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Geek Squad – Best Buy Reviews – Kansas City, MO

Geek Squad – Best Buy Reviews – Kansas City, MO | Angi

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Great and responsive work

Description of Work

65″ tv mounted on wall and hooked up


home theater design


Description of Work

To check my TV


home theater design

I bought a Viper remote starter for my son’s car. We had bought one for our daughter’s car last year from this Best Buy and between the price and professionalism of the staff this is where I wanted to get the remote starter for my son. I bought the remote starter last week and dropped the car off today for the scheduled install. When we bought the car five months ago it had a remote starter but it had stopped working. Anthony at Best Buy could tell by the key FOB that the starter on my son’s car was a Viper. He said they have a lifetime warranty and he could probably just re-program the one already on the car. Thanks to Anthony’s honesty it cost us only $25 to have Best Buy re-program the existing Viper remote starter and I was able to return the new Viper unit I bought last week for a full refund of $264. There are other Best Buy’s in our area that we could go to but this one will get my business because the guys who install these remote starters (they also install stereos and do window tinting) are honest, knowledgeable and treat the customer with respect. If my next vehicle needs a remote starter there’s no other Best Buy I’d take it to. I heartily recommend that if you live in the Northland you bring your car here. And if you don’t live in the Northland it’s still worth the drive to get the service we received.

Description of Work

They repaired the remote starter on a vehicle of ours.


car stereo installation, home theater design, tv repair


Description of Work

I took my computer into the store to them. There was no offer to try to find out what was wrong, only that they could reinstall Windows 7 for $200. I eventually did find someone to fix the computer. He discovered a number of factors that were preventing Windows from opening and fixed them. While I was charged nothing by the Geek Squad, I was disappointed that fixing the computer was not something they seemed interested in doing. |


home theater design

I thought the whole process went very well. The technician was knowledgeable, professional, and personable. He did an excellent job getting me back up and running. Even though it took some time to get the initial appointment, the service I got was worth it. I would definitely use Geek Squad again. I thought the cost was very reasonable as the cost included both the service call and the price of the new fan.

Description of Work

My computer was making a loud noise, so I knew something was wrong. I called Geek Squad to make an appointment. The only thing I was disappointed in was that they were booked up and couldn’t come for 6 days. Day 6 finally arrived and the technician was right on time. He diagnosed the problem immediately. To solve the problem I needed a new power supply fan.. The part was not in stock for my computer so we had to order it. He checked on various suppliers and found me a really good deal. We ordered the part and I was to contact him when it arrived and he would be back to install the fan. The part arrived within 3 days. I called the technician to let him know it had arrived. He returned the next day and had the part installed very quickly.


home theater design

The gentlemen that came was intelligent and understood our situation and needs. He was also on time and quickly got things resolved. I would recommend them.

Description of Work

I used Geek Squad repair my stereo and home theater system.


home theater design

I think that they do a good job overall, but I think that their prices are too high. They got rid of all my spyware and viruses, which sped up my machine considerably, but they are too pushy when it comes to the services they offer. I purchased Norton and Spysweeper from them, and then found out that SpyBot, adware and AVG antivirus are all free and do just as good a job. I don’t like that they require a $70 diagnostic and they don’t even do anything except tell you what’s wrong with your computer. They also suckered me into a tune-up, which they didn’t really explain the benefit that well. At least my computer is running better, but its almost as cheap to buy a cheap computer than to have Best Buy do work on your computer.

Description of Work

I had spyware removed from my windows XP desktop computer, Norton anti-virus and Spysweeper installed and had a tune-up performed.


computer repair


Description of Work



car stereo installation


Description of Work



computer sales


Description of Work



computer sales


Description of Work



computer repair


Description of Work



computer sales


How is Geek Squad – Best Buy overall rated?

Geek Squad – Best Buy is currently rated 4.7 overall out of 5.

What payment options does Geek Squad – Best Buy provide?

Geek Squad – Best Buy accepts the following forms of payment: American Express, Check, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, Financing Available

Does Geek Squad – Best Buy offer free estimates?

No, Geek Squad – Best Buy does not offer free project estimates.

Does Geek Squad – Best Buy offer eco-friendly accreditations?

Yes, Geek Squad – Best Buy offers eco-friendly accreditations.

Are warranties offered by Geek Squad – Best Buy?

No, Geek Squad – Best Buy does not offer warranties.

What services does Geek Squad – Best Buy offer?

Geek Squad – Best Buy offers the following services: Appliance and TV repair, major brands, whether purchased at Best Buy or anywhere else. Delivery and Installation services available for your appliance and HT purchased at Best Buy. Appliances: Refrigerators, Washer/Dryers, Ranges (gas or electric), Dishwashers, Microwaves. TVs: LEDs, LCDs, Plasma, Flat-Panel, Smart TVs, including older TV models. Computer & Repair Services, most brands, whether purchased at Best Buy or anywhere else.

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How Much Does Car Stereo Installation Cost?

Written by: Staff

Whether you want to upgrade or your current car stereo isn’t working, installing a new one can be done, and as you probably know, the market is flooded with many options.

“JVC KW-NT3HDT in dash stereo GPS” (CC BY 2.0) by Ken_Mayer

How much does car stereo installation cost?

The cost of installing a car stereo will depend on the type of stereo, the complexity of the installation job and which professional/company you choose.  On average, car stereo installation, without the car stereo, is going to range anywhere from $0 if you purchase directly from a company during a promotion to as much as $300 for an advanced receiver that may require more wiring than usual.  Most basic installs, however, will be about $40 to $80.

For instance, Best Buy’s Geek Squad charges $65 for a car deck installation and another $65 if you need standards speakers installed.  This won’t include the hardware.

Frys Electronics, at the time of this writing, had a free basic installation promotion going on, but when this promotion isn’t going on, the costs are similar to Best Buy.

Car stereo installation overview

Standard car stereo installation jobs will include removing the old stereo; connecting the wiring harness and antenna adapter; and installing a mounting kit, allowing the stereo to blend in with the car’s dashboard.  If a Bluetooth microphone is needed near the visor, this will be installed at the time as well.

Most reputable installers will back their work with a limited warranty that may last up to a lifetime.  With this warranty, as long as the unit hasn’t been modified, the installer will be able to fix any issue for free.

What are the extra costs?

If necessary, a separate wiring harness may need to be purchased in order to connect the new stereo to the factory wiring.  An antenna adapter may need to be purchased as well, depending on the setup.  Oftentimes, the stereo will need a special dashboard kit in order to create a natural look.  This will often be a separate charge.  All of these parts combined, if needed, should be about $40 to $60 more.

Companies may charge a small $5 to $10 materials charge.

Some people often install new speakers with their car stereo.  To install car speakers, the costs can be in the $70 to $180 range for the installation job only, but sometimes, the company may cut you a deal if you have the job done all at once.  Adding an amplifier can add another $100 to $175 to the job, depending on the setup and the number of channels.

Installing a Bluetooth microphone near the visor is often done with players that have this functionality.  The parts will often be sold separately and the installation price may go up.

How can I save money?

Larger companies, such as Best Buy, often offer a low cost or even free stereo installation if you purchase the stereo directly from them.  It doesn’t hurt to ask the retailer if there are any promotions going on when you make your purchase.

Purchasing from reputable online retailers like Crutchfield make it easy to do the installation on your own since they provide all of the necessary installation equipment and step-by-step instructions.

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Average Reported Cost: $0

How much did you spend?

Installation of car radios in Salavat — 8 places 📍 (addresses, photos)

— 8 places

  • We have compiled a rating of 8 places “installation of car radio” in Salavat;
  • The best installation of car radios: price level, reviews, photos;
  • Installing car radios on the map: addresses, phone numbers, business hours;

The best car radio installation — rating, addresses and phone numbers

  1. Kosmonavtov boulevard, 34

    • 8 (347) 632-28-23
    • Mon–Sat from 10:00 to 18:00

  2. Ufimskaya, 101/2

    • 8 (917) 423-97-93
    • daily from 10:00 to 19:00

  3. 21 Congress of the CPSU, 107

    • 8 (917) 730-15-07
    • weekdays from 10:00 to 20:00; Sat from 10:00 to 16:00

  4. Ostrovsky, 82

    • 8 (917) 747-84-78
    • Mon–Sat from 10:00 to 19:00

  5. Ufimskaya, 120v

    • 8 (919) 614-63-33
    • weekdays from 10:00 to 19:00; weekend from 10:00 to 18:00

    Network of auto goods stores

  6. Lenina, 40

    • 8 (919) 614-63-33
    • weekdays from 10:00 to 19:00; weekend from 10:00 to 18:00

    Network of auto goods stores

  7. Kalinina, 40

    • 8 (917) 402-30-13
    • Mon–Sat from 10:00 to 18:00

  8. Kosmonavtov boulevard, 22

    • 8 (917) 796-73-77
    • weekdays from 09:00 to 19:00; weekends from 10:00 to 17:00

    Network of auto goods stores

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Don’t want to call a bunch of establishments?

Car radio installation

The car radio is a device that plays music in the car. Its purpose is to create a comfortable ride. Radio tape recorders do not distract the driver from the situation on the road – this is their main advantage over mini-TVs. Favorite music can cheer you up after a sleepless night, and if you turn on the radio, you can find out about the latest news.

What are car radios

Before you install the car radio in the car, you need to find out what signal sources are. The comfort of the trip and the degree of driver satisfaction depend on the correct choice of the device. So, car radios are distinguished:

  • In size. 1din – the classic size, averaging 18 cm by 6 cm. 1 / 2din – half the previous one. 2din – resembles 2 1din devices lying on top of each other.
  • According to possible media. There are car radios with drives for optical media or with connectors for solid state media (like flash cards). Sometimes devices combine these features.
  • By playback formats. There are devices that support CD, MP3, AAC (m4a), WMA, less often WAV. The CD-Audio format has the highest playback quality.
  • According to the possibilities of sound control. Standard car radios have tone and volume controls. More functional devices contain an equalizer, frequency filters, time correction, room effects.

Most modern car radios have additional features such as Bluetooth, iPod connection, navigation, TV tuner. Be careful! The more additional features the car radio has, the worse they are implemented! It is better to decide on the purpose of buying and installing a car radio in order to choose a device that is less functional, but much better and more durable.

How to install a car radio

Installing a car radio is simple – you just need to remove the old one and fix the new one. A much more difficult task is the correct connection of the radio. It is better to entrust it to the master, because with the wrong actions, the expected positive result can turn into a bitter disappointment. So, how is the installation of the car radio:

  • The car player is mounted using a special frame or bolts
  • Device connected via wires or connectors
  • Install speakers for sound playback

In a good car service, upon completion of work, the master will carry out additional manipulations, setting up high-quality sound of music.

Head unit – problem and solution

Head unit is a device installed at the car factory. As a rule, in order to replace it with a new one, a special adapter frame is required. First, an adapter frame is installed in the car, and the car radio is already fixed on it.

The most optimal and high-quality option is a pocket frame. It is very easy to install: on the one hand, a radio tape recorder is threaded, on the other, all kinds of connections take place. The only drawback of such a frame is the high cost. If an acceptable price is important to you, the car service will offer you alternative options. The frame will not only help to connect a new radio, but also harmoniously fit it into the interior of the cabin.

Don’t want to install a frame? There is an option to purchase a car radio specifically for your car. Such devices are called head units. They are much more functional than frames, but cost an order of magnitude more expensive.

How to get the perfect sound

Car amplifiers can be used to enhance the sound quality. They not only make the sound more powerful, but also adjust its quality at any volume level. When installing amplifiers, as a rule, they change to more powerful speakers.

Is it worth it to install a car radio on your own: risks and consequences

In fact, the cost of installing a car radio in specialized centers of Salavat is not so high as to take risks and carry out all the manipulations on your own. As a result of incorrect installation, the following troubles are possible:

  • Wasted time
  • Loss of speaker quality
  • Car radio failure

Even a service installation of a car radio does not always guarantee a 100% result. And if you are trying to cope with the device yourself, especially if you do not have experience in such work, some problem will arise without a doubt. Sometimes the consequences of such “independence” are simply impossible to correct.

A number of mistakes are made at home:

  • Use electrical tape. The service uses modern plugs, heat shrink tubes and clamping glue. And electrical tape can lead to a short circuit in the car’s wiring.
  • Attempting to connect power to the car radio from the cigarette lighter or ignition switch wires. The only way to power should be a battery, and you need to connect it, strictly observing the polarity. And other methods can lead to a complete loss of sound.

It is unlikely that you have all the tools, knowledge and experience necessary to install a car radio in your arsenal. Therefore, it is better to contact a car service in Salavat – most likely, you will spend less on this service than on correcting your own mistakes.

Navitel for car radios

Navitel is a development of Russian specialists, which greatly facilitates movement in the realities of domestic roads. This is a navigator that is built into a conventional car radio. Some car services provide an additional service for setting up Navitel. Why the program is so popular:

  • Availability of many well-detailed maps
  • Ability to receive information from other road users
  • Ability to quickly learn about emergencies and repairs
  • Ability to set individual parameters
  • Traffic jam recognition function

This is a useful addition to your car radio. If you often visit unfamiliar places, do not be too lazy to ask the master to install the application.

Interesting facts

Most often, people are looking for “installation of car radios”, but there are other formulations,
For example, installation of radio tape recorders on a car.

The most popular features of the found places: installation of car audio, spare parts for Japanese cars, installation of a subwoofer in a car, car soundproofing, chameleon tinting, Chevrolet, Daewoo.

Salavat (Bashk. Salauat) is a city in Russia, one of the major industrial centers of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Forms the urban district of the city of Salavat.

Salavat is one of the centers of the South Bashkortostan polycentric agglomeration (its other centers are Ishimbay and Sterlitamak) with a powerful production potential and a population of about 150 thousand people.

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Car radio installation | 1- and 2-DIN | Kyiv and Kiev region

Main › Installation center ›

What are the possibilities of modern radio tape recorders?

► Wireless connection of mobile devices

► Navigator function

► Android application installation

► Connection of cameras, parking sensors

Radio installation
Job title Price, UAH
installation 2din radio 2500
Tesla-style unit 2800
installation 1din radio 1200

For consultation and pre-order:

Request a call

Cost of services: from 1200 UAH – up to 2800 UAH

Gallery of recent works: 9000 3

For consultation and pre-order:

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Reviews about us and our work:

Our addresses of installation centers:

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The car radio is one of the most important devices in the car, providing high quality sound and allowing you to enjoy music or radio programs while driving.

Read more…

However, over time, the radio may require replacement or installation of a new head unit to improve sound or expand functionality. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your car’s sound system or replace a faulty radio, installing a new head unit can be a great choice. In our showroom in Kyiv you can do it.

Why change the radio

The first question to ask yourself before replacing the radio is why? Some cars come with a simple radio that does not have additional features such as Bluetooth, USB ports, voice control functions, etc. If you need more features, better sound quality, or just want to upgrade your radio, then a replacement head unit can be helpful.

Benefits of replacing radio

Replacing the car’s radio and head unit can have many benefits that can improve driving comfort and safety. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Improved sound quality: New radios and head units can provide better sound quality, allowing you to enjoy music, radio and podcasts at a higher level.
  2. More functionality: new radios and head units may have more functionality such as GPS navigation, smartphone compatibility, Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, etc.
  3. Ease of use: new radios and head units can be easier to use and provide a better user experience.
  4. Safety: new radios and head units can be equipped with rear view cameras and other features that increase driving safety.
  5. Compatibility with modern technologies: new radios and head units can be compatible with new technologies such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, making it easier to use smartphone technology in the car.
  6. Vehicle value increase: Replacing the radio and head unit may increase the vehicle’s resale value.

How to choose the right radio

Before buying a new radio, you need to determine its characteristics. Here are some of them worth looking at:

  1. Compatibility: make sure the radio is compatible with your car.
  2. Size: Check the dimensions of your car’s radio compartment to make sure your new radio will fit.
  3. Functions: choose a radio that has the necessary functions such as Bluetooth, USB ports, voice control functions, etc.
  4. Sound Quality: Choose a radio with good sound quality to enjoy music in your car.
  5. Have a professional install and replace your radio or head unit.
  6. Take proper care of your radio or head unit to prolong its life.

New features

Replacing or installing a new radio and head unit is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve sound and comfort in a car in Kyiv. In addition, it may add new features and functionality that were not previously available. Whether you want a new radio for better sound or more features, replacing your radio and head unit is a safe and easy way to improve your driving experience.


In general, replacing the radio and head unit can improve driving comfort and safety, provide more functionality and compatibility with modern technology, and increase the value of the car. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your car’s sound system or replace a faulty radio, installing a new head unit can be a great choice.

author: Team MONRO DE

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average rating: 5 reviews: 10

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    After the installation was completed, I was impressed with the sound quality and functionality of the new radio. The sound has become cleaner and clearer, and the control of the head unit has become much easier and more convenient. Satisfied with the work done.

    • 


    The results of replacing the radio exceeded my expectations. The new radio has added a new level of functionality to my car, some features were previously unavailable. The sound quality has also improved significantly. The new radio provides clear and powerful sound, which makes listening to music and talking on the phone more enjoyable.

    • 


    They picked up the radio tape recorder I needed, I was satisfied, the masters are professional. The prices are within the normal range, and the speed of installation and quality are on top. I recommend.

    • 


    Very happy with the installation of a new radio in my car. This resulted in a significant improvement in sound quality.

    • 


    Received professional advice and recommendations from experienced mechanics, at least for this a huge plus. Installation went smoothly and quickly, everything works great. The work was done quickly and efficiently, for which many thanks and 5 stars.

    • 


    The installation of the radio was done quickly and professionally. The sound quality pleased me even more than I expected. Thank you.

  • org/Review”>
    • 


    A great way to improve the sound of your audio system and make your trips more comfortable. I definitely recommend. Thank you for such a clean job.

    • 


    Thanks to the salon for your wonderful masters. I am very pleased with the work, they installed a radio tape recorder and the main condition was the presence of a navigator. Plus, you can also connect cameras and parking sensors.

    • 


    They installed a rear-view camera on the radio, a tribute to Vitaly for efficiency