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GW Security has got all your security needs covered with surveillance cameras equipped with different features including weatherproof, vandal-resistance, 4K resolution, wide-angle, color night vision, two-way talk, and so on. Choose from our broad range of HD IP camera systems featured below, whether it is for homes or businesses or indoor or outdoor spaces.

Security cameras offer a ton of safety and security benefits to homes as well as businesses. If you haven’t got a surveillance camera system for your property already, it’s time to get one now. We discuss below the several ways in which security and surveillance solutions such as HD IP camera systems can secure your home. 

Security Cameras – A Necessity Today

By recording the activity at your property, security and surveillance cameras allow you to monitor the incoming stream of visitors and intruders, if any. In addition they serve as a great deterrent to criminals who may be watching over your home.  

These days, locks and digital alarm systems can be easily hacked into. It makes the role of surveillance cameras all the more invaluable today as they act like an extra pair of eyes and ears around your property, always keeping vigilance for you. The best part about installing a HD IP camera system is that you have a higher probability of detecting any type of unusual activity. In addition in the event that a break-in occurs and any items are stolen, security cameras increase the probability of recovery as they make it easy for law enforcement officials to identify the criminals from the security footage of your home. All in all, it’s safe to say that besides protecting your valuable assets, security cameras are one of the best ways to protect your loved ones from harm. 

Get HD IP Security Cameras Today

Peace of mind is priceless. It’s time you leverage surveillance technology to enjoy peace in the knowledge that your HD IP camera system is recording all activity around your property.  

Rapid advances in technology, especially over the last few years have not only led to breakthrough inventions in surveillance technology but have also reduced the cost of such devices. As a result, advanced cameras at reasonable prices have been flooding the market, making the best security monitoring systems available to homeowners. With a wide range of cutting-edge security cameras available for every need and budget, securing your property is now easier and more affordable than ever before. 

Browse our wide range of advanced security cameras showcased above to find one that meets all your security needs, for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Our diverse collection is designed to cater to a broad array of surveillance requirements, providing maximum security to your property. Equipped with cutting-edge features and functionality, these security cameras provide a sense of safety and protection. 

Choose from a Variety of HD IP Camera System Options 

With a range of features and functionality, you have a world of possibilities when it comes to elevating your security monitoring. Need cameras with a built-in microphone or human detection capability? Or perhaps you need one with full-time color night vision or two-way audio? No matter what your need, we have it all including weatherproof cameras and tamper-resistant ones, with advanced technologies. 

Plus our surveillance cameras come in a range of styles including fixed lens dome security camera, fixed lens turret security camera, fixed lens bullet security camera, varifocal lens dome security camera, and many more. 

Each one of them has special characteristics that make them suitable for different needs. For instance, bullet security cameras are easier to install on a wall, which makes them ideal for the outdoors. In contrast, turret dome cameras are easier to place on a ceiling, increasing their suitability for indoor spaces.

A fixed lens camera offers a wide-angle but doesn’t allow you to adjust the angle of view, focal length, and zoom level. On the other hand, in a varifocal lens camera these parameters can be modified to suit your specific needs. But there is no superior option among the two as they both meet specific purposes. For instance, over a large distance, a fixed lens camera won’t offer the same level of detail that a varifocal camera can, making it impossible to identify faces. However, its wide-angle view can cover a larger area. Therefore, depending on the type of property, square footage, and your specific security requirements, you can select the best IP security camera system that perfectly meets all your needs. 

Get in Touch With Us

If you need help in choosing the right surveillance camera for your needs and budget, we can help. Our team of expert professionals would love to hear your requirements and fit you with just what you need to ensure maximum security. 

GW Security is dedicated to the mission of equipping homes and businesses with high-quality video surveillance solutions at reasonable prices. We remain focused on exceeding the expectations of our customers with the newest generation products equipped with advanced technologies.  

With nearly 20 years in the surveillance systems industry, we have earned both, know-how in the domain and the trust of our customers. No matter which product you choose, we offer a 100% product guarantee. With GW Security, you get the surveillance assurance you need to rest in peace at night. Get in touch with us at [email protected] or 626-350-0555 to discuss your needs.


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Surveillance cameras. Static and rotating; mounted on the ceiling and standing on a shelf; hidden and visible; indoors and outdoors. Both at home and at work, CCTV cameras are an integral part of the world in which we live. No matter where or how they are used, they see and capture what we would rather not see but are grateful for it nonetheless.

In CCTV cameras, the memory card is the most important technology that allows us to view what the camera has seen and recorded. After all, we are recording a video, which at some point may be necessary and useful. Therefore, it is important that the image is clean and crisp.

When buying a memory card, how can we make sure that it meets our needs and provides high-quality images? We inquire and verify important specifications such as capacity, speed and durability of the memory cards we are interested in. After that, choose a brand that we trust.


As usual, read the instruction manual. It may contain some recommendations from the manufacturer for a particular model.

The next thing to consider is how the camera will be used. Will it record all the time or only when motion is detected? Continuous use requires a large capacity and long life card, while motion detection recording requires lower requirements.

Next, consider the resolution of the camera. High-definition (1080p or 4k) video storage requires more space.

Without going into details, in practice the choice varies from 32GB to 512GB.

Speed ​​

Although the speed class of a memory card is determined by the read and write speeds, in the case of CCTV cameras, only the write speed is really important, that is, the speed at which the card writes data to its memory. If the speed is too slow, the video may skip or freeze, making it pointless to install the camera.

Most security cameras are designed around the size of microSD memory cards. Therefore, when considering performance, we will limit ourselves to just such cards. New models of microSD memory cards offer more storage space, allowing for longer video recordings (ideal for CCTV cameras for continuous recording). When shooting in Full HD or 4K UHD, slow frame rates and dropping frames are unacceptable. Choose cards with a write speed of at least 70MB/s and support for the UHS-I Video Speed ​​Class (V30).


It goes without saying that cameras that record continuously require memory cards capable of 24/7 operation. Similarly, for cameras placed outdoors, you should choose memory cards that can withstand extreme temperatures, humid environments, and high winds.


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Set up security cameras in the Home app on iPhone

In the Home application, you can view video from surveillance cameras in your home. With any HomeKit-compatible camera, you can view live video in the Home app, choose who can access the live video, and set notifications when activity is detected.

For a list of compatible security cameras, see the Home App Controlled Smart Home Accessories website.

If you have one or more HomeKit Protected Video-enabled cameras, the additional benefits listed below are available to you.

  • Encrypted video. Video recorded by your cameras is analyzed and encrypted on the device you use as your home hub (Apple TV or HomePod) and then securely uploaded to iCloud. These security measures ensure that only you and the people you share it with can view the video.

  • Video recording. If you have an iCloud+ subscription, you can view activity-detected surveillance video from the last 10 days. Depending on the tariff plan, it supports from one camera to an unlimited number of cameras. iCloud+ 50GB plan supports one camera; iCloud+ 200GB plan supports up to five cameras; iCloud+ 2TB plan supports unlimited cameras.

    Video content from cameras does not count towards remaining free space in iCloud storage.

  • Activity zones. You can create zones for the camera to focus on the most important areas within the camera’s field of view.

  • Face recognition. You can receive notifications when people tagged in the Photos app appear in the camera’s field of view.

See Save encrypted security camera footage to iCloud with HomeKit Protected Video and Set up HomeKit Protected Video on all devices in the iCloud User Guide.

Camera options

When you add a camera to the Home app, you can select video streaming options and assign a room to the camera. With a camera that supports HomeKit Protected Video, you can also select recording options. By default, up to four cameras can be added to favorites and displayed on the Home tab. To change these settings later, tap the Cameras tile, then tap the button. The options listed below will be displayed.

  • Room. You can place the camera in one of the rooms of the house, or create a room if the camera is located outside the house, such as above the porch or in the yard.

  • Notices. Tap Status & Notifications, select the setting to receive notifications when the camera detects activity, changes status, or goes offline.

  • Recording setting for cameras that support HomeKit Protected Video. You can create different recording settings for use when you are at home and when you are not at home. For example, when you are at home, you can stop broadcasting and recording video from the camera located inside the house, but continue to broadcast and record video from the camera located outside.

    The Home app uses the location of devices owned by home users to switch between Home and Away modes. For example, when you leave home with your iPhone, the camera switches from Home mode to Away mode.

Notification settings

  1. On the Home tab, tap , then tap Home Settings.

  2. Tap Cameras & Doorbells.

  3. Touch the camera for which you want to set notifications.

  4. Tap Notifications and turn on Activity Notifications.

    HomeKit compatible cameras can send a notification when motion is detected. Cameras that support HomeKit Protected Video can also send notifications based on the following factors:

    • the onset of a certain time of day;

    • presence or absence of someone at home;

    • clip recording;

    • detection of any or specific movement.

      When you select a certain motion, you are notified when the camera detects people, animals or vehicles, or when a delivery is in progress. In order for a delivered object to be detected, it must remain in the camera’s field of view after delivery.

      If you select a specific type of motion, fewer clips will be created and you will receive fewer notifications than if the camera is set to detect any motion. The total length of the camera video you need to view will also be reduced. For example, if you select people detection, the camera will not start recording when it detects the movement of tree leaves or a squirrel jumping from branch to branch.

Create hotspots for cameras that support HomeKit Protected Video

You can create zones that focus a HomeKit Protected Video camera on the most important areas within its field of view, such as the front doorway rather than the sidewalk behind it. You can then receive alerts if motion is detected in these areas.

Activity zones can only be created for cameras configured to record when a certain type of motion is detected. Activity zones do not affect automations related to motion detection.

  1. On the Home tab, tap the camera tile, then tap the button.

  2. Tap Select Activity Zones, tap the video to create a zone, then tap Add Zone.

    To make the camera detect motion only outside the area you specify, tap Swap Area.

  3. Create any additional zones in the camera’s field of view, such as one for the driveway and one for the mailbox.

  4. Touch the Done button.

To remove an activity zone, click Select Activity Zones, click inside the zone, then click Clear.

Watching videos

  1. On the Home tab, tap the camera tile.

    Live streaming will start playing automatically.

  2. If you have chosen to record video on a camera that supports HomeKit Protected Video, swipe the timeline at the bottom of the screen to view the recorded clips.

  3. Touch a clip to play it.

  4. Tap Live to return to live video.

When the camera is set to detect a certain type of motion, the timeline displays symbols for objects whose motion has been detected: people, animals, vehicles, and delivered items.

You can also view recorded and live videos in the Home app on your Mac with macOS 10.15.1 or later installed.

Select access options

Follow the steps below to allow other people to view video from your cameras.