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Philips Hue is a collection of smart lighting products

Discover a whole range of lights, sensors and switches that help you light your home smarter. Replace your existing light bulbs with smart bulbs or explore many form-factor lamps and fixtures. Philips Hue offers light for every room in your home.

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Control with the Philips Hue app

Configure your system with the app and discover the fun of creating your own scenes and automations. Or go wild with any of the other 700+ Hue apps.

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Control your way

Use smart accessories like switches and wireless motion sensors to control your lights in many different ways.

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Control lights with your voice

Philips Hue is the only smart lighting brand that works with all the major voice assistants on the market.

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Create the right atmosphere to match your mood

With light you can easily change the atmosphere of any room. Whether you want to add colour to your interior, set the right light for functional tasks, throw an outdoor party or create a cosy mood for dinner, you can easily personalise your light and ambiance with Philips Hue. Choose from all shades of white and 16 million colours and find the one that matches your mood.

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Home automation

Feel more secure at home 

The Mimic presence automation turns your lights on and off automatically according to the activities that you’d expect to see in those rooms, making it look like you’re still there. And with a Coming automation, your lights greet you at the door when you arrive back home, lighting your way safely. Add an outdoor motion sensor to have your lights turn on as someone – guests or unexpected visitors – walks by. With Philips Hue, someone’s always home.

Daily activities

Light that gets you through the day

Daily tasks and activities get a lot easier with the right light. Philips Hue is there to help, whether it’s to wake you up, get you energised during breakfast, help your kids concentrate when doing their homework or provide the right light setting for reading or relaxing at the end of a busy day.


Sync your lights with films, music and games

Watch, listen or play in new and exciting ways as your favourite video, audio and gaming effects fill the room with Philips Hue Entertainment lighting, bringing spatial awareness and immersivess to a whole new level.

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Wake up and go to sleep

Light that wakes you up gently

Waking up can be tough, especially on dark winter mornings. With Philips Hue, you can mimic the sunrise to help you wake up more naturally, no matter how dark it is outside. In the Philips Hue app, you can easily set up your wake-up and go-to-sleep routines to help you get up more energised and go to bed more relaxed.

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The best Philips Hue lights of 2023: Expert compared

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Home & Office

Smart Home

Smart Lighting

For the best Philips Hue lights, you should check out the Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance set, which can fulfill all your lighting needs. Also, explore these other options that provide smart lighting from Philips Hue lights and can light up your home in seconds.

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Lena Borrelli, Contributing Writer


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Elyse Betters Picaro

Smart home products have become increasingly popular these days, and there’s no reason why your lightbulbs shouldn’t be a part of it. With a flick of a switch, you can completely transform the mood of any room or create the perfect ambiance for a romantic evening.

Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor lighting solutions, Philips has made it incredibly easy to purchase starter kits and bundles that cover all your needs. One of the key advantages of Philips Hue lights is their compatibility with a wide range of smart home platforms. This enables you to effortlessly integrate your lights with other smart devices in your home, including your smart speaker, thermostat, or security system. For example, you can program your lights to turn on automatically when your security camera detects motion, or adjust them based on the temperature or time of day.

Philips Hue lights are also renowned for their user-friendliness and intuitive controls. You can use the Philips Hue app to customize your lights, create customized scenes or routines that fit your lifestyle, and connect your lights to third-party apps or services, such as IFTTT or Spotify, for endless creative possibilities.

With so many Philips Hue lights available, you might be wondering which ones are the best. Here are my top picks to help you choose the perfect Philips Hue lights for your home

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This kit provides beautiful, vibrant outdoor lighting that can be controlled through your smartphone or smart home assistant, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance for your outdoor space.

These outdoor pathway lights are designed to blend in seamlessly with your landscaping while providing bright, energy-efficient lighting that can be customized to suit your needs.

With its powerful LED light and easy-to-install design, the Discover Outdoor Floodlight is an excellent choice for illuminating large outdoor areas. Its smart features allow you to control the light remotely and create schedules or routines to suit your lifestyle.

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The Queen’s men: Elizabeth II’s alleged lovers, whom few people know about

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  • News ohm. However, this does not mean that there was no place in her heart for other men.

    April 21, 2021 20:000121 462

    Elizabeth II

    The union of Elizabeth II with Prince Philip became the longest royal marriage in world history. When in April 2021 the news about the death of the queen’s husband spread around the world, fans began to study the relationship of lovers in every detail. The most frequently discussed were Philip’s betrayals, his turbulent youth and desire for freedom from the restrictions of the palace.

    At the same time, everyone for some reason forgot about the scandals surrounding the personal life of Elizabeth II. In fact, the Queen has been credited with relationships with other men many times. There were rumors that the monarch did not give birth to one of the sons at all from Philip.

    September 8, Great Britain plunged into mourning: the legendary ruler died at 96. The Queen was not only a multifaceted strong personality, but also a bright woman, so it is worth remembering the men who were clearly not indifferent to her.

    Hugh Fitzroy

    Hugh Fitzroy could take Philip’s place next to the Queen

    Open any article on the marriage of Elizabeth II and you will read that Prince Philip was the Queen’s first and only half. Sounds very romantic. True, according to friends, such an ideal picture is not entirely true. The former close friend of the monarch Alathea Fitzalan Howard claimed that in the late 30s her friend fell in love with Duke Hugh Fitzroy. The man was a member of the royal family and was of noble birth. In a word, an excellent match for the heir to the throne.

    The young man also had feelings for the future head of state, but did not take the initiative. “We discussed Hugh and other men. In the intimate atmosphere of her bedroom, we talked more freely than ever before, because she is naturally very reserved, but today she decided to fully open up to her friend, ”Alatea wrote in her diary.

    As a result, the relationship between Elizabeth II and the Duke of Fitzroy never developed into something serious. In the 40s, the attention of the princess switched to Philip, and Hugh continued to break women’s hearts. After the wedding, the girl completely forgot about her first hobby.

    Lord Porchester

    Lord Porchester knew the Queen from childhood

    The Queen’s friendship with Henry Herbert was once whispered throughout Great Britain. Elizabeth II literally grew up next to Lord Porchester from childhood. Even when she ascended the throne, she always found time to meet with a friend whom she affectionately called Corruption.

    Friends had a common interest – horses. Elizabeth II never hid her passion for horseback riding. Once she even admitted that she would like to breed horses, but state duties do not allow her to concentrate on this matter.

    Elizabeth II often appeared in public with her beloved Corruption

    Lord Porchester, unlike Prince Philip, perfectly understood the passion of the young lady. In 1969, Porchi became Queen’s horse racing manager. It was rumored that he had a separate telephone line through which he could directly contact the boss. These two visited the hippodrome together, and also often walked together on horseback.

    At one time there was even gossip that Prince Andrew’s father was not Philip, but his beloved close associate. The creators of the TV series The Crown also hinted at the romance of Elizabeth II and Henry Herbert. In both the first and second seasons, their communication is suspiciously warm.

    However, royal historian Kate Williams, who knows literally everything that happens behind the fence of Buckingham Palace, was outraged by the information that discredits the honor of the country’s first family. “I think the Queen and Lord Porchester are just very close friends, but nothing more. Perhaps, in those days, friendship between a man and a woman seemed something strange. But between them there was nothing but an interest in training horses, ”Williams is sure.

    Patrick Plunket

    Patrick Plunket served the royal family all his life, and in the end never found personal happiness

    Patrick Plunket lost his parents early: when he was 15, his father and mother died in a plane crash. The uncle was engaged in the upbringing of the young man and his two brothers. The then King George VI, who was close friends with the teenager’s father, also helped the family.

    When the young man graduated from Eton College, he got a job at Buckingham Palace. Patrick was a personal adjutant, and then the chief equerry. After the death of George VI, Plunket continued to serve at the palace, helping Elizabeth II daily.

    Patrick’s friends and relatives claimed that a special bond had developed between him and the Queen. “She quickly learned that Patrick can be relied upon. He had an excellent memory for names and faces, and also an amazing instinct, ”said Plunket’s younger brother Sean in his book Elizabeth II: The Queen’s Real Story.

    Elizabeth II was not always happy in marriage

    They became especially close in 1956, when Prince Philip went on a royal tour for several months. Then there was a rumor that the husband of Elizabeth II had a mistress and did not really want to return home. The woman was very upset by what was happening, and in difficult moments it was Plunket who was next to her.

    Some biographers claim that Patrick’s support subdued the deceived queen, and she favored the courtship of a subordinate. Plunket was even called the alleged father of Prince Andrew: the Queen’s heir and her best friend were too similar. “He had an aristocratic appearance. The queen obviously liked him very much. I dare to suggest that she had extremely deep feelings for him, ”said historian Charles Higham.

    Of course, the media and chroniclers of the palace have no real evidence. But the fact that the queen adored Patrick is an indisputable fact. This is also confirmed by how hard Elizabeth II experienced the death of a friend. Plunket died of liver cancer at 19.75 year. The monarch instructed to organize a funeral for a friend with all the honors of the protocol of the first persons, which had not previously been awarded to any employee serving at the court. Also, Elizabeth II herself wrote an obituary in the Times newspaper, in which she spoke about the devotion of the assistant. When asked who would take Plunket’s place, she unequivocally answered: “No one can replace him.”

    Of course, on the life path of Elizabeth II there were both true friends and men for whom she felt deep sympathy. However, the queen never forgot who she was. That is why the reputation of the monarch is considered so impeccable, and fans of love affairs can only discuss numerous speculations.

    Photo: Legion-Media, Getty Images

    Text author: Olga Pervushkina

    Encyclopedic Dictionary of Russian History

    1. Files
    2. Academic and special literature
    3. Historical disciplines
    4. org/ListItem” itemprop=”itemListElement”>
      Russian history

    History of Russia

    • History of Bashkortostan

    • History of Buryatia

    • History of the Russian Far East

    • History of Kalmykia

    • History of Karelia

    • History of Rus’ and Russia until 1917

    • History of North Ossetia

    • History of Siberia

    • History of Tatarstan

    • History of Udmurtia

    • History of the Urals

    • History of Chuvashia

    • Contemporary history of Russia (after the October Revolution of 1917)

    • Handbooks, catalogues, tables

    Historical disciplines

    • Archeology

    • Archiving

    • Military history

    • World History

    • Auxiliary historical disciplines

    • Historiography, source studies and methods of historical research

    • Historical local history

    • History of Australia and Oceania

    • History of Belarus

    • History of Kazakhstan

    • History of Crimea

    • History of science and technology

    • History of Russia

    • History of Asia and Africa

    • History of Europe and America

    • History of Ukraine

    • Museum science

    • Popular Science History

    • Periodicals in historical disciplines

    • Philosophy of History

    • Ethnography and ethnology

    • doc format
    • size 1. 22 MB
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      July 12, 2009

    Encyclopedic dictionary on the history of Russia. M.: EKSMO; Big
    Russian Encyclopedia, 2003. 704 p.
    Encyclopedic dictionary “History of the Fatherland”, produced by
    publishing house “Great Russian Encyclopedia”, is a
    the first experience of a one-volume reference and encyclopedic edition,
    covering all periods of national history from ancient times
    to the present day. The publication opens with a brief historical essay.
    The main body of the book is the alphabetical part, which includes
    several thousand reference articles about major events, facts,
    phenomena of national history, about state, political,
    military, public figures, as well as major historians. IN
    applications are published: a chronological table, materials for
    advisory bibliography and a series of background information on
    administrative structure of Russia and the USSR, lists of state
    institutions and their heads, as well as hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church

    The ability to download this file is blocked at the request of the copyright holder.

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  • USE
  • USE in history
    1. Applicants and students
    2. History
    1. Applicants and schoolchildren
    2. History
    3. History of Russia
    1. Applicants and students
    2. OGE / GIA / DPA
    3. OGE / GIA / DPA in history
    1. Academic and specialized literature
    2. Historical disciplines
    3. Military history
    4. Military History of Russia
    1. Academic and specialized literature
    2. Historical disciplines
    3. Historiography, source studies and methods of historical research
    4. Historiography and source studies of Russia
    1. Academic and specialized literature
    2. Historical disciplines
    3. History of Asia and Africa
    1. Academic and specialized literature
    2. Culturology
    3. Cultural History
    4. History of Russian culture
    1. Academic and specialized literature
    2. International relations
    3. International relations
    1. Academic and specialized literature
    2. International relations
    3. International relations
    4. History of international relations
    5. History of Russia’s foreign policy
    1. Academic and specialized literature
    2. Earth sciences
    3. Geography
    4. Historical geography
    5. Historical Geography of Russia
    1. Academic and specialized literature
    2. Pedagogy
    3. Teaching Methods
    4. Methods of teaching history
    1. Academic and specialized literature
    2. Financial and economic disciplines
    3. History of Economics
    4. History of the Russian economy
    1. Academic and specialized literature
    2. Legal disciplines
    3. History of state and law
    1. Academic and specialized literature
    2. Legal disciplines
    3. History of state and law
    4. History of State and Law of Russia
    1. Nonfiction
    2. Life of eminent people
    3. Military figures
    4. Military figures of Russia
    1. Nonfiction
    2. Life of eminent people
    3. Statesmen and politicians
    4. Figures of Kievan Rus
    1. Nonfiction
    2. Life of eminent people
    3. Statesmen and politicians
    4. People of Russia
    1. Nonfiction
    2. Memoirs, diaries, autobiographies
    3. Military Memoirs
    4. Memoirs of military leaders of Russia

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      July 08, 2010

    Moscow: Veche, 2002, 576 pages The book contains more than 300 biographies of the major military leaders of the First World War of 1914-1918. They led the fronts, fleets, led the greatest battles, the equal of which the world did not know until the 20th century. In 1914, the leading world powers entered into a deadly battle, and for many of them the war was a collapse. Centuries-old monarchies collapsed, the map of the world changed. But in 1914 they did not think about it. `Second Patriotic` called …

    • pdf format
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      December 09, 2008

    M.: BRE, 1999. – 639 p. The dictionary is the first experience of a one-volume reference and encyclopedic publication covering all periods of Russian history from ancient times to the present day. The publication opens with a brief historical essay. The main body of the book is an alphabetical part, which includes several thousand reference articles about the main events, facts, phenomena of national history, state, political, military, social…

    • doc format
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      December 04, 2010

    The History of the Fatherland Encyclopedic Dictionary, published by the Big Russian Encyclopedia publishing house, is the first experience of a one-volume reference and encyclopedic publication covering all periods of Russian history from ancient times to the present day.


    • doc format
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    • added
      November 04, 2010

    Compiled by: B. Yu. Ivanov, V. M. Karev, E. I. Kuksina, A. S. Oreshnikov, O. V. Sukhareva. Moscow 1999. The encyclopedic dictionary “History of the Fatherland”, published by the “Big Russian Encyclopedia” publishing house, is the first experience of a one-volume reference and encyclopedic publication covering all periods of national history from ancient times to the present day. The publication opens with a brief historical essay. The main body of the book composition …


    • rar format, pdf
    • size 2.74 MB
    • added
      September 12, 2011

    Moscow, Progress Publishing Group, Lexicon, 1995.-464 p. The dictionary contains 30,000 words and is the first experience of publishing an English-Russian annotated dictionary of historical terms, names and titles. In addition to purely historical terms and the names of historical events, it includes terms on archeology, ethnography, mythology, the history of religion, architecture, the names of states and organizations, the historical names of modern cities, etc. ..


    • doc format
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      July 22, 2011

    The file contains a dictionary of Church Slavonic terms and their modern meaning from A to Z

    • doc format
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      January 12, 2010

    274 pages Dictionary of the history of Russia for schoolchildren, applicants, students of colleges and universities.

    • djvu format
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      November 26, 2011

    Dictionary. The Russian Academy of Sciences. Institute of the History of Material Culture. St. Petersburg 1995 62 pages. Illustrated dictionary consisting of: 26 tables with pictures and 607 basic terms, 2324 additional terms and expressions. Contents: Paleontology Anthropology Methods for splitting and processing stone cores and flakes Paleolithic tools Wheeled vehicles and horse harness Armament of the ancient Greeks Armament of the Romans Knightly armor …

    • doc format
    • size 601.25 KB
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      September 06, 2009

    Harbottle Thomas. battles of world history. Dictionary. – M .: Vneshsigma, 1993 Thomas Benfield Harbotl’s Dictionary was published in 1904; since the author had already died by then, the final part of the publishing preparation was carried out by the co-author of several other Harbottle books, Colonel Philip Hugh Dolbiak, who also compiled an index of names and titles.