Coax splitter amplifier: 4 Way TV Antenna Splitter Amplifier,SatMaximum

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4 Way TV Antenna Splitter Amplifier,SatMaximum

SatMaximum’s 4 Way TV Antenna Splitter Amplifier is designed to amplify and split the signal up to 4 TV sets without losing quality. Use indoors at your home, office, or store and enjoy the great quality broadcast TV signal.

DISCLAIMER: Channel reception results may vary based upon broadcasts available in your area, distance to broadcast towers, and potential geographical obstructions between the towers and reception location. Visit  DTV Reception Map  prior to purchase to verify channel availability in your area. Remember, if there is no detectable signal in your area even a signal booster can’t help you get it. Signal boosters only detect and collect weak signals, then amplify those signals.

Features of The 4 Way TV Antenna Splitter Amplifier:

  • Type of connection: TYPE “F”
  • Impedance: 75 ohm
  • Gain: 10.5db
  • Power Supply: 5 Vdc 500 mA
  • Includes AC/DC adapter
  • Input: 110-20 volts 50/60 Hz 0. 3A
  • Output: 5 Vdc 500 mA
  • Meets US and international standards

What comes in the package:

  • 1 x Distribution Amplifier
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x DC Power Cable
  • User’s Manual

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Professional-Grade Antenna Port Terminator

Antenna Port Terminator helps reduce noise and signal interference issues.


Power Over Coax Adapter

Power Over Coax Adapter Integrated Power Supply for TV Signal Amplifiers


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4 way splitter coax cable F-type female 4 female silver Type: cable ,



Splitter (splitter) subscriber SAh406F (balanced , 1×3, 5-1000 MHz, 6 db) Type: splitter,



4-way splitter coax cable F-type female to 4 female silver Type: cable 9006 7 ,



4 way splitter coaxial cable F-type 4-way female silver

Double-sided HD digital coaxial cable splitter bi-directional MoCA 5-1000 MHz connector satellite TV receiver designed for SATV/CATV



4 way 9 0066 splitter coaxial cable F-type female to 4 sockets silver Type: cable ,



Hama 00205236, Cable splitter , 4 – 1000 MHz, Silver, Metal, 3. 5 dB, Coaxial


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MA0185100; Modicon Coupler (TAP) for coax. cable S908 RIO Schneider Electric Manufacturer:



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Amplifier – splitter video signal over coaxial cable Kubris AVD104NT HD 4 +1 channels / Amplifier / Signal amplifier / Amplifier 4 channel / Splitter



4-Way Splitter Coax F-Type, 4 Female Female, Silver Type: cable ,



Digital 8-channel splitter coaxial cable 5-2400MHz compatible RG6 for analog/digital TV connections and Internet


for cable TV


wifi antenna coaxial cable SMA female to Y-type 2XSMA male straight splitter combiner extension pigtail cable RG316


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Tap (TAP) for coax. Cables S908



Antenna branch kit cable


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Amplifier – splitter video over coaxial cable Kubris AVD104HD four channel.



3 way splitter coax cable , 5-2400 MHz, works with CATV, STB Box, satellite, antenna system , high-speed Internet, network


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Amplifier – splitter video signal over coaxial cable Cubris AVD104HD four channel / Amplifier / Amplifier 4 channel / signal amplifier / Splitter


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Coaxial cable splitters

How to properly connect a TV to an antenna: studying circuits and equipment

To connect several TVs to one external antenna, you can use the socket antenna amplifiers described in the previous article or antenna splitters (splitters, “crabs”).

TV cables

A special coaxial cable is required to carry the TV signal to the TV. There are many types of television cables in stores – expensive and cheap, thick and thin.

What should I pay attention to when buying?

  1. The first is the outside diameter. It should be approximately 6.6 mm;
  2. The second is shielding. The screen of a modern cable should be two-layer – a braid of thin conductors and a layer of foil;
  3. The third is the insulation material. Modern cables are insulated with porous polyethylene. Their frequency response is better than solid polyethylene insulated cables.

Coaxial cable

Porous polyethylene insulation is produced in two ways: cheap chemical, using a chemical reaction (Chinese manufacturers sin this), and more expensive physical, when polyethylene is foamed with nitrogen gas under high pressure.

The frequency characteristics of coaxial cables with “chemical” and “physical” insulation are quite different. In addition, coaxial cables with physical foam insulation are more stable and more resistant to environmental influences.

The type of insulation affects the frequency response of the coaxial cable

It is difficult for an inexperienced consumer to visually distinguish how the foam insulation of the coaxial cable is made, so try to purchase products from well-known manufacturers from authorized distributors.

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Connecting TV plugs

Television equipment is usually connected with coaxial cable using F-type connectors (F-connectors). Their widespread use is due to the ease of installation and reliability of the connection, in addition, they provide protection against interference and external influences.

TV plugs with F-connector

The F-connector consists of an F-nut that is mounted on a coaxial cable and a mating threaded part that is installed on the connector (TV plug, F-F connector) or on equipment ( amplifier, splitter, etc. ).

F-nuts and F-F connector

Step back 11-12 mm from the end of the cable and carefully cut the outer insulation so as not to damage the shield braid (thin wires that cover the cable). Pull the braid and foil back and place along the cable. Remove 9mm of internal insulation from the center conductor (see figure 1).

1. Remove some of the outer and inner insulation

Screw the F-nut tightly onto the cable, leaving the center conductor no more than 2 mm protruding from the edge of the nut (see figure 2).

2. Screw the F-nut tightly onto the cable

Now you can connect the F-nut either directly to the equipment (amplifier, splitter, etc.) or to the TV or TV socket using the TV plug.

Connecting the cable TV plug

Cable extension

If for any reason it becomes necessary to extend the TV cable, the easiest way to do this is to use two F-nuts and an F-F connector. Install the F-nuts as shown above and connect them with an F-F connector.

Cable extension with F-F connector

Antenna splitters (splitters)

Antenna splitters (crabs) are used to connect several TVs to one antenna. Splitters differ in the number of outputs and the type of housing.

Dual Output Splitter

Molded case splitters for circuit board mounting are the most common. They are easy to place in a convenient place (for example, in a mounting box or behind a false ceiling).

In country houses where a large number of receivers are provided, a special low-current shield is often installed for connecting and distributing telephone, television and computer networks. In this case, it is advisable to use splitters in a modular design, i.e. for mounting on a DIN rail.

Left: Modular splitter. Right: F-plug

When choosing a splitter , the first thing to consider is the number of outlets. The more of them, the weaker the output signal. For example, for a device with two outputs, the output signal level is reduced by about 1.7 times, and for a splitter with four outputs, the output level is reduced by about 2.66 times. Therefore, the use of splitters with more than four outputs, as a rule, requires the installation of an additional TV signal amplifier.

Splitter with 6 outlets

Cable connection is via F connectors.

Connecting the cable to the splitter

In addition, for the splitter to function correctly, all its outputs must be loaded. If for some reason one of the outputs is not used, a special F-plug (2) should be installed on it, in which there is a 75 Ohm load resistor.

Free outlet plug installation

The high quality splitter has a die-cast body that is nickel plated for additional shielding. Housings of low-quality splitters are already stamped with threads, while high-quality threads are cut after the final production of the housing.

TV sockets

TV socket (TV socket, TV socket) – end device to which a television receiver is connected. On sale you can find many types and types of television outlets.

Single (simple) socket

Used to connect one TV to one antenna.

Single TV sockets and wiring diagram

Using single sockets, multiple TVs can be connected to one antenna using a splitter. Such a multipoint connection scheme is called a “star”.

Scheme for connecting TV outlets through a splitter

This scheme is the most preferred for connecting several TVs, as it is reliable and, most importantly, the same signal level at all outlets.

Feed-through and termination sockets

Used for multipoint connection in a daisy chain. Outwardly, such sockets are no different from single ones, however, pass-through sockets on the reverse side have two connectors for connecting incoming and outgoing cables. At the end of the “loop” there is always a terminal socket! It should be remembered that due to the occurrence of a significant difference in signal levels at the first and last outlet, it is advisable to avoid connecting more than four outlets in a “loop” scheme.

Scheme for connecting TV outlets with a loop

Single, feed-through and terminal TV-FM outlets

TV-FM outlets differ from those discussed above in that they have special filters installed that separate frequencies from the general signal from a broadband antenna FM band 7.5-108 MHz. This signal goes to a separate jack for connecting an AV receiver, tuner or home theater with a radio channel. The remaining signals from the antenna are sent to the TV socket, to which the TV is connected. TV-FM sockets can be connected according to the “star” or “loop” scheme.

TV-FM socket and connection diagram

Single TV-R sockets without filter

A variation of TV-FM single sockets are TV-R sockets without filter. Instead of a filter that separates television and radio signals, a splitter is installed in the outlet, which divides the signal equally.

TV-R receptacle

Below are some examples of how this receptacle can be used when connected to a broadband antenna.

radio systems to a TV-R socket

c) Diagram for connecting a TV-R TV without a digital tuner to a socket:

Diagram for connecting a TV-R TV without a digital tuner to a socket

  1. For analog broadcast reception, use a standard antenna socket;
  2. The digital signal is received via a DVB-T2 set-top box, which is connected to the TV via HDMI or AV connectors.

TV-FM-SAT single, feed-through and termination sockets

TV-FM-SAT sockets for single-cable networks are equipped with three sockets on the front panel. TV – for connecting a TV (terrestrial channels), SAT – for connecting a satellite receiver and FM – for connecting radio devices. Three filters are placed inside the mechanism, which extract the desired frequency range from the general signal and send it to the appropriate socket.

To organize such an installation, you will need a signal mixer (coupler) for terrestrial and satellite television.