Reviews on samsung top load washer: Samsung 5.4 Top Load Washer with Active Water Jet Review

Samsung 5.4 Top Load Washer with Active Water Jet Review

We purchased the Samsung 5.4 Top Load Washer with Active Water Jet so our writer could put it to the test. Keep reading for our full product review.

Buying a washer is often a big purchase for most households. Whether you need something that holds more items, are replacing a broken machine, or want to upgrade your laundry room’s look, the washer and dryer set that you choose can make or break your clothes laundering experience. I tested the Samsung 5.4 Cubic Feet Top Load Washer with Active Water Jet and loved its performance and aesthetic appeal.

I am a big fan of Samsung products, including their washers and dryers. This washer is the third Samsung that I have owned. I was happy with its performance, look, and set up.

The 5.4 cubic feet capacity is one of the largest washers available.

I opted for the installation and hauling away of my old set when I had the Samsung washer and matching dryer delivered. If you are handy, you can install them yourself to save a little bit of money. But you will need an install kit that includes the necessary hoses and a little bit of know-how to hook them up properly. My laundry room is on the second floor, which also meant some muscle power to get the new washer upstairs and the old washer downstairs. Installation cost $25, and the haul-away of the old unit was $15 through Samsung. It was worth every penny.

If you choose to install the washer yourself, make sure you know where to hook up the hot and cold hoses, as well as how to hook up the drain. The included instruction manual has written and illustrated installation instructions. You also need to level the washer, ensuring it is not tilted before you use it. If you need to make small adjustments, you can turn the leveling feet on the machine’s bottom.

Some settings have a preset temperature, rinse, spin, and soil configuration, but you can customize the settings to get the perfect wash for your items.

This is a large washer. Make sure that you measure your space before purchasing it. You need one inch of clearance on each side and in the front, 5.9 inches of clearance from the back wall, and 21 inches of overhead clearance. You need at least a one-inch gap between the washer and dryer if you install them side-by-side.

The Spruce / Katie Begley

For your new washer’s maiden run, choose a setting, keep it empty, and run it to calibrate the new machine. The installers knew what to do, guided me through the process, and started that step for me. They made sure that the washer was working properly before they left.

If you plan to use the top of your washer and dryer as a usable workspace, the top of this set is slanted and does not accommodate that. Folding items on top of the washer is not ideal. The angled top did not affect me since I prefer to keep my laundry room free of any extra items.

The Spruce / Katie Begley

When you are ready to wash, load up your items in the large capacity drum. I ran multiple loads through the washer, including a week’s worth of baby clothes, my workout clothes and towels, and my husband’s work uniforms. One of my favorite features of the washer was 10 setting options from normal to heavy-duty and whites to bedding, using the spin dial.

All cleaning products—fabric softener, bleach, and detergent—go in their particular spots in the pull-out drawer. I used Tide HE liquid detergent, although you can use powdered detergent compartment in the same place as the liquid detergent.

The Spruce / Katie Begley

The Samsung 5.4 Cu. Ft. Top Load washer has five temperature settings ranging from cold (no warm water added) to hot (ideal for heavily soiled items with colors that will not run). Some settings have a preset temperature, rinse, spin, and soil configuration, but you can customize the settings to get the perfect wash for your items.

The washer has a pre-soak option, a deep fill option, and an optional alarm. I have turned off the alarm because my laundry room is next to the baby’s room, but it’s nice to know that I can use this feature when my children are older. If you want to keep tabs on your load, Samsung’s Smart Care feature can help you troubleshoot via your smartphone.

The deep-fill setting adds extra water for soaking when you have heavily soiled items that you want to saturate with water. I tested this setting on my children’s’ outdoor play clothes. I did not see a noticeable difference in the heavy-duty setting outcome, other than it took less time to run the laundry. This setting comes in handy for clothes or other items that have older, set-in dirt and grime.

The Spruce / Katie Begley

The Samsung washer does not have a sanitize feature, something that some potential purchasers may want. You can purchase the Samsung 5.4 cu. ft. Top Load Washer with Super Speed for $1,200. This slightly more expensive washer includes the sanitize feature.

The washer took just under an hour to run a normal wash. The LED display specifies the amount of time the wash will take when you begin, which helps me plan out my housework. The washer tends to take a little bit less time than the matching dryer. If you’re doing multiple loads, your clothes may need to wait a few minutes in the washer for the dryer to become free.

Having the Active Water Jet makes handwashing easy.

If you want to set the time for when you want the washer to run, you can select the delay start option. This setting is perfect for setting the washer before going to bed, with the targeted finish time for when I wake up the next morning. This setting ensures that clothes do not sit damp in the washer overnight.

Cleaning the washer is easy using the self-clean setting. Samsung recommends that you clean the washer once a month or every 20 uses. Washing clothes for a family of five meant the 20-use threshold occurred in four weeks. If you notice visual residue in the washer drum, add liquid bleach before beginning the self-clean cycle. I ran it without bleach, so the washer used hot water to clean the drum.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Active Water Jet?

This feature is a lifesaver for delicate or hand-wash items. Instead of hand washing items, you can use the included Active Water Jet. I had actively avoided buying clothing that needed to be hand-washed because I never had the time for handwashing or did it improperly. Having the Active Water Jet makes handwashing easy. It’s also great for pretreating stains or rinsing.

Is the washer loud?

Samsung uses Vibration Reduction Technology to keep the vibration and resulting noise down. This washer did not seem any quieter than others I have used. It also didn’t make more noise than I expected. Overall, I was happy with the noise level. I did not notice the noise from my bedroom down the hall from the laundry room unless I specifically listened for it. The lid has a soft-close hinge, which reduces accidental noise from dropped washer lids.

What are all of the cycle options?

The Samsung 5.4 Top Load Washer has a whopping 10 cycles. These include normal, heavy-duty, whites, bedding/waterproof, permanent press, quick wash, delicates, rinse + spin, spin only, and self-clean. I tried all of the cycles, favoring normal for most washes. I also liked heavy-duty for my kids’ dirt- and grass-stained clothes and the bedding setting for my periodic comforter washes. If you want to know the temperature, rinse, spin, and soil level recommended for each cycle, the instruction manual lists that. It also displays that information on the LED display when you select the cycle. 

How is this washer for cleaning bedding?

The 5.4 cubic feet capacity is one of the largest washers available. It has a bulk setting that is perfect for larger items like comforters or duvets. I used the bulk setting when washing a Queen-size comforter and two pillows without any problems. I also used the washer for towels, stuffed animals, and a down comforter.

Is a top load washer better than a front load washer?

I prefer a top load washer over a front loader, even if the cost is more. The ring seal on the front of the front loader can get dirty or grow mold if you do not air it out after each use. The capacity on a top load washer is often larger, making it an easy choice for me.

What dryer should I use with the Samsung 5.4 Cu. Ft. Top Load Washer?

Samsung makes a matching washer in black stainless steel or white like the washer. It also offers a champagne-colored option, although the washer only comes in black or white. You can use any washing machine, but pairing a matching set gives your laundry room a cohesive look. Make sure your measurements include at least an inch of clearance on each side of the washer. The included instruction manual has a diagram of the required setup for a side-by-side washer and dryer.

What detergent is best to use with the Samsung 5.4 Cu. Ft. Top Load Washer?

This washer is a high-efficiency machine, so you need a HE detergent. Most mainstream detergents have an HE option. HE detergents produce fewer suds when they wash, which works best with the Samsung Top Load Washer design.

You can use other detergents, but the washer may not work as efficiently. You might need to clean the drum more often if non-HE detergent builds up. I used the Tide HE liquid detergent without any problems with residue on my clothes or noticeable build up in the washing machine.

Does the washer have a child lock?

The Samsung 5.4 Top Load Washer has a child lock. If the lid opens when the child lock is on, the water automatically drains from the drum. If the washer is mid-wash, the start/pause feature is disabled. Only the power button will work when the child lock feature is enabled. I prefer a top-loading washing machine because it is harder for small children to climb up and into these tall machines; meanwhile, a front-loader is at child height. It is much harder for a child to get accidentally locked into a machine filling with water. This machine’s child lock feature gives me added peace of mind.

Does the washer come with a warranty?

The washer has a 1-year part and labor warranty, 3-year warranty for the tub, and 10-year warranty for the Direct Drive motor.

Samsung 5.4 Cu. Ft. Top Load Washer With Active Water Jet vs. the Competition

If you want to save some money, the Maytag 5.3 Cu. Ft. Top Load Washer has many of the same features as the Samsung model for $1,000. Smaller Samsung and Maytag models are available for about $850. You can also look at getting a front load washer, which can be $200 to $300 less than a front loader.

It is worth noting Samsung offers significant savings if you get a washer and dryer bundled set. When purchased individually, the Samsung Top Load Washer with Super Speed and Samsung Dryer with Steam Sanitize+ cost $1,200 each or $2,400 total. But if you get the matching pair, you can save about $600 and get the bundle for $1,800.

Final Verdict

Yes, buy it.

If you have the room in your budget, you will love the Samsung 5.4 Cu. Ft. Top Load Washer with Active Water Jet. It works on practically all of your clothing and linens; it’s worth the expense.

The 9 Best Washer & Dryer Sets of 2023

This Samsung washer has no business in your laundry room

In a lineup of top-load washing machines, Samsung’s modern $1,099 WA54M8750AW stands out. Next-gen aesthetics aside, the WA54M8750AW is highly disappointing. And even though it’s currently on sale for $649, I still wouldn’t buy this washer. It didn’t perform well, its display is hard to read, the latch holding the washer lid and sink together is flimsy and I completely gave up on the glitchy Samsung Smart Home app mid-setup. Save your money for the high-performing $1,530 Kenmore Elite 31633 instead (it’s currently on sale at Sears for $990).

Modern design isn’t enough

The Samsung WA54M8750AW channeled LG’s $1,150 WT1801HVA with its integrated display. I like the concept of moving the instrument panel to the main washer compartment (rather than having a random hunk o’ plastic and metal sticking up). It’s similar to the difference between freestanding and slide-in range display panels. But the WA54M8750AW’s design didn’t do well in practice. Its panel sits so flat against the washer you can’t read the display from a distance.

Like select other Samsung top-loaders, the WA54M8750AW has a sink so you can soak or hand wash heavily stained or delicate items with ease. The sink is a useful addition, but you’ll pay extra for it — and this particular model has a significant design flaw. The tab that holds the lid and the sink together is in the center of the washer, rather than hidden on the side. Half of the times I tried to open the WA54M8750AW’s lid to get to the wash compartment, I accidentally released the sink. Frustrating.

Here’s how the WA54M8750AW stacks up against other top-loaders in its price range:

Comparing washing machines

Samsung WA54M8750AW Maytag MVWB955FC LG WT1801HVA Kenmore Elite 31633 Whirlpool WTW8700EC
Price $1,099 $1,399 $1,150 $1,530 $1,399
Color finish White, black stainless steel (for $1,199) Metallic slate, white ( for $1,299) Graphite steel, white (for $1,050) Metallic, white (for $1,420) Chrome shadow
Capacity 5. 4 cubic feet 6.2 cubic feet 4.9 cubic feet 6.2 cubic feet 5.3 cubic feet
# of cycles 12 10 12 10 10
Energy consumption 180 kWh/year 240 kWh/year 135 kWh/year 290 kWh/year 196 kWh/year
Water consumption 14.8 gallons 15.3 gallons 15 gallons 15.6 gallons 17.4 gallons
Dimensions (width, height, depth) 27×42.4×29.3 inches 29.5×43.4×30 inches 27×40.2×28.4 inches 29.5×43.5×30 inches 27.5×42.3×28 inches
App Yes, Android and iPhone No Yes, Android and iPhone No Yes, Android and iPhone

Enlarge Image


At a glance, Samsung’s WA54M8750AW looks like a solid contender alongside the other high-end top-load washers in the chart above. Its 5.4-cubic-foot capacity can easily hold all of your clothes, it’s priced lower than its competition and it’s supposed to work with the Samsung Smart Home app for Android and iOS. I unfortunately had no luck connecting the washer to the app. It closed and logged me out regularly for no apparent reason and I ultimately gave up after more than an hour of failed attempts.

Can it clean?

The Samsung WA54M8750AW did not perform well. 

To score stain removal, we run three identical cleaning cycles with “fresh” stain strips soiled with skin oil (sebum), mineral oil (carbon), pig’s blood, cocoa and aged red wine. After each run, we calculate how much of the original stains are left — the lower the number, the better it did removing stains.

On average 50 percent of the WA54M8750AW’s original stains remained after a cleaning cycle. In contrast, the Kenmore Elite 31633 had just 41 percent of its original stains remaining overall. Take a look at the graphic to see how Samsung’s WA54M8750AW compared to its other top-load competition in terms of stain removal.

We also run thin squares of fabric through the same three cleaning cycles. After each cycle ends, we count the number of attached, frayed threads that measure at or over 2 millimeters long. The higher the number, the tougher that washer is on clothes (in the normal cycle).

Samsung’s WA54M8750AW had 254 attached, frayed threads. Kenmore’s 31633 had an average of 251 threads per wash cycle; LG’s WT1801HVA had 243 threads; and Maytag’s $1,399 MVWB955FC had just 208. While the Samsung WA54M8750AW wasn’t particularly tough on clothes, other washers were gentler.

Enlarge Image

Fabric squares pre- and post-cleaning cycle.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

The takeaway

Samsung’s $1,099 WA54M8750AW washing machine is an intriguing concept, poorly executed. It looks modern, but the flat, hard-to-read display hurts usability — and the built-in sink is much too easy to open. This washer didn’t perform well, either. Skip the WA54M8750AW and consider the impressive Kenmore Elite 31633 as an alternative. And, if you really want a washer with a built-in sink, take a look at the $899 Samsung WA52M7750AW. It didn’t perform particularly well, either, but it doesn’t suffer from the same design and usability challenges as the pricier WA54M8750AW. Bonus: It’s currently on sale for $549.

Whirlpool Top Loading Washing Machine Review


Author: evgenij

Category: Washing machine – expert reviews

Views: 32050

To buy or not to buy a washing machine Whirlpool

Before buying any household appliances, every sane person is sure to be interested in the quality of the purchased products, as well as the quality of spare parts, the availability of service centers in the city in which he lives, and in case of repair, how much it will cost. The Whirlpool brand is one of the leading manufacturers of top-loading washing machines. I must say that the quality of this technique is at a very high level, despite some negative reviews. I will talk about these reviews a little later, to be honest, there is something to think about and something to read. To begin with, I want to say about some of the nuances of the repair. Unlike similar SMs, Whirlpool did not fight to reduce costs and many of the components did not change, and now we can say about the most important plus of this washer. The fact is that in the SMA Whirlpool with vertical loading, there are tanks that are disassembled, this not only simplifies repairs, for example, a drum, but also prolongs the life of this washer. The happy owners of this brand are faced with such a problem as the failure of the drum supports, they simply rot from low-quality water or low-quality powder, to be honest, only God knows. Now let’s look at another trade brand, let’s say Zanussi or Indesit, the tanks in these washers are not disassembled, and if the drum support is rotten, the machine can be thrown into scrap metal, since repairing it can be more expensive than its cost. Now I would like to turn to those negative reviews that the Internet is teeming with and explain to a simple layman what’s what

Whirlpool washing machine does not drain water

Before writing this article, I specifically visited several sites that had enough negative information about this brand. I was simply outraged by what was written there, and sometimes it was even funny to tears. For example, one person wrote such a comment

d *** mo machine, worked only 9 years and the pump was covered, when I changed the pump, a month later the heating element failed, and two months later I had to change the hubs, in general, she got me sick, I don’t know what to do or throw it away or continue to repair it further, since now it’s starting to get scared and I was told that I need to change the shock absorber

Let’s look at this review, it seems to me that the person who wrote it did not understand what he meant. Think for yourself, the washing machine worked without problems for 9 years and only in the tenth year of its operation did the pump fail. Any master will say that 9 years of operation of a washing machine without repair is a pretty excellent result, but the fact that after this period the owner had to change some spare parts, then excuse me, any technique is not eternal and in any case, after a certain time something breaks

Whirlpool washing machine drum feet rotted

5 years after the purchase, the drum supports were screwed up on my washing machine, their replacement cost me a penny. In principle, there were no other breakdowns in 5 years, but when buying this washer, I counted on a longer period of work without repair. I wanted to find stainless steel supports, but I couldn’t buy them anywhere, I even wrote to the factory about this. Maybe the reason is not quality, but something else, but to be honest, the second time I would not buy this machine

Let’s start with the fact that the culprit, in this case, may be poor-quality powder or bad water, which has alkalis in its composition. In your case, first of all, you need to change the detergent, and then talk about the brand as a whole. I often encounter this problem, but I will say this, changing the supports is not so difficult, as, for example, on other brands where the tank is not disassembled at all. At the present time, the service life is 5 years, which is pretty good, since modern washing machines do not differ in their quality. If your Zanussi supports rotted, then at least this repair would cost many times more, and at the most, you would have to buy a new washing machine. I shot a short video, that is, I made a review from the master about the performance and durability of this SMA. I highly recommend watching this video0016

Watch video. Should I buy a Whirlpool washing machine? Many people write that vertical loading Whirlpool – Cowards like an infection, then I immediately have a question – What about Indesit, Zanussi, Ardo or something else like that, I mean vertical loading – Cowards somehow differently. I will say this, almost all verticals are subject to strong vibration, you can’t get away from this and Whirlpool is no exception. Let’s go further, what else I read in the comments – someone wrote that his washing machine, after 4 years, one sidewall was very rusty. Guys, this is just ridiculous, top-loading Whirlpool washing machines rust much less than, for example, Indesit or the same Zanussi. You just need to put it in a dry place, and if this commentator put his SMA close to the bathroom or to the washbasin, and then shouts that one side is all rusty, then I don’t even know what to say here. Having visited several sites, I could not find constructive criticism from the owners of this technique. I have to deal with this brand quite often, no one says that this car is perfect, but everything is known in comparison, it seems to me that the price-quality ratio, in this case, corresponds. Yes, there are drawbacks, but they are not critical and do not drastically affect the service life

How much do the spare parts for the Whirlpool washing machine cost?

The motor is not in short supply, it costs a little more than the Indesit one. Pump (drain pump) – used to be on latches, it cost a little more than a universal one, now almost all models have universal pumps, that is, the same as those of Indesita. The pressure switch is not a problem, it costs almost the same as other SMAs, it is sold in any online store, the same can be said about valves. Control module – it is a little more difficult to repair and a little more expensive to repair, if the control unit is specifically burned out, buying it will cost you no more than the Indesit one.

Let’s summarize our article. You can buy washing machines of this brand, they serve for quite a long time, there are of course some cockroaches, but they are all removable. In the end, I want to add that these machines are easy to maintain, that is, the owner himself can make a replacement, any spare part with his own hands, which, in turn, reduces the cost of repairs at times. Then you think, I expressed my opinion, but the decision should remain with you. Remember this is your choice and you should wash on it, think carefully before buying

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Samsung acknowledged security problems after explosions of washing machines

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Samsung has acknowledged that some of its washing machines may not be safe after several US consumers complained that their washing machines exploded. In early September, Samsung reported a risk of overheating and fire on Galaxy Note 7 smartphones

Photo: Reuters/Pixstream

Samsung Electronics is discussing the risks of using certain models of top-loading washing machines with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). This is stated in a statement published on the company’s website.

“On rare occasions, defective models may experience abnormal vibrations that could present a risk of personal injury or property damage when washing linens, bulky or waterproof materials,” the company said in a statement.

Samsung has recommended that consumers who have noticed a malfunction use a gentle cycle with a low spin speed when washing such laundry. “There were no complaints using this cycle,” the company notes.

The message emphasizes that the issue only affects top-loading machines manufactured between March 2011 and April 2016. The company does not name specific models, but invites consumers to enter the serial number of their washing machine into a special form on the website to find out if it has this defect. The CPSC report says that the regulator and the company are working on a way to troubleshoot.

According to The Wall Street Journal, three consumers filed a lawsuit against Samsung in August, alleging that their machines suddenly exploded while in use.

According to one of them, Michelle Soto Fielder from Texas, her Samsung washing machine, bought in June 2012, exploded unexpectedly in February 2016. According to the complaint filed in the U.S. District Court in New Jersey, the explosion was so strong that it caused a dent in the wall of the garage where the washing machine was located.