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Types of Dishwashers | Maytag

There are plenty of different types of dishwashers available for purchase these days, so finding the right model for your home can seem like a daunting task. If you’re looking for a new dishwasher that consistently results in clean and shiny dishes, this guide will explain the different dishwasher options you can choose from, including their sizes and best features.

4 Different types of dishwashers

While there are many different dishwasher models that vary slightly in terms of design, colors and features, when you get down to the basics, there are essentially four different types of dishwashers:

1. Standard Built-In

The most popular and comes in the most varieties. You’ll find them in top-control or front-control styles and may come with different features, like third racks.

2. Compact Built-In

Similar to a standard built-in but with a narrower footprint for smaller kitchens.

3. Portable

These dishwashers don’t require permanent plumbing, relying instead on a faucet adapter that connects to the sink. You can find countertop portable dishwashers as well as portable dishwashers on wheels that have the benefit of providing additional counter space, since they typically come with a wooden “butcher-style” top. These types of dishwashers are great for RV’s or people who move often.

4. Drawer Style

An alternative to the pull-down door that most dishwashers have, they can be easier to load but may be cost-prohibitive. These dishwasher doors pull out as opposed to down, making them easier to load and unload. They’re available in one or two-drawer models that can be run at the same time or separately.

The one that you pick will ultimately depend on your needs and the space available in your kitchen. Below we highlight different models and features.

What to look for in a dishwasher: Features and styles

Even though there are four types of dishwashers to choose from, there are even more dishwasher features and styles available. Below, we cover some of the most common styles and features to look for.

1. Top control dishwasher

These dishwashers have their control panel located on top of the door, meant to provide a more discrete look. You can find this style of dishwasher in built-in (standard and compact) models as well as drawer style.

2. Front Control Dishwasher

On front control dishwashers, the control panel and buttons face forward so that everything can be seen at a quick glance—with no need to open the dishwasher door. These can be budget friendly options that are also available in standard and compact built-in and portable dishwashers.

3. Third rack dishwasher

You’ll be able to fit more items with dishwashers that feature a third rack. These additional racks tend to be shallower than the standard racks that most dishwashers come with, so they’re ideal for cutlery and taller serving utensils. Some third rack dishwashers, like some available from Maytag, have a specialized wash zone and enough room for mugs and small bowls, so you can really take advantage of the extra loading space. You can find third rack dishwashers in standard built-in sizes and even compact sizes.

What is a built-in dishwasher? 

A built-in dishwasher is the most common type and the one you’re most likely to find in stores. These dishwashers are installed underneath the kitchen countertop, and they come in standard 24-inch models as well as in compact 18-inch models. 

You can find plenty of variety in terms of colors, finishes and features available with built-in dishwashers. You may also find large-capacity models in this style.

How do I determine the best dishwasher features and options for my kitchen?

When choosing the right dishwasher for your home, consider what’s most important for your household, as well as the space available in your kitchen. If you have a large family that goes through dishes quickly, then a large capacity dishwasher or one with a third rack may be beneficial. 

If you have limited space and items that you cycle through quickly, then a compact dishwasher that has a Quick Cycle may be best for you.

WHAT size dishwasher should I consider for my home?

The size of your dishwasher will greatly depend on the size of your kitchen. You should also take into account whether or not your dishwasher requires an air gap and the space that would take up. If you don’t have a ton of space, then you might be better off with a compact dishwasher that has a narrower width than the standard dishwasher.

While you may sacrifice some capacity, you can still find plenty of features in more compact sizes, including specialized wash cycles and stylized finishes. Finding the right dishwasher dimensions for your kitchen is important, so make sure that you know all the necessary steps when it’s time to measure your space for a new dishwasher.

Can I Install a Dishwasher Myself?

So long as you have the appropriate plumbing and electrical, you can install a dishwasher yourself. Use the written dishwasher installation instructions that came with your dishwasher for a proper install. And if you are unable to access your desired location for your dishwasher, contact a professional for further consultation.

You don’t always need a professional to install a new dishwasher in place of an old one. As long as you have the appropriate plumbing and electrical, it’s a task you can tackle on your own, but make sure to use the written dishwasher installation instructions that came with your dishwasher. If you don’t have access in your desired location, contact a professional to help get your dishwasher up and running.

What else should I look for in a dishwasher?

Look for features that are important to you—consider things like capacity, wash cycles or heated dry cycles. Make sure you are aware of the basic parts of a dishwasher and their functions. Your dishwasher is one of the most hardworking appliances in the kitchen, so you want to ensure that the one you pick is one that offers you convenience and makes your cleanup process a snap.

The most important thing to consider when choosing a new dishwasher is finding one that you and your family can depend on time and again. If you’re not sure what to look for, reading what’s the Best Maytag® Dishwasher for You is a good place to start.

Shop for Maytag

® dishwashers for your home

If you’re ready to upgrade your kitchen with a new dishwasher that offers you dependability and great results every time, Maytag offers a selection of dishwashers with stainless steel tubs, high-pressure water jets and Dual Power Filtration that breaks down even tough messes so your dishes always shine.



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® dishwashers

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    Is your dishwasher experiencing problems? Get some dishwasher troubleshooting tips that can help make diagnosing dishwasher problems a little easier.

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Installing a Portable Dishwasher – Product Help

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How to Install a Maytag Portable Dishwasher

To install the aerator: 

The dishwasher accessory package contains a faucet adapter, gasket, and aerator adapter for the faucet coupler.

  1. Unscrew and remove the existing aerator or strainer from the sink faucet.
  • If the faucet has external threads compatible with the aerator, it will not be necessary to use the adapter ring. Use special care when removing the cardboard cap from the aerator assembly; contents are under pressure due to a spring inside the assembly. For more information on the aerator assembly, click here. Screw the aerator assembly onto the faucet and securely tighten it.
  • If the faucet has internal threads compatible with the adapter, install the gasket and adapter ring and securely tighten. Install the aerator assembly.
  • If no threads are provided, or if threads do not match the faucet for the adapting ring or aerator, adapters may be obtained from a parts catalog or from a plumber. There are adapters available that will fit almost all types of faucets.
  1. Move the dishwasher into position. Remove the coupler from the receptacle and press down on the thumb release. Connect the faucet coupler to the faucet, and remove pressure from the thumb release to firmly hold the coupler in place.
  2. Fully open the hot water faucet. Water should not leak from any of the fittings.

CLICK HERE for more information on installing the aerator

To connect to the water and electrical supply: 

  1. Run water at the faucet until it is hot, and then turn off the water.
  2. Pull the hoses out of the storage compartment on the back of the dishwasher
  3. Pull down on the locking collar while lifting the hose connector onto the faucet adapter
  4. When the connector snaps into place, release the locking collar.
  5. Slowly turn on the hot water until it is on all the way.
  1. Plug into a grounded 3 prong outlet.

To use the faucet: 

Press the button on the hose connector to draw water from the faucet. (The faucet is set on hot. Adjust the faucet to the desired water temperature).

  • Do not draw water while the dishwasher is filling or while water is being pumped. (This will help avoid a low fill when the dishwasher is filling, or when mixing drain water with fresh water when the dishwasher is draining.)
  • Turn the hot water back on after you draw water from the faucet. Turn off the cold water.

To disconnect the dishwasher: 

  1. Turn off the hot water. (This can be done after the last rinse.)
  2. Press the button on the connector to release the water pressure.
  3. Slightly lift the hose connector while pressing down on the thumb release. Pull down on the connector.
  4. Empty any remaining water from the connector by turning the connector upside-down.
  5. Unplug the power supply cord and return it to the storage compartment.
  6. Return the hoses to the storage compartment.

If you would like to download or view product literature for your appliance, please visit our Manuals and Literature page.

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9 Best Dishwashers In 2018 💡 Interior Design | HomeInteriorz.


  • Best Overall: KitchenAid Architect Series II Top Control Dishwasher
  • Best Quiet: Bosch 500 Series 44-Decibel Integrated Dishwasher
  • Best Front Control Dishwasher: Maytag Front Control Dishwasher
  • Best Tier 3 Grille Dishwasher: Whirlpool Tall Tub
  • Best White Finish Dishwasher: Maytag 24″ Front Integrated Dishwasher
  • Best Countertop Dishwasher: SPT Dishwasher Silver
  • Best 18″ Dishwasher: Frigidaire 55-Decibel Integrated Dishwasher
  • Best High Quality Dishwasher: GE Profile Front Control Dishwasher
  • 90 003 Best Portable Dishwasher: Whirlpool Heavy-Duty Portable Dishwasher

  • opening

Dishwashers are essential for most kitchens. They do a quick job of stuck food like spaghetti sauce or peanut butter, especially when compared to cleaning dishes by hand. The latest crop of machines promise sparkling plates, glasses and silver, using less water and energy. And then there are special wash cycles, adjustable racks and folding prongs than ever before, allowing you to maximize the number of plates, cups, bowls and more you can fit into every load – not to mention all the oversized items that can now be accommodated.

Whether your old model has finally kicked the curb or you’re just ready to upgrade, there are a few things you need to know before buying a dishwasher. First, by choosing a stainless steel or gray stain plastic tub, you will resist staining and keep your dishwasher in top condition for longer. Second, an automatic soil sensor can save you water and money by automatically adjusting cycle times and water usage based on how dirty your dishes are.

Other things to consider include whether there are additional racks or reconfigurable bays included that can increase capacity and how loud this unit is when it’s running. Of course, most of this comes down to personal preference, the only thing you really need to make sure is that your dishwasher door has enough clearance to fully open. So make sure you measure carefully before buying. While there is a wide range of sizes available, most standard dishwashers are 24 inches wide and up to 36 inches high, which is the standard counter height.

Expect to spend $400 to $1500 if you want a new model with all the latest bells and whistles. With that in mind, here are the best dishwashers on the market.

Before you decide which dishwasher is for you, here’s a brief description:

  • Noise: If you want a quieter model, choose a dishwasher with a decibel rating ranging from 41 to 44. Less expensive models have decibel ratings closer to 60 – a noise level comparable to average conversation.
  • Capacity: Most standard devices can contain 12 seat settings. If you are washing items of an unusual size, you may want a model with folding prongs or adjustable shelves.
  • Size: You will need at least a 24″ hole for the integrated dishwasher. If your space is smaller, you may want to consider an 18-inch model or a dishwasher drawer.
  • Best Overall: KitchenAid Architect Series II Top Control Dishwasher

    As if forty targeted spray jets weren’t enough to deal with your dirtiest plates and dishes, this Energy Star Top Control Dishwasher also features a self-cleaning filter that continuously breaks down food particles in the wash water without significant noise. This means less soaking, fewer pre-rinses, and less free time spent doing dishes. The stainless steel tank has room for dinner, and the sliding tines in the bottom rack can easily accommodate deep or narrow serving dishes. The useful basket in the top rack can also be removed for a convenient lid and utensils.

    When it comes to cycles, there are several options to choose from, including the express wash, which is good for tending to a lightly soiled load in about 20 minutes. Use the detergent and rinse aid dispensers for accurate dosing, which should also help reduce stains on items. The drying mechanism that includes the fan is also very efficient, so you should notice less water for your items. The only downside is that the regular cycle time runs a bit long, but with a little planning and patience, this shouldn’t be a problem.

  • Best Quiet: Bosch 500 Series 44-Decibel Built-in Dishwasher

    To be quiet at the top of your must-haves when buying a new dishwasher looks no further than the Bosch 500 Series, which is the quietest brand in the US. Calling at just 44 decibels, this machine will purr until it’s clear. In addition to “silence”, this model also has a flexible third rack for 30% more storage, a Clean30 cycle that will clean dishes in 30 minutes, and flexible tines for storing pot dishes or irregularly shaped items.

    Reviewers love the flawless cleaning with the low sound this machine provides. New and old Bosch customers are fans of the Bosch 500 series.

  • Best Front Control Dishwasher: Maytag Front Control Dishwasher

    Over the past few years, Maytag has been focusing on brand development, focusing on developing high quality and reliable products at affordable prices. They didn’t let us down with Front Control Dishwasher. This model features the most powerful engine on the market, ensuring you trust your meals with a well-maintained machine ready to take on gentle and tough jammed messes.

    The device has a built-in four-bladed stainless steel grinder that really breaks down food particles that stick to our dishes. You get five different wash cycles, including PowerBlast, which works to get the toughest stuck dirt out of every dish. You get space for 14 different place settings, as well as a tiered top rack and a removable dish basket.

    In addition, there is a steam sanitation option that uses heat and steam to sanitize your food. All of them can be easily activated and configured from the front control panel. You can purchase this model in black, white or stainless steel with

  • Best level 3 grate dishwasher: Whirlpool Tall Tub

    Finding enough space for all the dishes and dishes you need to clean can be difficult in the average dishwasher. Awkward, odd-shaped items only make things worse. Third-level rack dishwashers, however, provide more space in an unoccupied space. For example, the Whirlpool Tall Tub will give you up to 37% more space than the average dishwasher without losing wash quality.

    This dishwasher comes with many handy extras such as touch controls and quiet operation. The soil sensor will adjust the flow and amount of water depending on the level of dirt to save on water usage. The dual internal jets also ensure that all dishes on each of the three levels receive the same rinse and main wash, so nothing is left dirty after the cycle is complete.

  • Best White Finish Dishwasher: Maytag 24″ Front Integrated Dishwasher

    If you have a more classic feel in your kitchen then a dishwasher with a white finish might fit best with other appliances. The stainless steel interior bathtub makes it the perfect, powerful piece to complete your kitchen. The $495 price is not bad.

    Visible front controls make it easy to use for everyone in the family, especially if you have kids loading the dishwasher themselves as a hassle. They don’t have to stand on their feet to understand how it works. The internal system is great: with a nylon rack, a basket full of silver.

    Many often fear that their dishwashers simply won’t catch all the food and leftovers that can be left behind after a delicious meal. Luckily, Maytag uses a built-in chopper in the model that breaks up your food particles so you know your meals are as clean as possible. There’s also five different wash cycles: Auto Clean, Normal, Quick Wash, Rinse, and PowerBlast uses high-pressure jets and hot water to remove stuck-on products.

  • Best Countertop Dishwasher: SPT Dishwasher Silver

    Whether you live in a small apartment or work in an office with a tiny kitchen, this SPT dishwasher is the perfect addition to your space. Thanks to this model’s compact size, you can bypass hand washing of all your bowl, plates and silverware without compromising the main counterweight space. Countertop dishwasher measures 21 2/3″ x 192/3″ x 17 1/4″. It also provides options for washing by size: heavy, normal, light, glass, speed, shutter speed. The silver basket makes it easy to sort and organize your meals. Reviewers say this dishwasher gets the job done, is perfect for two to two people, and has an easy setup process.

  • Best 18″ Dishwasher: Frigidaire 55-Decibel Integrated Dishwasher

    Unfortunately, we don’t always have all the space we want or need new appliances. Many homes simply don’t have the option for a 24-inch dishwasher. Built-in dishwasher Frigidaire 55-Decibel is built in here. This model is slim and compact to fit into the tightest kitchen spaces.

    Don’t worry, lack of width doesn’t mean you’re missing out on great features or even much-needed space for that matter. This model has six different wash cycles: Heavy, Normal, Light, Porcelain Crystal, Energy Saving and Rinse. This is refreshing considering most people don’t trust the dishwasher with their favorite chinaware. However, the Frigidaire porcelain crystal cycle focuses on gentle cleaning and reduced water pressure.

    The dishwasher also has a filter system built into the stainless steel interior. You can buy this model in black or stainless steel depending on your kitchen and home style.

  • Best High Quality Dishwasher: GE Profile Front Control Dishwasher

    It can be hard to justify the price of a high quality dishwasher when they can cost almost twice as much as budget models. When might these costs be worth it? They can be a good investment when they add extra features that make your life easier. You may not think that a dishwasher can get any more complex or complicated than the basic variety, but high quality washers actually include a lot of useful features.

    Used GE Profile Front Control Dishwasher proves you get extra useful features when you want to pay a premium price tag. With this average dishwasher, there is a lot inside the interior. In addition to high-quality washing, most GE dishwashers are known for using various types of jets to wash bottles, glasses and delicate silver. It’s also designed for peace of mind at just 45dBA.

  • Best Portable Dishwasher: Whirlpool Heavy-Duty Portable Dishwasher

    Portable dishwashers are a great alternative to a normal sized washing machine when you’re dealing with difficult, tight spaces to live in. Whether you own a small house or live in an apartment, there is no reason to sacrifice the time and efficiency offered by a dishwasher because space is tight. A good portable dishwasher will give you the same clean results in a much smaller package.


    Whirlpool Heavy-Duty Portable Dishwasher proves that you don’t have to sacrifice a good wash because you’re buying a portable dishwasher. This large, portable option uses heavy-duty jets to provide the same wash quality as permanent fixtures. The advanced sensors will also detect the level of the dishes, so the dishwasher can save water and turn off when everything is clean. The interior includes 12 places for dishes.

    Still not sure what you want? Our roundup of the best portable dishwashers will help you find what you’re looking for.


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❓ What are the most economical dishwashers?

👉 The most economical dishwashers are rated A+, A++ and A+++. Models with such indicators are much more expensive, but they fully justify themselves. Class A devices consume an average of 0.9 to 1.04 kW per cycle, class B – from 1.05 to 1.08 kW, class C – from 1.2 to 1.40 kW.

❓ How to choose a dishwasher?

👉 Due to the fact that dishwashers require connection to the sewer system, built-in models placed under the kitchen worktop are most often chosen. Such household appliances are available in versions with a hidden or open control panel.

❓ What is a dishwasher?

👉 A dishwasher is a very convenient household appliance that washes any dirt from any surface of dishes. It can save a lot of time and effort for a housewife. In this rating, only the best models are presented, from the point of view of buyers.

❓ How many place settings can be placed in the dishwasher?

👉 Bosch SPS 53E02 It looks very elegant, the body is painted black. The assembly is made in Germany, despite this, the price of this dishwasher is quite acceptable. It can load up to 9sets of dishes, there are five operating modes, among which one is automatic.

Video instruction: Siemens dishwasher review 2018. Programs, modes, Turbo.

What are the sizes of dishwashers

Dishwashers have firmly entered our everyday life. Now, in almost any kitchen, a place is laid in advance for them. Water during the operation of the PMM is consumed much less than when washing the same volume of dishes by hand. There are no problems with cleaning pans, pots, processing children’s dishes, including bottles, and, of course, time is saved. Most models are built-in, closed with a decorative facade. They fit perfectly into the interior of the kitchen.

Modern manufacturers offer customers dishwashers of various capacities, and, therefore, of various sizes. PMM dimensions depend on several parameters:

  • installation method: fully or partially built-in, free-standing;
  • the number of sets of dishes for which the PMM is designed. (For a large family, you will need a machine for 10 or more sets, which include: deep and shallow plates, cup and saucer, cutlery. For one person or a couple, a device for 3-6 sets is enough). .

Standard sizes of freestanding dishwashers, regardless of installation methods, are divided into four large groups:

  • full size;
  • narrow;
  • compact;
  • desktop.

Dimensions of full size freestanding dishwashers

Full-size freestanding units have a standard height of about 85 cm for kitchen furniture and can be installed flush with the countertop. Their width is 60 cm, and their depth is from 57 to 64 cm.

These are high-performance units with a capacity of 12 sets of dishes with an electronic control system and a large set of automatic programs, as well as reliable protection against leaks.

In the Hausdorf online store, you can pay attention to free-standing Smeg dishwashers in retro style – elegant, stylish models in rich colors: for example, the bright red Smeg LVFABRD.

Miele dishwashers

Dishwashers Asko

Neff dishwashers

Bosch dishwashers

Narrow dishwasher size

Narrow free-standing machines with the same standard height and depth (85 cm and 60 cm, respectively) range from 44.6 to 45 cm in width. They allow you to wash up to 9 to 10 sets of dishes in one cycle and are practically not inferior to full-size ones in terms of the number of modes and ease of operation.

The models presented in Hausdorf have a washing and drying class A and an energy efficiency class of A and higher. The most popular Bosch SPS25FW11R has 5 standard programs and a 9-hour delay start.

Dimensions of compact dishwashers

Compact free-standing models are much smaller in height – 44-45 cm. Their depth is 50 cm, and their width is 55 cm, which is somewhat smaller than the dimensions of a standard countertop. They use a condensation type of drying, and the capacity is 5-6 sets of dishes.

These devices can be put on a table, under a sink, on a shelf – the main thing is that the length of the hoses and cable is enough for a proper connection. From 5 to 7 built-in programs cope with washing any dishes.

Desktop stand-alone machines stand out in a separate group, although they almost do not differ from compact ones in terms of parameters.

So, the desktop model Maunfeld MLP 06S reaches a height of 43.8 cm, and its depth and width are 50 and 55 cm. 6 temperature modes and 6 standard programs, delayed start, capacity for 6 sets, low noise level – these are its advantages.

Built-in dishwasher dimensions

Built-in dishwashers are in constant demand and have a wide range. These devices are practical, have a lower noise level due to embedding, and are less exposed to external influences. The decorative facade allows you to decorate the kitchen in the same style.

Full-size built-in machines do not differ in height from other built-in appliances that should fit under a standard worktop – about 82 cm. Their depth is 55-56 cm, and their width is 60 cm. They are able to wash up to 12 to 16 sets of dishes.

Devices with a large selection of washing programs, including silent night and economic, hygienic and quick in half an hour. They are equipped with the most modern drying methods – zeolite, turbo and others. So, the most popular Asko D5536 XL dishwasher has an energy class of A+++, and the number of washing programs reaches 11.

Narrow built-in models with a height of 81-81 cm and a depth of 55 cm in width are from 44 to 45 cm. Many of them can change the height of the legs, and, accordingly, the height of the niche for embedding.

So, the Neff S581F50X2R model with a width of 44.8 cm has a minimum height of 81.5 cm, and a maximum height of 87.5 cm and can be installed in a cabinet or niche of different heights. This model holds 10 place settings. And the height of the Kuppersberg GL 4588 model with 8 washing programs can vary from 82 to 90 cm.

Compact built-in machines are only 44 cm high, 55 cm wide and 50 cm deep. Their capacity, despite their modest dimensions, is quite large – up to 6 sets of dishes.

The package of programs includes everything you need: express, intensive, economical, fast and others. Such devices can be installed in an ordinary cabinet, leaving room for an additional drawer below, and also under the sink or in a closet along with other compact appliances.

For example, the Electrolux ESL2450W with turbo dryer and 6 place settings has an electronic control system, very low energy consumption and water consumption.

To learn more about the features of built-in appliances, read our article Dimensions of built-in dishwashers.

To choose a premium dishwasher, visit the Hausdorf online store – our consultants will tell you in detail about the features of the model and help arrange delivery and connection.

Professional dishwashers

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This product is supplied from the manufacturer’s representative office in the Russian Federation with an official warranty.

Dishwasher Smeg SWT260-1

Official supply

This product is supplied from the representative office of the manufacturer in Russia with an official warranty.

Dishwasher Smeg HTY630DE

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This product is supplied from the manufacturer’s representative office in the Russian Federation with an official warranty.