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Best PC Controller 2023 – IGN

These gaming controllers have an edge while playing on a gaming PC.

By Kevin Lee, Danielle Abraham

Updated: May 17, 2023 1:15 am

Posted: May 16, 2023 5:26 pm

For all around performance, the Xbox Core Controller is our choice for the best PC controller of 2023. But there are tons of other great options, from budget to high-end, to fit your PC gaming needs. Click here to jump to detailed looks at our picks for best PC controllers, or check the list below:

TL;DR – These are the Best PC Controllers:

  • Xbox Core Controller
  • PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller
  • Logitech F310
  • Turtle Beach Recon Controller
  • Sony DualSense Controller
  • Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller
  • SteelSeries Stratus+
  • 8Bitdo Pro 2
  • Switch Pro Controller
  • Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma
  • Hori Fighting Stick Alpha
  • Gran Turismo DD Pro

From poorly ported console games to action adventures and racing simulators, there are more than a few cases where a gaming keyboard and gaming mouse aren’t the best input options for PC games. It’s easy to swear by a keyboard and mouse where twitchy response and pixel-perfect aim are concerned, but there’s a huge arena where different gaming controllers can have an edge while playing on a gaming PC.

If you’re playing a fighting game, you may get more satisfaction out of the buttons on a controller or fight stick, which you can frantically mash. When flying through space in an intense dogfight, holding a thumbstick down to perform a series of loops and turns can be a lot easier than hurriedly throwing your mouse around your desk in an attempt to maneuver smoothly. And, let’s not forget that analog inputs have some advantages over the all-or-nothing, binary controls all over mice and keyboards—just try slowly accelerating in a racing game with a keyboard.

So, when you’re ready to give your mouse and keyboard a well-earned break, we’ve rounded up the best controllers in a variety of categories. Take a look below – and click here to find them in the UK.

The Best PC Controllers

Xbox Core Controller

Best PC Controller

Xbox Core Controller

  • See it on Best Buy

If you’re searching for a controller with a quality design and ample flexibility in how you use it to game on your PC, the Xbox Core Controller is a solid place to start. Microsoft has created an ergonomic controller that’s easy to hold onto thanks to added grip on the side, rear, and triggers. Of course, it has a familiar Xbox layout, while the majority of its buttons are remappable, and the D-Pad is even more tactile than the Xbox One iteration.

There’s plenty of versatility in connecting the Xbox Core Controller to your PC with a wired USB-C to eliminate input lag and Bluetooth as a wireless alternative. There’s also a low-latency wireless option available if you have an Xbox Wireless adapter for PC. The controller even includes a 3.5mm jack for your headset, limiting the number of wires running between you and your PC. However, it’s powered by AA batteries, which seems a bit archaic for 2023.

PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller

Best Budget PC Controller

PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller

The PowerA Enhanced wired controller is a strong option, ditching wireless connectivity in order to hit a low price point under $40—and it’s often on sale for much less. Sure, you won’t get Bluetooth to get in some action on your gaming phone, but the removable Micro USB works great with your PC right out of the box. And since you’re tethered to your computer, you’ll never need to worry about finding batteries in your junk drawer every few months.

The controller itself doesn’t stray too far from the shape and feel of Microsoft’s own Xbox controller, though it’s slightly lighter, lacks those rubberized grips, and is a tad bit flimsier. However, you get two vibration motors to feel the action and all the buttons you need for your games. It even takes a page out of the Xbox Elite Controller’s book: on the underside of the PowerA Enhanced controller, you’ll find two small buttons that can serve as shortcuts to face buttons.

Logitech F310

Best Ultra Cheap PC Controller

Logitech F310

  • See it on Dell
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  • See it on Newegg

Are you a devout keyboard and mouse gamer who imagines yourself rarely using a gamepad? The Logitech F310 is the perfect option for you, as it only costs around $15, but it includes everything you need for your occasional cravings to use a controller. This option delivers dual joysticks, bumpers and triggers, four standard face buttons, and an eight-directional D-Pad, while ten buttons are programmable to customize the gamepad to your needs.

Now, is the Logitech F310 something you’ll want to be using all the time? Probably not, as its short, nubby grips don’t make for excellent ergonomics, and the joysticks aren’t 100 percent accurate. But that shouldn’t matter for short bursts, and the controller will make your life significantly easier when driving vehicles in games like Grand Theft Auto V or Battlefield 2042. It’s also strictly wired, connecting via USB, though it’s plug-and-play and delivers low input lag for the fastest possible actions.

Turtle Beach Recon Controller

Best Wired PC Controller

Turtle Beach Recon Controller

The plug-and-play nature of the Turtle Beach Recon Controller is perfect for anyone looking to add a wired controller to their PC. It connects via a detachable USB-A cord, and there’s even a headset port on the controller, helping to limit the wires cluttering your PC setup. Turtle Beach takes it further by including their Super Human Hearing to enhance subtle audio cues and audio controls for volume, game and chat mix, and mic monitoring, all on the gamepad itself.

You’ll get quickly up to speed in games with the familiar X-box style layout of the Turtle Beach Recon Controller, so you’re all set for Xbox Game Pass games and the wide assortment of titles available on Steam. Two back paddles are on the gamepad for quick actions, while on-the-fly button remapping is also available with four different profiles preloaded on the Recon, which you can reconfigure to your liking. Finally, the textured finishes on most controls and rubberized grips make for a secure handhold.

Sony DualSense Controller

Best Bluetooth PC Controller

Sony DualSense Controller

  • See it on Best Buy

The Sony DualSense Controller makes it simple to connect to your PC using Bluetooth, which means it’ll also be a solid option for mobile gaming. However, if you’re looking for a more stable connection with less latency, you can always plug it in via a USB-C for a wired option. And unlike the Xbox Core, when you use it wirelessly, you get a rechargeable battery, though the battery life leaves much to be desired.

The Sony DualSense changes the aesthetics of the DualShock, making for a sleeker, easier-to-grip gamepad that still offers a similar control scheme and symmetrical analog sticks. Steam support is on the controller, while advanced haptics and adaptive triggers work on PC using a wired connection. With more PlayStation-exclusive games ending up not so exclusive thanks to PC ports, full DualSense functionality on PC makes for the best way to play those games.

Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller

Best High-End PC Controller

Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller

  • See it on Amazon
  • See it on Newegg

If you’re after a controller that offers the familiar Xbox design but amps up its capability, you can’t go wrong with the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. This model features four rear paddles that can have their own actions or change the function of the face buttons, while all of the buttons on the gamepad are remappable. The D-pad, back paddles, and analog sticks are also all magnetically swappable, and you still get the tunable triggers we loved on the original Elite.

The Elite Series 2 controller adds the rechargeable battery that the Xbox Core controller lacks and lasts an impressive 40 hours on each charge. In addition to Xbox Wireless, if you’ve got an adapter, there’s Bluetooth, making it easy to pair with your PC or smartphone. You’re good to go when you’d rather have a low-latency wired connection, too, with a USB-C available.

SteelSeries Stratus+

Best PC Controller for Chromebooks

SteelSeries Stratus+

Chromebooks are often overlooked as a gaming device option since Chrome OS is not the best for gaming, but these machines are particularly capable where cloud gaming is concerned. And when you’re ready to get your game on, your perfect partner is the SteelSeries Stratus+ designed for Andriod and Chromebook devices, ensuring fuss-free support. You get a Bluetooth LE connection to enjoy 90 hours of wireless play on each charge or a USB-C for a wired option.

This upgraded version of SteelSeries Stratus Duo offers a familiar layout blending the stylings of Xbox controllers and Sony’s DualShock, so you’ll quickly get the hang of the Stratus+. The Hall effect magnetic sensors provide a great feel on the triggers to ensure precision and consistency, giving you an advantage in shooters, while the ALPS thumbsticks offer maximum control. And perhaps best of all, you can snag it for only $60, but it’s often on sale for less.

8Bitdo Pro 2

Best PC Controller for Retro Game

8Bitdo Pro 2

Get a retro aesthetic and modern sensibility on this controller that has customizable profiles that you can swap on the fly.

With retro looks and modern functionality, the 8BitDo Pro 2 is an awesome option for playing classic games on PC — and new games, too. The face of the 8BitDo Pro 2 gives you the sense of using a classic SNES controller, but the experience should be exponentially better thanks to a modern ergonomic design, quality buttons, and vibration. It also supports a range of platforms and can connect to your PC over a wired USB-C or Bluetooth for 20 hours.

On the 8BitDo Pro 2, you’ll find standard Nintendo-style controls, though you can remap the buttons to match in-game controls. Meanwhile, you get PlayStation-style symmetrical analog sticks and two back paddles that let you keep your thumbs on the sticks. Customization also allows you to do any necessary button remapping, swap sticks behavior and axes, or adjust the trigger actuation depth, and there are even motion controls.

Switch Pro Controller

Let’s a Go with Nintendo’s Controller

Switch Pro Controller

  • See it on Newegg

The Switch Pro Controller is one of the best controllers out there, and you can bring that greatness to the PC. It’s ergonomically designed and ready to rest comfortably in your hand for hours, while the layout is similar to that of Xbox controllers, so it’s easy to get the hang of playing on it. You get big face buttons, tactile triggers and joysticks, and a D-pad for some retro gaming, and all these components are super responsive, making it a great alternative to the Xbox Core controller.

The Switch Pro easily connects to your PC via a wired connection, but going wireless requires jumping through a few hoops. The good news is once you’ve paired it over Bluetooth, Steam will automatically recognize it as an Xbox One controller with all the button mapping done for you. However, if you’re playing games outside of Steam, you’ll need the 8BitDo Wireless USB Adapter to make the Switch Pro Controller act like an Xbox One gamepad.

Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma

Best RGB PC Controller

Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma

  • See it on Best Buy

The Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma is a slick wired controller with exceptional capabilities, and you can take advantage of that consistent power supply. That’s because this gamepad offers Razer’s signature RGB lighting subtly along the edge of the gamepad, letting you add some flair to your gameplay without becoming overly distracting. Those lights can even respond to information coming in from certain games, or you have plenty of other effects to really express yourself.

RGB lighting aside, the Wolverine V2 Chroma is one beast of a gamepad, featuring Razer’s mecha-tactile switches for the action buttons and D-Pad, so you won’t get a squishy feel from the controls. The responsive sticks come with swappable caps, while four buttons on the underside, a pair of extra shoulder buttons, and hair-trigger locks provide ample flexibility in how you play. And the controller is built for Xbox, so most will appreciate its familiar layout.

Hori Fighting Stick Alpha

Best PC Fight Stick

Hori Fighting Stick Alpha

The Xbox layout of this option, which has eight well-spaced buttons and a sensitive joystick that can be modded out, makes it ideal for Xbox or PC.

If you play a good deal of arcade or fighting games, you’ve got a case to pick up a fight stick for their large precise joystick and quickly actuating buttons. And for PC, the Hori Fighting Stick Alpha is a standout option, offering all the same buttons as an Xbox controller and a simple wired connection. If you’re worried about cable clutter from your PC to its components, the fight stick even lets you connect a gaming headset with controls on board to mute your mic and turn audio on.

The Hori Fighting Stick Alpha is also ready to take to tournaments without the worry of accidentally getting disqualified, thanks to a Key Lock mode. Modders also get a lot from this stick, as the case and faceplate can both be easily opened to swap out components or artwork. Of course, if you don’t want to mod, you’ll enjoy the high-quality Hori Hayabusa eight-direction joystick, eight well-spaced buttons, and top-notch switches and levers that come stock.

Gran Turismo DD Pro

Best PC Racing Wheel

Gran Turismo DD Pro

PCs are the place to experience simulation racing games, letting play some very serious—and sometimes seriously obscure—racing games, and you can also connect multiple displays and ultrawide screens. For an even more immersive experience, you need a racing wheel, and Fanatec’s Gran Turismo DD Pro is what professional racers and enthusiast sim racers use. As the name might suggest, the direct drive wheels connect a large motor directly to the steering wheel for much better control and force feedback.

If you’re looking for performance, the Gran Turismo DD Pro delivers, giving you a whopping 5Nm of torque from the Gran Turismo DD Pro, but it can go up to 8Nm with the separate 180 Boost Kit. You’re bound to feel the pull of every turn and the shock of every bump, making your wrists hurt after a short circuit. The wheel features an easy-to-use interface with familiar controls, unique 5-way directional sticks, and RevLED, while a steel two-pedal set completes this epic PC racing wheel.

Where to Get the Best PC Controller in the UK

It is unsurprising that the Xbox controller tops the list here, but you’ve actually got a couple of options depending on whether your laptop or PC is Bluetooth enabled. If you’ve got Bluetooth to use, you won’t need the PC adapter USB, and can simply pick up an Xbox One controller, or even a PlayStation DualShock 4 to avoid the extra cost. But, if you want to consider all your options, here are the best PC controllers available in the UK. Don’t see the controllers below? Click here.


Xbox Core Controller

Best PC Controller


Enhanced Wired Controller

Best Budget PC Controller


F310 Gamepad (Blue)

Best Budget PC Controller


PlayStation 5 DualSense Wireless Controller

Best Bluetooth PC Controller


Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

Best High-End PC Controller


Wolverine Ultimate

Best PC Controller for FPS Games


Stratus Duo

Ready to Go Out of the Box


Sn30 Pro

Best PC Controller for Retro Games


Switch Pro Controller

Let’s a Go with Nintendo’s Controller


Spectra Enhanced

Best RGB Controller


Fighting Stick Alpha

Best PC Fight Stick


TS-PC Racer

Best PC Racing Wheel

Best PC Controller FAQ

Can You Use Console Controllers on PC?

The short answer to this question is yes. Most of the best PC controllers are just console controllers that you connect you your PC. Figuring out how to connect them to your computer is where it starts to get a little tricky. Take a look at our guides to connecting a PS5 controller to PC and pairing an Xbox controller to PC for help getting started.

Are Controllers Better Than a Mouse and Keyboard for PC Gaming?

In short, not necessarily. While playing PC games with a controller might seem sacrilege against everything that is right in the church of keyboard and mouse, you shouldn’t care about what other people think about the way you play PC games.

After all, PC gaming is just as much about playing games that their best possible quality, experience games at ultrawide and super-wide aspect ratios unobtainable on the consoles, or just having the highest, silkiest frame rate possible.

How you get to play that experience is up to you, and if you’re like us, sometimes you rather just sit back with a controller than constantly lean over your desk’s keyboard and mouse. This can be especially true if you happen to be playing games on a big-screen gaming TV on your couch. While there are lapboards to bring the true PC gaming experience to your living room, controllers are great for keeping things casual and comfortable.

How to Choose the Best PC Controller

Choosing the best PC controller is a lot like choosing the best console controller for you. It all depends on preference. If you like the configuration of Xbox controllers over the best PS5 controllers, then you’re going to want to a classic Xbox controller. If you’re looking for something more customizable, you’ll want to go with a custom controller like the Xbox Elite Series. And, if you just really like the feel of the Switch Pro controller, you can go with that too. There are plenty of options available!

Can You Use a PC Controller on a Steam Deck?

Though the Steam Deck comes with its own set of full-size buttons, rear paddles, and analog sticks, there’s still a case to be made for using a PC controller, such as if the device is hooked up to a gaming monitor or you’re taking advantage of multiplayer mode. Luckily, the gaming handheld supports a variety of controllers and makes them simple to pair.

The Steam Deck offers Bluetooth, so almost any controller with that connectivity option should work well with the device. Most Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo controllers are even automatically recognized by Steam, and on PlayStation controllers, the user interface on Steam defaults to match the PlayStation controls. You don’t need to worry about this with Xbox controllers, as they have the same button arrangement as the Steam Deck. It’s also possible to have a wired controller connected to the Steam Deck via a USB-C. So, maybe a controller should be the next Steam Deck accessory you pick up.

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Turtle Beach Recon Controller Review

By Michelle Rae Uy

Posted: Jan 18, 2022 4:00 pm

Why go for a third-party controller when Xbox already has several excellent options on hand? Turtle Beach has set out to make a case for non-Xbox-branded controllers, veering slightly away from its usual gaming headset offerings to give us the Recon Controller. Well-constructed and great performing, this gamepad sets itself apart with useful extras like audio enhancement, button remapping, and cooling grips, all for the same price as the Xbox Wireless Controller. Like with everything else, it comes with a small list of drawbacks: there’s a bit of a learning curve to use some of its features, and it doesn’t offer a wireless connection. But considering the features and performance it brings to the table, it’s a compelling rival to what Xbox has on offer.

Turtle Beach Recon Controller – Photos

Turtle Beach Recon Controller – Design and Features

The Turtle Beach Recon Controller has a similar layout to the standard Xbox Wireless Controller. Still, it’s distinguishable enough thanks to a few distinct additions to its design. Above the Xbox button is a small section crammed with controls for fine tuning. Here, you’ll find the buttons for volume, Mode, Select, mic mute, chat volume, and Superhuman Hearing, as well as icons that light up to indicate the current “Mode” or feature that’s toggled on. On the backside, there are two ribbed Quick-Action buttons that are mappable – although they aren’t mapped to anything by default.

Finally, both its grips are lined with textured, rubberized pads to not only improve your grippage but also keep your hands cool. These may seem gimmicky, but in practice they actually seem to do as intended. Even in the most intense gaming moments, my hands have managed to stay cool and less clammy.

While we’re on the topic, the Recon Controller feels like it’s made of durable, high-quality plastic that is solid enough to take a beating. Its buttons feel just as sturdy. At 7.09 x 7.2 x 2.87 inches, it is, however, noticeably bigger than the original Xbox Series X and Xbox One controllers. It’s also a tad heavier at 300 grams. Unfortunately, those do add to its bulk, perhaps making it less comfortable in smaller hands.

It’s compatible with Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 PCs, thanks in part to its USB-A connectivity. Sadly though, despite the fact that its 10-foot braided cable is detachable, it doesn’t offer wireless connectivity – something that the Xbox Wireless Controller does offer. At least the fact that it’s detachable means that if something happens to the cord, you wouldn’t have to replace the whole unit.

Finally, a quick mention of the 3.5mm jack is necessary. Not only does it allow you to use any analog headset with the Recon – alongside their built-in mic – but it also allows you to utilize the controller’s marquee audio features.

Turtle Beach Recon Controller – Software

One thing the Recon Controller is missing is an app for customizations. It does have support for the Turtle Beach Control Center App for Xbox and PC, but it’s only for product firmware updates.

That said, the unit does have on-the-fly button mapping for the two Quick-Action buttons underneath. The Recon Controller comes with four preset profiles, all of which are configurable. To do so, you first need to select the profile you want, then hold down the Select button for two seconds followed by the button you want to remap. It’s a simple enough process, but worth noting that it took me a few tries to get right.

Turtle Beach Recon Controller – Gaming

The Turtle Beach Recon Controller delivers great performance without any discernible lag. The triggers, bumpers, and A/B/X/Y buttons have a bit of resistance to them, which might make you feel like you have to press harder for a response. There’s no need for that, as the buttons are so responsive that a light touch will get immediate in-game action. Meanwhile, the thumbsticks and D-pad feel very smooth.

In Far Cry 5, I found the controller to be incredibly fast at reacting to my presses. Even when I was under heavy fire and frantically shooting at people, it performed accurately and more than kept up with me.

Like most modern controllers, the Recon Controller boasts great vibration feedback. Turtle Beach advertises that its dual rumble motors deliver “ultra-realistic next-gen gameplay.” However, it doesn’t seem to be better or worse than the competition, and essentially just works as advertised.

What sets the Recon controller apart more than anything else is its customization settings. Not only can you control the audio and mic volume of any attached headset, but you also have four customizable “modes”, as well as Turtle Beach’s “Superhuman Hearing” feature on hand.

The Superhuman Hearing setting disables the EQ and boosts the frequency range where footsteps, bullets, and a lot of directional audio sit. This means that it’s designed for games like Call of Duty where you often find yourself being rushed at from all directions by enemies. Testing with Shadow of the Tomb Raider, I found this to be a nifty feature to have – useful for emphasizing where all the individual elements are coming from via audio.

The feature can be a double-edged sword, however, as in my experience it often results in worse-sounding audio. While exploring a tomb in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, it did make the area feel more immersive in the sense that I could tell where every sound was coming from – but at the expense of sound quality.

As far as the settings you can customize, there are four: Mic Volume, EQ, the aforementioned Button Mapping, and Pro Aim Focus Mode.

The Mic volume setting, which is essentially the Sidetone volume, lets you cycle through four volume settings and Off. The EQ setting, on the other hand, has four presets: Signature Sound (Default), Bass Boost, Bass & Treble Boost, and Vocal Boost, each one very noticeably different from the others. Out of all the different audio enhancements this controller comes with, I find these EQ presets to be the most useful.

Last is the Pro Aim Focus Mode, which is probably the most confusing feature on the Recon. It’s plenty useful, however, letting you adjust the right stick’s sensitivity, which in turn fine-tunes your gaming experience. There are five presets on hand – off, low, medium, high, and max. It works similarly to a DPI sniper button on a mouse where movement is slowed down for increased accuracy when shooting at faraway targets.

The only thing is that Turtle Beach isn’t exactly clear which button you press to toggle this setting. Apparently, you hold the right Quick-Action button while using the right stick to do so, which is easy enough. If only I didn’t have to research it myself.

Luckily, it works as intended. In Cyberpunk 2077, it allowed me to have much more control over my sniper shots, and it was a big enough difference for me to have a marked improvement in my shooting abilities.


The Turtle Beach Recon Controller is a feature-packed wired gamepad with top-notch performance and build quality. The lack of wireless connectivity might turn some people away, but its customizability options, especially in the audio department, more than makes up for it. Button remapping, right stick sensitivity adjustment, and cooling grips are more than worth a mention as well. Considering its robust build and gaming performance, it’s impressive it costs only as much as a regular Xbox controller.

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In This Article

Turtle Beach Recon Controller

Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach Recon Controller Review


The Turtle Beach Recon Controller’s robust build quality and feature set make it a compelling wired alternative to the traditional Xbox gamepad.

Michelle Rae Uy

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How to connect a gamepad to a PC



October 17, 2021

There are several ways for different situations.

What you need to know

About input standards

Modern gamepads work on computers through the XInput API, which Microsoft developed to support Xbox controllers on Windows. Third-party gamepads also work through it. Prior to the introduction of the Xbox 360 in late 2005, the DirectInput standard was also in use. Now it is used only in some games that support specific controllers such as joysticks, steering wheels and steering wheels for simulators.

These standards are not interchangeable. They differ in that XInput has a fixed button assignment, as in the consoles from Xbox consoles, and DirectInput allows you to change and reassign the functions of any key.

About compatibility in games

Almost all modern games since 2006 use the XInput standard. DirectInput is found only in simulators. API support depends on the specific game: if the developers have not implemented it, a gamepad of an incompatible standard will not work (although it can still be used, more on that below).

Depending on the model and manufacturer, game controllers may support XInput or DirectInput. Some gamepads are compatible with both standards – you can change the mode of operation in them using a special switch or by holding down a certain key combination.

There are special programs that allow you to turn a DirectInput device into an XInput, as well as simulate keystrokes on the keyboard using the gamepad buttons. In the latter case, you can play on the controller even in those games that do not natively support it.

How to connect a compatible gamepad to a PC via USB

With wired controllers, everything is extremely simple. They have maximum compatibility and are almost guaranteed to work on Windows, macOS and Linux. All operating systems have support for universal manipulators and built-in drivers. The same is true for connecting wireless devices via cable. However, with this method, some of their additional functions may not be available.

  1. Connect the controller to the PC by plugging the end of the cable into one of the USB ports. Preferably directly, without the use of hubs and extension cords.
  2. Please wait a moment while the device is recognized by the system and configured. On Windows, appropriate notifications will be displayed at this time. On macOS and Linux, there are usually no messages, and the gamepad just starts working.
  3. Launch the game and make sure everything is connected.

How to connect a compatible gamepad to a PC via Bluetooth

There are some nuances with wireless gamepads. For everything to work, the controller must first of all be compatible with the OS. Next, you will need a wireless adapter from the kit to connect. In the case of a direct connection via Bluetooth, this communication protocol is supported by the computer itself – using a built-in module or an external USB adapter.

Frame: JackyFox / YouTube

  1. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on the PC.
  2. Activate the discovery mode on the controller using the button combination indicated in the instructions. For example, for the DualShock 4 from PlayStation 4, you need to hold Share and PS until the indicator light starts flashing.
  3. Open the Bluetooth settings on your computer. In Windows, go to the Start menu, click on the gear, select Devices → Bluetooth and other devices and then Add Bluetooth or another device. On macOS, go to Settings → Bluetooth. On Linux, click on the Bluetooth icon on the taskbar, and then on the item “Add a new device …”.
  4. When the PC detects the gamepad, click on it in the device list, select “Add” or “Connect” and wait for the pairing to complete.

How to connect an incompatible gamepad to a PC using third-party programs

If your gamepad only supports DirectInput and the game simply does not see it, TocaEdit X360 Controller Emulator, or x360ce for short, will help. She is able to replace input commands from DirectInput to XInput and will turn any controller into a compatible one.

x360ce works in almost automatic mode and independently recognizes and reassigns buttons. Just connect the gamepad and follow the prompts.

Download TocaEdit X360 Controller Emulator →

If the gamepad is not supported in the game at all, it can still be made to work using the free utilities Enjoyable, InputMapper and AntiMicro, which will simulate keystrokes on the keyboard and mouse movements using the game controller.

Depending on the application, the interface is slightly different, but they all work on the same principle. After connecting the gamepad, you need to select it in the list of devices, and then go through all the buttons and assign to them those keys that are used to control the game.

  • Download Enjoyable for macOS →
  • Download InputMapper for Windows →
  • Download AntiMicro for Linux →

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Top 15 most interesting games for two on PC with gamepads

New Year’s holidays are a great time to invite a friend over, connect your gamepads to your computer and get into something fun and competitive. Or turn on the garland, dim the lights and go through some kind of cooperative adventure with your soulmate. Say yes to games! Say no to loneliness!

Today we have compiled for you a selection of the best PC projects that you can play together, armed with gamepads. Action, racing, platforming, fighting and puzzle games, this list has something for everyone.

  • Developer : Ubisoft Montpellier
  • release date : August 29, 2013
  • Download : EGS 9 0030

A direct sequel to the colorful platformer Rayman Origins, acclaimed by players and critics alike. And also a great opportunity to test your jumping and dodging skills to stylish music.

The main feature of the sequel is the ability to go through all the levels in the company of a friend, controlling not only Rayman, but also his friends. You are waiting for six story chapters, challenging bosses and many additional modes.

Divinity: Original Sin

  • Developer : Larian Studios
  • Release Date : June 30, 2014
  • Download : Steam

Huge (over 60 hours to complete the main story only) role-playing game, tells about the attempt of two magical detectives to save the world. Inside you will find a character editor, an interesting ornate plot, a huge amount of dialogue and a deep system of interaction with the outside world.

Original Sin is also great because you can go on this epic fantasy journey with a friend. In the process, each of your heroes will have a voice and the ability to influence the development of the plot.

Spelunky 2

  • Developer : Mossmouth
  • Steam

A hardcore platformer with roguelike elements and a deceptively cute visual style. Travel through procedurally generated caverns, avoid traps, search for treasures and…inevitably die to start over. A kind of game “Indiana Jones” for masochists.

True, cooperative play can make the game a little easier. So, in the event of the death of one of the players, the partner will always be able to pick him up and help complete the run without loss.


  • Developer : Frozenbyte
  • Release Date : July 3, 2009
  • Download : Steam 900 30

A great cooperative puzzle game built entirely on the interaction of three unique characters. Players will need to choose a character to their liking and fully rely on their partners – you can’t do it alone!

The knight can attack from close range, the thief can attack from a distance, and the wizard can move objects with his magic. By combining these skills, players will need to solve puzzles and progress through colorful levels in an attempt to save the kingdom.

Stardew Valley

  • Developer : Eric Barone
  • Release Date : February 26, 2016
  • Download : Steam 9 0030

The most famous and loved by the players life simulator (after The Sims, of course), allowing you to slowly do housework and make friends with pleasant pixel men. Why go out at all when you can walk around your village in Stardew Valley?

In one of the updates, a cooperative mode was added to the project, which allows you to develop your farm in the company of a friend – most importantly, do not forget to build a house for guests! Streets of Rage 4 : Steam

Colorful co-op scuffle designed for co-op: up to two people on the Web and up to four people at one computer.

Choose unique fighters, stock up on useful upgrades and go to the streets of a metropolis rotten with crime to administer justice!

It Takes Two

  • developer: Hazelight Studios
  • : EGS

A game that, in principle, cannot be run alone. All its passage is designed for co-op and constant interaction of players: from solving puzzles and various mini-games to epic boss battles.

It Takes Two is about a couple who are about to get divorced. Mysterious magic turns them into dolls, and now the heroes need to repair their relationship in order to regain their human form. And for this – to go through several difficult tests and experience an incredible adventure.

A Way Out

  • Developer : Hazelight Studios
  • Release Date: March 23, 2018
  • EA

Another cooperative masterpiece from the authors of It Takes Two. True, here you will not find a bright adventure of magic dolls, but a more severe and realistic story about escaping from prison.

Players will take control of the prisoners who are trying to break free and hide from the authorities. To do this, they will need to join forces and show miracles of ingenuity – just like the players who control them.


  • Developer : Ghost Town Games
  • Release date : August 2, 2016
  • Download : EGS

Funny, cute and totally crazy multi-player cooking simulator. In Overcooked, they have to serve the restaurant, creating dishes from various ingredients.

Every minute you play, new orders will appear faster and dishes will become more complex and inventive. Moreover, the location itself and many additional obstacles will prevent you from achieving your goal: running rats, changing floor levels every 10 seconds, moving furniture, and so on. We’ll have to cooperate, otherwise – dismissal.

Rocket League

  • Developer : Psyonix
  • Release Date : July 7, 2015
  • Download : EGS 90 030

Rocket League is like a crazy mix of football and racing. Here you need to drive a toy car and use it to score a huge ball into the opponent’s goal. Gravity will help in this (cars here jump high and far) and allies, and a team of enemy racers will interfere.

In addition to online matches, you can play Rocket League from one PC. Just connect two gamepads and then the game will do everything for you.


  • Developer : Studio MDHR Entertainment
  • Release Date : September 29, 2017
  • Download : Steam 9 0030

“Cartoon Dark Souls”, as it was dubbed by many players in the days of release. Cuphead is an old-school and challenging platformer that really sucks the juice out of gamers. You have to die here often, and swear at your crooked hands – even more often.

You can complete all Cuphead levels in the company of a true friend. However, be careful – sometimes an ally can only complicate an already difficult game.

Enter the Gungeon

  • Developer : Dodge Roll
  • Release Date : April 5, 2016
  • Download : Steam

Hurricane pixelated roguelike with a huge arsenal of weapons, four (five in co-op) available characters and an abundance of procedurally generated rooms. Run, shoot, dodge, die, and then start all over again.

Thanks to the abundance of content and the built-in randomizer, Enter the Gungeon does not get bored even after hundreds of hours of playthrough. Invite a friend and see for yourself!

Castle Crashers

  • Developer : The Behemoth
  • Release Date : September 26, 2012
  • Download : Steam

A bright, silly and very perky action game about colorful knights who save princesses from the forces evil. Many available characters, unique magical abilities, a simple leveling system and a variety of companion pets – what else do you need for a good evening with friends?

Castle Crashers is fully revealed during the cooperative passage. You can invite up to three other players to the group and show all the villains where the crayfish hibernate.

Super Bunny Man

  • Developer : Catobyte
  • Release Date : September 1, 2017
  • Download : Steam 90 030

Hilarious party game based on comical game model physics. All the characters here move like rag dolls, and controlling them is not only very difficult, but also very fun. Hence the variety of stupid situations during the match, and sports excitement.

You can play Super Bunny Man in co-op, fight your friends in matches, hunt for carrots or play basketball. Nobody limits your imagination here, because the main thing in this game is fun.