Physical steam gift card: Where to buy Steam Wallet Codes

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Steam gift cards: What they are and how they work

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Gift cards are a great way to get or give digital goods. When it comes to gifting games, a Steam Card can be a great way to do it. After all, Steam is one of the most popular platforms for purchasing and playing video games. And gifting someone a card gives them the freedom to choose the Steam games they want. And if they don’t like it, they can always return it. So what is a Steam Card, and how can you go about buying one? Here’s everything you need to know.


A Steam gift card is a prepaid card that allows you to add funds to your Steam Wallet, which can be used for purchasing games, software, and hardware on the Steam platform.


  • What is a Steam Card?
  • Where can you buy Steam gift cards?
  • How to redeem a gift card
  • How to send a gift card to a friend

What is a Steam Card?

A Steam Card is a gift card that you can use against purchases on Steam. You can redeem it into your Steam Wallet and then use your wallet balance to buy anything from Steam, including games, other software, downloadable content, and even hardware. This even allows you to use them towards purchasing hardware like the Steam Deck.

They’re available in two forms — digital and physical. You can buy physical cards from stores and gift them, or you can make a digital purchase of a Card and send it digitally. Physical cards are available in denominations of $20, $30, $50, and $100. Digital cards are available in denominations of $5, $10, $25, $50, and $100.

Where can you buy Steam gift cards?

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Retail stores across the globe, including Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, GameStop, 7-Eleven, CVS, and Dollar General, sell physical cards. They’re also available online for store pickup and delivery on the retailers’ websites.

If you want to buy a digital one, you can still get them from some online retailers. However, your best bet is Steam itself. You can make a direct purchase by selecting which Steam friend you want to gift it to, making the process hassle-free. See our guide on how to share Steam games for more details.

How to redeem a Steam gift card

You can redeem one either via the Steam app or the web platform. If you are using a physical card, you will need to scratch with a coin to reveal the code on the backside. Make sure you have the code at hand when you are ready to redeem.

To redeem a Steam code via the app, open Steam on your computer. Click the Games button on the menu bar at the top, and click the Redeem a Steam Wallet Code… button.

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Enter the code in the Steam Wallet code field, and click Continue.

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After this step, Steam may ask you to add an address, but they will add the amount to your Steam Wallet balance.

You don’t need to redeem a digital card, as it gets sent to your account directly. You only have to accept the gift, and the amount gets credited to your Steam Wallet.

If you are sure that you entered the code correctly, but Steam is not opening or accepting it, see our guide on how to fix common problems.

How to send a Steam gift card to a friend

You can buy a physical gift card at any of the retailers mentioned above and more. If you get a physical one, you’ll have to give the card to your friend in person (or send them a picture of the code if that’s more convenient). You can also have it directly delivered to your friend if you use retailers with online storefronts, like Best Buy.

You can send it to your friend’s Steam account if it’s digital, provided they’re on your friend list. The best way to do that is via Steam directly.


When redeemed, the balances get added to your Steam Wallet, and you can add multiple balances to your wallet. You can also pay the remaining amount with a credit or debit card if the wallet balance is insufficient for a purchase.

No, You cannot use a Best Buy gift card to buy any other gift card. Even if you succeed in making a purchase, Best Buy is likely to cancel the order since it’s against their policy, as with most retail stores.

Yes, you can. It lets you make direct purchases, but the best course of action is to use one to add the balance to your Steam Wallet and then use the Steam Wallet balance to make the purchase.

The number of games you can buy with a $100 gift card varies greatly as the price of games can range from a few dollars to $60 or more for new, AAA titles. For example, if you’re buying games that are around $20 each, you could get approximately five games. However, if you’re buying games during sales or discounted older titles, you could potentially buy dozens of games for $100.

Yes, you can get gift cards for Steam. They are commonly available for purchase online and at various retail stores.

They are used to add credit to a user’s Steam Wallet, which can then be used to purchase games, software, hardware, and any other item available on the Steam platform.

Yes, they are commonly sold in various grocery stores.

Yes, CVS typically sells Steam gift cards.

You can get them from various retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy, GameStop, and CVS, as well as online through the Steam website and other online retailers.

All You Need To Know About Steam Gift Card In 2023

Steam gift card is one of the most popular gift cards in Nigeria, the United States, and the United Kingdom. This article addresses all you need to know about Steam gift cards.

Steam, one of the largest video gaming platforms worldwide, issued this gift card. The platform makes it easy for gamers to play, buy, and share games. Not just that, you will get access to various in-game products, gaming software, and hardware. Purchases of these items can be easily done from the comfort of your home with a Steam gift card.

There are Physical Steam cards and digital Steam cards. The physical type comes in denominations like $20, $30, $50, and $100 while the digital type is available in $5, $10, $25, $50, and $100.

There is an activation on all Steam gift cards. These codes are used to add the fund on your gift cards to your Steam wallet. Once done, you will be able to use your fund to make purchases.

Uses Of Steam Gift Card

The following is what Steam gift cards are used for.

  1. Purchase of several games on the Steam platform.
  2. As a gifting option to friends and loved ones.
  3. Purchase of gaming hardware.
  4. Share digital gifts with friends.
  5. Purchase of digital software.
  6. Convert Steam gift card to cash.
  7. Get access to connect with millions of gamers across the globe.

Where To Buy A Steam Gift Card

Certain retail establishments offer Steam gift cards for sale along with other kinds of gift cards. They include Best Buy, Walmart, GameStop, Target, Walgreens, CVS, and 7-Eleven. You can easily buy physical Steam gift cards at these stores. You can also order them on the official websites of these stores to be delivered to your mailing address. Digital Steam codes can easily be purchased on the Steam website and they will be sent to your email address. If you are based in Nigeria or Ghana, you can easily buy Steam gift cards on Nosh. Pay with your naira or cedis and make a purchase on the Nosh website or mobile app. Once the purchase is successful, the code will be sent as an email.

How To Send A Digital Steam Gift Card

  1. Visit the Steam digital gift card page. Ensure you are logged in.
  2. Select the USD amount of the gift card you want to send.

  3. Choose the recipient you want to send it to on your friends list.
  4. Enter a personalized note in the required field. This step is optional.
  5. Select a payment method. Among the available options are credit cards and PayPal.
  6. Tick the box to agree to the Steam subscriber agreement.
  7. Click on the “Purchase” button.
  8. Once successful, a confirmation mail will be delivered to you.

How To Redeem A Steam Gift Card

There are 2 ways you can use to redeem your Steam gift card. Check them out below:

1. Through Steam Website

  1. Go to the Steam website and log in to your account.

  2. Navigate to your account name and select “Account Details”
  3. Tap on “Add funds to your Steam wallet”

  4. Click on “Redeem a Steam wallet code”
  5. Type in your Steam wallet code.
  6. Input your US address.
  7. Your wallet fund can be confirmed beneath your account name.

2. Through Steam Client App

  1. Open the Steam client application.
  2. Sign in with your account name and password.
  3. Scroll to the upper-right corner and click on your account name.
  4. Choose “Account Details”
  5. Tap the “+Add funds to your Steam wallet”
  6. Select “Redeem a Steam Gift Card or Wallet Code”
  7. Enter your gift card code.
  8. Input your address.
  9. Once successful, the added amount will be displayed on the screen.

How To Check The Balance On A Steam Gift Card

1. Through The Steam Website

  1. Go to the Steam website and log in.
  2. Click on your profile at the top-right corner and choose “Account details”
  3. Select “Payment Methods” and then click on the “Manage Steam Wallet” button.
  4. Your current balance will be displayed on the next page.

2. Through Steam Mobile App

  1. Open the Steam mobile app on your device.
  2. Select the menu icon at the top-left corner of the screen.
  3. Click on “Account details”
  4. Click on “Gift Card Balance”

3. Through The Steam Client App

  1. Open the Steam client application on your system.
  2. Choose the Store tab in the menu.
  3. Choose “Account details”
  4. Select “Payment Methods”
  5. Click on the “View” button next to “Steam Wallet”
  6. The next page will reflect your current balance.

How To Convert Steam Gift Card To Cash

  1. Go to the Nosh website or download the mobile app on PlayStore/AppStore.
  2. Sign up for an account.
  3. Verify your account via the email received.
  4. Login with your details.
  5. Access the dashboard and select “Sell Gift Cards”
  6. Enter all your Steam gift card details. This includes the brand name, subcategory, and amount.
  7. Upload your Steam card images.
  8. Click “Begin Trade”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are Steam Gift Cards Used For?

Steam gift cards are redeemed on Steam for credit. This credit is an acceptable payment method to purchase games, gaming software, and hardware.

2. Does Steam Gift Card Expire?

No, the Steam gift card does not expire. However, it’s advisable to add the funds to your wallet for security purposes.

3. Can Steam Gift Cards Be Redeemed For Cash?

Yes, Steam gift cards can be redeemed for cash. Create an account on Nosh and exchange your gift cards seamlessly.

4. Why Is My Steam Gift Card Not Working?

Your Steam gift card is not working because you may have entered an incorrect code, the gift card is yet to be activated, or your gift card has already been redeemed. Steam code is case-sensitive, also confirm if you didn’t mistake I for 1, S for 5, etc.

5. What Is Steam Gift Card Rate?

The Steam gift card rate differs based on the subcategory of your Steam gift card, and whether it’s a physical or digital card. The physical Steam gift card has a higher rate than the digital Steam code.


The popularity of Steam gift cards can be attributed to the brand itself and its high rate. Converting Steam gift cards to cash is one of the lucrative means to make money in Nigeria. To easily sell Steam gift cards for cash, get started with Nosh. Steam gift card is also a great gifting option for your gamer friend.

Steam Gift Cards

Gift Card Steam is a good option for replenishing your own or someone else’s wallet. After use, funds will be credited to your balance, which can be used in the way you are used to.

In this article we will tell you: what cards exist at the moment, their varieties, how to use them, and also how to give them to your friends in Steam .


  1. Varieties of Steam gift cards
  2. How to give a card to a friend

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Varieties of Steam gift cards

Physical cards

Almost any gift cards associated with the distribution of games or services have both physical and electronic versions. In most developed countries, the denomination of cards is quite logical and simple: 5 , 10 , 20 , 50 and 100 dollars or euros respectively.

In order to use this card after purchase, a scratch code will be waiting for you on the back. In addition, in connection with the prevention of theft, the cashier himself pastes the code on the checkout for you, that is, there is no erasing cloth there.

If you have this card in your hands, you can activate it by clicking on the main page Steam to the corresponding picture in the upper right corner:

In our area it is quite difficult to find something like this, but there are more and more places to buy. You may never need information about this type of cards, but it would be wrong not to mention it.

Take notes: We clean the card from blood

Electronic cards

0004 Steam , and smoothly move on to fairly familiar electronic gift cards. This method has much more popularity and variety of denominations. For example, different countries have their own denomination, which corresponds to consumer sentiment.

For example, in Ukraine , the denomination of gift cards is: 4 hryvnia.

How to give a card to a friend

To please a person with a rather pleasant amount on his Steam wallet, a couple of clicks are enough:

  • Find the inscription and picture “GIFT CARDS” in the upper right corner, which was on the main page of the store.
  • Click on the button “BUY” ;
  • Choose the required denomination from those presented;
  • From your friends list at Steam you need to select recipients gifts, then click continue;
  • Enter the required data on the gift note;
  • Enter the required data for payment.

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Steam gift cards | Delivery to email

Steam gift cards online – the best way to replenish your gaming wallet

Steam (Steam) is one of the most popular gaming platforms in the world. Therefore, active players will appreciate the speed and reliability of Steam Gift Cards. It is now possible to replenish your game wallet in a matter of seconds without linking your bank card to your game account. You just need to pay for the purchase, open the received email and activate the code directly. Join the multi-million gaming community now!

Are Steam Maps regionally restricted?

Steam maps are restricted by region . Each account is associated with a specific currency in a country or region. Therefore, when replenishing the balance, pay attention to the fact that the currency of the gift card matches the currency of the Steam wallet, otherwise the platform will display an error information.

Instant delivery of Steam Gift Cards to email

The lack of a variety of payment methods or required card denominations often makes replenishing Steam a lengthy process. Therefore, Dundle took care of his customers in advance. Pay for your purchase in two clicks with 71 secure and fast payment methods. The recharge code will be displayed on your screen and in a few moments it will be delivered to your email. Redeem the code directly by following the simple steps in the message you received. The balance is replenished and you are ready for new battles!

If you have any questions, our support team is always ready to help. We can be contacted via chat, Facebook or email.

What is Steam?

Steam is a global online library of over 30,000 games. Even the most experienced gamers will not be able to resist the variety and quality of the games on offer. Thanks to Steam, players from all over the world can unite in thematic communities that are always ready to help newcomers. Just install Steam and play your favorite games while maintaining your success.

How to top up Steam?

Thanks to Dundle you can top up your game balance directly. You just need to log in to your Steam Wallet, enter the received code in the appropriate field and click “Continue”. Ready! The account is replenished and you can continue to play the best games together with friends or teammates.

How do I gift a game on Steam?

Steam Gift Cards are the best solution if you want to give a gift to a friend or your child. This is a gift that is convenient to use and can be given in an instant, even if you are separated by kilometers.

Spice up your gift with our free themed gift templates. Apply the template and print your gift card. Fold it by following the simple instructions on our website. The gift is ready!

Friend doesn’t have a Steam account? Luckily, we have a solution! Just give him one of the PlayStation Store or Blizzard Battlenet recharge cards.