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The Best Double Ovens in 2023

Compare the best gas oven from LG with the best electric oven from Café

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Double ovens can be incredibly useful for larger families and home chefs. Just like any other oven, there are two types to choose from, wall ovens or freestanding ranges. Wall ovens tend to be larger since they’re not limited to a range’s dimensions.

The most important thing to look for when buying a double oven is size, especially if you are replacing something older. If you don’t measure properly, you may need to do additional construction in your kitchen, which is time-consuming and costly. Once you’ve checked with a professional on what size your kitchen can handle, then it’s important to consider what additional features you want such as convection cooking and smart technology. For example, our top electric pick, the Cafe Smart Double Oven Induction Range, has Wi-Fi enabled settings that let you control the precise temperature of both ovens and our top gas pick, the LG 6.9 Cu. Ft. Double Oven Gas Range has a rapid self-cleaning program that makes quick work in just 10 minutes.

We looked at double ovens in various sizes with different options, finishes, and features. To help you get to your next pizza night, here are the best double ovens to have in your home.

The Rundown

Best Overall, Electric:

Cafe Smart Double Oven Induction Range at Home Depot

Best Overall, Gas:

LG Electronics 30-Inch Double Oven Gas Range at Home Depot

Best Budget:

GE 6.6 Cu. Ft. Freestanding Double Oven Electric Convection Range at Walmart

Best Double Wall Oven:

LG 30-Inch Built-In Double Electric Convection Wall Oven at Home Depot

Best French Door:

Café 30-Inch Built-In Double Electric Convection Wall Oven at Walmart


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What We Love: Smart technology integration, customizable knobs and handles, induction cooking, ADA compliant

What We Don’t Love: Expensive, convection is limited to lower oven 

If you’re looking for a great electric double oven, this Cafe slide-in double oven induction range will not disappoint. This smart oven has so many great features including “Gourmet Guided Cooking,” which is a system that combines video-guided recipes with automatic adjustments to temperature, time, and cooking pace. Its Wi-Fi capabilities also come in handy if you’re into sous-vide cooking. Cafe offers a separate cooking probe that will keep your water bath at the precise temperature needed.

Speaking of the 5-element induction cooktop, this has two 8-inch synchronizing elements and an 11-inch 700-watt one. Below that, you’ll find convention cooking available in the lower oven. Of course, with Wi-Fi comes the ability to set temperature, timing, and cooking modes in either oven straight from your smartphone.

If aesthetics are a priority, I’d definitely choose this oven. Three finishes are available including fingerprint-resistant matte white and matte black. You can even customize the hardware to be copper, bronze, black, or brushed stainless steel.

Price at time of publish: $4,499

Fuel Source: Electric | Upper Oven Capacity: 10.1 cubic feet | Lower Oven Capacity: 4.3 cubic feet | Dimensions (DxWxH): 29.5 x 29.9 x 37.4 inches | Self-Cleaning: Yes

The Home Depot

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What We Love: A lot of features for the money, five burners, smart technology

What We Don’t Love: Only available in stainless steel.

Many of you still love to cook with gas, and that shouldn’t stop you from also enjoying a double oven. This stainless steel convection oven from LG is a great value for the money and it’s loaded with features including LG’s advanced smart technology.  

Thoughtfully designed, both convection ovens give you 6.9 cubic feet of space, and each features a large smart window, so it’s easy to see your meal as it cooks, The five burners on top make it easy to prepare just about any dish, especially the 18,500-BTU boiling burner.

Best of all, this oven has a rapid self-cleaning program. It works in just ten minutes without fumes or harsh chemicals. Keep in mind this is ideal for lighter messes though. But if you’ve accidentally spilled that brisket, you’re still covered with a heavy mode for larger messes and stuck-on grease. 

Price at time of publish: $1,799

Fuel Source: Gas | Upper Oven Capacity: 2.6 cubic feet | Lower Oven Capacity: 4.3 cubic feet  | Dimensions (DxWxH): 28.9 x 29.9 x 47.3 inches | Self-Cleaning: Yes

Best Buy

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What We Love: Fast preheat, convection oven, steam cleaning, five burners

What We Don’t Love: Design could be sleeker, only one of the ovens has convection and fast pre-heat

You might not get all the bells and whistles, but you can definitely get a great affordable range with a double oven. If you’re looking for an exceptional model at a great price with all the basics and more, I’d opt for this GE freestanding double oven range with an electric radiant cooktop.

Bakers will especially love this oven. That’s because, in addition to convection cooking, it also has a fast preheat mode and wall-to-wall bake element for even heating. Another great feature is “Proof Mode,” which helps the oven maintain the ideal temperature required to help bread dough proof before baking. This means your wintertime loaves will be done in a jiffy. 

Up top, you’ll find five elements with two power boiling elements and a warming element for when your food’s ready but you aren’t. Got a dirty oven? This model has a steam clean function that cleans your oven in about 30 minutes without getting overly hot or producing a pungent odor. 

Price at time of publish: $1,499

Fuel Source: Electric | Upper Oven Capacity: 2.2 cubic feet | Lower Oven Capacity: 4. 4 cubic feet | Dimensions (DxWxH): 28.25 x 29.9 x 47 inches | Self-Cleaning: Yes

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Best Buy

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What We Love: Smart technology integration, convection cooking

What We Don’t Love: No rapid preheat, expensive

Wall ovens are perhaps the best when it comes to living the double oven life. Being unrestricted by a range’s dimensions, you can find larger-sized, and some might say more useful, double oven options. And the LG 30-Inch Built-In Double Electric Convection Wall Oven is an outstanding choice in this category.

This double oven goes above and beyond the basic features with convection and self-cleaning modes. Meanwhile, Wi-Fi-enabled smart technology seamlessly integrates this oven with a smartphone app. With a 4.7-cubic-foot capacity in both the upper and lower ovens, it’s easy to fit larger pieces of cookware. Better yet, two heavy-duty racks assure even those family-sized lasagna pans stay stable. Both ovens feature two types of convection cooking: convection bake and convection roast. There’s even a recessed broiler for more capacity.

One advantage of choosing an LG appliance is the brand’s proactive customer care. It gives you maintenance tips along with usage reports to help keep your oven running optimally. It also alerts users of potential problems before they arise, which may save you money on repairs in the long run. 

Price at time of publish: $3,399

Fuel Source: Electric | Upper Oven Capacity: 4.7 cubic feet | Lower Oven Capacity: 4.7 cubic feet | Dimensions (DxWxH): 24.4 x 29.75 x 52 inches | Self-Cleaning: Yes

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Best Buy

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What We Love: Beautiful design, smart oven, convection for both ovens, roller rack

What We Don’t Love: Very expensive, the bottom oven doesn’t have French doors

If you’re in the market to splurge on a professional-looking double oven, the Café 30-Inch Built-In Double Electric Convection Wall Oven is the best choice for a French-door double oven. It doesn’t skip out on features either. Both top and bottom ovens have European top-down convection cooking, which eliminates any need for preheating. The top oven also features a roller rack that makes it easy to take heavy casserole dishes and roasts out of the oven. Best of all, unlike many ovens with a similar aesthetic, this oven features a 7-inch touchscreen and a smart app that integrates with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Nest systems.

This could also easily be considered the most stylish choice available. The design is quite simply showstopping. There are three finishes to choose from, so it can coordinate with any other appliances you already have in your kitchen. The matte white model even has gold handles, making this the right choice for anyone who already has gold hardware in their kitchen.

Price at time of publish: $7,221

Fuel Source: Electric | Upper Oven Capacity: 5 cubic feet | Lower Oven Capacity: 5 cubic feet | Dimensions (DxWxH): 26. 75 x 29.75 x 53 inches | Self-Cleaning: Yes

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Final Verdict

It might be pricey, but the CHS950P2MS1 6.7 Cu. Ft. Smart Slide-In Double Oven Induction Range (view at Home Depot) has everything you could want in an electric range with a double oven including Wi-Fi capabilities. If you’re in the market for a gas version, the LG LDG4313ST 6.9 Cu. Ft. Double Oven Gas Range with ProBake Convection Oven (view at Home Depot) will yield perfect results no matter what the recipe.

What to Look for When Buying a Double Oven


Capacity is the size of the oven, usually measured in cubic feet. The capacity of every single oven varies by model. When it comes to double ovens, the capacity of the top oven and bottom may the same but that is not always the case. You’ll definitely need to consider what your largest meals are and make sure they’ll fit in one of the ovens. That said, even our smallest oven on this list could fit a decent-sized roast turkey by removing a rack.

Fuel Source

Double ovens use either gas or electricity as a fuel source. If you buy a gas oven, note that there needs to be an adjacent gas line. Some models may also require an electricity source to start. Be sure to have everything in order for installation beforehand. There’s nothing like getting an oven delivered only to find out you need an extra piece of equipment or a specific professional on hand.


Double ovens can come with a variety of features. Wi-Fi capability is being more common with ovens, so you can control them with an app or smart home system like Google Home. A lot of electric ovens have convection cooking via a fan at the rear. If you’ve ever worked in professional kitchens, you might want top-down convection though, and that can only be found on more high-end models.

If sweets are more your thing, looking for a variety of baking settings and modes can assist you with dishes.  Meat eaters can also look for a temperature probe that will let you know when your dish has reached the right internal temperature.  Self-cleaning functions are also ubiquitous


How do you measure for a wall oven?

According to Kevin Busch, VP of operations for Mr. Handyman, a Neighborly company, if you’re replacing an existing wall oven, you need to measure what’s currently in your kitchen. “First, shut off the power or gas supply to your current oven. Then, unscrew all interior screws that anchor the oven to your cabinets or wall. You should be able to slide the oven a few inches out from the cabinets it sits in,” he says. “This will allow you to properly measure the height and width of the cutout.”

Note that many wall ovens have a lip that hangs over the opening, so oftentimes the oven’s façade is a bit wider and taller than the actual cabinet cutout it sits in. Also, be sure to measure any doorways an oven needs to fit through on the way to your kitchen.

Can wall ovens be installed under the counter?

“Yes, depending on their size,” says Busch. “A single oven will likely fit under most standard heights of counters. It’s larger models that may need to be installed elsewhere, but that’s the only thing that would prevent you from installing it under a counter.”

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7 Best Double Oven Electric Range Models Doing Double Duty | Spencer’s TV & Appliance

Even with just a single oven, the traditional range is a kitchen workhorse. It’s responsible for the magic of holiday feasts and is an everyday hero when it comes to creating delicious meals during weeknights. But, even so, classic freestanding ranges have their limits when it comes to their ovens. While home cooks are free to whip up multiple dishes on the cooktop, having just a single oven means constantly swapping entrées out and setting new temperatures (which requires another round of preheating).

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Upgrade to a double oven range and instantly gain access to twice the baking versatility, all without having to compromise an inch more of floorspace. Learn more about these space- and time-saving kitchen appliances in this buying guide, including our pick for the best double oven electric range across seven categories. 

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At a Glance:

Understanding Double Oven Electric Ranges

Our Top Double Oven Electric Range Picks

Our Choosing Process

Recommended Double Oven Electric Range Brands

Why You Should Trust Us

What is a Double Oven Electric Range?

Before you can understand what a double oven range is, you need to know what the traditional range is. A range is a cooking appliance with a cooktop above and a single or double oven below. This setup is especially handy since it provides double the cooking potential on a single footprint.

With double oven ranges, home cooks have access to even more cooking possibilities inside two oven chambers capable of working independently or in unison as a single oven (depending on the brand and model).

What are the benefits of a double oven electric range?

If your household goes through a lot of cooking—or even if you simply enjoy entertaining—a double oven electric range is an indispensable tool for quickly getting meals on the table.

Here’s what you get exclusively on a double oven range:

Flexibility – Cooks can enjoy double the baking possibilities, as well as save time by cooking multiple courses simultaneously.

Compact Footprint – While double oven ranges also come in sizes 36 inches and larger, many models still fit a 30-inch build, essentially doubling the function and cooking protentional of the standard range profile.

Save on Install Costs – No need to invest in extra installation costs. For example, installing double wall ovens requires professional fitting. Double oven ranges simply slide into a space.

Fuel type is also an important factor. In fact, did you know electricity is preferred for baking since it’s an even, dry cooking method, whereas gas baking tends to produce what’s referred to as “moist heat?” Additionally, buyers looking to pinch a few pennies will be glad to know electric range models are generally cheaper than gas models.

Compare & Contrast: 8 Best Gas Ranges

Our Top Double Oven Electric Range Picks

Imagine—sweet dessert ready at the same time as your famous chicken roast. That means more time spent around your loved ones at the table, and less time around the range. These are seven fantastic double oven electric ranges that make that experience a delight with extra features that help expand your culinary skills.

Best Overall: Whirlpool® 30″ Stainless Steel Free Standing Double Oven Electric Range (WGE745C0FS)

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This Whirlpool double oven electric range pairs convenient features like Frozen Bake technology that takes popular frozen dinners from box to the table without preheating and smart temperature sensors that regulate cooking times and temperatures for delicious results. Do even more using True Convection Cooking that surrounds dishes in even heat for picture-perfect results the whole family will enjoy. While the main entrée prepares inside 6.7 cubic feet of oven capacity, get started on the sides atop a smooth glass surface equipped with a FlexHeat triple radiant element and five heating zones for flexibility and performance, all on a beautiful stainless steel double oven electric range presentation.

Best Budget: GE® 30″ Stainless Steel Free Standing Electric Double Oven Convection Range (JBS86SPSS)

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All the room you need to prepare dinner can be found on this 30-inch double oven electric range that product testers have awarded with a 4. 7-star rating for its convenient design and affordable price point. For under $1,400, this mid-end electric range offers 6.6 cubic feet of volume for home cooks to enjoy convection, fast preheating, and an Air Fry setting to create inspired menus night after night. Flexible heating elements on the glass cooktop provide additional value with ample cooking space for using multiple pots and pans without overcrowding.

Best Luxury: Café™ 30″ Stainless Steel Slide in Electric Range (CHS950P2MS1)

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Proving black is always in fashion is this GE Café double oven electric range that also features a slide in design that accentuates its sleek and sophisticated profile. Home cooks are in for a treat with this black double oven electric range, starting with the designer-inspired knobs and handles that add a dash of opulence to really set the mood.

Two oven compartments with 6.7 cubic feet of overall capacity give aspiring home chefs the power to go gourmet, especially with True European Convection that turns the bottom oven into a baking instrument artisans would be proud of. Sync this smart double oven range to your personal device via the SmartHQ app and enjoy its luxury experience—including the ability to download new cooking features—for a cooking appliance that grows with you.

Best Freestanding: LG 30″ Stainless Steel Free Standing Electric Double Oven Range (LDE4413ST)

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Go for the original range design with twice the practicality on this best freestanding double oven electric range from LG. The brand’s iconic flair for modern design shines across every surface of this model, starting with the glass smooth top surface with dual cooktop elements that offer the fastest heating performance of its kind. Open up the compartments below to enjoy the largest oven capacity in its class, along with ProBake Convection and EasyCleans technology for 10-minute oven cleanups using only water.

Best Slide in: LG 30″ Stainless Steel Slide In Electric Double Oven Range (LTE4815ST)

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It’s a back-to-back pick on our list with this LG double oven electric range that offers the refined look of a built-in appliance using a slide-in design. This model also provides the most oven space in its class (7.3 cubic feet), a major value alone and even greater when paired with ProBake Convection, WideView windows, and an EasyClean function. Make sure to download the LG SmartThinQ app to enjoy the freedom of programming, monitoring, and troubleshooting this smart range all from the convenience of a personal device.

Best Convection: GE Profile™ 30″ Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Slide In Electric Range (PS960YPFS)

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The highlight of this GE Profile double oven electric range might be its powerful True Convection baking with Precise Air technology, but we’re also fans of its ultra-minimalist look with glide touch controls and a smooth cooktop design. Additional perks include a Power Boil heating element and synchronized cooking zones above, as well as no-preheat Air Fry inside a 6.7-cubic-foot oven.

Best Induction: KitchenAid® 30″ Stainless Steel Free Standing Electric Double Oven Range (KFID500ESS)

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For electric cooking that rivals even that of gas, this double oven electric slide in range with induction cooking is the answer. With superior accuracy, heat management, and response, this KitchenAid double oven range is a cook’s dream come true—and the checklist is just getting started. Users are also able to enjoy Even-Heat True Convection and a steam rack, all on a professional package with Satin Textured handles a neat cooktop surface, and sleek touch controls. It’s the perfect pick for kitchens ready to embrace the future of cooking.

How we Choose our Picks

Having twice the oven flexibility is great, but we believe every good double oven range should excel in these three core categories:


Double oven ranges are a bit of an anomaly. Although they have twice the number of ovens as single oven ranges, that doesn’t necessarily mean they have more oven capacity. Overall, dual oven ranges are comparable to their counterparts, which is why models with larger capacities get top marks. All in all, we recommend at least 6 cubic feet of oven capacity for enough space to fit larger roasting pans or baking trays in one oven and small dishes in the smaller compartment.


Adding an extra oven to a range is great, but what those two ovens can do is also important. Convection is always a plus, but keep in mind most models only provide the setting for a single oven. Models that use the feature in both ovens are rare, but they get major points for performance.

Keeping up with a single oven can be a challenge already, so throwing a second oven into the mix can take some serious multitasking skills. We find Wi-Fi-enable monitoring is a valuable tool to have in order to track the progress of items in each oven without having to be in the kitchen.


It’s hard to outdo the accuracy and control of gas, which is why a well-designed electric cooktop is such a valuable asset. That’s because radiant heat doesn’t only transfer to cookware—it also escapes into its surroundings. The best electric cooking surfaces are versatile to ensure whatever size pot or pan you’re using is receiving optimum heat transfer. Other incentives that were nice include a bridging function, hot-plate safety notifications, and an easy-to-clean surface.

Top Double Oven Electric Range Brands

When it comes to cooking, you can count on the following brands to make the job easier. Read about some of the attributes each brand offers with our brand profiles below.


Making dinner can be a production, which is why Whirlpool seeks to simplify the routine with easy-to-use features and powerful cooking technology. Like its lineup of single oven ranges, Whirlpool double oven ranges are made with convenience in mind. On double oven electric range models, that includes the FlexHeat triple radiant heating element that accommodates up to three different cookware sizes on a single heating zone, as well as handy oven functions, from true convection to Frozen Bake technology.


If you enjoy the familiarity of Whirlpool but are looking for something a little more upscale, consider KitchenAid double oven electric ranges. The brand is part of the Whirlpool family of appliances, so reliability comes standard as part of its complete package of upgraded features. Of those, KitchenAid offers professional designs that complement its powerful range functions, including KitchenAid Even-Heat True Convection with a patented bowtie fan design for superior air circulation. Along with flexible heating elements, premium oven racks, and large capacities, these appliances are part of an affordable luxury line we highly recommend.


Features-forward shoppers will find Samsung double oven electric ranges especially a treat. Innovative technology is at the core of each model, providing new-age functions like Wi-Fi management, including voice controls, or Virtual Flame Technology, a series of LED lights on the cooktop surface that replicates a live flame for easier cooking intuition. Even more, flexibility is at your fingertips with Flex Duo on select models that allows each oven to work independently or combined as a single oven. In fact, the list of add-ons is so impressive, we’re better off listing the rest:

Smart Dial – Control both ovens from a single interface as this AI-enabled dial learns your cooking habits for a smoother cooking process with every use.

Air Fry – Samsung double oven ranges with Air Fry eliminates the need for a countertop air fryer. Select the setting and whip up big batches of pub favorites in one go.

Illuminated Knobs – Along with Samsung’s Virtual Flame Technology, this safety feature lets users know when a burner is on….and the pop of color is flashy and fun.


Need even more oven space? You’re what we call the extreme home cook—and LG is just the brand for you. With 7.3 cubic feet of oven capacity, LG double oven electric ranges are the most spacious ranges in their class. Yet, with a 30-inch build, a freestanding double oven electric range won’t take up any more room than a standard freestanding range. They are packed when it comes to value, though, offering features like ProBake Convection, flexible heating elements, and EasyClean self-cleaning oven setting. And with LG ThinQ technology, a simple smart device becomes a mobile hub to control these smart double oven ranges from virtually anywhere for ultimate convenience.

GE, Café & GE Profile

The GE lineup of home appliances counts on over a century of manufacturing, culminating in products that are designed for convenience and performance. When it comes to GE, GE Profile, and Café double oven electric ranges, preparing meals is as simple as using powerful heating elements on the cooktops with the ability to bridge to accommodate larger cookware or fluctuate between 6—12 inches to match the size of your collection of cookware. The convenience continues inside powerful ovens with convection, no-preheat Air Fry, and rapid preheating that lets you create and finish dinner faster and more efficiently.

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It’s all part of the same philosophy we followed when we first started serving our communities in 1973, and the reason we’re Arizona’s largest appliance selection and the best prices around after nearly 5 million sales—and counting!

Shop Double Oven Electric Ranges at Spencer’s

A double oven electric range is every multitasker’s answer to juggling a full menu with ease. While we recommend these seven models, there are still plenty of other reliable double oven ranges from our catalog to explore!

Unlock all your cooking potential by browsing our appliance catalog online or at an appliance showroom near you today, including locations in Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, and Glendale!

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Best built-in oven

Each of us understands that cooking is a serious, responsible process. In order to cook a truly delicious dish, you need to put all the best into it. A skill that has been developed over years of cooking, the ability to accurately measure time, the amount of spices per eye. The freshest and highest quality products, spicy, fragrant spices, high quality meat. And, of course, the best kitchen appliances – a powerful blender or mixer, various food processors. But the basis for everything will, of course, be a built-in oven and it should be the best.

But there is a catch. The best built-in oven will be for everyone their own, special and unique. So the choice of your “ideal and unique” must be treated with all responsibility.

The best built-in oven for everyone and everyone – after all, we all, without a doubt, deserve the best.

For those who live alone and enjoy solitude, compact ovens up to 45 liters are ideal. And why does one person need a huge model? It’s completely unnecessary.

But for a large family, on the contrary, a double oven would be an ideal oven. It will fit both a sweet cake and jellied fish at the same time. At the same time, the cake will not smell like fish, and the fish will not smell like cake. Well, isn’t it a miracle?

A cooker with many functions will seem to be the best for shock workers of culinary work – for fish, for meat, for cakes and so on. But ordinary fans will be repulsed by this, give them the simplest, without frills.

And these people will never agree on an opinion, simply because they have different needs, and they use the built-in oven in very different ways.

Structural features

Built-in ovens require a recess to operate. For this, you need to know at least the approximate parameters of your future acquisition. But on the other hand, such ovens have one indisputable plus, they save a lot of space in the kitchen. Since they are located, in fact, under the table, you have much more surfaces for cooking. This is what attracts built-in ovens to those who consider them the best. If we talk about specific models, then the best ovens are those that are produced by well-known enterprises. Large firms do not like to risk their reputation and always try to overtake a competitor, so their equipment is often an order of magnitude better than that of the middle peasants, who have no one to compete with.

In order for your built-in oven to really become the best for you, you need to follow a number of rules when buying it.


  • Decide what you need from this type of equipment.
  • Choose your future technology on the Internet, even if you want to buy it in a regular store.
  • Read reviews of the selected model of built-in oven on thematic sites.
  • Compare your capabilities and needs.
  • Rely on testimonials from real people, not manufacturers’ promises.
  • Don’t choose vehicles based on their external design.

Which electric oven is best?

Talking about which electric oven is best is pointless until you decide on your requirements for this technique. How to find “your” model, which is ideal?

Reading: 5 minHeading: Kitchen AppliancesAuthor: Pavel Kuzmin

Currently, electronics hypermarkets offer consumers a wide range of electrical appliances. To determine among them the best modern ovens, you should analyze a number of indicators. The predominant criteria are the control system, the set of options, the cleaning method, as well as the type of placement of the device – stand-alone or built-in.


  1. Basic criteria
  2. Advantages of electric ovens
  3. Leading brands
  4. What else to look for

Key criteria


  1. There are models of cabinets that are made in a single body with a hob, having a combined control panel. This is a traditional solution, familiar to different styles of cuisines. The second modification is a stand-alone device that performs the functions of an oven only. This variety, thanks to mobility, compactness and the possibility of selecting a built-in type, quickly gained recognition.
  2. The preferred type of control may influence the decision. The easiest to operate mechanical mode switching with traditional knobs. Modern electric ovens are increasingly equipped with a touch panel. Models with combined control are available for sale.
  3. The range of functions in the most expensive cabinets can be quite extensive. According to reviews, the most popular of them are three or four, so this indicator should be given increased attention in order to save on purchases.

Another important option that makes working in the kitchen easier is the cleaning system. Among them, one can note the catalytic variety, which independently breaks down fat when a certain temperature is provided, due to the coating of internal surfaces with special enamel. The hydrolysis mode provides for the softening effect of steam, for which there is a tray where a solution of a suitable detergent is poured. After cleaning is completed, all planes are simply wiped. Completely copes with pollution pyrolytic cleaning. Due to the creation of a high (≈ 500 ° C) temperature, all deposits burn out, and it remains to sweep away the ashes.

Advantages of electric ovens

When evaluating an electric oven, it is advisable to accurately imagine the advantages of this kind of household appliances compared to gas analogues.

  1. Wide operating temperature range that is consistently maintained at desired parameters. During the cooking process, you can make adjustments by varying the degree of heating of the dish being cooked.
  2. In modern ovens, thanks to the installation of heating elements on different surfaces, uniform heating is achieved throughout the entire volume of the cabinet. The convection mode included in the list of important options also contributes to this. There are electric ovens that allow you to cook different dishes at the same time, since they provide for the installation of separate temperature zones.

Consumers are attracted by ease of installation and higher safety of operation compared to gas analogues.

Leading Brands

Comparing consumer reviews, there are several well-known brands whose ovens consistently deliver superior performance.

  • Gorenje is famous for its designer finds. Their products attract with noble shades, including, in addition to traditional colors – white and black, also cream color and metallic. The most prestigious models will delight you with an LED display, complemented by a backlight, a program that allows you to cook healthy food for a couple. They have a modern type of electronic control, allow you to defrost, cook on the grill.
  • Bosch does not require any introduction, being a reputable company, reviews of which are mostly positive. Classic noble design with a dominance of deep black surfaces and the presence of a discreet sheen of metal fittings. The consumer is presented with the most advanced functionalities of ovens, ranging from an electronic display, several power modes, a reservoir that is filled with water when steaming, and ending with a self-cleaning system.
  • Ariston will delight you with mid-range electric ovens. These are reliable multifunctional devices with all the necessary options, including convection, with a great appearance. Special enamel that serves as a coating of internal planes, which facilitates cleaning.
  • Electrolux surprises with its large usable volume in standard dimensions. The ovens offered by this brand clearly demonstrate that the manufacturer uses innovative developments. These devices have an upper heating, along with a traditional lower heater, automatic programs that set the cooking mode. Many varieties are pleased with the presence of a pyrolytic self-cleaning system.
  • Samsung is among the leaders in the high-quality household appliances sector, thanks to the affordability and wide functionality of ovens.
  • When deciding which electric ovens are the most reliable, it is advisable to pay attention to the diversity of the range with the Miele brand, whose products are known for their long service life.
  • Reliable and stylish wardrobes with the necessary set of options can be found in the Hotpoint-Ariston line of models.

What else you need to pay attention to

On the question of what the power of the cabinet should be and how it can affect the method of installation, it is better to consult an experienced electrician, since only a specialist will be able to determine whether an independent cable or circuit breaker is required and how to do it correctly if necessary. The letter “A” in the technical specifications indicates that this oven is one of the most economical varieties in terms of energy consumption.

Even the design of the door is being modified through continuous improvements. If earlier the electric oven had only a door that folds down from above, now there are sliding and hinged types of it. Studying the reviews of experts, you can understand that they put service safety at the forefront, offering to pay attention to the presence of a multi-layer window, which guarantees that the outside of the door remains cold.

The same purpose is served by the circulation of cold air in the space separating the inner wall of the oven from the inner one. If there are children in the family, it is better to buy an oven equipped with a lock in the control system. The presence of protective systems that are triggered by power surges, overheating or short circuits will enhance safety.

Numerous reviews show that for some people, an important indicator of a reliable oven is some additional options:

  • timer that signals the end of the set time;
  • built-in spit;
  • grill;
  • temperature probe that allows you to quickly check the degree of heating of the inner layers of the dish.