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16″ Opti-myst Cassette – DFI400LH

Revolutionary ultrasonic technology is used to create the flame and smoke effect of the Dimplex Opti-myst.

20″ Cube – 3 Sided Electric Fireplace with a 10 Piece Birch log

The stylish Cube 3 sided electric fireplace is truly innovative! The stunning flame presentation and unique media options can now be viewed from almost any angle through 3 sides of glass viewing area.

The Cube features two flame sets, ambient canopy lighting in 13 colors to illuminate the decorative media like never before and our exclusive FIRE & ICE® flame presentation that allows users to choose from blue, rose, violet, yellow or orange colored flames with just the click of the remote control. The Cube also has an optional speaker base and optional leg base available for purchase.

23″ Lynwood Cast Iron Freestanding Electric Fireplace Stove

A distinctly European styled free standing electric fireplace from Sierra Flame by Amantii. The E-50 Fireplace features a beveled glass viewing area that gives an almost ‘see-thru’ effect on three sides.

With no installation boundaries, no need for mounting brackets or building into a wall, this free stand electric fireplace model can go in any room you like.



25″ Foster Real Flame Black Electric Fireplace Stove

Perfectly suited for many environments, the Foster Real Flame Black Electric Fireplace Stove is designed to replicate the look of a built-in wood stove. A compact footprint allows practically endless placement options, even in small spaces. Complete the look by attaching the included stove pipe.

26” Freestanding Electric Fireplace

A distinctly European styled free standing electric fireplace from Sierra Flame by Amantii. This Fireplace features a beveled glass viewing area that gives an almost ‘see-thru’ effect on three sides.

With no installation boundaries, no need for mounting brackets or building into a wall, this free stand model goes in any room you like.

28″ Lynwood Cast Iron Freestanding Electric Fireplace Stove

A distinctly European styled free standing electric fireplace from Sierra Flame by Amantii. The E-70 Fireplace features a beveled glass viewing area that gives an almost ‘see-thru’ effect on three sides.

With no installation boundaries, no need for mounting brackets or building into a wall, this free stand electric fireplace model can go in any room you like.

Looking for a small but efficient electric fireplace or gel fuel fireplace that will accommodate your small space? Portable Fireplace offers a wide selection of small portable electric fireplaces that are thirty inches or less in width. Energy efficient, space saving, and an excellent source of complimentary warmth are the key features of our small portable electric fireplaces. Our small Amish Fireplaces feature convenient wheel casters that allow them to be easily transported from room to room. Small sized electric fireplaces are perfect for zone heating.

Save energy by providing heat exactly where you need it, household heaters provide heat to the entire house of which unoccupied areas will also receive heat making it inefficient and costly to operate. Turn down your household heater and provide heat to any room with a small electric fireplace, not only are they great electric heaters they are sure to improve the ambiance of any room with beautiful state of the art lighting technology, the flames dance and flicker just like real fire! Furnish a small studio apartment, or make the most space out of your home with an electric fireplace under thirty inches from Portable Fireplace today! We sell only the largest brand name electric fireplaces so rest assured that any selection will be a good selection.

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Do you wish it was possible to bring the ambiance of your favorite smokeless fire pit indoors? With electric fireplaces, you can. These cozy home additions keep your family warm and offer an eye-catching aesthetic that most space heaters just can’t match. The best part? You can score one up to 68% off.

There are tons of different styles of electric fireplaces. Wall-mounted fireplaces offer an elegant ambiance without using up tons of floor space. Fireplace inserts slide right into an existing wood-burning fireplace to give off the illusion of a cozy wood fire.

Options like freestanding fireplaces come in a variety of different looks that mimic everything from wood stoves to more modern decor. Some of the most popular electric fireplaces come in the form of entertainment centers and double as a place to mount a TV and store home theater systems.


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The Best Electric Fireplace Bargains

Mini Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace

This remote-controlled mini wall-mounted electric fireplace may be on sale for 68% off, but don’t let that deter you. It comes fully assembled and ready to heat up your evening at the touch of a button. Not feeling the high temps? Flick it off and enjoy the ambiance without the warmth.

Because it’s wall-mounted, it’s ideal for small living rooms or tight spaces. Plus, each unit sports three different flame colors depending on your preference.

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Electric Fireplace TV Console

Cozy up for a movie night around this electric fireplace TV console. The infrared heater is energy-efficient and heats rooms up to 400 square feet. Ultra-bright LEDs light the logs and flame of the fireplace, and the console portion of the fireplace offers two glass cabinets on either side for ample storage.

Pick up this console at an incredible savings of 40% and enjoy it for years to come thanks to the long-lasting LEDs.

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Electric Infrared Stove Heater

Scoot this infrared stove heater into the corner of your bedroom, or position it as the centerpiece of your living room—or for $50 off, grab two! This small, 23-inch high fireplace gives off a surprising amount of heat, and its tiny stature makes it easy to move from room to room for portable warmth. Two heat settings and the ability to enjoy the flames without heat round out this fireplace.

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Wood Stove Electric Fireplace

Bring a little rustic charm to your home with this compact wood stove electric fireplace. Meant to look like a built-in stove, this heater—nearly $500 off—features a flue and a storage compartment to display split logs or fireplace accessories underneath. Set a timer using the included remote and adjust the temperature for a perfectly toasty throwback vibe.

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Recessed Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace

Multicolored flames and bright LEDs add a pleasant glow to the family room atmosphere with this recessed electric fireplace. It takes a bit more know-how to install this electric fireplace, but the absence of electrical cords adds to the realistic look.

The fireplace comes in a variety of sizes to suit any need. Pick up the 40-inch version at a generous savings of $250.

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Oak Electric Fireplace Console

Framed in a farmhouse-inspired enclosure, this electric fireplace console brings a touch of modernity to any space—no draft stopper required. For 33% off, snag a TV console that has it all: the ability to hold a TV up to 50 inches, easy assembly and a vintage farmhouse vibe.

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Corner Entertainment Center Fireplace

For those who find themselves limited to a single corner, this corner entertainment center with a built-in fireplace brings much-needed efficiency and storage. Glass cabinets bookend this 48-inch electric fireplace console and offer tons of storage, while the center fireplace roars with realistic flames.

Nab it on sale for a whopping 52% off.

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Traditional Electric Fireplace

Fool a flue with this traditional electric fireplace. This damper-free fireplace offers the classic look of a hearth without the ash. Fluted columns and a small mantel give this fireplace, now available at a savings of $300, a classic touch. Touch controls make it easy to use and add a modern twist.

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Stainless Steel Electric Fireplace

Marvel at the sleek look of this stainless steel electric fireplace, marked down a stunning 62%. This easy-to-hang fireplace includes several different flame colors. The option of adding decorative clear crystals, small stone pebbles or both to the fire bed allows for extra personalization.

Pop it in the man cave for a cozy game-night addition, or add it to the living room for a little boost of heat.

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What is an electric fireplace?

Electric fireplaces use electricity to create a comfy ambiance and bring a little warmth to any room. Unlike traditional fireplaces, electric fireplaces are powered entirely by electricity, rather than flames. This not only makes them safer—no fireproof floors necessary—but it also keeps loved ones warm without the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

They may be pricier than traditional space heaters, but an electric fireplace sale makes it easy to score this luxury appliance at a bargain.

Do electric fireplaces burn a lot of electricity?

Surprisingly, electric fireplaces use about the same amount of electricity as your average space heater. Just like space heaters, electric fireplaces come in a range of different styles, including infrared, forced-air, ceramic and radiant.

If heat is all that you’re looking for, opt for a space heater. Choosing the best space heater may require some reading, but it’s worth it for this cozy addition to your home!

While space heaters provide warmth at a lower price than electric fireplaces, they don’t offer the same look. If money is a concern, shop an electric fireplace sale to find one at a lower price. With enough digging (or by shopping the deals above), you may find one at a lower price than the space heater you’ve been eyeing!

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Originally Published: January 30, 2023

Emily Way

As Associate Shopping Editor of Sales and Deals, Emily helps readers find the lowest prices on the best products. An enthusiastic shopper, Emily is always on the lookout for the biggest bargains. When she’s not searching through flash sales, you can usually find her reading mystery novels or cuddling with cats.

Electric fireplaces in the interior 100 photos

The fireplace in the house is an element of comfort, beauty and harmony. The flame burning among the logs adds originality to the interior and creates an unchanging atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility. A pleasant evening by the fireplace with family, friends or alone allows you to forget about the surrounding bustle, relax and unwind.

Modern technology makes it possible to enjoy the charm of a blazing hearth in the house, forgetting about the difficulties associated with installing a fireplace.

In the photo: an interior with a fireplace in the apartment, a fireplace under the TV in the living room

Fireplace in the interior of the apartment

In the photo: the project of 2019. Ignite XLF74 electric fireplace was used in the interior of a small living room

In the photo: the project of 2018. Ignite XLF74 electric fireplace was used in the interior

In the photo: the project of 2019. The interior used electric fireplace Prism BLF3451

In the photo: the project of 2017. The interior used Juneau electric fireplace with a white portal

In the photo: the project of 2017. Juneau electric fireplace was used in the interior

In the photo: the project of 2017. The interior used a Juneau electric fireplace with a brown portal

Pictured: 2017. The interior used Danville Chrome FB2 electric fireplace

In the photo: the project of 2018. In the interior of the bedroom we used an electric fireplace Cassette 1000 PS without firewood

In the photo: the project of 2017. The interior used an electric fireplace Cassette 400 NH

In the photo: the project of 2019. The interior used an electric fireplace Cassette 500 with firewood

In the photo: the project of 2019. Ignite XLF100 electric fireplace was used in the interior

In the photo: the project of 2019. Ignite XLF100 electric fireplace and contemporary style were used in the interior

Fireplace in a country house

In the photo: the project of 2017. The interior used an electric fireplace Cassette 1000 with firewood

In the photo: the project of 2017. Redway electric fireplace was used in the interior

In the photo: the project of 2017. The interior used Cavendish electric fireplace

In the photo: the project of 2019. The interior used an electric fireplace Cassette 1000 PS without firewood

In the photo: the project of 2018. The interior used an electric fireplace Cassette 1000 with firewood

In the photo: the project of 2018. The interior used a Burbank electric fireplace

In the photo: the project of 2019. The interior used an Ignite XLF100 electric fireplace with a bathtub

In the photo: the project of 2018. The interior used an electric fireplace Cassette 500 with firewood

Modern fireplaces: hearths and portals

The acquisition of a conventional wood-burning fireplace is associated with a number of installation difficulties and strict operating rules. In the interior of a city apartment, this seems completely impossible due to the need to install a chimney.

However, today, with the advent of electric models of fireplaces, all difficult moments disappear by themselves.

The electric fireplace works on the principle of simulating a real flame. Various technologies can be used here:

  • Projection of bright illumination onto a glass screen
  • Flowing fabric strips
  • Image of fire on LCD monitor
  • Use of illuminated steam

The popular Opti-Myst technology uses a built-in ultrasonic steam generator to produce cool steam. Illuminated by halogen lamps and LEDs, it creates a reliable imitation of a “live” flame. This method is in particular demand due to the fact that the fire in the hearth is very realistic and does not differ from the real one.

In Revillusion’s state of the art technology, a special “Semi-Transparent MiragePanelTM” mirror screen replaces a traditional mirror to magnify the fire effect many times over with visual depth and LED lighting. It also uses a new technology to simulate the shape of the flame, which allows you to create the most realistic fire effect that looks great in a home interior.

In the photo: the flame of an electric hearth that is safe for an apartment

Electric fireplaces are easy to use, easy to install (you just need to plug it into a socket), safe, economical (no need to constantly spend money on fuel – just pour water into the tank). And also there are a large number of installation methods (which will allow you to purchase them even for a small apartment) and many design options for every taste. You can purchase a model with heating and crackling sound effects to create the full feeling of a real fireplace.

In the photo: interior design in apartments with a fireplace

In a city apartment, as well as for a private house, the choice of an electric hearth will be the most practical and optimal option.

Electric fireplaces differ in the installation method and the material from which the portal is made.

Types of electric hearths according to the method of installation

The variety of models allows you to take into account any preferences and conditions for placing an electric hearth.

Wall mounted

These models of fireplaces have a classic installation option, are located near the wall and are framed by a portal. They have a traditional design and can be made of wood, stone, brick or ceramic. A variety of styles (classic, hi-tech, Provence and others) will allow you to choose a portal that will look harmonious in any interior (even in a small apartment or with a non-standard layout). Such a fireplace will look most advantageous in a spacious living room.

The wall-mounted fireplace does not require complex installation – it is installed near the wall and connected to an outlet. Ease of installation and further operation also makes this type of fireplace popular.

In the photo: wall hearths in the interior of the apartment


Such fireplaces are located in the corner of the room and do not require complex installation – just fix it against the wall for stability. They are also presented in various styles, can be made of stone, wood or ceramics, decorated with decorative elements.

Corner portals will look equally good in the interior of any apartment: both in a large living room and in a small bedroom. Occupying a corner, the fireplace saves space. The mantelpiece can be decorated with various figurines, photographs, candles, vases and other decor, complementing the composition. Smoldering logs will create a mood of peace, and the heating function will allow you to warm up near the fireplace in winter.

In the photo: design with electric hearths in an apartment with a corner view

Wall mounted

This type of fireplace is a technological panel, inside which there is an imitation of fire behind durable glass. The panel is hung on the wall on special fasteners. This type also does not cause problems during installation and operation.

Wall-mounted fireplaces come in a variety of sizes and can be installed at different heights to complement your interior with a burning hearth.

In the photo: wall-mounted electric fireplace in the interior


This electric fireplace differs from previous models in that it can be built into both the portal and the wall.

Mounting the hearth into the wall is more difficult, as it will require the preparation of a niche and installation. It is best to entrust this process to professionals, however, you can act on your own.

Built-in model suitable for any room and will save the usable space of the room. An electric fireplace will look good both in a classically furnished apartment and in a minimalist or high-tech interior, thanks to the restrained design of the portal. Often, a flat-screen TV is placed above such fireplaces, which allows you to spend really pleasant evenings watching your favorite movie in front of a flickering flame.

In the photo: built-in electric fireplaces in the interior

For lovers of minimalism or modern high-tech style, the best option would be electric fireplaces built into the wall niche.

In the photo: built-in fireplaces in a country house


This version of the fireplace also has a built-in type of installation, but it can be integrated into various objects (tables, cabinets, floors, etc.).

The open design of these fireplaces allows you to enjoy the view of the dancing flames. The peculiarity of such models is that from them you can build a line of any length, from several constituent elements.

In the photo: electric cassette fireplaces in the interior


This type of fireplace is characterized by mobility and the ability to move it to any point in the room if desired. It can be placed near the bed or among the furniture and create a blazing hearth in the middle of the room. Also, using this model, you can zone the room.

The fireplace is usually in the form of an open bowl, which is made in the form of a forged grate in which the coals are located. In some models of electric fireplaces, it is possible to lay out the woodpile at will, and the LEDs built into the firewood create a full-fledged effect of flickering coals and burning logs.

In the photo: a freestanding fireplace in the house

A free-standing or built-in hearth will add zest to the interior and create a truly interesting room design.

In the photo: freestanding fireplaces in the interior

Portal design and style

In addition to the variety of installation types, an electric fireplace can also be individually tailored to specific preferences. To do this, you should consider the location in the apartment, the type of hearth and the style of the portal.

According to the material of the portal, fireplaces can be made of wood, plastic, stone or brick.

For classic interiors, a traditional wooden fireplace in light or dark colors is suitable. It can be decorated with additional decor or stucco.

In the photo: interior design with a classic fireplace

A more lush version of the decor is suitable for the Provence style. A portal stylized as a walnut tree, upholstered furniture around and flowers in pots will create an elegant composition.

In the photo: Provence-style electric fireplace

If you want to give a unique interior, you can choose an electric fireplace with a corner portal, decorated in marble or ivory with antique decor or antique styling. On the mantelpiece, you can arrange compositions from the appropriate decorations. Such an elegant element of the interior will become central in the room.

In the photo: the interior of the apartment with an electric fireplace in the portal

Choosing a chalet style for the interior of an apartment, you can install a corner or wall fireplace framed in stone. The naturalness of the materials and the dancing fire will create a feeling of closeness to nature.

In the photo: an electric fireplace in the interior of a chalet-style living room

Fireplace in the interior of the apartment

An electric fireplace for a city apartment can be not only a beautiful element of decor, but also a completely functional purchase. Many models of electric hearths are able to quickly heat a room up to 20 m2. For this purpose, the heating function is implemented in the fireplaces. Water-powered models can humidify the air in the room, and this can also be attributed to the practical functionality of electric hearths. The fireplace is suitable for rooms of any purpose – a hall, a living room, an office, a dining room, a nursery or even a balcony. The choice of model will depend not only on the design of the room, but also on their dimensions.

In the photo: electric hearths in the living room, study and dining room

Fireplace for small apartments and small rooms

For small-sized rooms, it is better to pay attention to compact models of electric fireplaces. These can be small electric stoves, made in the old English style. They are stylized as cast iron models with a door. An interesting solution would be freestanding foci. For example, the Silverton hearth, which does not require additional framing, will help create a unique corner with a brightly blazing fireplace even in the smallest room. Hearths Volterra and Cellini, thanks to their unusual design, will become the center of attraction for all guests and residents of the apartment. Their compact dimensions allow them to be installed in any room.

In the photo: corner fireplace, Silverton hearth and Numan electric stove in small apartments

Do not forget about the corner models of fireplaces. Their installation allows you to significantly save space in the room, while visually the fireplace does not seem small. On the mantelpiece, you can place interior items, books, photographs, that is, use the fireplace as an additional functional space.

Fireplaces for large apartments and large rooms

The choice of fireplaces for spacious rooms is much wider. You can choose a model not only based on its overall dimensions. Wide hearths, cassette models, classic fireplaces, wall-mounted or built-in options – it all depends on personal preferences and the design of the room.

In the photo: cassette hearth, wide hearth, wall-mounted hearth in large apartments

When choosing a fireplace for large rooms, it is worth considering that compact models can get lost in space and become invisible, therefore, if you still want to purchase a small model, it is better to style a separate area in the living space for it, possibly different in design from everything else. premises. In this case, you can refer to the Art Nouveau style.

Fireplace in a country house

A fireplace in a country house can be not only wood-burning, but also, which is more practical and no less stylish, electric. Most often, in country houses, space allows you to choose any model of fireplaces in size. You can purchase a ready-made fireplace set with a portal and a hearth, pick them up separately, or you can choose only a hearth and order or make a unique frame yourself.

In the photo: Cassette hearth, fireplace set and wall-mounted hearth in a country house

Some models of electric hearths are suitable for installation in an existing wood-burning fireplace. This is very convenient if you do not want to heat the fireplace, especially in the hot season. For this, a Silverton or Revillusion hearth is suitable. They look like real wood-fired grates with smoldering logs.

In the photo: Revillusion hearth, Silverton hearths in country houses

If the room is made in a modern design, you can install a wall-mounted hearth or a built-in fireplace model. A cassette hearth built into a table in the center of a room or into a wall niche will look unusual. A single line of open fire will look extremely stylish in a spacious room.

In the photo: Cassette hearth in the center of the room, wall-mounted and built-in hearths in country houses

For a classic house or a chalet-style room, models in wooden or stone portals are suitable. For rooms in antique style, you can choose fireplaces with portals decorated with antique columns and carved bas-reliefs.

Modern fireplaces: hearths and portals

Modern fireplaces can be installed in any room.


Most often, the kitchen area in city apartments is a fairly limited space. Therefore, when choosing a fireplace, you should pay attention to more compact models or hearths that do not take up much usable space. For a kitchen in a modern style, a wall-mounted hearth is suitable; it is mounted on the wall using special brackets. The frame is made of durable plastic, and the fire in the hearth looks like a real one. If the kitchen is in a classic style, a classic corner fireplace will do. It will not take up much space and will look like a real wood-burning fireplace.

In the photo: corner fireplace, wall-mounted fireplaces in the kitchen

Living room

The living room is usually the largest room in the apartment. If you want to make the main focus on the fireplace, then it is better to purchase a large fireplace or place it in the center of the room. You can use a fireplace for zoning, for example, visually separate the space of the living room and kitchen, as often this is one space, especially in studio apartments. To do this, you can build a cassette hearth into the plasterboard wall, so the flame will be visible both in the kitchen and in the living room. For placement in the center of the room, a cassette hearth will also be the best option. For installation against the wall, you can choose any fireplace, depending on the style of the living room.

In the photo: a large fireplace in the center of the room


The bedroom is a place to relax, so the fireplace will be a great addition to the interior. If the bedroom is spacious, you can organize a separate fireplace area with a fireplace and a couch or chairs opposite the hearth. For a small room, a wall-mounted or built-in fireplace is suitable. It is better to place the hearth opposite the head of the bed so that you can admire the flame while lying in bed. For lovers of photography and antiques in an apartment, it is better to choose a fireplace with a portal.

In the photo: electric hearths in the bedroom


The living area of ​​the attic can also be interestingly decorated with an electric fireplace. If the attic is made using an abundance of wood and natural textures, install a chalet-style fireplace. It can be a hearth in a wooden or stone portal. For a modern attic, an interesting solution would be a cassette hearth, it will divide the space into zones, if necessary, or become a bright accent of the interior. You can even not use the portal, but come up with an unusual frame yourself.

In the photo: electric hearths in the attic


Since the balconies stopped storing unnecessary things, it has become part of the living space in many city apartments. A cozy place to relax is often organized on the balcony, and a fireplace will come in handy there. Since the space of the balcony or loggia is not very large, it is better to purchase a small hearth. A compact stove or a free-standing hearth will fit perfectly on the balcony. If the area allows, you can install a wall-mounted fireplace. An interesting solution would be a cassette hearth on the windowsill.

In the photo: electric fireplaces on the balcony


It seems that the nursery and the fireplace are incompatible for safety reasons. But this does not apply to electric fireplaces. They are completely harmless to children and animals, so you can safely install an electric fireplace in the children’s room. It follows from the design, as well as from those considerations that the fireplace should not be the main focus. Therefore, you can simply arrange a small cozy recreation area with a compact hearth-stove. A good solution would be a wall model or a built-in fireplace.

In the photo: an electric fireplace in children’s areas


The entrance hall is the first thing we see when entering the apartment. Therefore, a brightly burning hearth in the hallway area is a relevant and unhackneyed design solution. Choose small pockets. It can be a wall-mounted fireplace, which is suitable for a modern-style room, or a built-in hearth next to a mirror. The wall version of the fireplace can be placed in a spacious room. An interesting move would be to install the hearth in the table opposite the entrance to the apartment.

In the photo: electric fireplaces in the hallway


What could be better than soaking in the bath and watching the flames play in the hearth. An electric fireplace can help with this. Of course, it is unlikely that a fireplace can be installed in a small bathroom. But if the size of the room allows, then the fantasies for installing a fireplace are almost limitless. The most popular solution would be to install a cassette hearth with an open flame. It can be placed in a wall niche or in a podium that can be built above the floor. A stylized hearth made of a grate with firewood is an extraordinary solution that will not go unnoticed by guests. Wall and wall fireplaces are also relevant for installation in spacious bathrooms.

In the photo: electric fireplace in the bathroom

Portal design and style

There are a lot of design options and style solutions for portals. The most relevant today are several types:

  • high tech;

  • classic;

  • chalet;

  • minimalism;

  • modern;

  • East.

The style of the portal depends on several factors: what material it is made of, the presence or absence of decor, decor style, color schemes. The classical style is characterized by an abundance of decor on the frontal surface, most often there are columns on the sides, sometimes an animalistic bas-relief is used. Hi-tech and minimalism are distinguished by a complete lack of decor, the lines of the portal are straight, plastic or wood is used in the manufacture. The chalet-style portal is made of stone and wood. Oriental-style models use stylized ornaments and color schemes. Modern is distinguished by its functionality and conciseness – this includes multimedia portals made of plastic and glass.

In the photo: a classic, high-tech and chalet-style fireplace

Stone fireplaces

Fireplaces in a stone portal can be attributed to both the classical style and the chalet style. It all depends on the stone and its texture. The combination of stone and wood in one model is a chalet style that is suitable for country houses in country style. Stone fireplaces may differ in color – in this case, it is necessary to choose the color of the portal, taking into account the use of primary colors in the interior.

In the photo: electric fireplaces in stone design

The stone can be natural or artificial. The cost of a natural stone portal will be much higher and its installation is much more difficult. However, it is worth considering that the artificial stone used in the manufacture of modern portals is visually no different from natural, therefore, even with a small budget, you can purchase a stylish fireplace in a stone portal that will look like a real fireplace.

In the photo: an electric fireplace in a natural stone portal and fireplaces in marble cladding

The stone portal can be both wall and corner. For small rooms, a corner fireplace will be an excellent solution, since it does not take up much usable space, but looks no less than a conventional wall model. Not only the portal can be lined with stone, but the entire wall next to which it is installed.

In the photo: corner stone electric fireplaces

In the stone portal, depending on the model, you can install a classic hearth with a back wall, or a cassette-type hearth. In the latter version, the hearth zone in the portal is lined with a coating stylized as a real brick, which makes the resemblance to a real wood-burning fireplace maximum. The hearth can be chosen with glazing or with a flame in the open. Both options look spectacular and stylish. You can also choose a hearth with a heating function.

In the photo: Cassette hearth in a stone portal, Cavendish hearth in a stone portal, Cassette hearth with glazing in a stone fireplace cladding

A wide range of stone portals allows you to choose the right model for any room. Narrow, wide, high and low – for the dining room, attic, bedroom, hallway. The niches for the hearth also differ in size, so it is necessary to select the hearth to the portal not only in style, but also in size. For a fireplace in a stone portal, fireplace accessories will not be out of place, which will perfectly complement the fireplace ensemble. A protective screen completes the stylization of the recreation area with a fireplace.

Fireplaces lined with wood or wooden fireplaces

Wooden fireplaces are a wooden portal with a hearth. We can attribute them to the classical style. But there are also modern design solutions in the spirit of hi-tech and minimalism, when wood paneling is used not only for the portal, but for the entire area around the hearth. In this case, wooden panels are often used to sheath the wall in which the hearth is built. The use of natural materials and textures allows us to establish unity with nature in an ordinary city apartment. When using wooden sheathing, the presence of decor is not welcome. Maximum simplicity and conciseness in design – this is what a person who uses this technique in the interior strives for.

In the photo: wood design solutions near electric fireplaces

Wall cladding is also possible when installing a stone portal. Stone and wood are perfectly combined with each other and will not overload the interior. When installing partitions with a fireplace, plasterboard wall sheathing with wood is often used. The partition is faced with panels on both sides, and the hearth is also visible from two zones at the same time.

In the photo: stone and wood as a design solution for a living room with a fireplace

A wooden fireplace in a classic style is suitable not only for a country house, as it was before the advent of electric fireplaces, but also for a city apartment. A wooden portal can be in a minimalist or country style. Portal colors may also vary. On classic portals, the patination technique is often used to artificially age the fireplace. The use of an ornament on the frontal surface of the portal makes the fireplace look like old castle fireplaces. Often, a stone countertop is installed on a wooden portal, which makes the fireplace authentic.

The variety of styles, colors and installation options will allow you to place a fireplace in any room and interior. The electric fireplace guarantees practicality, safety and ease of use. A realistic flame and heating will create a cozy atmosphere and provide a comfortable stay and many pleasant evenings.

portals and electric fireplaces made of wood

The wording in the title of this article is fundamentally wrong from a technical point of view. Such fireplaces cannot exist in principle, if we are not talking about their non-working (false) versions, which play an exclusively decorative function and are used for interior design.

In all other cases, people, speaking of a similar product, mean wooden electric fireplaces, the portals of which are made of wood. Such facing of the fireplace today is quite common. Moreover, it can be made of natural wood, such as:

  • color Oak;
  • Mahogany;
  • color Walnut.

Choosing wood finishes

Having decided to purchase electric fireplaces made of wood, first of all, you should choose the fireplace itself, since different designs are designed for different decor fixtures and have their own specific installation features.

Depending on its dimensions and weight, the issue of arranging the site for installation is resolved (for a heavy product, it will be necessary to lay it out, for example, from foam concrete). You should remember the proportion of the purchased heater and the room in which it is planned to install it, as well as the minimum free space in front of the fireplace. For all buyers of wooden models, a favorable discount is provided for the purchase of spare parts for strollers of any type.

Mounting preparation

Portals can be made by yourself, or you can purchase a ready-made stylish kit that you like. Moreover, in the latter case, you should first determine the amount of work to be done to fit the kit to the existing fireplace, especially if you have purchased elite portals. Design developments can be of great help in this.

Before starting the installation of fireplaces with solid wood portals, each element, the last one, must be carefully adjusted “in place”. Otherwise, you can damage the element so much that it will be impossible to restore it.

All elements of the portal should be pretreated with antiseptics, better for deep penetration, and the work should be done several times, as well as waterproof and fire-resistant impregnations. Sketches are made with sizing, and the necessary components are selected, with a frame made of wood. At this stage, you should decide what you want to receive at the end of the work.

A portal with a wood finish will greatly benefit visually if you carry out its high-quality chemical “aging”. If you wish, you can use artificial technologies that allow you to make a cheap tree “wood of valuable species.” Both the first and second processing are performed before the installation of the portal elements is started. You can visually get beautiful portals at the exit, for the manufacture of which “ivory” is used. Such products can often be seen in the design projects of bars and catering establishments.

In cases where it is expected that the location of the fireplace will be quite humid, it is advisable to use MDF instead of natural wood. Modern decorative panels are quite difficult to distinguish from a natural array.

It is desirable that the portal be made of wood representing a whole piece. It is better to refuse glued options immediately, because. they won’t last long.

Do not forget that overheating of the wooden portal must be excluded in principle, otherwise it will simply crack. To do this, the elements of the portal, including, should be treated with a special impregnation that changes the structure of wood, as a result of which it becomes resistant to prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

5 main features of wooden electric fireplaces:

  1. beautiful appearance of the product;
  2. the ability to use design in apartments and residential buildings;
  3. high security;
  4. affordable price despite strong currency fluctuations;
  5. environmental friendliness of wood and durability.