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No matter what you do, it’s unlikely that the symptoms of seasonal allergies can be avoided entirely. Make sure to have over-the-counter cold and allergy medications on hand to battle symptoms, and stock up on facial tissues so you’ll always have one available when you need them.

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  • On a sunny day, take the opportunity to clean your windows – you’ll need glass cleaner, a bucket, a squeegee, and paper towels.
  • Have a step stool or ladder on hand to access hard-to-reach places like the tops of cabinets and overhead lighting.
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  • Use drain cleaner to clear up sink and bathtub drains.

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Headset Microphones – Elite Core

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Elite Core Cables for HS-Series Microphones


Cables available in black and tan with various connector options for HS-09, HS-10, and HS-12 headset microphones.

Choose Options

HS-12 Dual Ear EarSet Headworn Microphone with two cables


Elite Core HS-12 The HS-12 EarSet hangs behind the head over both ears for maximum stability and comfort. Right or Left side operation. The headband and mic boom are both fully adjustable with the included tool. Lightweight and great sounding,. ..

Choose Options

OSP HS-09 EarSet Headworn Microphone with two cables


Elite Core HS-09 The HS-09 includes 2 detachable connector cables plus a zipper pouch carrying case. Choose Tan or Black with connection for Shure, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, AKG, and more. The HS-09 is an omnidirectional condenser earset…

Choose Options

HS-12 Dual Ear EarSet Headworn Microphone TAN – MIC ONLY


MIC ONLY, No Cables Included on this listing. This is for 1 HS-12-TAN Dual Ear Headset mic only.
The HS-12-TAN Dual Ear Headset Microphone is perfect for speaking, preaching, dramas, or instructors. It features a gold tip connector design that allows…

Elite Core HS-10 Modular EarSet System


Elite Core HS-10
The Elite Core HS-10 earset microphone kit is the ultimate all-in-one package for use in almost any situation. With this system, you’ll find two complete microphones, ready to be configured according to your…

Choose Options

HS-09 EarSet Headworn Microphone TAN – MIC ONLY


HS-09-TAN The HS-09-TAN Earset Microphone is perfect for speaking, preaching, dramas, or instructors. It features a gold tip connector design that allows the cable to securely screw into it at the earnub. It comes in a…

Headphones with microphone: Three options to choose from | Articles | Audio and video equipment

Almost all modern headphones are equipped with a microphone. Phone headsets need it for calls, work headphones for video conferencing, and gaming headphones for voice chats. So whatever headphones you choose now, most likely, you will have to focus not only on the sound quality and speaker characteristics, but also on the microphone.

Today we will look at how to choose the right headphones with a microphone.

Photo: flickr.com

Three main features

Housing design

There are four different headphone categories based on the type of design.

Earbuds are the cheapest type of headphones that are becoming less and less popular now. They are still handed out for free (for example, on airplanes and long-distance buses), but they are almost never bought for permanent use.

These headphones have average sound quality and no isolation from external noise. Nevertheless, the popular Apple AirPods are made according to this principle, but they are distinguished from the rest by calibration, technical features and price. So among the liners, they have become an exception.

The in-ear headphones are droplets with ear cushions. They are now common among smartphone users. Thanks to soft rubber or silicone ear cushions, they sit well in the ear and block out extraneous noise.

The reproduction quality of these headphones is often very high, they transmit both bass and treble well. These are Marshall Major II headphones, some models of Beats and other popular brands.

Different types of headphones. Photo: isy.com

On-ear headphones are large headphones, they are worn over the ear, but soft ear cushions do not completely cover the ear, but only “overlap” on top of it.

Most often, devices of the middle segment have this design. They sometimes sound good, but isolation from ambient noise leaves much to be desired. And all precisely because of the design, it physically transmits more sounds than other types. These headphones sometimes have a padded headband, but can put pressure on your ears, especially if you use them for long periods of time.

The over-ear headphones are the most expensive type of headphones. This includes monitor devices that are used in sound engineering or editing, and headphones for music lovers, and devices for home cinemas. The full-size ear cups cover the entire ear, so they create comfort during long work or rest. The ear cushions are soft and very large, and the headband is almost always soft and covered with a special material: artificial leather or fabric. These headphones are known for their high quality sound.

Driver type

Photo: sony.com Dynamic headphone design.

Dynamic earphones work according to a specific principle. The basis of this principle is a membrane that vibrates under the influence of current and transmits sound. This whole structure is so small that it allows you to create miniature headphones. This is how most of the headset models familiar to us are arranged. You should not expect professional quality sound reproduction from these headphones, but you can count on the full transmission of all frequencies and high volume.

Armature headphones are noticeably larger due to a completely different system. They also have a membrane, but it fluctuates not from the current, but from the turns of the movable armature. In order not to go into the details of the physical and technical device, we note that such headphones provide high sound insulation, transmit sound with high quality, but are able to reproduce fewer frequencies than dynamic headphones.

Acoustic design

Open-back earphones. Photo: headphones.com

In terms of acoustic design, everything is very simple and understandable almost “by eye”. Headphones closed type have no openings on the case. This design allows you to provide high sound insulation – others do not hear what is playing in the headphones, and the sounds from the outside are not audible to those who put on the headphones.

The open earphones are provided with openings through which air flows to the speakers. Thanks to this, the headphones produce a clearer sound and level out echo waves, but are limited in the location of use. They do not drown out extraneous noise, in addition, the music you listen to is heard from outside.

Headphone specifications

Professional monitor headphones often do not have a microphone. Photo: Roland.com

Headphones have several indicators that can be found in the description of the characteristics. To make it simple and clear to choose, we will indicate the name of the characteristic and note the limits within which its value should be in order to be able to count on high-quality sound.

  • Frequency response. The standard value is 20 – 20,000 Hz. It is in this range that the sounds that the human ear recognizes are located. It may change with age, but for headphones and any other audio playback devices, it remains the standard. It is not necessary to look for a wider range, because the likelihood that you will distinguish additional sounds is extremely small.
  • Impedance. This is the headphone input impedance. The value itself is not very clear, but the main thing is to know which indicator is ideal for your music playback device (smartphone, computer, stereo or player). When it comes to standard headphones, 16-32 ohms is the optimal value.

Wired or wireless headphones

Headphones today can be either wired or wireless. The only difference is in the connection method. If the wired ones are enabled via a 3.5 mm jack, then the wireless ones are synchronized with a smartphone via Bluetooth or a radio channel. In the latter case, an adapter is used for communication, which works via a USB port.

Almost all modern smartphones do not have an input for wired headphones, so it is best to choose Bluetooth models for them. For players or laptops, you can still use wired headphones.

If you decide on a wireless model, you should choose one that supports the latest versions of Bluetooth. Otherwise, interference may occur in crowded places, especially if the phone is in a bag or pocket.

Water resistant

Water resistant is a feature that is important for those who buy headphones for sports or walking. It depends on her whether the headphones will survive the fall into the water, the ingress of raindrops or sweat. For the home, such models are not necessary to choose.

Noise reduction

This characteristic is important for those models that do not have noise reduction in the design. The software noise reduction of wireless headphones affects the battery, but it allows you to limit extraneous sounds.


Headphones with boom microphone. Photo: 9to5toys.com

We choose headphones with a microphone, so we will give this device a separate item. A good microphone should record or catch a voice without interference, cut off extraneous noises or sighs during a conversation.

The microphone is usually located either on the wire next to the volume buttons or, in the case of wireless headphones, on the case.

If the headphones are large gaming, then they may have a gun microphone. This is the most advanced option.

Guns are most often condenser microphones. They have wide audio frequency and better transient response and are the ones used for recording. These microphones are sensitive and compact.

Radiation pattern

Various microphone pickup patterns. Photo: yourfreesounds.com

The main characteristic of a microphone is its polar pattern. Microphones pick up sound in different ways and from different directions. The omnidirectional microphone picks up ambient sounds from all directions.

Cardioid microphone picks up sound from one direction and focuses on the speaker’s voice, partially canceling ambient noise. It got its name from the diagram that looks like a heart.

Semi-cardioid polar pattern is best suited for recording due to its narrow pickup direction.

Don’t forget that headphones with a microphone are best chosen based on the sound quality “at the other end of the line.” Marshall headphones are distinguished by high quality microphones, the same can be said about the premium brands Apple and Beats.

wired and wireless models rating

For computer and consoles, with wires and radio signal

Daria Tilnaya

listened to which side the opponent was sneaking up from

Author profile

Gaming headphones don’t have to be expensive.

But they should sound good and help the player quickly recognize where the enemy is sneaking up from. And with a good headset, it’s convenient to communicate with teammates and you don’t have to sit close to the computer because of the short wire.

I studied reviews of popular gaming headphones and reviews about them – and formulated several criteria by which you should make a choice. And then I checked what is sold in Russian stores to choose the best models.

Selection criteria

The first criterion by which I screened out a lot of manufacturers is their presence on the Russian market. For example, Sony, Logitech and Razer have stopped shipping their products to Russia. But gaming headphones of these brands can be found on sale, as they are imported in parallel.

With the SteelSeries and Asus brands, the situation is worse – it is much more difficult to find headphones, so I will not recommend them. Although these brands have very good options for gaming headphones: SteelSeries Arctis 7P and 7+, Asus ROG Theta 7.1. I have not yet considered no-names and budget brands, which have a lot of defects and questionable quality.

When choosing headphones, I recommend paying attention to several criteria.

Sound. Gaming headphones don’t need “deep, detailed bass” as much, what matters here is the purity of the sound and how accurately the headset reproduces sound in space. If a grenade explodes to the right, two meters from the player, it should sound like this so that the user understands where the sound is coming from. That’s why surround sound is so popular now. But here lies the catch.

There are two options for realizing surround sound.

  1. Virtual, which is achieved by software settings. These headphones have only two emitters, but you can turn on the surround sound function. This technology deceives our hearing: we perceive stereo sound as surround sound. Engineers have learned to reproduce sounds in such a way as to imitate the position of the source in space. For example, we will feel steps to the left by feeding sound into the headphones at a certain frequency and time delay.
  2. True multi-channel sound. There are several emitters in such headphones at once, but this makes them very heavy. Therefore, such models are not suitable for gamers, after an hour of playing the head starts to hurt.

Gaming headphones use virtual surround sound, realism varies by manufacturer. Most companies use proprietary algorithms to turn stereo sound into surround sound. As a rule, they do not work very well: the sound quality and detail deteriorate.

The best wired and wireless over-the-ear headphones: 6 great models from £5000

To get surround sound, you can use technologies from specialized developers: Dolby and DTS. To do this, you need to download the appropriate program and buy a license in the Microsoft Store, but some manufacturers like Logitech and JBL include perpetual licenses with their headsets. Then it is enough to simply activate the function in the headphone settings.

Sound quality is affected by the size of drivers, frequency range, codecs. Therefore, drivers for gaming headphones should be from 40 mm, and the minimum frequency range should be 20-20,000 Hz.

Microphone. In order to hear the player well, you need a microphone with a cardioid directivity and sufficient sensitivity. Condenser microphones are more sensitive than dynamic microphones. The optimal indicator for gaming headsets is from -45 to -35 dB. If the microphone is too sensitive, other players, in addition to the user’s voice, will hear any extraneous noise.

It’s great if the microphone can be turned off with a button on the bowl, and also removed when not needed. Noise reduction and presets help to remove extraneous noise so that the interlocutors hear only the user’s voice, without the sound of the cooler and the sound of keys.

Comfort. For playing 5-8 hours in a row, the headphones should not put pressure on the ears. This is affected by the weight of the headset, the size and location of the bowls, and the presence of adjustment. A common problem is that the ears sweat in headphones. This happens with leatherette ear pads, so sometimes manufacturers add interchangeable fabric ear pads to the kit. Ears don’t sweat in them even in summer.

Wire length. It is better to choose a wire with a length of 1. 2-1.5 m so that you do not have to sit right next to a computer or set-top box. Another option is wireless headphones that will free you from wires. But these usually weigh a little more due to the battery inside the bowls.

When choosing wireless headphones, I recommend paying attention to three more criteria: type of wireless connection, autonomy, signal transmission speed.

Wireless connection type: RF or Bluetooth. Headphones with a radio module transmit the signal faster, there is a minimum of delays, but a free USB port is needed to connect. Bluetooth headphones are suitable if the sound delay is not critical and the user will connect them to several devices.

Autonomy. It is desirable that the headphones work from 20 hours, then they will not have to be charged too often.

Baud rate. Wireless headphones have audio delay anyway. Due to the high lag, Bluetooth headsets are not suitable for dynamic shooters: the sound will lag and interfere during the game. A wireless headset with a radio usually has lower audio latency. In our rating, almost all wireless headsets are with a radio module.

The best budget wireless headphones: 5 tested models up to 8000 R

In the case of Bluetooth headphones, what codec they support is also important. For example, aptX has minimal delays. But both headphones and a computer must support such a standard.

When choosing wireless gaming headphones for Xbox, you need to look to ensure that they can be connected to the console. Microsoft has developed a wireless connection with a higher bandwidth of 5 GHz, so only specially adapted headphones from Microsoft and their partners, such as Razer and Steelseries, can be connected to the console.

I compared the sound of headphones in stores, asked gamer friends and studied reviews on Yandex Market and DNS in order to collect the most complete information about each model.

Shortlisted 12 models that meet the above criteria:

  1. HyperX Cloud Alpha S.
  2. Asus ROG Theta Electret.
  3. Razer Blackshark V2 X.
  4. Microsoft Xbox TLL-00010.
  5. HyperX Cloud Flight.
  6. Logitech G Pro X.
  7. Asus TUF Gaming h4 Wireless.
  8. HyperX Cloud Stinger.
  9. Asus ROG Delta S.
  10. Logitech G733.
  11. Razer Kaira Pro
  12. Sony Pulse 3D

Of these, I chose six that fit the nominations

  • Budget among the best
  • Optimal
  • Best wireless
  • best wired
  • best for Xbox
  • best for PS5

For set-top boxes, I also remembered models from manufacturers. I will talk further about the pros and cons of branded models and how they can be replaced.

Budget among the best Optimal
Razer Blackshark V2X HyperX Cloud Alpha S
Good sound, comfortable fit, non-removable but switchable microphone. Good for games, not good for music Good sound, two types of ear pads included. There is a USB adapter, it is more convenient to connect to a computer with it
In “M-video” – from 6000 R;
on Yandex Market – from 4000 R
On Yandex Market – from 9500 R;
in MTS – from 7490 R
Top Wireless Best Wired
Logitech G733 Wireless Logitech G Pro X
Wireless gaming headset with backlight and up to 29 hours of battery lifehours Headphones with great sound and customizable microphone. Sound card included
In DNS — 16,000 R;
on Yandex Market – from 11,000 R
In DNS — 17,000 R;
at Sbermegamarket — from 16,990 R
Best for Xbox Best for PS5
Razer Kaira Pro Sony Pulse 3D
Dual microphone wireless headset that easily connects to Xbox Series X|S Very detailed sound in games, but poor battery life – 12 hours
In DNS — 15,000 R;
on Yandex Market – from 13 000 R
On “Ozone” – from 8500 R;
on Yandex Market – from 8300 R

Budget among the best

Razer Blackshark V2 X

Good sound, comfortable fit, non-removable but detachable microphone. Good for games, rather weak for music

In “M-video” – from 6000 R;
on Yandex Market – from 4000 R


HyperX Cloud Alpha S

Good sound, two types of ear pads included. There is a USB adapter, it is more convenient to connect to a computer with it

On Yandex Market – from 9500 R;
in MTS – from 7490 R

Best wireless

Logitech G733 Wireless

Wireless gaming headset with backlight and autonomy up to 29 hours

V DNS – 16,000 R;
on Yandex Market – from 11,000 R

The best wired

Logitech G Pro X

Headphones with excellent sound and a microphone that can be customized. Sound card included

V DNS — 17,000 R;
at Sbermegamarket – from 16,990 R

Best for Xbox

Razer Kaira Pro

Wireless headset with two microphones that easily connects to Xbox Series X|S

V DNS – 15,000 R;
on Yandex Market – from 13,000 R

Best for PS5

Sony Pulse 3D

Very detailed sound in games, but poor battery life – 12 hours

On Ozone – from 85 00 R;
on Yandex Market – from 8300 R

But we do not distort or embellish the reviews. The choice of specific things does not depend on whether we receive a commission.

Product reviews in Tinkoff Magazine are independent. We make a verdict based on reviews of things and devices that we carefully studied, or how these things performed during editorial tests.

For reviews, we either request goods from the manufacturer for a test, or buy them ourselves, or study reviews in other publications and user opinions. Our reviews are subjective, but honest and expert: opinions are written by authors who have more than one review behind them. The editorial team of Tinkoff Magazine double-checks the texts, proofreads them and conducts fact-checking.

All prices are at the time of publication of the material, but we update them periodically to keep the reviews up to date.

Budget among the best-Razer BlackShark V2 x

RTINGS.com rating: 7.0

In Razer BlackShark V2 X two 50 mm Razer Tricerce emitter and frequencies of slightly more standard-12–28 000 Hz. Headphones have good sound, but only for games. You can listen to music, but low and high frequencies are rather weak here.

But in games, you can hear the smallest details: from which side the enemy is sneaking up, from where they are shooting. Due to the fact that the ear pads fit snugly to the ears, the user is not disturbed by extraneous noise. Headphones will not protect against the sound of a neighbor’s drill, but they will muffle the conversation of the family.

The microphone cannot be removed, but can be turned off with the button on the left ear cup. It bends, but the microphone leg is thin – it’s better not to pull it back and forth so that the headset lives longer. The microphone has a pop filter, so the sound of breathing and conversations of other people in the room will not be heard by the interlocutors. Such a microphone is enough to chat with teammates, but don’t expect cool sound from it.

Headphones fit snugly on the head and ears, the position of the cups can be adjusted up and down – they slide out, but do not turn. True, there is no latch so that the bowls always remain in the selected position. The headband is soft, the ear cushions are made of leatherette, the inside is memory foam. The plug is 3.5 mm, the cable length is 1.5 m, but the kit includes the same extension cable. The headphones weigh 240 g, so you can play them for a long time: your ears do not sweat, there is no pressure anywhere, your head does not hurt.

The best wireless TWS headphones: 4 flagship models from 9000 R

  • on Yandex Market – from 4000 R.
  • Optimal – HyperX Cloud Alpha S

    Rtings.com score: 7.6

    HyperX Cloud Alpha S has two emitters of 5 0 mm and a sound card that is built in to the control panel on a USB extension cable. It is unlikely to provide significantly better sound quality compared to good computer sound cards, but if the PC has very poor built-in sound, then headphones will sound better. The adapter also has a remote control for sound and microphone.

    Shots, footsteps, explosions sound much more alive with these headphones. With a good sound card, it is pleasant to listen to music in them: there is no porridge, all instruments and vocals are clearly distinguishable.

    The microphone of the Cloud Alpha S is slightly better than that of the Blackshark V2 X. The sound is not so flat, the noise is minimally removed by the foam rubber pop filter. The owner of the headphones can be heard well in the chat, but the level is still not for streamers. The microphone is removable and flexible.

    Headset sits comfortably on your head. She has not the smallest weight – 321 g, but at the same time a comfortable soft headband, large bowls with height adjustment, deep ear cushions, she does not squeeze her head too much. Thanks to this, neither the ears nor the head get tired after prolonged use. If you replace the artificial leather ear pads with the included fabric ear pads, your ears will not sweat even in the heat of summer after eight hours of play.

    How to choose headphones and not overpay for extra features

    Includes a 3.5 mm cable 1 m long, a sound card with a USB cord adds another 2 m. without extension. For a set-top box, a laptop and a smartphone, such a wire, on the contrary, is convenient.

    How much:

    • on Yandex Market – from 9500 R;
    • in MTS – from 7490 R.

    Best wireless – Logitech G733 Wireless

    Rtings.com score: 7.2

    The Logitech G733 Wireless has two 40mm Pro-G drivers and a standard frequency range of 20-20,000Hz. Although these characteristics are more modest than those of the previous two models, this is not noticeable in sound. Unless the music may not have enough bass. In games, there is enough of everything – headphones help you navigate in battle, completely immerse yourself in the game and communicate with teammates. There is no sound delay in games, and the Logitech G733 also does not fall off within a radius of up to 20 m – you can, for example, go to the kitchen for tea without leaving the chat and listening to what is happening in the game.

    The headset supports DTS Headphone:X 2.0 surround sound technology, which makes the sound in games more realistic. The microphone here is removable, it can be bent closer to the mouth, but not much, since the leg is rigid. It’s definitely not possible to fold it up, you have to shoot it. The microphone works better if you turn on the Blue Voice setting in the G Hub app.

    Logitech G733 Wireless are the most comfortable fit headphones. They do not put pressure on the head and do not fly off, there are no wires here – you can get up from the table at any time. The ear cups are slightly smaller than average, but any ears fit in them. The ear pads are fabric, soft, oval. The headset is lightweight – 278 g, almost imperceptible, you can play all day long.

    The manufacturer promises 29 hours of battery life. In fact, it is: 3-4 days of play for 6-8 hours. You don’t need to charge your headphones every day. In addition, there is a 2 m long charging cable in the kit, you can plug it into a computer or power bank and play while the headphones are charging. To find out the percentage of charge, you need to quickly press the power button.

    5 perfect microphones for calls

    If you turn on the backlight, the headphones run out much faster. One drawback of the model is associated with it: sometimes users have a squeak in their headphones. Turning off the backlight helps someone, someone does not set it below 20%.

    How much:

    • in DNS – 16,000 R;
    • on Yandex Market — from 11,000 R.

    Alternative: HyperX Cloud Flight

    Rtings.com score: 7.3

    HyperX Cloud Flight – one of the best in terms of sound, despite the fact that that they have standard 50mm drivers and a frequency range of 20-20,000 Hz. The headphones have good sound isolation, they cut off extraneous sounds, so the user hears only what is happening in the game.

    The headset connects to both the computer and PS5 using the transmitter in a couple of seconds. Headphones also work via wire, but it is not included in the kit. With a wired connection, the frequency range is slightly expanded, which is useful for listening to music.

    Detachable microphone with optimum sensitivity. Even if you speak quietly, the voice is clearly audible in the chat, while there is noise reduction – there will be no extraneous sounds.

    Wireless connection delays are minimal – not only according to the feelings of the owners, this is also confirmed by tests. Claimed autonomy is 30 hours. One charge is enough for 2-3 days if you play 6-7 hours without backlight. While the headphones are charging, you can also play.

    Headphones weigh 300g without microphone – not the lightest, but the weight is well distributed so they don’t put pressure on your head. The earcups are adjustable and the ear cushions are made of leatherette and memory foam. They sit tightly on the ears, but do not press.

    How much:

    • in Citylink — from 13,500 R;
    • on Yandex Market – from 9900 R.

    Best wired – Logitech G Pro X y. They have 50mm Hybrid Mesh Pro-G drivers and a bundled USB sound card – in combination with the proprietary G Hub program, it helps to balance the sound, the headphones can be configured for different games and musical genres. There are also ready-made presets so as not to do manual settings.

    For example, you can put the Sound 3.0 preset – with it the sound is much better than out of the box. The steps of the character and opponents are clearly audible, it is easy to determine the direction.

    Headphones support DTS Headphone:X 2.0 surround sound technology. For some users, it becomes another enhancement, others do not like the sound with this feature. Here you need settings, it’s worth playing with the equalizer, as in games and movies, surround sound adds color.

    The headset microphone is detachable, easy to bend and well fixed. There is a foam pop filter to keep noise to a minimum and Blue Voice to improve the sound of the voice. In games and Discord, the user is heard clearly, while other sounds from the room are muted.

    Branded: 9 Popular Wireless Headphones That Might Disappoint

    The Logitech G Pro X is less comfortable than the Logitech G733 Wireless. They are heavier – 320 g versus 278 – and sit tighter. But the Pro X has a clearer and more bass sound. This is more noticeable in music, in games the difference is barely noticeable.

    There are no questions about the quality of materials: leatherette ear pads, aluminum and steel frame, soft-touch plastic cups. Fabric ear pads are included. In general, the headset is comfortable, but it can put pressure in combination with glasses.

    One of the advantages of headphones is that they come with a lot of wires:

    • sound card with USB plug;
    • 2m cable with integrated volume control and mute button;
    • Smartphone cable with button;
    • Y-splitter for separate microphone and headphone connection.

    How much:

    • in DNS – 17,000 R;
    • at Sbermegamarket – from 16 990 RUR0009

      Rtings.com score: 7.3

      The Razer Kaira Pro is an alternative to the original Xbox headphones, the Microsoft Xbox TLL-00010. A headset from Microsoft is now much harder to find than a Razer.

      The Razer Kaira Pro headphones feature 50mm Raze TriForce Titanium drivers with a standard frequency range of 20-20,000Hz. The sound is good and clear. Kaira Pro supports Windows Sonic surround sound technology. In games where it is used, it is easier to determine what is happening around: where the shots are coming from, which side is the enemy from.

      Headset easily connects to Xbox. After the first connection, when you turn on the headphones, the set-top box starts automatically. The Razer Kaira Pro can be connected to a computer via Bluetooth, but a wireless adapter is required, which will have to be purchased separately.

      There are two microphones – built-in and detachable. The built-in one sounds a little worse, the removable one cuts off more noise and makes the voice less flat. There are many buttons on the earcups for setting the headphones: mute the microphone and headset, bluetooth, pair with a set-top box, adjust the volume in chat and the game.

      The headphones have a significant drawback: they are heavy, weighing 365 g. But thanks to the soft headband and adjustable earcups, they are comfortable to play in. The ear pads are fabric.

      Claimed battery life of 20 hours with backlight. The owners of the headphones say that they are enough for 4-5 evenings. If you play for 5-6 hours, one charge will last for 2-3 days.

      How much:

      • in DNS – 15,000 R;
      • on Yandex Market — from 13,000 rubles.

      Alternative: Microsoft Xbox TLL-00010

      Rtings.com score: 6. 5

      The Microsoft Xbox TLL-00010 headphones have a more comfortable fit than the Razer Kaira Pro. First of all, due to the lighter weight – 312 g. The headset has good sound, which becomes even better if you adjust the equalizer in the proprietary application or buy Dolby Atmos in addition.

      Battery life slightly less than Razer: 15 hours. Here, the outdated version of bluetooth is 4.2. In order not to lose sound quality when connected to a computer, you need to buy a wireless adapter, but now it’s hard to find one. And the main drawback of this model is that it is not sold everywhere. You can order only on marketplaces.

      How much they cost:

      • on Yandex Market – from 16,500 R;
      • on Aliexpress – from $1200 rich detailed sound, no porridge. The headset can be used with or without a wire. On the wire, the sound is brighter, but not so much as to constantly use it. A 3.5 mm wire for connecting to other devices is included.

        There are two built-in noise-cancelling microphones. The voice is heard well, but the sound needs to be adjusted: the sound is mediocre. The headphones are very light – 273 g, but not comfortable for everyone: round cups are not suitable for large ears. The build quality is also questionable here: the plastic seems flimsy.

        The declared autonomy is the weakest in the rating, 12 hours, but the headphones will not work that much either. In practice, they last for eight hours. If they are discharged, you can connect to the gamepad via a wire and continue playing. But that’s not how microphones work.

        How much they cost:

        • on Ozone – from 8500 R;
        • on Yandex Market – from 8300 R.

        Alternative. Other models of headphones from the rating are also suitable for PS5: HyperX Cloud Flight, Logitech G733 Wireless. They can be connected to the set-top box using a USB transmitter.