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7 Best Open-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

posted by Jonathan Takiff on July 02, 2021 in Guides & Reviews, Phones and Mobile, Headphones, Top Picks :: 2 comments

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Open-ear Bluetooth headphones are a growing breed of discrete, safety-conscious sound purveyors that float a few millimeters off your ears and don’t cut you off from the outside world like conventional in-ear buds and big ‘ol headphone “cans” will do. So, there’s less chance of missing your train stop or ignoring the ominous honks of cars or make-way shouts of bike messengers. Despite their physical detachment from your ear canal, the best open-ear headphones can still deliver audio quality that can be surprisingly satisfying, as long as the environment around you isn’t too raucous.

Open-ear headphones are also easier on your ears. Their micro-drivers (speakers) don’t beat directly on your eardrums as sealed earbuds and headphones do, so they are not nearly as punishing. Maintain a moderate volume level, I’ve found, and you can keep listening for up to eight hours (until their rechargeable battery power runs out) without suffering the itchy ear syndrome and ringing that signal ear fatigue and can lead to permanent hearing damage.

When worn while driving or sitting at a desk, these microphone-equipped headphones let you safely and semi-privately take a hands-free call. The sound emanating from their wafer-thin acoustic packages is beamed towards your ears from just millimeters away, so the output only sounds like a whisper (if that) to others.

Which open-ear entertainers are the best? It depends on what factors – sound quality, design, ease-of-use, comfort, price – are more or less important to you. This priorities-focused guide of our picks for the best open-ear headphones will help you decide which open-ear headphones are right for you.

The best open-ear headphones for music: Bose Sport Open Earbuds

No open-ear headphones sound better for music or phone calls than the uniquely styled, ear-wrapping Bose Sport Open Earbuds true wireless headphones. The precisely angled drivers hover just above and forward of the ear canals in small enclosures held securely in place with a rigid (but fairly comfortable) thermoplastic tube that curves around the back of the ear (and pushes your ear-flaps forward just a tad.) Tuned with Bose’s OpenAudio sound technology, the Sport Open buds boast excellent clarity, presence, and airy resonance, with bass response that’s only surpassed in this category by Bose’s second-generation Frames smart sunglasses.  

Operating controls are also a notch above the rest in ease of use and reliability. There are tap/swipe volume adjusters and a multi-tasking button to take calls, pause/jog tracks, and summon voice assistance.

Minor caveats: The near-ear hovering of the Sport Open drivers does tend to obscure ambient sounds more than others do when music is cranked up. And while indoor phone calls sound terrific on both ends, outside noise/wind suppression is just so-so.

My only serious complaint is with standby battery life. Even when theoretically shut off, the Sport Open buds don’t hold onto a useable charge for more than two or three days. That compares with weeks or months of power-in-reserve for all others in our roundup. So while it is tempting to leave them in their extra-small and pocketable carry case, you’ll need to return the buds nightly to their custom charging base.

Sound Quality: A+
Playtime: 8 Hours
Charge time: 2 hours (full), 30 minutes (for 3 Hours)
Water resistance: IPX4 (splash resistant)
Weight: 13. 89 grams/0.49 oz each
Charging connector: proprietary charging base
Price: $199

Buy Bose Sport Open Earbuds on
Buy Bose Sport Open Earbuds on Amazon

The best open-ear headphones under $50: JLab JBuds Frames

Looking for an inexpensive and pragmatic way to try out open-ear listening? JLab’s first foray into off-ear headphones is just the ticket – a matched pair of two-inch-wide, open-ear speaker modules that clip onto the arms of most glasses or sunglasses. When positioned close to your ears, the sound quality of the 16 mm drivers is pleasing, with good clarity and more than a modicum of bass warmth that’s missing in some of the pricier open-ear Bluetooth headphones. Unfortunately, however, call quality is mediocre.

Microphones are located in both left and right modules, control buttons too – so you can deploy just one (the right) if preferred for taking and making calls. You can use either JBud alone for music listening.

Granted, JBud Frames are kinda geeky looking, and you’ll need to take care when removing your newly audio-customized glasses, as these things can snag on hair/clothing/face mask ties and detach. But at $49, the JBuds’ price and performance are a winning combination.

Sound Quality: B
Playtime: 8 hours
Charge time: 2 Hours
Water resistance: IPX4 (splash resistant)
Weight: 11.7 grams/0.413 ounce each
Charging connector: Proprietary cable
Price: $49 on

Buy JLab JBuds Frames on JLab

The best open-ear headphones for sports: AfterShokz Aeropex

Pioneers in open-ear headphones, AfterShokz uses bone conduction sound technology that transfers sonic vibrations to the inner ear through cheekbones instead of through your ear canals. (A variation is used in hearing aids for severe sufferers.) Earlier bone conduction models by the maker caused my face and teeth to vibrate. But the smaller, lighter, more flexible, titanium-banded Aeropex have made me a convert. I can easily shift their sealed transducers to rest in an off-the-ear spot that’s comfortable and produces shockingly sweet sound for music and calls. And with Aeropex’s effective, dual noise-canceling mic system, people on the other end of my calls haven’t suspected I’m not talking directly into my phone.

The AfterShokz Aeropex are the open-ear headphones I’d most happily wear for a cycle or jog with their secure fore- and aft- head grip zones and the best-of-breed waterproofing – IP67 rated. Smaller heads should opt for the Aeropex Mini version fitted with a shorter wraparound headband. Both the Aeropex and Aeropex Mini pack compactly into a soft rubbery case that won’t bulge out your pants pocket too much, even when the charging cable is stowed inside.

If the bone-conduction sound-transfer tech doesn’t bother you, these ultra-lightweight, marathon range entertainers are pretty terrific pals for active use.

Sound Quality: B
Playtime: 8 hours
Charge time: 2 hours
Water resistance: IP67 (waterproof, but not submergible)
Weight: 26 grams/0.92 oz
Charging connector: Proprietary cable
Price: $159.95 on

Buy AfterShokz Aeropex on AfterShokz
Buy AfterShokz Aeropex on Amazon

Best glasses-style open-ear headphones: Bose Frames

Bose set the bar high with the first crop of audio-beaming Frames sunglasses and now have topped themselves with a second round. When I tested the first generation of Bose Frames audio sunglasses, I was surprised by how nicely they performed and looked. And they’re still a good value at $199. “You’d pay that much just for a pair of Ray-Bans [similar in looks] that don’t have audio built-in,” noted one gal-pal. But the Bose perfectionists have kept at the project. They now offer a second-gen of open-ear audio sunglasses, which raises the bar on multiple fronts – performance, features, and glossier aesthetics, making them the best audio glasses on the market.

The new Bose Frames have thermal touch controls to raise/lower volume. Polarized lenses are now standard, not an upgrade. And, by bulking out the arms a tad more, a beefier battery now powers these newbies for up to 5.5 hours on the rectangular-shaped Tenor and cat-eye-styled Soprano and up to 8 hours on the wraparound, sports-use focused Tempo model. That’s a significant improvement on the 3.5-hour run time available in the first-gen Alto and Rondo models. Maximum volume and bass response are likewise cranked up, especially in the Tempos that Bose says can be heard by a cyclist racing at up to 25 mph.

Like the first generation, Bose uses recessed micro-speakers firing down out of the bottom edge of the Frame arms, just above your ears. The sound is lush and artfully detailed, from tautly vibrating bass notes to shimmering cymbals and all stops in between. For calls and speaking with your voice assistant, two microphones (instead of one) in the new models do a better job at voice pickup.

I also should single out the Tempos for working with a standard USB-C charging cable – all other Bose audio headphones use a custom, magnetic 4-pin connector cable that costs $12 to replace. Bottom line – While the competition is growing, Bose models remain the open-ear audio sunglass standard-bearers.

Bose Frames Tenor (shown above) and Soprano
Sound Quality: A
Playtime: 5.5 hours
Charge time: 1 hour
Water resistance: IPX4 (splash resistant)
Weight 49. 9 grams/1.76 oz
Charging connector: Proprietary cable 
Price: $249

Buy Bose Frames Tenor and Soprano on Bose
Buy Bose Frames Tenor and Soprano on Amazon

Bose Frames Tempo Sport
Sound Quality: A
Playtime: 8 hours
Charge Time: 1 hour
Water resistance: IPX4 (splash resistant)
Weight: 49.9 grams/1.76 oz
Charging connector: USB-C cable
Price: $249

Buy Bose Frames Tempo Sport on Bose
Buy Bose Frames Tempo Sport on Amazon

The Best open-ear headphones for maximum play time: Fauna Audio Bluetooth Glasses

If you’re off on an extended trip into the wild, a pair of Fauna Audio Bluetooth Glasses can keep you entertained like no others. They’re the only open-ear audio sunglasses we’ve found with an onboard backup battery and recharging function packed into the hard-shell carry case (196 grams/6.91 ounces). So, after four hours of listening to music and making calls, you can return them to the case for a two-hour charge, and you’re good to go again – at least five times before the case itself needs recharging. I also like that the case connects for juicing up with a standard USB-C cable – most others in our report (except the Bose Frames Tempo) use a proprietary pin-ended charge cable that’s going to be a bother to replace if lost.

The Fauna Audio glasses are always ready to go, jump-starting their Bluetooth connection to your smartphone and triggering music to resume just as soon as you lift them out of their case. No button-pushing needed!  With their solid Bluetooth 5.0 radio connection, I could venture to the other side of a sizeable pool and patio without losing a lock on my stationary music source (iPhone 12 Pro).

The Faunas are all fashion-forward, available in four different frame designs, with tinted or blue-light-blocking clear lenses. I opted for the Spiro Transparent brown acetate frame model with adjustable temple lengths and graduated amber-toned Carl Zeiss Vision sunglass lenses.

Faunas’ stereo sound is crystal clear through the onboard micro-speakers. Unfortunately, the two upward-firing woofers packed into the frames are a waste – shooting in the wrong direction and only noticeable if you cup hands over your ears. Phone calls played significantly lower than music and likewise required ear-cupping when trying to walk and talk on a noisy street. 

The Faunas are among the most fashionable open-ear audio sunglasses and chock full of valuable features for a traveler if you’re not demanding A-grade primo sound.

Sound Quality: B
Playtime: 4 hours (up to 5x possible with battery case)
Charge time: 2 Hours 
Water resistance: IP52 (rain-proof)
Weight: 50 grams/1.8 oz
Charging connector: Charging case with USB-C cable
Price: $249

Buy Fauna Audio Bluetooth Glasses on Amazon

Best prescription glasses-style open-ear headphones on a budget: Revel Tune

If you’re looking for audio glasses with prescription lenses, Revel Tune from Glasses USA comes ready to wear out of the box. GlassesUSA does all the custom lens grinding, coating, and installation before shipping you the Revels, and with a 14-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. Offering discounted, direct-to-you pricing, a pair can be had for $168 including single vision (distance) or near vision (reading) prescription lenses, with all sorts of fine-tuning upgrades available, including blue light filtering and Transition lenses that magically self-adjust – to a degree – for both outdoor (tint) and indoor (clear) use.

I took compliments for the looks of the Revel Tune’s flat-black framed glasses and found them comfortable to wear and easy to operate. Music and calls crank louder than most, but in quiet zones, I couldn’t ignore the element of harmonic distortion that added a coarse thickening to vocals and acoustic instruments – piano, violin, acoustic guitars, flute, etc. True to their guarantee, the company sent a second replacement sample when I complained. But it, too, suffered the same. This sonic shortcoming might not bother a listener of already buzzy electronica, hip hop, and rock, but fans of acoustic jazz, folk, and classical should steer clear.

If you’re looking for attractive prescription glasses that have headphones built-in, the Revel Tune delivers excellent value.

Sound Quality: C-
Playtime: 3 hours
Charge time: 2 hours
Water resistance: IP54 (rain-proof)
Weight: 42.5 grams/ 1.499 oz
Charging connector: Proprietary cable
Price: starts at $168

Buy Revel Tune on

Best glasses-style open-ear headphones under $100: Flows Bandwidth

The Flows Bandwidth provides a good value in audio glasses, with acceptable sound and two attractive styles – the more rectangular Bruno’s style (shown above) and the rounder front Taylor’s style. While it takes about 10 hours of break-in playtime, the Flows Bandwidth outputs considerable articulation and volume, spreading a wide and welcoming stereo sound field before your ears. Some unwanted edginess to vocals remains, though, and there’s hardly any bass to talk about.

If you need to wear a mask, the Flow’s wider body construction and deeper frame-to-face gaps have helped minimize lens fog-ups – a serious problem with all other, tighter-fitting audio eyewear, especially in cold weather.

Flows Bandwidth utilizes high-quality components (Qualcomm processor, Harman Kardon audio parts, seriously polarized polycarbonate lenses) and cuts costs on the extras. So, you get a flimsy cloth bag instead of a custom, hard-shell case that’s de-rigueur with other audio glasses makers. Flows Technology offers an optional, $7.95 neck strap and a lens pack (with swappable blue, gold, and blue light reflective sets) at $29.95.

Sound Quality: C
Playtime: 5 hours
Charge time: 1-2 Hours
Water resistance: IPX4 (splash resistant)
Weight: 50 grams/1.8 oz.
Charging connector: Proprietary cable
Price: $99.95

Buy Flows Bandwidth Bruno’s and Taylor’s style glasses on GetInFlows

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Jonathan Takiff has spent the last four decades career as staff music critic and tech columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News and Philadelphia Inquirer. His weekly “Gizmo Guy” column and monthly “New Releases” (album) column were syndicated nationally by the Knight-Ridder/Tribune Newswire. He also spent a decade hosting WMMR during its most adventurous “free form” era, breaking the likes of Bruce Springsteen, U2, Bob Marley, Weather Report, Carole King, Genesis, Pat Metheny, and Billy Joel. A period Jon chronicles in the liner notes for the “Legacy Edition” of Joel’s “Piano Man.” Jon has also contributed to Audio Video Interiors, Video, and Sound & Vision magazines.

5 types of earphones for the phone: characteristics, functions

Headphones for the phone are selected based on five parameters, which will be discussed. If you do not take into account at least one of them, listening to music will not bring the pleasure that you want to experience. With the growing number of mobile gadgets, the number of types of headphones also increases, so choosing the right device requires knowledge about their features.


  • Headset for telephone with microphone
  • Wireless earphones for phones
  • Earphones for phones with bluetooth
  • Big earphones for phones
  • Loudest earphones for phones

Earphones for phones with microphone differ in the following parameters:

  • One wire. Headphones are created with two or one plug. In the first case, one of them is designed to receive an audio signal, and the second to transmit voice from a microphone. Since phones only have one headphone jack, you need to select models with one plug.
  • Microphone integrated in cable. Headphones with this feature are designed specifically for phones, since the built-in microphone does not take up extra space and does not interfere when removed, when compared with the same devices designed for a computer.
  • Button on wire. The headphones for the phone have special buttons designed to answer the call without taking out the gadget.

Simple models are headphones that are designed for a specific phone and are sold together with it.

Considering the models presented in stores, you should pay attention to the microphone mount.

The developers of such devices use 3 ways to connect it:

  • On the wire. These microphones are located next to the volume control. This option is suitable for people who rarely use the microphone. The disadvantage of this method of attachment is that when moving, the microphone touches the clothes, which causes interference. In addition, the different position of the microphone while walking reduces the volume of the voice heard by the interlocutor.
  • Fixed mount. Models with such a microphone are more suitable for talking while working with a computer, but if desired, they can also be connected to the phone.
  • Integrated microphone. With this mounting method, the microphone is invisible, but when used, it picks up noise and therefore transmits poor-quality sound.

Models with a microphone are also selected for noise reduction. When used in public transport or on the street, this is important, because in addition to music, you can hear a lot of sounds that make it difficult to make out what the interlocutor is talking about. To prevent this from happening, models are selected that completely close the ear from extraneous noise.

Wireless headphones for telephone

4 types of wireless headphones are created:

  • infrared;
  • bluetooth;
  • radio;
  • WiFi.

Infrared models are cheap. They are not subject to interference, but for comfortable listening to music, they must remain within line of sight of the phone. When playing music on the street, this drawback is insignificant.

Wireless headphones receive a signal at a distance of 100 meters, but the sound quality deteriorates as you move away from the phone. The signal is affected not only by distance, but also by the presence of obstacles. But when you are in an apartment, this does not matter, since the distance from the transmitting device to the headphones usually does not exceed 20-30 meters.

The disadvantage of radio headphones is that when listening to music, the signal can be affected by the operation of household appliances, so the sound quality does not always remain at the proper level.

Bluetooth devices are not affected by interference. They work at a distance of up to 10 meters, which is enough for use while walking on the street. This type of device connects to a laptop, tablet and phone.

Wi-Fi devices are capable of playing music directly from the network. Their disadvantage is the inability to use without connecting to the network via Wi-Fi. But the solution to this problem is to connect a multimedia access point to the phone via a 3.5 mm jack connector. They are suitable for use only in places where there is constant access to the network via Wi-Fi.

Wireless different in shape:

  • overhead;
  • inserts;
  • tablet.

On-ears are designed with a special ear-shaped fixture that securely fastens the headset. Wireless earbuds are almost indistinguishable from wired ones. Round headphones are more compact and almost invisible when in use. They are a case, the diameter of which is slightly larger than the ear hole.

Bluetooth earphones

Wireless headphones are divided into 2 types:

  • mono;
  • stereo.

The first type is for receiving calls only. Musical works are also played through them, but they will sound less pleasant, since the sound comes through only one speaker.

But the advantage of this type of headset is that during a conversation with a person on the phone, all surrounding sounds are perceived.

Stereo headphones are purchased more frequently and are made in several types. According to external signs, they are divided into 5 categories:

  • Models “Street” are created in a similar shape, but unlike stationary ones, they are more resistant to the effects of the external environment. Such devices work via bluetooth and are adapted for noise suppression.
  • Miniature Street headphones are smaller and have a thin headband. In this case, the headband is vertical and horizontal.
  • Headphones without headband. They are created with special devices for fixing on the auricle. This option is used when playing sports or while walking, as they are securely fixed and remain in the same position even when the body tilt changes.
  • Earbuds are more commonly used when listening to music on the phone and are smaller. They do not have special devices for fixing on the ears.
  • Vacuum inserts. This type of headphones differs from the previous one described in that it is created with a rubber element, which must be completely immersed in the ear. The tight fit of this element blocks extraneous noise. But the disadvantage of these headphones is that they are not suitable for everyone.

If overhead bluetooth headphones differ from standard ones only in that they do not have a plug, then vacuum and earbuds look non-standard, since the two speakers are connected by a jumper.

Earbuds are purchased less frequently by consumers, as about half of the buyers do not fix them in the ears and fall out during use.

On-ear headphones are more comfortable as they are designed with a headband that is horizontal. Headphones with a vertical headband are suitable for walking. For uninterrupted operation, models are usually selected that have a Bluetooth version of at least 2.1.

Before buying, you should think about the purpose of the purchase. If the purchase is made to listen to audio recordings, then headphones are selected. In the case when the device is needed to make calls, it is better to purchase a wireless headset.

But if desired, it is easy to find a stereo headset that is comfortable both when listening to music and during a conversation. In terms of sound quality, these will not exceed the standard options, but wireless communication compensates for this shortcoming.

The following specifications should be considered when purchasing a headset:

  • Bluetooth version. On the shelves of stores there are models of version 2.0 and higher. The differences are in data transfer speed and range. Models sold in stores are compatible with most phones, so the version 3.0 headset you like is capable of working with a version 2.1 device.
  • Headset weight. Headphones are constantly located on the head, so the weight is also worth paying attention to. When wearing a heavy headset during the day, the ears may even begin to feel painful. But the light weight means that the capacity of the built-in battery is small.
  • Autonomy time. To stay connected all the time, you should find out about the operating time at the time of purchase and make sure that the headset charge is replenished periodically.
  • Multipoint function. It allows you to connect to multiple phones. This is necessary for those who often use two gadgets.
  • Voice control. The function allows you to control using voice commands. Thanks to this, driving safety is increased, since you do not have to be distracted from driving to answer a call or take other actions.
  • Moisture proof. These are suitable for those who like to enjoy music in the pool or are in an area where it often rains.

Large earphones for telephones

Earphones for telephones are made in a small size, but some models are made to look like monitors. They are chosen by lovers of undistorted sound or people who want to completely eliminate the noise coming from the surrounding people.

Large earphones have a soundproof shell, so even when you are in a crowded place or in public transport, melodies are perceived without distortion. Therefore, large-sized headphones are chosen.

Manufacturers of these earphones increase their size on purpose to attract customers. People who do not understand this may think that the larger the diameter of the speaker, the better the sound. But only noise reduction depends on the size, since large headphones completely cover the ear. The volume and quality depends on the sensitivity of the devices and the power.

Selection criteria for large headphones:

  • Compact. Even large headphones fit in a small space if they are foldable. These are worn in a bag along with other things without fear that they will break. Comfortable models, the ear pads of which rotate, so that the whole device becomes “flat” and fits easily in a bag.
  • Wires. Wireless options are more comfortable, since when listening to music from the phone it is inconvenient to constantly hide a long wire.
  • Special bag. Unless a carry bag is sold with the larger earphones, they will be uncomfortable to carry when not in use. At the same time, a special bag protects against damage.
  • Sound insulation. Since headphones are often used outdoors, you need to purchase a model that will not reproduce sound outside, because not all people around you may like what is played on the phone.

The loudest phone headphones

When using standard headphones for the phone, their volume is insufficient even at maximum values. Therefore, we have to abandon those sold bundled with a mobile phone and look for louder ones.

The following characteristics are considered for selection:

  • Headphone volume indicator – sensitivity. For phone models, it is less than 100 dB. This figure is even higher. It depends on the volume. A high figure is 120 dB.
  • Has a volume wheel on the cord. Such a device is made for computer headphones, but if volume is important, they are also used to play music on the phone.

But customers looking for loud headphones want to listen to music without any background noise. Therefore, for outdoor use, it is advisable to choose models that isolate extraneous sounds. These are easy to identify by large ear cushions that reliably isolate extraneous noise and music.

But it is worth remembering that the loudest headphones lead to hearing loss if you listen to music constantly.

When choosing headphones, it is worth considering the impact of the presented characteristics on the sound quality and usability of the headphones.

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Smartphones have long ceased to be just a means of communication. Now their functionality is striking in its diversity. In addition to the conversation, you can pay for purchases, search for information on the Internet, your favorite videos and listen to music. Headphones make it easier to use. They are different and everyone can choose the right ones.

For example, wireless models are suitable for lovers of active sports due to the absence of interfering wires, wired models will be appreciated by lovers of quiet music without disturbing others, and comfort lovers will appreciate on-ear headphones. Which one to choose 一 depends solely on the preferences of the user. A selection of the best headphones for your phone in 2023 from KP will help with this.

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QCY T1C. Photo: QCY

Headphones for active people – do not fall out of the ears and are very comfortable to wear. The dimensions of the case and headphones are miniature, on the one hand, thanks to this, they are comfortable to wear, on the other hand, it is difficult to get them out. The right earpiece is the leader, it is from it that you should start pairing with your smartphone. The following headphone usage scenarios are possible: Only one headphone can be connected to the device; you can connect both headphones to the device; One earbud can be connected to one device, and the second earbud can be connected to another. To turn it on and off, press the control button on the right earbud for 5 seconds.

There is also an automatic shutdown of the gadget to save energy: if the Bluetooth connection is lost or the soundtrack stops playing, the headphones turn off after 10 minutes. A single press of the button on the earphone starts or pauses the music in the open player, a double-click on the button on the right earphone serves to scroll forward one track, and on the left one – back. Also, with a single press of the button during a call, you can accept it and start a conversation, since each earphone has its own microphone.

Users note excellent sound at relative cheapness. The claimed pairing range of 10 meters is confirmed, but sometimes there are interference and instability when moving away from the smartphone.

With headphones, you can play sports or listen to music or watch a movie in peace. Thanks to the power saving function, the headphones will work longer on a single charge. Another advantage is moisture protection, which allows you to use them in wet weather and not be afraid to drop them into the water. In addition, the device is affordable and has excellent sound quality.

Main features

9 0204

Design in-ear
Weight (single earpiece) 4.2 g
Operating time 4 hours
Case battery capacity 380 mA h
Wireless type Bluetooth
Pros and cons

Fits well in the ears, lightweight

Difficult to remove from the case, unstable pairing ue

Top 10 best headphones for the phone in 2023 according to KP

The editors decided that it was incorrect to compare wireless headphones with wired ones, so we made two selections in which everyone will find the best option for themselves, depending on preferences.

Best Wireless Headphones for Phone

Sony WF-XB700

Sony WF-XB700. Photo: Sony

Headphones are great for walking, playing sports without sudden movements, working at a computer. Made in a fairly large case, part of it is placed in the auricle, the outside remains the oval of the case, which sticks out a couple of millimeters. This makes it difficult to wear headgear while using headphones. The headphones hold well, the case has basic protection against moisture, so you can not be afraid of walking in the rain or active sports. To connect to a smartphone, you need to hold down the buttons on the ends of the headphone case. They are also responsible for playing music, stopping it, as well as receiving and rejecting calls.

The headphones are equipped with microphones for use as a headset. The halves are connected independently, there is bass, but when using the default settings, the headphones already produce a very high-quality sound. Headphones have a standard operating time of 一 7-9 hours, additionally a full charge is provided from the battery in the case. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge, but there is a quick charge function. Thanks to it, the battery will be replenished for an hour of work in 10 minutes. The main disadvantage of the earbuds is the high price, and due to the large weight, they are not always comfortable for users.

Main features

902 04

Construction in-ear
Weight (one earpiece) 8 g
Operating time 9 h
Case battery capacity 500 mAh
Features microphone, waterproof, quick charge, volume adjustable
Pros and cons

Fast charging function, long battery life, good sound

Heavy weight, uncomfortable on the ears

HTC True Wireless Earbuds

HTC True Wireless Earbuds. Photo: HTC

The body of the headphones is very compact, they do not interfere and do not cause discomfort when worn. There is a small LED, if it is red 一, the charging process is in progress, when flashing, you need to charge the case. When fully charged, the light turns white. If it blinks一, pairing with the smartphone is in progress. The connection takes place via Bluetooth and is quite fast. The pairing range is 10 meters, so you can move freely with headphones, leaving your smartphone in another room.

The sound is loud and high-quality: the headphones do not lose high frequencies when the lower ones are very expressive. Thanks to moisture protection, you can actively play sports while in the rain. One battery charge lasts for six hours. Additional 24 hours are given from the battery in the case. There is no noise canceling function, so talking in a noisy environment can be difficult. Also, many are not satisfied with the touch control, which is not very convenient.

Key features
Design in-ear
Weight (one earpiece) 4.5 g
Operating time 6 h
Case battery capacity 400 mAh
Features microphone, waterproof
Pros and cons

Loud sound, comfortable, small size

No noise cancellation, touch control

HONOR Choice CE79 TWS Earbuds

HONOR Choice CE79 TWS Earbuds. Photo: HONOR

Wireless earbuds for everyday music, workouts and videos. This model is well built from glossy plastic, has a neat design and good sound, especially for bass lovers. There are no protruding buttons: touch controls are located at the back. An indicator light was also placed there (blinks when the device enters pairing mode). Headphones are small in size, almost not felt when worn, but sometimes fall out of the ears.

Synchronization with a smartphone occurs via Bluetooth 5. 0 in 1-2 seconds. Touching the right earphone with a delay of two seconds switches the track forward, the left 一 rewinds. You can answer a phone call and end the conversation by double-clicking on any of the buttons. Tapping three times will activate the voice assistant. Turn down or turn up the volume only from your smartphone. Users complain about the lack of noise cancellation, as well as the fact that one of the headphones often fails.

Main specifications
Weight (single earpiece) 4.4 g
Operating time 6 hours

Case battery capacity 500 mAh
Features microphone, waterproof, voice assistant call
Pros and cons

Small size, good sound, fast pairing

Break quickly, fall out of the ears, no noise cancellation



Wireless earbuds are suitable for iPhone and all Samsung and Xiaomi smartphones. Interference and instability may occur when pairing with other devices. The noise canceling function allows you not to hear extraneous noise during a call. This is especially true when in public places or transport. The optical sensor mutes the sound when the earpiece is taken out of the ear, which saves battery life.

The device will be appreciated by fans of sports and walks in wet weather, thanks to the high degree of moisture protection. Headphones work up to 6 hours on a single charge and up to 32 hours with a case. Fast charging adds 1.5 hours of sound in 15 minutes. Not suitable for all users, because they do not mate with some devices. In addition, it has been noticed that when watching a video, the sound often lags behind the picture.

Main specifications
Weight (single earpiece) 4.8 g
Runtime 6 hours

Case battery capacity 550 mAh
Features microphone
Pros and cons

Good sound, noise canceling, long battery life

Sound lags behind picture, can’t connect to some devices

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2. Photo: Xiaomi

Tiny headphones in a small case. Thanks to the magnet, the lid of the case will not open spontaneously. The earbuds are also held tightly by magnets, so they won’t fly out of the case even if you shake it hard. The case is equipped with an LED that notifies you when the charge drops below 20%. The touch controls work well, but it takes some getting used to in order to get to the right place the first time. It is used to turn on and off, stop or resume music playback, call the voice assistant or answer calls. You will have to rewind tracks or control the volume level from your phone.

The device has a proximity sensor, removing either or both earphones from the ear will pause playback. Use is possible independently of each other, while listening to your favorite music or talking on the phone. The sound is clear, loud, perfectly synchronized with the picture when watching a video. The earphones fit securely in your ears without falling out while running or cycling. The lack of noise cancellation is inconvenient during calls, and the left earpiece often breaks.

Main specifications
Weight (single earpiece) 4.1 g

Case battery capacity 300 mAh
Pros and cons

Good sound quality, light weight, comfortable to wear

No noise cancellation, one of the headphones often breaks

Top 5 best wired headphones for phones

Panasonic RP-HJE118

Panasonic RP-HJE118. Photo: Panasonic

The model is equipped with a high-quality microphone. Thanks to him, the interlocutor perfectly hears speech during a conversation. Music lovers will appreciate the device, because the sound is loud and without noise. Despite the low cost, the headphones are durable and last for several years.

They sit comfortably in the ears and do not fall out even when active, so they are ideal for sports. The disadvantages include a thin wire that tans in the cold, which makes it a little difficult to use the headphones.

Main features

902 04

Sensitivity 96 dB
Diaphragm diameter 9 mm
Plug connector mini jack 3.5 mm
Cable length 1.1 m
Pros and cons

Good sound, comfortable in the ears, long life

Thin wire, no bass, tan in the cold



Affordable headphones with powerful sound that music lovers will appreciate. The compact design and workmanship ensure comfortable wearing. Can be used for a wide range of tasks, resistant to all weather conditions. The remote with microphone allows you to answer calls and control your music with a simple push of a button.

The length of the cord allows you to listen to music without restricting your movements, and its design eliminates the possibility of tangling. Noise isolation will provide comfort during a call. Their main disadvantage is that many copies fail very quickly.

Main features

9 0209

Sensitivity 103 dB
Plug connector mini jack 3.5 mm
Cable length 1.2 m
Pros and cons

Includes microphone and control button, inexpensive

Break quickly, often fall out of the ears

Sony MDR-EX155AP

Sony MDR-EX155AP. Photo: Sony

In-ear headphones deliver great dynamic sound even on the go. They sit comfortably in the ears and are suitable for active people. Answer calls in headset mode and switch tracks without touching your smartphone, thanks to the built-in remote control and microphone. However, to change the volume, you need to get a smartphone.

The noise canceling function ensures comfortable conversations anywhere. The grooved cable is tangle and kink resistant. The headphone wire is thin, but this does not affect their service life. However, it is worth considering the rather high price of this model.

Main features

9 0204

Sensitivity 103 dB
Membrane diameter 9 mm
Plug connector mini jack 3.5 mm
Cable length 1.2 m
Pros and cons

Good sound and noise isolation, long life, comfortable

No volume control, thin wire

Apple EarPods

Apple EarPods. Photo: Apple

Headphones designed to fit the anatomical shape of the ear. This makes them comfortable and easy to wear. The sound is high-quality and loud, the speakers cut off all extraneous noise and allow you to completely immerse yourself in listening to music. The device is controlled using the built-in remote control.

You can answer the call (or hang it up), change the track, turn down or turn up the volume. Headphones are durable, can withstand a fall from a small height. The sound quality during calls in noisy places is not the best. In addition, according to the reviews of a number of users, the headphones often do not sound good with Android smartphones and are quite expensive.

Main features
Sensitivity 109 dB
Cable length 1.2 m
Plug connector mini jack 3.5 mm
Features microphone, volume adjustable
Pros and cons

Comfortable to wear, good sound quality, durable

No noise isolation, do not work well with Android

Samsung EO-HS1303

Samsung EO-HS1303. Photo: Samsung

Bright and stylish headphones for listening to music and answering phone calls in any environment. They sit comfortably in the ear shells and reproduce high-quality and clear sound with good bass. The wire has a microphone for talking during calls, an answer button for incoming calls, a control panel for adjusting the volume of music during playback, and a track switch.

The model is equipped with a standard 3.5 mm gold-plated connector, which eliminates connector oxidation and provides high-quality connection. The cable length is 1.2 m, which is optimal for use. Headphones, despite the convenience, often slip out of the ears, so they are not suitable for active movement.

Main characteristics

902 05 1.1 m

Sensitivity 102 dB
Membrane diameter 8 mm
Plug connector mini jack 3.5 mm
Cable length
Pros and cons

Smooth sound, good bass, bright color

Often slip out of the ears, flimsy

How to choose headphones for your phone

Modern smartphones often function as multimedia devices. Manufacturers usually include headphones in the kit, but they are almost always of poor quality. Therefore, users are looking for a suitable replacement. We will tell you what to look for when choosing.

  1. Type of headphones. Wireless devices are very popular now. They are convenient for active people, and the smartphone can be left in a safe place during use. Wired headphones are suitable for listening to music and watching movies on the road.
  2. Manufacturer . It is advisable to buy models of well-known companies that have proven themselves in the market. Reputation is important for them, besides, production technologies are well developed.
  3. Mating distance . This parameter is relevant for wireless headphone models. The sound quality depends on it, depending on the distance from the smartphone.
  4. Wire material . The usual thin wire of headphones often gets tangled. The situation is better with a thicker wire, twisted or one that is made with lightning. Whether the earbuds get tangled or not determines how long they last.
  5. Convenience . It is important to choose ear cushions that are suitable for the auricle. In addition, you should pay attention to weight, the heavier the headphones, the less comfortable they are to wear.
  6. Squelch . Relevant for lovers of conversations. The function provides comfortable communication without extraneous noise.

Popular questions and answers

The editors of Komsomolskaya Pravda asked expert Tony Rahn, President of HONOR in Russia, Turkey and the CIS countries, to answer the most frequently asked questions from users.

What parameters should I pay attention to first?

When choosing headphones for your phone, first of all, you should pay attention to the following device parameters:

Active noise cancellation. Active noise canceling technology ensures high quality sound even in windy conditions or on public transport. It works according to the following principle: an external microphone captures and analyzes the noise, forming a return sound wave with the same amplitude. As a result, the waves overlap and overlap each other, providing background silence while listening to music or talking on the phone, Tony Rahn told .

Battery life . The minimum recommended battery life for fully charged headphones should be at least 7-8 hours, and at least 25 hours with a charging case.

Is it possible to find headphones that will be good for both conversation and music?

Of course, headphones for everyday use should be versatile: reproduce clear sound and provide high quality calls. Here, again, active noise cancellation plays an important role, the expert believes.

Can I listen to the radio on my phone without headphones?

Yes, if you listen to internet radio. In most cases, developers install appropriate software on modern smartphones through which you can listen to online radio, Tony Ran answered.