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Where to Rent a Metal Detector?


Where to Rent a Metal Detector?

Rent a Metal Detector

Wondering where to rent a metal detector?  Have you considered hiring someone instead?  The cost isn’t that much more than renting a metal detector yourself. Plus, you get a professional who actually knows how to use a metal detector properly. Call us at (608) 492-1070 – location doesn’t matter.  If I can’t help you directly, I will find someone who can. Why not call us and let us do the hard work rather than looking where to rent a metal detector?  Worried about the cost of hiring a professional? Don’t worry, I run this business because I love to help people find rings. Give me a call and see if I can help you.

Rent a Metal Detector

I hear stories all the time from clients who wondered where to rent a metal detector.  They first tried to find their lost ring themselves by renting a metal detector or borrowing a metal detector from a friend or neighbor.  In almost every case, the person quickly became frustrated after digging trash after piece of trash. You’d be shocked to know what is under the grass and in the water.  If you have the right equipment and experience, you can ignore 90% of the trash and focus on the “good signals” which is likely your lost ring.

Don’t Rent a Metal Detector … This is What You Will Find!

While it might seem easy to use, using a metal detector takes time, patience and practice.  Metal Detector Rental Shops typically stock low end metal detectors, which are very old and have limited features and options.  If you lost your ring in the water, it will difficult to rent a metal detector that is waterproof.  I haven’t heard of many places that will rent a water proof metal detector.

We have multiple metal detectors that are high end and all of our equipment is waterproof up to 10 feet of water.  Metal detecting is something we have been doing for over 5 years.  During that time, we have found numerous lost items including wedding rings, class rings, earrings, keys and even cell phones.  It doesn’t matter where you lost your ring, we can search on land, water and have even conducted searches inside of houses.  We can do it all!  To date, we have returned 67 wedding rings, engagement rings and even class rings!

So, what are you waiting for?  Call us at (608) 492-1070.

Trust and Integrity

Thinking of looking where to rent a metal detector yourself, because you are worried about having a stranger search for your expensive lost ring?  You can trust us, but don’t take my word for it. Check out our Community Making a Difference Award, our interview on The Clark Howard Empowerment Zone podcast, the featured article in the In Business Magazine – Madison web edition or one of the dozen Local Newspaper Articles.

Successful Lost Ring Stories

Over the years, we have been very successful in helping people find their lost wedding rings.  Check out our Lost and Found Ring Story Archive for many unique lost ring stories.  So stop looking where to rent a metal detector and instead give us a call.

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This is the ultimate water machine. Minelab’s Excalibur II is waterproof to 200 ft but don’t stop there. This is the ultimate beach machine too. Wet sand, dry sand and water detecting. Probably the simplest detector in the world to learn. Find your treasure. Start your adventure.

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Metal detecting is a cherished hobby, especially in Florida, as people are curious to hunt for treasures thrown out by the sea on the shores. Whether you are a newbie or a veteran of metal detecting, we at Treasure Coast Metal Detectors have the right tools for you.

Get your metal detector in hand and start pursuing potential treasures. Visit our store in Jensen Beach, Florida, and find accessories that make metal detecting fun, convenient, and accessible. Our customers have found everything from lost jewelry to relics or even gold nuggets. 

We have everything from waterproof headphones to CKG Sand Scoops with carbon fiber-wrapped handles to universal spare chargers. We sell only the Major Brands of metal detectors.

Get the most out of your metal-detecting by buying the appropriate equipment and accessories. Questions? Call us; we will be happy to help you make the right choice.

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Search for coins with a metal detector.

All about treasure hunters and searching for coins.

A very interesting and exciting hobby is searching for coins with a metal detector. It’s like fishing. Only you pull out not fish, but coins. And in your hands you do not have a fishing rod, but a metal detector.

Good and useful hobby.

In this article we would like to talk about various aspects of this hobby: what to look for, where to look, where the coins come from in the ground, etc.

Where do coins come from in the ground

Coins can end up in the ground for several reasons:

  • lost
  • plowed (or whole) hoards
  • mortgage coins

According to experience, treasures are found at a depth of 0.5 m to 1 m. Let’s put it this way… : “As a rule”!
Therefore, if the plow got to the treasure of coins, then it spreads it across the field. And then these coins are already collected separately.

Mortgage coins

Previously, coins could be placed in the walls of houses. At present, that house no longer exists. The tree is rotten. But the coins remained. They usually lie in the ground next to the place where the log house was (not far from the place of laying).
Why did they bookmark coins:

  • in order to be able to rebuild the house (for example, after a fire). They put it under the lower crown, in the foundation (so that the fire does not damage)
  • for the house to stand for a long time, for good luck. Several coins (most often silver) were placed at the corners of the log house under the lower crown.

Places to find coins

All places where there was once a large crowd of people are suitable for searching for coins with a metal detector.
For example, a settlement (village, village, ancient settlement, settlement …), fair, tavern, battlefield, retreat (or offensive) route, army camp, old road, ford, farm, estate, etc.

A friend of mine calculated… If in a village each person lost one coin a year, and there were 500 inhabitants in the village, and the village stood for 100 years, then 50,000 coins should be in the place of this village. And that’s just the lost coins!

How to find a place to search

Places to search for coins are determined by old maps. Take an old map, look at any village of that time. And you can advance to this place of search.

This village may still exist. Then it’s interesting to look around for it. because villages changed their position. For example, as a result of a fire, they rebuilt in a new place, or simply did not build a new house in the old place, but put it nearby.
If the village is gone, even better. You have a whole field to explore, where the village used to be.

There are old records of where fairs were held. You can go there and search…
The fairs had the same place every year. Therefore, trade was carried out in the same place. They settled down near the village on a large field.
In general, records of fairs indicate their frequency, start date (well, the settlement is nearby). Therefore fairs could be much more frequent than once a year. And in time they could go up to 30 days.

You can also determine the place to search for coins yourself. And this place may not be tied to the village that is on the map. See the article – “Where to look for the Treasure” (on how to determine and find a place to search for treasures, coins, jewelry, etc.)

Another place to look is the reservoirs that have flooded the old villages. When water is discharged, old places open up where you can walk around and look for old coins.
Of course, a metal detector is needed here for searches. Otherwise, you won’t find anything.

Which metal detector to choose for finding coins

Earlier we published an article about choosing a metal detector. Now we will place the accents a little differently.
Any underground metal detector is suitable for searching for coins.

In general, metal detectors are divided into the following groups:

  • ground
  • deep
  • underwater
  • for native gold

Deep – this is for searching at great depths. Usually do not separate metals into ferrous and non-ferrous. Can be used to search for treasures. Not suitable for searching individual coins. Therefore, in order to start looking for this option is ruled out. (Later – maybe)

Underwater – used to search for coins, jewelry and treasures under water (either with full immersion or with partial entry into the water). This is expensive equipment. Usually start not with this kind of search. But if you are a scuba diver and regularly dive with a dive, then this option is for you.
Beach search is also possible with a similar metal detector. (Earlier we described its features, see our article).

Native gold – from the name it is clear that this is not for searching for coins. Although in those places where native gold comes to the surface, just such metal detectors are used.

So, to search for coins, you need a ground metal detector!

Which one to choose – described in another article. But in order to start, anyone is enough. For example, Golden Mask 1 plus is a good device for beginners.

Even with the most budget metal detector, you will definitely be able to find a coin.

Coin finds

Many coins of various eras are found in Russia.
Interesting coins found by a metal detector are specific. The so-called scales.

If before the tsarist period they were with different patterns (each prince printed his own money), then it becomes more monotonous.

Minted money went from Peter I. It was he who introduced industrial coinage in Russia.

Later there was the Soviet period.

And you can find all these coins with a metal detector. Time period from the 10th to the 21st century.

Well, besides coins, there are also very interesting jewelry pieces.
All this is very interesting and exciting.

Buy a metal detector for finding coins and treasures

Date: Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Echo sounder for fishing from a boat.

Is he needed? — Moscow

Online store “Echolot” – Sale of echo sounders, GPS navigators, underwater cameras, metal detectors and other goods.

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What is an echo sounder? And if I use an echo sounder for fishing from a boat, what benefits will this give me? And is it needed at all? I will try to answer these questions in simple words in this article.

When going fishing from a boat to a new body of water or a section of a river, it is difficult for us to decide where and in what places we should look for fish. We do not know where the pits and dumps are, as well as snags where fish can live. And for successful fishing, it is desirable to have an idea about the underwater terrain and the presence of snags, algae at the bottom, as well as fish, is there any in this place. Of course, it is possible to partially predict the bottom topography from the visible coastline, but this will be of minimal benefit, since a steep or rocky coast does not mean that there will also be rocky ledges and a slope at a distance from the coastline. And the presence of snags at the bottom is visually impossible to determine at all, unless these snags stick out of the water. And you can visually detect a fish only if it splashes or walks on the surface of the water. And if not? Fishing on a new reservoir, not knowing what is happening under water, you can spend hours idling on a flat bottom, where there is none, and end up fishing without a catch. Although, it is possible that next to you there was an interesting dump covered with shells, where there were large perches and zanders, and in the meantime you were trying to fish in another place. After such an “idle” fishing, you can think for a long time about the reasons for the failure, and it can only lie in the wrong choice of points. Just in order to make your fishing interesting and productive, an echo sounder was invented to search for fish.

The echo sounder allows you to find fish under water, display its size and depth to it, and modern high-frequency devices display a very realistic picture of the underwater world and fish, allowing, with certain skills, even to determine the size of this fish and its appearance. In addition to searching for fish, echo sounders also show a change in the bottom topography and the current depth under the boat, the presence of snags, stones, and algae at the bottom. High-frequency echo sounders display on the screen a very accurate picture of photographic quality, where you can even see the branches of snags well, count the number of stones at the bottom and see their size. Echo sounders can still allow you to save the coordinates of interesting and catchy points if they have a built-in GPS antenna. Such devices are called chartplotters. By the echo sounder you can see the water temperature, the hardness of the bottom, they detect the thermocline, which is very important when fishing in the summer on stagnant water bodies.

You can see that using an echo sounder while fishing from a boat you get a complete picture of the topography and structure of the bottom, as well as the presence of fish. With it on any new reservoir you will spend time usefully when looking for fish.

When fishing for pike perch with a jig, the echo sounder allows you to detect pits and dumps with a hard bottom, as well as rocky ridges where pike perch lives. In the same way, you can use the echo sounder to search for perch concentrations. You can also find flocks of small fish and try to catch pike perch there, because it often “grazes” next to the food base.

To fish for pike with an echo sounder, you can search underwater at shallow depths for algae thickets in which pike can hide, as well as the boundaries of these algae and slopes in depth, on which trophy specimens can often stand.

When catching catfish on a kwok, the echo sounder helps to see the bait, its depth, and also shows the rise of the catfish from the bottom and its approach to the bait. An echo sounder helps a lot for fishing on a kwok, and fishing for a kwok with an echo sounder becomes very interesting and productive, which will allow you to catch a trophy specimen of a catfish.

It is up to you to use the echo sounder when fishing from a boat, but with this device fishing will definitely be more exciting, interesting and productive.