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$500–$1,000: Cheap lappies
$1,000–$1,500: Mighty mid-range
$1,500+: High-end heroes
UK deals: Best in blighty

We’re at a crossroads in finding the best cheap gaming laptop deals. These new RTX 40-series systems make it hard to recommend any RTX 30-series gaming laptop without a considerable discount. RTX 4050 machines will outperform an RTX 3060 system for roughly the same price, and the same can be said for the mobile RTX 4060, which gets mighty close to an RTX 3070 and even the Ti for less of the cost.

With lots of stock remaining of the last-gen laptops, you’d hope retailers would be slashing prices to clear room for all the new stuff, but right now, they’re remaining stubborn and keeping prices high. However, the good news is we see more and more good deals on RTX 40-series systems every day, so we aren’t too concerned about laptops with last-gen GPUs unless it’s a deal of a lifetime. 

You’ll notice that good deals on AMD systems don’t seem to come up as often as I’d like. If one does turn up, this would be the place to look. Below are the best cheap gaming laptop deals from all over the internet curated into one spot. Note that it’s not every deal online but the ones you should consider checking out. Check back periodically because some of the best gaming laptops are often on sale, but those tend to sell out quickly. We even compiled a list of the best cheap gaming PC deals if you’re looking for a desktop. See? We got you covered.

Where are the best gaming laptop deals?

In the US:

  • Amazon – RTX 3050 laptops from Acer and Dell starting at $650 
  • Walmart – cheap Gateway laptops. Remember them?!
  • B&H Photo – up to $580 off Lenovo, Asus, & MSI gaming laptops
  • Target – sub-$1,000 gaming laptops
  • Staples – up to $200 off MSI gaming notebooks
  • Lenovo – $700 discounts on Legion laptops 
  • Newegg – regular discounts on gaming laptops  
  • Best Buy – save on gaming laptops
  • Dell – save up to $250 on Dell and Alienware gaming laptops

In the UK:

  • Amazon – save on Asus, Razer, and Acer gaming laptops
  • Box – host of new and refurbished models
  • CCL – deals on current and last-gen laptops
  • Dell – Alienware and Dell Gaming laptops with up to £400 off
  • HP – save 10% on an HP Omen laptop powered by an RTX 3070 Ti
  • Overclockers – gaming laptop deals and components
  • Ebuyer – RTX 3060-powered gaming laptops
  • Very – save up to £450 on RTX 3070 MSI gaming laptops
  • Scan – regular sales on gaming laptops


Gigabyte G5 KF | Nvidia RTX 4060 | Intel Core i5 12500H | 15. 6-inch | 1080p | 144Hz | 8GB DDR4 | 512GB SSD | $1,099 $899 at Newegg (save $200 with coupon)
The Gigabyte G5 is our favorite affordable gaming laptop around right now, packing the RTX 4060 GPU for some serious 1080p gaming performance in a budget package. It’s a smart spec that essentially uses an otherwise older specification with the simple addition of just the new Nvidia RTX 40-series graphics chip. The 512GB SSD is a bit miserly, but that is upgradeable, but the 8GB of DDR4 memory is the tougher issue. Again, the memory is upgradeable but it’s still a bit frustrating. Still, a great gaming laptop for the money.

MSI GF65 Thin | Nvidia RTX 3060 | Intel Core i5 10500H | 15.6-inch | 1080p | 144Hz | 16GB | 512GB SSD | $1,999.99 $839.99 at Amazon (save $1,160)
It’s getting harder to recommend RTX 30-series machines in the face of the newer RTX 40-series, especially without a good discount. And while the CPU is a couple of generations old in this MSI machine, the rest of the spec is decent for a $772 gaming system. Don’t believe that discount figure though, this RTX 3060 machine would’ve never sold for $2,000. More like around $1,100 or less.

Asus ROG Zephyrus 14 | Nvidia RTX 3060 | AMD Ryzen 7 5800HS | 14-inch | 1080p | 144Hz | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD | $1,399.99 $799.99 at Best Buy (save $600)
If you don’t want a hulking gaming laptop, let me introduce the Zephyrus 14: a 14-incher that can game without busting your bank balance or your shoulder when lugging it around. No-nonsense specs in a delightful package. While a bit older now versus the RTX 40-series GPUs, this is a very smart package for a low fe


MSI Katana 15 | 15-inch | RTX 4060 | Intel Core i5 12450H | 16GB DDR5 | 1TB SSD | $1,029 at Newegg (save $170)
This is the RTX 4060 laptop to buy right now. For a little over $1,000, you can score a brand new RTX 4060 in a laptop that’s not massively underpowered in some other way. Usually we’d see manufacturers skimp on the SSD or RAM to get the cost down to this level, but here you’re looking at a healthy 16GB of DDR5 and a 1TB NVMe drive. Lovely.

Asus TUF 15-inch | RTX 4060 | Ryzen 9 7940HS | 16GB DDR5 | 512GB SSD | 1080p | 144Hz | $1,399 $1,179 at B&H Photo (save $220)
This laptop comes with impressive specs for the money and doesn’t skimp on any key parts (except maybe the SSD, but at least that’s upgradeable). The Ryzen 9 CPU is great, and the RTX 4060 will comfortably match the 1080p, 144Hz screen with top-notch gaming performance.

Alienware m17 R5 | RX 6850M XT | AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX | 17.3-inch | 1080p | 360Hz | 32GB DDR5-4800 | 512GB NVMe SSD | $2,349.99 $1,199.99 at Dell (save $600)
This config of the Alienware m17 R5 offers immense speed on that 1080p panel, for a competitive edge. A nice, big 17-inch display could replace your aging desktop if you saw fit. I would have liked to see a larger SSD, especially considering the capacious RAM at 32GB, but this is still a solid all-AMD buy. 

MSI Katana 15 | Nvidia RTX 4070 | Intel Core i7 12650H | 15.6-inch | 144Hz | 1080p | 16GB DDR5 | 1TB SSD | $1,499 $1,329.00 at Newegg (save $170)
Proof that Nvidia’s new RTX 40-series graphics tech doesn’t always come at a crazy price. This RTX 4070 laptop is relatively affordable and comes ready to roll with 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD. The 15.6-inch screen rocks IPS tech and 144Hz, too. OK, it runs last-gen Intel CPU tech, but with six Performance-cores, it has all the processing grunt you need for gaming.


Lenovo Legion Slim 7i | Nvidia RTX 4070 | Intel Core i7 13700H | 16-inch | 1600p | 240Hz | 16GB DDR5-5200 | 512GB NVMe SSD | $1,989 $1,790.99 at Lenovo (save $199)
If you’re looking Legion laptop with more of a low profile, this Legion Slim 7i with an RTX 4070 might give you the portability and power you’re craving.
For less than $2,000, you’re getting a sleek-looking system with a lovely 16-inch 1600p display at 240Hz.  

MSI Pulse 15 | RTX 4070 | Intel Core i9 13900H | 32GB DDR5 | 1TB SSD | 1440p | 165Hz | $1,899 $1,779 at Newegg (save $120 with code)
This laptop offers a higher-spec CPU and more RAM than most you’ll find cheaper with an RTX 4070. If you’re after a laptop that can deliver for work, creative pursuits, and gaming, this will be a better fit for it.

Gigabyte Aorus 17H | Nvidia RTX 4080 | Intel Core i9 13900H | 17-inch | 1080p | 360Hz | 16GB DDR5 | 1TB SSD | $2,599 $2,199 at Newegg (save $400)
This is just about the most affordable RTX 4080 gaming laptop we’ve found, though it is worth noting it’s of the less popular, kinda vast 17.3-inch screen size. That does make it a good desktop replacement, though not necessarily a great portable system. Still, that Nvidia GPU will fly at the native resolution of this 1080p screen, and could get close to those 360Hz figures on your favorite esports-y games.

Lenovo Legion Pro 7i | Nvidia RTX 4080 | Intel Core i9 13900HX | 16-inch | 1600p | 240Hz | 32GB DDR5-5600 | 1TB NVMe SSD | $2,749 $2,199 at B&H Photo (save $550.99)
This is a surprise: a discount on the best RTX 4080 laptop I’ve tested. It’s a fantastic notebook, offering performance that can often match and sometimes beat an RTX 4090-based system. There’s a high-performance CPU to back it up, a decent, bright 1600p screen, and a fair amount of storage. All with a discount. Neat.

Lenovo Legion Slim 7i | Nvidia RTX 4070 | Intel Core i9 13900H | 16-inch | 1600p | 240Hz | 16GB DDR5-5200 | 1TB NVMe SSD | $2,099 $1,779 at Lenovo (save $320)
If you’re looking Legion laptop with more of a low profile, this Legion Slim 7i with an RTX 4070 might give you the portability and power you’re craving.
For less than $2,000, you’re getting a sleek-looking system with a lovely 16-inch 1600p display at 240Hz.  

UK gaming laptop deals

Medion Erazer Deputy P25 | Nvidia RTX 3060 | AMD Ryzen 5 5600H | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD | 15.6-inch | 1080p | 144Hz | £849.99 £779.98 at Ebuyer (save £70.01)
For a budget laptop, this Medion has pretty much everything checked off. An RTX 3060, check; a decent CPU, check; 16GB RAM and a 512GB SSD, check and check. It’s also got the requisite high refresh rate screen. I wouldn’t want to spend more than this on an RTX 3060 machine in the face of the RTX 40-series release, but this is a decent, thick laptop for the money.

Asus ROG Strix G17 | 17-inch | RTX 4070 | Ryzen 9 7845HX | 16GB RAM | 1TB SSD | £2,166.97 £2,099.99 at CCL (save £66)
If you want a higher-end GPU in a laptop in the UK, you have to be prepared to pay a bit more for it. This is a great chassis and overall impressively built machine, at least, and at close to £2,000, it’s a little cheaper than most with an RTX 4070 inside.

MSI Katana 15 | Nvidia RTX 4070 | Intel Core i7 12650H | 15.6-inch | 144Hz | 1080p | 16GB RAM | 1TB SSD | £1,649 £1,199 at Very (save £450)
Proof that Nvidia’s new RTX 40-series graphics tech doesn’t have to break the bank. This RTX 4070 laptop is relatively affordable and comes ready to roll with 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD. The 15.6-inch screen rocks IPS tech and 144Hz, too. OK, it runs last-gen Intel CPU tech, but with six performance cores, it has all the processing grunt you need for gaming.

Below you’ll find laptop deals from across the web that our specialized deal widget has sniffed out.

Today’s best gaming laptop deals:

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Best Gaming Laptop Deals | Tom’s Hardware

When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Here’s how it works.

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A new gaming laptop can change . . . the game for you. You’ll be able to play your favorite titles on the go and, hopefully, have a system you can use for work or web browsing. It’s a great time to save on a gaming laptop as Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg, Dell, and others are offering incredible discounts daily.

We’re highlighting all of the best gaming laptop deals below. We also maintain lists of the best gaming laptops under $1,500, best gaming laptops under $1,000, and the best gaming laptops overall.  

Gaming Laptop Deals: Quick Links

  • Amazon: Up to 29% off MSI Gaming Laptops
  • Lenovo: Up to 33% off Gaming Laptops
  • Best Buy: Up to $300 off Gaming Laptops
  • Dell: Up to $680 off Gaming Laptops

Gaming Laptop Deals

Acer Nitro 5 (RTX 3050 Ti, Core i7): now $817 at Amazon (was $999)
If you’re looking for an inexpensive gaming laptop that has enough oomph to play games with some raytracing, this Nitro 5 config could be a great choice. It has RTX 3050 Ti graphics, a Core i7-11800H CPU, a 144 Hz display, and a 512GB SSD. The only downer is the 8GB of RAM, but you can upgrade it.  

Alienware M15 R7 Gaming Laptop: now $1,549 at Dell (was $2,099)
Users can take home the Alienware M15 R7 gaming laptop for $1,549. This laptop is more than equipped for modern gaming with an RTX 3070 Ti GPU and an Intel Core i7-12700H processor, as well as a high refresh rate 240Hz QHD display.

Acer Predator Triton 300 SE-14: now $959 at Best Buy (was $1,599)
With a 14-inch screen, Intel Core i7-12700H CPU, RTX 3060 GPU, 16GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD, this gaming laptop is a capable gaming machine for playing anywhere. 

Asus ROG Zephyrus G15 Ultra Slim: now $1,689 at Amazon (was $2,099)
With a 15.6-inch 165Hz QHD display, an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card, AMD Ryzen 9 5900HS processor, 16GB of DDR4 RAM, and a 1TB PCIe NVMe SSD, this laptop packs a lot of power into its ultra-slim frame.
(model -GA503QS-BS96Q) 

Asus ROG Zephyrus G15: now $1,429 at Best Buy (was $2,199)
The ROG Zephyrus 15 sports a 1440p QHD 15.6-inch screen and is powered by an AMD Ryzen 9 5900HS processor, Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 GPU, 16GB of RAM, and a 1TB SSD for storage. 

Asus ZenBook Pro 15: now $1,065 at Newegg (was $1,399)
Although it may not look like a gaming laptop, the ZenBook Pro 15 is no slouch. The device rocks an AMD Ryzen 7 5800H CPU and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Ti GPU to tackle modern titles. The gaming laptop also boasts a 15-inch OLED display. 

Gigabyte Aorus 17 (Model: YE5-74US544SH): now $1,949 at Newegg (was $2,499)
The powerful Aorus 17 contains an Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti GPU, an Intel Core i7-12700H CPU, 32GB of DDR5 RAM, and a 1TB SSD. The resolution of the screen is only 1080p on an IPS panel, but the screen does boast a massive 360 Hz refresh rate.

Legion Pro 7i Gen 8 Intel (RTX 4090): now $3,199 at Lenovo (was $3,599)
This high-spec gaming laptop from Lenovo not only has a powerful 16 GB Nvidia RTX 4090 laptop GPU inside but also an Intel Core i9-13900HX CPU, 32GB of 5600MHz DDR5 RAM, and a 2TB SSD. This laptop’s screen is a 16-inch WQXGA IPS panel with a 240Hz refresh rate.

Lenovo 16-inch Legion Pro 7: now $2,199 at B&H Photo (was $2,899)
Powering a 16-inch 2560 x 1600 IPS screen is an Intel Core i9-13900HX processor,  an RTX 4080 with 12GB GDDR6 VRAM, and 32GBs of 5600MHz DDR5 RAM, with a 1TB SSD.
(Model – 16IRX8H)

MSI GF63 Thin: now $499 at Walmart
The MSI GF63 Thin features an Intel Core i5 processor along with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Max-Q. It also ships with 8GB of RAM and a 256 GB internal SSD of storage.     

MSI GL76 17.3-inch Gaming Laptop: now $1,699 at Newegg (was $1,899)
Featuring a 12th Gen Intel Alder Lake CPU, the GL76 gaming laptop from MSI has a Core i7-12700H at its heart and graphics powered by an Nvidia RTX 3070. This config also features 16GB DDR4 and a 512GB NVMe SSD.      

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TOP 20 games for a weak laptop

Our list of the best laptop games of 2020 gives you the opportunity to experience this endless portable entertainment and test your limits. Here we have invested all our gaming experience and thereby narrowed down the choice for you. Regardless of your playstyle, how often you play, or how powerful your device is, we’re betting there’s something on this list that you’ll love.

And if you’re looking for something a little harder, our ranking of the best PC games will help you

Don’t miss: Best laptop games. Part 1

11. FTL: Faster Than Light

  • Processor: 2 GHz
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Video card: Card with 128 MB + dedicated memory

FTL sounds like an ultra-hardcore game when you read its description: real-time strategy space game. To all this, it is also a bagel, that is, a game in which, after death, you need to start from scratch. However, in reality, FTL is the ultimate laptop casual game. You can even install it on an iPad.

You equip your starship, recruit your crew, and do your best not to die as you deliver an important message from one end of the galaxy to the other. The screenshots don’t really represent the entire FTL, since all you see is the block structure of your ship, not what surrounds it.

Still, this is the best laptop game if you ever want to play in a public place: there is nothing on the screen to make you feel embarrassed, and train neighbors are unlikely to stare at your device.

12. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

  • Processor: Dual Core 2 GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Video card: DirectX 9 compatible

Few games stay in people’s hearts for as long as Skyrim. It should feel completely outdated, but thanks to a wide variety of mods, this game remains relevant in 2020. Its age tells us that it is not necessary to have powerful equipment to install it.

It will work well on the last 2-3 years Intel Core series processors and even on some recent Atom/Pentium processors at the lowest settings. Well, if your laptop has already been beaten up by life, then there is a special mod for you that will reduce the settings even more than the game itself allows, it is called the Ultra Low Graphics Mod. Yes, a very expressive name.

So this is one of the best laptop games available today and few can argue with that. Well, if you’ve been locked in a closet for the past five years, Skyrim is a huge open-world RPG that won countless awards, including the Game Awards right after its release in 2011.

13. Broken Age

  • Processor: Dual Core 1. 7GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Video card: Intel HD 3000 or higher

Remember the game that received multi-million dollar Kickstarter funding when this sort of thing was unheard of? She was Broken Age, a point and click quest created by one of the authors of the Monkey Island project back in the 90s.

It cannot be said that she revived the genre. Rather, it’s just a funny story that is nowhere near as disappointing as the early 9 exploits.0s, most of which are best viewed through a pair of rose-colored glasses just for nostalgia. From afar.

Here you play as both male and female characters, traversing chapters in their respective stories so you don’t get bored with the story. We will refrain from spoilers so that you can discover this world for yourself.

14. Half-Life 2

  • Processor: 1. 7 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Video card: DX 8.1 compatible card

You must be thinking that rather modest hardware can only handle 2D games. However, we can assure you that some once popular 3D games still work very well on non-gaming laptops. The Valve Source engine is especially good at running less powerful GPUs, making classic games like Half-life 2 run great on today’s onboard graphics hardware.

If you’re not into shooters like Half-Life 2, you might want to check out the fantastic first-person puzzle game Portal 2. It’s also based on the Source engine. So, in Portal 2, the portal gun from Half-Life 2 is used, it forms teleportation holes in the walls, and the whole gameplay is built around this. It’s arguably one of the best games of all time, and certainly one of the best laptop games out there.

15. Minecraft

  • Processor: Intel Pentium D
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Video card: Intel HD

It’s very easy to think of Minecraft only as a game from the past. In fact, it has a much more revolutionary character than its haters might imagine. And it’s not just for kids. Try it, you might like it.

This worldbuilding classic never aimed to impress the public with its Crysis-style graphics. However, its highly scalable visuals will allow you to customize Minecraft for any device. In addition to being able to experiment with the draw distance and several visual effects the game uses, you can also change the field of view.

Minecraft is also best suited for laptop gaming since you don’t have to be very precise with the cursor. This is very handy if you are using a trackpad rather than a mouse.

16. Rogue Legacy

  • Processor: 1.6GHz
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Video card: x1950 Pro, 7900 gt

Take a ’90s platformer aesthetic, add roguelike touches, a completely modern random level generator and a few RPG models, and you’ve got Rogue Legacy. It’s one of the most addictive indie games of the last decade, not to mention one of the best laptop games out there.

You play as a knight and enter a castle inhabited by monsters. After you die, and you will definitely die, you return as one of the descendants of this warrior. The castle will be different, as will your character’s class. Even though you have to start from scratch each time, you can unlock power-ups by collecting gold from the chests in the castle.

This is what makes it more convenient, unlike a real roguelike game where you have to start completely from scratch after death.

17. Don’t Starve

  • Processor: 2 GHz
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Video card: Nvidia HD 4450

Don’t Starve is a rather provocative game in which you roam the twisted nightmarish world, exploring it and gathering supplies with the sole purpose of surviving. And so day after day. As the sun sets, terrible creatures begin to roam in the shadows. If you don’t start a fire, you’re done.

You also need to eat to stay healthy and take care of your mental health, which can get worse if you don’t find a way to cheer yourself up.
Don’t Starve has good visuals, but since it’s predominantly a 2D game, all but the weakest laptops can handle it.

18. Hearthstone

  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Video card: Intel HD 1000

If you don’t mind getting hooked on PC games, Hearthstone is a game you definitely shouldn’t miss.

It’s a bit like the classic card fighting game (and video game) Magic: The Gathering, but it’s inherently much more suited to a quick game.

However, most likely, as is often the case with many other modern casual games, this game will keep you longer than five minutes. And playing it on a laptop feels even more “right” than on a bulky desktop.

This is a Valve game, and like most Valve games, it runs very well on fairly weak hardware. Hearthstone also officially supports the integrated Intel HD 1000 GPU, which was introduced half a century ago in the Sandy Bridge generation.

19. Civilization VI

  • Processor: Intel Core i3
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Video card: Intel HD Graphics 530

The Civilization series has always been exciting, and Civilization VI is no exception. It’s important to say that it’s not just Sean Bean’s improved graphics and voice acting that sets Civilization VI apart from previous games in the series. Cities are getting even bigger, the nature of diplomacy is getting more delicate, and players need to do more than just raise armies to start their path to conquest. This version is much deeper and more varied in its gameplay than its predecessor – Civilization V.

But despite their differences, Civilization remains Civilization. And if you liked the previous series of this game, you will definitely like this one. It is not very demanding on hardware, so if you have a modern device, you should not have problems running the game.

And if you really want to go down the rabbit hole, you will definitely be pleased with the additions containing gameplay extensions, as well as civilizations that are not available in the base game.

20. The Sims 4

  • Processor: Core 2 Duo
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Video card: Intel HD 3000

EA gets a lot of criticism. After all, it was voted the most despised company in America for two consecutive years. However, in part, she still understands how to work for a large audience. The indicator here is the fact that games like The Sims 4 work on just about everything.

This infamous lifestyle sim even has a “laptop” mode, designed specifically for devices that can barely handle even the Witcher 3 screensaver. The game itself is very simple: you live a virtual life, earning money and designing a house for your family. Or do your best to torture the poor virtual farmhand by locking him in the closet.

TOP 30 games for weak PCs and laptops worth playing

If you are fond of computer games, then you probably feel a sense of nostalgia, remembering one of your favorite old games. Do you think that today it will be difficult to play hits from the past, since the “ancient” graphics will kill all the impressions? Not at all. Old masterpieces are even now played with interest and nostalgia.

Representatives of our top:

  • Sacred 2: Fallen Angel
  • Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne
  • Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3
  • Need for Speed: Underground
  • Need for Speed: Underground 2
  • Condemned: Criminal Origins
  • Max Payne 1
  • Max Payne 2
  • Sims 3
  • Battlefield 1942
  • Forager
  • Terraria
  • Half Life 2
  • Left4Dead 1
  • Left4Dead 2
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2
  • Titan Quest
  • Unreal Tournament 2003
  • Quake 3 Arena
  • Counter Strike 1.6
  • Doom 1993
  • Doom 3
  • Fallout 3
  • S. T. A. L. K. E. R: Shadow of Chernobyl
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  • Silent Hill: Homecoming
  • Heroes of Might and Magic III
  • Hotline Miami
  • Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
  • Plague Inc: Evolved

Legendary hack-and-slash game. At one time, it was a full-fledged replacement for Diablo 3 and was able to compete with this giant in all respects. Our top games for weak PCs open with the Sacred 2: Fallen Angel project for a reason: the fact is that it is still playable and looks amazing. Check it out yourself! A rich fantasy-style open world full of mysteries and dangers awaits you.

Warcraft 3 gave rise to the now popular DotA 2, tournaments in which collect tens of millions of dollars in prize money. It was The Frozen Throne that instilled interest in this genre and gave rise to the amazing world of World of Warcraft.

  • Games

    Strategy games on PC with development and building: ranking of the best games in 2021

A classic strategy that literally immediately plunges you into your world with your head.

Work again?

Continuation of the cult Red Alert 2, the cut-scenes of which simply killed with their humor. The name of the game is translated as “Red Alert”. A reference to Stalin’s red button, pressing which would lead to the complete destruction of the world. In the third part, the cutscenes between missions are just as interesting as in the previous one. There are three factions to play: the USSR, the Alliance and the Empire. Each of them pursues its own personal goals.

As soon as you see the name of this masterpiece, the Get Low soundtrack immediately starts playing in your head, or, in common people, “e ron don don”. That is why this racing hit made its way into our top. It is worth returning to it, if only for the sake of the legendary soundtracks. In the future, almost all songs from NFS: Underground were used in movies about racing.

How did the fans of the first Underground react to the release of the new part? General rejoicing. New cars, no less cool soundtracks in the spirit of NFS: Underground, new dynamic tracks – all this was received with a bang. The second part today is played a little nicer than the first. Yes, there is more content. We recommend trying both and deciding which one is cooler.

The game was released in 2006, and its passage still collects thousands of views on YouTube. The thing is that in those days, when developing games, special emphasis was placed on the plot component and the creation of an atmosphere. Graphically, they also tried to surprise, but more with style, and not with the introduction of technological innovations. You have to play as a cop who is on the trail of a maniac serial killer who preys on women.

Popping psychopaths with a pipe in their hands, gloomy corridors, subway tunnels and intriguing plot twists – everything is perfect in this game.

It is hardly possible to take and forget this smirk of the main character. Did you know that Max’s face was copied from the face of Sam Lake, the screenwriter of the project? The first 3 person shooter with the ability to slow down time and dive in different directions. Even today it looks very cool!

Continuation of the cult first part. Many fans of the series, by the way, were unhappy with the sequel. Habitual business. However, time put everything in its place, and the second part is now considered no less legendary than its prequel. We recommend playing the first part, and after it go through Max Payne 2.

How many hours can this game drag you out the first time… Even at the stage of creating characters, you can get stuck for a long time. This is a classic real life simulator where you can become anyone and achieve any goals. You can catch ghosts or fight fires. Or create a big family and work on the computer without leaving home.

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Sims 3 is completely devoid of violence and other shock content, so it’s perfect for the whole family to play.

The birth of the legendary series of epic shooters Battlefield began with this part. There is no plot as such. The only goal of the game is to destroy the enemy, using the technique or moving on your two. The medic heals allies, the infantryman wields strong weapons, the engineer repairs allied vehicles and undermines enemy vehicles, etc. We recommend that you plunge into 2002 and play the very first part of Battlefield.

This is not a game, but a whole 2D universe. Boundless scope for exploring the world, the ability to grow plants and livestock, create items – the content will last for hundreds of hours.

By the way, the game is not old at all, because it was released in 2019. It would be possible to add Minecraft to our top instead of Forager, however, “mine” is quite demanding and will fail on weak PCs and laptops.

This game is not far behind Minecraft in terms of gameplay. The 2D format does not prevent her from looking beautiful and rich. You can interact with any details, extract any kind of resources and climb deep into any cave. The main goal is to equip your home and stock up on resources, get top equipment and repel attacks from hostile creatures.

If you haven’t played it, you must have heard about this game. Gordon Freeman has wielded a telekinetic cannon and uses it to hurl objects at enemies. The game was made on the Source engine and even today it looks decent. And physics and shooting are felt in a modern way. The plot of the game captures from the first minutes. We highly recommend Half Life 2 – one of the best games for weak PCs and laptops today.

The first ever shooter with logical co-op. A group of survivors moves from point “A” to point “B”, and crowds of zombies block their way. Locations look unique, optimization is on top. Dozens of running zombies and a stable 30 FPS – even today you can play it with friends and have a lot of fun.

Continuation of the dynamic survival shooter L4D. New locations, new weapons and new charismatic characters. The goal of the game is the same – to reach the shelter. Levels have become even more beautiful, and enemy bosses have become even more insidious. Very fun to play with friends in co-op.

Some people find this series of trucker simulators very boring. Many still believe that only fans of the W key play ETS. However, for those who understand the romance of long-distance truckers, the game seems unrealistically meditative. He took the cargo and took it to distant lands, through days, nights, mountains, forests and fields. If you are interested, then be sure to play Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Titan Quest is the most worthy rival of the games in the DIAblo series. The project, of course, had a lower budget than any of the parts of the franchise from Blizzard, but in terms of content and gameplay it was not inferior to her. A little less atmospheric than Diablo 2, but thousands of people visit Titan Quest every day on the Steam platform. We invite you to try this masterpiece in the hack-and-slash genre.

The legend of computer clubs. The main competitor of Quake 3 Arena and Counter Strike 1.6. Dynamic confrontations and cool guns – this is what caught the game in those days. Then there was still such a genre as 3D action, in which Unreal Tournament 2003 occupied the top lines in terms of rating and popularity.

Today, the third Kwak, of course, looks a little pretentious. No worse than Unreal Tournament, but the visually outdated look is present. But this is just an illusion. If you have played before, then try to go into it and run for a couple of minutes. You can’t take it by the ears. The dynamics are captivating. It’s really fun to play and compete with friends.

Today you can ask anyone: literally everyone will tell you how the whole computer club was afraid of him. He set headshots with his eyes closed, killed with an AWP without a scope, knew how to keep a burst from an AK at one point. It is unlikely that you have not heard similar stories from those who attended computer clubs in their youth. CS 1.6 is a chewing gum in the center of the screen and ball mice. Do you want to go back in time, at least for a little while? Then play “Counter” 1. 6.

Yes, it looks crazy. However, this is one of the very first first-person shooters. At the time of the release of this game, a real revolution took place – all other development studios quickly switched to creating shooters in the FPS genre.

This game was launched on everything: on calculators, cameras, cash terminals, ATMs and even in the game Doom 1993 itself, they managed to launch it! Why don’t you try to enable it, at least on your PC?

After 1993 this game looks like something perfect. The third part came out in 2004. Then it was a AAA project in the horror genre. However, today Doom 3 would hardly be classified as a “horror” – rather, an FPS shooter with horror elements. The franchise is growing and new games are still being released. Thinking what to play on a weak laptop or PC from the Doom series? The third part will fit 100%.

One of the largest 3D projects in the apocalypse setting. It is worth noting that the second part of the game is not visually similar to the sequel, so Fallout fans took the sequel very negatively. However, the game itself is very capacious and atmospheric. Fallout 3 has 4 main endings and 32 additional ones. Pretty good for a 2008 game.

Shadow of Chernobyl was released by GSC Game World in 2007. It was the first part of the franchise. Further, one game per year, sequels were released: Clear Sky (2008) and Call of Pripyat (2009). All of them are good. However, we recommend you “Shadow of Chernobyl”, as the rest of the parts are demanding and may fail on weak PCs and laptops. Immerse yourself in the world of the Zone: atmospheric and very dangerous. Post-Soviet landscapes are especially pleasing to the eye and seem familiar.

We believe that the GTA franchise really began with this part. GTA III couldn’t compete with Mafia 1 because it had a weak storyline. Yes, open world, yes, many missions. But all this was not surprising even then, since all the activity was rehearsal, and the plot was empty. What can not be said about GTA: San Andreas – its world is truly alive and rich in bright characters.

The story of the game’s heroes echoes the real fate of hip-hop artists from the NWA group. Definitely recommend going if you haven’t done so yet.

Incredible horror adventure from the famous Silent Hill franchise. In 2008, when it came out, the game looked very beautiful and special. A memorable opening and an interestingly developing plot is what Homecoming is played for today.

If we talk about the legendary old games, it would be a big mistake not to mention Heroes 3. Heath is still alive today. Until now, popular streamers have been playing Heroes of Might and Magic III for hours, and tens of thousands of viewers are watching it live.

If you like turn-based strategy games and feel like you’re ready to immerse yourself in a world that will take at least a hundred exciting hours to explore, then feel free to play Heroes of Might and Magic 3.

Looking at how the game looks, you immediately think: “Well, no, this is not mine”? Then turn on the trailer on YouTube. The high quality of the soundtrack makes Hotline Miami a real masterpiece. Atmospheric and driving tracks from popular electronic music authors are waiting for you.

The gameplay is very addictive. Each of the deaths is not perceived with annoyance, because you want to constantly replay the same moments in a different scenario. You just have to give the game a chance.

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By the way, you will die from one shot or blow. Good luck!

It would seem, well, what could be the continuation? But the developers disagree here. They added even more characters, weapons and plot twists. Yes, Hotline Miami has a plot, and it’s insane.

What is good about the second part? Even more cool soundtracks, heroes and locations.