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Dishwashers – Affordable Kitchen Dishwasher Appliances

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More optionsESSENTIELL Built-in dishwasher 24 “

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A dishwasher is more than just an appliance. It’s a trusted time saver, a practical personal helper, a reliable sanitizer. We all know the feeling of dishes piling up in the kitchen while we’re hosting dinner for friends. It’s a nuisance – but dishwashers never complain at being loaded with the plates and glasses of a merry get-together. This means you can return to the party and enjoy those precious moments with loved ones. 

Your diligent dishwasher will return your dishes sparkling clean, just as efficient and effortless every time. The icing on the cake? Letting the dishwasher do the job helps the planet by saving water. Speaking of cake…fancy a slice? Our machines will handle dishes – don’t worry about it.

About our dishwashers 

Our dishwashers are designed to be fitted with your choice of finish and features to meet your needs. 

Water efficient 

Lots of dishes will be sparkling clean with just a small amount of water. Using your dishwasher is much more water efficient than washing dishes by hand.  

Smart sorting  

Our flatware baskets let you stand utensils up, ensuring they’re thoroughly cleaned. Once the wash is done, they’re easier to sort and put away too. 

Built in dishwashers

Installation is easy with a built-in dishwasher. They’re sized to slide right in under your countertop. 

Integrated dishwashers 

Our fully-integrated dishwashers can hide behind a front that matches the rest of your kitchen doors, giving you a completely uniform look. 

Energy efficient dishwashers with smart features 

There is no need to waste more energy and space inside your refrigerator with water or ice containers. Thanks to the door integrated water dispenser and ice maker you get easy access to cold filtered water, ice or crushed ice any time you want.  

Save water the easy way 

You save a lot with a dishwasher. It cuts your water use by hundreds of gallons per year compared to washing by hand under running water. Saving water means saving energy to heat the water, too. You save money on bills and live a more sustainable life.

Size and capacity

Our dishwashers are suitable for most households since it takes 12-15 place sittings; roughly all the dishes from three meals from a family of four.

If you’re not sure how to plan, measure and fit a dishwasher in your kitchen, try our kitchen planning service. We can also help you with questions regarding electricity and water, both of which are needed to install a dishwasher.

Detailed information

On each dishwashers’ product page, you’ll find detailed information about the product. Learn useful things, like which programs the dishwasher offers, how loud it is when in use and how energy efficient it is. Check it out to learn practical information that helps you choose the right dishwasher for your needs. 

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    Krona ROSSA 45 BI



    Dishwasher Franke FDW 612 E6P A++

    50 000 rub

    in stock

    dishwasher Kuppersberg GLM 4580

    48 600 rub

    in stock

    dishwasher Gorenje GV663C61

    57 990 rub

    90 002 in stock

    Built-in dishwasher Jackys JD FB4102

    64 990 rub


    Built-in dishwasher Jackys JD FB4101 white

    59 990 rub

    in stock

    Built-in dishwasher Jackys JD SB4201

    59 990 rub

    in stock

    Built-in dishwasher Jackys JD SB3201

    RUB 54,990

    in stock

    Built-in dishwasher Krona Kamaya 60 BI silver

    51 990 rub

    in stock

    Built-in dishwasher Biryusa DWB-614/6

    23 300 rub

    in stock

    Built-in dishwasher Bir Yusa DWB-612/5

    RUB 21,100

    in stock

    Built-in dishwasher Biryusa DWB-410/6

    RUB 19,600


    Built-in dishwasher Biryusa DWB-409/5

    RUB 17,700

    9 0002 available

    Built-in dishwasher Hansa ZIM647TQ

    RUB 53,890

    in stock

    Hansa ZIM635Q built-in dishwasher

    RUB 50,890

    in stock

    Kuppersberg G built-in dishwasher LM 6080

    91 990 rub

    in stock

    Built-in dishwasher Hansa ZIM 426 EQ

    Rs. GV52041

    RUB 33,900

    in stock

    Lex PM 6063 B built-in dishwasher

    RUB 34,990

    in stock

    Bosch SP built-in dishwasher h5HKX11R

    in stock

    Built-in dishwasher Bosch SRh5HKX11R

    RUB 90,000

    in stock

    Gorenje GV561D11 dishwasher

    RUB 40,900 1D10

    RUB 38,990

    in stock

    Bosch SGV 2IMX1GR Built-in Dishwasher

    RUB 75,000

    in stock

    Bosch SRV Built-in Dishwasher 2IMX1BR

    RUB 75,000

    in stock

    Built-in dishwasher Neff S953IKX50R gray

    RUB 63,000

    in stock

    Built-in dishwasher Bosch SRV2IKX1CR

    RUB 70,000

    in stock

    Built-in dishwasher Bosch SGV4IAX1IR

    RUB 92,000


    Built-in dishwasher Bosch SRV2HKX1DR

    RUB 73,000


    Built-in dishwasher Electrolux EEA 912100 L

    RUB 43,900

    in stock

    Dishwasher Gorenje GV631D60

    RUB 51,500

    in stock

    Dishwasher Gorenje GV572D10

    RUB 47,990

    in stock

    Dishwasher Gorenje GV620E10

    RUB 37,900 00 rub

    in stock

    Built-in dishwasher Krona BRENTA 45 BI

    in stock

    Dishwasher Gorenje GV520E10S

    31 900 RUB0003

    RUB 65,000

    in stock

    Built-in dishwasher Bosch SMV25BX04R

    RUB 71,000

    in stock

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    Built-in dishwashers in Krasnoyarsk

    Aeg Asko Beko Bosch Candy Dexp Electrolux Flavia Franke Gefest Ginzzu Gorenje Graude Haier Hansa Homsair Hotpoint-Ariston Indesit Jackys Korting Krona Kuppersberg Leran Lex Maunfeld MBS Midea Monsher Neff Samsung Schaub Loren z Siemens Siger Smeg Teka Vestel Vestfrost Weissgauff Whirlpool Zanussi Zigmund & Shtain Biryusa

    When choosing a dishwasher, first of all, you need to decide on the number of sets of dishes for which it is designed. For a large family, it is better to choose a built-in dishwasher with a large capacity. It is also important that the machine has leakage protection, intensive washing programs, quick and economical washing. There are several types of drying built-in dishwashers. For expensive dishwashers, the fastest and most effective way to remove moisture is hot air drying (turbo dryer). The next in terms of quality and speed of drying are fans that blow air from outside.