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T-Mobile Tuesdays – Get Free Stuff & Great Deals

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Awesome perks available every week.

10% cash back at participating restaurants every Tuesday.

5% cash back every other day. Linked card required in T-Mobile Dining Rewards account.

Free Crazy Combo® with pizza purchase.

$0.10 off fuel/gallon from Shell.

Up to 20 gallons.


Enter for a chance to win epic prizes every week.

Your perks. Your app.

What is T-Mobile Tuesdays?

T-Mobile Tuesdays is an app that thanks customers on qualifying plans with free stuff, amazing offers and epic prizes. Open the T-Mobile Tuesdays app every Tuesday to see all the thankings available every week—just for being a customer. See terms and conditions for more information.

What kind of stuff is in T-Mobile Tuesdays?

Since T-Mobile Tuesdays launched in 2016, our customers have snagged over 450 million fun free offers and deals from their favorite brands like, Dunkin’, Redbox, Taco Bell, Atom Tickets, Live Nation, Shell, and more—just for being with T-Mobile.

How does T-Mobile Tuesdays work?

Just follow three easy steps:

  1. Download the T-Mobile Tuesdays app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  2. Sign Up with your T-Mobile or Sprint phone number.
  3. Check out the app every Tuesday to claim your deals. That’s it!

Who can participate in T-Mobile Tuesdays?

Any T-Mobile, Metro by T-Mobile, or Sprint customer on a qualifying branded monthly rate plan can participate. Qualifying rate plans include most consumer and business monthly plans that include voice and data. Every qualifying line can participate if considered to be in “active status.” To be eligible, customers must be at least 18 years old or legal age in their jurisdiction, and minors need to be at least 16 years of age with parental consent. Simply download the T-Mobile Tuesdays app, log in, and start receiving thankings each week. Phone lines designated as “Kids’ Lines,” Government accounts, payday/paygo plans, select data-only plans, plans without data and T-Mobile Connect plans are not eligible.

Can Sprint and Metro by T-Mobile customers participate in T-Mobile Tuesdays?

Yes, Sprint and Metro by T-Mobile customers on qualifying plans can get in on the thankings! Open the T-Mobile Tuesdays app every week to see all the great deals available. See terms and conditions for more information.

How does T-Mobile Tuesdays work?

Only T-Mobile or Sprint customers on qualifying plans are eligible to receive great deals and free stuff every Tuesday in the T-Mobile Tuesdays app. But non-customers can enter for a chance to win our occasional sweepstakes contests. During the entry period, typically beginning Tuesday at 5 a.m. ET, any non-customer who is eligible can visit and follow the instructions to register and enter for a chance to win prizes from T-Mobile and our select partners.

Can T-Mobile for Business customers participate in T-Mobile Tuesdays?

Yes, T-Mobile for Business customers can participate, unless they’re on service plans paid for by government entities or agencies.

Can I manage my account in the T-Mobile Tuesdays app?

No, you can’t manage your account in the T-Mobile Tuesdays app. But, you can pay your bill, check usage, and more via the T-Mobile app. Check it out here.

Can Home Internet and Small Business Internet customers also participate in T-Mobile Tuesdays?

Yes, Home and Small Business Internet customers are eligible for T-Mobile Tuesdays. Follow these directions for more info.

Free Phone Online Deal When You Switch to a T-Mobile Plan

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  • Deals
  • Zero Down Purchase
  • Zero Down Leasing

Buy or lease a new phone with little to zero down

Lease the latest cell phones as low as $0 down.

Choose from select top brands and get as low as $0 down no matter your credit score, when you join T-Mobile and lease an eligible device. See this deal.


Credit check, deposit, and $35 device connection charge due at sale. Limit on amount financed per account may apply. If you cancel wireless service, remaining balance becomes due.

Get started your way.

Get it done online.

Reach us by phone.

Visit a store.

Here’s how it works when your lease is up. 

Upgrade to a new device

Visit a T-Mobile store to check out our wide selection of devices.

Qualifying credit and service required. You must trade-in eligible device in good condition at participating T-Mobile store and upgrade to eligible device on lease; allow 30 days between upgrades. Participating stores & select devices.

Pay it off in 9 payments.

Purchase your device.

Turn in your device.

Take advantage of limited time, top deals on popular devices.

Take the next step. 

Find the perfect plan.

Discover the largest nationwide 5G network.

While 5G access won’t require a certain plan or feature, some uses/services might. See Coverage details, Terms and Conditions, and Open Internet information for network management details (like video optimization).

What do I need to know about the free smartphone promo?

Starting October 15, 2021, for a limited time, well-qualified customers can get a FREE Samsung Galaxy A32 5G, T-Mobile REVVL V+ 5G, OnePlus Nord N200 5G, OnePlus Nord N10 5G, Motorola one 5G ace, Motorola moto g play, or Motorola moto g pure via 24 monthly bill credits OR get $300 off a T-Mobile REVVL 5G via 24 monthly bill credits when you purchase on a monthly payment plan and activate a new voice line on ANY plan. Starting January 28, 2022, the Samsung Galaxy A13 5G will be eligible for this promotion.

Which rate plans qualify for this offer? 

All Postpaid Voice Rate plans are eligible including: Magenta, Magenta MAX, Magenta Plus, Essentials, Essentials Unlimited 55, Magenta Unlimited 55, Magenta Plus Unlimited 55, Magenta MAX Unlimited 55, Magenta First Responders, Magenta Plus First Responders, Magenta MAX First Responders, Magenta Military, Magenta Plus Military, Magenta MAX Military, ONE, ONE Plus, Simple Choice, Select Choice, Business Unlimited, Value Essentials, Sprint Unlimited, Sprint MAX, and Sprint ONE rate plans

Is there a limit to how many times I may take advantage of this promo? 

You may get up to 12 discounted devices, one per new line activation.

I purchased an eligible phone before you started this promotion. Am I eligible? 

This limited-time offer is valid only for purchases made starting October 15, 2021. The Samsung Galaxy A13 5G is eligible starting January 25, 2022.

I recently canceled a line on my account. Am I eligible for this promotion? 

No. If you recently cancelled a line within 90 days, you are not eligible for this promotion. However, you can restore a recently cancelled line and add an additional line to participate.

How do I get the free smartphone promo? 

To get a Samsung Galaxy A32 5G, A13 5G, T-Mobile REVVL V+ 5G, OnePlus Nord N200 5G, OnePlus Nord N10 5G, Motorola one 5G ace, Motorola moto g play, or Motorola moto g pure free or $300 off a T-Mobile REVVL 5G via monthly bill credits you must:

  • Activate a new voice line on a qualifying voice rate plan to be used with the new device.
    • All Postpaid Voice Rate plans are eligible including: Magenta, Magenta MAX, Magenta Plus, Essentials, Essentials Unlimited 55, Magenta Unlimited 55, Magenta Plus Unlimited 55, Magenta MAX Unlimited 55, Magenta First Responders, Magenta Plus First Responders, Magenta MAX First Responders, Magenta Military, Magenta Plus Military, Magenta MAX Military, ONE, ONE Plus, Simple Choice, Select Choice, Business Unlimited, Value Essentials, Sprint Unlimited, Sprint MAX, and Sprint ONE rate plans
  • Purchase the device through our 24-month Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) on your newly activated line.
  • Pay any required down payment and applicable taxes on the pre-credit device price at time of purchase.
  • Remain active and in good standing on a voice rate plan.

Contact us before canceling service to continue remaining bill credits; or credits stop & balance on required finance agreement is due (e. g., OnePlus Nord N10 5G – $299.99)

When will I receive my bill credits? 

Once your account is verified you will start to see a monthly bill credit, typically by your second bill cycle.

If the device I ordered is on backorder, do I still qualify for this promotion? 

If the device you want is available for backorder, you meet all the offer criteria and you order the device within the promotional window, you will qualify for the offer.

I’m a T-Mobile for Business customer. Is there a limit to how many times I can take advantage of this promo?

You may get up to 12 discounted devices, one per new line activation.

May I combine this offer with Carrier Freedom? 

No, this offer cannot be combined with Carrier Freedom. However, you may save more with Carrier Freedom instead. Talk to us to find out what works best for you. Learn more about Carrier Freedom.

Mobile phone contracts – tips for clients

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Before buying a mobile phone

Familiarize yourself with these terms:

  • service provider: a company that connects your mobile phone to the network so that you can call and send e-mail messages
  • Premium SMS: Text messages used for services such as voting in reality shows, contests, and content subscriptions. If you choose to send or reply to premium SMS, you may end up signing up for a very expensive service. And it can be hard to cancel without paying extra
  • international roaming: use your mobile phone abroad to make or receive calls. This can be costly. Make sure you read the terms of the contract and know how much you will end up paying for this service
  • 32GB/16GB: These numbers are usually listed in the plan description and refer to the amount of storage on your mobile phone, not the amount of data you can download.


  • how many calls you are likely to make and how many text messages to send
  • how much data you need. For example, if you frequently check email or surf the web, you might want a plan with higher monthly downloads – typically 1 GB or 2 GB per month. For more information about the use of data, please visit the website of the service provider
  • how long do you want to stay on the contract. Contracts can vary from 12 to 36 months. If you’re not happy with signing a contract, try prepaid services first. After the prepaid card runs out, you can choose to stay on that network or choose a different one.


  • do your research and compare prices, terms, and plans from different carriers
  • receive information about services and prices in writing
  • figure out what payments you will have to make if you change or terminate the contract, or if your phone is broken, lost or stolen
  • read the warranty documents to find out what is and is not covered by the warranty
  • figure out how much you will pay if you use your phone abroad.

Look for:

  • a mobile phone that is easy to use
  • a plan you can afford
  • service provider that has good network coverage in your area.


  • often you have to pay more to terminate the contract before it ends
  • Additional charges apply for some services – voicemail, call forwarding, premium SMS, internet usage, software purchases and international roaming
  • visit your service provider’s website or shop to make sure you get network coverage in the areas where you use your
  • mobile phone

  • There may be additional charges for exceeding the call or data download limit.

Mobile Phone Warranty

  • Keep receipts and contracts as proof of your purchase.
  • Retailers and service providers are not required to provide a replacement phone during warranty repairs. However, some of them do so according to their own internal rules.
  • Depending on your contract terms, you may have to continue paying your monthly bill while your phone is being repaired. For more warranty information, please visit our Warranty section.
  • You also have rights under the Australian Consumer Law. If your cell phone stops working, you may be eligible to apply for a refund or replacement. See our Returns, Repairs and Replacements page for more information.

Before signing a mobile phone contract

  • Always read the contract – don’t just rely on what the seller tells you. The mobile phone contract is legally binding. It is usually difficult and expensive to reverse.
  • Be aware of hidden costs and unfair contract terms. For more information, visit our Mobile Phone Suppliers – Unfair Contract Terms page.
  • Never sign a contract you don’t understand – ask someone who understands the contract to explain it to you.
  • Check what your monthly bill will be, plus any additional charges. Make sure you can afford it for the duration of the contract.
  • If you buy a phone and connection from a retail store, you may be entering into two different contracts – one with the retail store for the phone and one with the service provider for the network connection. This means that the retail store will be able to help you if something happens to the phone, but not in case of any network connection problems.
  • Think carefully before acting as a guarantor under a contract for a person under 18 – you will have to pay for their bills if they cannot do it themselves.
  • Learn more about your rights and how to exercise them on our Contracts page.

After signing the contract on mobile phone

  • Keep a copy of the contract in a safe place so that you can refer to it later if needed.
  • Let your service provider know if your situation changes – for example, if your mobile phone is lost or stolen, or if you cannot afford to pay your bills.

How to better control your mobile phone bills

  • Check your data traffic regularly to avoid big bills.
  • Be aware of what your bill should be, and if you see any unusual charges, contact your service provider for clarification.
  • If you need help with budgeting or calculating mobile phone bills, contact the National Debt Helpline.
  • Pay your bills on time or you will have to pay a late fee.

If there is a conflict

  • Contact the store where you bought the phone or your service provider. Additional information on conflict resolution can be found here – Resolve a dispute page.
  • If you are unable to resolve an account or network connection conflict with your service provider, you can contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman for assistance.

Related information

  • Mobile phone providers – unfair contract terms
  • Helping students be mobile savvy – Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) website

Last updated: 9 October 2018


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Kcell: communication to the maximum – news

Mobile operator Kcell was the first in the market of Kazakhstan to launch
sale of contract
phones. In the current year
earned and online store
with full
cycle of registration of contract mobile devices. According to the head of strategic development and
support of sales channels of Kcell JSC Kirill Ivashev, this gave a significant
growth in sales. How much do customers of Kcell online stores today
sophisticated in their desires and how the company uses insights from customers, experts
from Kcell told the correspondent of the business information center.

– Kirill, the format itself
sales of mobile devices under a contract in Kcell stores primarily means profit and convenience. Otherwise, it simply would not make sense to run this service.
Do you follow this principle?

– Yes, the principle of maximum optimization of customer costs
and improving their experience when purchasing mobile devices through our online and offline stores is key. The format for selling a smartphone with a contract involves
linking the tool with the company’s service. Firstly, it is convenient – the client monthly
makes a single payment for communication and for a smartphone, and there is no need for separate payments to the bank and operator. Secondly, the contract is noticeably more profitable than a standard purchase: for many
models we provide exclusive package offers.

– Tell us more about what a single payment for both telephone and communication means? And in what
is the benefit?

Let’s start with
costing. Samsung Galaxy A51 phone, which is offered on the largest marketplace in
Kazakhstan, you can purchase in Kcell stores at
identical price – 119 990 tenge. At the same time, in our stores in this amount
the Kcell cellular service will be included – the current tariff “Zhana”,
whose monthly cost is 2590 tenge (12 GB internet, 100
free minutes for calls from other operators and unlimited calls within the network).
That is, if you purchase a phone in installments for a year for 119,990 tenge,
then save about 30,000 tenge on a subscription fee – about 25%. So
Thus, the buyer pays monthly installments, and receives the tariff as a bonus.

In addition, when buying a phone, setting up, transferring all
data and other manipulations with the device, store managers will
absolutely free. For our customers, this is an important and pleasant service. IN
some other points provide such services for a price that reaches 50% of the cost of the device itself.

But the main thing in our concept of contract phones, like me
already said, this is a single payment for everything. The buyer replenishes the balance of the number, and monthly
money is written off. This payment goes both to installment payment and to the account.
for cellular services. Convenience also lies in prompt information
our customers through personal messages about the promotions we offer.

– Tempting. I suspect that this proposal
for buyers of phones under the contract attracts a considerable number of customers?

– Kcell
focused on providing quality service. For six years
the practice of selling mobile devices through the contract system has doubled
times in quantitative terms, and in monetary terms – five times. Even if you look
data for the last two years only, last year the increase was 5
billion tenge, and in the current year it has grown to 11 billion tenge.

Moreover, every year we have a growing number of repeat
contract sales. Customers come back for a new phone. Our service allows
choose the manufacturer, model, contract term and prepayment amount. In the plans of
us expanding the line of phones and accessories for them.

– Available in your
practice of using insights from buyers? What are the most popular?

– For example, after the launch of the contract phone project, we
received many requests for this service from residents of regional cities and
small settlements where there are no retail chains, and our specialists began to travel there, sell
phones, connect. Besides
we also provided local residents with the opportunity to replenish the balance with all convenient

– That is, Kcell is not limited to sales in its stores
and he goes to the buyers.

– Working with insights, customer feedback is set to the maximum. Every six months we conduct surveys to find out about the interests of our
users. One of the brightest examples is the introduction of unlimited Internet packages initially
for owners of contract phones, and today this package can
anyone who wants to use it. Thanks to insight, in a short time we launched
an online platform through which goods are sold. Situation with
The pandemic has become a catalyst for the growth in demand for this service. That is, relying
on the results of mass surveys, the company introduces goods or services into its
product line.

Director of Strategic
development of Kcell JSC Aibek Nurkadyr summed up our conversation about contract

We try to always meet the expectations of our subscribers, as much as possible
satisfying their requests. This is an important part of our strategy. We have grown
sales of contract phones, which increased the number of subscribers.

contracts have a positive effect on the LTV (lifetime value) of our client
bases. Each subscriber is valuable for us, regardless of what tariff it is
uses and where he lives. Now, for example, Kcell, along with other operators
implements the 250+ program, under which broadband mobile
about 1,000 villages with a population of 250 or more will be connected to the Internet. We
we see that the online sale of contract phones has already interested rural
residents who make orders directly from the rural hinterland

inventory management processes combined with close price monitoring also
enable us to meet demand effectively. Kcell – maximum
a customer-oriented mobile operator, and this is our constant strategic

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