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Dimensions of a 65 Inch TV | Blog

Ever wondered of the actual width and height of a 65 inch TV and whether it will fit in your room? Especially for large televisions it is good practice to take all your measurements and consider where and how to place it before making the purchase to avoid unwanted surprises. TV wall mounts and TV stands can offer the necessary flexibility and ensure you get the best possible viewing experience.

Actual Dimensions of a 65 Inch TV

The dimensions of a 65 inch TV can vary slightly depending on the specific model and brand, but a general estimate is around 57.2 inches (145.3 cm) wide by 32.7 inches (83.1 cm) tall. The depth of the TV can also vary, but it’s typically between 2.4 inches (6.1 cm) and 3.5 inches (8.9 cm) deep. However, it’s always best to check the specifications of a particular model to get the exact dimensions.

Dimensions of a TV Stand

With TV stands it is just like with TVs, the dimensions vary depending on the model you choose. At Mount-It!, you will find floor standing and table top TV stands. Some models offer height adjustment and swivel features, others extra shelves for your equipment. Always make sure the TV stand you are planning to purchase does not only fit in your room and has the features you desire, but is also compatible with the size and weight of your TV. The larger your TV, the heavier it will probably be. TV stands come in different shapes and materials and have different load capacities.

TV Mount Dimensions

There are many different types of TV mounts that vary in functionality as well as in size. The larger the TV you wish to mount to the wall or the ceiling, the more sturdy and robust the mounting solution will have to be. Aside from that, features like tilt, swivel and especially extension of the arm have a direct impact on the size of the mount. Before purchasing a TV mount, always ensure it is suitable to be installed on your wall whether it is drywall, brick or concrete.

Benefits of a TV Wall Mount Vs.

TV Stand For 65 Inch TV

There are many different TV solutions for you to choose from. Let’s have a look at TV mounts vs. TV stands and what could be the best solution for a 65-inch TV:

  1. Space-saving: Wall-mounting a TV frees up valuable floor space that would otherwise be taken up by a bulky TV stand. This can be especially useful in smaller rooms where space is at a premium.
  2. Better viewing angles: When you mount your TV on the wall, you have more flexibility to adjust the viewing angle. You can position it at the optimal height and angle for the best viewing experience.
  3. Reduced glare: Mounting a TV on the wall can help reduce glare and reflections, especially if you position it in a spot where there’s no direct sunlight or other light sources.
  4. Improved safety: If you have kids or pets in your home, a wall-mounted TV can be a safer option than a TV stand. With a TV stand, there’s always a risk that someone could accidentally bump into it and knock it over, which could cause injury or damage to the TV.
  5. Aesthetics: Wall-mounted TVs can look sleek and stylish, especially if you choose a mount that’s designed to be hidden or that complements your decor.

That being said, there are also some benefits to using a TV stand for a 65-inch TV:

  1. Portability: With a TV stand, you have the flexibility to move your TV around the room or even to a different room if needed. This can be useful if you like to rearrange your furniture or if you want to use your TV in different locations.
  2. Storage: Many TV stands come with shelves or drawers that provide additional storage space for your media devices, remotes, and other accessories.
  3. No wall damage: If you’re renting your home or if you’re not comfortable drilling holes in your walls, a TV stand may be a better option since it doesn’t require any wall-mounting.

Ultimately, the decision to mount your 65-inch TV on the wall or use a TV stand comes down to personal preference, available space, and other factors like safety and aesthetics.

How Big Is Too Big To Mount?

The maximum TV size that can be mounted on a wall depends on several factors, such as the weight of the TV, the type of mount being used, the wall’s strength, and the viewing distance.

Most wall mounts are designed to hold TVs ranging from 32 inches to 65 inches, and some mounts can handle larger TVs up to 90 inches. However, the weight of the TV should not exceed the weight capacity of the mount.

It’s important to consult the manufacturer’s specifications of both the TV and the wall mount to ensure they are compatible and can safely support the weight of the TV. Additionally, it’s recommended to consult with a professional installer or contractor to ensure that the wall and mount can support the weight and size of the TV before mounting.

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65-Inch TV dimensions – TV Specs

65 TV is 57.3 inches x 32.9 inches. The TV is not just one of the most important parts of our home, but it is also the largest. This is true even though flat-screen TVs are getting bigger and bigger, giving us more space to watch. Even so, 65 inch screen dimensions or larger still occupy an enormous amount of real estate in both horizontal and vertical areas.

* sizes may vary by brand and model

65 inch TV height and width, Length

The 65-inch tv dimensions are about 4.5 feet wide and 3 feet tall for this particular TV model. This is the standard size for a wide-screen TV measuring over 60-inches.

65 display dimensions without stand (WxHxD) is 57.3″ x 32.9″ x 2.5″ (145.5 x 83.57 x 6.35 cm)

65 inch TV dimensions in cm

Height of TV including stand: 86.0cm
Width of TV including stand: 51.5cm
Depth of TV including stand: 5.8cm
Height of TV without stand: 82.4cm
Width of TV without stand: 48.2cm
Depth of TV without stand: 5.8cm
Weight of TV: 55.1 pounds.

65 inch TV In feet suitable room size

The distance that you sit will impact the perceived picture quality. While there is no exact specification, it is recommended that you sit around 9 feet away for a 65-inch tv. This distance can help reduce glare on the screen, provide consistent image quality across the entire screen.

However, if you sit too far away, your eyes won’t be able to fully resolve the individual pixels and picture quality will suffer. For a 65 inch TV, 9 feet is about as far away as you should go. If you’re sitting more than 10 feet from your TV, you probably shouldn’t buy a 65-inch TV because it’ll look too small from that distance.

Smart TV

A smart TV is a television set with integrated Internet and interactive Web 2.0 features. When the term “smart TV” is used, it normally refers to a television set that offers similar capabilities as a computer or other home appliance. Smart TV is generally used to refer to internet-connected TVs that can be controlled through special applications.

The term “smart TV” does not refer to SmartTV (a trademarked term that is often used to describe certain interactive interface features on televisions, such as Samsung’s user interface), although smart TV platforms are often referred to as SmartTVs.
Smart TVs run an operating system or platform, which integrates access to the Internet.

What is the size of a box from a 65 inch TV

The Box dimensions for a Samsung UN65H7150AFXZA are: W x H x D = 1621 x 963 x 186. In other words, the Box Dimensions for this item are: 63″ x 38.2″ x 7″.

How many pixels are in a 65 inch TV

TVs have 8 million pixels while 8K TVs have 33 million. To find the answer, how many inches is 65?

There are roughly 4 inches in one cm, so multiply 4 by 12 to get 48. So, 65 inches is 4 feet 6 inches. Now you need to convert 4 feet 6 inches into centimeters. 4 feet 6 inches is 4*12 + 6 which equals 4 times 12 is 48, then 4 plus 4 is 8 and then you have another six inches. The total comes to 4 feet 8 inches or 148 centimeters. So, that means there are 496 pixels in a 65-inch UHD TV (4320 horizontal pixels divided by 148 centimeters). Multiply 496 by 4 to get the 4k: 19332.

4k or 4K is a TV that has a screen with 3,840 horizontal and 2,160 vertical pixels for a total of about 12 million pixels. The “K” in 4K stands for Kilo (1000), meaning it has achieved four times more resolution.

Frame 65 dimensions

The Frame TV is a modern-style extreme thin TV that looks like a picture frame hung on the wall. The actual size of the Frame is 65 inches, the actual diagonal screen size is 57.2” x 32.7” x 1.8”, actual weight is 41 pounds. This modern TV got a really thin screen which is 4.57” deep against the wall, which makes it look like a picture frame hanging on the wall. Samsung Frame comes in three models – a 55-inch model, a 65-inch model, and a 75-inch model.

Introducing Amazon Fire Toshiba C3 INSIGNIA Released
Display Technology LED LED LED
Screen sizes 65” 65” 65”
Release year 2021 2021 2020
Item Weight 42. 5 (lb) 57.1 pounds 50.71 pounds
65 inch TV measurements 57.1” x 33.3” x 2.9” 57.2 x 2.9 x 32.8 inches 62.99 x 39.17 x 7.28 inches

How wide is a 65 inch TV: What are the dimensions of a 65 inch TV?

When choosing a TV, the most important thing to consider is that the TV is right for your room. It should not be too big or your eyes will get tired, but it should not be too small because then it will be uncomfortable for you to look at it.

When choosing a TV, pay attention to its dimensions such as height, width and thickness (depth). Of course, TV size shouldn’t be the only consideration when choosing a TV, but once you’ve decided on the brand, screen type, and other options, TV size is what you should be thinking about now.

What are the dimensions of a 65″ TV?

There are three different sizes to consider: width (how long your TV is), height (how tall is your TV), and depth (how thick is your TV). Also, don’t forget that your TV can be mounted on a stand or on a wall. If you want to use a stand, be sure to consider the size of the stand as well.

In addition, modern televisions have tiny bezels. So if earlier the size of the TV depended not only on the size of the screen, but also on the size of the frame, then modern TVs almost completely depend only on the size of the screen.

Now let’s see the size of the 65 inch TV in inches:

  • The width of the 65 inch TV is 58 inches .
  • The height of 65″ TV is about 34″ without stand and about 36″ with stand.
  • The depth of 65 inch TV is about 1.7 inch . Also, keep in mind that the stand has its own depth. The average stand depth is about 11.6 inches.

Usually the dimensions of any object are written as WxHxD, so for a 65-inch TV they would look like this.

58 x 34 x 1.7 without stand. And 58 x 36 x 13.3 with a stand.

How wide is the 65″ TV

And look at the measurements in centimeters:

  • Height of 65″ TV is 86 cm without stand and approx. 90 cm with stand.
  • Depth of 65″ TV is about 4.3 cm.

    147 x 86 x 4.3 without stand. And 147 x 90 x 33.8 with stand.

    How big is a 65-inch TV?

    Above we have given average sizes, but of course TV sizes differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, so the table below shows sizes for specific TV manufacturers.

    90 086

    9 0099

    9008 7 Sony LED TV
    TV WxHxD (inch) WxHxD (cm)
    LG OLED TV 57.0″ x 32.7″ x 1.8″ 144 .78 x 83 x 4.57
    LG Nano TV 57.3″ x 33.1″ x 2.8″ 145.5 x 84.1 x 71.12
    LG LED TV 57. 3″ x 32.9″ x 2.5″ 145.5 x 83.57 x 6.35
    Samsung QLED TV 56.9″ x 32.7″ x 2.1″ 144.5 x 83.06 x 5.33
    Samsung Terrace series 57.7″ x 33.5 ″ x 2, 4″ 146.56 x 85.09 x 6.14
    Samsung Frame series 57.2″ x 32.7″ x 1.8″ 145.29 x 83.06 x 4, 57
    Samsung LED TV 57.1″ x 32.7″ x 2.4″ 145.03 x 83.06 x 6.14
    58″ x 33 ″ x 2.4″ 147.32 x 83.82 x 6.14

    If, after reading this article, you find that a 65-inch TV won’t fit in your room, this article is the best place to start, as it will help you choose the right TV size.

    How wide is a 65-inch TV: Dimensions of a 65-inch TV

    When you decide to buy a new TV, you may have a few questions. Of course, the first question is “Which TV to choose?”, but once you have decided on the brand and model, you are left with one more question – “How wide is a 65-inch TV? This question is especially important for those who want their TV to fit perfectly into the room. This article will help you understand the width of a 65-inch TV, which will help you choose the right TV size.

    Note : Considering that we have readers from both the US and European countries, we will talk about 65-inch TVs in both inches and centimeters. Also, at the end of the article, we will provide the 65 inch TV dimensions (width, height and thickness) in a summary, without additional text.

    65″ TV dimensions: 65″ wide

    Almost all modern TVs have an aspect ratio of 16:9, that is, if you divide the width and height of the TV into equal parts, then the width will be 16 parts, and the height – 9parts. With these parameters, the width of a 65-inch TV screen will be 56.65 inches, the height of the TV screen will be 31.87 inches.

    How wide is a 65-inch TV

    How does the size of a 65-inch TV vary by TV brand and model?

    The width of the TV will of course be slightly wider due to the need to fit the TV screen into the TV cabinet. However, modern TVs (especially high-end ones) have very narrow bezels (about 0.2-0.4 inches). Some TV models have a slightly larger bezel around the screen. This is for a very simple reason, screen matrix technology may differ slightly. But usually the difference in actual width is very small, about 0.5 inch or 1 centimeter.

    65″ TV dimensions: TV height 65″

    65″ TV height is approx. 33″ (approx. 84 cm), without stand, with stand, TV height is approx. but that’s assuming you want to use a stand, but if you’re planning on hanging the TV on the wall, you can disregard the height of the stand.

    65″ TV dimensions: How thick is a 65″ TV?

    Twin Flame Separation…

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    Twin Flame Separation

    Almost all modern televisions are about 2 inches (about 5 cm) deep. The TV must be thick enough to accommodate speakers, HDMI, USB, and other ports to connect other devices or a TV cable to receive TV programs.

    65″ TV size in inches

    To help you understand the dimensions of a 65″ TV, we will give you the size of a 65″ TV in a short form.

    • The width of 65″ TV is 58″ .
    • The height of 65″ TV is 34″ without stand, and 36″ with stand.
    • Thickness (depth) of a 65″ TV is 2″ .

    65″ TV dimensions in cm

    • Width of 65″ TV is 147 cm .
    • Height 65″ TV – 86 cm without stand and 90 cm with stand.
    • Thickness (depth) of a 65″ TV is 5 cm. we provide calculations for various 65″ Samsung TV lines ( QLED, LED, The Terrace, The Frame).

      Note : WxHxD means Width x Height x Depth (Thickness)

      • Samsung 65″ QLED TV without stand (WxHxD) measures 56. 9″ x 32.7″ x 2.1″ (144.5 x 83.06 x 5.33 cm).
      • Dimensions of Samsung 65″ LED TVs without stand (WxHxD) are 57.1″ x 32.7″ x 2.4″ (145.03 x 83.06 x 6.14 cm).
      • Terrace 65″ TV series without stand (W x H x D) measures 57.7″ x 33.5″ x 2.4″ (146.56 x 85.09 x 6.14 cm).
      • Samsung 65″ QLED Frame Series TV dimensions (W x H x D) – 57.2″ x 32.7″ x 1.8″ (145.29x 83.06 x 4.57 cm).

      LG 65″ TV Dimensions: Width, Height, Depth

      In addition, we provide 65″ TV sizes for various LG TV lines (OLED, NanoCell, and LED).

      Note : WxHxD stands for Width x Height x Depth (Thickness) inches (144.78 x 83 x 4.57 cm).

    • 65″ LG Nano TV without stand (W x H x D) measures 57.3″ x 33.1″ x 2.8″ (145.5 x 84.1 x 71.12 cm).
    • LG 65″ LED TV without stand measures 57.3″ x 32.9″ x 2.5″ (W x H x D) (145.5 x 83.57 x 6.35 cm).

    If you’re wondering where to find other TV sizes, you can check out this article for an explanation of all TV sizes and dimensions: TV and monitor screen sizes, height and width versus diagonal.