Indy Fuel and Indy Evo have a protruding stem and rely on touch controls. The least expensive of the bunch, the Sesh Evos, feature the most subtle design but lack wireless charging and have the shortest total battery life. According to Skullcandy, either earbud can be used by itself in mono mode. That’s true of all four new models.

Image: Skullcandy

Push Ultra: $99.99

  • IP67 sweat / water / dust resistance
  • 6-hour battery life (34 additional hours in case)
  • Wireless charging

Image: Skullcandy

Indy Fuel: $99. 99

  • IP55 sweat / water / dust resistance
  • 6-hour continuous battery life (24 additional hours in case)
  • Wireless charging

Image: Skullcandy

Indy Evo: $79.99

  • IP55 sweat / water / dust resistance
  • 6-hour continuous battery life (24 additional hours in case)

Image: Skullcandy

Sesh Evo: $59.99

  • IP55 sweat / water / dust resistance
  • 6-hour continuous battery life (18 additional hours in case)

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Can headphones really hurt your head?

Find out if constant use of headphones can permanently damage your skull and what to do to avoid denting your headphones.

If you wear your headphones every day, you may notice a bandage-like dent in your hair after you take them off.

This may just be an aesthetic issue for you, but what happens if you notice a small dent in the skin where the headband was? Seeing dents on your head due to the use of a headband can be alarming. And the anxiety is heightened when, after a while, the dent is still in place!

At this point, you may be wondering, “Did my headphones really leave an indentation in my skull?”

Well, that’s what this article is for. We will discuss whether using headphones can actually cause an indentation on your head and what you can do to prevent headphone indentation. Let’s get started!

Can headphones hurt my head?

No, the headphones cannot push your head in. The study reports that it takes at least 135 kg to cause a small skull fracture. It’s safe to assume that the clamping force of your headphones won’t cause any harm.

However, there have been viral posts on Reddit from time to time mocking streamers’ head dents after wearing them for hours.

One of the most famous cases is Tyler1’s head dent. When this League of Legends streamer removed his headphones, the crease on his head was visible on camera. The dent in Mizkiff’s headset is another similar clip. It had the same headband crease after several hours of streaming.

Another streamer, short life, recently found out he had a headphone dent while shaving his head for charity. This sparked new discussions on the subject, with people sharing their experiences and fears, especially when PopTingz featured it in a tweet.

People react to obvious headphone dents on streamers

If headphones can’t wrinkle, why do these streamers have a visible wrinkle after wearing them? There are two possible reasons for this:

Headphone hair

Headphone hair occurs when the headband of the headphone presses on the top of the head for extended periods of use, smoothing the hair. If the bandage is tight enough, temporary creases may remain on the scalp.

You don’t have to worry about this, because the hair from the headphones won’t cause permanent damage. In this way, your hair will gradually return to its original shape within a few minutes. But if the wrinkle annoys you more than it should, learn how to get rid of a dent in your headphones.

It’s like the mark that a pair of glasses sometimes leaves on your face after wearing them all day. They are noticeable at first, but gradually disappear a few minutes after you do not wear glasses.

How to get rid of headphone dents on the scalp or hair

Headphone dents on the top of your head will disappear with time. But if you need to get rid of it right now, here are a few things you can try:

Massage or rub the area

Gently rubbing the dent in the earphones and the surrounding area can improve blood flow. As a result, it can help your skin return to its original shape more quickly.

Wet your hair or take a hot shower

If your hair is out of headphones, a few splashes of water is all you need to sort out creases or dents. But if you have creases in your scalp, a hot shower can help expand the skin back to its original shape.

Take occasional breaks from wearing your headphones

The most effective way to avoid dents in your headphones is to remove them every hour or so. Not only will this keep you from getting dented in your headphones, but it will also prevent the ear pain that often comes with it.

What do dents on the skull mean?

Skull figurine with headphones. (From: Unsplash)

If you have a real dent in your skull, it’s most likely caused by a pre-existing medical condition, not the headphones. Dents on headphones usually last from a few minutes to several hours. Thus, if they stay for more than a day, you should check them with your doctor.

If you are sure that you have a dent in your skull, it is best to seek help immediately. You have to be serious about skull dents. Common causes of depression are genetic or congenital conditions that require immediate attention.

In either case, several conditions can cause an indentation of the skull. For example:

Congenital pit of the skull

Also called Craniosynostoscongenital pit of the skull, a disease that often occurs in fetuses and newborns.

Newborns have fibrous joints called sutures that separate the bony plates on the skull, allowing the brain to expand as they grow. When these sutures close too early, growth of the brain and skull can result in a depressed skull shape.

Paget’s disease of the bone

In Paget’s disease of the bone, the body generates new bone faster than normal. This can cause the body to produce bones that are weaker than normal. As a result, bone pain, fractures, and even deformities are more likely to occur. This disease usually occurs in older people and is less common in people younger than 50 years of age.

Gorham’s disease

Gorham’s disease, or phantom bone disease, is a rare disease with an unknown cause. This disease causes bone loss due to abnormal proliferation of vascular or lymphatic channels in the bone.


Injury refers to serious injury to the body. In some cases, a severe head injury can cause a skull fracture, resulting in a dent in the head. A bruised head requires immediate medical attention. This usually means that part of the skull may be pointing towards the brain, which could result in more damage.


Bone cancer occurs when abnormal bone cells get out of control, destroying bone tissue. It’s rare, but some types of bone cancer, such as multiple myeloma, have been reported to cause bone depression and unevenness.

Can headphones change the shape of your ears?

A young boy wearing headphones. (From: Unsplash)

There is no evidence or case reports that prolonged use of headphones can deform the outer earlobes. So you don’t have to worry about the headphones changing the shape of your ears.

Your ears are fully developed by the time you are 7-8 years old. Therefore, their structure cannot be changed, at least under normal conditions. By now, your ears should be sufficiently developed that even the friction and pressure caused by using headphones won’t affect them.

Your auricles (outer ears) usually develop a few days after conception and may only form during the first few weeks of infancy.

So why does the shape of your ears seem to be changing?

The fact is that with the constant use of headphones, you continue to press your ears to your face.

Your ears usually return to their original position after a few hours without headphones. But if you use headphones all the time, you won’t have time to return to your original position. That’s why your ears seem to be changing shape, even when they aren’t.

What to do if your headphones are uncomfortable or too tight

When you wear headphones, the most common cause of discomfort and dents in your skin is that they are too tight and put too much pressure on your head and ears. To avoid these problems, you need to avoid putting excessive pressure on your head or ears with your headphones.

Here’s what you can do:

Wear earmuffs on the back instead of on top to relieve pressure.

Man wears earmuffs with an elastic band at the back of his head. (From: Unsplash)

First, you can place the ear pads comfortably on each ear. Then place the bandage behind your head. This method provides a secure fit in the ears and less pressure on the head. No more worries about dents on your headphones!

If your headphones don’t feel comfortable this way, consider switching to headphones or true wireless headphones like AirPods. In addition, you can also check out our list of the most comfortable headphones for more recommendations.

Wear a cap or hat under the headphones

Man wears a hat under the headphones. (From: Unsplash)

You can wear a cap, beanie or sweatshirt under the headphones to relieve pressure on your head. This way, the power of your headphones is distributed more evenly across your head.

Just put on a comfortable cap or hat before putting on your headphones as usual. You should also adjust the headband to fit the extra width of your hat or cap.

If you wear headphones while you sleep, your head may overheat in a sweatshirt or hat. In that case, check out our list of the best sleep headphones.

Be mindful of clamping force

Clamping force is required to secure the headphones to your head. However, if the clamping force is too strong or too weak, it can make your experience terrible. Here’s how it goes:

Headphones too tight

When the clamping force of your headphones is too strong, they may feel too tight on your head. As a result, this may cause a dent in the headphones or hair on the headphones. In addition, headphones with too much clamping force can also cause external compression headaches.

Most modern headphones have an adjustable headband that can be adjusted to fit your head. But if you still feel too tight on even the loosest setting, here’s what you can try:0003

Headphone stretcher on box

  1. Take a box or pillow that is slightly wider than your head.
  2. Put on headphones.
  3. Leave them on for 24 hours and see if you feel them loosen up.

Be careful not to use an object that is too large. Doing so may overstretch the headband, resulting in poor clamping force.

Headphones too loose

If the clamping force is too loose, your headphones may end up resting their weight on your head to stay in place. As a result, your headphones will still put pressure on your head, eventually resulting in a dent.

To tighten loose headphones, here’s what you can do:

Tightening the headphones

  1. Find a box or pillow that is slightly narrower than your head.
  2. Attach the headphones to an object, then secure them with a rope or cord.

    Be careful not to overtighten as this may cause the dressing to deform or break.

  3. Let it stand for at least 24 hours and then check if it is tight enough for you.

Add more padding

High-quality padding can make a huge difference in the comfort of your headphones. Soft pads can help reduce the pressure exerted by the earbuds by distributing their weight more evenly, making the earbuds less likely to dent.

You can either make your own DIY Headphone Padding or buy a pre-made product like the TXEsign Headphone Pad.

TXEsign headband padding (from Amazon)


Well, here it is! As you can see, using headphones can’t permanently damage your skull – it can only cause temporary dents in your head, but that’s not a major cause for concern.

However, there are many ways to avoid this slight indentation on the head after prolonged use of the headphones. Follow these tips and you won’t have to worry about dents in your headphones again!

Do you find these tips helpful? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

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