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The Samsung Odyssey Ark is its largest curved monitor yet — and you can turn it on its side

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55-inch, 4K, 16:9, the rest is TBD

By Sean Hollister, a senior editor and founding member of The Verge who covers gadgets, games, and toys. He spent 15 years editing the likes of CNET, Gizmodo, and Engadget.


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Image: Samsung

Samsung now makes the biggest, curviest, you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it PC monitors out there; two Verge editors recently replaced their multi-monitor setups with a single 49-inch Samsung Odyssey G9 when it went on sale for $999 the other week. But the company’s not satisfied simply filling your horizontal field of view with 49 inches of real estate — today at CES, it’s revealing an even bigger 55-inch curved screen with a special stand that lets you flip the gigantic monitor vertically, so the screen curves right over your head.

It’s called the Samsung Odyssey Ark, and the company is pitching it as a real product that it’s planning to bring to the United States in the second half of the year. We don’t have a price or firm release date, though the panel apparently features quantum dot color and Mini LED backlighting. It’s not even clear if the Odyssey Ark is aimed at gaming, productivity, being a fashion statement, or all of the above.

The Ark can curve right over your head.Image: Samsung

Details are so light that I’m going to share the entirety of what Samsung sent us with you:

Odyssey Ark is a next-generation flexible monitor perfect for people doing everything from editing to gaming at home. The Ark is the new industry-leading gaming display with a curved 55-inch display and 16:9 aspect ratio.

The HAS (Height Adjustable Stand), pivot and tilt functionality, in addition to advanced ergonomic design, offers every gamer optimal comfort. This new vertical cockpit-style rotating display provides a new gaming experience and allows portrait or landscape orientation for multi-tasking and multi-window setup.

Multiview options allow users to adjust Odyssey Ark exactly how they want it with a totally adaptable screen size to fit the game or the program without compromising its 4K display and bright, colorful images. The monitor also features a wireless, dial controller to manage lighting and the interface.

Samsung demonstrates the multiview potential of the Odyssey Ark at CES 2022.Image: Samsung

With a 16:9 aspect ratio, it wouldn’t be quite the same as those earlier super-ultrawide 32:9 monitors, even though the curve looks much the same from here. (Does that mean it’s just a very curved TV? Not quite, but TVs and monitors are getting WAY closer these days.) The traditional aspect ratio could help with the stretching effect I saw in games and less wasted space around movies and shows.

Having reviewed a pair of these super curved monitors now, I originally struggled to think of a reason why I’d want to turn one vertically. But seeing how it looks in the real world, courtesy of Tim Schofield, definitely reveals more of the Odyssey Ark’s multitasking potential.

Let me know if other good reasons occur to you? (LG Display’s curved OLED throne could also use some vertical screen ideas.)

Here’s a picture of the Odyssey Ark’s dial controller and the huge horizontal curve, by the way:

Samsung also introduced a smaller 4K version of its Odyssey Neo G9 this week, a 32-inch version called the Odyssey Neo G8. We’ll let you know when the Ark has more details.


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The Samsung 34” ViewFinity S6 Series 4K Monitor is currently available for just $429.99, this is a significant saving of $270 on its original price of $699.99.

This monitor was designed with immersion in mind, the 34-inch ultra-wide resolution allows you to see more than ever before, whether that be in games, watching m, movies or working on creative projects. The masses of on-screen real estate allow you to multitask with ease.

Keep reading as we’ll go into more detail as to why you should consider picking up this excellent monitor.

  • 4K display: See every detail when completing your project or when gaming with this jaw-dropping display.
  • 1000R curved display: Reduce eyestrain and ensure peak performance when working on projects or playing your favorite games. the 1000R curvature closely models the naked eye’s curvature to increase comfort when compared to flat monitors.
  • HDR10: Expect impeccable color accuracy and depth. All pictures become works of art thanks to the dark blacks and vivid bright colors that pop out of the screen.
  • Borderless design: Focus on the content with a display with extremely thin bezels, this allows you to be immersed in your work or entertainment without distraction. You can also convert the display into two separate screens so you can quickly switch between applications.
  • Fast and fluid: the 100Hz refresh rate and AMD Freesync compatibility ensure that tears and stutters are eliminated whilst fast-paced action stays in focus, giving you the ultimate experience when watching movies or playing games.

Perfect for creatives, those who need to multitask, and gamers alike this is one of the best ultrawide monitors that we’ve come across. The 1000R curved display is perfect for those longer workdays as it reduces eye strain so productivity can stay high, and in your downtime, the stunning HDR 10 display can deliver cinema-quality pictures.

Although Prime Day has finished this deal is in line, if not better than a lot of the deals that we came across, the $270 saving is certainly a welcomed one and puts this 34-inch curved monitor at a great price point amongst other similarly sized curved monitors.

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144Hz Curved Monitor – Samsung C24FG70FQI

The Samsung C24FG70FQI gamer-focused monitor features a 24-inch VA panel, 1920×1080 resolution, up to 144Hz refresh rate, and AMD FreeSync technology.

The Samsung C24FG70FQI gamer-focused monitor features a 24-inch VA panel, 1920×1080 resolution, up to 144Hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync technology. The monitor is also notable for its curved screen with a radius of curvature of 1800 mm.


The design is very unusual. This applies to both the screen block with a curved matrix and the design of the stand. The outer panels of the monitor are mainly made of black plastic with a matte finish. The outer edging around the perimeter of the screen block has a dark gray-silver coating. The outer surface of the matrix is ​​black, semi-matte (but specularity appears in the case of reflection of point light sources), and the outer layer of the matrix feels relatively hard. Geometric reflection distortions in the matrix, as well as the attached ruler, make it possible to determine that the bending of the matrix surface is more or less uniform over the entire screen area and only the vertical sections around the edges about 3 cm wide are almost flat, and at the very edge the surface is slightly convex.

The manufacturer’s logo is applied in silver paint at the bottom center of the front frame. To the right, non-contrasting icons of game mode selection buttons are applied. The buttons themselves are located on the bottom end approximately opposite the labels.

To the right of the labels is a small diffuser of the status indicator. In the center on the lower end there is an elongated light diffuser for decorative illumination of a blue glow. On the back panel under the right hand there is a 5-way joystick.

The interface connectors and the power connector are located in a shallow and narrow niche on the rear panel and are oriented towards the back. Connecting cables to the monitor is relatively convenient, but some DisplayPort connectors with locks can have difficulty pressing the locking buttons. However, there are no such problems with the bundled cable. There is also a Kensington lock slot on the back panel.

There are ventilation grilles on the bottom end and on the rear panel in its upper part. The narrow ring and logo on the back have a lustrous metallic finish with a slight bluish tint. Multiple articulations on the stock stand post allow the screen unit to be slightly tilted forward, tilted back, lifted, flipped to portrait clockwise, and rotated slightly left and right.

Note that lowering and raising the screen unit does not change the vertical angle of the screen. Apparently, the linkage system in the stand post corrects this angle. The base of the stand is relatively large in area, but from above it is flat and almost horizontal. This increases the efficiency of using the working area of ​​the table.

This stand design will require additional space behind the monitor compared to a traditional vertical stand. The monitor stands very stable on the stand, partly because the base of the stand is quite heavy. The base of the stand is reinforced with a thick stamped steel plate, and all the supporting elements of the stand are metal (steel and aluminum alloy). The design of the stand is not very rigid, so the screen block noticeably sways when the user, for example, presses the buttons, while a soft creak of plastic parts rubbing against each other can be heard. Rubber pads are glued to the bottom of the base, they prevent the monitor from sliding on smooth surfaces and protect the table surface from scratches.

If necessary, the stand can be detached and the screen unit can be mounted on a VESA-compatible bracket (75 by 75 mm platform). In this case, you will need to use a special adapter, since the standard stand is fixed to the holes in the corners of a 50 by 50 mm square.


The monitor is equipped with three digital inputs – a pair of HDMI and one DisplayPort in the full-size version. Of these, only the DisplayPort input supports the maximum resolution and frame rate for this monitor, and only it supports AMD FreeSync. The HDMI and DisplayPort inputs are capable of accepting digital audio signals (PCM stereo only) that are output after being converted to analog via a 3.5mm mini jack. You can connect an external active speaker system or headphones to this analog audio output. The power of the headphone output was enough to have a huge headroom in 32-ohm headphones with a sensitivity of 112 dB. The sound quality in the headphones is good – a wide range of frequencies is reproduced, there is a stereo effect, noise is not heard during pauses, the sound is relatively clear, without obvious distortions. An external power adapter is used. According to the connector and voltage, a universal power supply for a laptop can also be suitable.

Menu, control, localization, additional functions and software from the kit

The status indicator is dim. It glows blue when the monitor is operating or when the monitor is turned off (mode is selected in the menu) and flashes blue in standby mode. Navigation through the menu is convenient, which is largely facilitated by the joystick. If the monitor is working and there is no menu on the screen, then moving the joystick to the right or left displays a short menu for adjusting the volume and mute, and up or down – a menu with three basic picture settings.

And pressing the joystick brings up a short menu from which you can quickly select an input, turn off the monitor, turn on the low blue component mode and go to the main menu.

The main menu is large. The text in the menu is relatively small, but its absolute dimensions provide acceptable readability. When adjusting a number of parameters, the menu is removed from the screen, a small window with a list or sliders remains, which makes it easier to evaluate the adjustments made. At the top of the menu, in circles, the values ​​​​of a number of settings that are important for gaming use of the monitor are displayed. Three buttons on the bottom end allow you to quickly switch between three game modes, when you switch these modes, the values ​​of the game settings are also displayed at the bottom of the screen.

In the menu, you can select the mode of operation of the bluish backlight, illuminating the space under the screen. This backlight can be turned off, switched on the flashing mode (smooth on and off with a cycle of approximately 3 seconds) or flashing to the beat of the audio signal supplied to the current input (option – interactive).

Sets the delay for automatic exit from the menu. There is a Russian version of the on-screen menu.

Cyrillic font is even and readable. The quality of translation into Russian is good.

The monitor comes with a quick start guide, a warranty card, as well as a CD-ROM with full versions of the manual in the form of PDF files, among which there is a Russian version (it can be downloaded from the Samsung website). This CD-ROM also contains an installer for the Easy Setting Box program, which, judging by the description, helps to distribute windows on the desktop.


There are relatively many settings that affect the output of the image. They are divided into two pages. The “Game” page contains settings that are important for players.

The last item on this page will allow you to save the current combination of settings in three game profiles available for direct selection with three buttons.

There are several preset modes which are listed in the Picture Mode list:

This list is available from both the Game page and the Picture page. There are a number of typical settings, such as brightness, contrast and sharpness, and color balance is set by choosing one of five profiles or adjusting the intensity of the three primary colors.

There are two main modes of geometric transformation: wide (the image is stretched to fill the entire screen) and auto (output while maintaining the original proportions and zooming to the nearest screen borders). In the second mode, the original proportions are calculated by pixels, so in the case of standard PAL and NTSC signals, the proportions will be slightly distorted. Additionally, there are modes for simulating screens with a diagonal of 17 to 23 inches, in some cases with aspect ratio options. This is if the input works in PC mode, if you select AV mode for the input, then it becomes possible to display an image with aspect ratios of 4:3 and 16:9or one to one by pixels in the center of the screen. In AV mode, the picture is also slightly enlarged, so in the case of the first two transformation options, the edges of the image are cut off. Simulation modes for screens with different diagonals are also available.

Cinematic modes of operation were tested when connected to a Sony BDP-S300 Blu-ray player. Checked work on HDMI. The monitor accepts 576p, 480p, 720p, 1080p signals at 50 and 60 fps. 1080p at 24 fps is not supported. Subtle gradations of hue vary in both highlights and shadows. Brightness clarity is always very high, color clarity in the case of a 1080p signal is slightly lower than possible.

Interpolation of lower resolutions to matrix resolution is performed without significant artifacts. There is no “crystal” effect (microscopic brightness variation) as such. The matte surface of the matrix allows you to work comfortably in the case of a typical variant of the location of the monitor, user and lamps in the room.

Players may find it useful to have a setting called Black Equalizer. If it is more than 13, then the brightness in the shadows is underestimated, and if it is less than 13, then, on the contrary, it is overestimated. The second option will allow you to better recognize objects in the case of dark scenes.

Adjusting the monitor itself is not enough to get high quality color reproduction. However, this is hardly a critical drawback for a gaming monitor. Note that the manufacturer attaches a report on the factory calibration of this instance to each monitor.

The brightness of the monitor is changed precisely by the brightness of the backlight, that is, without compromising the quality of the image (the contrast and the number of distinguishable gradations are preserved), the brightness of the monitor can be changed over a wide range, which allows you to comfortably work, play or watch movies in both lit and dark rooms. At any brightness level, there is no significant modulation of the backlight, which eliminates the visible flickering of the screen.

Visually, the black field is more or less uniform over the entire screen area, there are areas with increased brightness, but they are blurry and the brightness in them is slightly increased. The photo below shows this:

The color gamut changes depending on the selected profile. In the case of the sRGB profile, coverage is very close to the boundaries of the sRGB color space:

The turn-on and turn-off response time for the black-white-black transition is 15. 2 ms in total (9.5 ms on and 5.7 ms. off).

The matrix is ​​slightly overclocked, but overclocking is moderate, no characteristic artifacts are visible. From our point of view, the speed of the matrix is ​​enough for playing dynamic games. With the Response Time setting, you can increase the clarity in motion, achieving, according to the manufacturer, the equivalent value for a response time of 1 ms when measuring MPRT (Motion Picture Response Time). The increase in clarity in motion is achieved by separating the phases of the movement of objects (in fact, the phases of switching LCD cells from one state to another) with a dark gap. Usually, a complete dimming of the backlight over the entire screen area is used – the so-called black frame insertion.

However, in the case of this monitor, the backlight is divided into 4 zones in the vertical direction, and the zones are dimmed sequentially in synchronism with the screen refresh. It is claimed that this method avoids blurring of a dynamic picture over the entire area of ​​the screen, while simply inserting a black frame may not completely eliminate blurring in the upper and lower regions of the screen. As tests show, the backlight is indeed switched on and off by zones, and to compensate for the decrease in brightness due to the non-simultaneous operation of all LEDs, the peak brightness increases. However, the maximum brightness is still reduced to 280 cd/m² with Faster and 231 cd/m² with Fastest.

The display latency with V-sync disabled when connected via DisplayPort and in 1920 × 1080 mode at 144 Hz frame rate was only 4 ms, and when connected via HDMI and 1920 × 1080 at 120 Hz, the delay increased to 6 ms. Turning off the “Low Input Lag” mode in the second case increased the delay to 16 ms. In any case, such delays are not felt both during operation and in dynamic games.

In fact, in the case of monitors operating at a frequency of 120-144 Hz, the difference between the FreeSync modes and just with the vertical frequency synchronization turned on is minimal, and only when the synchronization is turned off, frame breaks slightly spoil the impression.

When looking at the screen at an angle, the primary colors change slightly, but the midtones change significantly, which is expected for a VA-type matrix and is its main drawback. The curved surface of the screen, when properly positioned by the user, partially compensates for the effects of color shifting and black highlighting at the corners.


Testing of the monitor in the case was carried out by Egor Gugaev. Here are his impressions:

In order to understand how comfortable the monitor is in games, we tested it in several popular projects: Doom, The Witcher 3, Warhammer: Dawn of War III and Fallout 4. The first thing that caught my eye at launch was that the curved display visually expands space. Initially, there were fears that such a decision would lead to a distortion of the perception of the playing field, primarily in strategies, but the expectations did not materialize – the curved screen does not interfere with keeping all corners of the map and the game window in sight. In The Witcher 3 and Fallout 4, a similar decision led to an increase in the immersion effect – the contours of the picture, due to the distribution along the plane, slightly curved and began to resemble the image that the human eye sees more. In combination with post-effects (motion blur, background blur, etc.) in first and third person adventure games, the gameplay has become somewhat more realistic.

The adjustable stand made it quite easy and quick to adjust the angle and height of the display to the desired level. This feature will be especially useful if your chair does not have height adjustment or the table is not in the most comfortable position. You can also put a keyboard in the space below the display, freeing up space for other tasks.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the special features of the monitor, which make the gameplay more comfortable and efficient. “Black Equalizer” visually changes the “black point” of the displayed picture. In theory, this should help you better navigate dark games, notice hidden objects, etc. In practice, most modern games either have a certain image contrast setting, or generally show a picture that is comfortable for an adequate game out of the box. If you lower the “Black Equalizer” to the minimum values, the picture will lose a lot of contrast, the black color will turn gray and the overall impression of the game will deteriorate greatly. A value of about 15 units can be considered optimal – with it, the picture looks juicy, and the required amount of detail is present in the shadows.

By increasing this setting, you can achieve a more cinematic picture, but be aware that dark areas in the game can become completely black. However, in some genres this will not be a problem at all – Dawn of War III began to look better, but the comfort of the gameplay remained at the same level.

To smooth the picture, the monitor provides settings: “Response time”, “Low input lag”, as well as support for AMD Free Sync technology and high picture refresh rates (120 – 144 Hz). If you can still notice the difference between refresh rates of 60 Hz and 144 Hz with an untrained eye, then it is very difficult to fully feel the impact of each of the settings on the gameplay. Turning on all of the above settings to the maximum value visually improves the smoothness of the picture and reduces the “loops” when moving objects quickly, which helps in shooters (DOOM, Fallout 4). Reasons for disabling these settings were not found.

The monitor allows you to create several pre-programmed combinations of settings and quickly switch them during the game, however, during testing, there was no need to change the settings (after setting the optimal Black Equalizer point and turning on the other settings mentioned). This feature is likely to be useful when changing the type of activity – from games to video editing, for example.

The distinctive features of the Samsung C24FG70FQI monitor do not provide a radically new experience in games of common genres, but in total they give a nice bonus to the gameplay.


The Samsung C24FG70FQI gaming monitor attracts attention with an unusual stand design and a curved screen with a relatively small radius of curvature. In addition to looks, gamers may be interested in high refresh rate support, AMD FreeSync technology for smooth dynamic images without tearing, and a special scanning backlight mode that can increase the clarity of moving objects. Expanded color gamut, which is responsible for quantum dot technology, will add bright colors to games, and for working with natural images, gamut can be brought to the sRGB standard.


  • Support for AMD FreeSync
  • technology

  • Rigorous and practical design
  • Comfortable and adjustable stand
  • Low Output Latency
  • Dynamic Clarity Enhancement
  • Quick selection of gaming profiles
  • High contrast
  • Flicker free backlight
  • Low blue mode
  • Good quality headphone output
  • Convenient 5-position joystick on the control panel
  • Three digital video inputs
  • Decorative lighting with sound synchronization mode
  • Russified menu


  • No significant

Monitor with curved screen on HOTLINE – visual prices


20 015


18 476 – 28 191 UAH

All propositions (86)

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27 864


26 850 – 33 499 UAH

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10 330


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56 488


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38 527


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