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In recent times, flat television screens amazed the world with their compact designs and amazing features. Their wall hanging design allows users to mount their television ata desirable height by which they can get the best viewing experience. Mounting features of television on the right place and height eliminate the need of the bulky television cabinets. But flat TV screens have one flaw that is the lack of convenient shelving for TV setup boxes and gaming consoles and other accessories. But these issues can be resolved by installing a convenient and reliable TV mount. If you are searching for the reliable and professional mounting services then reach to Geek Squad TV Mounting expert technicians. 

Benefits Of Getting suitable TV Setup Solutions From Geek Squad TV Mounting Specialists!

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Choose Right TV Mount With The Help Of Geek Squad

We are available 24*7 to deliver you the best TV mounting solutions with the help of Geek Squad TV Setup services. They help you out in resolving all your issues within no time. They are proficient and experienced in setting up of television with the most advanced tools and techniques. They help you out in mounting your TV in a desirable height by taking all major precaution like selecting the right TV mount, selecting load-bearing walls. And selecting the best viewing experience for your television. So, save your enough time and energy and get instant mounting services within no time by reaching the industry experts at the Geek Squad TV Mounting helpdesk. 

When users contact Geek Squad TV Mounting specialist they get instant TV mounting solutions at their doorstep. They assist users with the best TV setup solution no matter for which brands and size they have enough skills that can help you out in resolving the mounting solutions in a more convenient way. They helped our users by providing them with the best-suited TV mount panels so that you can get the best viewing experience and all the sturdy bracket’s concealed behind the TV. They make sure that uncertain wires can be controlled easily by the convenient cord management system. 

Best of all, installing a wall mount TV mount with the Geek Squad TV Mounting specialist is quick and stress-free, they make sure that the complete installation process can take only a few minutes. Geek Squad TV Setup experts also ensure that when they mount the TV panels walls are not damaged or marred. So, don’t get stressed out when you don’t know how to set up your television in a more efficient way. Contact Geek Squad TV Mounting experts and setup your televisions within the desired budget and utmost care.

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Choose Right TV Mount With The Help Of Geek Squad

Choosing the right TV mount is a very complex process. As various televisions brands come with different weight, height and screens sizes. So, it is necessary to recognize and choose the right weight measurements of the TV mount panel. Don’t worry when you contact Geek Squad TV Mounting experts they inspect all the measurements and after that help you with the unmatchable TV set up services. 

Various types of TV mounts are listed below:

Fixed Wall Mounts – these are most common and affordable TV mounts but users are unable to fix angular adjustments with these type of mounts and the position of the television screen is fixed parallel to the placed wall.

Tilt Wall Mount – This type of TV mounts comes with vertical angle adjustment features, and users can tilt the television as per their best television experience. 

Full-Motion Mount – As the name refers this wall mount offers the best viewing experience and flexibility to users. You can easily adjust the screens as per convenience anytime. Contact Geek Squad Tech Support for TV Setup specialist and mount you televisions without any hassles.

So, when it comes to choosing the best mounting panel for your television we all need experts who can assist us with the most genuine and trusted solutions. Contact Geek Squad TV Mounting specialists and they help you out with the most reliable and affordable TV mounting solutions effortlessly. 

Geek Squad – Best Buy Reviews – Pearland, TX

Geek Squad – Best Buy Reviews – Pearland, TX | Angi

Founded 1994 • With Angi since July 2010

Local Expert Geek Squad Agents are here to install, set up, and repair your Appliance or TV. We repair most major Appliance and TV brands regardless of where they were purchased. Work is guaranteed for 90 days. We also offer a variety of computer & repair services. Check us out online, by phone, or at over 1,100 Best Buy stores.


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The installer did not finish completing the shelf, promised to come back in two days time. After two days and continuous calls, he still has not returned. He could not program the Apple TV to harmony remote control, because he said there was something wrong with my Apple TV. This is not the case since I found out my Harmony remote control works with my apple TV. He also charged for mounting TV and programming harmony remote to TV. I have been told by Best Buy that this is not the case Reported case to district manager, but no progress. The situation has gone on for about three weeks. I am sure the situation will eventually resolve itself, but I would nor recommend Geek Squad to anybody.

Description of Work

The installer was meant to mount TV, calibrate surround sound and fix apple TV to harmony remote control. He was also meant to install shelf for entertainment system


home theater design, tv repair



home theater design

Description of Work

Installed entertainment AV room


home theater design

The Geek Squad TV wall mounting service is just that, wall mounting of your television. The $250 is only for them to attach the television to your wall. This may or may not be clear to you depending on how carefully you read the service description, how many questions you ask beforehand and how familiar you are with television mountings. It does not include among other things, brackets, cables, running cables in the wall or moving electrical outlets. If you don’t understand this going in, you will probably be disappointed with the service. If you do understand this, ask the right questions beforehand and make sure you have the necessary equipment, you are more likely to be pleased with this service. If you don’t do these things, the additional charges are likely to add up quickly, although they can easily be avoided or minimized with proper planning. That being said, I purchased this service and I was pleased with it. I needed my 52 inch television mounted quickly and properly and the Geek Squad was able to do this. I already had the necessary cables of the proper length from a former house. I did elect to purchase a part from them which avoided me from having to move my electrical outlet. The extra $100 for the part and an additional $50 for them to install seemed reasonable to me as opposed to having to hire and electrician or messing with it myself. I did not know this part was available before they showed up. If I did, I could have easily purchased it myself and installed it to save $50. They did not attempt to charge me for anything else so my total bill was approximately $400. I needed my mounting done quickly and they were able to schedule the job in two days, did it on a Sunday and took the guys less than two hours to complete. They showed up on time, they were very professional, clearly explained to me what they were doing and did a great job of getting the television positioned and mounted correctly. I can’t speak for all of their technicians, but the two guys who came to my house knew what they were doing and did it well. Some might say the price is a little high, but to me it was worth it for the convenience factor. After watching them and investing in a high quality stud finder, I was able to mount a second, slightly smaller television with a little bit of assistance from my wife. It is really not that hard if you read the instructions, are patient, have the proper tools/equipment and have the time to do it. If that is not you, than I would recommend Geek Squad. Just know what you are buying and ask a lot of questions beforehand to avoid any unnecessary surprises on the day of install. If you properly manage your expectations, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Description of Work

I hired Best Buy/Geek Squad to mount a 52 inch television on the wall of my family room. I had previously purchase the mount and necessary cables in separate transactions. I elected to hire Best Buy/Geek Squad primarily because I needed the mounting done quickly and I did not want to risk damaging the television or the wall of my house myself. I was familar with the television mounting process from work that I had done in a prior home.


home theater design


How is Geek Squad – Best Buy overall rated?

Geek Squad – Best Buy is currently rated 4 overall out of 5.

What payment options does Geek Squad – Best Buy provide?

Geek Squad – Best Buy accepts the following forms of payment: American Express, Check, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, Financing Available

Does Geek Squad – Best Buy offer free estimates?

No, Geek Squad – Best Buy does not offer free project estimates.

Does Geek Squad – Best Buy offer eco-friendly accreditations?

Yes, Geek Squad – Best Buy offers eco-friendly accreditations.

Are warranties offered by Geek Squad – Best Buy?

No, Geek Squad – Best Buy does not offer warranties.

What services does Geek Squad – Best Buy offer?

Geek Squad – Best Buy offers the following services: Appliance and TV repair, major brands, whether purchased at Best Buy or anywhere else. Delivery and Installation services available for your appliance and HT purchased at Best Buy. Appliances: Refrigerators, Washer/Dryers, Ranges (gas or electric), Dishwashers, Microwaves. TVs: LEDs, LCDs, Plasma, Flat-Panel, Smart TVs, including older TV models. Computer & Repair Services, most brands, whether purchased at Best Buy or anywhere else.

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