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MRI, CT, Ultrasound & Mammograms

Welcome to ProScan Imaging. We provide expert, affordable MRIs, CT Scans, Ultrasounds and Mammograms read by board certified and fellowship-trained radiologists with the highest quality diagnostic interpretation available. Our simplified scheduling, pre-authorization, insurance, and billing process make it easy for patients to focus on their health. Experience the ProScan difference for you, your patients, and your practice.

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ProScan Imaging provides patients and referring physicians with the highest-quality diagnostic medical imaging and radiology interpretations. Schedule your appointment today.

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Teleradiology ▸

ProScan’s radiology team of fellowship and subspecialty-trained radiologists provide expert interpretations for every modality, including MRI, CT, PET, and Ultrasound. We are your dedicated teleradiology partner and offer a streamlined process with easy connectivity, around-the-clock support, and report access through our proprietary, HIPAA-compliant, user-friendly ProScan Online portal.

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Expert Physicians

Every scan is read by one of our expert radiologists. Our team’s training and experience are unparalleled in the industry.

World-Class Equipment

Our friendly, convenient centers are equipped with the latest technology to ensure your comfort and provide the highest-quality images.

Affordable Care

We provide top-quality services at a lower cost. Our team will navigate the insurance process for you or provide affordable self-pay pricing.


ProScan Pickerington, OH

Very clean facility and very friendly staff. Very upfront with insurance info and out of pocket costs. I was in very quickly, a few minutes before my actual appointment time. The waiting room was very clean and comfortable even though I didn’t spend long in it. Every employee that I spoke to or interacted with (on the phone and in office) was helpful, super friendly and just overall a great experience.

ProScan NKY, Crestview Hills, KY

All of the personnel at the Crestview Hills office were very professional, helpful and caring. They were very patient and helpful in making me as comfortable as possible. I have developed claustrophobia as I’ve gotten older and they worked with me to allow me to complete my MRI so I could receive further treatment later on the same day. ProScan imaging is the only provider that I trust with my imaging needs.

ProScan Westside, Cincinnati, OH

The staff was very friendly & knowledgeable & the office was clean. The MRI Technician explained everything to me beforehand so that I knew what to expect. My appointment started right on time & their hours allowed me to go after work so I didn’t have to miss work. The front desk clerk also thoroughly explained the charges to me. Highly recommend!

Full Service Imaging Center | ProScan NCH Imaging, Naples FL

ProScan NCH Imaging provides patients with the highest-quality diagnostic medical imaging and radiology interpretation services in Southwest Florida. With 10 centers throughout the region, our full-service CT and MRI centers are the reliable, convenient choice for patients searching for CT scans, Wellness Scans, MRI scans, Mammography, Bone Density (DEXA) testing, or an “ultrasound near me”.

ProScan and NCH Healthcare system have combined operations to provide the highest level of care in comfortable, convenient surroundings. We’re the world-renowned experts that doctors and patients across the nation turn to for the highest level of diagnostic care. Trust the team at ProScan NCH Imaging for superior comfort and accuracy, so that you can focus on your health. Call to schedule your appointment today!

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Expert Physicians

ProScan is a world-leading provider of diagnostic imaging. Our physicians are 100% fellowship-trained, reading 1600+ images every day. Our team’s training, experience, and patient care are unparalleled in the industry.

World-Class Equipment

We employ the latest technology and world-class equipment to ensure every patient receives the clearest images in total comfort. Our expert technologists are committed to patient care and the best possible imaging.

Affordable Care

Our outpatient services allow us to provide top-quality services while avoiding hospital fees. Let our team navigate the insurance process for you or arrange an affordable self-pay solution.

Cardiac Imaging

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Neuro Imaging

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Body Imaging

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Ortho Imaging

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Breast Imaging

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Vascular Imaging

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Imaging Services


ProScan NCH Imaging offers several MRI services to patients, including:

  • 3T MRI 
  • Stand-Up MRI
  • Prostate MRI
  • MRI Arthrogram
  • MR Enterography (MRE)
  • MRA

Learn more about an MRI and what to expect.


ProScan NCH Imaging offers several CT services to patients, including:

  • CTA 
  • CTV
  • CCTA with the Cleerly Coronary Analysis

    Learn more about a CT and what to expect.


    Learn more about Ultrasound services and what to expect.

    Nuclear Medicine

    Learn more about X-Ray services and what to expect.

    Wellness/Preventative Screenings

    ProScan NCH Imaging offers several Wellness/Preventative screening services to patients, including:

    • Full Body MRI
    • Vital Organ MRI Screening
    • Neurologic MRI Screening
    • Screening Breast MRI
    • Breast Implant Screening
    • CCTA with the Cleerly Coronary Analysis

      Learn more about Wellness/Preventative screenings and what to expect.

      Women’s Imaging Services


      ProScan NCH Imaging offers several mammography services to patients, including:

      • Screening 3D/Tomo
      • Diagnostic 3D/Tomo
      Breast Biopsy

      ProScan NCH Imaging offers several Breast Biopsy services to patients, including:

      • Stereotactic guided
      • Ultrasound guided
      • MRI guided
      • Needle localization
      • Fine Needle Aspiration
      Breast MRI

      ProScan NCH Imaging offers several MRI services to patients, including:

      • Breast MRI
      • Screening Breast MRI
      • Breast MRI Implant Screening
      DEXA/Bone Density

      ProScan NCH Imaging offers several DEXA/Bone Density services to patients, including:

      • DEXA – Total Body Composition
      Breast Ultrasound

      ProScan NCH Imaging offers several Ultrasound services to patients, including:

      • Breast Ultrasound
      • General Ultrasound

      ProScan NCH Imaging Naples South

      ProScan NCH Imaging Naples Crosspointe

      ProScan NCH Imaging Bonita Springs

      ProScan NCH Imaging Sierra Meadows

      ProScan NCH Imaging North Bonita Springs

      ProScan NCH Imaging Medical BLVD

      ProScan NCH Imaging Naples Northeast

      ProScan NCH Naples Commons

      ProScan NCH Naples Med Plaza

      ProScan NCH Naples South East

      Wherever you live or work in Naples, Florida, there’s a ProScan NCH Imaging center located near you. Our team is ready to answer all your questions regarding testing, how to prepare for your appointment, insurance, and more. Find the location convenient to you and call today to schedule an appointment. For assistance with scheduling your appointment call us today.



      1020 Crosspointe Drive
      Suite 103 & 106

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      260 Tamiami Trail

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      9400 Bonita Beach Road
      Suite 201
      Bonita Springs

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      8340 Sierra Meadows Boulevard
      Suite 103

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      24040 Tamiami Trail
      Bonita Springs

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      1715 Medical Boulevard

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      15420 Collier Boulevard

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      7717 Collier Road
      Suite 101

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      311 9th Street
      Suite 104 & 106

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      We are proud to be accredited in imaging quality & safety by the American College of Radiology (ACR), the gold standard in medical imaging.

      FMtsS-ProScan “ProScan-2000” and “ProScan-7000” » Company JSC “Rentgenprom”

      Digital fluorographic devices “ProScan-2000” and “ProScan-7000” manufactured by JSC “RENTGEN” PROM” are designed to perform digital fluorographic images of the patient’s chest area in a standing position.


      The devices can be used in medical institutions, in stationary and mobile offices. Their main area of ​​application is low-dose prophylactic examination of the patient’s chest in a standing position in frontal and lateral projections (sample pictures) . When using “ProScan-7000” , the spatial resolution reaches 3.2 pairs of lines per mm, which is already close to the quality of diagnostic images. For “ProScan-2000” this indicator has a lower value – up to 2.2 pairs / mm.


      • They are scanning devices with high spatial resolution and low radiation dose to patients and attendants. The principle of image acquisition is based on the use of a fan-shaped X-ray beam and a silicon linear detector for recording radiation. In this case, in the process of obtaining a picture of the lungs, the detector simultaneously moves in a horizontal direction along the chest and a fan-shaped X-ray beam formed by a slit diaphragm.
      • The use of scanning technology is characterized by the absence of scattered radiation when taking an image, which is a key point in ensuring good image quality at a low patient dose.
      • Linear silicon detector does not require periodic maintenance. Provides excellent spatial resolution and high contrast sensitivity.
      • Fluorographs are equipped with an X-ray protective cabin (equivalent to 1.2 mm lead) made of modern composite materials, which reduces the radiation exposure of personnel to the level of natural background. The presence of such an X-ray protective cabin makes it possible to place both a fluorographic apparatus and an automated workplace of a laboratory assistant in one room.
      • Fluorographs of the ProScan series comply with the established quality standards of the Russian Federation (Rosstandart quality certificate) and the main requirements of the EU directives for medical equipment.
      • Carefully thought-out and state-of-the-art technical equipment workstations for radiologists and radiologists. Long-term storage of images is provided with the possibility of placing an archive of images for the entire period of operation of the device. In this case, any image stored in the archive will be in the mode of constant availability for display on the monitor screen after the request of the radiologist.
      • Complete set of printers for printing images. The doctor’s workstation is equipped with both a laser printer for regular printing of the necessary forms and reports on paper, and a medical printer for printing the resulting images on rolled thermal paper and thermal film.
      • To help the radiologist, the software supplied with the fluorograph contains an electronic atlas of images that were obtained on devices of the FMtsS-ProScan series for various typical cases and pathologies. If such a need arises, then this atlas can be supplemented by the radiologist on his own using the images that were taken on the used fluorograph. This expands the database of various cases encountered in medical practice and makes it easier to use and classify in the future.
      • The ProScan software complies with the international DICOM protocol and was developed in close cooperation with radiologists, therefore it contains not only generally accepted formalized protocols, but also the necessary forms of periodic reports, and also provides support for printing images on a DICOM printer. The program has ample opportunities for processing the obtained images with special filters that use a mathematical apparatus for various presentation and display of initial fluorographic images according to certain medical tasks. If necessary, the software can be integrated into any modern medical information system. To do this, the specialists of JSC “RENTGENPROM” have created and use the hardware-software complex “X-ray information system ProPIKS”, which allows the integration of several medical devices.

      Low-dose scanning digital fluorograph ProScan-7000

      ProScan-7000 is a modern low-dose scanning digital fluorograph, the software of which allows high-precision diagnostics in hospitals and clinics.

      The unit’s silicon line detector detects X-rays that have passed through the patient’s chest and produces a direct, high-quality image.

      The device is equipped with a robust protective cabin, which significantly reduces the radiation intensity to protect the operating personnel. To power the device, a special device for connecting to a stationary power supply is provided. The kit also includes a special monitor for the radiologist. With it, you can work with the database, describe the image, and save it in the device’s memory for future analysis. Additionally, the device is equipped with a video surveillance system that allows you to control the position of the patient during the diagnosis.

      Innovative fluorograph software complies with accepted international standards and allows you to include the device in modern medical systems.

      Fluorograph ProScan-7000 APTsF-01-AMICO registers X-ray radiation that has passed through the patient, is carried out by a silicon linear detector of a digital fluorograph. In the process of obtaining a picture of the lungs, the detector simultaneously moves in a horizontal direction along the chest and a fan-shaped X-ray beam formed by a slit diaphragm.

      • The X-ray protective cabin of the digital fluorograph (lead equivalent 1.2 mm), made of modern composite materials, reduces the radiation load on personnel almost to the level of natural background;
      • Scanner;
      • Linear silicon detector does not require periodic maintenance. It provides a spatial resolution in the patient plane of 3.1 line pairs per mm and a contrast sensitivity of at least 1%. The high registration efficiency makes it possible to obtain a direct image with only a dose of 250 μR per frame;
      • X-ray emitter with slit diaphragm and X-ray tube;
      • High-frequency power supply, which is connected to a single-phase electrical network 220V ± 10%;
      • Radiologist workstation:
        • System unit;
        • DVD-RAM drive;
        • Monochrome medical monitor;
        • Professional graphics monitor;
      • X-ray lab station
        • System unit;
        • Professional graphics monitor;
      • Disk array for storing snapshot archive;
      • SONY-UP 990 AD Medical Printer that provides 256 shades of gray and a spatial resolution of 2560 by 3414 dots on blue film with 2 rolls of thermal paper and 2 rolls of thermal film;
      • HP LaserJet Pro 400 M401d Class Report Laser Printer;
      • Fluorograph control program, image processing and archiving “ProScan”;

      9 0057

      Maximum number of patients served per hour, pers. 60
      Frame size, mm 390×390
      Working focus size, mm 0.3×0.3
      X-ray tube voltage, kV 60—125
      Anode voltage maintenance accuracy, % ± 2
      Dynamic range , at least 1,600
      Scan time, sec. 5
      Mains requirements
      • 220 V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz
      • resistance not more than 3 ohms
      Overall dimensions, no more than, mm
      (without workstation of radiologist and radiologist)
      Mass of apparatus with spare parts kit, kg 9003 4

      Maximum power consumption (short-term), kW 7
      Anode current value, mA 1—40
      Spatial resolution (in the patient plane), line pairs/mm 90 034

      Contrast sensitivity not more than, %
      at dose per frame in the image detector plane, mR
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