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Bodies are turning up around the city, each having met a uniquely gruesome demise. As the investigation proceeds, evidence points to one suspect: John Kramer, the man known as Jigsaw, who ha… Read allBodies are turning up around the city, each having met a uniquely gruesome demise. As the investigation proceeds, evidence points to one suspect: John Kramer, the man known as Jigsaw, who has been dead for over 10 years.Bodies are turning up around the city, each having met a uniquely gruesome demise. As the investigation proceeds, evidence points to one suspect: John Kramer, the man known as Jigsaw, who has been dead for over 10 years.

  • Directors
    • Michael Spierig
    • Peter Spierig
  • Writers
    • Josh Stolberg
    • Pete Goldfinger
  • Stars
    • Matt Passmore
    • Tobin Bell
    • Callum Keith Rennie
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    • Directors
      • Michael Spierig
      • Peter Spierig
    • Writers
      • Josh Stolberg
      • Pete Goldfinger
    • Stars
      • Matt Passmore
      • Tobin Bell
      • Callum Keith Rennie
    • 399User reviews
    • 178Critic reviews
    • 39Metascore
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    Watch Jigsaw: Hannah Emily Anderson On ‘Eleanor’s’ Connection To ‘John Kramer’

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    Watch Jigsaw: Cle Bennett On Joining The Franchise

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    Top cast

    Matt Passmore

    • Logan Nelson

    Tobin Bell

    • Jigsaw…

    Callum Keith Rennie

    • Detective Halloran

    Hannah Emily Anderson

    • Eleanor Bonneville

    Clé Bennett

    • Detective Keith Hunt

    Laura Vandervoort

    Paul Braunstein

    Mandela Van Peebles

    Brittany Allen

    Josiah Black

    • Edgar Munsen

    Edward Ruttle

    Michael Boisvert

    • Lee James

    Sam Koules

    • Melissa

    Troy Feldman

    • Officer Palermo

    Shaquan Lewis

    • Officer Solomon

    Esther Thibault

    • Asthmatic Woman

    Lauren Beatty

    • Carly Look-a-Like

    Nadine Whiteman Roden

    • News Reporter #1
    • (as Nadine Roden)
    • Directors
      • Michael Spierig
      • Peter Spierig
    • Writers
      • Josh Stolberg
      • Pete Goldfinger
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    Did you know

    • Quotes

      John Kramer: The truth will set you free.

    • Connections

      Featured in Tamara Just Saw: Jigsaw – Tamara Just Saw (2017)

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    Jigsaw is back!

    Prior to watching ‘Jigsaw’, as part of my wanting to see as many 2017 films as possible during a much needed quiet period after five years of intensive, richly rewarding but at times stressful music college studying, the previous seven ‘Saw’ films were watched to know what to expect and having heard so much about the franchise.

    The franchise is somewhat variable in quality, the problematic but very well done first film being the best and the best sequels being the second and sixth. The third film didn’t do much for me, the fourth film left me on the fence while the fifth and ‘Saw 3D: The Final Chapter’ were severe let downs. Will go out on a limb, and am not sure how controversial an opinion it is, saying that after seeing ‘Jigsaw’ that it is generally one of the series’ best and perhaps the best since the first.

    ‘Jigsaw’ is not perfect certainly and the problems here are apparent in the previous films too. The editing is sloppy. The characters are one-dimensional with incomplete character arcs. The story does have logic and credulity issues (like the rest of the ‘Saw’ films did, including the original), with a few strands not particularly well rounded off. The script, sometimes tight and intriguing while half-baked and cheesy in others, and the acting, with a chilling Tobin Bell and an assured Laura Vandervoort coming off very well and others being bland, are uneven.

    However, ‘Jigsaw’, editing aside, doesn’t look too bad at all, to me it’s one of the better-looking ‘Saw’ films and a far cry from the shoddiness of ‘Saw 3D: The Final Chapter’s’ production values. It’s claustrophobic, elaborate and very atmospheric, with a creepy production design and some of the series’ most polished direction helping a lot. The music is suitably eerie.

    Despite its ridiculousness, the story is also edge-of-your-seat and highly atmospheric. There is genuine dread, some truly imaginative traps and kills and much of it throughout is disturbing and creepy. It’s gruesome but not gratuitously or over-reliantly so. While structurally it’s pretty much more of the same, there is enough freshness to stop ‘Jigsaw’ from feeling tired and like the series had run out of juice, a vibe that a few of the previous sequels gave off. The turns the film takes are clever if not exactly bold, and the spectacularly chilling ending is one of the series’ best and most memorable, saying a lot seeing as most of the films do not have good endings (with the exceptions of the first, ‘Saw VI’ and this). Jigsaw himself still fascinates with enough of what sets him apart as a character.

    Overall, Jigsaw is back in one of the series’ better outings. 7/10 Bethany Cox



    • TheLittleSongbird
    • Nov 30, 2017

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    • Release date
      • October 27, 2017 (United States)
    • Countries of origin
      • United States
      • Canada
    • Official sites
      • Official Facebook
      • Official Site (Japan)
    • Language
      • English
    • Also known as
    • Filming locations
      • Toronto, Ontario, Canada(filmed entirely in)
    • Production companies
      • Twisted Pictures
      • Burg Koules Hoffman Productions
      • Serendipity Productions
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    Box office

    • Budget
      • $10,000,000 (estimated)
    • Gross US & Canada
      • $38,052,832
    • Opening weekend US & Canada
      • $16,640,452
      • Oct 29, 2017
    • Gross worldwide
      • $102,952,888

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    Technical specs

    • Runtime

      1 hour 32 minutes

    • Color
    • Sound mix
      • Dolby Atmos
    • Aspect ratio
      • 2. 35 : 1

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    description, content, interesting facts and much more about the movie

    The police are chasing a guy named Edgar. Leaving the wrecked car, he runs into an industrial building and climbs to the roof. There he finds a remote control by the marks on the walls. The cops are chasing him. Edgar demands that Detective Halloran be called to him. If he does not show up in the next 17 minutes, then 5 people will die. Halloran manages to arrive, and Edgar informs him that the games have just begun and he needs to choose who will die – him or someone else. Edgar does not want to die himself and presses the button on the remote control. The police shoot at the remote, but it does not help. Immediately after pressing, the countdown timer starts. One of the policemen hits Edgar in the chest. Before passing out, he manages to tell Halloran that the game has begun.

    The countdown timer reaches zero. In the cell, where there are five chained people with unusual bucket helmets on their heads, the light turns on. They don’t understand what’s going on and how they got here. Suddenly, a loudspeaker in the cell turns on and a voice announces to them that they will be saved if they are cleansed of the everyday lies that brought them here. Any attempt to break the rules of the game will kill them. The first task is a blood offering. The chains begin to pull them towards the wall where the saw blades are spinning. Offerings should be made by the humblest of all. One girl decides to slightly injure her hand on a rotating disk. After that, a green light lights up on her helmet and the saws stop. Taking off her helmet, the girl explains to the others that she only needs to cut herself a little to stop everything.

    One person out of five wakes up too late and does not have time to do what needs to be done. For the rest of the participants in the game, the walls with saws move aside, and the chains drag them into the next room. Meanwhile, Halloran and Hunt discuss what happened on the roof while watching Edgar in his hospital bed. The bullet lodged near the heart, and Edgar falls into a coma. Detectives fail to talk to him and get at least some explanation about what happened. The surviving heroes are named Anna, Carly, Mitch and Ryan.

    At this time, the body of the fifth player is found in the park, who did not survive the first test. The police take away the body and take it for examination. There, a bucket is removed from his head and marks are found that are similar to those Kramer left on his victims. But Kramer has been dead for 10 years. The body is examined by Logan, who served with Keith Hunt in the army, and Eleanor. In the body of the murdered man, Logan discovers a flash drive on which is written: “and now there are four of them.” An audio file is found on the flash drive. In it, the voice of a man announces that the games have begun again and will not end until the sins against the innocent are atoned for. The voice promises to take care of the next four, and asks those who hear the message to take care of the rest. Halloran decides to try to recognize the voice on the tape.

    An eerie puppet in the form of a man with glowing eyes on a bicycle appears in front of four players. A message is attached to the doll – “confess”. The chains start dragging the players somewhere again. They are trying to confess their deeds. Mitch admits that he sold a guy a too powerful motorcycle – he lost control and crashed to death 10 minutes after purchase. Anna recalls that she lost her child, but says that her husband was to blame. All this talk does nothing to stop the movement of the chains. Mitch notices the doll has a voice recorder that says to turn it on. He grabs the recorder and the chains stop moving.

    Three syringes with different numbers appear in front of the players. Mitch turns on the tape. The voice says that they will start with a thief who stole a bag from a sick woman, she was dying before his eyes, but he did not give her the medicine that was in that very bag. This thief was previously injected with poison. One of the three syringes contains an antidote, the second is just saline, and the third contains acid. If the players do not make the right injection, then death awaits them all. At the end of the recording, a voice asks how much life is worth to them.

    The thief turns out to be blonde Carly. On one of the syringes, Carly sees the number 3.53. In that purse she found 3 dollars and 53 cents. The chains start moving again. Now they are reaching for the ceiling. Everyone demands that Carly choose a syringe, but she doesn’t want to make a choice. Ryan ends up injecting all three syringes into her neck. Everyone is released from the chains, and Carly dies a terrible death. On the syringe with the “price of life” Mitch sees other numbers, which may be a combination to a combination lock located in the corner of the room.

    The first victim of the game is identified as Malcolm Neal. Neil was an avid gambler. Once he owed serious people a lot of money. As a result, his wife was killed right in front of him. The voice on the recording completely matches the voice of John Kramer. Detectives find it hard to believe that Kramer is still alive. Meanwhile, the surviving trinity enters the code and opens the door. They enter a new room. Through a small barred window, they see that their building is somewhere in the woods. Ryan admits to selling bad loans, selling coke and cheating on both of his wives, but he doesn’t see anything particularly wrong with that. Anna still blames her husband for the death of their child. He rolled over in his sleep, covered the child with his body, and he suffocated.

    Ryan decides to break the lock on the locked door. Anna and Mitch think it’s a bad idea, but he doesn’t listen to them. As a result, the floor below him collapses, and his leg is entangled with cables attached to some kind of mechanism. Mitch notices a new voice recorder. The cables tighten Ryan’s leg tightly. The record says it was a lesson for them for breaking the rules. The voice suggests pulling the lever to release. Players suspect that this may be another trap.

    On the body of the first victim of the game, experts find particles of excrement from cows, chickens, pigs, as well as traces of Aujeszky’s disease. When pigs are infected with this virus, farmers are forced to slaughter the entire livestock. Then the police discover the second victim of the game with the message: “there are three left.” The woman’s corpse is examined and finds traces of acid that was injected into her neck. Also, another mark is found on the victim, indicating that this is the work of Saw.

    Keith tells Halloran that Logan was taken prisoner in the Iraq War, where he was brutally tortured, after which he spent a long time in the hospital. After Logan elaborates on the acid and how it killed the victim, Halloran suspects that Logan may have gone insane, but Keith stands up for him. Players in the adjoining room find a hanging remote with which they can turn on the recording on the TV. When Anna and Mitch take the remote, the door closes and they are locked. From the recording, the players learn that Ryan can save Anna and Mitch if he pulls the very lever that should free him. Otherwise, Anna and Mitch will die. Anna and Mitch begin to fall asleep with grain.

    Meanwhile, Halloran starts asking Eleanor where she was the night Malcolm was killed. Anna says she was at home alone. Halloran and Kit go with questions to Logan. They wonder if there is more than a working relationship between him and Eleanor. Halloran tells Logan that they found a site dedicated to Jigsaw and that his assistant Eleanor visits it often. The girl is suspected of being the imitator of Jigsaw. Lab results are coming. Under the nails of Malcolm, they find the remains of the blood of John Kramer. This news shocks the detectives.

    Ryan refuses to pull the lever, but the grain stops falling. Knives, saw blades, pitchforks, a shovel, nails and other objects begin to fall on Anna and Mitch. Then Ryan decides to pull the lever. He cuts off his leg with ropes. The door opens. Anna and Mitch are saved. Logan meets Elinor at a bar. Eleanor reveals to Logan that she was at her studio the night of Malcolm’s murder, not at home. Logan asks to show him what kind of studio it is. When they enter the room, the door closes behind them, but at the last moment, a hand stops it. This is Keith. He secretly followed them. Logan and Eleanor take the elevator up. There is a whole collection of instruments of torture used by Jigsaw. Turns out this is Elinor’s hobby. Keith hides and takes some pictures of Elinor’s collection. Eleanor bought the blueprints for Kramer’s very first killing machine from some guy and then built it. Logan asks her to stop this creepy hobby and says that she was obviously cheated with this car, since Kramer had no victims with injuries that such a car could leave. Meanwhile, an unknown person sneaks into the hospital. He injects some kind of solution into Edgar’s drip, and he wakes up.

    Halloran enjoys the pictures Keith took. Now he has reason to detain Elinor. Keith tells him that the Commissioner intends to have Kramer exhumed to calm the popular unrest. Halloran is certain that Kramer is dead and that this is a waste of time. Halloran continues to study information on Logan. Then they call him and tell him that Edgar has disappeared.

    Mitch finds a tape recorder signed with his name. When he takes it, he falls into another trap. The cable pulls on his leg, and now he is already hanging upside down in the air. The voice on the tape says that Micht didn’t tell the whole truth. He said that the motorcycle he sold was in excellent condition, but his brakes were broken. The voice says that the one who was killed was his nephew, who did no harm to anyone. The device near Mitch has the same engine that was on the motorcycle sold by Mitch. It’s a new killing machine, exactly like the one Elinor built. At the very bottom, she has a brake handle that can save Mitch. But on the way to this pen, Mitch is waiting for a rotating red-hot spiral. Anna manages to stop the car for a while, but in the end, Mitch dies anyway.

    Cramer’s coffin is taken out of the ground. It is opened, but inside is the body of the dead Edgar. Halloran orders Elinor to be arrested. They go to the place where her collection is located. There they find the body of a new victim with a note: “and now there are two left.” It seems implausible to Keith that Elinor could leave the corpse right in her own room. Kit goes to Logan. He convinces him that Halloran is behind all this. It was he who shot Edgar in the chest, not wanting to let him live, he also found the corpse in Elinor’s room. Keith is a member of the Internal Investigations Service. He had long before dealt with the case of Halloran, who was accused of the murders. Recently found victims have previously appeared in the Halloran cases. However, the evidence is not enough. Logan asks Kit to let him cut open Malcolm’s body so they can tie the bullet under his heart to Halloran.

    As Logan predicted, the bullet turns out to be the same caliber as the bullets in Halloran’s gun. All other employees use weapons with bullets of a different caliber. Kit goes to Halloran. Logan returns home, where he finds Eleanor. Elinor found the farm where the game is being played. She tells Logan that because of Halloran, they cannot trust the police and must go to the place themselves and rescue the people. For this operation, she even took out a gun.

    Anna manages to open the door. But as soon as she begins to crawl out into the street, an unknown person in a mask overtakes her and gives an injection, from which she loses consciousness. When she wakes up, she sees that her leg is chained, and Ryan is also chained opposite her. John Kramer is walking around the room. He informs them that a new game is waiting for them, which will be the last test. John reveals that Ryan was responsible for the death of his best friend in high school, after which he got worse and worse. John also reveals that the negligence of a doctor at the hospital led to his being diagnosed with cancer too late. He mixed up the names on the x-rays. John and Anna were neighbors in the past. But in reality Anna couldn’t bear the sound of the baby’s crying. She strangled him, and then made it look like her husband strangled him in his sleep. After that, her husband went mad and committed suicide. Kramer wants them to take responsibility for who they really are.

    Elinor and Logan arrive at a long-closed farm that turns out to be Jigsaw’s wife. Keith tries to call Halloran, but he doesn’t return his calls. At his house, the police find Jigsaw mosaic pieces in the refrigerator. Elinor and Logan enter the building where the game was being played. Following them, Halloran enters the building. Kramer takes out a shotgun and loads it. One gun, one cartridge. Who dies is up to the players themselves to decide. When Logan and Elinor find the same trap, Logan begins to suspect that Elinor is Kramer’s follower. Here comes Halloran. He puts a gun to Logan’s head and demands that Eleanor drop the weapon. Logan knocks the gun out of Halloran’s hands and allows Eleanor to escape. Halloran knocks out Logan with a blow to the head and then sets out to find Eleanor. Meanwhile, Anna grabs a sawed-off shotgun and decides that the only way out of the situation is to kill Ryan. At the last moment, Ryan remembers that Kramer talked about how they did everything the other way around in life. But it’s too late. Anna pulls the trigger and the sawn-off shotgun fires at her instead of Ryan.

    Inside a shell casing, Ryan finds the keys to their locks. It turns out that they could free themselves by simply pulling them out of there. Kramer sneaks up on Halloran and injects him. He loses consciousness. Logan comes to his senses. He and Halloran fell into Kramer’s trap. He put them on collars with laser cutters. Through the loudspeakers, they hear Kramer’s voice. He invites them to confess, then they can both survive. If they confess the reason why they might have deserved death, then they can avoid it. Logan and Halloran agree not to push buttons in front of them. But Halloran suddenly presses Logan’s button. His laser cutters activate. Here he confesses that he mixed up Kramer’s x-rays. Despite confessing, the cutters kill Logan. Next, it’s Halloran’s turn. He confesses that he forged evidence, took bribes, imprisoned innocent people, released murderers and rapists, and also that innocent people died because of him. The laser cutters on his collar are deactivated.

    As Halloran watches, Logan stands up. As it turns out, his cutters were fakes, and he wasn’t hurt in any way. Logan tells Halloran that he is Kramer, and now he has a tape of his confession, thanks to which he can blame everything on him. Logan says that 10 years ago, the first game took place in this very barn, but the bodies of its participants were never found. And one of the players then was Logan. This game was shown earlier in the film. The person who regained consciousness late and couldn’t dodge the saws in the first round was Logan. Kramer decided that he shouldn’t die this way. 10 years later, Logan recreated that game with the criminals from Halloran’s failed cases. Saw used 5 players in the game. Logan used three. He and Halloran are the final two players.

    Edgar killed Logan’s wife, but Halloran let him go because he was his informant. It was Logan who shot Edgar in the chest when he was on the roof. He fired a sniper rifle and later changed the bullet in the autopsy. Kramer’s blood under Malcolm’s nails is also his work.