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Filter Products is an in-stock distributor for all flashlights and flashlight accessories. Our catalog ranges in style, purpose, and price point to suit every illumination need and every user’s budget. Our selection includes over 40 different brands, such as Streamlight, Olight, SureFire, and Fenix, and is constantly expanding to include the latest and greatest flashlights on the market. Whether you are looking for a new searchlight to illuminate the forest or a headlamp for your next rock-climbing adventure, we have something for everyone!

What are the Best Flashlights?

While we are asked this question almost daily, there is no single answer to satisfy every person or every need. When it comes to buying flashlights, it’s best to take a step back and figure out the reason or the purpose of the light. Ask yourself, for what am I going to use this flashlight? Will it be a simple everyday carry tool to help me accomplish simple tasks? Or will the flashlight be a part of my arsenal for use while out on the job? The answers to these and other questions can help you narrow down your search to find the perfect flashlight for your individual needs. What may be the best flashlight for your needs will be a terrible choice for someone else.

What Makes a Good EDC Flashlight?

The best EDC flashlight for everyday use is one that is portable, moderately powerful and is long-lasting. In general, you’ll want to keep your handheld light between four and six inches long so that is can comfortably fit in your pocket. While some users prefer the smaller size of a keychain light, the typical EDC flashlight is a bit larger and can, therefore, illuminate a greater space. For best results, we recommend limiting your everyday carry light to a maximum output of 2000 lumens. The best EDC flashlights are those that offer multiple modes to accommodate the varying needs of your daily activities. For more information about choosing the right EDC flashlight, please check out our more in-depth buyers’ guide.

How Do I Choose the Right Tactical Flashlight?

When it comes to tactical flashlights, it is important to consider the design and output options of a light. Tactical flashlights are those typically used in conjunction with a firearm. Law enforcement officers and soldier utilize these handheld illumination tools to keep themselves safe. Tactical flashlights with blinding strobes are an extremely popular choice as they provide users with a non-lethal way to disorient an attacker. Because speed is such an important factor as well, a tail-mounted switch with momentary-on illumination is the standard choice for the best tactical flashlights. The tactical tail switch design enables users with the ability to easily activate the light’s output with one hand. Feel free to visit our tactical flashlights buyers’ guide to learn more.

BatteryJunction is the Best Place to Buy Flashlights Online

Buying a flashlight online, while difficult because you cannot hold and play with the light, is an affordable way to find the right illumination tool for you. The experts here at have taken the time to evaluate and understand each and every light that we offer so that we can communicate their individual features and characteristics. Our product descriptions are not just from the manufacturers’ sites. We’ve taken the time to really understand what makes each light unique and what are the most important features to consider. We even have a growing collection of unboxing videos to give you the firsthand experience of how to use the light and just want comes with it. Have a question or need help finding the right flashlight for you? No problem. Please feel free to contact a customer service representative, who can help answer any flashlight-related questions you may have. Thank you for shopping with us at

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It only took 3 years after the invention of the dry-cell battery in 1896 for the first patented flashlights to come out. Since then, they’ve been a constant companion to police, firefighters, EMS, and other first responders. They’ve lit the way for mechanics, plumbers, and a whole host of other occupations. Nobody would think of going out into the backcountry without one, either. It’s not an exaggeration to say that everyone needs a flashlight sooner or later, so it’s best to have one ready when you need it.

What Is the Best Flashlight You Can Buy?

The best flashlight will vary from person to person and depend on the application. People looking for the best EDC flashlight will tend to go for a smaller model with a mid to high lumen rating. These usually take 2 batteries and have a pocket clip. A rechargeable flashlight is good if you’re going to be using it a lot, so you’re not burning through expensive batteries all of the time. Of course, a tactical flashlight is the best way to go for a duty light or in self/home-defense scenarios.

Do LED Flashlights Get Hot?

An LED flashlight can get hot during extended use, but they operate at far cooler temperatures than a traditional incandescent bulb. This is another reason that they became so popular as a high-lumen flashlight in the early 2000s. This heat will be more noticeable if the beam is at the narrowest setting and you point it at your hand at a very close distance. However, this means that it’s directing the heat away from the internal components of the light.

What Brand of Flashlights Does Police Use?

Police need the best tactical flashlight they can get at a reasonable price point. Their jobs require them to often carry an EDC flashlight, mini flashlights like a penlight, and a large heavy-duty flashlight in their vehicles. These are some of the most popular duty flashlights for law enforcement:

  • Fenix Flashlight
  • Streamlight Flashlight
  • SureFire Flashlight
  • Maglite Flashlight

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OPMOD Novatac Flashlight Video

SureFire Saint Minimus LED Headlamp –
00:47 Hypermarket of lanterns №1. LED lights of 50 world brands. Headlamps, tactical, underwater, underbarrel flashlights.

A flashlight is a small (usually) portable device used at night or in dark rooms to illuminate certain objects or areas of the territory. In addition, a flashlight is an entertainment, a gift, a joke, a room design element and even a piece of art. In general, they have become so firmly established in our lives that almost everyone has them, they are in demand all around, and to buy a flashlight , if it is not available, is the most important need of each of us.

Actual addition to any holiday

Chinese or sky lanterns five years ago were almost unknown to us, and even less popular. Now it is one of the most fashionable ways to decorate a holiday, to give it a twist. When a mass event is accompanied by an evening mass launch of special lanterns into the sky, this is something so beautiful and indescribable that you can watch such spectacles at least every day.

Who hasn’t had enough of loud and often dangerous fireworks? They are mostly monotonous, and therefore already boring, but people most often see no other way to emphasize the climax of the holiday, and therefore they shoot “colored lights” anyway. But the lanterns launched into the sky are still original, fresh and very beautiful.

In addition to sky lanterns, we also have special holiday lanterns for cheerful coloring and decorating not only the premises, but also the guests of the event. Such products are ideal for fun holidays, parties and discos.

Practical lanterns for all occasions

Holidays are holidays, but the main use of the lantern is not to entertain, but to save a person vulnerable in the dark from this very darkness. To do this, we have high-quality rechargeable flashlights for all occasions.

We offer comfortable headlamps, indispensable for work, hiking, cycling and car repairs at night on the highway, in general, all around, where you need not only a clearly directed light, but also free hands.

Also, you can easily find a durable universal led flashlight , which can become a reliable and very bright assistant in the dark. We also offer a variety of camping lanterns, special hand held underwater torches for diving enthusiasts, bicycle lights, indoor rechargeable lights and much more, as well as various accessories that make the use of our products even more convenient and versatile.