Printer with cheap ink refills: Cheapest Printers for Ink Costs

Top 7 in 2023 Reviewed

Replacing your printer’s ink cartridges can be more expensive than the printer itself! This refers to the upfront costs of cartridges and how efficient they are (in terms of cost-per-page metrics).

One of the biggest mistakes that you’ll ever make is opting for a cheap printer: They waste ink and result in a higher cost per page. Instead, spend a little more on a quality printer that uses cheap ink cartridges efficiently.

But what is the best printer with the cheapest ink cartridges? In this article, we’ll discuss why the Brother Inkjet MFC-J6945DW Printer is our top pick while exploring other trustworthy products’ overall build quality, advanced features, print speed, and design.

This Article Covers:

Our Top Picks in 2023

Overall Best

Best Value for Money Great for Heavy Usage
Brother Inkjet MFC-J6945DW Printer Brother MFC-J1010DW

HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 Ink Printer

  • All-in-one inkjet printer
  • Supports wireless printing
  • Up to 22 ppm for mono
  • Up to 20 ppm for colored prints
  • Up to 30,000 pages maximum duty cycle
  • NFC-enabled
  • Internal ink storage tank
  • All-in-one inkjet printer
  • Supports wireless printing
  • Up to 17 ppm for mono
  • Up to 9. 5 ppm for colored prints
  • Up to 2,500 pages maximum duty cycle
  • With automatic document feeder
  • Duplex printing
  • Print-only inkjet printer
  • Supports wireless printing
  • Up to 22 ppm for mono
  • Up to 18 ppm for colored prints
  • Up to 30,000 pages maximum duty cycle
  • Supports HP Instant Ink subscription
  • Duplex printing

What to Consider When Picking the Right Printer

If you’re spending hundreds of dollars on a printer, you want to ensure that it’s worth the money. Some factors to consider include the technology that a printer uses, the colors it can print, the advanced functions it has, and its durability

Printing Technology

For office and home use, you’ll typically choose between an inkjet printer and a laser printer. These two types of printing technology use different principles to apply images and texts to paper.

  • Inkjet Printers – The most common printer type on the market. These printers use ink cartridges and tanks to spray the ink on your paper, supporting multiple colors.
  • Laser Printers – Bigger than inkjet models and don’t use ink. Instead, they use toner cartridges and are primarily intended for printing black and white pages.

If you’re looking to do casual printing, an inkjet printer should suffice. It’s also the more common choice when printing colored pages.

Meanwhile, a laser printer would be great to have for printing high volumes of monochrome documents. Recently, some laser printer models also support colored prints (but cost a lot more than a monochrome laser printer).


By default, most printers are capable of monochrome printing. However, since not all models have a colored printing function, contemplate whether the latter is an important requirement.

Choosing between a black-only and color printer is also essential when it comes to forecasting ink costs. After all, replacement ink cartridges for color printers are a lot more expensive than black ink.

Apparently, this is because you would also need to purchase separate ones for colors like cyan, magenta, and yellow. If you’re expecting to print a large number of pages, the costs for colored inks can really add up.

Printer Features

Each brand manufactures its printers differently, meaning that available models’ features can vary. However, there are a few general attributes that you might like to be present on the one that you buy. Here are some of them:

Good Paper Tray Capacity

Depending on your printing habits, you might want one with a large paper tray capacity.

Wireless Connectivity

Being able to connect your printer to your devices without the need for cables and cords is also a must-have feature. This allows you to freely place your printer anywhere in your room (as opposed to having it fixed due to wired connections).

Scan, Copy, and Fax

While you’re technically buying a printer, some models come in all-in-one configurations (e.g., scanning, faxing, photocopying). It might be worth shelling out a bit more money, especially if you need these features.

Note: The features listed are indispensable for typical printing needs. But if you’re ready to take your printer game to the next level, you might also find features like two-sided printing, touch-screen user interfaces, and automatic document feeders worth looking for in a printer.


One of the best ways to filter your choices is by asking how much money you’re willing to dish out. Note that modern printers with many advanced features can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Aside from the upfront expense, it’s essential to determine your expected printer operating costs, like a printer’s cost per page (calculated by dividing the price of the ink cartridge by its total page yield).

This would determine ink efficiency and how frequently you’ll have to buy new ink. Compared to low-priced printers, higher-priced printers that are efficient in ink usage will generally save more money in the long run.

Monthly Duty Cycle

A printer’s monthly duty cycle refers to the total number of pages that a printer can produce in one month without maintenance or repair. Put simply: It’s a printer’s durability rating.

By ensuring a solid monthly duty cycle, you’ll save on maintenance costs in case your service warranty expires. This also matters if you plan to do occasional high-volume printing.

What Is the Best Printer With the Cheapest Ink Cartridges?

The word “best” is subjective and depends on your current printing needs and preferences. But when considering their technical features, here are our picks for the top seven printers with the lowest ink cost:

1. Brother Inkjet MFC-J6945DW Printer

 — Overall Best

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  • Equipped with an efficient internal ink storage tank
  • NFC-enabled
  • Uses high-capacity cartridges
  • Page Gauge system


  • Large body

Tech Specs

  • Technology: Inkjet
  • Printer Type: All-in-one
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Paper Size: US Letter, US Legal, US Executive, Ledger, A3, A4, A5, Com-10, C5, etc.
  • Print Speed: Up to 22 ppm for mono, up to 20 ppm for colored prints
  • Maximum Duty Cycle: Up to 30,000 pages

Cartridges Used

  • Brother LC3037 Cartridges (Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow)

Average Ink Costs Per Year

  • Varies depending on usage, with each LC3037 set costing around $105

The Brother MFC-J6945DW is durable enough to handle around 30,000 pages per month without breaking down. We liked its redesigned ink storage tank that can store high volumes. This translates to less frequent ink cartridge changes.

Another aspect that we think is great is its paper-handling design. You can place your paper in multiple ways, including a 50-page automatic document feeder. Its tray can store up to 500 sheets too. This printer also supports two-sided printing, copying, and scanning, which is definitely a time-saver.

Perhaps, the highlight of this printer is its Page Gauge system, which tracks your ink levels and displays an estimated number of pages that can still be printed. This makes for on-time ink cartridge replacements.

Speaking of ink, each branded cartridge that the Brother MFC-J6945DW uses has a cost-per-page rating of $.01 for black and $.05 for colored prints. Apart from its large body (which might not be suitable for some people’s tastes), this is the best all-in-one printer for home use with cheap ink.

2. Brother MFC-J1010DW

 — Best Value for Money

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  • Multiple connection types
  • Mobile printing
  • Cheap per-page cost when black only
  • Comes with an automatic document feeder


  • Lacks duplex scanning
  • No Ethernet connectivity

Tech Specs

  • Technology: Inkjet
  • Printer Type: All-in-One
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Paper Size: US Letter, US Legal, US Executive, A4, A6, C5, DL, and Monarch
  • Print Speed: Up to 17 ppm for mono, up to 9. 5 ppm for colored prints
  • Monthly Duty Cycle: Up to 2,500 pages

Cartridges Used

  • Brother LC401 Cartridges (Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow)

Average Ink Costs Per Year

  • Around $42 per year if printing 100 pages per month (via Refresh EZ Print Subscription)

Owing to the low upfront cost of the Brother MFC-J1010DW, it’s one of the entry-level home printers with the lowest ink costs. We love that it’s an all-in-one printer and also comes with a 1.8” display (which is already great at its price point).

In terms of paper handling, its 20-sheet automatic document feeder is great for both scanning and copying. Its 150-page paper tray is also excellent for a home printer, supporting automatic duplex printing, too.

The primary reason to buy this printer is its compatibility with Brother’s ink supply subscription (a great way to save money on ink costs). It’s also equipped with a page gauge.

Even though it supports wireless mobile printing, one of the biggest deal breakers is its lack of Ethernet-wired connectivity.

3. HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 Ink Printer

 — Great for Heavy Usage

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  • Supports Apple AirPrint™ and ChromeOS for mobile access
  • Good for heavy usage
  • Automatically prints on both sides of a page when needed


  • Solely for printing

Tech Specs

  • Technology: Inkjet
  • Printer Type: Print only
  • Connectivity: Wired, wireless
  • Paper Size: US Legal, US Letter, US Executive, A4, A5, B5, C5, C6, etc.
  • Print Speed: Up to 22 ppm for mono, up to 18 ppm for colored prints
  • Monthly Duty Cycle: Up to 30,000 pages

Cartridges Used

  • HP 952 OfficeJet Ink Cartridge (Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow)
  • HP 952XL OfficeJet Ink Cartridge

Average Ink Costs Per Year

  • Around $300 per year for printing 700 pages per month (via HP Instant Ink)

When it comes to high-volume printing, the HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 Ink Printer is a great choice. While it only supports printing, it does redeem itself with its monthly duty cycle of 30,000 pages (which is a good rating in terms of durability).

We appreciated its high-capacity ink cartridges, often designed to ensure high page yield. Its ink can also be relatively economical as it’s configured to support HP Instant Ink (the ink subscription program of the brand).

An excellent purchase driver is its accompanying HP All-in-One Printer Remote app, which lets you control it from virtually anywhere. It also supports AirPrint™, making it an ideal choice for Apple users.

4. HP Envy Pro 6452 All-in-One Printer

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  • Comes with an auto document feeder
  • Equipped with self-healing dual-band Wi-Fi technology
  • Can be accessed through a mobile app


  • Bluetooth® technology could be better
  • Slow

Tech Specs

  • Technology: Inkjet
  • Printer Type: All-in-one
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Paper Sizes: A4, A5, A6, B5, C6, and DL
  • Print Speed: Up to 10 ppm for mono, up to 7 ppm for colored prints
  • Monthly Duty Cycle: Up to 1,000 pages

Cartridges Used

  • Available in regions of North America and Asia Pacific
    • HP 67 Black Original Ink Cartridge 3YM56AN
    • HP 67 Tri-Color Original Ink Cartridge 3YM55AN
  • Available in Europe, Middle East, and Africa
    • HP 305 Black Original Ink Cartridge 3YM61AE
    • HP 305 Tri-Color Original Ink Cartridge 3YM60AE
  • For other markets
    • HP 805 Black Original Ink Cartridge 3YM73AA
    • HP 805 Tri-Color Original Ink Cartridge 3YM72AA

Average Ink Costs Per Year

  • Around $72 per year for printing one hundred pages per month via HP Instant Ink

The HP Envy Pro 6452 All-in-One Printer is a great player when your priority is connection security. This is mainly brought about by its self-healing, dual-band Wi-Fi technology. It automatically detects connection issues and resolves them to keep you connected seamlessly, allowing you to do tasks as intended.

When it comes to paper handling, this printer also performs well with its 35-sheet automatic document feeder. It also supports duplex modes for US Letter and Executive paper sizes, and its paper tray can handle up to 80 sheets.

Another reason to opt for this printer is its mobile printing capabilities. This one supports AirPrint™ and Mopria™, in addition to an accompanying app developed in-house. Its wireless printing function (via Bluetooth®) can be quite unreliable, but this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker with its Wi-Fi feature.

That said, it’s quite slow at 10 pages per minute for black and 7 for colored prints. If you’re dealing with a lot of printing work, this can feel like forever to finish. While its monthly duty cycle is also low, it’s not durable enough for bulk printing. We believe it’s more suitable as a low-cost printer for home use.

5. Canon PIXMA TR8620 Wireless Inkjet Printer

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  • Supports multiple platforms for mobile printing
  • Excellent for borderless printing
  • Touch-screen interface


  • The nozzle may get clogged at times
  • Can be sluggish

Tech Specs

  • Technology: Inkjet
  • Printer Type: All-in-one
  • Connectivity: Wired, wireless
  • Paper Size: 3” Square, 5” Square, US Letter (8.5″ x 11″), US Legal(8.5″ x 14″), and US Envelope
  • Print Speed: Up to 15 images per minute (ipm) for mono, up to 10 ipm for colored prints
  • Maximum Duty Cycle: Up to 1,000 pages

Cartridges Used

  • PGI-280 Pigment Black Ink
  • CLI-281 Dye Based Inks (Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow)

Average Ink Costs Per Year

  • Around $204 per year for printing 250 pages per month using Canon PGI-280

If you’re planning to do image printing, the Canon PIXMA TR8620 Wireless Inkjet Printer is one of the best home printers with lowest ink cost. Though it’s admittedly just fine for print speed, maximum duty cycle, and similar aspects, it does do a great job with borderless printing.

It’s also ideal that users can feed paper into the printer from both the front and rear parts (each with a 100-page capacity(. Plus, it’s equipped with a handy 20-page automatic document feeder.

Perhaps the main course of this printer is its array of supported apps for mobile printing. Apart from AirPrint™ and Mopria™, it also supports other platforms like the Easy-PhotoPrint Editor app, Cloud Link, and more Canon-developed apps. Apart from wireless mobile mode, it also supports direct printing from a micro SD card.

One reason you might shy away from getting this printer is its sluggish print speed. It could also have nozzle clogging issues (a fairly common problem among inkjet printer models).

6. HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 Wireless All-in-One Printer

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  • Remote functions using the accompanying mobile app
  • Equipped with automatic document feeder
  • Security features
  • Two-sided printing and copying


  • Comes with a single paper tray
  • Slower than competing models from other brands

Tech Specs

  • Technology: Inkjet
  • Printer Type: All-in-one
  • Connectivity: Wired, wireless
  • Paper Size: US Legal, US Letter, US Executive, US Statement, L, 2L, and Envelope
  • Print Speed: Up to 20 ppm for mono, up to 10 ppm for colored prints
  • Monthly Duty Cycle: Up to 20,000 pages

Cartridges Used

  • HP 910 Original Ink Cartridge (Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow)
  • XL counterpart of the above

Average Ink Costs Per Year

  • Around $144 per year for printing 300 pages per month via HP Instant Ink

The HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 Wireless All-in-One Printer is a runner-up to our overall best printer model. It’s got a durable build with its monthly duty cycle sitting at 20,000 pages. Its output speed for black-only prints sits right below the other’s ppm too. This is a great option if you’re doing high-volume printing of purely textual documents.

Users can interact with its self-healing dual-band Wi-Fi, through its mobile app’s remote control, or via the built-in touchscreen interface. It also supports multiple platforms for mobile printing, including AirPrint™ and HP Smart.

When it comes to paper handling, the HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 Wireless All-in-One Printer unfortunately has a single paper tray. It does, however, have a 35-sheet automatic document feeder, allowing for faster paper refills.

While definitely the lowest-ink-cost printer, this one has a pretty low cost per page at $.049. It’s also compatible with HP Instant Ink (which might provide users a leeway to further lower operating ink costs).

7. Pantum P3302DW Printer

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  • Compact
  • Equipped with NFC touch
  • Drum and toner are separated


  • Only prints black and white documents

Tech Specs

  • Technology: Laser
  • Printer Type: Print
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Paper Size: A4, A5, A6, B5, US Letter, US Legal, US Executive, Folio
  • Print Speed: Up to 35 ppm
  • Recommended Monthly Volume: Up to 3,500 pages

Cartridges Used

  • Pantum TL94A Black Toner Cartridge

Average Toner Costs Per Year

  • Varies depending on usage. Each cartridge costs around $40, yielding approximately 1,500 pages.

Among competitors on the market, the Pantum P3302DW Printer is one of the best laser printers worth mentioning. It’s honestly a pretty straightforward model that supports black-only prints.

In terms of the hardware, we love its small-footprint design, making it portable and to place around the home. Its drum and toner are also separated, meaning you can change the toner cartridge freely without also changing the drum unit.

When it comes to functionality, its NFC (formally known as near-field communication) compatibility is definitely a highlight. This means that you can still print your files wirelessly even when its Wi-Fi connection type doesn’t work.

Aside from the fact that it can’t produce colored prints, this printer is definitely one of the best, considering its high printing speed and relatively good monthly duty cycle. This also means that your ink costs will be cheap since you only need to buy black ink.

How We Selected the Most Economical Printers of 2023

While choosing the printer models listed above, we considered their durability, printing speed, supported paper sizes, various functionalities, and ink cartridge prices. We also looked at various customer reviews, forum discussions, and similar resources to better understand how these printers perform and save on future operating costs.

Are Printers With Cheap Ink Worth Buying?

There are a lot of negative connotations surrounding the word “cheap.” But it’s true that many – not all – “cheap” products lack quality.

As long as you purchase from credible brands like HP and Brother, there should be no problem with buying cheap and ink-efficient printer models. You’re looking for a cost-efficient printer in terms of ink usage, which isn’t necessarily a cheap, low-quality one.

Branded printers with low cost-per-page ratings are often built with good quality, not to mention the warranty services. They might also feature advanced functionalities like wireless printing, duplex modes, larger paper capacity, and faster printing speeds.

If you’re hoping to save money, using printers with cheap inks is a key consideration.  For example, you might get inks that contain impurities and clog your printer, resulting in additional maintenance and cleaning costs.

Ink Subscriptions

Some printer models are configured to support ink subscriptions, a type of service that some manufacturers offer for timely ink supplies. As opposed to buying occasional separate ink cartridges, users might save a lot through these programs.

An excellent example of this is HP Instant Ink, where fees are based on the number of pages printed per month. This is a money-saver, considering that you’re paying only for the ink you need.

Another benefit of ink subscriptions is that the cartridges come on time, helping to ensure that you don’t run out.

Ink Cartridges from Third-Party Manufacturers

If the printer you’re buying doesn’t support ink subscriptions, you can consider ink cartridges from a third-party manufacturer. In addition to ones sold by your preferred brand, there’s a surplus of compatible ink cartridges on the market.

This solution can be great if you purchase refills from trustable manufacturers. Always check consumer reviews before buying from certain sellers. While off-brand ink cartridges are way cheaper, there are a couple of potential deal-breakers to consider:

  • Voided warranty: In case your printer malfunctions, third-party cartridges may render your warranty invalid, based on your brand’s terms and conditions.
  • Inconsistent print quality: Your prints may vary in hues with uneven tones.
  • Clogged nozzles: Cheaper inks (especially those from unpopular manufacturers) may contain impurities that can clog the nozzles of an inkjet printer.

Why Trust Productivity Spot?

Printers have become a staple for office and home use, especially with the increased popularity of working from home and taking online classes from providers like Udemy.

At Productivity Spot, we aim to help our readers find technology that will boost their work efficiency at affordable prices. To guide our audience, we’ve compiled the best printers with low-cost ink, based on extensive user research.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Inkjets or Laser Printers More Cost-Effective?

While they’re not necessarily cheaper upfront, laser printers are more cost-efficient than inkjet printers. Toner cartridges are used in laser printers, which usually have higher page yield ratings than ink cartridges. Most laser printers only support monochrome printing, meaning that you’d need to buy a toner cartridge in a single color.

How Much Does It Cost to Operate a Printer?

Your operating costs are determined by your printer’s upfront purchase expenses, ink cartridge prices, and paper quality.

Is it Cheaper to Buy a New Printer Than Ink Cartridges?

When talking about cheap printers that cost less than $100, a new printer may actually be a better deal than a replacement ink cartridge. However, for high-quality brands like HP and Epson, replacing a new printer will always be more expensive than the ink (not to mention more wasteful).

Final Thoughts

Printers can be expensive – and more so when they use high-cost ink cartridges with low efficiency.  Before buying one, be sure to consider your budget as well as the printer’s technology, features, and cartridges.

So what is the best printer with the cheapest ink cartridges? We think the Brother Inkjet MFC-J6945DW Printer is the current best when it comes to overall design and durability. But for a slightly more affordable option, the Brother MFC-J1010DW might give you the best bang for your buck.


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10 Best Printers With Cheap Ink In 2023 [Reviews & Guide]

If you’re a graphic designer, a gamer, or a business professional, you probably use printers quite often. And in case you aren’t aware, printer ink isn’t cheap. In fact, it can consume a significant portion of your take-home salary especially if you use large quantities very frequently.

If you have been complaining about how expensive printer ink has been recently, then this article is for you. In many cases, the cost of the printer can be offset by the savings in ink so it’s a great time to buy a printer with cheap ink!

Are you looking for an inexpensive printer that’s on top of its game, but won’t break the bank on ink? Keep on reading if you need to know more about finding the best printers for home use with cheap ink.

One of the underrated factors that people fail to pay attention to when planning to purchase a printer is the link. The printer that you purchase, whether for home use or business requires ink for printing. So, you will either have to replace or refill the ink cartridges and toners when they get empty.

Even now that people are working from home, there is a greater demand for cheap printers that do the job efficiently. Ink cartridges and toners can inflate your printer’s original price and make it quite expensive to refill. If you own a printer, you probably know that the ink is not the cheapest of the items. The cost of replacing the ink could be greater than the actual cost of the printer itself after a series of replacements. So, it is better to find a printer with cheap ink.

As long as you keep using your printer, you will surely get to replace the ink cartridges when they get empty. There are lots of printers with cheap ink, but right now, the cost of the printer no longer matters but how cost-efficient and economical their cartridges will be in the long run.  

Inkjet printers are known to be cheap, however, their ink doesn’t last long. The ink may even dry up when it is not being used, and this makes the ink and cost of maintaining an expensive option for home users and small business owners who do not print too often.  On the flip side, laser printers are costly, but their ink toners are relatively efficient and inexpensive as they print more and do not dry up like the inkjet models. So every printer, be it laser or inkjet has its pros and cons.

Today, we shall help you find the best printer with the cheapest ink costs. In this article, we will look at the key features, specifications, pros and cons to help to make an informed decision.

Table of Contents


Best Printers With Cheap Ink

Here’s a shortlist of the top printers with cheap ink

1. Canon Office and Business MX922 (Best All In One Printer)

The Canon Office and Business MX922 All In One Printer is an inexpensive option for anyone looking for cheap printers to buy. This multifunctional wireless printer can perform multiple tasks like scanning, copying, faxing as well as printing high-quality photos and documents. It is equipped with all of the essential features that are found in most modern printers. Beyond reasonable doubt, the MX922 is one of the best all-in-one printers for home use. 

It comes with a plethora of features such as Google Cloud Print, AirPrint, Wireless LAN, USB printing, mobile device printing, and automatic duplex printing. The automatic duplex printing feature helps you print on both sides of the paper automatically without having you do it yourself.

This amazing Canon printer is built with a 35-sheet Duplex Auto Document Feeder, which makes faxing, scanning, and copying multiple documents relatively easy. You can copy, fax, and scan several documents quickly without having to load each paper individually.

It prints up to 15 pages per minute, with a paper size of over 8.5 x 14 inches. It has one of the cheapest inks available; as ink costs range from $10-$14. This printer is a high-speed printing machine; It prints both white and black documents of the best quality. Also, it is compatible with a lot of devices such as Max OSX 10.6.8 – 10.9, Windows, 7, 7 SP1, RT, XP SP3 32-bit, Windows 8, Windows Vista SP1, and SP2.

The Canon Office and Business MX922 is the best all-in-one printer for home use. It fits into any corner of your house, which makes it a perfect printer for homes and small offices. The USB connectivity feature allows you to transfer data for quick printing.


  • Sleek design.
  • Great printing quality.
  • High printing speed.
  • Consumes ink efficiently.
  • Simple to use.
  • Dual compatibility.


  • It takes a lot of time in preparation for printing.

Check Price On Amazon

2. Brother MFC-J4335DW Printer (Best Family Printer With Cheap Ink)

The MFC-J4335DW from the Brother brand is a color inkjet printer that is sturdy and well-built. This printer uses the Brother INKvestment Tank, a hybrid-cartridge tank system that uses both reservoir tanks and cartridges, for better page yields at an excellent cheap cost-per-print. This printer is cheap to maintain, it reduces refills and running costs, which makes it one of the best all in one printer for home use with cheap ink.

It also prints documents at a great speed, so you don’t have to wait too long to get your essay and papers ready. It also has good connectivity options, including an Ethernet port, Apple AirPrint, Mopria Print Service, and Wi-Fi. It comes with an automatic document feeder, built-in fax, and a flatbed scanner. The scanning quality is fine and the print gives you enough room to access potential per jams and ink cartridges.

Unfortunately, it can’t print via USB flash drives and Bluetooth. The power cords cannot be unplugged, so this might be a problem to fix if it gets damaged. The printer’s screen has good visibility. Although it is not touchscreen-operated, it comes with a keypad and an array of buttons for easy navigation. The average cost per print is $32.99 and $64.49 for Black and Color respectively.

Brother MFC-J4335DW is available in white and gray. The price appears reasonable and it is a great choice for families as well as students.


  • Sturdy and well-built.
  • Decent color accuracy.
  • Great display.


  • Slow in printing photos.

Check Price On Amazon

3. Epson Expression Home XP-340 (Best Wireless Color Printer)

The Epson Expression Home XP-340 is a top printer that provides lots of features and functionalities. It offers basic printer features such as printing, wireless printing, copying, and scanning and it comes with a 1.44” color LCD screen.

This printer is an ideal choice for those who are looking for high-quality printers with cheap ink. You can purchase individual ink cartridges at an inexpensive price. It saves you the cost of maintenance, so you have the benefit of saving money from consistent ink purchases. In addition, it is one of the most affordable home printers in the market.

With Epson Expression, you can print documents from your Andriod smartphone, iPhone, iPad, tablet, and other mobile devices at a high speed. The two-sided duplex printing features allow you to print high-quality photos on both sides of the page. It has a 100-sheet paper capacity, and the print speeds for Black and Color range from 10.0 ISO ppm and 4.5 ISO ppm respectively.

Moreover, the Epson Expression Home XP-340 printer wouldn’t be a bad choice for people who will be printing on the go. The WI-FI Direct makes it easy and convenient for you to print freely. One important feature to note is that this is a compact printer; it fits into small or tight spaces. Therefore, it will be compatible with any home office or small office.


  • Small, compact size.
  • Quick printing.
  • Suitable for home use.
  • Fast printing speeds.
  • Prints high-quality prints.
  • The price is pocket-friendly.
  • Cheap ink costs.


  • Takes some time to setup.
  • Not too compatible with third-party ink cartridges.

Check Price On Amazon

4. Epson EcoTank ET-4760 (Best Home Office Printer With Cheap Ink)

The EcoTank ET-4760 is one of the best printers with cheap ink for homes and offices. To start with, this printer offers multiple connectivity options such as USD, Wi-FI, Ethernet, Apple Air Print, and Mopria Print Service. It offers users great features for office use, such as a flatbed scanner with high scan resolution, and color depth.  Some of its features include a copier, scanner, and voice-activated software.

One of the reasons why we recommend the ET-4760 is that it is equipped with four refillable ink tanks that produce an impressive number of pages. Hence, you don’t need to refill the ink tanks regularly. This will be a great choice for you especially if you are looking for efficient and economical options in the market.

The large ink tanks in this printer will be great for businesses and home offices looking to cut down printing costs. This aforementioned statement is true since users will purchase ink bottles at a far cheaper rate than cartridges. This printer is built for wired and wireless printing. An ink bottle costs may vary around $40 and should last up to 2 years. It is pertinent to take into cognizance that this printer offers cartridge-free printing – as it comes with ink tanks and not traditional cartridges. This plays a vital role in keeping the cost per print very well.

Although this printer has an automatic document feeder, it cannot perform duplex printing. So, you will have to flip over each page of a two-sided document manually. We would have loved it if this printer supports printing via USB flash drive or Bluetooth. But unfortunately, it doesn’t. Even though the photo printing quality and color accuracy of this printer isn’t too great for professional use, it remains decent for causal color and photo prints. Overall, this printer is great for anyone who wants to save on ink.


  • Great for students as well and small homes and offices.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Ink bottles are easy to refill.
  • Wireless printing.
  • Cheap ink options.
  • Uses ink efficiently as ink bottles can carry up to two years of use.


  • Doesn’t have sufficient space for loading paper.
  • Print speeds not as fast as other options.

Check Price On Amazon

5. Brother HL-L2300D (Best Monochrome Laser Printer)

This is a top choice for people who are searching for printers with the best printer ink value. This printer doesn’t only offer basic printer functionalities like copying, faxing, scanning and printing but is built for long-term use.

The Brother L2300D Monochrome Laser Printer is built with a standard paper tray capacity of 250 sheets and it has the lowest ink costs. Secondly, it features duplex printing, so you don’t have to turn the paper yourself.

The printing speed is exceptional. The A4 2-sided print has a print speed of 13 while the printing speed of the A4 standard is 26. It has the capability of printing up to 27 pages per minute and 2000 pages monthly, thereby making it a great multipurpose printer for home offices and small businesses. It also has a dpi resolution of 2400 x 600.

Brother’s L2300D printer offers users great connectivity options.  Apart from being compatible with Windows 10, it has Wi-FI and USD connections, which allows you to connect to your computer for a smartphone for convenience.  The printer’s design is sleek and it will fit into any office desk. However, the major problem with this printer is that it isn’t easy to replace its toner.


  • Automatic two-sided printing.
  • Wireless printing.
  • High connectivity options.
  • Compatible with a variety of mobile devices.
  • 250-sheet paper tray capacity.
  • Fast printing speeds.
  • High-quality print output.


  • Replacing the toner is difficult.

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6. Brother MFC-J460DW (Best All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer)

Today, inkjet printers are used in most offices due to their affordability and cost-efficiency. They are also considered by people because they are simple to set up and print fast. They are extremely popular and you will likely find them in most offices you enter. The Brother MFC-J460DW is a good example of a printer with cheap ink and other functionalities such as copying, faxing, and printing.

Setting up this printer in your workspace is a simple task. It features automatic 2-sided printing, so there’s no need to manually turn the paper during printing. The wireless connection feature will appeal to those who will be printing images and documents from their smartphones, iPad, and tablets.

 Additionally, Cloud scanning and printing are available for this model. Even if you are a tech newbie, it will be very easy for anyone to navigate and use the features of this printer. Most importantly, this printer has a toner tracking system, which shows you the toner levels of the printer. With this feature in place, you have no reason to worry about running out of toner. 


  • Compact size makes it suitable for use in any office space.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Affordable.
  • Fast printing speeds.
  • Mobile printing.


  • Doesn’t use efficiently as other printers.

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7. Canon PIXMA G7020 (Best Casual Photo Printer With Cheap Ink)

If you are looking for the best all-in-one photo printer with cheap ink, the Canon PIXMA G7020 will likely satisfy your needs. Canon is one of the best printer brands in the industry and their printers produce top-notch photo and document printing without compromising quality.

This inkjet printer is built with several features, like a flatbed scanner, copier, inbuilt fax, automatic document feeder, high printing speed, super-size ink storage, excellent output, etc. These features make it a cost-effective option for both office and home use. It supports multiple connectivity options, including Wi-Fi Direct and Ethernet.

Other features found in this printer include wireless print, AirPrint, and other handy features. Furthermore, it boasts of a sturdy production as it was solidly built. As earlier stated, this printer boasts of a ‘humongous megatank’ ink storage system with refillable tanks rather than cartridges. The cost of ink refills is cheap, therefore, the cost per print of this printer is ridiculously low. The ink bottle can print up to 6,000 Black and 7,700 color pages.

We didn’t find Bluetooth support for this printer and it doesn’t allow users to print directly from SD cards or USD flash drives. Nevertheless, it is great for casual photos and the ink costs aren’t expensive. You can use the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY application to execute several printer tasks and also order new ink. Despite having one of the cheapest inks, this printer doesn’t sacrifice quality and output.


  • Great printing speeds.
  • Users can use the Canon app to do printing tasks on the go.
  • Prints photos at a very good quality.
  • Cost of refilling ink is cheap.


  • No Bluetooth support.
  • Difficult to set up.
  • Can’t print directly from USD flash drives and SD cards.

Check Price On Amazon

8. HP OfficeJet Pro 6968 All-in-One Wireless Printer

Are you a heavy printer user? Does your business require you to print a lot of documents? If yes, then check out the HP OfficeJet Pro 6968. This printer is one of the newest models from HP. It gives you basic printing functionalities such as a superior scanner, wireless printing, faxing, copying, two-sided duplex printing, and an automatic document feeder.

With this printer, you can print anything from your PC, smartphone, tablet, or notebook. Mobile printing is an added feature. Unlike other printers with cheap ink, this all-in-one printer produces high-quality, professional color documents and prints at a fast speed.

Asides from being one of the budget-friendly printers with cheap ink, this printer save paper, which further saves you from additional costs. In terms of printing speeds, this printer has a high printing speed. It can print up to 20 pages per minute for black and white text as well as photos. What is quite astonishing is that it can also deliver up to 20000 every month. It supports varieties of paper sizes, including Panoramic, A4, Letter, and Legal papers.

Being a multifunctional printer, the HP OfficeJet Pro 6968 printer gives you the autonomy to use different functionalities simultaneously without having lagging issues. There is no room for buttons on this model because it is touchscreen-enabled. Overall, it is a great multifunctional printer with a plethora of great features and a low ink cost.


  • Fast printing speed.
  • Compatible with different paper sizes.
  • Touchscreen.
  • Prints up to 20 pages per minute.
  • Wireless and mobile printing.
  • Simple to set up.
  • Easy to use.
  • Excellent for photo paper printing and text documents.


  • Cost per print isn’t as low as expected.
  • Consumes ink fast.

Check Price On Amazon

9. Canon MX492 All-in-One Wireless Printer

Canon MX492 is an all-in-one printer that offers you mobile printing, wireless printing, faxing, scanning, and copying. It is compatible with smart devices like iPad, iPhones, tablets, and Android smartphones. This allows you the power to wirelessly scan and print documents from your mobile devices with the Canon PRINT app.

 It is built with an auto document feeder, which boosts the speed of the printing process. The automatic document feeder can hold up to 20-page documents. It boasts of two-sided duplex printing, so you should be able to print on the two sides of the page. Thanks to its small size, this printer will easily fit into any workspace, table, or office desk.

The tray capacity is big enough and it allows for effortless printing and increased productivity. We would recommend this printer to anyone who wants to print without having to add photocopier paper each time. It prints up to 3.8 pages per minute (color) and 7.3 pages per minute (black).


  • Large paper tray capacity.
  • Fits into any office or desk.
  • Doesn’t require drivers.
  • Automatic duplex printing.
  • Wireless printing and scanning.
  • Fast and efficient.

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10. Canon PIXMA TS5020 BK Wireless Color Photo Printer

If you want a printer that saves you a lot of money on ink, you can also consider the Canon Office Products PIXMA TS5020 BK Wireless Color Photo Printer. This printer runs economically on ink and also offers you quality printer functionalities, and great photo quality at a cheap cost per print. It offers quality printing, copying, and scanning functionalities.

Its print quality is overly impressive as it gives you an array of options for printing beautiful, creative, and good-looking documents and photos. It has glossy photo paper that is handy for printing beautiful photos.

This printer gives you everything you need to run efficiently. The easy operational system of this printer will appeal to first-time users. As a user, you will enjoy the simplicity that comes with connecting multiple mobile devices such as Android phones, smartphones, iPad, and tablets. It offers you five individual ink systems coupled with a built-in SD card reader. Also, this printer comes with a free ink set for you to use.

Additionally, it comes with a two-sided duplex printing feature. Therefore, you will be able to print on both sides of the page without manually having to turn the print pages. Thanks to the compact yet beautiful design of this printer, it will conveniently fit into any office table or desk. If you have been searching for a printer to use for your home or your small business, the Canon PIXMA TS5020 will be a good choice.


  • Easy to use.
  • Stylish design.
  • Beautiful prints.
  • Compact and small to fit into any space or desk.


  • Connecting this printer with cable can be cumbersome.

Check Price On Amazon

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Things To Look Out For In A Printer With Inexpensive Ink (Buying Guide)

When it comes to getting a printer for home or business use, one factor comes to mind. Obviously, you would want to get something that is durable and efficient for long-term use. There are lots of considerations to be made and features to consider when choosing a printer to buy.

1. Budget

Imagine breaking the bank for a new printer, only to discover that you will be spending a lot of money on ink purchases in the long run. There are cheap inkjet printers that you can buy below $100. If you have more money, you can buy something better with more features and benefits.

Even if you are looking for affordable printers with cheap ink, you shouldn’t compromise on their features. You would want a printer with automatic duplex printing, multiple connectivity options, great performance, and speed at a fairly cheap price.

2. Printing Speed

A lot of printers out there offer you cheap ink. Well, you have to take note of how fast the printer works. If you have used a slow printer, you should probably know how it feels to wait for ages for the printer to print. Thankfully, some of the printers recommended in this guide have fast printing speeds and the Epson Expression Home XP-240 is one of them.

3. Photo Quality

Whether you are buying a printer for personal or business use, it is important to choose a printer with the excellent photo printing quality. Look out for the color reproduction and color accuracy the printer offers.

Canon printers like the PIXMA TS5051 offer high photo quality during printing and seamlessly print out color documents.

4. High-Quality Text Documents

The main purpose of printers is to print documents. Therefore, one of the most significant features that printers need to have is the quality of printing. The text should be clear and vivid, without bleeding.

5. Automatic Document Feeder

An automatic document feeder or automatic document printing is a feature that most good printers have. Asides from helping you save time, this feature allows the tray to hold multiple sheets of paper and feed them to the printer rather than having users do it manually.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Printer Brand Has The Cheapest Ink?

Many brands out there have printers that run with low ink costs. Epson, HP, and Canon all have printers that utilize ink efficiently without sacrificing printing quality.

Which Printers Are Most Efficient On Ink?

Canon Office and Business MX922 is an affordable printer with the cheapest ink costs. The price of the printer is not only affordable but the ink costs are budget-friendly as well. The ink costs vary from $10-$20. Worthy mentions are the Epson EcoTank ET-4760 and Brother HL-L2300D Monochrome Laser Printer.

What Is The Best Printer With The Cheapest Ink Cartridges?

After researching, reviewing, and testing out various laser and inkjet printers, we found the Canon Office and Business MX922 to be the best printer with the cheapest ink cartridges.

Additionally, the Epson ET-2750 has a better ink capacity for customers with high-volume printing jobs without necessarily increasing the ink cost.

Is Epson Ink Cheaper Than HP?

Apparently, Epson ink is cheaper than HP. Epson ink bottles averagely cost $12 while the cost of HP cartridges varies from $18 upwards. Also, Epson ink has a higher quantity than HP.

What Is The Best Laser Printer With The Cheapest Ink Cartridges?

Laser printers are popular in big offices or places where printing is done at a high volume daily. Laser printers do not use ink, but toner. Brother HL-L2300D is one of the best laser printers with cheap and affordable ink cartridges.

What Is The Best All In One Printer For Home Use With Cheap Ink?

The Canon MX922 remains a great choice for anybody who wants to buy an all-in-one printer with cheap ink costs for home use. It comes with several features and is a multifunctional feature, so it can also be used in offices and business places.


Ultimately, choosing the best printer with cheap, affordable ink is a matter of personal preference. That being said, some models are more suited to certain types of printing than others. If color quality and photo printing are important to you, expect to spend more for a multifunction machine with good photo-editing capabilities.

Being a heavy printer user, ink price is a huge factor when purchasing a printer. All recommendations in this article are what we think are the best printers with cheap ink. Everyone’s printing needs are different, so no printer is perfect for every user.

So, whether you’re shopping for a new printer, or just looking for a place to get more ink for your current printer, our comparison, and review of these popular printer brands and retail options should help you find the best deal on some of the most popular printers.

We hope that the information you have gleaned has helped you determine what type of printer will best suit your needs.

HP or Canon 2-cartridge printers – CCD, CISS and features “Refilling Cartridges” Knowledge Base case of the device itself, they are equipped only with a carriage that moves with the cartridges.

And the print head (an expensive compact high-tech plate with thousands of controlled nozzles firing ink) is part of these same cartridges (there are a few exception printers, but 99.9% of dual-cartridge models are designed this way).

Why are cartridges so expensive and printer so cheap?

Firstly, because the manufacturer implements such a model of earnings – sells printers cheaper than cost, and earns on cartridges, and secondly – because all printing electronics are part of the cartridge, not the printer. As a result, printers with such a printing system are especially cheap, and a set of new cartridges costs as much as the printer itself. Typical representatives of this type of devices are Canon Pixma 2540S, TS3440, MG3640, HP DeskJet 2320, 2130, 2720, 2050 and many others.

Why the cartridge fails

The manufacturer assumes that the user will replace the ink cartridge after using the amount of ink contained in the cartridge. Accordingly, the print head (PG) in this cartridge is not durable.

Printhead on an HP cartridge (black)

In fact, its working life can usually withstand another 2-5 refills (see, for example, how to refill a Canon cartridge), then the nozzles of some colors begin to burn out or the electronics completely fail. In some cases, with a careful attitude, PG can withstand 20-30-40 fillings or more.

Is it dangerous to refill cartridges? The chip calculates the consumption programmatically, analyzing what is sent for printing. When the counter in the chip runs out of ink (usually at this moment they run out in reality), the printer reports that the cartridge is empty. However, the chip on many cartridges (for example, HP 123, 652, 655, 305, Canon PG-445, CL-446 and others) allows you to use them even after the end of the ink on the chip. To do this, you must agree to all warnings about emptying and risks, thereby disabling ink level monitoring. And in order for the cartridge to actually print, it needs to be refilled with ink.

Why is it dangerous? If the print head (PG) is not on the cartridge, but part of the printer, theoretically it can be spoiled by inept actions (and PG is the most expensive part of the printer). You can spoil it, for example, without refilling the cartridge, but agreeing with the printer’s warnings – in this case, the device will “print with air”, this will cause the head to overheat and may partially or completely fail.

However, in the case of dual-cartridge printers, there is no danger at all, because with them the PG is part of the cartridge. It has a short resource and sometimes burns out without even one refill, because the manufacturer only needs to guarantee that the amount of ink in the original new cartridge will be used up. On the other hand, often the head on the cartridge can work out 20 or more volumes of ink refilled in the original cartridge at the factory, so refilling makes sense. And in any case, even if you ruin the head, for example, by refilling the wrong ink, you will have a completely new PG on a new cartridge. And on the printer, you can only spoil the mechanics of movement for paper and cartridges.

Where to buy non-original cartridges

In stores you can find cheap non-original cartridges for such printers, but in most cases these are refilled original cartridges that are recycled. Often they change the plastic case, cover, sponge and chip plate (so that the ink level is displayed at 100% during installation), but the print head in 90% of cases is only original, no one except HP and Canon can make it – because of the high cost, complexity and patents. That is, in fact, these are remanufactured cartridges, which is why they often have defects in printing and rarely withstand even one refill. We at MnogoChernil do not sell such ink tanks due to unstable quality. Another thing is non-original cartridges for more expensive printers with more than 3 cartridges (that is, with a print head on the device). Such non-original ones are completely new refilled complex-shaped plastic cases with non-original chips, they have a stable and predictable quality.

It is worth noting that you can currently find completely new cartridges for sale with new cartridges for older HP dual-cartridge printers, but this is an exception to the rule. For example, the 123XL Black and 123XL Color cartridges are made from scratch, not remanufactured.

Where to buy PZK

The printhead is a high-tech product, development from scratch and mass production of which is not only expensive, but also reliably protected by patents. That is why there are no real non-genuine refillable cartridges (PZK) from alternative manufacturers for such printers, because they would have to include PG.

On the other hand, the originals are refilled quite simply – they usually have a simple design, and their chips do not block printing after the first cycle of use (unlike, for example, the chips of original Epson cartridges – they cannot be refilled). PZKs are also made based on the originals – for example, the top cover is changed, as in these HP 122 Color refillable cartridges.

Color refillable cartridge based on the original HP 122

For the same reason, there are no regular, full-fledged CISS for these devices, you can only connect external donor containers to original cartridges.

CISS cable connection with original ink tanks

You can buy Bursten refillable cartridges based on HP 122 (black and color), HP 650 (black and color), Canon PG-440 / CL-441 and others – these are ordinary originals, whose cover has been replaced. However, one must keep in mind that these solutions have similar problems with the life of the SG (they will have to be thrown away after a few refuelings), and are more expensive, so they are not widely used, although they have many positive aspects.

What to do

How can I extend the life of the built-in print head cartridge? First, it must not be allowed to be devastated. Air entering the nozzles of the head causes them to overheat and prematurely fail. Secondly, you should remove the ink tanks from the printer as little as possible in order to reduce the number of cleanings and electronics switching.

If you have extensive experience in refilling your printer, it makes sense to install a CISS constructor (for Canon or for HP), which allows you to organize a continuous supply of ink to cartridges (these are sets of donor containers with cables and other accessories). As a result, you no longer need to remove the cartridges, and the constant supply of ink eliminates the ingress of air into the SG nozzles. However, it should be borne in mind: installing a continuous ink supply system (CISS) on these printers is a difficult task associated with a large number of small difficulties, which are not possible to list – many of them are individual for certain models (for example, laying a cable and sawing the carriage cover , walls of the housing, the problem of sealing joints, clogging of the elbow fitting with filler, etc.).

Sawing the cover in the Canon MP250 carriage for connecting the CISS cable

That is why we recommend that all users buy refill kits – not everyone can install the CISS, and refilling with a syringe from the kit is simple, efficient and economical. In addition, due to the initially small GHG resource, as a result, the cartridges on the system will still have to be replaced. And of course, you can refill cartridges with only one syringe (with less chance of success) – here are, for example, instructions for Canon.

Especially for users who still want to set up streaming inkjet printing, we have written a guide: how to choose the right printer with CISS. You need to be prepared for the fact that a successful purchase will be more expensive than a standard cheap two-cartridge.

Refilling inkjet cartridges

It’s time to refuel

It’s no secret that the vast majority of home printers today are inkjet printers. And no wonder: the cheapest inkjet costs 3 times less than the cheapest laser printer. True, there is one “but”. The cost of inkjet printing is much higher. And the cartridges run out very quickly you won’t have time to look back. But they cost In general, you can’t save up any money. What to do? Do you really need to buy a laser printer?

In fact, not everything is so bad: there is an opportunity to significantly reduce the cost of maintaining the printer. To do this, you just have to learn how to refill cartridges yourself. Here is an example. A branded cartridge for my HP DeskJet 640 printer costs about $30 (printing cost, therefore, 4 cents per page), a compatible third-party cartridge costs just over $20 (3 cents per page). Expensive, isn’t it? But if you fill an empty cartridge yourself, then the cost of printing one page can be only 0.1 (!) Cents. Of course, there is a risk: refueling is not possible every time. But “who does not risk, he does not drink champagne.” True, if you still decide to refill your cartridge, you should know that the print quality will almost certainly be worse than if you use the “branded” one.

So, what do you need to refill the cartridge? There may be several options here. The first is a special gas station. This filling method is the easiest. Insert the cartridge inside the machine, fill in the ink and press the button. That’s it, nothing more is required of you. True, it is not without its shortcomings. First, the price of a gas station is high ($150200). And secondly, machines can fill only a certain type of cartridges. In general, this method is suitable, perhaps, only for organizations.

The second option is a special kit, which includes a device for creating a hole, a syringe with a filling nozzle and a cartridge holder. All this allows you to achieve good results for only 10 dollars. There are also cheaper kits in them you will find an awl or screw cutter, an ink syringe and a rubber or plastic stopper. By the way, when buying a kit, be sure to check if it contains instructions for refueling. If this option seems too expensive to you, then just buy ink, take an ordinary awl, adhesive tape and a medical syringe. True, for the first time it is still better to use the kit.

Before practice, it is useful to study a little theory. Let’s see what a cartridge is. In principle, the printing unit of any inkjet printer consists of three main parts. Firstly, it is a tank filled with ink and a capillary system that brings them to the nozzles of the head. This design is implemented in different models in different ways. So, for example, in some cartridges, the inkwell is filled with a special absorbent sponge (something like foam rubber). In other models, the ink is held in the reservoir by the difference between internal and external pressure. Well, in some cartridges this happens due to a special bag filled with air.

Head second part of the print unit. At the same time, for some inkjet printers, the head is located on the cartridge and changes with it (for example, for HP printers). For other models, it remains in the printer, and only the tank changes.

In addition, each cartridge has its own chip that controls the ink supply. In principle, it is he who implements the printing process. If the chip fails, it will not be possible to restore the cartridge.

All this is not very difficult, but for successful refueling, you need to know such things. In addition, to get a good result, you need to choose the right ink. The fact is that there are many different inks for inkjet printers. In the vast majority of cases, dye-based inks are used (coloring substances in such inks are soluble in water). Less common are quick-drying inks (they are not washed off with water, but dissolve in an alkaline environment, such as saliva). Even less often you can see pigment ink (the pigment does not dissolve in water or in an alkaline environment).

In addition, the ink is divided into three types according to functional properties: regular, high resolution and custom. The first type of ink uses a simple dye without any additives, so they are the cheapest. However, the print quality in this case leaves much to be desired. High-resolution ink is a completely different matter: the result is visible even on plain paper. This ink practically does not blur on it, which allows you to really talk about high resolution.

Custom inks stand out a little. Finding them is much more difficult, and they are mainly used by professionals. This type includes, firstly, ink for printing on photo paper (and sometimes certain photo paper is needed for certain inks), and secondly, paints with non-standard colors.

What is the best ink for home refilling? The answer to this question is quite simple. Go to any computer company and see what kind of ink they have for your cartridge. Each refill kit must be labeled with the brand of ink. Just look in the documentation to see if it fits your cartridge.

But don’t get your hopes up, you’re unlikely to find any ink other than standard inks. Although there are high-resolution waterproof inks and even photo paper inks on sale, you will have to run around to find them.

In general, the problem of ink selection should be taken very seriously. Arriving at the store, try to take only branded paint. Moreover, it is not at all necessary for an HP printer to take HP ink it is enough to take “almost proprietary” ink, for example, from LG, which produces compatible cartridges and refill kits for almost all printers. It’s another matter if they tell you in the store: “Which company I don’t know, but it will work for your printer.” Is it worth trusting a company that is afraid to write the name on its products? Well, if you still took a chance and bought this “something”, then be prepared for unstable blurry ink and incomprehensible colors (of course, not always, but more than half the time).

Well, now that we have acquired the necessary theoretical knowledge and selected the ink, we can proceed directly to the gas station itself. This process is quite different for cartridges from different manufacturers. So let’s look at it in more detail.

Refilling Epson Cartridges

Epson replacement cartridges are simply a reservoir filled with ink. The print head and mechanism are in the printer and cannot be replaced. More precisely, they are subject if they fail, but this will have to cost an amount reaching 75% of the cost of a new printer. And what is most interesting, the Epson printing unit “flies” most often precisely because of the use of fake cartridges or home refilling with bad ink, and the guarantee in case of such breakdowns is invalid. So if you are the owner of an Epson printer, it’s better to think ten times before deciding to refill! However, the process itself is very simple.

Most importantly, do not remove the cartridge from the printer for more than a minute, otherwise the print head will dry out and you will have to worry about cleaning it. And this, believe me, will not lead to anything good. The way out of this situation is quite simple and not very pleasant: you will have to purchase another cartridge take out an empty one, insert a full one right away.

The filling procedure itself, as I said, is extremely simple, and for color and black models it is the same. The only difference in color cartridges, you need to refill from 3 to 5 different compartments (by the number of colors). This is done in the following way.

As soon as the cartridge is taken out of the printer, immediately cover the exit hole with a previously prepared piece of adhesive tape. The next steps depend on the cartridge model. If the tank has holes (they should be covered with tape) on the lid, then you’re in luck, otherwise you’ll have to drill them yourself. Having dealt with the holes, insert the syringe needle to the bottom of the cartridge and slowly pump in the ink. That’s all. It remains only to seal the filling holes (watch out, do not accidentally glue the ventilation holes).

Refill HP cartridges

In cartridges from this company, the print head is combined with the tank. This is a great advantage, because in case of unsuccessful refilling, the cartridge is simply thrown away and a new one is bought, and the printer will not be damaged. HP color and black cartridges differ in design.

The first, as well as models from Epson, have a reservoir with a sponge, and they are filled in the same way. To begin with, we seal all the holes with the exception of those located on the top cover. It is through them that we insert the syringe needle and slowly (when refilling almost any cartridge, ink must be injected slowly) we pump the ink. Then you need to wait for some time until the ink dissolves on the sponge.

The refilling process for the HP DeskJet 400/500/600 color cartridge is slightly more complicated. First you need to remove the top cover (this is not as easy as it seems at first glance). Under it, 3 holes for different colors will be found. We glue two of them, and in the third we pump new paint with a syringe. Then we glue the other two, and so on. At the end, remove all the adhesive tape and return the top cover to its place. You can fix it with the same tape.

Now let’s deal with the black cartridges. In the HP DeskJet 400/500/600 models, the pressure inside the tank is created by special air bags. Keep this in mind, because if such a bag is damaged, all the ink will leak out, and the cartridge will have to be thrown away. In older models, the difference between external and internal pressure is used, and therefore, such a problem cannot arise.

For lower models, the refueling process is as follows. First, we seal all the ventilation holes on the bottom and cover of the cartridge with tape. Then we drill a hole in the corner of the cartridge (by the way, on some models there may already be a ready-made hole; in this case, you just need to push a special ball inside that closes it). Next, use a syringe to inject ink. After that, tightly seal the hole with tape (or, if you use a special kit, plug it with a cork). This is where most mistakes are made. The hole must be closed very tightly. Otherwise, the cartridge will leak, and often this happens when it is already inserted in the printer. Trust me, it’s very annoying.

That’s it. Peel off the tape from the ventilation holes. Now it remains only to pump some air into the upper technological hole. Be careful not to get dirty as this will cause ink to drip from the head nozzles. The air injection should be stopped when the ink stops flowing from the pressure relief hole located at the bottom of the cartridge (usually 2-3 cubes are sufficient). By the way, for some cartridges (for example, for HP 51645A), you do not need to pump in air, but rather pump it out. To do this, the refill kits have a special suction cup. We take this simple device, press it, attach it to the nozzles of the print head and weaken the pressure. As a result, excess air is pumped out of the cartridge. Pumping must be done before the appearance of ink from the nozzles.

Refilling is much easier with the special cartridge holder. In this case, you will no longer need to seal the ventilation holes they will be covered with a holder (everything except the top one). Simply drill a refill hole, then fill the cartridge, pump some air into the top vent and seal the refill port. All you can take out the finished cartridge.

The older black cartridges are much easier. It is enough to separate the film covering the special hole near the nozzles and push the cork ball inside. Then pour ink inside and seal the hole tightly with tape. Now it remains only to turn the cartridge over and wait until excess ink flows out.

Canon refill cartridges

This company caters to home refill lovers. In its latest printers, you can change only the ink tank (like Epson) or both the ink tank and print head (like HP). This allows you not to be afraid to refill cartridges (in case of unsuccessful refilling, the cartridge is simply thrown away and a new one is bought) and, at the same time, it minimizes the cost of buying branded ink (replacing a Canon cartridge is cheaper than replacing an HP cartridge, since you can only buy an ink tank) .

Canon ink cartridges hold the ink inside the tank with a sponge, so they don’t need to be completely sealed. Cartridges type BC-20 refill through the side vent. To do this, the hole needs to be slightly expanded, insert a needle into it and pump ink. That’s all. By the way, do not forget that you cannot seal this hole.

Cartridges like BC-21 and BCI-21 are slightly more difficult to refill. First you need to seal the exit holes with tape. Then cut off the top cover with a knife. Under it you will find filling holes. Pump ink into each in turn, plunging the needle to the middle of the cartridge (not all the way!). Just be careful not to mix up the colors the fill port of each color is exactly above the output port of the same color. Now it remains only to fix the cover in place by wrapping it with tape. Most importantly, do not accidentally seal the ventilation holes.

By the way, there is another way to refill these types of cartridges. At the bottom of each cartridge there is a special fibrous membrane. It is enough to slowly drip ink onto it, which will be absorbed. True, with this method of refilling, you can put too much ink into the cartridge, and it will pour out through the ventilation holes. It won’t hurt the cartridge, but you’ll certainly get dirty.

Refilling Lexmark Cartridges

The reservoirs of these cartridges are aligned with the printheads. The ink is held inside by a sponge. The process of refilling Lexmark cartridges is similar to the process of refilling Canon cartridges and is just as safe for the printer if the cartridge fails, the cartridge is thrown away and a new one is bought. In the process of refilling, first you need to expand the vent, then insert the syringe needle into it to the middle and slowly pump ink. In color cartridges, you need to remove the top cover and use a syringe to inject paint into three compartments. Then attach the cover in place and that’s it.


As you can see, refilling an inkjet printer cartridge is not as difficult as it might seem.