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Desk Mount Monitor Arms & Monitor Stands


Make sure your technology follows you—not the other way around—with adjustable monitor desk mounts: Choose a professional-grade monitor stand or monitor arm.

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Monitor Arms vs Monitor Stands

Monitor desk mounts fall into two types: monitor arms and monitor stands. While both offer some of the same benefits, each has unique characteristics. When choosing a desk mount, consider the following:

What is a monitor arm?

A monitor arm suspends a display over your desktop. It utilizes a cantilever design, where interconnected arm sections support a VESA interface. Because of how it moves, a monitor arm requires secure attachment to a surface—it either clamps to the surface’s edge or screws on through a grommet hole.

  • A monitor arm saves space by freeing the entire worksurface
  • It anchors the display, preventing it from ever tipping over
  • It extends and retracts to maintain focal distance as posture changes

What is a monitor stand?

A monitor stand uses a more basic design, with a base and pedestal supporting a VESA interface. It is placed directly on the desktop. Compact construction minimizes its footprint as well as its overall presence in the workspace.

  • A monitor stand is simple to install—just set it on the surface!
  • It allows a display to be easily relocated to another work area
  • It can be a more affordable choice because of its simpler construction

Of course, perhaps the most important benefit is shared by both: ergonomic adjustment. Professional-grade monitor arms and monitor stands can lift, turn and tilt your screen for the best views. This makes computing comfortable while helping prevent or alleviate physical problems like repetitive stress injuries.

Choose HX Triple HX Dual MXV Dual LX Dual Direct LX Side-by-Side LX Stacking
Height Range 11.5″ / 29 cm
11.5″ / 29 cm
13″ / 33 cm
13″ / 33 cm
13″ / 33 cm
13″ / 33 cm
Maximum Extension 24. 5″ / 62 cm 24.5″ / 62 cm 22.2″ / 56 cm 26.5″ / 67 cm 25.6″ / 65 cm 25.6″ / 65 cm
Minimum Profile 6.9″ / 18 cm 6.9″ / 18 cm 4.5″ / 11 cm 5.3″ / 13 cm 3.9″ / 10 cm 3.9″ / 10 cm
Screen Size ≤ 24″ ≤ 32″ ≤ 24″ ≤ 24″ ≤ 27″ ≤ 24″
Monitor Weight 2–10 lbs
.9–4.6 kg
5–17.5 lbs
2.3–7.9 kg
7–20 lbs
3.2–9.1 kg
2–11 lbs
.9–5 kg
7–20 lbs
3.2–9.1 kg
7–20 lbs
3.2–9.1 kg
Warranty 10 years 10 years 10 years 10 years 10 years 10 years
Relative Price $$$$ $$$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$
Notable Feature Outer screens can turn in/out independently Rotation-stop protects back wall Sleek design with rotation-stop control Move both screens simultaneously Independently adjust screens’ position Design enables configuration flexibility


  • CONFIG = Custom configure using separately ordered products: combine a standard HX Arm with a Triple Bow accessory
  • 1T = One-Touch: Provides easy light-touch height adjustment with patented lift technology

Dual-Monitor Desktop Mount Stand for 13″ to 27″ Flat-Screen Displays

Mit dem VESA-kompatiblen DDR1327SDD-Tisch-Montageständer für zwei Flachbildschirme können zwei Flachbildschirme auf einer stabilen Basis montiert werden, sodass Sie wertvollen Arbeitsbereich auf Ihrem Schreibtisch, Tisch oder Ihrer Workstation freigeben können. Der DDR1327SDD wird für Heim-oder Büroanwendungen empfohlen und eignet sich für die meisten Flachbildschirme von 13 bis 27 Zoll.

Positionieren Sie Ihre Monitore mit der Einfachheit einer Berührung zur Optimierung des Betrachtungswinkels und der Höhe, um sich Ihrer Umgebung und Ihrem Komfort anzupassen. Eine 180° Schwenk- und -45° bis +45°-Neigungsfunktion minimiert die Blendung und bietet eine komfortable Sicht aus mehreren Winkeln. Mit einer 360°-Drehung können Sie Ihre Monitore im Hoch- oder Querformat anzeigen.

Jede VESA-Halterung trägt bis zu 11,8 kg. Der robuste Stahlrahmen mit kratzfester Pulverbeschichtung verträgt häufige Bedienung und passt sich jedem Dekor an. Montagematerial ist im Lieferumfang enthalten. Entspricht VESA-kompatiblen Displays mit einem der folgenden Montagelochmuster: 75 x 75 mm, 75 x 100 mm, 100 x 75 mm und 100 x 100 mm.


UPC-Code 037332203397
Gerätekompatibilität Monitor/HDTV


Farbe Schwarz
Werkstoff Stahl
VESA-Muster (mm)   100×100; 100×75; 75×100; 75×75
Bewegung Voll
Montageort Desktop
Bewegungsgrade -45/+45 Neigung; 180 Schwenkung; 360 Drehung
Minimale Bildschirmgröße (cm) 33. 02
Maximale Bildschirmgröße (cm) 68.58
Maximale Gewichtskapazität (kg) 12
Anzahl der Bildschirme 2
Versandmaße (HBT / cm) 32.59 x 46.00 x 13.21
Versandgewicht (kg) 5.79
Abmessungen der Einheit (HBT / cm) 46.0 x 80.5 x 25.4
Gewicht der Einheit (kg) 4.79
Montage erforderlich Ja


Antimikrobiell   Nein
Kabelführung Ja
Werkzeuge erforderlich Ja
Sicherheitssperre Nein
Höhenverstellbar Nein
Outdoor Use Nein


Product Compliance RoHS; RoHS3; REICHWEITE


Produktgarantiezeitraum (weltweit) 5 Jahre eingeschränkte Garantie

Monitor arm “K-501″, 15″-32”, desktop

  • ru/image/cache/catalog/K501-500×500.jpg” data-src=”×800.jpg”>

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Tabletop tilt/swivel bracket
REMO K-501 is designed for TVs and monitors with a diagonal of 15
up to 32 inches. Maximum load up to 8 kg.

Suitable for all LCD/LED TVs and monitors with FDMI VESA 75*75 and 100*100 mounting system.

tilt monitor/TV up to +/-20°, which is securely fixed
special adjustment screw. Due to the angle of inclination, you can
be in a comfortable viewing position.

bracket consists in the presence of two hinged mechanisms that allow
move your TV or PC monitor in small spaces
(pull out or, conversely, push against the wall), saving your working
space. It can turn right / left, tilt up / down.
Special bracket design allows you to rotate your TV/monitor
around its axis (portrait/landscape). Monitor installation
on the bracket allows you to completely free your desktop for important
things and papers.

The kit contains all the necessary elements for installation, namely: bolts,
screws, table mounting kit for various TV models and
monitors, a set of keys. You can easily mount the bracket with
with detailed instructions.



Maximum load, kg

Maximum VESA mount size, mm

Packed weight, kg

Minimum VESA mount size, mm

Polymer powder

Recommended TV diagonal, maximum, inches

Coating color

Packed dimensions mm

Weight, kg


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The most interesting in the reviews

Not every user can boast a perfect desktop, clean and free of clutter. As a rule, the desktop is lined with many paper trays, binders and other stationery. This reduces work space and causes stress, as looking at chaos and unfinished tasks increases cortisol levels. Cluttered environment subconsciously strains. Conversely, a well-organized desk increases productivity, efficiency, and helps reduce stress levels.

A good way to organize your workspace is to use Arctic monitor arms. They can be easily installed on the table and quickly adjusted. When using multiple screens, the increased space is a huge advantage as monitors replace paper trays. Thanks to the integrated cable management system, wires can be hidden, prevented from tangling, and end up with a table that looks completely empty. Some monitors have a built-in USB hub that makes it easy to connect external devices such as external drives, smartphones, or USB fans.

Most of us spend a lot of time at the computer every day. This does not have the best effect on posture, which leads to problems with the neck and back pain.

These health problems can be solved with a monitor arm that can be used to position the screen in the correct ergonomic position for working on a computer. Adjust the monitor height so that the top of the screen is at or slightly below eye level for the perfect viewing angle and to prevent unhealthy sitting posture. With the ergonomically correct display position, neck strain is a thing of the past.

The right Arctic Monitor Arm allows you to mount your monitor screen just the way you want it. It can be rotated, tilted, or rotated until you find the perfect, most comfortable position for customization. For the best position, while sitting at your computer, align the top of the screen approximately 2-3 inches (5. 1-7.6 cm) above eye level, positioning it at arm’s length. The distance between the eyes and the screen must be at least 18–24” (46–61 cm). This will help keep your neck and back relaxed.

In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to a healthy working environment, which is becoming increasingly important not only for employees, but also for employers in terms of preventive health care. The way you sit at your computer at work has a huge impact on your physical condition and health.

In a number of countries, employers are required to ensure that their computer workspaces meet numerous requirements under regulations. These requirements include not only the need to provide a clear, flicker-free image, but also the ability to properly adjust the monitor arm. Several health studies show that ergonomic furniture increases worker productivity, so investing in an ergonomic workplace is an investment for the future.

There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a monitor arm. First of all, you need to pay attention to the quality of the product, value for money, functionality (cable management, USB hubs), as well as its compatibility with the VESA standard. You should also keep in mind the possibility of upgrading the bracket to install additional screens or a laptop holder. But that’s not all: today’s product range ranges from a simple holder to 2- and 3-monitor mounts with extensions and wall mounts for different screen sizes. You can choose any bracket according to your needs.

The trend in office equipment is changing from the classic single monitor to multi-screen workstations. For those who use multiple monitors in their workspace, the right bracket is essential to provide more installation flexibility and customization.

According to a study by the Fraunhofer Society, when working with additional screens, employee productivity increases by 35.5%. Whether you’re a web designer, graphic artist, computer programmer, shopper or general consumer, one thing is certain: you definitely benefit from additional monitors, especially when the screens are at eye level.