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Look at these specialty monitors

HD monitors

Great for everything you need a monitor to do.

Curved monitors

Replicates a more realistic viewing experience.

Gaming monitors

Designed to optimize your graphics card & CPU output.

4K UHD monitors

Super-high resolution for incredible picture.

Find the right size

Under 22.9″

23″ to 26.9″

27″ to 32.9″

33″ to 39″

Top brands

  • Dell Computer Monitors

  • HP Computer Monitors

  • LG Computer Monitors

  • Acer Computer Monitors

  • Asus Computer Monitors


























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Computer Monitors

A computer monitor gives a desktop system the window to show its configuration and features. You might have a high clock speed, a fast processor or great graphics, all you need is the right screen to flaunt all the cool features. Target offers you a wide range of options for different sizes and features that meet your requirements and style. Are you confused about choosing a monitor? We are here to help you. If you are wondering about size, then always go for the biggest one depending on your space. There are different types of screens such as ultrawide, curved or flat to help you narrow down your choice. Find monitors with different resolutions, HD or Full HD is the basic one. If you are looking for crisp and detailed quality then there are QHD and 4K options. Keep in mind about the pixel density, it decreases as the size of the computer monitor increases. For gamers, it’s ideal to choose a screen with a high refresh rate and a low response, while color accuracy should be a top priority for professionals. Then there are other features for accessibility such as HDMI and USB-C ports. From gaming monitors to a high-end professional one, we have computer monitors of top brands such as Dell, Samsung, ASUS, Sony and many more. Browse through and find your perfect computer screen.

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Frequent problems with multiple monitors


There are many benefits to working with multiple monitors – even when compared to a single huge ultra-wide monitor – from increased productivity to the versatility of placing them on your desk. But life isn’t always perfect. Sometimes you plug in a second monitor and it doesn’t work, or it crashes the game every time you accidentally move your mouse over it.

If you’ve followed our guide to setting up multiple monitors and are having trouble, check out the list of the most common problems with multiple monitors below and learn how to fix them.

No signal

When you see “No Signal” on your new monitor, it can be cause for concern, but it’s probably the simplest problem. The appearance of such an inscription simply means that the visual data does not reach the display. There are a number of reasons why this happens and many solutions to fix this problem.

Use Windows Detection: Windows may not have recognized that a second display is connected. To force the system to detect connected devices, right-click on the desktop and select “Display Settings” from the menu that appears. In the Display Settings window, click the Detect button.

Turn the screen off and on again: Some connection types do not support hot-swapping when the monitor is on. Turn the display off and on again. This may be all that is needed in order to recognize the video and start displaying it correctly.

Check cable connections: this may seem obvious, but a loose cable is one of the most common causes of a signal transmission error. If you think the cables are secure, unplug them and plug them back in to make sure.

Make sure you select the correct connector: monitors with multiple connector options need to select which cable you are using. Use the buttons on the monitor to make sure you have selected the same input as the cable you are connecting to.

Replace data cable . If you’re using an older cable standard like VGA or DVI-D, you can try a newer alternative like HDMI or DisplayPort. You can also just replace the cable with the same one you are using in case there is a problem with that particular cable.

Replace graphics port: If you are using a dedicated graphics card with multiple outputs, try replacing the one you are using. Sometimes the ports themselves can be damaged, and to fix the situation, you just need to change the port.

Update drivers. Although Windows 10 supports multiple monitors by default, the setup might fail for some reason. Make sure your system is using the latest graphics drivers – this can sometimes fix the problem of no signal.

If you’re still having issues with the secondary monitor, make sure it works when connected separately. Detach the other screen and repeat the above steps. If it helps, try using it as your main screen until you find the cause of the problem. If this does not help, we recommend that you contact your retailer or manufacturer to discuss a return or screen replacement.

Wrong resolution

If you plugged in a new monitor with a higher resolution and find that it is not displaying at the correct resolution, it may be borrowing some settings from your old display or simply trying to fit a different existing screen.

Step 1: Right-click on the desktop and select “ Display Settings ” from the menu that appears.

Step 2: In the top window, click on the monitor you want to edit.

Step 3: Scroll down and find the heading “ Scale and layout “. In the Resolution section, select the correct monitor resolution from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Choose the screen resolution that suits you best. Windows 10 will mark one of these resolutions as “recommended” depending on your display configuration.

If that doesn’t help, make sure your monitor and video card can handle the resolution you’ve chosen. If you’re still having issues, try updating your graphics drivers.

Note: You can use two monitors of different sizes, refresh rates, and resolutions only if you have the correct cables. However, monitors will still be limited by their individual characteristics. If one monitor has a significantly lower resolution than another, then it won’t get bigger, and some things will naturally look different. When installing two monitors, we recommend that you do not overclock settings such as the refresh rate. GPUs already struggle with dual monitors, so don’t make it harder for them.

Incorrect update rate

If you’ve bought a cool new gaming monitor with a high refresh rate, you’ll want to make sure you’re taking full advantage of its power. Windows 10 has a tendency to not choose the fastest settings supported by a new display, so manual adjustment is often required.

You can double check your monitor’s refresh rate with tool Testufo .

Step 1: Right-click on the desktop and select “ Display Settings ” from the menu that appears.

Step 2: Scroll down to the bottom of the window and click “ Advanced Display Settings “.

Step 3: Click “ Show adapter properties for X ” where “X” is the display whose refresh rate you want to adjust.

Step 4: Select the 9 tab at the top0017 Monitor “.

Step 5: Under the heading “ Monitor Settings “, open the drop-down list to select the refresh rate you want.

Duplicate or extended screens

There are several ways to display content on two screens, but “Duplicate” is often the default. If you have a copy of what’s on your home screen and you want your screen to be extended, here’s how to change that.

Step 1: Press Windows key + P to bring up the Project menu.

Step 2: Select “Expand” either by clicking on it with the mouse or by using the right or left arrow keys and pressing the “Enter” key, or by pressing the Windows + P keys to cycle through the options.

You can also right-click on the desktop and select “Display Settings” and select “Multiple Displays” from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the window. You can also adjust which monitor is displayed on the left and which is displayed on the right by dragging the numbered displays at the top of the window.

In the same way, you can change the display from ” Extend ” to ” Duplicate “, if this way of display suits you better.

Can connect 2 monitors, but not 3.

If you are working with three monitors, you may find that the first two monitors connect without problems, but the third monitor may not respond at all or behave differently than the others.

Disconnect monitors and connect each monitor in turn: is sometimes enough for the computer to recognize and use all three monitors correctly.

Make sure “Extend these screens” is selected in Settings: Under “Multiple screens” under “Screens in Windows 10”, the option “Extend these screens” must be selected. It’s also a good idea to check all display settings to make sure they’re set to work with multiple monitors: sometimes a Windows update can reset them. Make sure all graphics drivers are up to date: install updates and reboot if necessary.

Games keep winding down

If your games keep minimizing for no apparent reason when playing on one monitor, you may have accidentally tapped the bar on your second monitor. Some games do not lock the borders of their full screen window , which means that when hovering over the edge of the screen, the pointer may jump to a second window.

When pressed, this second screen, or something on it, is selected, minimizing the game. This is especially problematic for games that don’t use a mouse, such as FPS . Here are some ways to solve the folding problem:

Check the display settings in the game itself. If you are playing in windowed mode, try switching to full screen mode. If that doesn’t help, try switching to borderless window . In this mode, the mouse can move to another screen, but this will prevent the game from minimizing. To return to the game again, you just need to click back on the window.

Applications such as the Dual Monitor Tool can bind the mouse pointer to a single monitor. After you are done playing, you will need to unlock it.

Turn off the second screen. It’s a bit drastic, but if you disable the second unnecessary screen while playing, you won’t be able to get to that screen in the middle of the game. You can do this by pressing the power button or by pressing Windows key + P and then select “ PC screen only ” from the list.

Distortions and artifacts

Sometimes the second monitor works, but there are distortions and artifacts on it that make it difficult to use or make it impossible to use in games. If your first monitor doesn’t have these display issues, then the problem is probably with your hardware. It can usually be fixed by doing the following:

Check monitor ports: make sure all ports on your computer are clean and free of dust. If there is still dirt, very carefully clean it with gentle jets of compressed air and check for damage in the port or cable.

Buy a new cable for the second monitor: Your cable may be outdated and broken. This is especially true if the cable is unshielded and is subject to interference from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and nearby electrical interference. Choose a new cable with good shielding.

Shorten the cable length: choose a new cable shorter than the old one. The longer the data travels on the cable, the greater the chance of interference, so a shorter cable can reduce artifacts and similar problems.

If you’re using converters or adapters, try connecting without them: look for cables that don’t require separate adapters or switches to manage.

Additional monitors suddenly stop working

If you’ve been using multiple monitors for a while now and everything was fine, but all of a sudden the extra monitors just stop working. Fortunately, this can usually be fixed.

Check your connections: check that the second monitor is connected correctly and that the cables have not been disconnected since the last power-up.

Remind Windows: Sometimes Windows hangs a bit and sort of loses information about additional monitors. Restart your graphics card drivers by pressing the Win + Ctrl + Shift + B keys. Hold them for a second and release. See if that helps bring the second monitor back to life.

Restart everything: turn off Windows and all monitors. Then turn everything back on. Often this helps solve the problem.

Roll back driver updates if necessary: ​​ If the display driver has recently been updated, this may also be causing problems. Go to “Device Manager”, select “Display adapters” and select your display adapter to see more. Go to Properties, find the Driver tab and select Roll Back Driver.

The best monitor stands to keep your desk organized!

Whether you work from home or the office, it’s important to keep your desktop organized. Some people swear that order is chaotic, but most will struggle with disorganized workstations. Therefore, it is best to purchase equipment that will properly organize your desk, such as a monitor stand.

The monitor can also be placed on a table, but using it on a stand has many advantages. First, it enhances ergonomics and improves posture by raising the monitor to eye level. Also, lift the monitor and move it to the side. This will free up more space on the table surface.

With all these benefits in mind, let’s take a look at the best monitor stands currently available. This allows you to more accurately measure each one and determine which one suits your needs.

What will we see here?

  • Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Stand
  • Huanuo HNDS6 Dual Monitor Stand
  • Vari Pro Plus 36
  • VideoSecu ML12B Monitor Stand
  • Adjustable Stand rate for AmazonBasics 9 monitor0219
  • Vali monitor stand
  • Conclusion
  • Read more!

Vivo Double Desk Monitor Stand

This slim VIVO model can be attached to almost any surface with clips or screw loops. I don’t put it on my desk so I have plenty of space. This model supports up to £22 and is also suitable for TVs and tablets.

You’ll love VIVO for its high quality workmanship and thoughtful features. It’s cramped for two large screens, but can fit two 1327-inch monitors. The monitor can be positioned vertically or horizontally, which is very convenient. My only complaint here is that you can’t adjust the height of both monitors individually. If you move one monitor, the other monitor will follow.

This tool is easy to assemble, has easy cable management and is one of the most powerful dual monitor setups available today. Plus, the clip that holds VIVO in place fits a desk up to 10cm thick, so it’s almost guaranteed to work in any room. If you’re looking for a simple and affordable dual monitor system, VIVO is in a class of its own.

Buy for $34.99 * US/MX/CA

Huanuo Dual Monitor Stand HNDS6

The Huanuo Dual Monitor Stand is more expensive than many of its competitors ($70), but it makes up for it by providing a more complete feature set than most of its competitors.

Premium gas springs provide light and smooth movement, and both arms are independently height adjustable, allowing two displays to be used at different height levels. Many inexpensive dual display brackets don’t have this capability. Each arm can swivel 180 degrees, rotate 360 ​​degrees, and tilt 80 degrees, and each arm can support a 27-inch, 14.3-pound panel. It has a lot of versatility.

The HNDS6 is held firmly to your desk with a sturdy C-clamp, and the company also offers single monitor arms, double arms for large screens, and even a triple-screen mount.

Buy for $69.99 * US/MX/CA

Vari Pro Plus 36

Vari units range in price from $249 to $359, so it’s a big investment, but it turns your regular desk into a stand-up desk. It’s a new way of working, but it can boost your productivity and your health, so it’s worth investing in.

VariDesk Pro Plus 36 is divided into two levels, providing a wide range of desktop options. The 36-inch wide top shelf holds two monitors, while the bottom shelf is designed for a keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals.

Thanks to its smooth spring-loaded system, the VariDesk easily adjusts to eleven different heights and comes fully assembled.

The Vari Pro Plus 36 has many advantages. Switching to a standing desk can improve your health and productivity, and this device’s layered system allows you to expand your desktop space.

$425.00 US / MX / CA

VideoSecu ML12B Monitor Stand

If you only have one monitor, VideoSecu ML12B is one of the best monitor stand options. It is the most affordable, flexible, durable and fully functional stand for your monitor, be it a computer monitor or a TV screen.

VESA mount compatible with 75 x 75mm and 100 x 100mm templates. Able to support up to £44, it offers a lot of flexibility. You can tilt it 5 degrees forward, 5 degrees back, pan up to 180 degrees, and rotate up to 360 degrees.

It can be stored up to 15 inches from the wall and 2.4 inches from the wall, so you can use it as a wall mount or provide more space. In addition, you have full control over convenient monitor settings.

Installation is also easy and convenient. Some users have also reported that they can safely and successfully mount 32″ monitors and 34″ ultra-wide monitors. The only downside to this option is the lack of height adjustment. This is reasonable given its low cost. Height-adjustable mounts are more complex and expensive because they contain additional parts such as gas springs. So you need to make sure your screen is set to the most ideal height as it will take a lot of work later to change it. Made from high quality steel for strength and durability. You should not doubt its ability to improve your monitor. Black powder paint completes the elegant modern look of your home or office.

If flexibility, durability and reliability at an affordable price are your criteria for choosing the best monitor stand, then this is definitely the best choice.

Buy for $14.98 * US/MX/CA

AmazonBasics Adjustable Monitor Stand

Another great solution within your budget is the Amazon Basic Adjustable Monitor Stand.

Its stackable column legs provide basic height adjustment that can be up to 12.5cm. Adjustments are available in 1″ increments per level. Ergonomics help maintain correct posture while working.

Two anti-slip feet to keep the stand and the devices it supports in place. Under the stand, there is 28cm wide storage space. You can store a keyboard and mouse, game console and even an extra laptop. On the stand itself, you can place laptops, monitors and printers weighing up to 10 kg. Weighing 1.16 kg, it is finished in black, which creates a formal atmosphere suitable for the workplace.

The disadvantage of this option is the plastic construction. This does not increase its aesthetic and overall value. However, the Amazon accentuates its solid construction and slim profile, while the rounded pillars create a contemporary style and an elegant and sophisticated look.

Buy at $16.57 * US/MX/CA

Vali Monitor Stand

It has a large 14.6″ x 9.3″ solid metal shelf. The maximum weight can withstand up to 44 pounds (20 kg).

Anti-slip rubber pads prevent slipping or damage to the work surface.

Large, durable platform with ventilated holes to prevent overheating and keep the unit in good working order.

Sleek, modern black design complements any desk by adding extra space under the storage stand.

  • Weight: 44 lbs
  • Dimensions: 14.6″x9.3″
  • Height adjustable levels: 3.9″, 4.7″, 5.5″

Buy for $16.97 *US/ MX/CA


Yes There are many considerations when buying a monitor stand. With so many choices on the market today, choosing one can be very difficult. But if you stick to the elements that are most important to you, you will still succeed. First, you need to know the size of the monitor stand. There are models designed to use up to three monitors while maintaining the stability and security of the device. If you spend more time in front of multiple monitors, consider choosing a stand that will hold them.