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  • Cyberpunk Purple Hot Swappable Mechanical Gaming PC Keyboard
    – dustsilver

    Replaceable mechanical switches

    Smoothness and steadiness are our top priorities. We provide you with four replaceable switches, and you hope you can find the most suitable switch for you.



    Offers faster, lighter, and smoother actuations than mechanical switches, and lasts longer as it requires fewer moving parts that operate with less friction. Doesn’t just adapt to every game, it seamlessly adjusts to you.Available in four variants:

    Waterproof design

    You accidentally knocked over the cup while using the keyboard, don’t worry, it will not affect your normal use.

    PBT keycap

    Selected PBT ball cap, about 80% PBT content, give full play to the characteristics of PBT material, dry and not easy to slip, feel comfortable, sublimation production process, make the colors of text and patterns more vivid and not easy to wear.


    Better ergonomics | More comfortable experience


    Product Specification

    Brand:Dust Silver
    Switches:Gateron Black\Gateron Cyan\Gateron Brown\Gateron Red
    Connectivity:Wired,Three-way outlet
    Keycap material:PBT
    Number of keys:108
    Interface:USB Type C
    Printing:Dye sublimation

    Amazing Keyboard

    This keyboard is beautiful and AMAZING! I got the blue optical switches and the clicky is so satisfying to me. It has become my everyday gaming keyboard at home. Nice sturdy casing with a good amount of weight. No flex gang, for sure! I use a womier 98 at work (with silent black cherrys, to reduce noise) but am thinking of getting another one of these keyboards and switching the optical blues to optical yellows to use in the office. I highly recommend this keyboard to anyone who is thinking of taking the jump. More than worth the price! 🙂

    Cyberpunk Purple Hot Swappable Mechanical Gaming PC Keyboard

    Better Than Imagined

    I love this keyboard. I was a bit worried at first because of the price, and I know mechanical keyboards can get expensive. But I have no complaints about this keyboard. I love the sound, the feel, and the weight. The keys and board aren’t just stickers either which is great. I haven’t had a mechanical keyboard before but I immediately fell in love with this one.

    Absolutely in love

    This keyboard fulfills all the needs of someone who wants to get into keyboard customization but is intimidated by the significant learning curve. It’s great. The only improvement I’d make is to offer a keyboard with rgb lighting.


    This keyboard is gorgeous and way better made than I expected. The frame is made of metal, and the details are actually engraved, not just printed on. The large keys are really nice to use, and the designs of the caps are super pretty. I got blue switches and they sound and feel amazing. I have a Razer keyboard that was about the same price, and I far prefer this one, the metal frame feels much nicer.


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