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  • Signature Required for delivery FAQs?
  • Need to return your trade-in device?
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Before you buy

  • Decide if you want to trade in your current device towards your new purchase. Get a Device Trade-in estimate online.
  • Choose if you want to finance your device with: 
    • Equipment Installment Plan (EIP): purchase your device over time, interest free.
    • JUMP! On Demand (JOD).: device leasing with the option to upgrade once every 30 days. 
  • If you’re financing (using EIP or JOD), make sure you understand how to use e-Signature to authorize your purchase.
  • If your current device isn’t working, check out potential Warranty solutions before your buy a new device.  
  • A $35 Device Connection Charge is due at sale.

Ready to buy?

  • If you’re not yet part of the T-Mobile family, join us!
  • Already with us? Log in to your account to shop.

Order already on its way?

  • If you’re new to T-Mobile and haven’t yet created your account, check your order status with your:
    • Order number
    • Billing Zip Code
    • Last name
  • If you’ve already created your account, log in to your account to check your order status. 

Orders requiring a signature upon delivery FAQs


When is ‘Signature Required’ for order delivery?

A signature requirement is added to high value orders to help protect against theft. In general, if the order includes a smartphone, it’s likely a signature will be required at delivery. The signature requirement is determined by the T-Mobile distribution center during shipping.


How will I know my order has shipped with Signature Required for order delivery?


If you purchased a device, especially a smartphone, it is highly likely a signature will be required.  We will alert you if ‘signature is required during delivery’ in the order confirmation and order shipped notifications sent by T-Mobile via email or SMS. After the order is shipped, you can also visit, enter the order tracking number from your T-Mobile Order Shipped notification, and check for the ‘Signature Required’ alert. While you’re there, check the expected delivery date set by UPS and sign-up for UPS notifications about the delivery.


Can I change the delivery address after the order is shipped?


Once the order is on its way, re-routing options may be available from UPS using their UPS My Choice service.


What do I do if the 3rd delivery attempt fails and the device I ordered gets returned to T-Mobile?


Please call T-Mobile Customer Care at 1-800-937-8997 and a we will help to re-process and re-ship your order. You will receive a refund to your original payment card for any amount T-Mobile charged for that order.  This process usually takes 7-10 days, including the refund to the payment card.

Need to return your trade-in device?

  • The fastest way is to return it at a T-Mobile store. This way, you don’t have to worry about finding your label, printing it, and packing the box. 
  • If shipping is required or more convenient for you, learn how to ship us your trade-in device.


Upgrades that require shipping


  • JUMP! upgrades: Your order status in your T-Mobile account will have JUMP! upgrade displayed.
  • T-Mobile Authorized Retailer: These locations can’t accept trade-ins. The store locator will indicate the type of store.
  • Other retailers: Trade-ins associated with purchases from other retailers like Apple, BestBuy, Samsung, and Walmart must be shipped.

Still need help?

  • Log in to your account online for the easiest way to upgrade, check out the video on this page for more information on how to upgrade online.
  • Visit us at a T-Mobile store 
  • Contact Us for assistance. 

T-Mobile FamilyWhere app | T-Mobile Support

With T-Mobile FamilyWhere®, a T-Mobile primary account holder can use the FamilyWhere Android app or to locate any phone on their plan that is on the T-Mobile network.

On this page:

  • About the FamilyWhere service
  • About the FamilyWhere app
  • Signing up
  • Add a Family Member
  • Locate and check-in
  • Android 10 location accuracy improvement: setting change
  • Canceling your subscription

About the FamilyWhere service

  • You can use T-Mobile FamilyWhere to find a phone, as long as it is turned on and in service. 
  • The FamilyWhere service includes a 30-day free trial for new users. After the trial ends, there’s a monthly subscription for $10 that appears on your bill.
  • All phones that can be located by FamilyWhere receive a notification when they are added to the service and a recurring notification as a reminder that they are still a part of the service.
  • FamilyWhere uses geolocation data from the T-Mobile network and is not affected by changes to device location settings.
  • A text message plan is not required to use T-Mobile FamilyWhere. Even if you have text messaging turned off, you can still subscribe and use the service.
  • If your lost or stolen phone does not have GPS or if it does have GPS, but is not in clear view of the sky, your location may be reported as a wide area. 
  • In some situations, T-Mobile FamilyWhere® will not be able to locate a phone. The most common reasons are:
    • The phone that you are trying to locate is deep inside a building or car.
    • The phone is surrounded by tall buildings, hills, or trees.
    • The phone is powered off.
    • The phone’s battery has run out.
    • The phone is not in T-Mobile network coverage.
    • Service on the particular line/number has been terminated or suspended.


About the FamilyWhere app

  • The FamilyWhere app is available for Android only. For other devices, you can manage FamilyWhere by logging in to your T-Mobile account​, then selecting My Account > Profile > Family Controls > FamilyWhere.
  • Let family members check in with you through text message or see where they are on a map in real-time.
  • Get text or email notifications generated by scheduled automatic location alerts.
  • Access a seven-day log of FamilyWhere location history.
  • Use any capable device—your phone, tablet, or computer—to quickly and accurately locate phones on your active account. No extra software is required.
  • The FamilyWhere app does require that GPS is enabled for tablets.
  • The FamilyWhere app isn’t supported on any smartwatches except the Timex FamilyConnect smartwatch.


Signing up

What you need to use it

  • An active T-Mobile account. FamilyWhere doesn’t track devices on suspended accounts.
  • A Primary Account Holder assigned on the account. Only the Primary Account Holder can activate FamilyWhere service and see located devices.
  • A T-Mobile data plan.
  • By design, FamilyWhere notifications can’t be disabled on a child’s phone. These notifications are required by FCC regulations and by T-Mobile Privacy and Safety policy.


Sign up on your mobile device


  1. If you use a VPN or VPN app, turn it off while you get set up.
  2. Open the FamilyWhere app and select Get Started.
  3. Enter a valid email address in the Create your account text box and choose Create Account.
  4. Select the check box next to the person you want to track on the account and choose Locate!


Sign up on


  1. Log in to your T-Mobile account.
  2. Choose My account.
  3. Select Profile.
  4. Select Family Controls, then choose FamilyWhere.
  5. Select Get Started.
  6. Enter the Basic Information.
  7. Review and agree to the Terms of Service.
  8. Select and name phones to locate.
  9. Choose Done.


Add a Family Member


Add a Family Member via Android


  1. Open the FamilyWhere app.
  2. Access the app menu by selecting the Menu icon.
  3. Select My Settings > My Family.
  4. Select Add Family Member.
  5. Allow FamilyWhere to access contacts.
  6. Select the phone number linked to the Family Member.
  7. Enter name, then select OK.

The My Settings selection from the main menu offers a My Family option that allows adding a Family Member, but this option is only valid if there are phone numbers that can be added to the Family. If none are available, the app will highlight that.


Add a Family Member via


  1. Log in to your T-Mobile account.
  2. Choose your name.
  3. Select Profile > Family Controls > FamilyWhere > Settings.
  4. Select Add Family Member.
  5. Select the phone number linked to the Family Member.
  6. Enter a name and choose a photo, then select Add Family Member.

The Add Family Member option is only listed if there is one or more phone numbers available to be added as Family Members. If none are available, the option will not be shown.


Locate and check-in


Locate a family member


  1. Log in to your T-Mobile account.
  2. Select My account.
  3. Select Profile.
  4. Select Family Controls.
  5. Select FamilyWhere.
  6. Select a name or mobile number to locate.


Locate a line after initial sign-in


The app automatically locates all lines on the list of locatable devices upon signing in. To locate a line after initial sign-in, choose the name of the device at the top of the screen. FamilyWhere will not work if all shortcodes are blocked on your account.

  • You can track up to a total of 10 lines on an account.
  • Only the approximate location (the nearest cell tower) of iOS (Apple) devices on your account will display in FamilyWhere.
  • Tablets are trackable to a location as long as they are associated with a T-Mobile number and have GPS enabled. However, T-Mobile can’t guarantee location accuracy on these devices.
  • All lines on the locatable devices list receive a text message when they become locatable and about once a month another text is sent.


Access check-in details


  1. Open the check-in message that you received.
  2. Choose the URL included in the text.


Send a check-in message


  1. Launch the FamilyWhere Android app and select Check In.
  2. Enter the recipient and message content.
  3. Select Send.


Create Landmark via Android


  1. Open the FamilyWhere app.
  2. Use the map to designate the location for the landmark. Select and hold the location for two seconds.
  3. Select Add a place.
  4. Enter landmark name, then select OK.

The Landmarks option from the main menu offers a Create Landmark option that allows creating a landmark by entering an address, but this option currently rejects many residential addresses. A landmark must be created if the ‘You must enter a valid address. Double-check the address and try again.’ error message is received.


Create Landmark via


  1. Log in to your T-Mobile account.
  2. Choose your name.
  3. Select Profile > Family Controls > FamilyWhere > Create a Landmark.
  4. Enter landmark address and name.
  5. Select Save and create.


Android 10 Location Accuracy Improvement: Setting Change

Location precision when locating newer Android devices can be improved by changing a device setting from the default. The setting must be changed on the located device, not the device you are locating from.

Change settings

The path to change the setting varies by device manufacturer:

  • Samsung: Go to Settings > search for Service > select Service Provider Location > set to Allow All The Time
  • Google: Go to Settings > Location > App Permissions > … > Show System > Carrier Location > set to Allow All The Time
  • OnePlus: Go to Settings > search for Carrier > select Carrier Location Access > set to Always Allow
  • Motorola: Go to Settings > Location > select Carrier Location Attribution > turn On
  • LG: Go to Settings > search for Carrier > select Carrier Location Permission > select Permission Setting > set to Allow All The Time

Devices that require setting change:

  • Samsung Galaxy A71 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G
  • Samsung Z Flip 5G
  • Google Pixel 4
  • Google Pixel 4 XL
  • OnePlus 7T
  • OnePlus 7T Pro 5G
  • OnePlus 8
  • Motorola G Fast
  • Moto E
  • Moto G8 Power
  • Moto G8 Stylus
  • LG Aristo 5
  • LG Stylo 6
  • LG V60 ThinQ


Canceling your subscription

  1. Log in to your T-Mobile account.
  2. Choose My account.
  3. Select Profile.
  4. Choose Family Control.
  5. Select FamilyWhere.
  6. Select Settings.
  7. Under Settings select Unsubscribe from FamilyWhere.
  8. Select Unsubscribe.

If you’re running into problems with this app, check out our troubleshooting tips.


track your order by number, “My orders”

Yandex Market offers a simple and convenient tool for tracking your order.

Regardless of the delivery method, you will always know where your package is and when it will arrive.

All this is possible due to the fact that all Yandex Market warehouses are located in Russia and only trusted carriers are used.

Now I will tell you how to easily and quickly track an order from Yandex Market by order number or without it (by phone number).

Be sure to use all ways to save on Yandex Market:

  • Yandex Market promotional codes
  • How to buy on Yandex Market at the lowest price: all methods

9000 2 Article content

  • 1 How to track an order from Yandex Market and find out its status (“My orders”)
  • 2 Yandex Market order status: what are the statuses and what do they mean
  • 3 How to track a Yandex Market order if it is placed without registration or by phone
  • 4 Yandex Market order history: how to delete and clear the order history
  • 5 Where to pick up an order from Yandex Market
  • 6 How to receive an order from Yandex Market in Pyaterochka
    • 8 6. 2 How to receive an order from Yandex Market at the Pyaterochka checkout

How to track an order from Yandex Market and find out its status (“My Orders”)

Yandex Market has an excellent built-in “My Orders” tool that will allow you to accurately find out the status of your order and check it out. You no longer need to look for “left” services in order to find out where your package is.

Here’s what you need to do to check the order by number on Yandex Market and find out the status of the order:

  1. Go to the “Profile” section and select the “My Orders” section (you can simply click on this link)
  2. Select the required order from the list of your orders.
  3. You will see the current status of your order and find out the delivery date of the package. If you want to know the entire history of the status of a particular order, just click on the “Track” button (or “Details” if you have the Yandex Market mobile app)

Do not forget that all changes in the status of your order are sent to the mailbox that you specified when registering on Yandex Market (the one that is linked to the account with which you registered). You can change your email address in the “Settings” of your profile (“My profile – “Settings”).

You will also receive a notification on your mobile phone as soon as the order arrives at the pickup point (if you chose this delivery method)

If you ordered delivery by courier, you can also call the courier service directly to find out the exact delivery date or agree on a change in the delivery date. The phone number of the courier company can be seen in the order details in the “My Orders” section after the status changes to “Transferred to the delivery service”.

Order status on Yandex Market: what are the statuses and what do they mean?

Any order on Yandex Market can have different statuses:

  • Order created — the order has been placed and we are waiting for the seller to start processing (may take from several hours to 2-3 days)
  • We collect and pack, Currently being processed – the seller has started processing the order and is preparing to transfer it to the delivery service (may take from several hours to 2-5 days)
  • Transferred to the delivery service take from several hours to 2-3 days)
  • The order is on the way — the order is moving to the recipient (from several hours to 2-3 days)
  • Delivery date and time has changed — the order will be delivered at a different time (usually earlier, but sometimes later). You can see the new delivery date in the “My Orders” section and change it there (if it allows you to choose a different date). If the new date does not suit you and you cannot change it yourself, contact Yandex Market support.
  • New delivery date to be confirmed – the order delivery date has changed: at the request of the buyer or for other reasons (for example, the seller delivers the order himself and is not yet sure on which day the order can be delivered). The status should change within 1-2 days. If this does not happen, contact Market support for an explanation of the situation.
  • At the pick-up point — the order is at the pick-up point and can be picked up. Terms of storage of Yandex Market orders at different points of issue.
  • Delivered – the order has been delivered to the customer
  • Awaiting cancellation – you have canceled the order and it is awaiting cancellation. Usually it takes from 15 minutes to a day, but the period can be extended up to 7 days.
  • Order canceled — the order was canceled by the seller or the buyer (if the order was canceled by the seller, you can find out the reason for the cancellation in the Yandex Market support service).

These Yandex Market order statuses allow you to answer the frequently asked question “where is my order”.

How to track a Yandex Market order if it was placed without registration or by phone

If you placed an order without registering or the Yandex Market operator helped you place it by phone, you can still check your order and track its status.

  1. Sign in to Yandex Market using your Yandex account or create a new one
  2. Next, you need to link the order to your login. To do this, open the order confirmation email and follow the special link. Your data (phone number, last name and first name) must be the same in both the order data and the Yandex login data.
  3. After that, you can go to the “Orders” section on the Market and track your previously placed order there.

If you only have an order number, you can contact the Yandex Market hotline and check the order status with the support operator.

If you don’t even remember the order number, but remember the phone number that you indicated when placing the order, contact the hotline anyway – they will definitely try to help you!

I recommend that you register on Yandex Market – this will allow you to quickly track the delivery of your order and see your purchase history. In addition, you can download the Yandex Market mobile application and register there. This will allow you to receive unique offers about the Market and quickly track the status of your order.

Yandex Market order history: how to delete and clear order history

You can find your Yandex Market order history in the “My Orders” section.

This is very convenient – at any time you can get a purchase receipt, return the product or order it again in one click.

But, for various reasons, sometimes you need to delete (clear) the order history on Yandex Market.

Unfortunately, you cannot delete or clear the Yandex Market order history from the My Orders section

However, there are other ways to solve this problem

  1. You can create another Yandex account and use it when shopping.
  2. You can completely delete your profile from Yandex Market . To do this, you will need a completed written application, which must be printed, filled out, signed and sent to the Ya.Market support service. (download the application form). In this case, your Yandex account will continue to work.

Where to pick up an order from Yandex Market

Where to pick up an order from Yandex Market depends on how you ordered it:

  • Delivery by courier : the courier will bring the order to your home or to the address you specified. The delivery date can be found in the “My orders” section
  • Pickup : the order will arrive at the pickup point that you specified when purchasing. As soon as the goods arrive at the pickup point (point of issue of orders), you will receive an SMS and a letter to your contact email. Pickup point address, opening hours and useful information can be found in “My Orders”.
  • Post : Your order will arrive at your chosen post office. As soon as it arrives, you will receive an SMS and email notification. You can see the post office address and opening hours on the website and application in the “My Orders” section.

How to receive an order from Yandex Market in Pyaterochka

Since 2019, you can pick up orders from Yandex Market from Pyaterochka.

You can order goods at Pyaterochka FivePost or at the cash desk.

How to receive an order from Yandex Market at Pyaterochka’s FivePost post office

  1. Go to the post office
  2. Click on the “Get order” button and enter the code from the SMS (you should have received it when the order arrived at the post office)
  3. Cell with order will open. Pick up the order and close the cell postamat

How to receive an order from Yandex Market at the Pyaterochka checkout

  1. Go to the Pyaterochka checkout where your order came
  2. Tell the cashier the code from the SMS (you should have received it when the order arrived at Pyaterochka)
  3. The cashier will process your order at the checkout and give you the order

Attention! Upon receipt, a passport may be required!

If you have problems receiving an order at a post office or at the Pyaterochka checkout, please contact Yandex Market and FivePost support.

So, today we learned how easy it is to track the status of an order on Yandex Market and understand when the parcel will be delivered.

We also covered important issues related to order status and more.

If you have any questions or add-ons, I’m waiting for you in the comments.

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How can I find out that the goods have arrived at Valberis and where can I see the order status?

The main advantage of marketplaces is the ability to buy any necessary thing in a few clicks. Here you can take your time to choose, compare prices, read reviews. In this case, you do not need to go to the other end of the city and spend half a day or a day. However, when we make an offline purchase, we receive the item immediately, when we buy online, we have to wait a few more days for delivery. If a person has finally bought what he has long dreamed of, then, of course, he wants to know at what stage the order is and when it will finally arrive. This article is about how to find out that the goods have arrived at Valberis.

How the platform notifies the client about the arrival of the parcel at the pickup point

WB is interested in the goods reaching the customer as quickly as possible. The speed of delivery is one of the most important elements of the service, stimulating customers to other purchases. Therefore, the platform has developed several ways to notify the client.

If you often order things on WB, the site recommends installing an application on your mobile phone, which will receive notifications about the delivery of the goods to the pick-up point (PI) as soon as it arrives there.

When buying, you must provide a phone number and email address. This is important information that should not contain errors. As soon as the parcel is delivered, messages will be sent to the mobile phone and e-mail. In this case, SMS will come even if a special application is not installed.

The client can find out about the delivery in the personal account. Upon arrival at PV, the status of the order will change to “Ready for Pickup”.

If the order was placed not by self-pickup from the pickup point, but with delivery by courier, then the notification of the arrival of the order will be received by the client at the time of its transfer to the delivery person. The message will also include the name and contact details of the courier.

How to track a parcel from Wildberries

More than one day passes from the moment of order to receipt of the purchase by the client. After all, thousands of orders go from WB warehouses to different parts of the country every day. The farther the customer lives from the marketplace warehouse, the longer they will have to wait: the product can travel through several warehouses until it reaches the final destination. And in each it will be accepted, reloaded, sent. To prevent parcels from getting lost, all virtual sites in the “Delivery” section have the option to track the goods. You can track the status of your order in real time.

Via computer

This is the main tracking method. To use it, you need:

  1. Go to the WB website.
  2. Log in.
  3. Find the “Profile” tab, open it.
  4. Select the “Purchases” category or click the “Delivery” button.
  5. In the window that opens, you will find the estimated delivery date.

If you want to know the status of the parcel, that is, at what stage it is, click on the pink inscription below the price. The delivery track will open on the left. If the item has already been delivered, this will be marked with a corresponding entry.

By the way!

We also conduct a free audit for sellers with a turnover of 500 thousand rubles / month

I want an audit

Through the application

This is an equally effective way to track. Install a special application from Wildberry on your smartphone and you will be able to track the progress of the order around the clock. After installing the application, you need to log in to the system. After authorization, a notification about the status of the parcel will appear on the main screen. By clicking on the inscription, you can track the location.

Sometimes the notification does not appear. In this case, you need to open the “Profile” tab, find the “Delivery” section in it and open it. You will see a window with all deliveries, the same as on the computer.

What is product detailing on Valberis and what statuses can be assigned to an order?

Detailed delivery of goods is a transcript in tracking the location of your package. After the goods are ordered, they begin to complete, pack, load them into vehicles, transport them to the next warehouse or pickup point. All these stages are reflected in the location track, which can be followed online. At each stage, the package is assigned a certain status, reflecting each manipulation that was performed with the package:

  1. The status “Open” is assigned to the order after payment. For the client, this means that the delivery request has been accepted.
  2. “Clearance” means that the managers have started searching for the product in the warehouses.
  3. “Assembly” indicates that the product has been found in the warehouse and is currently being assembled. Several orders can be packed in one parcel at once, which are stored in different warehouses. Until all are delivered to the picking point, the item will have the status “Assembly”.
  4. “Assembled” means ready for shipment and will be sent as soon as the transport is free.
  5. “Shipped” means already in the car with all the documents.
  6. “On the way” notification will be displayed while the order is in transit.
  7. “Accepted to sorting center.” Such a notification may appear several times if the car travels to the client through several cities and sorting centers.
  8. “Acceptance” means that the parcel is accepted at the PO and is being prepared by the employee for transfer to the customer.
  9. The message “Ready to pick up” appears when the order has arrived at the location and can be picked up.

Other tracking methods

Free call

The client can contact the contact service by phone 8 (800) 100-75-05 and ask a question. The line operates around the clock without breaks for lunch and holidays.

Send an email to

You can also make a request by e-mail at [email protected]. Requests are processed within 24 hours.

Can non-branded tracking services be used?

On some marketplaces it is possible, but not on Wildberry. This platform has developed its own services for tracking track numbers, which should be used.

Goods shelf life

On average, a delivered parcel is stored for 7 days. Then the term can be extended, but storage will already be paid. On the “Delivery” tab in the “Product Details” section, at the very bottom, under the “Ready for Pickup” status, the shelf life is usually indicated. The buyer can also find the exact date until which the goods will be stored in the personal account.

What if the order does not arrive?

If the order does not arrive within 3-4 days, then you should not worry. This is the average delivery time. However, if more than 5 days have passed, you can write to the support service chat to clarify information about the order.