Logitech usb camera: Webcams – 4K, Full HD, 1080p

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Webcams – 4K, Full HD, 1080p

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  • Video Conferencing

  • For Business

  • For Education

  • For Streaming

Resolution & Frame Rate

  • 4K 30fps

  • 1080p 60fps

  • 1080p 30fps

  • 720p 90fps

  • 720p 60fps

  • 720p 30fps


  • High Dynamic Range

  • Adjustable Field of View

  • Autofocus

  • Digital zoom

  • Pan + Tilt

  • Dual Omnidirectional Mics

  • Infrared Sensor Technology

  • Universal Clip

  • Tripod Thread

  • Privacy Shutter

  • Logi Capture

  • Glass Lens

  • Included Tripod

  • Logi Tune

  • XSplit Software Subscription

  • Streaming + Recording


  • Skype for Business

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Microsoft Cortana

  • Windows Hello

  • Cisco WebEx

  • Cisco Jabber

  • Zoom

  • Google Meet

  • Works With Chromebook

Works With

  • XSplit

  • OBS

  • Twitch

  • Skype™

  • Other VC Applications

  • Google Meet™


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Logitech StreamCam

Full HD Camera with USB-C for Live Streaming and Content Creation


Logitech 4K Pro Webcam

4K webcam with HDR and noise-canceling mics



1080p business webcam perfect for mass deployment



Serious streaming webcam. Hyper-fast HD 720p at 60fps.



1080p business webcam perfect for mass deployment


C615 Webcam

Portable HD 1080p video calling with autofocus


C505 HD Webcam

HD webcam with 720p and long-range mic



Essential HD 720p video calling



Basic HD 720p video calling


Brio 500

Full HD 1080p webcam with light correction, auto-framing, and Show Mode


Brio 300

A 1080p webcam with auto light correction, noise-reducing mic, and USB-C connectivity.



Ultra HD webcam
for Apple Pro Display XDR®

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Logitech BRIO webcam review. Big Brother

Logitech very often become pioneers in any area or in terms of various technical solutions. This time they have created the perfect solution for streamers and just people who like to release quality content. After I turned the camera in my hands and got into it, I began to understand that this is not just another “webcam”, but a very cool and compact video device that is quite capable of replacing a stationary camera for shooting very good videos with you in the lead role.

Explain. How do streamers usually shoot videos? They put in a fairly decent-sized video camera or camera with the ability to record video (which is especially important for those who not only embed themselves on video in streams, but shoot full-fledged video blogs in good quality and resolution), after which you need to set it all up, shoot, reset on the computer … In general, the creation of good content is accompanied by many different operations that take an impressive amount of time. And here – just a webcam that can replace the whole thing in one fell swoop, and moreover, give out a quality level that is somewhat comparable to full-fledged photo units. Unless, of course, you’re filming a movie. Yes, all this is backed up by excellent software. In addition, it is unlikely that any manufacturer will have at least something similar in terms of the ratio of technical characteristics, quality, ease of use and price. A goldmine, one must think.

The Logitech BRIO webcam comes in a compact, square, eco-friendly, heavy corrugated box. Monochrome design, no printing and colorful “plating” – everything is serious here. Only the bare minimum of necessary information, only black paint, only hardcore. But more importantly, the appearance of the box does not affect the internal content in any way. Because the box reliably protects the camera from mechanical damage and other external influences. All that separates us from the inside of the package is a large transparent sticker.

Inside the box there is a complete set, from which even I unbent my lower lip: a camera (protected by foamed polyurethane), a connection wire, a shutter to close the camera and a soft velvety fabric case with two pockets inside, which will fit both the camera and the complete wire. Impressive, very impressive. There are also papers, and among them there is one very simple and useful, which shows how to connect the camera and how to use it with both a standard mount and a tripod.

Also, when opening the lid of the box, there was a sticker that says where you can download software for the webcam:

But it’s much more convenient when everything is in Russian, so I suggest downloading from here:

The Logitech BRIO is the first and only 4K webcam. The camera operates in the following modes:
• 4K Ultra HD: 4096 x 2160 @ 30fps
• Full HD 1080p: 1920 x 1080 @ 30 or 60 fps
• HD 720p: 1280 x 720 @ 30, 60 or 90 fps

Plug-n-play camera, connects via USB 3. 0 (Type C), works with Windows 7 (and above) and Mac OS X (10.10 and above), and also has a simple, powerful and functional software. Full camera capabilities – 4K resolution and other joys – only work on Windows 10, on Windows 7 you will have to be content with much lower quality – 1080p @ 30 fps. On a Mac, full functionality is available only from version 10.11, since only from this version the software is provided. The camera also has various interesting features, such as face recognition using an infrared sensor (only works on Windows 10). Camera dimensions – 102 x 27 x 27, camera weight – 63 grams. Another extremely nice bonus: 3 years of official warranty. You are familiar with those. Logitech support?

The Logitech BRIO has a very minimalist and neat design. The front panel of the camera is covered with glass, which is very quickly smeared with fingerprints, and all other working elements are located under it. The edging around the glass panel is made of gloss, the rest is metal. Only on the back in the middle there is an input for USB Type C.

The camera mount is flexible and soft, made of rubber, and it has stiffening ribs with marked folds, with which the camera can be attached to any monitor. Or you can just put it on the table – both options are quite convenient for everyday use. The mount, as it turned out, has a secret: it can be removed, and right below it there is a standard 1/4″ tripod screw connection, which allows you to use the camera with any tripod. To remove the standard mount, you just need to pull it towards you – it is attached in the socket with a plastic latch

Also, the camera has a very simple thing to close you from prying eyes or random guests behind you – a privacy curtain. It is simply attached to the camera and lowered when needed.

The Logitech BRIO is connected using a 1.5-meter and rather massive cable, at one end of which there is a USB 3.0 plug (everyone is familiar and very common Type B), and at the connection input – USB 3. 0 Type C, which can be inserted by any side. It is noteworthy that the camera, although compact, is far from a feather: together with a standard mount, it feels like a good smartphone in the hand (more than 100 grams). But a heavy and massive wire tries to pull the camera along, therefore, in order to achieve the best camera stability, I would recommend abandoning the standard monitor mount and immediately use a tripod.

Logitech BRIO’s technical performance is also pleasing – the camera is stuffed to the eyeballs with all sorts of useful electronics. The camera has an HDR autofocus system and it has a 5x digital zoom (only in 1080p mode). To the left of the camera is a video recording indicator that lights up when using the camera in any application or when recording video. To the right of the camera is an infrared face recognition sensor for logging in. There are two neat holes in the glass panel on both sides for two omnidirectional noise-cancelling microphones. As I was convinced, their recording quality is very decent, without any parasitic noise, defects and overloads. But due to the all-round orientation, they still capture some of the sounds from the environment.

The camera not only has very serious technical characteristics, it is very simple, functional and easy to set up. In addition, a separate program downloads software to replace the background on the site. After installing the background replacement software, it will appear as a separate tab in the main program. The only thing I can complain about is the not entirely clear interface with labels separated from the functions they are directly related to.

Separately, I would like to point out that for normal work with Windows 7 you will need to go to the Update Center and download a tiny file specifically for Logitech BRIO (this will have to be done with the camera connected), because without this file the system simply does not recognize the camera in any program . Before downloading this update, the camera did not show anything, and Logitech support helped me resolve this issue.

And the first step is to set the standard or widescreen mode.

The camera has three field of view settings: 90, 78 and 65 degrees. This is suitable for a variety of use cases, and which is more convenient is up to you to choose. When you turn on the HDR function, the picture becomes much brighter, more saturated and more contrast.

The “Advanced” tab contains all the camera’s color settings: color intensity, which sets the picture’s vibrancy, contrast, brightness, and color temperature. It also adjusts the focus of the picture, and with the help of it you can literally carry out macro photography, examining close-ups of various objects. I would also like to note that autofocus works very quickly, especially when a person appears in the frame.

But none of this compares to personal experience. Let me just say: the camera is the bomb! Logitech BRIO has a variety of use cases. It is clear that with such a camera size (or rather, a matrix), one should not expect miracles of DSLRs and all sorts of famously twisted bokeh effects, however, this kid is also capable of producing absolutely amazing picture quality. With such dimensions – imba, not otherwise. However, I personally would still prefer 1080p at 60fps (rather than 4K at 30fps) just because of the smoothness of the picture. Still, 4K is far from the most common format now, but a smooth picture in Full HD is what you need. On the other hand, recording in 4K is great for vlogging, where the quality of the content just makes the difference.

For example, I tried to screw it to a tripod. I won’t say that my tripod is designed for shooting at a desktop, but it turned out to be much more convenient to hold the camera with it than with a standard monitor mount. In addition, having bought a longer wire, you can put the webcam on the installed tripod anywhere and shoot not only yourself, but almost everything your heart desires. Yes, yes, it is quite capable of replacing any mid-level video device without losing quality when recording. And it will definitely be many times better than any front-facing camera on any mobile gadget – you can immediately forget about them.

I also want to note that the Logitech BRIO camera resists backlight very well, thanks to which a bright and contrast image of a person in the frame is achieved, even if the sun is scorching behind you or you are working with artificial lighting. True, in backlight, autofocus may not be set immediately, so you have to wait a couple of seconds until the camera focuses on a person. Under normal conditions, the camera almost immediately recognizes you in the frame – focusing works very quickly. Plus, as you can see, it does give a pretty good bokeh effect, whereby the background is partially blurred, and all your creative mess becomes a living addition to the frame.

Logitech BRIO is an adult webcam. This is a sharp tip. This is boyish clarity. Call it what you want, but I will say that this is just an advanced webcam, which currently has no competitors. Yes, there are other webcams, but no matter how you approach them, they will not even come close to having the set of qualities that Logitech BRIO has. In general, it is rare that manufacturers please us with really good and high-quality cameras, and you can count really suitable solutions on the fingers of one hand. And Logitech once again managed to create an advanced device, a full-fledged product, with which they set the trend for the entire market. And even despite the rather high price of a webcam, it has no analogues and does not exist yet, and you will not find a better device for the same money anywhere else. This is a real paradise and a godsend for any person who loves things that are simple and convenient in everyday use. And even more so for streamers.

Logitech C505e webcam review with long-range microphone

Webcam is one of the most familiar classes of computer peripherals, which has firmly established itself in the workplace back in the 90s of the last century. Since then, thousands of… no, more likely, tens of thousands of models of these devices have been released. Of course, with the advent of cameras “in every iron”, interest in them faded slightly. But now, due to the advent of the era of a new reality that changes the ways of communication to remote ones, the demand for webcams is starting to grow again. This means that new models of these simple video devices will be produced.

Design, specifications

The Logitech C505e comes in a rugged industrial design box. Everything shows that the device is hardly intended to decorate shop windows. Yes, this model is positioned by the developer as a business-class webcam, which means that it is unlikely to hit the store shelves. I wonder what could be in it that would distinguish it from an “economy class” camera?

The camera comes with… Yes, it doesn’t come with anything. In addition to multiple folded multilingual leaflets with information about safety measures and guarantees. But the Logitech C505e cable is long, unlike cheap “amateur” webcams. A full two meters.

The unpretentious calm design of the body is clearly designed for non-gaming use of the camera, strictly for a business environment. The matte black body does not glare and does not draw too much attention to itself.

To the left of the lens is a sleek white LED. It is dim and turns on only when the camera is activated. To the right of the lens – exactly in the center of the body – is the built-in microphone grille.

The front panel can be detached from the body with little effort. For this, there is even a special recess. Apparently, the developer planned or plans to change these panels. By the way, there is nothing interesting under the panels – the same neat matte case, only with technological recesses and latches holding the front panel.

The most interesting and useful part of the design is the camera mount. It consists of two knees connected to the body of the device and to each other by hinges. Elastic articulation does not allow chatter – the loops clearly have an internal rubberized base, which increases the tilt force and fixes the selected angle. And for reliable fixation on objects, both knees have rubber “heels”.

Thanks to this mount, the device is securely held on thin and thick monitors, even on laptop screens. However, the camera can also be installed on a horizontal surface – matte plastic holds it well on smooth surfaces.

The last thing to worry about is the heating of such a simple device. A medium-sized sensor, economical modest electronics – why heat up there? Let’s see. Let’s take a picture of the camera with a thermal imager after an hour of its continuous operation.

The maximum body temperature (44 °C) is observed in only one area, exactly in the lens glass. But here’s the catch: glass reflects more than just visible light, so it’s more accurate to judge from other shots that don’t have reflective surfaces. Of the rest of the case, heat is higher on the right side of the rear panel. Apparently, here is a processor that processes the video stream and is responsible for other operations performed by the camera. Such a temperature is not dangerous for modern electronics, although the user manual contains a warning about a possible overheating of the device.

The main specifications of the camera are shown in the following table:

  • viewing angle: 60° diagonal
  • focus: fixed focus
Interfaces USB-A
Max. video resolution (HD) 720p@30fps
Dimensions, weight 32×73×66 mm, 75 g
Cable length 2 m
Other features
  • Universal monitor/laptop/TV mount
  • Noise-cancelling monaural omnidirectional microphone (clear sound up to 3 m)
  • automatic light correction
Retail offers

ask price

Camera information can also be seen on the product page.

Connection, setup

The process of connecting the camera comes down to plugging the plug into the corresponding USB port of the PC. There is no need to search for and install any drivers – Windows will install them automatically. After that, in the Device Manager, the camera will be displayed under its real name.

Consider the technical parameters of the video that the camera broadcasts. The device has some settings that can be changed only from programs that support video streaming and have callable tuning modules. The program, which is guaranteed to give all of the above, was born many, many years ago and is known to anyone who at the beginning of the century came across video processing. Of course it’s VirtualDub. The logic of the program has remained the same, terribly inconvenient when everything you need is scattered on different shelves. But it’s all there! You just need to search.

You can see that the frame rate, resolution, brightness-contrast-saturation, and shutter speed can be adjusted. All these features are provided by the driver, which, as we remember, is installed automatically. And by the way, it turns out that the “default” (default) frame size of our camera is not 1280 × 720 at all, but 1280 × 960 at a frequency of 30 frames per second, subject to MJPG compression.

However, in the overwhelming majority of cases, all these parameters are unknown to the ordinary user. He has never used them and probably never will. And it is right. The webcam should work the way a light bulb works. Plugged it in – it works. Unscrewed – does not work. Or, let’s change it: I started broadcasting in Skype, Viber or Zoom – the camera works. Stopped the broadcast – the camera does not work.

We did not find any programs that would refuse to recognize the camera connected to the PC. All applications that work with UVC devices ( U SB V ideo device C lass) can easily receive a signal from the device in question.

But in the course of searching, we found a program that was simply born to capture video from sources such as our camera. By communicating with the camera driver, the Movavi Video Capture allows you to select a frame size of 9 directly on the main panel of the program window.0211 and even a frequency of , which is very useful when shooting at home. After all, by changing the frequency, we will eliminate the annoying effect of flickering lamps in the frame, which occurs due to a mismatch between the frequency of the video recording and the frequency of our mains. Is there flicker? No problem. We set it to 25 frames per second and the flickering disappears, as the camera will automatically change the shutter speed, making it a multiple of 25 or 50, and not 30 or 60 by default.

Moreover, due to the versatility of the device, its signal is “understood” not only by a PC, but also by a smartphone. True, this also requires a special application in which you can select the video source. For example CameraFi.

Image and sound quality

The resolution of the camera is low, in the maximum shooting mode it barely reaches 600 TV lines on the horizontal side of the frame.

This fact clearly indicates the mission of the camera. Like the vast majority of similar devices, the webcam is not designed for filming highly detailed cinematics with a blurry back. This tool, severe in its simplicity, is used exclusively in work, study and other online communication. There are three tasks that a camera must perform flawlessly: uninterrupted and trouble-free operation, a quiet video image, and, of course, clear sound.

I’m too lazy to doubt the device’s uninterrupted and non-failure operation. There is simply nothing to break in the chamber. But as for the lack of noise in the frame – this requirement is unlikely to be met by some, even the most ultra-modern, but miniature device. It’s not just about the size of the sensor. Optics is the key to the sensitivity of a video camera. And what kind of optics do smartphones or webcams have? That’s right, microscopic. It is this amount of light – microscopic – that manages to crawl through the hole to get to the sensor. Hence the traditionally low sensitivity of any miniature photo / video equipment.

In order to evaluate the amount of digital noise that occurs due to the included gain when shooting in low light conditions, we will conduct a long-established test.

Well, everything is as it was said. But, we note, unlike very old video cameras with ancient “blind” sensors, our webcam gives a completely watchable picture already at 20 lux. To “understand the process” (what do all these suites of yours mean?), let’s give a plate that was once obtained as a result of simple observations and measurements.

Condition Light level (lux)
Sunny day, open area 5700
Sunny day, shade 700
Sunny day, sunny room 260
Artificial lighting, 300 W in a 25 m² room 20
Artificial lighting, 60 W in a 25 m² room 5

Another factor that often worries the user is the smoothness of the video. It is not uncommon to find webcams that give a “jerky” stream. In fact, in the vast majority of cases, the cause of this jerkiness lies not at all in the camera, but in the brake communication channels and servers through which the video is pumped. But we still reassure the reader by filming a short New Year’s performance of a famous character.

As you can see, there is no question of any friezes. Fast-moving objects (cat’s paw) are also well fixed, without noticeable blurring, despite the modest level of illumination.

Finally, sound. In this video, one could hear not only the harmonica, but also the work of the electromechanical actuators of the doll. Indeed, the microphone in the camera is quite sensitive, it catches and transmits almost any rustle with high quality.


The positive features of the considered camera Logitech C505e come down to several points:

  • compactness, light weight
  • no overheating during operation
  • good sensitivity
  • sensitive microphone
  • long cable

All other specifications are familiar and standard for our camera and for most similar devices.