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Where Is the Power Button on HP Laptop? (Complete Guide)


By Brent Cohen

April 13, 2022December 4, 2022

It can be so frustrating to get a new HP laptop and not be able to turn it on. You can turn on your laptop by simply opening the lid if it’s in sleep mode. However, the primary method to turn it on if it’s powered down is pressing the power button. But where is this button?

Being able to locate the power button on your HP laptop is important. We’ll answer this question comprehensively below. Keep reading to learn how to turn on your laptop like a pro. 

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  1. Which Is the Power Button Symbol on HP Laptops?
  2. Where Is the Power Button on HP Laptop
  3. Conclusion
  4. Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is the Power Button Symbol on HP Laptops?

The power button symbol is standard on all laptops – not just HP laptops. It’s the “Standby Symbol,” as the International Electrical Commission (IEC) defines it. As explained in the “IEC 60417 — Graphical Symbols for Use on Equipment,” the symbol combines a vertical line and a circle. The line represents “ON” and the circle “OFF.” Also, this symbol is similar to the binary numbers “1” and “0,” which represent “ON” and “OFF.”

Where Is the Power Button on HP Laptop

Laptops have undergone many changes in their designs and overall appearance over the past few decades. HP laptops aren’t different. One of the recent design trends is to mask or hide the power button. 

The power button is usually found under the lid of modern HP laptops. You have to open the laptop to access the power button and press it to turn the machine on. 

  • Older laptop models may have their power buttons along the sides: right, left, front, or back. 
  • The power button on your HP laptop is a tiny push button. You may not feel any bump or click when you press the button. It just goes in with your finger, and the laptop should obey the command and open. 
  • You should find the power button above the keyboard on your HP laptop, on the right or left side. 
  • The button can also be located on the far-right or far-left on the top row on the keyboard. For example, the power button of the HP Envy 17-CE1010NT is found in the upper-left corner, just above the ESC key on the keyboard. 
  • The button is often a narrow rectangle, approximately 0.5-inch long. It lights when pressed.
  • You may also find the power button on the right or left edge. 
  • If you require help finding the power button on your HP laptop, refer to the manual or check for documentation on the HP Support Website. 


HP is one of the leading computer manufacturers in the world. Their laptops are famous for their durability and affordability. We’ve learned that the only actual method to turn on an HP laptop is pressing the power button.  

This button may be located in different locations depending on the HP model. For most modern laptops, you’ll find the button on the top left corner just above the ESC key on the keyboard. 

Older HP laptops models may have their power buttons along the sides: left, right, front, or back. The power button is a narrow rectangle approximately 1/2 inch long with the standard power button symbol as defined by the IEC.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, most computers come with an option to turn on using the keyboard. However, the option is probably disabled by default, and you must enable it in the system BIOS. 

The battery may be too weak to power the computer on. Allow it to recharge for a few hours. Unplug the machine from the power adapter and turn it on. If the problem persists, your battery may need replacement, or you may have a faulty power adapter. 

Yes. Indeed, you should remove the battery if it’s fully charged and you’re connecting the laptop to a power outlet throughout.  

Your laptop will remain on as long as the charger (power adapter) is working and connected to a power outlet. A dead battery won’t draw in current or cause any threat to your machine. However, you should remove the dead battery to reduce the chances of overheating issues. 

How To Fix An HP Elitebook That Won’t Turn On

If your HP Elitebook won’t turn on, there are a few things you can try to get it up and running again. First, check to make sure that the laptop is plugged in and that the power cord is securely plugged into the laptop. If the laptop is plugged in, check to see if the power light is on. If the power light is on, the laptop is receiving power but may not be able to start up for some reason.
If the power light is off, the next thing to check is the battery. If the battery is removable, take it out and put it back in to make sure it’s seated properly. If the battery is not removable, try pressing the power button for 30 seconds to see if that will reset the laptop. If neither of these things work, the next step is to try plugging the laptop into an outlet using a different power cord.
If the laptop still won’t turn on, the final thing to try is to remove the hard drive and then try to start up the laptop. If the laptop starts up without the hard drive, the hard drive is probably the problem. If the laptop still won’t turn on, it’s time to take it to a repair shop to see if they can figure out the problem.

When using HP laptops, the power button is usually the only button to use. Using the Power menu, you can disable the Windows desktop. This means that there is no other thing you can do with an HP Elitebook. You can also try docking the laptop or connecting an AC adaptor to it. How do you force start an HP computer? Remove the computer from its docking station or port replicator by first disconnecting the power cord from it and any peripheral devices. In order to use a power supply (power adapter), you must first connect it. You can open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl Alt Delete and then clicking the Task Manager button.

If your laptop does not power up, you may have a faulty power supply, malfunctioning hardware, or a malfunctioning screen. It is frequently possible to resolve the issue yourself by ordering replacement parts or adjusting your laptop’s configuration.

On the keyboard’s left side, there is a power button.

Where Is The Power On Button For Hp Elitebook?

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This is located on the left edge near the volume button.

Power buttons are all that is required on all laptops, not just HP laptops. The International Electrical Commission (IEC) defines it as the Standby Symbol. The symbol is created by combining a vertical line with a circle. You can activate your laptop if it’s in sleep mode by simply opening the lid. The only way to turn on an HP laptop is to press the power button. Depending on the HP model, the button can be found anywhere on the screen. The most modern laptops have buttons on the left side of the keyboard that are located just above the ESC key. Some HP laptops may have power buttons on the sides.

There are several ways to start sleeping mode on your laptop. You can disable the display by closing it. If you don’t want to close the display, simply press the Start button and select the Power icon to begin selecting products. Select Sleep from the menu that appears below. If you have your laptop turned off after pressing the Power icon, follow the following steps.
If your laptop does not turn on, you must first disconnect the charger and remove the battery. After connecting the battery to the computer, you should be able to check its overall performance. Similarly, if you want to charge the device again, remove the battery and connect the only charger. If your laptop still does not turn on, please contact your laptop manufacturer for assistance.

Why Won’t My Hp Elitebook Turn On?

Check that your power charger port and power cable are both open and that there is no problem if it is being used as the primary power source for your laptop. If the charge cable or the AC adapter are not functioning properly, your HP laptop will not be able to turn on; either you must replace the laptop or repair it.

How Do I Start My Hp Elitebook Laptop?

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To start your HP Elitebook laptop, first make sure that it is plugged in and charged. Then, locate the power button on the side or front of the laptop. Press and hold the power button for a few seconds to turn on the laptop. If the laptop does not turn on, try plugging it into a different outlet or charging it for a longer period of time. Once the laptop is on, you can begin using it.

Where Is The Power Button On My Hp?

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On most HP computers, the power button is located on the front of the device. It is typically a small button that has a white or blue light around it.

A power button can be found on the lower right edge of the screen. By pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds, the computer will be activated. When your laptop is in sleep mode, you may be able to open the lid, but when it is turned off, you must press the power button to turn it off. When the power button is pressed, the mainboard of the computer shuts down, and the computer boots up. If a LCD display back light does not work properly or the graphics driver is corrupted, the screen may remain black. A static display can be tested by connecting an external monitor to your computer and restarting it.

How To Turn On Hp Laptop

To turn on an HP laptop, first locate the power button on the side or front of the device. Once you have found the power button, press and hold it down for a few seconds until the computer powers on. If the computer does not turn on, you may need to check the power cord to ensure it is properly plugged in.

Several factors can explain why your HP laptop won’t turn on even after repeatedly pressing the power button. Here are some steps you can take to see if a hard reset is effective. If your laptop does not respond to the power button and displays no images, you may need to connect another monitor. The second monitor will restore your laptop’s screen to its original state. If your laptop’s screen is black when it starts, it may be time to upgrade to a new Windows operating system.

How To Turn Off Your Hp Laptop Without The Power Button

If you need to turn off your HP laptop quickly in an emergency, the only way to do so is to press Ctrl Alt Del and click the power button in the bottom-right corner of the screen. As soon as you press the power button, you’ll be taken to the Shutdown Windows screen. To shut down your HP laptop, click the Shut down option in the bottom right corner of the screen.

How To Turn On Hp Computer With Keyboard

There are a few different ways that you can turn on your HP computer using just the keyboard. One way is to press the “F2” key when the HP logo appears on the screen. This will take you to the BIOS Setup Utility. From here, you can use the arrow keys to navigate to the “Power” menu. From the Power menu, you can use the arrow keys to select the “Resume by PS/2 Device” option and press the “Enter” key. This will turn on your HP computer. Another way to turn on your HP computer is to press the “F12” key when the HP logo appears on the screen. This will take you to the Boot Options menu. From here, you can use the arrow keys to navigate to the “Power On” option and press the “Enter” key.

On an HP laptop, you can turn on the backlight. Most modern HP laptops do not require you to press a single key. The keyboard backlight key is usually located in the row of F keys on the keyboard. The backlight brightness of your keyboard can be adjusted by using the separate luminance keys. Many HP laptops have backlit keyboards that can be turned on or off depending on the color of the keyboard. A dedicated keyboard lighting key can be used to turn on the keyboard light. Backlit HP Pavilion laptops are rare. The F5 or FN combination can be used to turn on the backlighting of your keyboard.

How To Enter A Password On An Hp Laptop

When prompted, enter your HP laptop’s password.

Where Is The Power Button On Hp Probook Laptop

The F1 key is located just above.

Hp Elitebook Laptop

The HP Elitebook is a high-performance laptop that is perfect for business or personal use. It features a powerful processor, plenty of storage space, and a sleek design. The Elitebook is also very lightweight and portable, making it easy to take with you on the go.

The Intel® CoreTM i3, i5, or i7 processors are available in the 11th Generation with optional VPro support. The resolution is 3840 x 2160, or a 13 bit FHD (1920 x 1080) display. There could be up to 1000 nits per square inch. It will take about 2.2 pounds to get the weight down to the proper size. The HP EliteBook 640 14×16 WUXGA (1920×1200) displays WUXGA (1920×600) graphics. The EliteBook 840 can display up to 1,000 nits or UHD (3840×2160) on a 802.11n panel, while the EliteBook 900 can display 1920 x 1200 on a WU panel.

The Elitebook: A Sleek, Powerful Laptop Worth The Investment

The EliteBook laptop has a sleek and expensive design, an excellent battery life, a comfortable keyboard and touchpad, a variety of wireless and physical connection options, and a powerful Core i7 processor. There are several color and design options available, making it a great option for anyone looking for a high-end laptop. It’s also significantly more expensive than most laptops, but its features and design make it well worth the money.

Power Button

A power button is a round or square button that is used to turn on and off an electronic device. Power buttons and power switches are used in the majority of electronic devices. When a user presses a button and then presses it again, the device powers on.

An electronic device’s power button, which can be made of a round or square shape, turns it on and off. Power on and off are typically depicted in the I and O symbols on a device’s label. A power button is commonly found on desktops, tablets, netbooks, laptops, and many other types of computing devices. When you press the power button, the majority of computers will shut down and hibernate. You should never discontinue your computer or any other device from consuming power. It is never a good idea to end any processes on your PC, smartphone, or other device without first getting the necessary information. If the power button on your device does not work, you will be unable to restart it.

In Windows, you can change what happens when the power button is pressed and other settings. Some devices, for example, do not have an operating system and can be shutdown safely by pressing a single button. If you are unable to change these settings, you may have to select Change settings, which is currently unavailable. In addition, other operating systems may allow you to change what happens when you press the power button. The Button Remapper app is an example of a tool that will allow you to remap a device’s power button.

How To Turn Your Pc On And Off

The only thing you need to do is turn off your computer’s power. When you press the button, it temporarily transports power to the computer. To shut down the PC, you must press and hold the button.
This button usually appears near the ports on your computer’s front or back.